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 FIGHTING VIPERS -- PEPSIMAN FAQ                            Ver 1.0 09/28/2006
 For Sega Saturn (JP)

 by Hurricane Higashi <>

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 This document is Copyright 2006 Brian Birdstone (Hurricane Higashi)

 This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
 personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
 distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide
 on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
 prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

 Fighting Vipers is (c) SEGA Enterprises, LTD. 1995, 1996
 Pepsiman is property of Pepsi Co, LTD. Japan


 **This document was compiled with & written specifically for the Japan
   domestic Saturn release of Fighting Vipers (GS-9101)**

_/_/_/  CONTENTS  _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_

 Who Is Pepsiman?
 The Pepsi Challenge
 Command Notation
  - Directional
  - Buttons
  - Notation
 Command List
  - Strikes
  - Jumping
  - Throws
  - Opponent Down
  - Back To Opponent
  - Dashing
  - Situational
  - Notes
 Did You Know?
 Additional: Game Specifics
  - Version Select
  - Unlockables
  - Options Plus
  - Training Mode
  - Playback Mode

_/_/_/  INTRODUCTION  _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_

 Hello and welcome to my Pepsiman FAQ. The purpose of this FAQ is to document
 the command list for the Fighting Vipers exclusive character, Pepsiman, for
 which there is no existing notation in-game or otherwise. It's apparent that
 AM2 simply doesn't like to issue move lists for its special characters, as
 this lack of info is also the case with the others that appear in this game,
 as well the whole pile of them featured in Fighters Megamix.

 Firstly I'd like take this opportunity to clear up any confusion concerning
 Pepsiman, Fighting Vipers, and Fighters Megamix. You see, it's a common
 misconception that Pepsiman appears in the Japanese version of Fighters
 Megamix. It's also fairly common for people to enquire about him appearing in
 various other territorial releases of the two said games. Well for the record
 OF FIGHTING VIPERS. He's an exclusive character to this particular game, and
 DOES NOT appear any other version of Vipers or Megamix. Sorry if that just
 broke your heart, but it's the truth.

 The reasoning for Pepsiman being cut from the outside territorial releases
 of Fighting Vipers was copyright based. He's the property of Pepsi Co. Japan,
 and as such is/was not licensed for use outside of Japan. And it's a shame
 really. Even though few outside of Japan would've known who he was, it always
 sucks to have things cut out of a game, especially when it's a whole
 character, and a good one at that. Although he may not have sold more copies
 of Fighting Vipers, he would definitely have sold more Pepsi ^_^

 As a fan of Pepsiman, I can honestly say that this game is worth buying just
 for him alone. Although this game isn't themed as heavily toward him as the
 Playstation's 'Pepsiman' game is, it's a lot more fun to kick ass with him
 than it is to simply run down the street collecting Pepsi cans -- plus
 Fighting Vipers has no annoying pepsi-holic fat guy throwing out silly
 Janglish catch phrases like "Pepsi for TV Game".

 From a 3D fighting game standpoint, Fighting Vipers plays a little slow,
 but is graphically superior to Fighters Megamix and a bit more beginner
 friendly than most AM2 titles. Traditionally I'm a Virtua Fighter guy, but
 Vipers can be a fun game once you get by the lame character design and start
 appreciating the nuances of the gameplay.


_/_/_/  WHO IS PEPSIMAN?  _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_

 At the time of this game's release, Pepsiman was becoming popular in Japan as
 Pepsi's new computer-generated mascot. Pepsi was blitzing the media with
 countless Pepsiman advertisements and campaigns, and his appearance in
 Fighting Vipers was just another effort to gain Pepsiman more exposure. I
 suppose Pepsiman's inclusion in this game was also an effort on Sega's part
 to sell more copies seeing as Fighting Vipers wasn't exactly the arcade cash
 cow that other AM2 titles tend to be.

 In general, Pepsiman is a comedic superhero that rescues people in need of
 refreshment. To my knowledge, the only super powers in his arsenal are that
 of running fast, "thirst quenching" through the dispersion of Pepsi, and a
 keen sense of finding those in need of immediate refreshment. And as this
 game illustrates, he's apparently quite a good fighter when he has to be,
 seeing as he's easily one of the more dominant characters to play.

 If you want more general information on Pepsiman, then just enter his name
 into a search engine, I'm sure you'll come up with something.

_/_/_/  THE PEPSI CHALLENGE  _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/

 To unlock Pepsiman as a playable character, you need only to start a game in
 Arcade Mode using any character, then at any point in your progression
 through the game, simply let go of the controller and allow the CPU beat you
 down. If you're taking a beating, he'll save you by entering the match as a
 challenger before you lose, no matter what round or stage it is. Defeat him
 and he becomes a playable character. However, note that he'll only do this
 once; beating him unlocks Pepsiman and disables the Pepsiman challenge.

 After doing so, to choose Pepsiman as your character, he'll be located off to
 the extreme left/right of the "Player Select" screen.

 Also after unlocking him, you'll gain the "Pepsiman Reset" option in the
 "Options Plus" menu. Selecting this option resets the Pepsiman code, meaning
 that he'll revert back to being a hidden character, and will challenge you
 again may you ever be on the receiving end of a beat down and require
 immediate refreshment.

 Pepsiman challenging can be quite handy, actually. You see, Pepsiman isn't
 very hard to beat due to his bad AI, and he'll challenge whenever you're
 taking a beating. Also, when he challenges, he replaces whoever you were
 fighting. So, say you're having trouble beating the boss, B.M.. Just get to
 B.M. and allow him to have his way with you. Pepsiman will save you by
 intervening, and you then return the favor by mopping the floor with him. The
 credits roll, and you've cleared the game without having to beat B.M..

_/_/_/  COMMAND NOTATION  _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_

 For this document I'll be using a slightly modified version of the standard
 AM2 style text move notation, which consists of standard ASCII (numerical)
 directional inputs along with standardized command & button notation, as
 opposed to the more popular "QCF" 2D fighter style notation. Personally I
 find the aesthetics of the ASCII form to be messy and unpleasing to the eye,
 but once you familiarize yourself with the notation, its simplicity and
 clarity are hard to duplicate otherwise. In short, yeah I know it looks kinda
 ugly, but it's the clearest way to represent these types of commands in text

_/_/_/ DIRECTIONAL _/_/_/_/_/_/

 The directional inputs are noted in a standard numerical keypad formation
 running from 1-9, with 5 being the neutral joystick position. For the
 notation it's always assumed that you're in the default 1P character
 position, on the left of the screen facing to the right. This makes 6
 "forward", 4 "back", 8 "up", and 2 "down". Below is a visual representation
 for added clarity.

   Keypad       Joystick

    7 8 9        7  8  9
    4 5 6         \ | /
    1 2 3       4 - 5 - 6
                  / | \
                 1  2  3

_/_/_/ BUTTONS _/_/_/_/_/_/

 Also the arcade button configuration goes in a G-P-K progression, but for
 whatever reason, AM2 likes to list commands in a P-K-G progression; for
 example, K+G, P+G, and P+K+G. For the purpose of clarity I'll be listing
 everything in a G-P-K progression. If you're used to reading it the other way
 then this may cause confusion at first, but ultimately I find G-P-K makes
 more sense. Anyway, the game's 3 buttons are as follows:

 G = Guard button
 P = Punch button
 K = Kick button

_/_/_/ NOTATION _/_/_/_/_/_/

 A plus placed between buttons or directional commands means that the inputs
 are entered simultaneously. So "G+P" is Guard and Punch at the same time,
 "6+P" is 6 (forward) and Punch at the same time.

 An underscore placed before an input means that the input must be held for a
 duration. So for instance, "_8+P" would mean that the joystick must be held
 in the 8 (up) position for a duration while pressing P (punch) at the same
 time -- entering a quick 8+P wouldn't work. Likewise, "2+G+K_2+K" would mean
 that after entering 2 + Guard + Kick, the following Kick command has to be
 entered with the joystick held in the 2 position.

 I've decided that, again for clarity's sake, I'll be adding a hyphen between
 all quick/tap succession button inputs. Normally these rapid commands would
 be noted with no dividing breaks (for example "PPP"), but I find it looks a
 lot cleaner with the breaks once you get into the longer command strings. An
 example would be "P-P-P-K-P-6+G+K-K-P", which would alternately appear as a
 bit of an eyesore "PPPKP6+G+KKP". Also note that I will not be using the
 breaks between directional inputs (for example "46+P"), only between button

 This placed at the end of a command means that the particular move is the
 beginning of another attack series, and can be continued on from in one big
 chain. You'll find that Pepsiman is the king of this, having multiple chains
 involving Raxel's "Motor Crew" and Tokio's "Reactor" series.

 These parentheses will follow "..." and contain either "Motor Crew" or
 "Reactor", noting that the move is a point that begins the noted attack

  Motor Crew
 This is a spinning backfist move borrowed from Raxel. It's an integral part
 of Pepsiman's arsenal seeing as he has the ability to cancel it into either
 a knockdown hit (2+G+K), or follow it with 6+G+K, which then allows him to
 either chain into the Reactor series -or- loop back into Motor Crew. In
 short, if you cancel Motor Crew with 6+G+K, it allows you to follow with K-P,
 putting you back at Motor Crew again, resulting in the possibility of looping
 6+G+K-K-P -> 6+G+K-K-P infinitely... or just until you get bored and decide
 to finish with 2+G+K or a Reactor series.

 I've marked the occurrences of this move with "<<Motor Crew>>" to note where
 the stupidity in each the attack series starts.

 This is a versatile attack series borrowed from Tokio. There are a couple
 differences though, namely the fact that Pepsiman's K-P-K ends in an overhead
 kick whereas Tokio's doesn't. This is his heaviest hitting series and should
 definitely be exploited in corners and near the walls.

 I've highlighted the Reactor series in the move list. Also please note that
 "P... (Reactor)" always signifies that from this point the Reactor chain
 continues from P, *not* that you can follow the P with Reactor's initial K.
 An example of this would be "3+K-P-6+G+K-P... <Reactor>". The 6+G+K counts
 as the initial K of Reactor, so from there you're following it with P and
 continuing on from there.

 This placed beside a particular command notes that it's an "Armor Break"
 move. When executed you'll flash white for an instant. Connecting with one of
 these moves is the only way to break your opponent's armor besides a heavy
 match ending KO blast. Once a portion of your opponent's armor meter is
 flashing dark green, connecting an Armor Break move to that portion will
 shatter it and they'll start taking more damage.

 This placed beside a particular command notes that it's a "Guard Attack"
 move. Again, when executed you'll flash white for an instant, but a line
 vortex will briefly appear as well. Basically this is a semi-invincible move
 that both guards and attacks at the same time. It is possible to be knocked
 out of a Guard Attack, but for the most part it will bust through any attack
 that started before it, including another Guard Attack. It's a given that
 your Guard Attack also doubles as an Armor Break.

 Anything in the Command List appearing in these parenthesis is just a small
 note I've made either right there or in the "Notes" section at the bottom of
 the Command List.

_/_/_/  COMMAND LIST  _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_

 NAME: Pepsiman
 AGE: ?
 SEX: Male
 SPECIALTY: Quench One's Thirst

 == COLORS ==                == WIN POSES ==
 1P = Silver (regular)       A/C = Thumbs Up
 2P = Silver (brighter)        B = Thirst Quench ("psshhaaaa")

_/_/_/ STRIKES _/_/_/_/_/_/


 P-P-K  *GA*
 P-P-P-K-P <<Motor Crew>>
 P-P-P-K-P-6+G+K-P... <Reactor>
 P-P-P-K-P-6+G+K-K-P... <Motor Crew>



 6+P-K-P <<Motor Crew>>
 6+P-K-P-6+G+K-P... <Reactor>
 6+P-K-P-6+G+K-K-P... <Motor Crew>

 K-K-P <<Motor Crew>>
 K-K-P-6+G+K-P... <Reactor>
 K-K-P-6+G+K-K-P... <Motor Crew>

 == Reactor ==

 4+K  *GA*

 3+K-P <<Motor Crew>>
 3+K-P-6+G+K-P... <Reactor>
 3+K-P-6+G+K-K-P... <Motor Crew>


 2+G+K-P... <Reactor>

 6+G+K  *AB*


 _G+82-K (i)

_/_/_/ JUMPING _/_/_/_/_/_/



 While jumping, P
 While jumping, K
 While jumping, 2+K
 While jumping, 4+K
 While jumping, 6+K
 While decending, K
 While decending, 2+K

_/_/_/ THROWS _/_/_/_/_/_/

 Opponent facing away, G+P
 Opponent facing away, G+P+K  (ii)
 Opponent's back near wall, G+P
 Jumping at opponent, 2+G+P+K (iii)
 Meeting opponent mid-air, 4+G+P+K

_/_/_/ OPPONENT DOWN _/_/_/_/_/_/


_/_/_/ BACK TO OPPONENT _/_/_/_/_/_/

 P...  (iv)

 K-P... <Reactor>

_/_/_/ DASHING _/_/_/_/_/_/

 2+K  *AB*
 G+P  *AB*

_/_/_/ SITUATIONAL _/_/_/_/_/_/

 Back near wall, 1+K
 Jump to wall, 8+P  (goes to top rope)
 From top rope, 8+P  *AB*
 From top rope, 2+G+P+K (v)

_/_/_/ NOTES _/_/_/_/_/_/_/

 (i) Although AM2 would display this command as "_8+G _2+K", it's fairly
 misleading and simply doesn't work like that. Basically you just want to be
 holding the G button, then quickly enter 82-K, releasing the G button before
 pressing K. The proper result is an Axe Kick. Other than the fact that it
 hits overhead, this move has no special properties -- it's not a Guard Cancel
 and can't be chained into anything else; it's just an overhead Axe Kick with
 a strange command. However, it does solid damage for a single strike.

 (ii) Can somebody PLEASE tell me what this move is about?! Honey has the same
 silly move as well. It doesn't do any damage, can't be chained into anything,
 and doesn't leave you in a position of any notable advantage. I realize it's
 probably a joke move/taunt, but I can't find any info on it at all. If any
 genius Honey players out there have anything different to say about it, I'd
 love to hear it.

 (iii) You can perform this aerial Leg Scissor command at any point during a
 jump, however missing with it results in Pepsiman falling on his ass and
 taking a small amount of damage. It's a high risk move, but it does a fair
 amount of damage when you connect with it. Basically you want to be about a
 character's distance away, and then jump at your opponent, doing the command
 at the peak of your jump. This throw also grabs crouching opponents.

 (iv) As with most characters, this single turning punch can be followed by
 most moves or attack series. However, like Tokio, Pepsiman can't follow this
 punch with a command series starting with K due to his back-to-back canned
 P-K combo. This just means you're locked out from following the P with
 Reactor or his K-K-P series.

 (v) This is Pepsiman's same aerial Leg Scissor throw as before, but for some
 reason he's allowed to execute it from the top rope. If you allow him to turn
 and leap from the top rope automatically, the leap itself will home in on
 your target and the move will act as it would during a regular jump,
 requiring a bit of timing to connect, but being a fairly high percentage
 attack. However, inputting this command at any point during his climb up or
 top rope set up results in him cancelling straight into the move and dropping
 straight down. Of course, doing so drops the move's success rate right down
 to zero unless the opponent is right up against the wall under you.

_/_/_/  EVALUATION  _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_

 I read in a FAQ somewhere that Pepsiman plays similarly to Rent-A-Hero from
 Fighters Megamix. Well, that's totally untrue. I have both games and there's
 really no similarity between the two at all. If you're curious as to how
 Pepsiman plays, it's fairly accurate to say that he plays like a mix between
 Tokio & Raxel. Not that he's a complete clone of either, it's just that he
 shares some of their better moves & attack series, which makes him feel
 similar in play style. However, I suppose it's best to say that Pepsiman is
 the "Dural" of Fighting Vipers, borrowing an assortment of moves from various
 Vipers characters.

 As far as fighting goes, Pepsiman is a complete bastard. He has a more
 versatile version of Tokio's "Reactor" series, the incredibly cheap ability
 to cancel his "Motor Crew" backfist into some purely sick combos, as well as
 the added bonus of having unbreakable armor. Add that to the fact that he has
 an assortment of the more effective moves in the game, and Pepsiman turns out
 to be easily the most versatile, if not the best character in the game, save
 Mahler. The CPU doesn't make use of his abilities even on the hardest
 difficulty setting, but he's a very easy character for a player to abuse. 

 Striking is Pepsiman's thing, and he can absolutely destroy opponents in the
 corners or near walls by making use of his ridiculous juggle combos. 
 Concerning singular moves, I suppose his 6+P is one of his better moves due
 to the fact that it hits middle breaking low guards and has a nice set of
 follow up options, but it's kinda slow with low priority. For that reason 3+K
 is better; a little faster, longer range, higher priority, and with the same
 middle hit property and Motor Crew options. Pepsiman can also up-end
 opponents with a low strike from his 2+G+K, and then proceed to pummel them
 with his numerous attack options from there. This works great as a low
 counter seeing as it has solid range and can be followed with Reactor. For
 that matter, I also suppose his standard K-K combo deserves mention as well
 since it eventually gets him to Motor Crew after the initial high and mid
 strikes, which of course leads into Reactor - essential for keeping
 devastating wall juggles going.

 Throwing isn't really one of Pepsiman's strengths, as his options in this
 department are fairly rudimentary -- he's definitely more of a finesse
 striker type than a power type. However, his aerial Leg Scissor grab is quite
 cool to use. If you time it properly, you can leap at a standing or crouching
 opponent and snag them. The risk/reward factor is pretty high though; miss
 and you fall on your ass directly in front of them. But I suppose it could be
 good if you used it sparingly and set it up properly with the occasional
 jump-in attack every now & then. Just a thought.

 As for combos -- Pepsiman IS a combo. After you familiarize yourself with the
 flow of his attack possibilities, it's hard not to keep abusing his many
 cancels from Motor Crew. Study his move list, understand how evil you can get
 on a fool with Motor Crew cancels, and remember that one of the stronger
 Reactor finishes is K-P-P-4+K. It'll all come naturally... very little
 imagination required.

 Now by no means am I a Fighting Vipers expert or anything. There could very
 well be additional moves for Pepsiman that I've missed, but to my knowledge,
 this is all he's got. Lacking the ambition to dive any deeper into this game,
 it's hard for me to tell if there's anything more about him to know. If you
 happen to find any other moves, or wish to contribute some strategy notes or
 something, then by all means do.

_/_/_/  DID YOU KNOW?  _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/

 Fact 1: Pepsiman's appears in this game is his original form, Silver with a
         red stripe down the middle. However, you might be familiar with his
         newer Blue appearance which Pepsi had changed him to when they
         switched to their new logo and blue can in 1999.

 Fact 2: The Pepsiman theme song is done by 'James and Gang' and is available
         for download in a few different remixes. The game 'Pepsiman' for
         Playstation also features a few unique remixes.

 Fact 3: If you were alive in North America during the early 90's then you
         probably remember the pop culture catch phrase "I've fallen and I
         can't get up!". It was a phenomenon brought about by an
         unintentionally humorous Medic Alert commercial depicting an elderly
         lady in need of medical assistance. Now apparently this commercial
         caught some overseas fame as well, because the default BGM in
         Training Mode features a sample of the catch phrase from the

 Fact 4: You can select the BGM track in Training Mode. At the "CPU Type
         Select" menu you can cycle through the different BGMs by using the
         L/R buttons. This means you can choose not to listen to the "I've
         fallen and I can't get up!" song over & over, making extended
         training sessions a bit more bearable.

 Fact 5: After marking "OK" for Honey's entire Command List in Training Mode,
         you'll gain the option to play with her ring name changed to "Candy"
         as it appears in the NA & EU versions of the game. To do this (after
         completing her list, of course), at the "Player Select" screen,
         choose Honey while holding the Z button. Honey looks & plays no
         differently as "Candy", her name is just announced and displayed as

 Fact 6: There's an "omake" (bonus) file on the GD-ROM, just throw the disc
         into your computer to view it. If you don't read Japanese, it's
         basically just a collection of AM2 production shout-outs & thanks, as
         well as some additional game information (such as Facts 4 & 5) which
         I've already written into this document.

 Fact 7: Clearing the Arcade Mode with the difficulty set to anything below
         "Normal" will not register a clear time record, and you will not be
         prompted to enter your name.

_/_/_/  ADDITIONAL: GAME SPECIFICS  _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_

 While writing this I almost let it turn into a full blown Fighting Vipers
 FAQ, but being sickened by how much time it was sucking up, I decided to just
 cut it short and revert back to my original intention of a dedicated Pepsiman
 FAQ. Perhaps I may change the format in some future revision or something,
 but for now I'll just tag the additional information I compiled onto the end
 in this "additional" section.

_/_/_/ VERSION SELECT _/_/_/_/_/_/

 At the "Player Select" screen, pressing R will bring you to the Mode Options
 where you have a choice of Original, Arrange, or Hyper.

 The "Arrange" version is a specially balanced remix for Saturn, "Fighting
 Vipers 1.5" if you will. From what I can tell, the biggest difference is the
 inclusion of additional moves for the characters. Although they don't have
 the full move envelopes of their Fighters Megamix selves, they're pretty
 damn close, and it makes a noticeable difference. For example, Honey gains
 two throws (46+G+P & 62+G+P) and a high Armor Break combo (PPP6+K), all of
 which she's sorely in need of otherwise.

 The "Hyper" version is basically the same thing as the Arrange, only with two
 additional features that are geared more toward Vs play; the "Sidestep" and
 "Hyper Break". The Sidestep addition makes the game play like a more modern
 3D fighter and needless to say, simply makes the game play better. The Hyper
 Break sheds your character's armor in exchange for a what can only be
 described as a "Hyper Rush" mode which allows you to cancel attacks like
 crazy -- basically a "crazy combo" mode. However, this Hyper Rush effect only
 lasts for one round per match, and of course, you take more damage with no

 Also note that when playing Hyper, you don't get credit for your Time Record
 when clearing the Arcade Mode.

 ARRANGE Version Features
   - Additional "Fighting Vipers 1.5" character moves
   - Increased Air Recovery distances
   - "Over Wall" KO finishes (characters can get sent over the wall)
   - "Wall Hang" KO finishes (characters can get draped over the wall)
   - Pepsiman-esque display makeover

 HYPER Version Features
   - Additional "Fighting Vipers 1.5" character moves
   - Increased Air Recovery distances
   - "Over Wall" KO finishes (characters can get sent over the wall)
   - "Wall Hang" KO finishes (characters can get draped over the wall)
   - Pepsiman-esque display makeover (red)
   - Sidestep (6+G+P+K/4+G+P+K)
   - Hyper Break (4+P+K)

_/_/_/ UNLOCKABLES _/_/_/_/_/_/

 - Defeat Pepsiman and he becomes a playable character. (all game modes)
 - Clear the Arcade Mode once on any difficulty and you'll unlock Mahler.
   (all game modes)

 - Clear the Arcade Mode once on "Normal" difficulty or higher using Honey
   and you'll unlock "Aloha" Honey. (Vs, Training, and Team Battle)

 - Clear the Arcade Mode once on "Hard" difficulty or higher using Honey and
   you'll unlock "Fuku" Honey. (Vs, Training, and Team Battle)

 - Clear the Arcade Mode once on "Very Hard" difficulty and you'll unlock
   B.M.. (Vs, Training, and Team Battle)

 - Clear the Arcade Mode once playing the "Arrange" version and you'll
   unlock Kumachan. (all game modes)

 - Clear the Arcade Mode once with Pandachan (2P Kumachan) on any difficulty
   setting and she'll replace B.M. in the final scene of the intro movie.

 - Clear the Arcade Mode once or unlock Pepsiman and you'll receive the
   Options Plus menu.

  Aloha Honey & Fuku Honey
 There's actually a difference between these two alternate versions of Honey
 aside from their appearance. "Aloha" Honey is a legitimate alternate version
 of Honey, having a different Armor Break move using her ukulele (66+P) that
 has more range than her regular "Cat Slap" move. Because of this she counts
 as a special character and has no Command List to view in Training Mode. It
 should also be noted that Aloha Honey doesn't gain the additional moves
 granted to regular Honey when playing the Arrange and Hyper versions of the

 On the other hand, "Fuku" Honey is simply an alternate schoolgirl uniform
 choice for regular Honey, and as such she does have a Command List to view
 in Training Mode, and also gains the extra moves when playing the Arrange
 and Hyper game versions.

 Kumachan has two colors to choose from, the normal 1P default brown bear
 with the cowboy hat, or the 2P Panda bear with the beach ball. Both are
 identical characters save for their appearance, and here in Fighting Vipers
 both display the name Kumachan when being played. However, in Fighters
 Megamix, selecting Kumachan's 2P color displays the name "Pandachan", so I
 suppose this makes Pandachan count as a legitimate individual character, not
 just an affectionate tag given to Kumachan's 2P color.

 Officially Kumachan is a teddy bear who is neither male nor female, but for
 for whatever reason players have dubbed Kumachan as being male and Pandachan
 as being female.

_/_/_/ OPTIONS PLUS _/_/_/_/_/_/

 Choose at which stage (1-9) the Arcade Mode will begin. Note that starting at
 any stage besides the default 1st Stage (Bahn) results in no Time Record
 being kept for clearing Arcade Mode.

  No Damage
 Toggles player damage on/off. Enabling this feature prevents you from posting
 a valid Time Record in Arcade Mode.

  Pepsiman Reset
 Resets the Pepsiman code, re-locking him as a hidden character and allowing
 him to rescue you from your thirst again.

 A collection of the character portraits displayed when you clear Arcade Mode.
 When you first unlock it there's a small basic collection to view, but each
 time you clear Arcade Mode with a character, their individual portrait
 collection is added.

 Toggles the Background Music on/off.

 Toggles "bighead" on/off. Please note that this is more than your typical,
 cliche "bighead mode". It's more like a "Fighting Viper Kids" mode, as the
 characters take on a chibi/SD form rather than simply having their head
 enlarged. It's a feature of this game that's little known and fairly
 underrated. That is, considering that people actually paid money for "Virtua
 Fighter Kids" as a separate title. I'm not sure when exactly this feature
 unlocks, but it eventually does.

  Wall Disp
 Toggles the "wall display" on/off. It just makes the walls invisible. The
 point, please? This one also unlocks eventually, but the exact method to do
 so is a mystery to me.

_/_/_/ TRAINING MODE _/_/_/_/_/_/

 This is just a quick overview of the available Training Mode options.

  CPU Type Select
 Type A = Stand
 Type B = Crouch
 Type C = Guard High
 Type D = Guard Low
 Type E = Jump
 Type F = Advance
 Type G = Retreat
 Type H = Jump into back-to-back position
 Type I = Guard everything
 Type J = Air Recovery
 Type K = 1-hit Guard

 - You can view move demonstrations in the Command List by highlighting a
   specific move and then pressing A, or C, or Start. Press B to exit the
   Command List.

 - You can select the BGM in Training Mode by pressing L/R at the "CPU Type
   Select" menu.

 - Although Mauler and "Fuku" Honey have available Command Lists, the other
   special characters (Pepsiman, Kumachan, Aloha Honey, and B.M.) don't.

 - Choosing the Arrange or Hyper version setting disables the Command Lists
   for all characters, special or otherwise.

_/_/_/ PLAYBACK MODE _/_/_/_/_/_/

 Assuming you have enough free backup RAM, you can record fights to memory.
 The way it works is that you can only save one round at a time. During the
 round's replay, press the L or R trigger buttons to toggle on/off the "save"
 function. If the replay ends with it toggled on, you'll be presented with a
 green screen that asks:

  Will you record this replay?

  > Record in system RAM
  > Record in Cartridge RAM  (*with a RAM cart inserted)
  > Don't record

 If you have a RAM cart inserted, the "Playback Data" select feature becomes
 available in the Options menu. You can toggle between "Manual Save" and
 "Auto Save"; the latter being faster because the green prompt screen doesn't
 interrupt, but it saves every single round unless you tell it not to. This is
 done by cancelling the "save" action during the replay by pressing the L or R

 HOWEVER... One thing that's fairly disappointing is the fact that the Match
 Recording / Playback is... imperfect. It seems that the engine occasionally
 has trouble reproducing the info that the record file is telling it to
 display, so you quite often end up seeing different action than what you
 originally recorded.

 For instance, I once roasted B.M. with a 100% juggle combo, bouncing him off
 the wall as he repeatedly tried to recover and counter mid-air. The round
 lasted only a few seconds. So when I go back to watch the saved replay, I see
 myself knock him against the wall, only he manages to recover before my
 follow up arrives, and then we just stand there face-to-face until the time
 runs out...

  Playback Mode's Camera Select
 A = overhead view    X = low view      L = rotate left
 B = exit replay      Y = normal view   R = rotate right
 C = none             Z = high view

  Playback Mode's Exhibition Matches
 Kokokarashita wa nikenno hitotachi no  (Picky vs Bahn)
 replay data ga haittemasu              (Honey vs Bahn)
 KO notokini upper nadode ukasuto       (Sanman vs Bahn)
 saikou no nagekyara wa Kumachan yo     (Kumachan vs Sanman)
 Pepsiman doushi no oasobi data         (Pepsiman vs Pepsiman)
 Bahn to Sanman no majimena shiai       (Bahn vs Sanman)

 What this translates to is:

 From here we have replay data of opposing players.
 Left hanging on a KO upper float.
 Awesome Kumachan throws.
 Pepsiman bros' play data.
 Bahn and Sanman's serious game.

_/_/_/  CLOSING  _/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/_/

 Well at this time I don't have a lot of thanks to throw around seeing as I
 did this all myself, but I guess I should thank Sega/AM2 for including
 Pepsiman in this game so that I could play him and have something to write
 about. I should also thank anybody who's reading this because it means all
 the work I put into it was worth something outside my own personal enjoyment.
 I mean, I can't be the only Pepsiman fan out there...

 I should also mention that the legal copyright header which I simply cut &
 pasted appears courtesy of, and that I thank them for hosting
 my work.

 Again, if you have any comments or things you wish to add, feel free to
 contact me: Hurricane Higashi <>.

 Have fun, drink Pepsi!


- END -