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"A incredible strategy/rpg that takes the original to the next level."

One of the first games I got with my saturn was Dragon Force and it is one game that will always hold a place in my heart. Its story was so deep and the battles were so cool looking that when I beat it with every character I was begging for more. Sadly, this game will probally never see the light of day in America. So I went out and bought the Japanese Version.

GRAPHICS- This game has has beutiful cut-scenes and 2-d graphics. The battle scenes look great (Espcially with a full army on each side in formation!), the map is far better then the original. RATING:10

Sound- The Medieval music of this game adds great character to it. The music is far superior in every way to most games. RATING:10

Gameplay- This would be a ten if I could read japanese. The menu's SEEM simple but then again... as I said before I can't read japanese. RATING:10

RePlay Value- After you beat it with every character it is hard to get into a again. But the time you spend playing it is truly amazing. RATING:10

In the end this is definatly one game you have to check out... if you have the money. It is kinda on the steep side of saturn imports (65 dollars). But I higly recommend it.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 01/16/00, Updated 01/16/00

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