FAQ by Code Master

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			Version 1.0 By Code Master


1) The most important skill to learn is how to use the map and the
on-screen directional; arrow to find the enemy. Follow the enemy
on the map and use shortcuts to cut them off.
2) As you approach the enemy, the directional arrow will start flashing.
Shoot your weapons to slow them down, even if they're still
off screen.
3) The fifth enemy in a sector is usually very quick; try to corner them
and then blast away.
4) Use the brake to keep the enemy in sight.


There are two different game paths when you start to play. The Beach
path is easier than the Buisness. However, you'll recieve
more powerful weapons sooner on the Buisness path. Once a sector is
open, you can start from that poin, but you'll still have to go
through all the sectors you've opened before reaching an unopen sector.
One advantage to this, however, is that you can start the
game with a different car. Some cars are faster and more manuverable
than others, so as the sectors open up you may want to
experiment with other cars to find which one fits your style.


Weapons aren't the only items you should be picking up or shooting for.
Look out for those power-ups that'll keep you fast and alive:

Silo: Look for ythe grey silos and shoot them to reveal weapons.
Fuel: These give your car back some energy so you won't blow up.
Turbo: Turbos give your car extra power and control to gain speed.


You'll use these more than the rear weapons, so learn them well:

Rockets: The simplest of the front weapons; about three direct hits will
destroy a car.
Double Rockets: Easier to aim than the single rockets because they are
more forgiving.
Spread Fire: My favorite weapon for high speed chases because you can
concentrate more on driving than aiming. Kill away!
Piercer: Save these for anything with armor, especially the final
enemies in a sector.
Seeker: Your basic homing weapon, but watch out because the seeker will
seek out anything including innocents.
Breaker: A hard weapon to find, but a joy to kill with. Sends a slew of
bombs that clears a large path ahead of you.


Use these to take care of the opposing cops that will be on your tail:

Spread Mine: Drops three mines at a time. Go too slow as you release
them and you'll mine yourself!
Regular Mine: One mine comes out; not very good for anything. 
Back Rocket: One shot that can surprise the heck out of a rival. Best
when used in bursts.
Side Rocket: Good when you approach an enemy too fast and pass them.
Road Lube: The most Spy Hunter of all weapons, but not very useful
except for laughs.
Jato Unit: A turbo boost that can be used to catch up to the final
sector enemies that are left.


BEACH SECTOR: The Beach car is a manuverable dune buggy. Some enemies
may be cornered on piers that lead to the water.
There you'll also find power-up silos. The final enemy is a giant green
tank that moves quickly. Many times, it'll be hanging out
trapped by the railroad tracks, so see if you can corner it there. Most
of the roads are two-way, so remember to drive on the left

SUBURBS SECTOR: The burb's have the twistiest roads and the most
obsticals. Hidden amongst the many houses are weapon
silos. Just watch out for the missle turrets that protect them. The blue
family-style car is fast and semi-manuverable. The large
enemy is a large fire truck that is really fast. You have to drive
perfectly to catch up to it. Once you've got it, use missles to kill it

BUISNESS SECTOR: The best place to trap enemies is the sky highway that
travels around the perimeter of the Buisness sector.
Get on it and usually an enemy will appear ahead of you so that you can
nail them. This is an especially useful technique for getting
the final boss. The car is a police car that is very manuverable and
fast. This is a pretty basic level.

INDUSTRIAL SECTOR: This level is the second hardest next to the Casino
level. You're driving around in a tow truck that isn't very
manuverable and there are a lot of little poles and boxes in your way
that can hang you up when you're right on somebody's tail. The
final enemy is a jey plane that usually traps itself in the runway. It's
very fast and hard to catch up with it. Cut it off at the pass.

UPTOWN SECTOR: The high-class neiborhood has you crusin around in a
Dusenburg. The second enemy is a tank that's fast and
hard to blast; then you get to the final boss which is a real beast.
Luckily he traps himself a lot of the time by the train tracks. Stay
behind him to avoid weapons.

MIDTOWN SECTOR: Drive around in the attack cap. This level takes its
lumps from you with all it's missle silos. Stay out of their
way. There are a lot of silos too, so it's your choice whether you want
to keep stocking uo or take some licks from the missles. The
last enemy is a cement truck that's easy to catch up to but has a lot of
armor and a tight turning radius. Stay on him with guns.

DOWNTOWN SECTOR: The coolest car in the game, this grey street warrior
is really tight. It's hard to get to this level, but it's
really easy to get the first four enemies. The final guy is another
story. There's a ton of armor on this orange behemoth from the
construction site. Try to stock up on the missles because the machine
gun isn't going to take him down in the time alloted.

CASINO SECTOR: The hardest level to conquer. The lasrge pink walls and
colorful buildings block your path, so watch for the tight
openings that you can sneak through to get the enemies. Your car is a
fast red sportster that has a tight turning radius. Use this
manuverability to your advantage. The final enemy is a large white tank
that burns up the pavement. Use your speed to hunt him
down and then keep on it.