Subject: New Faq. for Fighters Megamix.
From: (Alex N Otmakhov)
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 18:55:26 EDT

By Alex Otmakhov

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II.Table of Contence.

I.first things first.

II.table of contence.



V.Fighing Vipers/Virtua Fighter modes.

VI.Gameplay Features
	a.flip out
	b.Armor breaking

VII.Paiís Moves.
	a.regular moves
	c.opponent behind

	a.FV juggles
	b.VF juggles

IX.Playing Arcade mode

X.Survival mode tips.


p-push punch button once
k-push kick button once
d-push the defence buttone once
+-indicates the two buttons on either side of it must be pushed at the
same time.
u-tap up on the controller
d-tap down
f-tap toward opponent
b-tap away from opponnent
U-hold up
D-hold down
F-hold towards
B-hold back
u/b, u/f, d/b, d/f-tap diagnaly in that direction
(A)-this move breaks armor
(WC)-do this while crouching
(MA)-do this while in mid air
(jggl)-this move is a starter for juggles

Fighters Megamix is the new Sega Saturn 3-D fighter from Sega AM2 which
has all the characters from Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers, as well
as a number of hidden charecters from other Sega games.  Pai is a femail
character from the Virtua Fighter series who happens to be my favorite
character in the game.

V.Fighting Vipers/Virtua Fighter modes.
In the options menu, you have the choice of playing the game in Fighting
Vipers of Virtua Fighter mode.  I will describe the differences in VF
mode from the FV mode.  In Virtua Fighter mode characters cannot loose
their armor so  there are no armor breaking moves and you cannot break
off your own armor and go into hyper mode.  Also, in VF mode, your
character is not harmed when he/she hits the floor or the wall.  Jumps
arenít a high and when you juggle your opponent they barely lift off the
ground(its still possible to juggle though.  See the Juggling section). 
You can no longer flip out from a jump in FV mode.  Basically, FV mode is
like Street Fighter, with percision gameplay, and FV mode is like Marvel
Superheroes with wild juggles, and exaddurated moves and abilities.

VI.Gameplay Features.

Fip Out-this is when your opponent knocks you in the air.  You can flip
out if this and become able to move again by pushing B+p+k+d.  This can
be used in Fighting Vipers mode only.  Use this when the oponnent is too
far away to be able to juggle again to avoid the damage from taking a
fall or hitting the wall. Never flip out when youre close to your
opponent unless youre about to die because you will get juggled more and
more.  If you are about to die, flip out, then try the drop kick (f k). 
It may catch a novice off guard and hell get hit by it.

Armor breaking-This is when you knock off an opponents armor.  This works
only in the Fighting Vipers mode.  Some characters in the game do not
have armor.  The armor gauge is next to the life bar and is in a shape of
a person.  When your armour (low or high) gets weak, the gauge shows you
by blinking it can than be broken off by an armor braking move(indicated
in this faq by an (A).  When your armor gets knocked off, that part of
the gauge flashes red and your life bar turns yellow.(the game will show
tree replays of your armor being knocked off.)  When your second armor
gets knocked off, the whole gauge flashes red, and your life bar gets
red.  When your armor is knocked off, you take on much more damage per
hit.  This adds strategy because your opponent will try to knock your
armor off if he can.  Expect this, and when your gauge starts flashing
low for example, expect a low armor breaker and counter it.

Pounce - when you oponnent is on the ground you can pounce, jump on them
and hit them while theyre down.  Use this often, but dont forget that if
your oponnent rolls away, you will hit the ground and be left vulnerable
for quite a long time.

Evading- this is then you step out of your oponents way and move to the
side.  It can be performed by pushing L or R buttons to move away from
your view, and d+L or R to move towards you.  This is very effective and
you should use this often.  Learn the right time to use it (not too early
because the enemy hits will track you) and not too late for obvious
reasons. Use this especially againd button mashers.

Counters- Some charecters, including Pai, have counters.  This is when
you know your oponnent is about o hit you and you hit a certain group of
buttons to counter that hit and do a special throw.  These are effective,
fun, damaging and extremely satisfying.  The timing is very tough so
practice, practice, practice.


VII.Paiís Moves.
	Move-the motions needed to perform a move.
	Damage-how many points of damage  particular move does(out of
	Knock down-does the move knock you oponnent down.(y or n)
	Area- where does the move strike l-low, m-medium,h-high

Move              	Dmage    knock dn    Area
p                  	10		 n		  h
Dp 			    	10		 n		
k(jggl)	     	20		 y		  h
good, quick high kick, can start and continiue juggles.
d/f k              	24		 n		  m
d k                	15		 n		  l
(WR)k              	32		 y		  m
u+p			    	30		 y		
u+k			    	18		 y		
u k			    	25		 n		
U+k			    	24         y		  h
U/F+k		    	24		 y		  h
U/B+k		    	24		 y		  h
these three moves arent as usefull a the were in FV bucause they are
preceded by a short delay.
U k			    	30		 y		
U f p		    	30		 y		  h
U f k		    	40		 y		  h
use this when you flip out of a juggle to hit your opponent and maybe
avoid another juggle.
U b k 		    	40		 y		  h
(MA)U k		    	30		 y		 
p k			    	22		 n		
p p			    	20	      n		 
p p k		    	37		 y		 
can start a juggle in VF mode only.
p p p		    	30		 n		 
p p p k		    	45		 y		 
the last kick can be avoided leaving you open for a nasty juggle, better
to use one of the variations bellow.
p p p F k	(A)      	60		 y		 
good combo to use when people are expecting the above combo and block
low.  You canot block low against this combo.  Breaks armor.  ( also,if
they try to puch you after the 3rd punch, this will block it and then
p p p d k		    	43		 y		
good combo to use when your opponent blocks high after the third punch.
p p p u/b k	    	50		 y		  hhhm
use in the same way as pppfk, but this does more damage.  This doesnt
break armor though.
mix up the above fore combos.  Never use the same one all the time
because your opponent will find a way to counter it.  Mix them up and
keep you opponent guessing.
f p			    	14   	 n		  m
b p			    	20		 n		
d/f p		     12		 n		  l
d/f p p			20		 n		  lh
d/f p p f p(jggl)	25		 y		  lhm
great quick low combo. Sets up huje juggles.  Use this often.	
d/f p p k			37		 y		 
can start juggles in VF mode only.
d/f p p p k		45		 y		  lhhh
d/f p p p d k		43		 y		  lhhl
d/f p p p F k(A)	60		 y		  lhhm
d/f p p p u/b k	50		 y		  lhhm
As in the last note, swich these up to keep your foe guessing.
d/b p			12		 y		  h
good quick duck and punch, good priority. Use when opponent is using a
lot of high punches
f f p(jggl)		25		 y		  m
use this to start juggles when your opponent blocks low.
f f p k			40		 y		  mh
better not to tack on the kick because you wont be able to juggle.
D f p			20		 n		  m
k k				41		 y		 
high kick like kens overhead in street fighter alpha.  Actually it has
very good range, so you should only use the second kick as an overhead.
d k k			35		 y		  lh
can start juggles in VF mode only.
D k k			33		 y		  ll
f f k(A)			37		 y		  m
use to break armor when opponent blocks low.
u/f k			16		 n		  h
u/f k k			44		 y		  hh
looks really cool and is quick.  Has good priority.
u/b k			40		 y		  m
bicycle kick.  Its preceded by a short delay so itís best not to use it
outside of combos.
u/b k f k		    40/30		 y		  m
if oponent blocks the bicycle and tries to counter, the second will get
him.  No way for both to connect.
k+d				31		 y		 
f k+d			18		 n		  hm
sort of a cool looking reverse bicycle.  I use this in juggles sometimes
just for effectJ
b k+d			31		 y		  h
good quick high kick.  Can start juggles in VF mode only.
D k+d			25		 y		  l
d/b k+d			25		 y		  l
couple of slow sweeps.
u/f k+d			30		 y		  m

Opponent Behind
p				10		 n		  h
After this, you can do any combo that starts with a regular p.
d p				12		 n		 
k				31		 y		  h
d k				19		 y		 

Opponent Down
d/f p			10
u p				35
use this most of the time
U p				40
jumps much higher then then u p, takes too long so theres less chance o
success.  An extra 5 points isnt worth the risk of being stuck for like 3

While running
k(A)				50		 y		 
blocks, then hits, powerfull.  Breaks armor.  You should try to use this
whenever youre far away from your opponent. Mix it up with the slide.
p				20		 y		  m
k+d			     32		 y		  m
D k(A)			20		 y		  l
Slide. Mix it up the jump kick.

p+d				50		 y
use this most of the time because you can pounce afterwords.
f p+d			50		 y
d/f p+d			0		 n
you jump to the back of your oponnent. Once youre back there, definitly
go for a devistating combo.
f f p+d			50		 y
f b p+d			55		 y
b f p+d			60		 y
use this for more damage.
b d p+d			30		 y
D f p+d		     60		 y
(behind)p+d	     20		 y
(behind)p+d k+d	50		 y
better to do a juggle than the above two throws. Useless, but looks kool.
(side)p+d			40		 y
(OC)f p+k+d		0		 n
gets behind opponent when theyre crouching.  Use to set up a juggle.

b p+k+d(A)		20		 y
use this all the time untill you become an expert because this is much
esier and safer. Doesnt work in VF mode though.  Breaks armor.
b p+k(vs high p)	31		 y
b p+k(vs high k)	37		 y
d/b p+k(vs elbow)	39		 y
d/b p+k(vs knee)	40		 y
d/b p+k(vs mid k)	37		 y
timing is tough for these but they look really good and do good damage. 
Try to become good at these because it makes the game much more
interesting.  Doing this will also impress the women and possibly
persuade them to give you some play!

these moves get people in the air to start the juggles:

k-Just one kick, dont tack on the other one or itíll be extremely hard to

f f p -uppercut.

D/f p p f p- third hits tosses oponnent in the air.

Then, after you got them in the air: 

(you can do a "b k+d" instead of the first "k" for more damage, but itís

k, p p p k
this doesnt do as much damage, but you have more of a chance of tacking
on more hits if your opponnent flips out or if heís near the wall.  Last
kick can sometimes miss.

k, p p p f k
use this when opponentís armor is weak to knock in off.

k, p p p u/b k
does the most damage and virtually guarantees a pounce. Use when your
oponnent isnt flipping out, or when you arent near a wall.

k, p p p d k
uhh..just for a change of paceJ

k k kÖ
if your not really close to a wall, you can juggle your oponnent towards
it and when they bounce off it, do one of the combos above (sans the
first kick)


All the starters from FV mode work.

k,p p p u/b k
the only combo from FV mode thats usefull.
The first one often misses, the second oneís useless because thereís no
armor breaking in VF mode, and the fifth one doesnt work.

Pretty slim list huh? Dont worry because, luckily there are a lot of new
juggles that work ONLY in VF mode!! I dont know why, but these just dont
connect in FV.

p p k
d/f p p k
d k k
b k+d

p p p u/b k
same reason as the previous, but you canot tack on the first kick here.

IX.Beating Arcade Mode.

Are you joking?  Stop playing the easy ass arcade mode and go into VS or

X.Survival mode tips.

Warning. Pai isnt really the best person to go through survival mode with
because the computer always seems to know which combo youíre going to
use.  All the more reason to read internet faqísJ

Definitly fight in fighting vipers mode because you can finish off your
opponenets faster and do more juggles.

Use the k, pppk juggle finisher most because the computer flips out quite
often allowing you to do more hits.

The computer is heavy on patterns and is predictable, predict what
theyíre gona do and use counters and throws.(this impresses friends)

Dont worry about breaking armor much.  Since the fight only lasts one
round, its unlikely youíll be able to do it.

Dont go into long pppk combos often because the computer uses the dodge a
lot.  Better to do quick uppercuts and start juggles.

Dont play defencivly often unless youre about to die because of the time

*Since I havent visited survival mode too often, this is the section I
need most help with.  Dont hesitate to write in anything!!!

Alex Otmakhov for the whole faq.
Sega for making great fighters.
YOUR NAME COULD BE HERE!!! Write any moves, comments, strategy, combos or
correction in to