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                                   T I N A
                      Tina Character Guide Final Version
                      Dead or Alive for Sony Playstation
                              Japanese Version
                                By: "A" Tadeo
                         Created: December 15, 2001
                      Final Release: February 17, 2000
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Hello everyone! Some of you might know me as an RPG game writer. Now, Iíll be 
trying to move on to other types of games. This will be the second time that 
Iíll be writing a guide for a fighting game so please understand. My first 
was Ayaneís guide. If you see something wrong, just tell me. Theyíre more 
than welcome. :) 

Now, Dead or Alive has been one of the most innovative 3D fighting games for 
the Playstation. It has this cool danger zone that when you fall there from 
an attack, youíll bounce off which allows your opponent to do more damage to 
you. Itís really cool especially the girls. Although the animation of the, 
"you know what", is somewhat exaggerated, itís cool to see them in different 
costumes. Now, each of the character has his/her own fighting styles and I 
personally chose Ayane as my favorite. Now, I present to you my Tina 
character guide. Fortunately, most of her moves are in Katakana and some are 
Hiragana and very few Kanji so I understand most of them but I get confused 
sometimes. :)

                     I.     Updates/Revisions
                     II.    Guide Info
                     III.   Tinaís Special Moves
                     IV.    Throws/Holds
                     V.     Combos
                     VI.    Individual Character Guide
                            a. Kasumi
                            b. Tina
                            c. Lei Fang
                            d. Ayane
                            e. Hayabusa
                            f. Jann Lee
                            g. Bayman
                            f. Zack
                            h. Raidou
                            i. Gen-Fu
                            j. Bass
                     VII.   Costumes
                     VIII.  FAQs
                     IX.    Gameplay Tips
                     X.     Credits


Final Version Update (Started: February 12, 2000)
        - Fixed some Grammar mistakes (as well as typos)
        - Credits Section Update

Final Version (Started: December 18, 2000)
        - New Moves
        - Individual Character Guide
        - Costumes
        - New Web Site

                                 GUIDE INFO
For this guide, Iíll be using these to represent the different movements or 
positions for the moves.

u  = Up                   BT = Your back turned (facing away from opponent)
uf = Up and Forward       OC = Opponent is Crouching
f  = Forward              P  = Punch
df = Down and Forward     K  = Kick 
d  = Down                 H  = Hold
db = Down and Backward    OD = Opponent is Down
b  = Backward             OB = Opponentís Back is Turned
ub = Up and Backward      C  = Youíre Countering the Opponent
hld= Hold Button

Now, Iíll try to explain the difference between uf+P,P and uf,P,P. In the 
first one, uf and Punch should be pushed at the same time then press another 
punch. For the second one, push uf first then press Punch, and then Punch 

                                SPECIAL MOVES

For the descriptions, they are the translation of the ones in the game. I 
canít read some of them so I just invented a proper name for the move. 
Although, I do know how to read/write/speak Japanese (Hiragana and Katakana), 
Iím not knowledgeable to most of the Kanji. 

Motion                 | Damage | Description/Name
b+P                    |   25   | Double Hammer
db+P                   |   20   | Low Spin Knuckle
ub+P                   |   25   | Knuckle Arrow
u+P                    |   20   | Elbow Smash
b,f+P                  |   40   | Shoulder Tackle
f+H+P                  |   28   | Lariat
u+K                    |   35   | Back Brain Kick
f,f+K                  |   40   | Crunch Kick
H+K                    |   35   | Rolling Back
d+H+K                  |   25   | Low Spin Kick
H+P+K                  |   35   | Tina Special
(C)d,db,b+H            |   60   | Dragonís Fury
d+P+K                  |    0   | Front Roll
f,b,f+H+P+K            |    0   | Taunt
uf,K                   |   43   | Drop Kick
(OD)u+H+P+K            |   18   | Body Drop
(OD)u+P                |   22   | Body Drop
(OD)df+P               |   15   | Elbow Drop
f+P                    |   18   | Elbow Charge
f+K                    |   30   | Knee Attack
df+P                   |   20   | Uppercut
df+K                   |   25   | Middle Kick
uf,K                   |   35   | Drop Kick
uf,P                   |   25   | Stun Punch


To be able to pull off the throws and holds, you must be right beside and as 
close as possible to your opponents. Remember that, you cannot use the throws 
without the (OC) if the opponent is crouching and vice versa.

Motion                 | Damage | Description/Name
H+P                    |   55   | Body Drop
H+P+K                  |   40   | Body Slam
d,df,f+H+K             |   60   | Frankensteiner
b,db,d,df,f+P          |   75   | Fishermanís Buster
d,f+P+K                |   85   | J.O. Cyclone
d,db,b+P+K             |   30   | Overhead Slam
(OC)d+H+P              |   70   | Power Bomb
(OC)df+H+P+K           |   85   | J.O. Bomb
(OB)H+P+K              |   75   | Suplex
(OB)H+P                |   65   | German Suplex
f+H                    |    0   | Switch
f,df,d+H               |   30   | Tackle
(OC)df+H               |   45   | Knee Attack
(OB)f+H                |   40   | Arm Lock


Combos are a series of moves/special moves that when successfully pulled off, 
will deal a big amount of damage. Also, itís very fun to watch. Some combos, 
require skill as some requires only the knowledge of pushing buttons. Some 
needs timing while some doesnít need. 

Motion                 | Damage | Description
f,f+P,P                |   45   | Double Upper
df,P,b+P               |   45   | Punch then Hammer
P,P,K                  |   48   | Machine Gun middle
P,P,P                  |   41   | Machine Gun Rush
f+P,P,K                |   63   | 2 Punch then Knee
f+P,P,db+P             |   58   | Spin Maker Combo
f+K,b+P                |   48   | Knee Hand
d+K,K                  |   47   | Double Kick Combo
d+K,(hld)d+K           |   37   | Double Low Kick
f+K,d+H+K              |   42   | Knee Attack, Low Spin Kick
uf,P,f+K,d+K,d+H+K     |   71   | Stun Punch, Knee and Double Low Kick Combo
uf,P,f+K,K             |   72   | Stun Punch, Knee and Middle Kick Combo
uf,P,f+K,H+P+K         |   76   | Stun Punch, Knee Combo
uf,P,f+K,f+K,d+K       |   78   | Stun Punch, Double Knee Combo
* Take note that after using the Stun Punch (uf,P), or the Knee attack (f+K), 
you can do your own combos.

Throw/Hold Combos:
Motion                            Damage   Description/Name
1. d,db,b+P+K >  b,f+H+P        |   60   | 
   >  d,u+H+P                   |  100   |
2. f+h > d,u+H+P                |   60   | J.O.S. Hand Masher
3. f,df,d+H > b,db,d,fd,f+h     |   90   | Giant Swing
4. (OB)f+H > f,uf,u,ub,b+H+P    |  100   | Dragon Suplex              

                         INDIVIDUAL CHARCATER GUIDE


Kasumi is one aggressive opponent. She can do lots of things to you. Example, 
if you try to combo her but it didnít connect, or it was blocked, Kasumi will 
most likely throw you. She also likes to finish her combos with low attacks 
so beware. If you want to attack, try to be as close as possible and be 
aggressive yourself.

You can use f+K as a combo starter or as a counter. You can also use f+P, 
f+H+P, b+P-f+P, for counters. Just donít let Kasumi throw you and always 
anticipate her moves.


Your Alter Ego likes to throw you so much that she always wants to get close 
to you. Try to move a lot because if she catches you doing nothing, sheíll 
throw you right away. To counter her, use any combo as most of them are 
effective, if not all. Beware also because when you attack her and she 
manages to counter your attacks, most likely sheíll throw you.


Lei-Fang likes to throw a lot. So, try to stay away so that she cannot throw 
you. For attacking, you can use f+P or the shoulder tackle (b+P,f+P). These 
attacks oftentimes catch Lei-Fang off guard. You can also use f+K as a 
counter. Block her moves and counter afterwards. She also likes to use combos 
a lot so be prepared to block and counter.


This girl is ultra aggressive and has so much variety of moves, sheíll be 
practically unpredictable. Sheíll try to corner you and pull of lots of nasty 
combos. Sheíll also try her best to throw you if you get near her. Use 
Shoulder Tackle (b+P,f+P), or f+P attack to counter her. You can also use the 
d+H+K move to confuse her. It connects most of the time and it is also a good 
counter. But, if you try to combo her and she manages to block it, prepare 
for a throw.


Hayabusa likes to counter your moves so think before you act. You can use b+P 
or f+K as good counter attacks, the latter can also be used as a combo 
starter. Another effective move against him is the uf,K or the Drop Kick. 
Take note that he is very skilled in low extremity fighting so donít try to 
attack low as heíll just Hold, Block, and counter you. Attacking him in the 
middle area is very effective so use df+K attack.


Jann-Lee is tough. He is very unpredictable as he can make surprise attacks 
while his back is facing you. But, on the contrary, you have a variety of 
moves that are effective against him. d+H+K is a good one. This catches Jann-
Lee off guard. You can also confuse him with either d+K,K or d+K,d+K. You can 
also use the f+P,P combo as it connects most of the time but he might counter 
you too. 


Bayman is what we may call the throw guy. Heíll use very opportunity to throw 
you and do some nasty combos. Try to stay a bit far from his to prevent that 
from happening. Take note also that heíll also try his best to corner you. 
But, you can easily do a combo. Almost every combo connect most of the time. 
Good attacks include the d+H+K and the powerful Knee Attack (f+K) that serves 
as a combo starter. You can also attack his lower extremities, as he is quite 
weak in that part. Beware though as he can counter you anytime with his Hold 


He is one of the hardest opponents using Tina. Youíll have a hard time by 
just trying to get near him. The trick here is that you must be used to Hold 
and counter your opponent. Try to counter his moves then attack with the 
Shoulder Tackle (b+P,f+P) or Knee Attack (f+K). So, try you best to 
anticipate all of his moves and do your counter. Donít let him come near you 
or youíll be sorry.


On the contrary, Raidou is very easy to deal with. Just stay a bit far from 
him and you can already predict his next move. He is fond of Punching and 
Kicking, so blocking and using the Hold button is very effective. After he 
does a combo, counter attack him with any combo and it will connect. You can 
also stop him by concentrating on his lower extremities. You can poke him 
using punches. You can also use the f+P move.


So the old man like to throw huh? So stay away from him. A good attack is the 
Knee attack (f+K). It serves as a good counter attack and a combo starter as 
well. Low attacks doesnít work most of the time against him. He will just 
block it or Hold it and counter attack you. If you managed to hold him, 
counter attack using High or middle attacks.


This is a good challenge. Bass like to throw a lot and also, use his kicking 
abilities. A good attack against Bass would be the Drop Kick (uf,K). It 
counters his moves and keeps him at bay. You can also do low attacks because 
Bass is not skilled in attacking the lower extremities. If he manages to 
corner you, use u+K attack. Basically, just prevent him from throwing you and 
youíll most likely win the match.


These are just some brief descriptions of Ayaneís Costumes.

#1:  Red Gloves a very short shirt, and Black Pants
     - acquired when you get Tina
#2:  Blue Gloves and a very short shirt, and Blue Pants
     - acquired when you get Tina
#3:  Light Blue version of Costume #1  
     - acquired when you get Tina
#4:  Cowgirl Costume
     - acquired when you get Tina
#5:  Cowgirl Costume #2
     - acquired when you get Tina
#6:  Black Cat Costume with tail and ears
     - Defeat the game using costume #5
#7:  Red Cat Costume with tail and ears
     - Defeat the game using costume #6
#8:  Prehistoric Pink outfit (Gloves, Bra and Mini-Skirt)
     - Defeat the game using costume #7
#9:  Prehistoric Yellow outfit (Gloves, Bra and Mini-Skirt) 
     - Defeat the game using costume #8
#10: Blue Policewoman outfit in Mini-Skirt
     - Defeat the game using costume #9
#11: Black Policewoman outfit in Mini-skirt
     - Defeat the game using costume #10
#12: Swimsuit with American Flag
     - Defeat the game using costume #11
#13: Black Revealing Bunny Costume
     - Defeat the game using costume #12
#14: Red Revealing Bunny Costume
     - Defeat the game using costume #12

                     FAQs - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

1. Where can I find this FAQ?

   This FAQ will be updated and posted mainly at http://WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM and 
at vgstrategies.about.com. 

2. How often do you update the FAQ?

This is the question, which do not have an exact answer. An update will be 
made if there are certain infos that need to be included. Like new moves, 
combos, etc. But, Iíll always make sure that if thereís a new info, Iíll 
update this walkthrough/FAQ right away.


                             GAMEPLAY TIPS

1. Try to master the Hold Button. Countering an opponent is always a key to 
winning the battle.  

2. Master also the throws. These give off a very big amount of damage to the 


- Thanks to Tecmo for a very innovative and excellent fighting game. The 
girls were gorgeous!

- Thanks to the readers of this FAQ. This wonít be called such without anyone 
using it. Thanks very much!

- Thanks to my Sis for waiting patiently for me while Iím typing.  

- Special thanks to Al Amaloo of VGStrategies!

- Special thanks to Deathspork for his criticism on the guide. I appreciate
it very much. =)

- And last but absolutely not the least, thanks to GameFAQs where you can 
view and download this walkthrough/FAQ. CjayC deserves all the credits given 
to him. Congratulations!

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                   is a registered trademark of Tecmo (tm)

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                           The Tina Character Guide
                          (c)Copyright December 2000
                                 "A"  Tadeo