Version 3.0
                                    April 7,1997

                        Copyright (C) 1997 by Manny Trinidad

1.  Introduction
2.  The Rulers
3.  Generals
4.  Soldier Types
5.  Battle Formations
6.  Character Descriptions
7.  Locations
8.  Items List
9.  Skills and Magic
10. Closing Notes
11. Release Versions 


     This is the third release of my Dragon Force FAQ. It is meant to be a 
reference and strategy guide to this most addicting game by Working Designs. 
This should be particularly helpful to people new to the Strategy/RPG genre of 
the game.


     While much of the tasks you have to complete in order to finish the story 
are the same from ruler to ruler, there are a few differences here and there. 
These are detailed below.

WEIN: Wein is visited by Astea and given the task of finding the other members 
of the Dragon Force. He has to deal with Borgon, the oppressive lord of Travan 
Castle, and his Flash Knights. Once you enter the vicinity of Palemoon, Teiris 
will eventually ally her forces with yours. After your initial defeat of Ryskim, 
he will return and kidnap Teiris, who you must rescue. The Dragon Power will be 
given to Wein by Miral.

TEIRIS: Teiris is given the task of finding the Dragon Force members by Farla, 
the first queen of the Elves. (Farla will also be the one to give Teiris the 
Dragon Power.) Right at the beginning, she has to confront Laine, an elf who 
wants to be the queen. Wein will come and ally his forces with you very early 
into the game. Wein will leave, however, and travel the land as a mercenary, in 
order to find the other members of the Dragon Force. Later in the game, he will 
return when word gets to him that Teiris was in trouble (it was in fact, Laine). 
Most of the other chosen will readily ally with Teiris without having to fight. 
In fact, Reinhart will travel to Teiris himself.

JUNON:  Frest visits Junon and gives her the task of finding the others. Junon 
initially has to deal with Gustav, a mercenary hired to kill her, and Golem, the 
man who hired Gustav. Ramda is murdered by Scythe and Gaul in this scenario, and 
it is Goldark who fights Katmando. In this storyline, there is a different twist 
to Zanon. Faust, a ghost knight, will come to take the sword Eclisis from Zanon. 
(Zanon will still kill himself, but if Junon ignores Lightan Castle, she will be 
given a report that the castle and its inhabitants has been destroyed.) Faust 
will attempt to tempt Junon, offering her Eclisis, and returns later to give the 
Dragon Power to her.  

MIKHAL:  Mikhal is given his task by Frest. It is only in MikhalOs storyline 
that we see more detail about Hayate. Wein will readily join up when Mikhal goes 
to Highland. Ryskim kidnaps Shione after his defeat by Mikhal and Vlad.

LEON:  Kazabu, LeonOs kung fu master, visits and alludes to the coming events 
and disappears. Later, Frest appears and gives Leon the mission. Leon then has 
to deal with a mercenary unit trying to kill him so that its leader can take the 
throne. After conquering Junon, she will not immediately join and leave. After 
defeating him with Vlad, Ryskim kidnaps Yanna for Leon to rescue. When Leon has 
his showdown with Goldark, Junon comes back and is injured by Goldark. After 
defeating him, Goldark and Junon finally join. Kazabu will return later in the 
game to OtestO Leon at the Shrine.

GONGOS:  This storyline is similar to GoldarkOs in the opening stages. Gongos 
sets out to stop Goldark and subdue the continent. Like Goldark, none of the 
other rulers will join up. Wein and Teiris will mysteriously vanish, Mikhal and 
Reinhart will escape, and Reinhart will come to take Leon and Junon from GongosO 
prison. Mikhal, Reinhart, and WeinOs forces will join you. Later, the other 
rulers are taken prisoner by Gaul and Scythe, and Gongos travels to Fandaria 
Castle to rescue them. It is around this time that Frest and Ramda will appear. 
RyskimOs kidnap victim in this scenario is Katt. After recovering the Bracelet 
of the Sun, Gongos is attacked by Gunner, possessed by the spirit of Leviathan, 
the Beast King. After his defeat, Leviathan reveals the reason for the animosity 
between elves and beastmen and gives Gongos the Dragon Power.

     The next two rulers are only playable after defeating the game once.

REINHART:  ReinhartOs story begins with him already knowing that the Dragon 
Force must be assembled. Reinhart actually remains in the background, letting 
Wein look for the chosen. Early in the game, it is revealed that Uryll, one of 
his generals was sent by Gaul to watch him and kill him. But, having developed 
feelings for Reinhart, Uryll instead leaves to report her failure. This results 
in Reinhart and Ardor charging to her rescue. ReinhartOs is also the only 
scenario where Zanon can join up with you, as Reinhart uses his magic to seal up 
Eclisis. After assembling the members of the Dragon Force, Wein shows up at 
ReinhartOs castle offering all forces to your command.

GOLDARK:  This is an interesting scenario, as Goldark actually sets out to 
conquer the continent. It begins with GoldarkOs killing of his brother Gyzzdark. 
It is actually Gyzzdark that sets the whole war into motion. Goldark decides at 
first to conquer the continent to end the war, but ends up doing it to assemble 
everyone to overcome Madruk. Early in the game, he has to deal with Talon, the 
son of Gyzzdark. Scythe and Gaul will ask Goldark to join them and Goldark 
decides to accept it to use their power for the time being. Reinhart will 
suspect GoldarkOs true intentions, but cannot overtly join due to his 
association with Gaul and Scythe. Goldark will capture everyone except for Wein, 
who will escape. After everyone is assembled, Goldark stages an execution to 
flush out Wein. It is then that Goldark turns on Gaul and Scythe and the Dragon 
Force is formed. Zanon can be defeated like any other general in this scenario, 
but will never join.

     If you want an easier time of it, play as Teiris or Reinhart, as these 
rulers go through less combat, and while you do have to do some conquering, your 
forces grow fast through alliances with the other chosen. The other kingdoms are 
more combat oriented, which is what makes this game so fun! Wein and JunonOs 
storylines are a little harder, since you have to conquer everyone else except 
Teiris, who will ally with you. Mikhal and LeonOs are probably the most 
challenging. They have combat intensive scenarios, and their starting locations 
are difficult to defend at first. Mikhal directly borders Fandaria, and Leon 
kingdom is smack in the middle of the continent! Goldark and GongosO scenarios 
are challenging in that you donOt really have any control in building up the 
experience and levels of the other members of the Dragon Force. With these two, 
you have to fight everyone, but no one will join you until right at the end.


     There are ten different different types of generals. Using a generalOs 
abilities effectively can also be a factor in a battle going your way, even if 
your troops are inferior to those you are facing. However, it isnOt just how you 
use a particular general. While effective use of a general can swing a battle 
your way, remember that the enemy general can likewise swing the outcome of the 
battle to a loss for your army! Below are the descriptions of the different 

     FIGHTER:  Fighter generals normally will have Soldiers as troops. All 
fighters are capable of casting some form of the Sonic Boom techniques. When 
using such a general, be sure to use your Sonic Boom immediately to clear out as 
many enemy troops as you can. If you face a 5th or higher level fighter, odds 
are heOll have Sonic Wave and/or Sonic Blast, so donOt use a Breach formation in 
these circumstances unless you want to lose your breach unit!

     KNIGHT:  YouOll normally find yourself facing Cavalry when you go up 
against Knights. Typical Knights will be similar to fighters in respect to the 
Sonic Booms, but rather than Sonic Blasts, theyOll have Hyper-Storm, which can 
cover a greater area than the Sonic Booms, which move through the center ranks. 
When facing knight generals, however, you will face a greater variety of spells 
(See descriptions of Ardor, Ramda, Wein, Goldark, etc.), but youOll also be able 
to command a greater variety of spells as well!

     SPIRIT USER:  Spirit Users normally start the game with poor troops, either 
Archers or Mages. Fortunately, Spirit Users use magic meant to clear out numbers 
of enemy troops. Some timing is required when using her spells, however, as 
casting a spell at the wrong time can possibly affect no enemy troops. Some of 
the spells will also affect any troops in the area, friend or foe, so be 

     MAGICIAN:  Magicians command a large range of destructive magic. Taking on 
a Magician can be a tricky thing because (1) they normally will have Mages as 
their troops, and youOll need to get your troops downfield quickly or the Mages 
can take out a good chunk of your men out during the approach. (2) Like Spirit 
Users, Magicians also have spells that can take out numbers of your army during 
their run down the battlefield (Meteor Storm comes to mind). (3) Even if you 
close in, if you face a 5th level or highter Magician, odds are pretty good that 
heOll have the Holy Shield spell, which can devastate the troops that do make it 
that far! Using battle formations that have two groups could be the solution, 
but you leave troops in the back as sitting ducks for the Mage troops.

     PRIEST:  Priests are similar to the other two spellcasting generals, in the 
respect that they normally will have mages as troops, making the approach to the 
general somewhat tricky. Like Magicians, a 5th or higher level Priest is likely 
to also have Holy Shield. One of the PriestOs most dangerous weapons is the 
Resurrect spell. Even with inferior troops, a Priest is capable of defeating you 
with overwhelming numbers of troops. If a Priest manages to get a High ability 
troop like Dragons, a Priest with a high MP and Resurrect is near invincible!

     MONK:  MonksO special abilities are geared to inflicting damage on an enemy 
general. As such, these are effective generals to use against Magicians, 
Priests, and Spirit Users. A high level Monk is capable of inflicting enough 
damage to finish off the job begun by your troops.

     SAMURAI:  Samurai generals are similar in many respects to Fighters. You 
have to watch out for Sonic Booms or Sonic Blasts. Many Samurai, however, also 
have a Cross Flash to attack enemy generals directly. Samurai also do well in 

     NINJA:  Absolutely the best deterrant to the three major spellcasting 
generals. A ninja can keep a spellcaster from casting anything during an entire 
combat. Use of the AssassinOs Star or Mirage Star will take out enemy troops as 
well as drain the Magic Power Gauge. Ninja also have a faster recovery time 
after casting a spell than other generals. Added to this, Ninja also have some 
sort of ability to attack generals directly, and are very good when fighting a 
duel. When facing a Ninja, always try to get a spell out before he does. If you 
donOt, you may never get a spell out and that will often swing things in the 
enemyOs favor.

     BEAST:  Beast generals are fairly similar to Monks, but seem to be a little 
more effective when a duel situation arises. Use them against the major 
spellcasters, where their special abilities will do very well.

     THIEF:  Thieves are a similar to Ninja, but a little weaker. They normally 
have less skills, and lack an attack to take out large amounts of troops like 
the NinjaOs Mirage Star. They also donOt recover their Magic Power Gauge as 
quickly as Ninja. When facing Thieves, be careful against them the way you would 
a Ninja. For your own forces, Thieves are useful when you donOt have Ninja.

     DRAGONMAN:  While not a commonly reoccuring general, Dragonmen need to be 
mentioned, as they will pop up from time to time. These are some of the toughest 
generals you can have in your armies, as their troops will be Dragonmen as well. 
(And youOll have a chance to get two Dragonmen as generals!) YouOll see the same 
spell selection in all Dragonmen generals. They tend to have a more effective 
Flame Cannon than others with the same ability, but when facing a Dragonman, the 
ability that will be used the most against your forces will be the Stone 
Pedestal. This can actually be one of the most frustrating things about a 
Dragonman, as this one spell will prolong the battle long enough for time to run 
out, resulting in a draw. While Samurai are always effective for dealing with 
the DragonmanOs troops, Harpies and Dragons are not affected by the Stone 
Pedestal, and they can reach the general without any hindrances after the enemy 
soldiers are dealt with.

     IMMORTAL TRIBESMEN:  This encompasses generals like Vlad, Sierra, Uryll and 
others of the like. These generals are arguably the most powerful. Resurrect is 
a spell they typically have, so the initial number of troops you face is not 
necessarily all you have to fight! The most dangerous spell these generals 
possess, however, is Ensnare, which will prevent retreat as well as freeze the 
Magic Power Gauge of its victim.


     There are ten different types of soldiers in Dragon Force, the manual 
breaking them into three subgroups. The High ability soldiers are Dragons, 
Cavalry, Harpies, and Zombies. Soldiers and Samurai make up the Average ability 
fighters. Finally, there are the Low ability soldiers, Mages, Archers, Monks, 
and Beasts. While it may look like you should always give your generals High 
ability soldiers, each type has their own strengths and weaknesses, and 
understanding those of each troop type will make the big difference in winning 
battles. Sheer numbers are not necessarily the key. IOve seen an army of one 
hundred be decimated by an army of ten! Furthermore, the terrain, or being 
within the walls of a castle can be a key factor in defeating an army that 
outnumbers yours. DonOt get too locked the High/Average/Low breakdown the manual 
gives, though, as there are some balances in the game. The High ability troops 
are generally very easily defeated by a particular Low ability troop. An 
understanding behind how a troop type fares against another is really the key to 
winning battles.

     The troop types are as follows:

     DRAGON: Without a doubt, the Dragonmen are best troops to have. Unless they 
are facing Samurai (and other Dragons, of course), they generally will have the 
upper hand. Dragons are also generally unaffected by most terrain. Dragons are 
generally useful with any battle formation. While it is possible to recruit a 
general that has Dragons as troops (there are two or three), you will have to 
find a Dragon Crest in order to give Dragon troops to other generals, and none 
of the Dragon Force members have Dragon as a possible troop type to begin with.

     ZOMBIE: Another high ability troop. Zombies have three major weaknesses, 
Dragons, Mages and Monks. When using Zombies, try to avoid engaging in battle 
against monks, as monks will absolutely tear you apart! Zombies are very 
effective against archers. If you are facing enemy Zombies, itOs wise to hold 
your forces in a defensive stance at first, as generals that normally command 
Zombie troops normally have the Resurrect spell. Even if you have troops 
superior to Zombies, one of the dangers of facing them is the possibility of 
being overwhelmed by the large numbers.

     HARPY: Harpies make an excellent troop type. Like Dragons, they generally 
are not affected too much by surrounding terrain like other soldiers can be. 
Harpies are in serious trouble when they encounter Mages and Archers. Harpies 
(and Dragons) are not affected by the Stone Pedestal and similar spells.

     CAVALRY: Despite being the weakest of the High ability troops, Cavalry make 
good solid soldiers. Be careful when facing off against Monks and Beasts as 
these troops are very strong against them. There is one big advantage that they 
have (at least from my observation). When Cavalry reach him, they are extremely 
effective at damaging the enemy general.

     SAMURAI: Of the two Average ability troops, Samurai are better to have than 
Soldiers due to their ability to decimate troops of Dragons like the proverbial 
hot knife through butter! Except for Dragons, Samurai perform poorly against the 
High ability troops, but are superior to all the Low ability troops. 

     SOLDIER: Soldiers are very similar to Samurai in all respects, except the 
SamuraiOs specialty above. Soldiers (and Samurai) can work very well when used 
in a Defensive Formation (front line on Standby), when facing superior troops.

     MAGE: Forget what the manual says! I know that Mages are Low ability 
troops, but from playing this game for hours on end, IOve come to the conclusion 
that the manualOs troop vs. troop chart is for close combat. Mages should always 
be put in Standby when the battle first starts. Remember that while your troops 
may be superior to Mages, you still have to run across the battlefield to engage 
them in close combat before you plow through them. A lot of times, by the time 
your soldiers get in close enough to kill the Mages, youOve only got a handful 
of your starting troops left! Never take Mages likely! Mages are good to use 
against Zombies and are highly effective against Harpies.

     ARCHER: Archers are similar to Mages. They are very weak troops, but 
opposing troops have to close the gap before tearing them apart. Unlike Mages, 
though, Archers are very poor against Zombies. There seems to be some sort of 
error regarding Archers vs. Monks in the chart. I only discovered this recently, 
but it says that both troops are bad against each other. Archers, sad to say, 
are probably the worse troops to have. If you have a general with Archers as 
troops, find a Crest, any Crest!

     The best way to approach enemy Archers and Mages is to go into Special 
formation and issue the Disperse command. When your troops are at the extreme 
ends, Advance. The big disadvantage is that dispersing your troops opens a clear 
path for arrows and fireballs to hit your general, so keep an eye on your 
commanders life bar!

     MONK: Monks are good to use when up against Mages and Cavalry. Their 
biggest strength is using them against Zombies. Use these troops mainly in 
defensive formation so that they last a little longer.

     BEAST: Beasts are similar to Monks in respect to fighting Mages and 
Cavalry. They are on an equal footing with Zombies. Beasts are not also affected 
severely as other troops in harsh terrain.

     One last thing on troops... While it is possible to find a decent amount of 
Dragon Crests, you wonOt find enough for all generals. ItOs actually wise to 
keep a good mix of fighter types with your generals. In fact, itOs not really 
necessary to always go for High ability troops. Make sure that you have enough 
generals that command Soldiers, or preferably, Samurai. Remember that  (1) 
Soldiers and Samurai, the two Average ability troops, are better than all Low 
ability troops. (2) The correct number of Average troops, terrain effects, 
castle effects, battle formation and decisions can still overcome any troops, no 
matter how tough theyOre supposed to be!


     There are eight different battle formations. While the manual shows the 
formations and commands, it is seriously lacking in how to USE the commands 
within each formation. For the sake of simplification, See the diagram below:

                        FFFFFFFFFF - 1st or front rank
                        xxxxxxxxxx - 2nd rank
                        xxxxxxxxxx - 3rd rank
                        xxxxxxxxxx - 4th rank
                        xxxxxxxxxx - 5th rank (and so on)

     For simplicityOs sake, we will use the Special formation. The OGO denotes 
the general, standing behind the troops. Each OxO is an individual soldier. The 
OFO denotes a soldier in the front rank. In the above example, we have a Special 
formation that is 5 ranks deep, and made up of 10 OcolumnsO. The column that the 
general stands behind will always be called the Ocenter.O Keep these terms in 
mind, as theyOll pop up later.

     There are four particular commands that most of the formations have:

     Advance (or FAdvance): This command moves the main offensive unit forward 
towards the opposing general. Soldiers in the offensive unit generally hold the 
formation, until they reach the general. If both armies advance, they will 
briefly clash when they meet, and any survivors will continue moving forward 
unless the Retreat (or FRetreat) command is issued.

     Retreat (or FRetreat): This command moves the main offensive unit back 
toward your general. Soldiers in the unit will keep their formation.

     Standby (or FStandby): Issuing this command will keep the forward unit 
still, if you choose to wait for the enemy to come to you. If issued while 
forces are advancing, it will halt advancing soldiers in their place.

     Melee: This command orders all your forces to attack opposing troops. Your 
soldiers will break any formation they are in and charge forward. If any enemy 
soldiers make it past yours and head toward your general, your troops will turn 
around and pursue. This is the only command you can give to make the defensive 
unit of your forces advance forward. The major disadvantage of issuing this 
command is that you will not be able to issue commands to your troops. They will 
fight until they defeat the enemy or until they are all killed. Another danger 
to this command is that all troops tend to run down the middle columns, making 
the troops very vulnerable to Sonic Booms and the like. Use this command with 

     Always take into consideration the formation the enemy army is in before 
you choose yours, as this can clue you to what it will do. There is one very 
important thing to remember, though: If you face Mage or Archers as enemy 
troops, then you know that the enemy army will wait for you to approach. Unless 
you have Archers and Mages yourself, youOll need to get your troops down the 
battlefield fast, as such troops will not move until they have taken most of 
your troops out.

     All generals will have the Special, Offense, and Defense Formations. In 
addition to this, all generals will have one additional formation:

     SPECIAL: All troops line up in front of the general. Giving the Disperse 
command will split the troops in half. One half will move toward the top 
(relative to the OradarO screen) and the other toward the bottom. Regroup will 
move them toward the middle. Generally, if enemy forces are in this formation, 
they will advance on you (see above).

     Use this formation if you wish to make an all-out attack on the enemy. If 
youOre using Mages or Archers, and are facing the same, this is the basic 
formation to use (on Standby, of course). Be careful about using Special when 
opposing forces are in a Raid formation, as advancing your troops will leave 
your general vulnerable.

     OFFENSE: The offense formation divides your troops into two units. Seventy 
percent make up the main fighting unit (the one affected by the Advance 
command). The other thirty percent will remain behind to protect your general. 
If the opposing forces are in this formation, they will advance on you (see 

     This is your basic attacking formation. This is also good to use in 
Standby, letting the enemy come to you. If your troops are more powerful and 
your opponent advances in Special formation, advancing your attack unit can do 
serious damage to the opposing general quick. If using Mages or Archers as 
troops, using this formation (or Defense) is a little safer to use than Special 
when you face troops other then the same, as this formation will give your 
general some protection. 

     DEFENSE: The defense formation is similar to the offense, except that the 
percentages are switched. If the enemy army is in this formation, they will wait 
for you to come to them, regardless of their troop type.

     This formation works best when used in Standby mode. I prefer to use this 
when greatly outnumbered, or if my general is one of the spellcasting types 
(Magician, Priest, or Spirit User). This is also a formation to use if you are 
facing a superior troop type. When using Archers or Mages, this can be used in 
the same manner described above (in Offense), but will give your general a 
greater degree of protection.

     SURROUND: A defensive formation. Troops divide into three units, a rear 
defense unit and two raid units that line at the ends, in front of the defensive 
unit, creating a OpincerO shape. Troops in this formation will have a bonus to 
their defensive ability. The rear unit will close up whenever a path is opened 
to the general. When the enemyOs offensive unit moves past your two raid units, 
you can either Advance the survivors of the two raid units on the enemy general, 
or select Melee to have your troops enclose the enemy. Naturally, when you see 
the enemy forces in this formation, they will wait for you.

     This is a formation you use on Standby. Use when you face numerically 
superior armies, or if you face a stronger troop type. If using Archers/Mages, 
use as an alternative to Special when facing the same, so that you can take 
advantage of the defensive bonus. While being a good formation to use when your 
forces are at a disadvantage, Surround is a POWERFUL formation when you are at 
the advantage, as your forces can oftentimes dispatch the enemy quickly, without 
taking to many losses.

     PROTECT: Another defensive formation. Your troops will have a slight 
increase in their defensive ability when in Protect. If your front unit is hit 
with a magic spell, you can use the Recover command to send soldiers in the rear 
unit to fill in the spaces. If the enemy gets in between the two formations, use 
the Defense command to surround them, or FRetreat to sandwich them in. You can 
still use the FAdvance command after youOve issued the Defense command. If the 
enemy forces are in Protect formation, they will not advance on you initially.

     This is another formation you use the Standby command. If your general has 
this, this should be the formation you use if you plan to let the enemy forces 
come to you. When using Archers or Mages in a firefight with the same, this is a 
good formation to use, as your forces will have a defensive bonus, and fallen 
troops can be Recovered, keeping your front line filled with soldiers.

     SQUAD: An offensive formation. Your forces are divided into five divisions. 
One remains behind and protects your general using the Defense command. The 
other four can be sent in one division at a time throught the DivRush commands. 
The attack ability of your soldiers is a little better in this formation. The 
opposing army will advance when in this formation.

     Use this formation when you want to conserve your troops, rather than just 
sending everyone out at once. This formation is more effective when your troops 
are superior to an enemyOs. Use this only if you are sure you will win, as this 
formation has NO Retreat command. You can still surrender normally, but once you 
order your forces in, you cannot pull them back.   

     BREACH: An offensive formation. Use this when you want to get to the 
opposing forces quickly, as speed is increased when using this formation. Your 
forces are divided into two units, an attack (or breach) and defense. The 
breaching unit travels down the center five columns in a wedge shape. Enemy 
forces in this formation will always advance on you.

     Use this formation when you want to break through an advancing formation 
and head straight for the general. This is also a good formation to use when 
facing a Protect formation. This can also be a good counter if you face a Raid 
formation, especially if your numbers are large. You also donOt lose as many men 
against a Surround formation with this. While this formation can be fairly 
versatile, it has its dangers. Be careful about using this formation on armies 
that have a Knight,Fighter, or Samurai as a general, however. Why? Three 
reasons: Sonic Boom, Sonic Wave, and Sonic Blast. The attack unit travels down 
the 5 center columns. The above three skills travel along the center column as 
well. A Sonic Blast will totally wipe out the Breach unit, and still take out 
some of the defensive unit, AND damage the general!  

     RAID: This splits your forces into a defensive and raid unit. Your 
soldiersO speed is also increased a little when you use this formation. Using 
the Raid command sends the Raid unit around the edge of the battlefield and 
straight at the general. The Defense command pulls your defensive unit to 
protect the general. 

     Use this formation when you want to get at the enemy general. This is 
pretty effective against a Special formation, as a group of your soldiers can do 
some potentially large damage to the general while all enemy forces are trying 
to break through your defenses. If you have a superior troop type, this can be a 
good formation against a general with the Protect formation. This formation is 
most effective when you have large numbers of troops, so that youOll have decent 
numbers of soldiers dedicated to raiding and defense. This is one of the 
trickier formations when the CPU uses it against you. The raid unit will 
generally not move right away, usually waiting until you break through the first 
rank or so of the defensive unit. In this event, youOll need to take your troop 
type and numbers into consideration. If you have the edge on numbers and troop 
power, attack. If not, stay on defensive and let them come to you.

     A final note to battle formations. Never feel you HAVE to attack when you 
see the opposing army in a defensive stance (except maybe if you face Mages and 
Archers). If your troops are outnumbered or inferior, keep them in defensive 
formation. Two things will happen. One, the CPU will send the forces at you 
anyway, and your defensive stance could possibly a factor in your winning the 
battle (or you can take out a lot of troops and make it easier for a general you 
have waiting in the wings). Second, the battle will end in a draw. There is 
absolutely nothing wrong with a draw. Some people may equate it with losing, but 
consider this: First, you suffer little or no casualties. Second, while you 
canOt use that general again in this particular sortie, neither can the CPU. 
Third, if you were caught off guard, isnOt it better that you walk out 
unscathed? And lastly, when the next domestic affairs comes around, a draw still 
gets your general a merit, and you have one more award you can give.


     Detailed below are the various characters in Dragon Force. Not all of the 
generals listed below can be brought into your army, but this can serve as 
reference should you want to know what an approaching armyOs generals are 
capable of without having to go through all the button presses to check each 
individual screen. The following format will be used:

  Name (General Type)/Main Troop (Secondary Troop)/4th Battle Formation/Initial 
Spell/Spell at 5th Level/Spell at 10th Level

     A O*O next to an entry indicates that a particular character has a 
likelihood of dying when defeated his HP is reduced to zero, as opposed to being 
captured or sustaining injury.

     Note: Entries that have a O-O do not necessarily mean that a spell or 
formation does not exist. I just have not really used that particular character 
enough to see what they have, or have yet to see that particular general use a 
spell or formation on me. 

     Main Troops are the units assigned to you by the game. For example, while 
Wein is capable of commanding Cavalry at the start of the game, his main troop 
will be listed as Soldiers, as that is the troops he actually starts with. 

     Generals will be grouped according to the armies they begin with, based on 
storylines that occur within different scenarios. The manual makes a comment in 
the translation notes regarding the amount of context sensitive text there is 
for each character. ItOs fun to pit generals that have some relationship against 
each other just to see what they say! For example, in the Teiris storyline, you 
encounter Laine, Varshyl, Piper, and Nyvkall as an independent army. If you play 
with a different ruler, itOs possible for you to capture Varshyll from a 
different army. Now, if you come up against an army with one of the other three, 
you wonOt necessarily get the standard OSo youOre my enemyO taunt at the 
beginning. (Try putting Laine and Varshyl against each other, youOll see what I 
mean). This is kind of amusing when youOve played through several of the 


  Goldark (Knight)/Cavalry(Soldier)/Protect/Sonic Boom/Holy Blast/Cross Rush
  Gongos (Beast)/Beast(Mage)/Breach/Cross Flash/Cross Rush/Sky Driver
  Junon (Knight)/Harpy(Soldier,Cavalry)/Squad/Flame Cannon/Meteor Storm/Sonic 
  Leon (Monk)/Monk(Soldier,Cavalry)/Surround/Aura Assault/Stone Pedestal/Cross 
  Mikhal (Samurai)/Samurai(Soldier,Cavalry)/Breach/Sonic Boom/Sonic Blast/Gale 
  Reinhart (Magician)/Mage(Soldier,Cavalry)/Raid/Thunder Fall/Meteor 
Storm/Summon Guardian
  Teiris (Spirit User)/Archer(Soldier,Cavalry,Mage)/Squad/TridentOs 
Daughter/Dark Vortex/Summon Wyvern
  Wein (Knight)/Soldier(Cavalry)/Surround/Sonic Boom/Hyper-Storm/Sword Rush
ARDOR & URYLL:  If you begin the game as Reinhart, you have this pair of 
generals, Gigg, and Santana as well. Early in the game, it will be revealed that 
Uryll was sent to kill Reinhart, but finds herself unable to, having fallen in 
love with him. She instead returns to Fandaria having failed in her mission. For 
her failure, she is sentenced to execution. Ardor asks Reinhart to rescue her 
with him, and after doing so, they remain with you for the game. These are two 
very powerful generals that are well worth capturing when not playing as 
Reinhart also, as ArdorOs spellcasting abilities are on par with some of the 
Magicians and Priests. Uryll begins with Dragons as her troops, but can also 
resurrect them as well!

  Ardor (Knight)/Cavalry/Raid/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Hyper-Storm
  Uryll (Underling)/Dragon/Breach/TridentOs Daughter/Resurrect/Ensnare

BASTION:  Bastion is initially found in the town north of VladOs tower and south 
of the site of Magicka Castle. Depending on the scenario you play, you may find 
him roaming around elsewhere. He seems to automatically join your army as when 
you encounter him, provided there is at least one female general in the army he 
encounters. Bastion has good abilities, as he is strong in combat, and has a 
high enough INT to search/fortify. Unfortunately, heOs not very reliable. In the 
beginning, he will normally abandon you and join up with the enemy army when you 
encounter one! (Although he will not actually join in that combat.) Using a 
Faith Coin will not usually change this. He can eventually begin to fight for 
you, but his best use is to leave him in one of your remote castles for 
searching or fortifying.

  Bastion (Thief)/Soldier/Breach/ShivaOs Dagger/*None*/Cross Flash

BORGONOS ARMY:  Borgon is the ruler of Castle Travan when you play the game as 
Wein. You first hear about him when you encounter Hilga and Rock, who mistake 
you as BorgonOs cronies. This will be WeinOs first major challenge as Borgon 
will also have the listed forces as well as a couple of the freelance generals. 
Borgon is always killed in battle when defeated, but it is possible to gain 
Faliel and Diablo as generals in scenarios other than WeinOs.

 *Borgon (Fighter)/Soldier/-/Sonic Boom/*None*/*None* 
 *Diablo (Knight)/Cavalry/Breach/*None*/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm
 *Faliel (Knight)/Cavalry/-/*None*/Sonic Wave/-	

BOZACK NATION GENERALS: Rygar and his family make up GongosO main commanders. 
With the exception of Katt, who is a Spirit User (and the ONLY general that can 
cast Summon Reaper, there is really nothing unusual about them, as Beast 
generals have no variation in their abilities. (But Yuni is just sooooo cute! 
Mew! She also tends to make comments about the main female generals of enemy 

  Baghib (Beast)/Beast/Breach/Cross Flash/Sky Driver/Cross Rush
  Katt (Spirit User)/Mage(Beast)/Raid/Flame Cannon/Summon Golem/Summon Reaper
  Rygar (Beast)/Beast/Squad/Cross Flash/Sky Driver/Cross Rush
  Yuni (Beast)/Beast/Surround/Cross Flash/Sky Driver/Cross Rush

DRAGONMEN:  Depending on the scenario you play, you can encounter various enemy 
dragonmen throughout the game. Toward the end of the game, they will begin to 
show up in numbers. The power of Madruk will constantly resurrect them, so donOt 
waste time on them, and if you have all of the holy artifacts, head for Bloodly 
Castle with the Dragon Force. Let your other generals take care of them.

 *Fynn (Dragonman)/Dragon/Raid/Flame Cannon/Stone Pedestal/Sky Driver
 *Grog (Dragonman)/Dragon/Squad/Flame Cannon/Stone Pedestal/Sky Driver
 *Klaww (Dragonman)/Dragon/-/Flame Cannon/Stone Pedestal/Sky Driver
 *Paxx (Dragonman)/Dragon/-/Flame Cannon/Stone Pedestal/Sky Driver
 *Razor (Dragonman)/Dragon/Breach/Flame Cannon/Stone Pedestal/Sky Driver
 *Slytt (Dragonman)/Dragon/Protect/Flame Cannon/Stone Pedestal/Sky Driver

FANDARIA EMPIRE GENERALS:  Starting the game with Goldark gets you the most 
powerful generals. Kharhaz, Gaul and Scythe start the game above 5th level, so 
your opening conquests will not be too difficult. Obviously, Gaul and Scythe 
will not stay with you, as you will turn on them. When playing the other kings, 
you will find that Gaul and Scythe cannot be captured. They will always escape 
when defeated. After you visit the Shadow Tower, they will leave the Fandarian 
army, and attack you shortly. A tip when fighting Gaul and Scythe after they 
leave Fandaria: When you visit the Shadow Tower, make sure your army has at 
least one ninja general with 6 or more MP and AssassinOs or Mirage Star! The 
only difference in the pair after they leave GoldarkOs service is that Scythe 
changes to Zombie troops, and that the pairOs MP is dramatically increased. 
Despite this, they are defeatable. The 50+ MP is really meant (at least I feel) 
to intimidate.

  Gaul (Magician)/Mage/Squad/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Meteor Storm  
  Kharhaz (Knight)/Cavalry(Monk)/Breach/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm
  Lyria (Priest)/Mage/Surround/Resurrect/Holy Shield/Holy Blast
  Scythe (Spirit User)/Mage/Raid/Summon Golem/Ensnare/Dark Vortex

FLASH KNIGHTS:  In WeinOs scenario, the Flash Knights stand on guard outside of 
Travan Castle. It is strongly recommended that you capture these two before you 
take on the residents of Travan. After defeating them, Wein will convince them 
to join his army. With their Cavalry troops added to your forces, taking on 
Borgon will be much easier.

  Ogredd (Knight)/Cavalry/Raid/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm
  Lone (Knight)/Cavalry/Surround/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm

GIGG:  Although not mentioned in the manual, Gigg is another general that 
Reinhart starts the game with. Fortunately, there are no complications like with 
Uryll and Santana, and Gigg will remain loyal to you through the game.

  Gigg (Dragon)/Dragon/Surround/Flame Cannon/Stone Pedestal/Sky Driver

GOLEM & GUSTAVOS ARMY:  Gustav and his army occupy Blazart Castle in the 
beginning of JunonOs story. After capturing them, Gustav reveals that he was 
hired by Golem to kill Junon. Shortly afterward, Golem will take over Sophnik 
Castle, and confronting him reveals that Fandaria promised Golem rule of Tristan 
if he killed Junon. Golem only appears in JunonOs scenario, while Gustav and his 
army can be found in the others.

 *Golem (Fighter)/Soldier/-/Sonic Boom/*None*/*None*
  Gustav (Knight)/Cavalry/Surround/*None*/Cross Flash/*None*
  Kidd (Thief)/Soldier/Squad/ShivaOs Dagger/*None*/Cross Flash
  Ramzal (Fighter)/Soldier/Protect/Sonic Boom/Flame Cannon/Solar Flare

GUNNEROS ARMY:  GongosO father exiled Gunner years ago.  If you play as Gongos, 
this army is your first conquest. Gunner has taken up residence in Sardia Castle 
with the intent of killing Gongos and becoming King of Bozack. After defeating 
him, Gongos convinces Gunner to join him, promising to give Fandaria to Gunner 
to rule after they defeat Goldark. Regardless of which ruler you play as, watch 
out for Norse, as he can be a potential deserter.

  Gunner (Beast)/Beast/Squad/Cross Flash/Sky Driver/Cross Rush
  Norse (Fighter)/Soldier/Surround/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Sonic Blast
  Rykker (Knight)/Cavalry/Breach/Cross Flash/Sonic Wave/*None*
  Silva (Beast)/Beast/Raid/Cross Flash/Sky Driver/Cross Rush

GYZZDARK:  GoldarkOs story begins with his killing of his brother Gyzzdark. It 
is revealed that the state of war that was brewing in Legendra was actually the 
doing of Gyzzdark, who was seduced with notions of power and domination by Gaul. 
Goldark came to the decision that killing his brother was the only way to stop 
him. Wanting to preserve the memory and honor of his brother prior to his 
corruption by Gaul, Goldark adopts his Omad lionO reputation and continues the 
war his brother started to unite the continent and end the war as quickly as 
possible. At the Snow Shrine, Goldark and Wein encounter the now-undead 
Gyzzdark, who awaits his brother for a final showdown.

  Gyzzdark (Knight)/Cavalry/-/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Hyper-Storm

HAYATE AND SHIROX:  In most of the scenarios, you can get these two ninjas. 
Hayate is revered as a legend in Izumo for his skill. There seems to be some 
sort of love triangle between him, Mikhal, and a woman named Madoka. Hayate went 
into hiding shortly after Madoka was killed by Kyoem, an enemy ninja. Get them 
as soon as possible if playing with Mikhal and Reinhart, as they are close by 
and can be extremely powerful generals to have. First you must go to the town 
due south of Mikeral Castle. You must actually stop at the town. If you pass 
over it on the way toward castles, you will miss them completely. The first time 
you go there, you will encounter Shirox in combat. After the fight, Hayate will 
show up, give you a Strategy Runes (if you win) and send you on your way. 
(Hayate does not appear in MikhalOs story until your second visit) During your 
next Domestic Affairs, you will be given a nudge to return, after which you must 
fight Hayate. He will join you after fighting him in a duel. These two do not 
appear in GoldarkOs story.

  Hayate (Ninja)/Samurai/Surround/AssassinOs Star/Cross Flash/Mirage Star
  Shirox (Ninja)/Samurai/Protect/Reptile Cannon/AssassinOs Star/Mirage Star

HIGHLAND KINGDOM GENERALS:  WeinOs generals are fairly versatile. With Cavalry 
and Soldiers making up the backbone of their troops, they can hold their own in 
the opening stages of the game, particularly when defending from within the 
walls of a castle. 

  Galam (Knight)/Cavalry(Soldier)/Raid/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm
  Link (Fighter)/Soldier/Protect/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Sonic Blast
  Nina (Priest)/Mage/Surround/Resurrect/Holy Shield/Holy Blast
  Rudger (Fighter)/Soldier(Monk)/Breach/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Sonic Blast

HIKKISO ARMY:  Hikkis is the ruler of Maryware Castle when you begin the game as 
Wein. Send troops to Maryware immediately to capture Hikkis, so that you can 
bolster your troops with his Cavalry. Hikkis is not a particularly loyal sort, 
however, so you need to watch out for him.

  Hikkis (Knight)/Cavalry/Surround/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm

HILGAOS ARMY:  In WeinOs story, you will encounter this pair in a town north of 
Highland Castle. Hilga will mistake you as men sent by Borgon (see BorgonOs 
Army). After capturing them, Hilga will discover her mistake and joins you if 
you promise to go after Borgon (which of course, you will). Rock will also join 
but is a prime candidate for a Faith Coin. 

  Hilga (Thief)/Soldier/Breach/ShivaOs Dagger/*None*/Cross Flash
  Rock (Thief)/Soldier/Raid/*None*/ShivaOs Dagger/Cross Flash

IZUMO NATION GENERALS:  IzumoOs generals are a pretty powerful bunch. Samurai 
troops are generally able to hold up to anything (yes, even against superior 
troops, as long as used properly). Be sure to build up Shione, as she can 
absolutely decimate generals that rely heavily on their magic. Her Magic Power 
Gauge has the fastest recovery time IOve ever seen! Between this and her Star 
spells, Magicians, Spirit Users and Priests can be totally kept from casting any 

  Jackal (Samurai)/Samurai(Soldier,Monk)/Protect/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Sonic 
  Mistal (Samurai)/Samurai/Breach/Sonic Boom/Cross Flash/Sonic Blast
  Shione (Ninja)/Samurai/Squad/Flame Cannon/AssassinOs Star/Mirage Star
  Zagat (Samurai)/Samurai/Surround/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Sonic Blast

KYOEMOS NINJA ARMY:  North of Izumo in Royal Castle is MikhalOs first major test 
in battle. Kyoem (see MadrukOs Followers for stats) is a figure from Mikhal and 
HayateOs past. Kyoem killed HayateOs lover some years ago. ItOs also revealed 
that Mikhal was possibly in love with her as well. In addition to the two below, 
there will also be two of the freelance ninjas as well. After defeating Kyoem, 
he escapes, vowing to return. (Unfortunately when I played as Mikhal, he didnOt 
come back.) Kyoem also appears in GoldarkOs scenario.

  Kumonn (Ninja)/Samurai/Squad/AssassinOs Star/Cross Flash/Mirage Star
  Sayaka (Ninja)/Samurai/Raid/Flame Cannon/Mirage Star/AssassinOs Star

LAINEOS ARMY:  Laine was the runner up when Teiris was selected as the Queen of 
Palemoon. Along with her fiancee Varshyl, she has taken up residency in Orvue 
Castle, planning to kidnap Teiris and take her place as queen. After conquering 
her forces, Teiris promises to abdicate her throne to Laine after the current 
crisis is over, much to the chagrin of her advisor. With the prospect of 
becoming the ruler, a leather wearing, whip wielding, dominatrix of an elf like 
Laine just canOt refuse!

  Laine (Spirit User)/Mage/Surround/DanteOs Inferno/ThorOs Fist/Dark Vortex
  Nyvkall (Fighter)/Soldier/Squad/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Sonic Blast
  Piper (Spirit User)/Mage(Soldier)/Breach/Wind Dancer/Summon Wyvern/Dark Vortex
  Varshyl (Knight)/Archer(Cavalry)/Protect/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Hyper-Storm

LIBERATION ARMY:  When playing as Leon, one of your first battles will be 
against Dayn and his Liberation Army. Dayn wants to kill you so that he can 
become the King of Topaz. By defeating them, you quickly increase your numbers, 
as Leon will convince Dayn to join his army.

  Dayn (Monk)/Monk/Surround/Aura Assault/Cross Flash/Cross Rush
  Kodiak (Samurai)/Samurai/Protect/Sonic Boom/Cross Flash/Sonic Blast
  Myria (Magician)/Mage/Squad/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Meteor Storm
  Wriph (Spirit User)/Archer/Breach/Wind Dancer/Summon Wyvern/Dark Vortex

LITONIANS:  Lightan Castle is ruled by Zanon. He is in possession of the sword 
Eclisis, which grants him a power. For most of the game, visiting this castle 
will result in fighting Zanon and his armies. While you can defeat them in 
combat, they will always escape and return to keep fighting you, as Eclisis will 
constantly heal Zanon to full strength. (This is a good way of building up 
experience, however). The sword is slowly taking possession of Zanon, gradually 
stripping him of his humanity. DonOt concern yourself with trying to kill him 
until the story itself unravels and OpromptsO you to visit Zanon. In ReinhartOs 
game, it is actually possible for Zanon to join you. In GoldarkOs scenario, he 
can be captured like any other general but will refuse to join the entire game.

  Zanon (Knight)/Cavalry/Raid/Sonic Boom/Hyper-Storm/Thunder Fall
  Grudar (Fighter)/Soldier/Squad/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Solar Flare
  Veltarna (Spirit User)/Archer/Protect/Wind Dancer/Summon Wyvern/Dark Vortex
  Yuri (Magician)/Mage/-/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Summon Guardian

MADRUKOS FOLLOWERS:  While these four generals appear in the different 
storylines under various circumstances, playing Goldark will give you command of 
all four of them at once. Shortly after the game begins, Scythe and Gaul will 
offer their support to Goldark if he helps in the revival of Madruk. Goldark 
agrees to a Otemporary partnershipO which Gaul and Scythe take as a full 
commitment. The following week, these four generals appear with their troops for 
you to command. These generals are very powerful! (Zado comes to you as 
described below, with 100 Dragons as troops!) They will leave when Goldark saves 
Wein from an attack, Gaul and Scythe realizing that Goldark was using them from 
the beginning. Ryskim will make appearances in the other storylines as an enemy 
of Vlad. After defeating him with Vlad, Ryskim will kidnap a friend of the ruler 
you chose, sidetracking you with a rescue mission.

  Kyoem (Ninja)/Samurai/Squad/Reptile Cannon/AssassinOs Star/-
  Ryskim (?????)/Zombie/Breach/DanteOs Inferno/Resurrect/Quagmire
  Santana (?????)/Zombie/Protect/DanteOs Inferno/Resurrect/Quagmire
  Zado (Dragon)/Dragon/Breach/Flame Cannon/Stone Pedestal/*None*

NELSONOS ARMY:  Nelson and his army inhabit Ginan Castle in the beginning of 
GoldarkOs game. They are allied with Talon and will automatically join up with 
Goldark when Talon joins GoldarkOs army. Erin and Mileen are sisters.

  Nelson (Knight)/Cavalry/Protect/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm
  Erin (Spirit User)/Archer/Breach/Wind Dancer/Summon Wyvern/Dark Vortex
  Mileen (Magician)/Mage/Raid/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Summon Guardian

PAINE AND AGONNI:  Normally, the Skull Children will plague you every month of 
game time. Once in a while, their path to you will be hindered by an army other 
than yours. If that enemy army manages to defeat the Skull Children, Paine and 
Agonni will begin to appear in their place. Like the Skull Children, Paine and 
Agonni are followers of Mardruk that appear once a month and head in the general 
direction of your chosen ruler. There forces are always composed of the two 
thieves, each with 30 Soldiers. 

 *Agonni (Thief)/Soldier/Surround/*None*/ShivaOs Dagger/Cross Flash
 *Paine (Thief)/Soldier/Raid/*None*/ShivaOs Dagger/Cross Flash

PALEMOON KINGDOM GENERALS:  TeirisO main generals have good magic ability to 
offset two of them having the worse type of soldier in the game. These generals 
can become quite powerful, but first things first, get some better troops to 
Manoa and Reiner immediately!

  Duran (Fighter)/Soldier/Breach/Sonic Boom/Flame Cannon/Solar Flare
  Gulen (Knight)/Cavalry(Monk)/Protect/Cross Flash/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm
  Manoa (Priest)/Archer/Squad/Resurrect/Holy Shield/Holy Blast
  Reiner (Magician)/Archer/Raid/Flame Cannon/Holy Shield/Meteor Storm

RAMDA:  300 years ago, Madruk purged that last amount of compassion in his 
heart. However, being a god, his compassion was able to take on a physical body 
and became Ramda. While Ramda is technically a Knight, his spell selection is 
that of an Immortal Tribesman. When you first find Ramda, he will be in the 
Shadow Tower, using his power to help guide Frest back to Legendra. After 
accomplishing this, he will join your army. While he is a powerful ally, Ramda 
will at some point give his life to help weaken Katmando, the last of MadrukOs 
Dark Apostles, so that the main hero can defeat it. 

  Ramda (Knight)/Zombie(Soldier,Cavalry,Mage)/Raid/Resurrect/Mega 

SKULL CHILDREN:  In the second week of each month, this army of MadrukOs 
followers will appear and make the most direct path toward the ruler you 
control. This will be a monthly occurence, as they will be constantly 
resurrected. It can be rather annoying, but look at it as experience building. 
Depending on whose scenario you play, itOs possible that with each subsequent 
appearance, one of the generals listed below will have his troops increased by 
ten more fighters! While it is not possible for you to destroy them permanently, 
an opposing army can, after which Paine and Agonni will replace the Skull 
Children for monthly appearances.

 *Gasper (Knight)/Cavalry/Raid/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/*None*
 *Helm (Fighter)/Soldier/Surround/Sonic Boom/Flame Cannon/*None*
 *Tzuvan (Fighter)/Soldier/Protect/Sonic Boom/Cross Flash/*None*

TALONOS ARMY:  After killing his brother Gyzzdark and taking the throne, Goldark 
is informed that GyzzdarkOs son Talon is Ocausing unrest.O After capturing his 
band, Goldark convinces Talon to help him, telling him that if he worked with 
him, Talon would be free to avenge his fatherOs murder, as Goldark would always 
be in striking distance, should Talon wish to make an attempt at his life.

  Talon (Knight)/Cavalry/Squad/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm
  Aisha (Priest)/Mage/Breach/Resurrect/Holy Shield/Holy Blast
  Bagril (Fighter)/Soldier/Raid/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Sonic Blast
  Hagane (Monk)/Monk/Squad/Aura Assault/*None*/Cross Flash
  Viper (Knight)/Cavalry/Surround/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm

TOPAZ KINGDOM GENERALS:  From playing LeonOs scenario, it appears that Raizak 
and Yanna are LeonOs students in martial arts. Shaia appears to have some ties 
to the Tradnor generals.  
  Garyus (Fighter)/Soldier(Cavalry)/Breach/Sonic Boom/Cross Flash/Sonic Blast
  Raizak (Monk)/Monk/Protect/Aura Assault/Cross Flash/Cross Rush
  Shaia (Priest)/Monk/Surround/Thunder Fall/Holy Shield/Holy Blast
  Yanna (Monk)/Monk/Raid/Aura Assault/Cross Flash/Cross Rush

TRADNOR KINGDOM GENERALS:  All of TradnorOs generals are powerful spellcasters. 
It may be a bit of a challenge building them up in the beginning, but itOs well 
worth it. Despite having relatively weak troops, ReinhartOs generals can provide 
excellent spell support in order to win battles.

  Bardal (Magician)/Mage/Squad/Flame Cannon/Holy Shield/Meteor Storm
  Presto (Knight)/Cavalry/Raid/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Hyper-Storm
  Sophie (Magician)/Mage/Surround/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Meteor Storm
  Tsugal (Priest)/Monk/Protect/Resurrect/Thunder Fall/Holy Blast

TRISTAN EMPIRE GENERALS:  With Harpies making up the bulk of their troops, 
JunonOs troops make formidable opponents. While Scar begins with JunonOs forces, 
he is not really considered a special general like all the other generals that 
make up their rulersO Oinner circle.O If Scar is captured before you have 
conquered Junon, he will ask to join you if you allow him to fight Scythe when 
you encounter her. Unlike Vlad (see Vlad & Sierra entry), however, nothing will 
happen if you encounter Scythe and defeat her without him.

  Ayrios (Knight)/Harpy(Cavalry)/Protect/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm
  Cinna (Magician)/Mage(Harpy)/Squad/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Summon Guardian
  Ortega (Fighter)/Soldier(Monk)/Breach/*None*/Cross Flash/*None*
 *Scar (Fighter)/Harpy(Soldier)/Raid/Sonic Boom/Cross Flash/Sonic Blast

VANGAL:  Be sure to have your armies make a stop at the towns that sit on a 
mountain (like the town north of Travan Castle). The location changes from ruler 
to ruler. If an army that goes to the town is not accompanied by a ruler, you 
will be told that there is a secret passage. If you visit later on, you will 
encounter Vangal, a dragonman who challenges you to combat. After beating him, 
he tells you his story and eventually joins up with your army. Be warned, 
though! Shortly after first encountering Vangal, your army will by attacked by 
Zado (see MadrukOs Followers entry) with 100 Dragons!

  Vangal (Dragon)/Dragon/Squad/Flame Cannon/Stone Pedestal/Sky Driver

VLAD & SIERRA:  If you visit the Shadow Tower, you will be told by itOs resident 
that he will only see the ruler, and the ruler alone. When you visit the tower 
again with your chosen ruler, you will meet Vlad, a vampire who challenges you 
to combat. He will meet the king with as many Zombies as troops you bring, or 
duel you, if you bring no troops. After defeating him, he will join you provided 
you allow him to fight Ryskim when he surfaces. When Ryskim appears, he will 
have Sierra in his tow. Sierra is VladOs fiancee, and is under his control until 
after you defeat him. After defeating Ryskim, Sierra will also join. Note that 
when Ryskim first appears, it is possible to attack without Vlad. If Ryskim is 
defeated without Vlad, however Vlad will leave your army in anger for breaking 
your promise.

  Sierra (Underling)/Zombie/Protect/TridentOs Daughter/Resurrect/Ensnare
  Vlad (Bloodsucker)/Zombie/Squad/Resurrect/Mega Tornado/Ensnare

YUUG:  Yuug is a magician working for Gaul. He was responisible for bringing 
Gunner to Bozack to attack Gongos. After defeating Gunner, he is discovered to 
have disappeared, when he is tracked down north of Sardia Castle, he reveals his 
allegiance to Gaul, then vanishes. (He didnOt return when I played as Gongos, so 
if he does come back, IOd like to hear so and the circumstances of what brings 
him back.) 

  Yuug (Magician)/Mage/-/Flame Cannon/-/-

FREELANCE GENERALS:  These OgenericO generals are normally found through castle 
searches in the first few weeks of game time, or captured from enemy armies. 
ItOs not unusual for these characters to be killed in combat, rather than being 

  Atakin (Fighter)/Soldier/Squad/Sonic Boom/Flame Cannon/*None*
  Gunter (Fighter)/Soldier/Breach/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Solar Flare
  Saul (Fighter)/Soldier(Monk)/Protect/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Sonic Blast
  Taulus (Fighter)/Soldier(Monk)/Surround/Sonic Boom/Cross Flash/Sonic Blast
  Ruix (Fighter)/Soldier/Raid/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Solar Flare

  Crawford (Knight)/Cavalry/Breach/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm
  Gorudias (Knight)/Cavalry/Raid/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm
  Randolph (Knight)/Cavalry/Squad/Sonic Boom/Sonic Wave/Hyper-Storm

  Cher (Spirit User)/Mage/Protect/Wind Dancer/Summon Wyvern/Dark Vortex
  Fiina (Spirit User)/Mage/Breach/Wind Dancer/Summon Wyvern/Dark Vortex
  Katis (Spirit User)/Mage/Protect/DanteOs Inferno/ThorOs Fist/Dark Vortex
  Marina (Spirit User/Mage/Breach/DanteOs Inferno/ThorOs Fist/Dark Vortex
  Mea (Spirit User)/Mage/Squad/DanteOs Inferno/ThorOs Fist/Dark Vortex
  Milishea (Spirit User)/Mage/Raid/DanteOs Inferno/ThorOs Fist/Dark Vortex
  Phylicia (Spirit User)/Mage/Surround/Wind Dancer/Summon Wyvern/Dark Vortex

  Alex (Magician)/Mage/Raid/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Summon Guardian
  Beykall (Magician)/Archer/Surround/Flame Cannon/Holy Shield/Meteor Storm
  Farilis (Magician)/Mage/Surround/Flame Cannon/Holy Shield/Meteor Storm
  Ishtar (Magician)/Mage/Squad/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Summon Guardian
  Kilrein (Magician)/Mage/Protect/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Summon Guardian
  Neil (Magician)/Archer/Breach/Flame Cannon/Holy Shield/Meteor Storm
  Saharzad (Magician)/Mage/Protect/Flame Cannon/Holy Shield/Meteor Storm

  Enya (Priest)/Mage/Breach/Resurrect/Holy Shield/Holy Blast
  Fern (Priest)/Mage/Squad/Thunder Fall/Holy Shield/Holy Blast
  Kulien (Priest)/Mage/Protect/Resurrect/Thunder Fall/Holy Blast
  Phylla (Priest)/Mage/Squad/Flame Cannon/Thunder Fall/Summon Guardian

  Barrat (Monk)/Monk/Squad/Aura Assault/Cross Flash/Cross Rush
  Gator (Monk)/Monk/Breach/Aura Assault/Cross Flash/Cross Rush
  Livion (Monk)/Monk/Raid/Aura Assault/Cross Flash/Cross Rush
  Stegalt (Monk)/Monk/Surround/Aura Assault/Cross Flash/Cross Rush

  Gekai (Samurai)/Samurai/Surround/Sonic Boom/Cross Flash/Sonic Blast
  Hagar (Samurai)/Samurai/Breach/Sonic Boom/Cross Flash/Sonic Blast
  Raitt (Samurai)/Samurai/Raid/Sonic Boom/Cross Flash/Sonic Blast

  Narrak (Ninja)/Samurai/Raid/Reptile Cannon/AssassinOs Star/Mirage Star
  Shadow (Ninja)/Samurai/Protect/Reptile Cannon/Mirage Star/AssassinOs Star
  Slate (Ninja)/Samurai/Breach/AssassinOs Star/Reptile Cannon/Mirage Star
  Sliver (Ninja)/Samurai/Breach/AssassinOs Star/Reptile Cannon/Mirage Star
  Slythis (Ninja)/Samurai/Protect/Reptile Cannon/Mirage Star/AssassinOs Star
  Zatai (Ninja)/Samurai/Surround/AssassinOs Star/Cross Flash/Mirage Star

 *Barat (Beast)/Beast/Squad/Cross Flash/Sky Driver/Cross Rush
  Fyffer (Beast)/Beast/Squad/Cross Flash/Sky Driver/Cross Rush
  Rufas (Beast)/Beast/Surround/Cross Flash/Sky Driver/Cross Rush
  Sylphia (Beast)/Beast/Breach/Cross Flash/Sky Driver/Cross Rush
  Zakk (Beast)/Beast/Raid/Cross Flash/Sky Driver/Cross Rush

  Gilette (Thief)/Soldier/Raid/ShivaOs Dagger/*None*/Cross Flash
  Rog (Thief)/Soldier/Protect/ShivaOs Dagger/*None*/Cross Flash
  Voitt (Thief)/Soldier/Surround/*None*/ShivaOs Dagger/Cross Flash


     There are various locations in the game that need to be visited. In the 
case of castles, they are outright necessary in the game in order to establish a 
strong power base. 


     Conquering castles is one of the most important things to do. Castles 
provide extra protection for the troops fighting within its walls, giving a 
bonus to attack for the soldiers inside based on the castleOs level. In 
addition, they can be searched to find items that you can equip your generals 
with to increase their power. Castles are the only place where you can restock 
troops that have fallen in battle. Castle reserves are automatically replenished 
over time, provided you maintain the presence of at least one General in that 

     The higher the level of a castle, the higher the bonus troops within are 
given in battles when an enemy army storms the castle. Castles have a limited 
amount of reserves that it can hold, a limit that can be raised by fortifying 
the castle to raise its level. A general needs to have an INT score of 70 or 
higher to be able to search or fortify a castle.

     Remember that each general that is capable of searching or fortifying can 
only do one per domestic affairs. Search and fortify attempts can fail, and once 
in a while, rather than raising a castleOs level, a fortify attempt may instead 
fill a castle to maximum reserves. 

     Below are descriptions of the castles in Legendra.

     BLAZART:  Like any of the castles in the Tristan EmpireOs environs, Blazart 
Castle is just too far north to be of any major strategic value. It really is 
just one of the castles you conquer as you make your way toward Tristan Castle. 
Blazart seems to be a good place to search for Dragon and AsteaOs Statues, 
     BLOODLY:  This castleOs main significance is that this is the castle to 
gather the members of the Dragon Force near the end of the game, after which 
youOll move on to Mt. Ruinledge. This castle doesnOt figure much in the game 
strategically, as it is on the edge of the Fandarian Empire and usually one of 
the last castles you try to capture anyway (unless you play as Goldark, of 
course). A decent mix of items can be found here.

     BOZACK:  Bozack Castle is where you initially find Gongos when you invade 
the Bozack Nation. Bozack is in a good location strategically, as attacks 
generally have to come from the north or west from Sardia Castle. Added to this, 
the treks an army makes to get to your castle gives you enough time to prepare 
for attacks. Bozack castle also guards the path to the Forest Shrine to the 

     CLAYSTAL:  This castle guards Palemoon from invasion from the north, as 
armies coming from Tristan need to pass through here to get to the southern part 
of the map (unless they take the long way through Topaz). Claystal guards the 
path east toward the Cape Shrine. Early in the game, forces from Starfall Castle 
tend to attack this castle periodically.

     CRYSTAL:  Crystal castle is on the western edge of the forest where the 
Palemoon Kingdom lies. This can be an important location, depending on who you 
play. If you play as Teiris, this castle is of utmost importance, as this castle 
must be crossed by forces invading from the west and south. Only one item can be 
found when searching this castle, but it is one of the better items in the game, 
the Dragon Crest.

     DANYAN:  Danyan can be a valuable castle to hold. If you are one of the 
eastern kingdoms moving toward the west, itOs a good strike point when you begin 
to make your move on Tradnor. Danyan guards a passage through the mountain range 
nearby. Holding this castle gives you access to the southern area of the map 
without having to travel around through Tradnor or Highland Kingdoms. Forces 
coming from Stalwart Castle tend to attack this castle a lot. Danyan Castle is 
also the only place to search in order to obtain a True Ring, the best item for 
enhancing a generalOs CMD score.

     DAIDEN:  Daiden Castle is situated in the heart of Highland Kingdom. There 
is not much strategic value in the castle, but it is the only castle that you 
can search for Battle Armor.

     ESTONIA:  All forces moving into Fandaria must pass through this castle, 
making it the most important strategic point in that area. If you play as 
Goldark, holding this castle keeps all armies out of your territory. When 
playing as the other rulers, holding this castle will effectively cut off any 
means of escape for Fandarian troops and generals. (The CPU does not make use of 
the path around Lake Topaz.) 

     ETERNAL:  This castle is south of Izumo Castle and guards the southern 
entrance into the Izumo Nation. Eternal Castle can be searched for weapons for 
Samurai generals.

     FANDARIA:  Fandaria Castle is your starting point when you play as Goldark. 
Unlike most of the other rulers, Goldark will not necessarily be here when you 
attack Fandaria (HeOll sometimes come to YOU!). Like the other castles in the 
Fandarian Empire, they are not of great strategic importance, as they will 
normally be the last castles you conquer, but in GoldarkOs scenario, you have to 
watch out for an attack from the residents of the surrounding castles early on 
in the game.

     GALFIEL:  If Maryware castle is not currently under your control, then this 
castle defends the most direct path to Highland and Daiden Castles from western 
invasion. Other than that, holding this castle gives you no real strategic 
advantage, as troops coming in from the west can still move against Highland and 
Daiden by taking the northern path out of Maryware Castle. To prevent attacks 
from the west, use this castle as a striking point to conquer Maryware instead. 

     GASPARL:  Gasparl is where you will find Dayn and his Liberation Army. If 
you play LeonOs scenario, this should be your first conquest so that you can 
increase your forces immediately, as they will join you after you defeat them. 
Holding this castle helps control movement between the east and west, but 
doesnOt cut it off completely unless you also control Magicka and Travan Castles 
as well. In the earlier stages of the game, this castle will tend to get 
attacked a lot by forces from neighboring Topaz and Starfall Castles. 

     GINAN:  If playing GoldarkOs scenario, Ginan is one of the castles you 
capture early on to get yourself some more generals (NelsonOs Army). Like most 
castles in the heart of Fandaria, holding this castle gives no strategic 

     HIGHLAND:  WeinOs starting castle is in a relatively secure position. If 
you play as Wein, you can actually leave the castle unattended to make your 
first conquests. If youOre playing another ruler, this is where youOll find him 
in most of the scenarios.

     IZUMO:  Izumo Castle is MikhalOs seat of power. If attacking Izumo, this is 
normally where youOll find him. 

     LIGHTAN:  This castle houses Zanon and his men. This castle makes a nice 
safe zone once youOre able to get rid of Zanon, as enemy armies seem to just 
leave it alone. Because of this, you can use it to cut off invasions moving 
east-west through the southern portion of the continent. Just keep a garrison in 
the castle and when you see troops moving through, deploy your army to one of 
the towns north of Lightan to intercept them. Lightan Castle is also the only 
place where you can search to find Dark Claws, the best claw that Beastmen can 

     MAGICKA:  Magicka Castle starts the game as ruins. By deploying an army to 
this location, you can fix up the ruins and build a new Level 1 castle. Magicka 
is vulnerable from attacks from all directions. If either Crystal or Ogrekeep 
Castles house enemy forces, youOll need to keep this castle stocked. This castle 
is also haunted. Forces inside the castle will report a ghostly wailing and will 
abandon the castle. You will need to investigate the situation with your ruler 
without any other generals. You will discover that the ghost of the former ruler 
wants to help and leaves behind a Spirit Crest, which incidentally is the only 
thing youOll find when searching this Castle.

     MARYWARE:  Lying on the western edge of the Highland Empire, Maryware is 
strategically very important, as invasions from the western part of the 
continent must pass through this castle in order to get into the Highland 
kingdom. In the earlier stages in the game, this castle will get attacked 
periodically by forces from the Bozack Nation (once in a while from Izumo). Keep 
this castle filled with generals with full complements of troops at all times 
unless you have the entire southern half of the continent under your thumb (or 
at least, Lightan Castle).

     MIKERAL:  Control of Mikeral Castle is very important.  Armies from the 
Izumo must pass through here to start their conquests (unless they want to start 
with Fandaria), likewise for Fandarian troops moving through Izumo. This castle 
also keeps the Bozack Nation out of the central region of the continent. This 
castle will fall under attack quite a bit, depending on how little of the nearby 
castles are under your control. Mikeral is an excellent castle to search for the 
various Crests.

     NIKERAL:  Nikeral CastleOs main strategic value is that holding this castle 
prevents forces from the east from invading the Fandarian Empire.  Enemy armies 
can still come up south from Izumo to enter, however. If you are moving into 
Fandaria from the east, take Nikeral, then move quickly into Estonia, to cut off 
any escape for the Fandarian armies. While a variety of one-shot items can be 
found here, this castle is the only one that has the Murasame Sword, the best 
weapon in the game.

     OGREKEEP:  Ogrekeep Castle is a crossroads castle. The only possible 
advantage of holding this location is that it can inhibit movement by armies 
east-west. In order to totally control east-west movement, you need to also 
control Topaz and Danyan castles, as well. Ogrekeep is the only castle that can 
be searched to find Death Claws, the best weapon a Monk can use (and also the 
only item that can be found here).

     ORVUE: If you play as Teiris, this castle houses Laine and her entourage. 
Capturing this castle will add to your initial number of generals. Orvue is the 
castle everyone must move through in order to get to Palemoon Castle. Early in 
the game, this may be important, but after Teiris has joined you, holding this 
castle becomes less important. 

     PALEMOON:  Palemoon is a relatively secure castle. The only real important 
thing about Palemoon is that you must invade it to get Teiris to join you (in 
some of the scenarios). In fact, if your main forces are holed up in Palemoon 
Castle, and youOre trying too hard to hold it, youOre probably not progressing 
very well in the game.

     ROGUEWAR:  This castle, like many of those in the central part of the 
continent, can be used to control movement between the east and west, but in 
order to totally do so, you must also hold Stalwart and Mikeral Castles.

     ROYAL:  Royal Castle blocks northern invasion into Izumo. In MikhalOs game, 
this castle holds MikhalOs first major battle as it is the home base of Kyoem 
and his ninja army. Defeating the army here will give MikhalOs army strong 
generals, but will also open the northern end of the Izumo Nation to invasion by 
Fandaria, which will periodically send forces to attack this castle when Kyoem 
is gone. This castle is the only one you can search to find Kamui Blades, a 
powerful weapon that only Ninja can equip.

     SARDIA:  Sardia Castle is very similar to Bozack. It can only be attacked 
from the north or from forces moving west from Bozack Castle. It has no real 
strategic value, but can be searched to find the Igneous Axe.

     SOPHNIK:  The most remote of all the castles on the continent, Sophnik has 
no major strategic value. In the beginning of JunonOs scenario, a would-be king 
takes it over shortly after you capture it, but JunonOs forces can reclaim it 
with ease. Most of the time, it is left alone by the CPU. Sophnik Castle will 
yield only one item for searching, the Gaia Sword, the best sword usable by 
Fighter and Knight generals (and the only place you can find it). 

     STALWART:  Stalwart Castle makes an excellent striking point to attack 
various castles, but is open to attack from many directions, as well. Stalwart 
also must be moved through before attacking Tradnor Castle. By holding this 
castle along with Mikeral and Roguewar (or Nikeral) Castles, you can totally 
control movement by armies east to west.

     STARFALL:  Starfall Castle lies roughly along the border between Tristan 
and Palemoon. Strategically speaking, holding this castle helps control invasion 
into Tristan or Palemoon, but the CPU doesnOt aggressively go after Tristan. If 
playing as Teiris, hold this castle with some troops as you sweep northward into 
Tristan. This way, you can watch out for Topaz troops moving eastward. If you 
have armies to spare, itOs better to take Gasparl. This tends to be a castle 
attacked by the dragonmen in the late stages of the game, so make sure you leave 
a lot of troops (preferably Samurai) in here or none at all.
     STOIC:  Stoic Castle is where TalonOs army is initially found. This castle 
lies along the most direct route to Fandaria Castle, but otherwise is not that 
great as a strategic location.

     TOPAZ:  Arguably being the most difficult castle to defend, Topaz Castle 
can be attacked from six different directions! Watch the eastern and western 
paths carefully as most attacks on Topaz will come from these directions. Topaz 
guards the path to the Shadow Tower to the northwest. Holding this castle along 
with Danyan and Ogrekeep will let you control the movement of armies from east 
to west.

     TRADNOR:  Tradnor Castle is where you will find Reinhart. While being smack 
in the middle of the continent, access to this castle is well guarded by 
Stalwart. ItOs much better to try to hold Mikeral and/or Stalwart, retreating to 
Tradnor if you only really need to. Tradnor is the only place you can find 

     TRAVAN:  If you play as Wein, Travan starts out as the home base of Borgon 
and his cronies. This is WeinOs first major battle, but defeating the generals 
here will greatly add to WeinOs strength. BorgonOs forces will actually keep 
enemy forces away until you take care of them yourself. Strategically, this 
castle is important, as invasions from the north into Highland must pass through 
this castle.

     TRISTAN:  Tristan Castle is JunonOs main castle. Like most of the castles 
up north, it is typically ignored by the CPU. Tristan guards the path north to 
the Snow Shrine.


     This location lies east of Ogrekeep Castle. When you reach this point, you 
will be asked if you wish to make repairs. Doing so will transform the ruins 
into Magicka Castle.


     Shrines are where you will find the three holy artifacts needed to win the 
game. It is also where your chosen ruler will receive the Dragon Power. 
Deploying armies here will be useless, as only members of the Dragon Force are 
allowed to visit here. In fact, each of the Shrines can only be visited by a 
particular member.

     CAPE SHRINE: This is the shrine on the easternmost point of the continent. 
Only Mikhal, Junon and Leon together can visit this place. This is where you 
will find the Moon Cane.

     FOREST SHRINE: This is the shrine to the south of Bozack Castle. The 
Bracelet of the Sun is here to be found. Only Reinhart, Teiris, and Gongos can 
visit this shrine.

     SNOW SHRINE: The northernmost shrine houses the Stargem Sword. Wein and 
Goldark are the only two that can visit this shrine, where theyOll face the now 
undead Gyzzdark.


     There are two towers that can be visited.

     FIEND TOWER: This tower lies west of Travan Castle. This is where you will 
find Vlad (see entry in Character section). You donOt have to visit this castle 
to win the game, but Vlad (and later, Sierra) will make an excellent addition to 
your army.

     SHADOW TOWER: In the northwest part of the continent there is a lake with a 
tower on the northern tip. This tower is where you will meet Ramda (see entry in 
Character section). Visiting this tower is necessary for the game to move along. 
While you donOt have to send troops immediately here, you will be told to go 
there eventually by the story. Be sure to take your stronger generals with you 
when you visit here, as Gaul and Scythe usually will attack soon after.


     While holding towns donOt really give any tangible advantage like castles 
do, they can be fairly useful. Towns are locations where you can deploy your 
troops to. You can use towns as a staging point for an attack on a nearby 
castle. You can leave an army in a town to delay or weaken an advancing army. 
There are two towns of importance that need mentioning. The first is the town 
south of Mikeral Castle, where you will find Hayate and Shirox (see their entry 
in the Characters section). The second one changes, depending on which ruler you 
are playing as. For this second town, deploy your armies to the towns that rest 
on top of a mountain. This is the place where you will find Vangal (see his 
entry in the Characters section).


     There are two types of items. The first are items that are equipped and 
remain with a general until it is unequipped or replaced with another such item. 
Generals can only have one of these equipped at all times. The second type of 
item are the one shot items, such as coins and crests. These items can be used 
on a general whether he has an item equipped or not as its purpose is to 
permanently modify a generalOs abilities (or in the case of the Faith Coin, 
force a general to be loyal, I wonOt go into the questionability of morals of 

     One thing the manual leaves out is that the kinds of items you find can 
vary from castle to castle. While some of the castles are not strategically very 
important, they turn out to hide some of the more powerful magic items. Also 
included are any effects and/or restrictions associated with them, as well as 
any other miscellaneous notes.

AXES:  Axes are usable only by generals that are either Fighters or male Beasts 
(apologies to Yuni, Silva, Fyffer and Sylphia). They are typically found in the 
environs of Fandaria, Bozack and Topaz.

     Dark Axe - +6 STR. Only fighters can equip this.
     Earth Axe - +7 STR. Only three castles seem to have this axe; Fandaria, 
Estonia, and Ginan.
     Igneous Axe - +7 STR. This item only seems to pop up in Sardia Castle. 
     Thunder Axe - +5 STR.

SWORDS:  There are two groups of swords, the first are swords usable only by 
fighters/knights, and the second group usable only by samurai/ninja. The 
OstandardO swords are usually found in the castles in the regions of Highland, 
Tristan, and Fandaria. The OorientalO swords are found in the areas of Izumo and 

     Gaia Sword - +8 STR. Found only by searching Sophnik Castle.
     Mars Blade - +3 STR.
     Psycho Sword - +6 STR. Although Junon of Tristan starts the game with this, 
it is possible to find it through searching castles within the Highland area.
     Soul Buster - +4 STR.

     Kamui Blade - +8 STR. Ninjas are the only general able to equip this 
weapon. It can only be found by searching Royal Castle.
     Kusanagi Blade - +6 STR. Mikhal begins the game with one, but this sword 
can be found by searching Fandaria, Bloodly or Stoic.
     Moonbeam Sword - +3 STR. Can only be equipped by Samurai.
     Moon God Sword - +5 STR. Can only be equipped by Samurai.
     Murasame Sword - +10 STR. Only found by searching Nikeral Castle.
     Phantom Sword - +7 STR. Zagat of Izumo Nation begins the game with this 
sword. It cannot be found by searching castles. Only Samurai can equip this 

RODS:  Rods are usable only by the OspellcastingO generals (Magicians, Spirit 
Users, and Priests).

     Jeweled Rod - +4 STR. 
     Miracle Rod - +5 STR.
     Tempest - Usable only by Magicians, Tempests give extra protection to its 
wielder during a duel.

SPEARS/LANCES:  This group of weapons is usable only by Knights.

     Battle Spear - +5 STR.
     Javelin - +2 STR.
     Magical Lance - +8 STR. Presto of Tradnor has one of these equipped when 
the game starts. It is unknown to me whether you can find one by searching, 
     Rune Lance - +8 STR. Ayrios of Tristan begins the game with this, but I 
have yet to see it pop up when searching a castle.

CLAWS:  Claws are usable by beasts and monks. These weapons are normally found 
in the areas of Topaz and Bozack. 

     Beast Claw - +3 STR. 
     Dark Claw - +7 STR. Only Lightan Castle will produce these weapons.
     Death Claw - +9 STR. This claw is only usable by monks.
     Wicked Claw - +4 STR.

PROTECTIVE GEAR:  Armor and shields are normally usable only by the warrior 
generals. While these items have no affect in normal combat, armor and shields 
provide added defense in a duel.

     Battle Armor - gives defense. Can be equipped by Knights and Fighters.
     Gauze Armor - gives defense. Only Knights can equip this. Can be found 
largely in the Castles in the Fandarian region.
     Shogun Armor - gives defense. Only usable by Samurai.

     Divine Shield - gives defense. Only usable by Fighters
     Sacrifice Shield - gives defense.

COMMAND ENHANCERS:  The following items will enhance the CMD score of a general. 
These items are usable by all generals, in most cases. While such items pop up 
here and there, the best place are in the area of Palemoon and Tradnor.

     AsteaOs Ring - +7 CMD.
     Ambition Ring - +6 CMD. Gunner, a Beast general always has this in his 
possession. The item itself cannot be found by searching a castle. Other than 
Gunner himself, Monks are the only generals able to equip this item. 
     DragonOs Eye - +6 CMD. Katt of Bozack starts out with this in her 
possession. I have not found one in any castle yet.
     Emerald - +7 CMD. Usable only by Spirit Users.
     Goddess Tear +7 CMD.
     True Ring - +9 CMD. This item can only be found by searching Danyan Castle.
     ValhartOs Charm - +3 CMD

COINS:  Coins are one shot items that have a permanent effect on the general it 
is used on. It can be used on any general.

     Bravery Coin - adds up to two points to generalOs STR score.
     Faith Coin - use on a general that you suspect could be a possible   
deserter. (Music change when interviewing generals). This will keep them loyal 
to you 
     Honor Coin - adds up to two points to generalOs CMD score.

CRESTS:  Crests are one shot items that give a general the ability to command 
new troops. Using a crest gives a general the ability to command ten of the 
corresponding troop type. Through the Awards function in domestic affairs, that 
general can now be awarded with more of the new troops as normal. Mikeral Castle 
is the one place you can find all of the crests.

     Arrow Crest - command archers.
     Cleric Crest - command monks.
     Dragon Crest - command dragons. While found in a few castles, they happen 
to be the only item you find when you search Crystal Castle.
     Flying Crest - command harpies.
     Honor Crest - command cavalry.
     Magic Crest - command mages.
     Samurai Crest - command samurai. Interestingly enough, this is the hardest 
crest to find in searches.
     Savage Crest - command beasts.
     Soldier Crest - command soldiers.
     Spirit Crest - command zombies. While this occurs randomly in a few 
castles, search Magicka Castle if you specifically want one. 

STATUES:  Statues are one shot items that permanently add to a generalOs HP and 
MP. It is usable on all generals.

     AsteaOs Statue - +1 MP.
     Dragon Statue - +3 HP, to a maximum of 127.

RUNES:  These books are one shot items that permanently add to a generalOs INT 
scores. Oddly enough, the only difference between them are the three different 
names. They can be use on all generals.

     Ancient Runes - +6 INT.
     Strategy Runes - +6 INT.
     Virtuous Runes - +6 INT.

HOLY ARTIFACTS: After visiting the shrines, you will recover the Moon Cane, 
Stargem Sword, and Sun Bracelet. RamdaOs sacrifice will activate the Dragon 
Power and change the one the main character is equipped with to either the Star 
Dragon Armlet, Star Dragon Sword, or Star Dragon Cane. 

     Moon Cane - +9 CMD. Can only be equipped by Teiris and Reinhart.
     Star Dragon Armlet - +9 STR. Leon and Gongos are the only ones that can 
equip this.
     Star Dragon Cane - +8 STR. Usable by Teiris and Reinhart.
     Star Dragon Sword - +9 STR. Usable only by Wein, Junon, Mikhal or Goldark.
     Stargem Sword - +9 CMD. Wein, Goldark, and Junon are the only ones that can 
equip this.    
     Sun Bracelet - +9 CMD. Can only be equipped by either Leon or Gongos.


     AsteaOs Herb - Use when a general has sustained injury. This will allow the 
injured general to return to full duty without the required stay in the 
hospital. Note that this will bring the general back to duty wherever the ruler 
happens to be, regardless if the general was injured clear across the continent!
     Sage Bracelet - +6 INT. Laine begins the game with this. It can be equipped 
by Spirit Users only. It is unknown whether one can be produced by searching a 
     Wisdom Armlet - +6 INT. Shaia of Topaz begins the game with this in her 
possession, and this can be found by searching Eternal Castle. As to what kind 
of generals can equip this item, it seems to change. Shaia (a Priest), can 
always equip it, but in some games only Magicians can equip it. When playing as 
other characters only Ninja and Thieves can.  


     A generalOs proper use of his skills and/or magic can most often be the key 
to winning battles in which the odds are against you. Consequently, you have to 
recognize the potential for certain spells to be cast at you when meeting up 
with an enemy general. At one point or another weOve probably all gotten into a 
battle with your 100 Dragons, thinking that it couldnOt be all that hard to 
defeat the upcoming army, then finding yourself issuing a Retreat command after 
a couple well-placed spells/skills by the opposing commander turns the table on 
your forces. Below are the various spells/skills that generals can use, as well 
as their effects. 

AssassinOs Star:  One of the most effective spells in the game. The AssassinOs 
Star travels down the center column, eliminating all troops in itOs path, doing 
no damage to the general, but instead draining the commanderOs Magic Power Gauge 
level. The amount it drains varies, but serves the purpose of keeping a general 
from using any skills or magic. While it works against all generals, it tends to 
work best against Magicians, Priests and Spirit Users.

Aura Assault:  This is an attack on the enemy general used by Monks. Use of this 
launches a projectile at the enemy general, causing some damage.

Cross Flash:  Another direct attack on the enemy general. YouOll see Monks, 
Beasts, Thieves, Samurai, and Ninja using this skill. The general using this 
technique charges across the battlefield, inflicting damage on the opposing 

Cross Rush:  A similar but more effective version of the Cross Flash, the 
general using this skill travels down the center column of the battlefield, 
taking out any enemy troops in the path. After reaching the enemy general, he 
damages him by launching into a finishing combo ala an SNK fighting game!
DanteOs Inferno:  Used mainly by Spirit Users, this spell summons an elemental 
that damages the opposing army and general with fire. The spell only harms the 
opposition, but timing is necessary when using this spell. The spell appears in 
one of three spots, the two ends of the battlefield, and the center of the 
battlefield. When this spell is cast, it will appear in the area where there is 
the greatest concentration of enemy soldiers. If enemy forces are standing by in 
a defensive formation, casting this spell will hit on the enemy generalOs side. 
If you cast it while the soldiers are advancing, the tendency will be for the 
elemental to appear in the exact center. If you want to cast this spell on your 
generalOs side of the battlefield, keep you soldiers on standby and wait for the 
enemy soldiers to advance until just before their attack unitOs front rank is 
just about to engage yourOs. 

Dark Vortex:  Opens a portal in the center of the battlefield, sucking in 
soldiers that are too near. While potentially powerful, a lot of timing is 
needed when using this, as it only opens up in the middle. The other 
disadvantage is that it is not selective as to who it sucks in, so your own 
forces can be lost as well. This is best to cast the moment enemies move from 
the vicinity of their general, as the vortex opens as soon as they reach the 
middle. If you are willing to sacrifice a few troops, you can Advance troops to 
meet the opposing soldiers in the middle, keeping them there long enough for the 
vortex to open. (Note: TeirisO version of this spell works the same manner but 
only affects opposing troops.)

Ensnare:  One of the most useful, but one of the most dangerous when used on 
YOUR general. Ensnare will prevent a general from retreating the current battle. 
This will actually disable the Retreat command, forcing the general to fight 
until he defeats everyone, or is himself defeated. A dangerous side effect of 
that it also freezes any movement of the Ensnared generalOs Magic Power Gauge, 
preventing any spell casting. (Although if the Gauge was at full power when 
Ensnared, a spell can still be cast, but the bar will not refill). If you have a 
general that can cast this and you face a spellcaster with a large amount of MP, 
cast this spell as soon as your MP Gauge is filled.

Flame Cannon:  Similar in effects to Aura Assault, except that youOll see this 
version being used by Magicians, Knights, Fighters & Ninja.

Gale Blast:  MikhalOs version of the Cross Flash. It works exactly the same way 
as the former spell.

Holy Blast:  This spell causes an explosion in the center of the battlefield. 
Enemy troops caught in this will be damaged. The best time to use this spell is 
either just as enemy troops begin to move toward your general, or by sending 
your attack unit out to engage the advancing enemy in the center of the 
battleground in order to delay their approach long enough for the spell to take 

Holy Shield:  A major defensive ability for Priests and Magicians, Holy Shield 
surrounds the caster with an expanding field that can eliminate enemy soldiers 
that get too close. This can be the most annoying spell when facing a general 
that can cast it! The only real defense to this spell is by using troops that 
attack from a distance (like Archers and Mages).   

Hyper-Storm:  This spell sends three connected tornadoes down the battlefield, 
which will sweep up a number of enemy troops away. Unlike the various Sonic Boom 
spells, this can affect soldiers in every column, not just the center ones. No 
damage will be inflicted on the enemy general by this spell. Troops swept away 
by this spell return to their general after the current combat.

Mega Tornado:  This works in the same manner as Hyper-Storm but will affect all 
troops, friend or foe!

Meteor Storm:  One of the more visually impressive spells, this spell showers 
the entire battlefield with meteors. This has the effect of eliminating numbers 
of enemy troops and inflicting decent damage on the opposing general, as well. 
Your own forces are not affected by this.  

Mirage Star:  Similar in effect to the AssassinOs Star, but more powerful, as 
the Mirage Star travels down the center, but three columns wide.

Quagmire:  This spell brings forth stone from the ground to grab soldiers and 
hold them in place. Troops affected by the spell are unable to move until the 
spell wears out. Unfortunately, both enemy and friendly troops are affected by 
this spell. Dragon and Harpy soldiers are not affected by this spell.

Reptile Cannon:  This is the NinjaOs version of the Flame Cannon/Aura Assault 
techniques, working as described above.

Resurrect:  This spell restores life for up to twenty fallen soldiers. These new 
troops will appear at the rear of the battlefield and do whatever the advance 
unit is doing. For example, if the front unit of the Offense formation advanced, 
they will advance as well.

ShivaOs Dagger:  Works the exactly the same way as the AssassinOs Star, only 
this is the ThiefOs version of the skill.

Sky Driver:  A skill used by Beast and Dragon generals, the Sky Driver has the 
general launching himself into the air, landing on the enemy general and 
inflicting damage.

Solar Flare:  The FighterOs version of Dark Vortex and Holy Blast. Use this in 
the same way you would use the former.

Sonic Blast:  The most powerful version of the Sonic Boom (see below), except 
that five projectiles fly down the five center columns.
Sonic Boom:  Sonic Boom creates a projectile that flies down the center column, 
eliminating troops along itOs path, and damaging the general. This is a basic 
skill Fighters and Knights have.

Sonic Wave:  Similar to Sonic Boom, the Sonic Wave works in the same manner but 
with three projectiles traveling down the three center columns.

Stone Pedestal:  This is similar to Quagmire, save only enemy troops are 

Summon Golem:  When your general casts this spell, a golem is summoned and 
charges down the center column, taking out any enemy troops in the path, and 
damaging the opposing general at the end. One minor disadvantage of using this 
is that any of your soldiers standing where the golem first appears will be 

Summon Reaper:  Only Katt of the Bozack Nation can cast this spell. This brings 
the Grim Reaper to attack the enemy general. The Reaper will reduce the enemy 
general to 1 HP. The downside is that Katt will also be reduced to 1 HP as well. 
Use this only if you are surrounded by a large defensive unit, and the opposing 
general does not have any spells that target or can affect you. 

Summon Guardian: Similar to Stone Pedestal and Quagmire, but only affecting 
enemy troops.

Summon Wyvern:  This spell summons a wyvern in front of the enemy general, which 
breathes fire on the opposing commander. Any troops (enemy or friendly) caught 
in the line of fire will be damaged.

Sword Rush:  Like Mikhal, Wein has his own version of the Cross Flash.

ThorOs Fist:  This spell is yet another version of the Stone Pedestal and the 
like, affecting all enemy troops.

Thunder Fall:  A number of lightning bolts are called forth, eliminating enemy 
troops. The number of bolts that come down vary from casting to casting, and 
will only damage an enemy general when all his troops are gone.

TridentOs Daughter:  This spell is similar to DanteOs Inferno, only that a water 
elemental is summoned.

Wind Dancer:  Like TridentOs Daughter and DanteOs Inferno, this spell works in 
the same manner, but summons an air elemental.


     Thats about it for now. Hope all of you found this helpful. IOd appreciate 
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Thanks to Rune Walsh@aol.com for answering some of my technical questions about 
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Also, thanks to Paul, Mike, and Layne for introducing me to this game; to the 
people in the AOL and CompuServe forums for the input.


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