FAQ/Walkthrough by LantisEscudo

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 ___  ___            _        _   __      _       _     _   
 |  \/  |           (_)      | | / /     (_)     | |   | |  
 | .  . | __ _  __ _ _  ___  | |/ / _ __  _  __ _| |__ | |_ 
 | |\/| |/ _` |/ _` | |/ __| |    \| '_ \| |/ _` | '_ \| __|
 | |  | | (_| | (_| | | (__  | |\  \ | | | | (_| | | | | |_ 
 \_|  |_/\__,_|\__, |_|\___| \_| \_/_| |_|_|\__, |_| |_|\__|
                __/ |                        __/ |          
               |___/                        |___/           
        ______                            _   _     
        | ___ \                          | | | |    
        | |_/ /__ _ _   _  ___  __ _ _ __| |_| |__  
        |    // _` | | | |/ _ \/ _` | '__| __| '_ \ 
        | |\ \ (_| | |_| |  __/ (_| | |  | |_| | | |
        \_| \_\__,_|\__, |\___|\__,_|_|   \__|_| |_|
                     __/ |                          

 1.0 - Introduction
 2.0 - Story
 3.0 - Cast
 4.0 - Menus and Screen Layout
    4.1 - Main Menu
    4.2 - Main Screen
    4.3 - In-game Menu Screen
 5.0 - Controls
 6.0 - Walkthrough
    6.1 - Tokyo Tower
    6.2 - Cape of Legend
    6.3 - Precia's Manor
    6.4 - Forest of Silence
    6.5 - Eterna
    6.6 - Forest of Silence II
    6.7 - Precia's Manor II
    6.8 - Polizu Village
    6.9 - Tempting Cave
    6.10- Taflon by the Sea
    6.11- Polizu Village II
    6.12- Taflon by the Sea II
    6.13- Great Whirlpool
    6.14- Eternal Ice Cave
    6.15- Great Whirlpool II
    6.16- Ice Village of Rosen
    6.17- Bewildering Cave
    6.18- Ice Village of Rosen II
    6.19- Crimson Underpass
    6.20- Inferno at Iaye
    6.21- Inferno Mansion
    6.22- Inferno at Iaye II
    6.23- Tree of Life at Lairy
    6.24- Tree of Life
    6.25- Tree of Life at Lairy II
    6.26- Tree of Life II
    6.27- Rainbow Junction Shop
    6.28- Tree of Life at Lairy III
    6.29- Lakatack Falls
    6.30- Waterfall's Secret Path
    6.31- Lake Village of Lekuido
    6.32- West of Lake
    6.33- East of Lake
    6.34- Central Island
    6.35- Aueria, the Sky Garden
    6.36- Jailbreak
    6.37- Heaven's Labyrinth
    6.38- Whispering Woods
    6.39- Tree of Life at Lairy IV
    6.40- Whispering Woods II
    6.41- Polizu Village III
    6.42- Lair of Truth
    6.43- Taflon by the Sea III
    6.44- Crimson Underpass II
    6.45- Waterfall's Secret Path II
    6.46- Rainbow Junction Shop II
    6.47- Precia's Manor III
    6.48- Cape of Legend II
    6.49- Zagat's Palace
 7.0 - Items
 8.0 - Rainbow Amulets
 9.0 - Spells
10.0 - Shops
11.0 - Fortune Tellers
12.0 - Movie Dialogue
13.0 - Credits and Version History

1.0 - Introduction

Magic Knight Rayearth is an action-RPG for the Sega Saturn in the style
of the early Legend of Zelda games.  Originally a manga series of the
same name by the group called CLAMP, then a 49-episode anime series, the
game is based on the first three volumes (of six) of the manga and the
corresponding twenty episodes of the anime series.

Released for the Japanese Saturn by Sega as "Mahou Kishi Rayearth" in
1995, the height of the manga and anime's popularity, the game was
brought to the United States by Working Designs.  Scheduled for release
in 1996, the US version of the game underwent numerous delays due to
production problems and was finally released as the last game for the US
Saturn in 1998.

This guide will be based on the US version of the game.

2.0 - Story

In another world, known as Cefiro, the land is supported by the prayers
of a single person.  That person is Princess Emerald.  When the Sage
Master Zagat takes the Princess captive, Emerald uses her power to summon
three warriors from another world, the legendary Magic Knights.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, three eighth-grade girls are on class trips to Tokyo
Tower when a brilliant light appears outside the observation deck.
Within the light, the three see a vision of Emerald, begging, "Save this
land, oh legendary Magic Knights!"

Pulled from their world into Cefiro, these three girls, Shidou Hikaru,
Ryuuzaki Umi, and Hououji Fuu, must rescue the Princess and defeat Zagat
in order to return home.  And so they begin their quest...

3.0 - Cast

SPOILER WARNING!!! These profiles may have spoilers for later in the game
in them.  Read them at your own risk.  Otherwise, just skip to the next

The Magic Knights
Shidou Hikaru - 
A perky 8th-grader who looks at least two years younger than she really
is (she's 14), she controls the element of Fire.  Her weapon is the
broadsword, which has a short range, but attacks to her front left and
right as well.  Her charged attack increases the distance her attack
strikes at.  Her magical attacks are the strongest of your party, but
cost heavily in MP.

Ryuuzaki Umi - 
An upper-class girl, also in the 8th grade, she can come off as rather
snobby at times, but is really a nice person underneath it all.  She
controls the element of Water, and wields a rapier that has good range,
but only attacks straight ahead.  Her charged attack about doubles the
range her sword strikes at.  Her magical attacks are weaker than Hikaru's
but stronger than Fuu's, and her physical attacks are the strongest of
the party.

Hououji Fuu - 
Also an upper-class girl, this 8th-grader oozes sophistication and
maturity, but has a tenancy to state the obvious.  Her element of
control is Wind, and uses a bow as her weapon, which makes her probably
the most useful member of the group, since even though her physical
attacks are the weakest of the party, she can attack at a great distance.
Her charged attack only makes her stronger, as it fires multiple arrows
that home on your enemies.  She only has one average-strength magical
attack, her other two being a healing spell, and a protection spell.

The Enemies
Zagat - 
The head bad guy, the big cheese, whatever.  This guy is the one who's holding
the Princess captive, and it's the Knights' job to stop him and get her back.
A supremely powerful spellcaster, he has mostly Dark and Electricity-based
spells, though it's his power that leaves Clef encased in stone for almost the
entire game.

Innova - 
Every Bad Guy needs a Right Hand Man.  Zagat's is Innova.  Cold and sinister,
he's got the "I'm better than you" routine down perfectly.  More than just a
human, the truth behind him is impressive, to say the least.

Alcione - 
The lowest of Zagat's minions, Alcione is definitely a haughty "high society"
type.  With her ice-based, and later fire-based, spells, she turns up frequently
to cross swords with the Knights.  Umi's slang names for her are amusing, and
her reactions to them are even funnier.

Ascot - 
The second of Zagat's minions, many of the bosses you'll face are controlled by
this kid.  A master summoner, his creatures are to be feared.  However, he's
got a nice side hidden under his cruel exterior.

Caldina - 
Zagat's last minion, Caldina is a mercenary who works for Zagat because the
pay's good.  She's a powerful illusionist that puts her spells to good use
against the Knights in her meetings with them.  She's also definitely got a
soft spot for Ascot, whom she thinks of as a little brother.

The Allies
Flash - 
Hikaru's pet dog, Flash appears at a only few points during the game.  Once,
at Tokyo Tower, once as a boss (sort of), and finally, as a representation of
Hikaru's final spell.

Emerald - 
As the Pillar of Cefiro, Emerald is the force that holds the world together.
She is the person the Knights must rescue from the clutches of Zagat, who has
imprisoned her for reasons known only to him.  She is also the one who has 
summoned the Knights from Earth for this purpose, using the last of her powers.

Clef -
Guru Clef is the first Cefiran that the Knights meet.  He acts as their mentor
and guide throughout the game, even after being turned into a statue by Zagat's
magic.  He grants the Knights new magical spells through a set of mirrors
scattered throughout the dungeons the Knights explore.

Precia -
Senior Commander of Cefiro, she is the smith who forges the Knights' Aura
Weapons.  She also has had a series of very embarrassing photos taken of her,
available for purchase at the Rainbow Junction Shop.

4.0 - Menus and Screen Layout
4.1 - Main Menu:

When you first load the game, there are two options, "New Game" and
"Load Game."  Two more options, "Mokona's Home" and "Outtakes," will
open once you complete the game with the Rainbow Elder's Medal.

New Game: Self-explanatory.  This option starts a new game.

Load Game: Also self-explanatory.  This option loads a game you've

Mokona's Home: A jukebox of the music in the game.

Outtakes: This is a Working Designs standard extra, and lets you hear
the dub voice actors screwing up during the recording for the game.

4.2 - Main Screen:

Across the top of the main screen is a series of icons that looks like
| -------  HP ||||||||                                        __      |
||Image /| MP ||||||                                          \/ Gems |
||     / |                                                            |
||    /Mg|                                                            |
||___/___|                                                            |
|                                                                     |
Image: A picture of the active Knight

Mg: The active Knight's selected Magic

HP/MP: Current HP/MP of the active Knight

Gems: Number of gems in the Knights' wallet

4.3 - In-game Menu Screen:

|<L]                                        HP |||||           [R>|
|                                           MP |||                |
|                                                                 |
|                                            /Magic\              |
|       Profile                           ------------            |
|       Image                            |M1 | M2 |M3 |           |
|                                         ------------            |
|                                                                 |
|                                         /Command\               |
|        Escudo Lv. N     ------------------------------          |
|   -----------------    |Diary|Read |Item|Talk|Settings|         |
|  |Swim |Bash |Dash |   |Write|Diary|    |Clef|        |         |
|   -----------------     ------------------------------          |
|                                                                 |
|                                                                 |
|                                                                 |
|    ------------------------------------------------------       |
|   |        Description of currently selected icon        |      |
|   |                                                      |      |
|   |                                                      |      |
|    ------------------------------------------------------       |
|                                                                 |

<L] and [R> are replaced with the letters of the two buttons you use
to change characters.
HP: Current HP of the selected Knight
MP: Current MP of the selected Knight
Profile Image:  A picture of the selected Knight
M1, M2, M3:  Select which magic the selected Knight will use here.  If
the Knight only has one or two spells, the later boxes will not be
selectable.  The currently selected magic is indicated by a blue border.

Escudo Lv. N: Current level of the selected Knight's Escudo Sword and

Swim/Bash/Dash: As you gain techniques, these boxes are filled in.


Diary Write: "Illustrated Diary Writing"  This option is where you save
your game.  This option is not available during boss battles.

Read Diary: As you travel, each of the Knights keeps a Diary, detailing
major events.  Move through the entries with the Control Pad, change
diaries with the Change Character buttons, and press the A button to
hear the character read the current entry.  This entry is not available
during boss battles.

Item: Use this option to see your inventory and use items.

Talk to Clef:  Clef will provide hints on what to do next in your quest.
He's usually clearer than any Fortune Teller.  This option is not
available during boss battles.

Settings:  Here you can change the Message Display Speed, Stereo or Mono
sound, and configure the controller.

5.0 - Controls

Control Pad - Character Movement
The Control Pad is used to move your characters around the screen and to
move the cursor in the menus.

START Button - Menu
The START Button is used to display or return from the menu.

In the menu, under Settings, then Change Operation, you can select three
different configurations for the L, R, X, Y, and Z buttons.

Hikaru's Type:
L - Change Character
R - Change Character
X - Dash
Y - Entire Map
Z - Select Magic

Umi's Type:
L - Entire Map
R - Select Magic
X - Dash
Y - Change Character
Z - Change Character

Fuu's Type:
L - Entire Map
R - Select Magic
X - Change Character
Y - Change Character
Z - Dash

Entire Map
Once you've been a few places, walking back to the earlier places can
take a lot of time, so press your Entire Map button to see a map that
you can walk along to get to other places.  This button is disabled
while you are in dungeons or swimming.

Select Magic
Each character will get three spells during the game.  Use this button
to rotate the currently selected spell for the current character, least
powerful to most powerful.

Once you gain the Instant Dash technique, use this button to start

Change Character
Use these buttons to rotate the currently selected character.  One
button rotates Hikaru->Umi->Fuu, the other Fuu->Umi->Hikaru.

Also, there are two different configurations available for the A, B, and
C buttons.

Puu Puu Type:
A - Attack
B - Jump
C - Magic

PuPuPuu Type:
A - Magic
B - Attack
C - Jump

Use your weapon to attack.  Press and hold this button once you have
your Aura Weapons to charge your attack, release it to attack.

Like it says, it makes your characters jump.  Jump while moving to clear
small gaps, while running to clear larger ones.

This button casts the currently selected magic of the character you're
controlling at the moment.  If you don't have enough MP, you will hear a
chime and the spell won't be cast.

6.0 - Walkthrough

Each area will begin with a header like this:
6.n - Name Of Location
Items: Items found in this location 
Rainbow Amulets: Amulets found here

Specifics on how to go through this location

The (n/n/n/n/n/n/n) is how many Rainbow Amulets you should have of each
color after finishing the section.

Boss battles are preceded by the heading BOSS: and contain descriptions
of the boss's attacks and suggested ways of defeating them.

6.1 - Tokyo Tower
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

Following the opening movie, you find yourself controlling Hikaru at the
entrance to Tokyo Tower.  There's nothing to do here except wander
around looking at various items in the Tower.  Some are amusing, so take
a little time to explore.  When you're ready to continue, walk due north
to the elevators and ride them to the observation deck.

Walk around the central section and talk to Fuu (the girl in green with
the blonde hair).  This prompts Hikaru's dog, Flash, to show up, leading
to a chase around the deck to catch him.  Umi (blue hair, blue clothes)
ends up being the one catching him.  Suddenly, in a flash of light,
Princess Emerald summons the trio to Cefiro.  Welcome to another world.

6.2 - Cape of Legend
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

Following a conversation between Zagat and Innova, the trio drops onto a
grassy outcropping.  Fuu suggests the trio introduce themselves to each
other, which they do.  Enter Clef, the 745-year-old high priest, who
tells you that you need to complete a quest to get back to Tokyo.

After another conversation among your enemies, where Alcione is sent to
take your part out, Clef gives you a few more details about your quest,
blows up a monster, and tells you about the magic system of the world.
After more conversation, Clef asks you whether you can use magic.  It
doesn't matter which choice you pick, he'll give you armor and Hikaru
her first spell, Fire Arrow.

Suddenly, Alcione shows up and Clef sends the Knights off on the back of
a Griffon, while he stays to fight her.  With Zagat's intervention,
Alcione turns Clef into stone and rides off to chase you.  After some
more talking, Hikaru blasts Alcione with her new spell, and the group
falls into the Forest of Silence.  Head north and east to reach Precia's

6.3 - Precia's Manor
Items: Weapons
Rainbow Amulets: None

After entering, take the left door into Precia's study.  A fluffy little
creature is making a mess of the desk.  It startles you, which results
in a cage being dropped on you.  Meet Precia, Senior Commander of
Cefiro.  She'll let you out of the cage after she finds out you're the
Magic Knights, and not thieves, and will introduce the fluffy thing as
Mokona.  Follow her to the center door to enter her storage room.

When you get there, Precia will loan you weapons, then send you off on a
your trip to Eterna through the Forest of Silence, so that you can
gather Escudo for her to make personal weapons for each of your party.
Mokona will also join you, leading to "Clef and Precia's Mysterious
Cefiro Lecture #1," which tells you about a number of things in the menu
system.  You'll regain control just outside Precia's Manor.  Head due
west into the Forest of Silence.

6.4 - Forest of Silence
Items: Heart Jewel, Magic Jewel, Spells
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Red, 1 Purple

Remember, you can't use magic in this area, so you'll be relying on
Hikaru's and Umi's swords, and Fuu's bow.  Take the northwest passage at
the first split, then the left path heading north at the split.  Stab
the monster blocking your path with anyone to introduce Ferio, a lost
swordsman who'll end up following you to get out of the forest.
Continue north and open the two chests by the spinning sign for a Red
and a Purple Rainbow Amulet.  Take the northwest passage to arrive at
the same clearing, but with the sign now pointing at the southwest
passage.  Follow the sign.

After a short conversation with Ferio, you'll come to a broken bridge.
Jump across it, then jump across the gap to the east to pick up a Heart
Jewel and a Magic Jewel.

Continue north to where the group will take a short break.  Mokona will
provide snacks, which you'll share with Ferio.  Mokona will then point
the way to Eterna, and Ferio will open the path.  Fuu runs ahead, but
Alcione is waiting for you.  Ferio tackles Fuu out of the way, but is
badly hurt.  Hikaru faces off against Hikaru, and is badly losing when
Mokona opens a way for Umi to talk to Clef.  Umi gains her first spell,
Water Dragon, which finishes off Alcione for this time.  Fuu, wanting to
help Ferio, also gets to talk to Clef and gains her first spell, Healing
Winds.  Ferio then kisses Fuu's hand and leaves, leaving Fuu a little

Head north to arrive at the Fountain of Eterna.

6.5 - Eterna
Items: Escudo
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Yellow

Grab the chest at the foot of the stairs for a Yellow Rainbow Amulet,
then climb the stairs to arrive at the Legendary Fountain.  Time to go

Each of the Knights finds herself alone, facing someone they love as an
enemy: Hikaru, her dog; Umi, her parent; Fuu, herself.  Emerald shows up
to let the Knights know that these aren't the people they love, so
beating them down is a good thing.  Three boss battles follow.

BOSS: Flash
Flash runs around the edge of the screen clockwise, then stops even
with Hikaru and charges the width or height of the screen. Hit him with
Hikaru's Fire Arrow when you can, and hit him with her sword to make
him drop magic recharge spheres.  He'll take three Fire Arrows before he
goes down.

BOSS: Mr. & Mrs. Ryuuzaki
The pair move mostly vertically, moving slowly side to side, stopping
to fire their huge magical blast downwards.  Stay out from directly
below them and hit them with Umi's Water Dragon when they stop and hit
them with her sword to make them drop magic recharge spheres.  They'll
take four Water Dragons to put down.

Fuu doesn't really have a pattern to her movement that I saw, but
hitting her with your bow or walking into her hurts both her and the
Fuu you control.  Hurt her twice, grab the magic recharge spheres she
drops, and use Fuu's Healing Wind to heal herself.  The Fuu clone will
take five hits before falling.

Your party will collect the Escudo set off back to Precia's Manor.

6.6 - Forest of Silence II
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

Just follow the same path back to Precia's Manor you used to come
through the forest the first time.

6.7 - Precia's Manor II
Items: Aura Weapons
Rainbow Amulets: None

Head into Precia's study and she'll get started making your weapons.
Next comes with another conversation among Zagat's minions, where
Alcione is imprisoned in a crystal for her failures, and Ascot is
dispatched to take care of the Knights.  Precia returns with your
weapons and tells you to head north.  Leave her mansion and go east to
the door.  Enter the door to get to Polizu Village.

6.8 - Polizu Village
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Orange, 1 Blue

From the entrance, walk due north to the house that's elevated and talk
to the blue flower to the right of the door to get a Blue Rainbow
Amulet.  From the elevated house, head east along the dock to arrive at
a house with a multicolored dome.  Talk to the orange flower in the
planter to get an Orange Rainbow Amulet.  Enter the house and talk to
the guy in the purple hat, Leukino.  Return to the elevated house and
talk to the guy in the brown robes, the Elder of the village.  He tells
you that the legends say that the Magic Knights would save the town.
When he finds out that you're the Knights, he asks for your help.
Leukino reacts poorly when you leave the Elder's home, and heads off to
the Tempting Cave to subdue the monsters.  Follow him out the northwest
corner of the town, and head north into the Tempting Cave.

6.9 - Tempting Cave
Items: Large Gem(x2), Health Potion, Heart Jewel, Fuu: Green Squall
Rainbow Amulets: None

Take the northwest exit and open the chest for a Large Gem, worth 50
Gems.  Return to the main room and take the west exit.  Walk next to the
block and you'll automatically push it towards Leukino.  Continue north.
There are five exits from this room.  Numbered left to right, #1 will
return you to the entrance.  #2 will lead you to a Health Potion and a
teleporter back to the room with five passages.  #3 will take you to the
lower half of the room that #2 leads to and a string of teleporters back
to the 5-way room.  #4 takes you to Leukino and the rest of the dungeon.
#5 will lead you to the second teleporter that #3 goes to.  Only #2 and
#4 are important.

After taking #2 for the health potion, take #4 to catch up with Leukino.
In the next room, push the block from the left onto the button, then
step on the other button to open the door north.  In the next room,
start taking the path east.  Leukino will show up and send the giant
ball after you.  You'll automatically dodge it, so walk around the rock
and push the ball back to the west.  It will break the flimsy barrier
and let you continue onwards.  Walk through the next two rooms, then
push the block onto the lower button and step on the upper one to lower
the bars.  Take the newly opened path south.

Leukino will try to block your path in the next room, but will fail.
Push the top block east to the wall.  Attack the red switch on the wall
to pop up a small block in the middle of the pit, and use it to jump
across to the far side.  Walk through the next room, and catch up to
Leukino, who's drunk the entire Healing Fountain.  On the far west side
of the room, there's a Heart Jewel.  Grab it, then continue north.

Hop on the moving platform and take the eastern exit to a mirror, which
leads to a conversation with Clef and Fuu gaining her second spell,
Green Squall.  Return to the moving platform and take the west exit to
run into Leukino, who has a magic fan that blows you away from him.
Give him a taste of real wind with Fuu's new spell and continue north.
In the next room, grab the chest for a second Large Gem.

You'll catch up to Leukino again in the next room, where he ends up
freaked out by whatever's in the next room.  Use the fountain to heal if
you need to, and continue north to fight Arachnadia.

BOSS: Arachnadia
You can only hit Arachnadia physically when it drops down to the ground.
Magic, however, can hit it whether it's up or down. Arachnadia has only
one real attack, a circle of stars.  If you can get inside the circle
as Arachnadia generates it, you won't be hit by it.  Otherwise, get to
one of the edges of the room and position yourself so that you'll pass
between the stars.  Use Umi's charged attack and your magic spells to
put the giant spider down.

Afterwards, Leukino will apologize, and the Knights will give him the
credit in front of the villagers, so his reputation will be saved.
Hikaru's sword and armor will evolve, and you'll now have permission to
go on to the next village, so take the northeast exit to get to Taflon
by the Sea.

6.10 - Taflon by the Sea
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Green

From the entrance, walk east.  Talk to the old man walking around here
to find out that you need to go to the island to the north.  Head north
and enter the house on the next level.  The man here will tell you that
the only person with a chance of swimming to the island through the
whirlpools, Caltus, has left the village.  Walk back south a level and
enter the house here to talk to the old man inside.  This old man is the
village Elder and will tell you that Caltus probably didn't go far.

Now head back across the beach and up the stairs to the second level.
Talk to the lone plant against the wall here (near the palm tree for a
Green Rainbow Amulet.  Enter the house here and talk to the girl, Sera.
Now head back to Polizu.

6.11 - Polizu Village II
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

In the southwest corner of the village, there's a small house.  Enter it
and talk to the gloomy man inside to find out that he's Caltus.  He's
too busy feeling sorry for himself to help you learn how to swim, so Umi
reads him the riot act and the trio leaves the house.  Head back to

6.12 - Taflon by the Sea II
Items: Swim Technique
Rainbow Amulets: None

Head up to Sera's house to see that Caltus is back.  After he finishes
talking to Sera, he'll agree to teach you to swim using the "Roaring
Rapid Wave Cut."  Hikaru and Umi pick it up pretty quickly, but Fuu is
stuck using an inner tube.  This prompts "Clef and Precia's Mysterious
Cefiro Lecture #2," which tells you how to swim, which is to press the
Attack button while in the water.  I found that using a Turbo controller
here is very helpful.  When you regain control, you'll be back on the
beach.  Swim north into the Great Whirlpool.

6.13 - Great Whirlpool
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

Your goal, the Eternal Ice Cave, is due north of where you come in, a
cave on an icy island.  Swim north, holding away from the whirlpools
that try to drag you in.  Again, a turbo controller will help immensely.

6.14 - Eternal Ice Cave
Items: Large Gem(x2), Hikaru: Flaming Shock
Rainbow Amulets: None

From the entrance, walk  east, then north to the water.  Hop in the
water, then jump right back out, since jumping in will prompt the
appearance of a monster in the middle of the pool.  Use Fuu to shoot
arrows from shore to kill the monster, then continue on west and down
the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, use Hikaru's Fire Arrow to melt the blocks,
then jump across the two rivers and open the chest for a Large Gem.  Hop
into the water and swim to the east (or around the island if you need
to) to exit the room on the east.

The next room is a puzzle room.  Push the lower-right block east and the
upper-left block north, then east.  Finally, push the last block north
and step on the final button to make the ice ball disappear.  Walk down
the stairs and then west, then south.  Do not take the first door you
see, but continue east to the second.  Jump in the water and swim far
enough south to make the water monster appear, then swim back to shore
and have Fuu fire arrows at it until it dies.  Then swim south and walk
west and north to reach a mirror blocked by two ice blocks.  Have Hikaru
melt them and use the mirror to gain her second spell, Flaming Shock.

Return to the previous room and take the other exit, navigate the
spikes, and around to find four buttons with large blocks of ice on
them.  Use Hikaru's new spell to melt them and continue north and down
the stairs.  Walk to where the pass is blocked by another ice ball.
Across the spikes to the east, there is a black ball.  Have Fuu shoot it
with an arrow to remove the ice ball.  Continue south to the bottom of
the room, avoiding the bouncing electroballs.  At the bottom level, head
east to grab a chest containing a Large Gem, then continue south.  In
the next room, simply kill all of the spiders to open the door and
continue east.

The next room is another puzzle room.  Push the far west block south,
then the next westernmost block west.  Push the last two block both
east, then step on the last button and continue north.  Use the fountain
in the next room and walk to the northern wall.  The floor will fall in,
and you'll meet the first of the Machines, Ceres.  Suddenly, the island
will crack open, and you'll be left on an icy sheet facing Ascot.  He
summons Sera's pet, Jiminy, to fight you.

BOSS: Jiminy
Jiminy jumps up and tries to land on you as his main form of attack. 
He'll also roll into a ball and roll quickly in large circles on the
island to hit you.  Use your charged attacks when he lands and stay out
from below him when he jumps and run away when he goes into ball form,
since he's invulnerable like that.  When he turns red, he's close to
death, and will speed up significantly.

After the fight, you go to apologize to Sera, but she's too upset to
listen.  Caltus stays to comfort her, and sends you off to continue your
quest.  The Machine, Ceres, appears and acknowledges Umi as a Magic
Knight, and enters the jewel in her armor to sleep until the other two
Machines are revived.  Another conversation among your enemies, during
which Caldina gets introduced.

You'll regain control on the beach at Taflon by the Sea.  Jump in and
swim north back into the Great Whirlpool.

6.15 - Great Whirlpool II
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

This time your goal is the dock in the northeast corner.  There's no
whirlpools here to deal with, so it should be an easy trip.  Welcome to
the Ice Village of Rosen

6.16 - Ice Village of Rosen
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Red, 1 Blue

From the entrance walk past where Caldina is entertaining the men of the
village and climb the stairs, then cross the green bridge to see that
Ferio is entertaining the women of the village.  Fuu gets pissed at him
for being such a womanizer and smacks him.  Climb the two sets of stairs
and run across the ice patch to slide down the hill.  You'll stop on a
ledge with a cave, but there's nothing you can do here yet, so walk west
to continue sliding down the hill.  Walk under the sky bridge and talk
to the frozen plant on the right for a Blue Rainbow Amulet.  Walk north
and west until you're directly under the green bridge.  Walk north into
a hidden passage, then east, south, east, north, east and south to reach
a house.  Talk to the woman inside, then examine the fireplace for a Red
Rainbow Amulet.  Return to below green bridge either through the passage
or by walking off the western ledge.  Head west, then up the stairs and
enter the colorful door to get to the inn at Rosen.  Walk inside and
down the stairs and talk to the innkeeper to spend the night.

During the night, the men will all enter a cave under Caldina's control
to dig for the Machine that's supposedly in the volcano.  The innkeeper
will wake you up and ask you to find out what's going on.  Leave the inn
and walk east, then up the stairs to meet Ferio outside the cave.  Fuu
and Ferio argue, so Ferio goes in alone.  Follow him in to get to the
Bewildering Cave.

6.17 - Bewildering Cave
Items: Heart Jewel, Magic Jewel, Umi: Blue Tornado
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Orange, 1 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 Blue, 1 Indigo

From the entrance, head as far east as you can, then north.  Open the
chest here for a Yellow Rainbow Amulet.  Return to the entrance and head
due north until you see a black ball on the right of the tracks.  Hit it
and head east.  Follow the tracks to the large circle on the ground.
Step on it and walk north to activate the elevator to the upper level.
You'll now come to an 8-way intersection of tracks, with you entering
from the southeast.  Take the east path, then ride the elevator down and
grab a Heart Jewel.

Return to the intersection and take the north track.  Ride the elevator
at the end and open the chest for a Blue Rainbow Amulet.

Return to the intersection and head northwest.  Continue west past the
fork to the south, then head north at the fork.  Head south at the next
fork, avoid the trolley car, and ride the elevator down.  Walk out onto
the rail over the water and swim east.  Watch for where a fish will swim
out of the wall, and go in where it came out for a chest containing an
Indigo Rainbow Amulet.  Head back out and swim due north and west to
reach a mirror which will grant Umi her second spell, Blue Tornado.
Swim back to the rail and walk west and south to reach an elevator.
Ride it and follow the rail to arrive at the intersection from the west.

From the intersection, take the trolley car southwest to arrive at
another elevator.  Ride it down and open the chest for an Orange Rainbow
Amulet.  Return to the intersection.

Head northwest.  Continue west past the fork to the south, then head
south at the next fork and skip the fork to the east.  Ride the elevator
down, open the chest containing a Green Rainbow Amulet, and walk north.
Grab the Magic Jewel and use Umi's new spell to extinguish the lanterns.
Head north to use the fountain and ride trolley car for a boss battle
with Caldina.

BOSS: Caldina
Caldina has four forms of attack.  The first is her fan. Just hit it
with your weapon to knock it away.  The second is a black ball that
slowly tracks your party.  Dodge it by moving to the top or bottom of
the screen.  The third is a string of black magic balls.  When Caldina
disappears off the bottom of the screen, this is the attack she'll be
using.  Start near the top of the screen and dodge down between the
balls, as they are staggered across the screen.  The final attack
happens when a ring of six Caldinas appears around you.  If you hit
the correct one, it will damage her.  If you hit the wrong one or wait
too long, you'll be damaged.  Range is very important here, so use
Fuu's charged attack to hit her and heal when you need to.  When Caldina
turns red, she's nearing defeat.

After the battle, Ferio will head off, and Fuu's armor and bow will
evolve.  Another scene in Zagat's fortress follows, revealing that
Alcione has escaped.  You'll regain control just outside the cave.

6.18 - Ice Village of Rosen II
Items: Pulverizing Bash technique
Rainbow Amulets: None

Return to the inn and speak to the Innkeeper, who suggests you speak to
Rafarga in the rear of the village.  Leave the inn, then head east and
up the stairs.  Avoid the ice patch this time, and head north to a house
with a wall of ice covering the door.  Rafarga blasts through the door,
and you ask him to teach you.  He'll agree to teach you the "Pulverizing
Bash."  The girls don't master it that day, so Rafarga invites you to
spend the night so you can continue training in the morning.  During the
night, Hikaru leaves the house.  Walk south and talk to Rafarga.  After
the conversation, Hikaru hears Umi scream.  Hikaru smashes into the
house, only to find Umi terrified of a little bug.  Rafarga reenters,
telling Hikaru that she's mastered the Pulverizing Bash.  This prompts
"Clef and Precia's Mysterious Cefiro Lecture #3," which describes how to
use the technique. "BOOM!"

In the morning, head south, miss the ice patch, head down the stairs and
west, then north and east through the sky bridges.  Run due north and
smash into the boulder blocking the path, then enter the Crimson

6.19 - Crimson Underpass
Items: Magic Jewel
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Red, 1 Orange, 1 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 Indigo, 1 Purple

Head north through the first room, then jump across the gap to the east
and open the chest for a Red Rainbow Amulet.  You can't get the chest
due south of you yet, we'll come back later to get it.  In the next
room, kill the monster, then bash the rock to the east and get the chest
for an Orange Rainbow Amulet.  Walk to the west wall, jump south, then
west, then north, hit the blocks four times each to break them, and
climb the stairs for a Magic Jewel.  Go back past the blocks and jumps,
and take the stairs south.  Have Fuu in the front so she can shoot the
incoming fireballs, and continue south.

Walk due east across the next room, jumping and killing monsters as you
have to.  In the next room, open the chest in the southwest corner for a
Yellow Rainbow Amulet.  Break the blocks and continue.  The next jump
requires you to be running, so give yourself a good distance.  Avoid the
falling rocks on the next platform.  Make the next series of jumps and
climb the stairs to the north.  In the northeast corner of the next
room, grab the chest for a Green Rainbow Amulet.  Break the blocks and
continue north.

In the northwest corner of the next room, the chest contains an Indigo
Rainbow Amulet.  Climb the stairs to the north, and open the chest to
the west for a Purple Rainbow Amulet.  Continue north to the exit and
the Inferno at Iaye.

6.20 - Inferno at Iaye
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

At Iaye, you find the town engulfed in flames.  Go south past the
fountain, then east and talk to the woman that's standing still to find
out that her son is trapped inside the burning house.  Enter the Inferno

6.21 - Inferno Mansion
Items: Blue Key, Red Key, Green Key
Rainbow Amulets: None

As you enter, a chandelier will fall, forcing you to climb the stairs to
the west.  Walk south and jump across the burned part of the floor to
the east.  Continue east and fall through the hole in the floor.  Walk
east and north through the door, then north around the table and get the
Blue Key.  Walk back up the stairs and through the Blue Door.  Kill the
fireball and jump across the two rows of fire and go south down the
stairs.  Walk west as far as you can, then south and get the Red Key.
Return to the stairs and go back through the Blue Door and go south to
the other Blue Door.  Walk north through the Red Door and fall through
the weak floor due north.  Get the Green Key and go through the Green
Door.  Walk east and take the stairs north.  Go east, jumping over the
fire, through the Blue Door, then the Red and Green Doors.  Go east and
south, jumping over the fire, use the fountain and take the stairs
south.  Go south and east, then through the Green, Blue, and Red Doors
to the child, which turns out to be a disguised Alcione.  She summons
three Fire Dogs to fight you.

BOSS: Fire Dogs
For the first part, there are three dogs.  Use Umi's second spell twice
with all three on the screen to destroy them.  The second part is a bit
harder.  Hikaru's magic is useless here (fighting fire with fire doesn't
work here), so stick with Fuu's charged attack. The Big Dog will send
its claw out, leaving a trail of fire and a small flame that lingers
where the chain stopped for a while.  Avoid the claw and attack from a
distance with Fuu to extinguish the Dog.

After the battle, Umi's armor and sword will evolve, and the child will
be freed.  Another conversation at Zagat's fortress follows.  You'll
regain control outside the Mansion with the fires in town out.

6.22 - Inferno at Iaye II
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Red

Talk to the child's mother for a Red Rainbow Amulet, then head south to
the Tree of Life at Lairy.

6.23 - Tree of Life at Lairy
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue

From the entrance, walk south down the stairs and examine the south side
of the rainbow-colored street lamp for a Red Rainbow Amulet.  Return to
the entrance, then walk west and south, down the stairs and north and
examine the blue street light next to the purple building for a Blue
Rainbow Amulet.  Walk south and east across the small stone bridge, then
examine the north side of the southern street lamp for a Green Rainbow
Amulet.  Head back towards the entrance and head north through the small
arch into the hospital.  Head up the stairs and into the far western
room.  Talk to the nurse, Athena, there to learn that they need a leaf
from the Tree of Life to heal the people here.  Head back outside the
hospital, and head south, where you'll get run into by a kid, then a guy
with green hair comes up and talks to you.

He introduces himself as Abner, and is the trainer for the running kids.
Umi ends up in a race with them, and loses because Abner's taught the
kids his "Instant Dash" technique.  From where you regain control, head
west and north, then down the stairs.  Then head north until you reach a
wooden bridge.  Continue north to arrive at the Tree of Life.

6.24 - Tree of Life
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

It's a straightforward path to the Tree of Life.  Be sure to grab the
Magic Jewel on the way.  When you get to the tree, you see that you can
bash the entrance, but you don't have enough room to run to get up the
necessary speed.  Time to head back to Lairy to ask Abner to teach you
his "Instant Dash" technique.

6.25 - Tree of Life at Lairy II
Items: Instant Dash technique
Rainbow Amulets: None

Find Abner near the hospital, but when Umi refuses to go on a date with
him, he heads off to the Tree to get the leaves himself.  A kid comes up
to you and offers to teach you the Instant Dash if you'll help Abner
out, since "he fights like a g... He's not too strong."  After you learn
it, up pops "Clef and Precia's Mysterious Cefiro Lecture #4," which
tells you that to start running, just press the Dash button.  Head back
to the Tree.

6.26 - Tree of Life II
Items: Magic Jewel, Health Potion, Heart Jewel
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Orange, 1 Yellow, 1 Indigo, 1 Purple

Follow the path up and use the "Instant Dash" in front of the Tree to
enter it.  Walk east and use Umi or Hikaru to hit the plant just north
of you and extend a walkway.  Then walk west and do the same over there.
Dash north to break the weak wall and hit the plant to extend the
walkway, then jump south onto the island.  Dash east to break the walls
and cross the already-extended walkway.  Walk onto the vine square to
climb up a level.

Hit the plant, then walk south and get the chest for an Orange Rainbow
Amulet.  Walk back onto the plant walkway and dash west.  Continue west,
then push the block in front of the laser shooter, break the wall and
walk south to the vine square.  Continue up and around, then out the
door to the east.  Hit the plant to extend the ladder, then climb up to
meet Ascot, calling himself "Alto," who joins you.  Dash into the wall
next to you, then climb up the vine square.  Dash through the two walls
and fall down the hole.  Jump off the vine platform and open the chest
for a Purple Rainbow Amulet.  Push the block and walk back outside and
hit the plant on the second level to extend another ladder.  Continue to
the top of the tree, then enter and fall down the hole, hit the plant
and climb back up.  Exit the tree and climb back down to the second

Climb the vine square, break the walls, and fall down the hole.  Walk
west and fall down that hole.  Walk south and climb the vine square.
Walk north and climb the vine square, and then climb again.  Have Fuu
shoot the plant to the east, then do a running jump onto the resulting
walkway.  Break the wall, and dash across the walkway you opened when
you climbed to the top of the tree to open the wall out of the tree.
Climb down and reenter the tree.  Grab the Magic Jewel, and continue
west.  Break the wall and go outside.

Climb up, get the chest on your way for a Yellow Rainbow Amulet.
Continue climbing and walk east into the tree.  Kill all of the enemies
in the room to open a path to the chest, which contains a Health Potion.
Leave the tree and climb up to the top level, reenter the tree.  Shoot
the plant with Fuu, then do a running jump to the small stone
outcropping next to the plant.  Shoot the next plant and jump across.
Head north and shoot the plant.  Jump off the far end for a Heart Jewel,
then jump back to the walkway and jump south to continue.  Fall down the
hole and avoid the fireballs as you work your way to the exit on the

Shoot the plant, then walk past it and get the chest for an Indigo
Rainbow Amulet.  Climb up to the top level, then walk up to the wall,
where you'll hear Abner in trouble.  Ascot will break down the wall,
letting you enter.  Alcione is waiting with an injured Abner.  Use the
fountain and climb the vine square for a 3-on-3 boss battle.

BOSS: Alcione & Minions
The Green Bug is the healer, the Red Bug is the movement, and Alcione
is the attacker.  You will only hurt the one in the front of their
party, so time your attacks carefully.  The Green Bug is the weakest,
so you should focus on killing it first, because that also stops its
healing ability.  The Red Bug crosses the screen where your Knights
are, so keep out of the way.  Alcione sends a stream of ice daggers in
one of the four cardinal directions when she's in front.  Stay away
from them, as they hurt a LOT.  Use Fuu's charged bow and attack from
a distance as much as you can, or get in close and use Umi's charged
rapier or Hikaru's charged broadsword if you're confident you can dodge
the attacks.  Umi's Blue Tornado and Hikaru's Flaming Shock will also
help, but save Fuu's MP for her Healing Wind.  This battle takes a
while, so don't rush it.

After the battle take the west exit to get the leaf of the Tree of Life.
Another talk at Zagat's Fortress regarding Ascot joining the Knights
follows.  Afterwards, Umi gives Abner the leaf for Athena, and her armor
and sword evolve.  When you regain control, you'll be in Lairy.  Head
south to the exit, where "Alto" is waiting for you, wanting to join.
The girls let him, and continue on south to the left of the street lamp
to the Rainbow Junction Shop.

6.27 - Rainbow Junction Shop
Items: Precia's Shameful Secret #1, Precia's Shameful Secret #2, Puu Puu
Shoes, Escape Gem
Rainbow Amulets: None

Walk onto the dot directly under the rainbow to enter the shop.  Since
you have three Amulets of every color, you can purchase "Precia's
Shameful Secret #1," the "Puu Puu Shoes," and the "Escape Gem."  You can
go to Precia's Manor to see her reaction to the photo, then come back
for "Precia's Shameful Secret #2."  Head back to Lairy.

6.28 - Tree of Life at Lairy III
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

Walk around the lamp and south on the right side of the lamp to get to
Lakatack Falls.

6.29 - Lakatack Falls
Items: Heart Jewel
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Blue, 1 Purple

From the entrance, head south down the stairs.  Examine the spring next
to the Heart Jewel for a Blue Rainbow Amulet, then grab the Heart Jewel.
Continue down to the bottom of the stairs and examine the pots for a
Purple Rainbow Amulet.  Climb back up the stairs and start across the
bridge.  You can't pass the big rock, but Ascot destroys it for you.  As
you get to the middle of the bridge, Alcione shows up, followed by
Caldina, who destroys the bridge, dropping the girls into the lake at
the bottom and the cave there, the Waterfall's Secret Path.

6.30 - Waterfall's Secret Path
Items: Magic Jewel, Magic Potion, Health Potion, Heart Jewel, Umi: Ice
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Orange, 1 Yellow, 1 Indigo

In the second room, push the far left and far right blocks due north
onto the buttons.  Then push the lower left and lower right blocks away
from the middle, to against the walls.  Then push the middle left and
right blocks due north, and finally push the middle block either left or
right to open a path north.

In the next room, use Hikaru or Umi's sword to break the blocks and then
push the ball due north.  Push the block north, then the ball west to
stop on the button, opening the door north.

In the next room, push the easternmost ball due west, then the block
west until it is directly north of the second ball.  Push the second
ball due north, then due west.  Push the block out of the way and
continue north.

In the next room, do a running jump across the pit to the left.  This is
an incredibly annoying puzzle, so here's a series of graphics to help
you out.

+-------------+    +-------------+   +-------------+   +-------------+
|             |    |             |   |             |   |             |
|   A     B   |    |   A     B   |   |         B   |   |         B   |
|    XXXXX    |    |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    | 
|    XXXXX    |    |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |
|    XXOXX    | -> |    XXOXX    | > |   AXXOXX    | > |   AXXOXN    | 
|    XXXXX    |    |   MXXXXX    |   |   MXXXXX    |   |   MXXXXX    |
|    XXXXX    |    |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |
|   M     N   |    |         N   |   |         N   |   |             |
|             |    |             |   |             |   |             |
+-------------+    +-------------+   +-------------+   +-------------+

+-------------+    +-------------+   +-------------+   +-------------+
|             |    |             |   |             |   |             |
|         B   |    |   M     B   |   |   MB        |   |    B        | 
|    XXXXX    |    |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |
|    XXXXX    |    |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    | 
|    XXOAN    | -> |    XXOAN    | > |    XXOAN    | > |    XXOAN    | 
|   MXXXXX    |    |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |   |    MXXXX    |
|    XXXXX    |    |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |   |    XXXXX    |
|             |    |             |   |             |   |             |
|             |    |             |   |             |   |             |
+-------------+    +-------------+   +-------------+   +-------------+

+-------------+    +-------------+
|             |    |             |
|             |    |             |
|    XXXXX    |    |    XXXXX    |
|    XXXXX    |    |    XXXXX    |
|    BXOAN    | -> |    XXBAN    |
|    MXXXX    |    |    MXXXX    |
|    XXXXX    |    |    XXXXX    |
|             |    |             |
|             |    |             |
+-------------+    +-------------+
A and B are balls, M and N are blocks, X is dangerous floors, and O is
the button.

Take the door north for a Magic Jewel and a chest with a Yellow Rainbow
Amulet.  Walk back south, cross the pit, go east and cross the other
pit.  In this room, push the easternmost ball north, then the
northernmost ball east.  Then push the southernmost ball north, and
finally push the last ball east and continue north.

In the next room, push the block onto the button, walk through the first
door, then attack the block to destroy it and continue north.  This
time, use Umi's rapier to break the far block, then push the block due
north, past the button, until you can walk onto the paths east or west.
Push the block in the middle of the cross either all the way east or
west onto the button, then the northernmost block south a space and onto
the other button.  Finally, push the first block back onto the button
you crossed over and leave the room to the north.  Cross the next room
and climb the stairs to the north.  In the next room, you need to kill
the dinosaur skeleton over the button and get through the door before it
reforms itself.

In the next room, get the large mantis onto the button and run through
the door before it moves off the button.  In the next room, you can't go
left until you have Fuu's final spell, so head right.  Hit the button to
open the door and release the fireballs.  Follow them through the hole
in the wall to the right and north into the next room.  In this room,
use Umi or Hikaru to hit the shell creature when it's on the button,
then head north before it gets off.  In the next room, you need to get
the dinosaur and the mantis onto the to buttons to open the door.  The
dinosaur is easier, as it follows you.  The mantis is a bit harder, but
just walk slowly to get it onto the button.

In the next room, you need to find and kill an invisible spider.  Use
Fuu's charged bow twice, as it homes on your enemies.  In the next room,
hit the button and head north.  Then, use Hikaru's Flame Arrow to light
the lantern and open the door, walk through it, and extinguish the
lantern with Umi's Water Dragon to open the other door.  In the next
room, you need to step on the left button to open the left door, and the
right button to open the right door.  You can kill the green monsters,
five quick strikes with Umi's rapier should kill them, as they block the
first and are open to the second.  Enter the left door to find a mirror
that give Umi her final spell, Ice Arrows.  Go back and through the
right door to find a pair of dinosaurs that can now be killed by Umi's
new spell.  Kill them both to open the door.  In the next room, use
Fuu's charged bow to kill the shell creatures, and exit to the north.
Run quickly through the next room and avoid getting shot by the pillars.
In the next room, open the chest for a Magic Potion.  The next room has
a number of invisible walls that only appear momentarily if you attack
them.  From the entrance, walk west, and jump across the pit.  Walk east
and north to the edge of the pit.  Jump across at the far eastern edge
of the pit.  Jump across the L-shaped pit on the northern half and walk
north to the western side of the northernmost pit.  Walk along the north
walk and then south to hit the button and head north to the next room.
The chest in this room contains a health potion.  Grab it if you need it
and continue north.  In this room, floor panels appear as you get close
to them or jump to them.  Here's a diagram: 
|  O   c     O  |
| x   x    Ox  O|
|x O xxxxxxO    |
|     x    xx  x|
|     x  O  x  x|
|     xx O  x  X|
E are exits, O are platforms already existing, x are platforms that 
appear, X is the platform that appears over the button to open the 
northeast door, c is the chest containing an Indigo Rainbow Amulet.

Grab the Indigo Rainbow Amulet and take the northwest exit for an Orange
Rainbow Amulet.  Come back, hit the button and take the northeast exit
to continue.  In the next room, destroy the block in the northwestern
corner for a Heart Jewel.  In the next room, there are several invisible
spiders.  Kill them all to continue.  Again, Fuu's bow with its homing
ability is invaluable here.  Continue north through the next room to
arrive at Caldina.  Ascot is framed for attacking Caldina by Alcione,
and blocks an attack meant for Hikaru that ends up killing him.

BOSS: Caldina
Caldina sends you through four environments, the same room as you start
in, a ring surrounded by dangerous floors, a square surrounded by water,
and a small set of platforms.  Use your charged attacks and spells to
hit Caldina and her fan, and dodge her black balls when you can.  She'll
go down quite quickly.

After the battle, Hikaru offers to let Caldina join them, but Innova
kills Caldina before she gets the chance.  Another scene at Zagat's
fortress follows, with Zagat's latest minion, who you don't see yet
being the next one for you to face.  You'll regain control on the far
side of the falls.  Walk east to arrive at the Lake Village of Lekuido.

6.31 - Lake Village of Lekuido
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Yellow, 1 Green

From the entrance, head east to the little park and examine the bench
for a Yellow Rainbow Amulet.  Then continue east and take the path north
(not the stairs) and examine the tree at the top for a Green Rainbow
Amulet.  Head back south and take the first path west.  Climb the stairs
and go in the building to enter the inn.  Walk into the back and talk to
the boy with black hair to meet Nero.  He's rather upset about the fact
that the monster walking around made a shelf collapse on his mother's
arm, injuring it.  Head in the door on the right and through the next
door to talk to Nero's mother.  Head back to the inn's entrance and talk
to Nero's father to spend the night.  During the night, the monster
walking around will wake up your group, and Nero will take off to
confront the monster.  Leave the inn, and head back to the tree in the
northeast corner where you got the Rainbow Amulet.  Jump into the water
and swim west to the gray path on the island in the middle of the lake.
Walk north past the two small circles and examine the crystal on the
left to start the island moving.

6.32 - West of the Lake
Items: Large Gem(x2), Health Potion, Magic Potion, Twilight Medallion
Rainbow Amulets: None

From the entrance, hop into the lake to the west and swim northwest to
arrive at a chest hidden by the trees containing a Large Gem.  Return to
the entrance and walk north as far as you can.  Attack the tree to the
west until it dies and opens the path west for you.  Now head as far
west as you can, then head south and down the first set of stairs.  Walk
west to read the stone, then head east, jumping across the two rivers.
If you land in the rivers and the current pulls you down, swim back west
and climb the stairs to try again.  Open the chest for a Health Potion.
Swim east and enter the cave for another chest containing a Magic
Potion.  Head out the exit to the east and south.  Destroy the pink
trees with Hikaru's Blazing Shock and continue west.  Read the stone for
a hint on what to do.  Walk to the northern edge of the land, then jump
as far as you can west into the river and fall down the waterfall on the
western side.  Fall down the second waterfall and head east and north up
the stairs for a chest containing a Large Gem.  Head back south and west
and climb the stairs.  Enter the cave here for a Healing Fountain, then
set the two pink trees on fire with Hikaru's Fire Arrow and extinguish
them with Umi's Water Dragon.  Continue west and south, then bash the
odd-looking rock in the cliff to the east to open a cave.  Enter it to
find the Twilight Medallion.  Use the Escape Gem to return to the
entrance.  Leave this area and talk to the crystal on the right to get
to the area East of the Lake.

6.33 - East of the Lake
Items: Large Gem(x3), Health Potion, Magic Potion, Sunrise Medallion
Rainbow Amulets: None

From the entrance, head north and east until you reach a bridge.  Jump
in the water and swim south and east to get a chest containing a Large
Gem.  Continue east across the bridge and climb the stairs, then head
north as far as possible.  Look for the small dirt path heading east
onto the next screen.  Take the path and use Fuu's Green Squall to
reveal a hole.  Drop down and get the chest for a second Large Gem.
Climb the ladder and take the path west.  Head north and west across the
bridge and south, or jump across the river to the west (don't fall in,
as it takes you back to very near the beginning of the area).  Continue
west over the bridge and as far west as you can get.  Kill the tree
blocking your way to the north and grab the chest for a Health Potion.
Head north, west, and south, then kill the tree and continue south for
another chest containing a Magic Potion.  Head back to where you got the
Health Potion, then walk northwest, then east and south until you reach
a ladder blocked by a block.  Push the block to the west and climb the
ladder for a chest containing a Large Gem.  Head back northwest and
through a hole in the rock.  Head north and east through the dirt path,
then across the bridge and around to the north edge of the small lake
with the brownish-purple rock in the middle.  Swim south, fall down the
waterfall, then head east and climb the ladder.  Walk north until you
see a broken bridge.  Jump into the river on the far eastern side and
fall down the waterfall.  Fall down the second waterfall on the east
side and swim east.  Walk north, bash the boulder and enter the cave.
Here you find the Sunrise Medallion.  Use the Escape Gem to return to
the entrance and leave the area.

6.34 - Central Island
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

Once back on the central island, examine the two circles south of the
crystals to place the Medallions in them and summon the Turtle Boss,
which is the island you're standing on.  Nero's also stuck sitting on
the turtle's head.

BOSS: Turtle
This boss is really simple.  Hit the head with your charged attacks
and avoid the head lunges and the tail.  Hikaru's magic will also help.
Nothing special here.

After the battle, Mokona talks to the turtle, which Hikaru understands,
and explains that the turtle was just trying to shake the silt off of
its back.  Fuu's armor and sword evolve, and the turtle is willing to
take the girls up to Aueria, the Sky Garden.

6.35 - Aueria, the Sky Garden
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Red, 1 Orange, 1 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 Blue, 1 Indigo,
1 Purple
From the entrance, head as far west as you can and inspect the springs
to the right and left of the inn doors for an Indigo and a Blue Rainbow
Amulet.  Then head north as far as you can and inspect the eastern side
of the tree there for a Green Rainbow Amulet, and then the space between
the houses for a Purple one.  Next, examine the red flower in the bed
just to the east for a Red one and yellow flower just south of it for a
Yellow one.  Finally, walk east to the edge of the building, then north
and west into a passage behind the building and talk to the boy for an
Orange Rainbow Amulet.

Now head back south one intersection and speak to Ferio and the girl
next to him.  Head south to the inn, and south to talk to Rafarga.  Head
east, up and down the small set of stairs to the edge of the building,
then north and into the hidden passage behind the building for a Heart
Jewel.  Head east to the entrance, then north and west at the first
intersection.  Climb the stairs, then head west and enter the huge

Enter the western door on the lower floor and talk to the Mayor, who
refuses to let you into the Heaven's Labyrinth, and has Hans, his
bodyguard throw you out.  Head back to the inn and spend the night.  Go
back to the Mayor and he'll accuse you of having stolen the key to the
Heaven's Labyrinth and have you thrown in jail.

6.36 - Jailbreak
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: None

Fuu will pick the lock, and you need to escape from the Mayor's mansion
without being seen by the guards.  This is fairly easy, as the guards
all walk on set routes.  If you get caught, you'll be thrown back in
jail and have to start over.  When you get to the final room with the
fireplace, have Fuu examine the fireplace to find footprints.  You'll
follow the thief's trail up the chimney to find Ferio's flute on the
roof.  You'll regain control outside the Mayor's Mansion.  Go to where
you found Ferio and talk to him.  He's all sooty, which makes him a
prime suspect for having stolen the key.  Go talk to Rafarga, who
suggests hiding out by the gate to find out if it really was Ferio who
stole the key.  The girls follow his advice, to find that Ferio does
indeed have the key, and he and the girl enter the Labyrinth.  Follow
them into one of the most annoying dungeons in the game.

6.37 - Heaven's Labyrinth
Items: Magic Jewel, Health Potion, Fuu: Protective Wind
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Yellow, 1 Orange, 1 Indigo, 1 Purple

Okay, this dungeon is a pain.  Lots of jumping and moving platforms.
Fuu's charged, homing bow is *very* useful here.

Platform-hop to the northwest corner of the first room with moving
platforms, go through the corridors with stairs, then run due north into
the cracked windmill to knock it down.  Continue north, then loop around
and south to the next area.  Hit the black ball to start the platform
moving and ride it south.  Hit the black ball to the west to start the
other platform moving, then use it and a running jump south to get a
chest containing an Indigo Rainbow Amulet.

Jump back and take the east exit.  Go through the next area and shoot
the black ball to start the northern platform moving.  Ride it and jump
east to the northern exit to the room.  Hop north and east to get to the
eastern exit to the room.  Follow the hallways and then head south to
arrive at a stopped windmill.  Use Fuu's Green Squall to start it moving
and walk south and west to get a Magic Jewel.  Return to the previous
room with moving platforms, jump north and west to the block with the
ogre with the boomerang.  Wait here for a slow-moving platform that will
require a running jump to get to.  Ride it west to the western exit of
the room (another running jump).  In the next room, kill the pink birds
and continue west, then jump south to the arrow-shaped landmass.  Jump
west and head north for a chest containing a Health Potion.

Head west, shoot the black ball, then ride the moving block south and
jump to the slow-moving block.  Ride it west, then jump onto the middle
island with the mirror to get Fuu's final spell, Protective Wind, which
prevents all damage to you and lets you float, but keeps you from
attacking.  Jump back on the moving block, then jump north three times
to get to a chest with an Orange Rainbow Amulet.  Leave the room to the
west and jump back to the arrow-shaped island, then use Fuu's new spell
and head south.  Continue to the room that has two connected corridors,
take the southwest exit.  Jump northwest for a chest containing a Yellow
Rainbow Amulet.  Return to the H-shaped room and take the northeast

Walk north and grab the chest for a Purple Rainbow Amulet.  Return to
the H-shaped room.  Finally, take the northwest exit.  Walk west and
take the south stairs.  Head west, being careful to not step on the
flowers to get a Heart Jewel.  If you step on one, leave the room and
come back to try again.  Take the stairs west and follow the only path
you can take to arrive at a Healing Fountain.  Continue north to find
Ferio under Alcione's spell, only to be saved by Rafarga under Zagat's.
However, he's only saved you so that he can destroy the Knights in a
fair fight.  Hikaru breaks through the mind control slightly, giving
Rafarga a screaming headache, which sends him toppling over the edge of
the floating island.  Now get ready for the boss battle against
Alcione's big bird.

BOSS: Alcione's Bird
The bird floats above you, landing to blow the Knights towards the edge
and leaving behind feathers that hurt you if you walk into them.
Always be running in this battle, since that way you can run against the
wind somewhat.  Stay away from the edge and use your charged weapon
attacks and Umi's Ice Arrows and Hikaru's Flaming Shock.  Save Fuu's MP
for Healing Wind.  When the bird gets close to death, Alcione will come
in and give it a boost, turning it invisible until it's almost ready to
land.  Watch carefully and hit it when it comes down.

After the battle, Alcione will complain that she never gets to win, then
leaves.  Ferio recovers, and Fuu's Machine, Windham, is revived.  Yet
another scene in Zagat's fortress follows, resulting in Innova being
sent out.  After you regain control, walk north to the winged platform
to ride it down into the Whispering Woods.

6.38 - Whispering Woods
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Green

From the entrance, walk west, then northwest to the garden and examine
the plant at the edge for a Green Rainbow Amulet, then enter the house
to find an old man caring for a gravely injured Rafarga.  Talk to
Rafarga, then the old man to find out that the medicine from the Tree of
Life is needed to save him.  Head to Lairy.

6.39 - Tree of Life at Lairy IV
Items: Athena's Elixir
Rainbow Amulets: None

Head to the hospital and talk to Athena.  She'll get you the elixir
right away.  Take this opportunity to hit the Rainbow Junction Shop as
well, since you can now afford Precia's Shameful Secret #3 and #4, and
the Magic Recovery Ring, or you can head directly back to the Whispering

6.40 - Whispering Woods II
Items: Heart Jewel
Rainbow Amulets: None

Talk to Rafarga to give him the medicine, and he'll walk out of the
house and north.  Follow him through the hidden paths in the forest to
arrive in the big field.  Innova shows up and forces Rafarga to attack
the Knights.  Then Alcione shows up, demanding to be the one who gets to
kill the girls.  She attacks Rafarga, but he sends her ice daggers back
at her, gravely wounding her.  She escapes, and you're forced to fight

BOSS: Rafarga
He has two main forms of attack.  He'll either dash across the screen,
swinging his sword as he goes, or stand still for a moment, then unleash
a spiral of energy balls.  Get away when he goes for the energy balls,
and hit him with your charged attacks.  He'll turn red when he's close
to defeat.

After the battle, Rafarga will beg Hikaru to kill him, since he's only
barely holding off Zagat's mind control.  Hikaru refuses, but Innova
does the job happily.  Hikaru attacks Innova as her sword and armor
evolve, and Innova flees.  Rafarga then dies, begging Hikaru and the
Knights to rescue Emerald.  Alcione then hears Emerald and Zagat talking
while she bleeds and falls.

As the Knights stand at Rafarga's grave, a volcano starts erupting.
Hikaru feels her Machine calling her from the volcano.

When you regain control, walk to the southwest edge of the woods, then
south and east into the trees for a Heart Jewel.  Then head back to

6.41 - Polizu Village III
Items: Heart Jewel
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Blue

When you arrive, you find the village covered in ash from the volcano's
eruption.  From the entrance, walk to the Item Shop, then jump off the
dock and swim clockwise around the Shop to get a Heart Jewel.  Then head
to the southwest corner of the village and talk to the boy with green
hair for a Blue Rainbow Amulet, then walk south to the Lair of Truth.

6.42 - Lair of Truth
Items: Magic Jewel, Hearth Jewel
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Red, 1 Orange, 1 Green, 1 Blue, 1 Indigo, 1 Purple 

When you enter, you'll find a mirror that grants Hikaru her final spell,
Flash.  From the entrance, head north and east, then south to get a
chest containing an Orange Rainbow Amulet.  Head back west, dodging the
falling rocks, then head south to get a chest with a Purple Rainbow
Amulet.  Head north and down the stairs to hop on the moving platform
and jump south again to the stationary platform.  Jump east onto another
moving platform, then north twice to reach the stairs and a chest with a
Red Rainbow Amulet.  Head back down the stairs, jump north, then twice
east.  Walk south to get the Magic Jewel, then go back north to climb
the stairs.  Head through the next room, then northwest up the stairs
and straight across the big platform and take the stairs south and walk
under the bridge for a chest containing a Blue Rainbow Amulet.  Head
back up the stairs and then northeast.  Avoid the geysers to get a chest
containing a Green Rainbow Amulet and head back to the stairs.

Now go down the northeastern stairs, jump to the platform and then east
across the land and platform.  Walk south, then west under the bridge
and cool off the fountain by using Umi's Water Dragon.  Head northeast
to the next room.  In the next room, head east and step on the
teleporter.  Jump across the moving platforms into the next teleporter.
Then head east and take that teleporter.  Now walk west through the
hidden wall to a chest containing an Indigo Rainbow Amulet and a
teleporter.  Skip the teleporter and head back through the secret wall
and jump across the platforms to grab a Heart Jewel, then take the
stairs and exit the room to the northeast.

Head north across the bridge, dodging the fire worms to arrive at a
Healing Fountain.  Continue on north to arrive at Rayearth's lair, and
Alcione shows up, bleeding, to confront the Knights one final time.

BOSS: Alcione
Alcione fights you in a room with three platforms.  Stay on the bottom
one, and hit her with Umi's Ice Arrows and Hikaru's Flash.  When they
run out of MP, use Fuu's charged bow.  Alcione attacks by sending a set
of four ice daggers at you, dropping a trio of ice shards on the bottom
platform, and launching huge blasts of lava from the bottom of the
screen, which will cover either the left or right upper platform.  Dodge
the crystals, stay on the other side of the screen from the lava blasts
and hit her as much as you can.  She'll turn a dark red when she's
nearing death.  She should go down pretty quickly.

After the fight, Alcione finally dies, and the final Machine, Rayearth,
is revived.  Mokona gives you another message from Clef, telling you to
go to Precia's Manor.  Another scene in Zagat's palace follows, where
Innova asks to be returned to his original form.  You'll regain control
just outside the Lair of Truth.  It's time to collect the last three
Rainbow Amulets, so don't go directly to Precia's Manor.  Instead, head
for Taflon by the Sea.

6.43 - Taflon by the Sea III
Items: Heart Jewel
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Purple

From the entrance, head east, then north up the gray pathway and bash
the boulder to open a cave.  Get the Heart Jewel and bash the north wall
to open a secret passage.  Head west, then south to end up in the back
of the Item Shop.  Talk to the girl here for a Purple Rainbow Amulet.
Now head for Rosen and the Crimson Underpass.

6.44 - Crimson Underpass II
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Indigo

Head through the first two rooms, then break the rock to the east.  Then
use Fuu's Protective Wind to float to the small rock to the south.  Get
the chest there for an Indigo Rainbow Amulet.  Now use the Escape Gem to
leave here and head for Lakatack Falls and the Waterfall's Secret Path.

6.45 - Waterfall's Secret Path II
Items: None
Rainbow Amulets: 1 Red

Walk through the first ten rooms, then head west to where there is a
long stretch of dangerous floors.  Use Fuu's Protective Wind to cross
over it and head north to get the chest containing the final Red Rainbow
Amulet.  Use the Escape Gem to warp out and head to the Rainbow Junction

6.46 - Rainbow Junction Shop II
Items: Black Diary, Final Wish

Buy the Black Diary and then examine the space at the far right of the
counter to find a hidden item that will cost 8 Amulets of each color,
and will unlock the "Mokona's Home" and "Outtakes" selections at the
main menu when you complete the game.  Now it's time to enter the final
chapter, so head for Precia's Manor.

6.47 - Precia's Manor III
Items: None

Head inside and talk to Precia.  She'll send you on to the Cape of
Legend.  You'll regain control inside Precia's Forge.  Walk onto the big
red gem in the center to reach the Cape of Legend.

6.48 - Cape of Legend II
Items: None

As you arrive and find Clef about to fall to the stone spell, Innova
attacks, this time in the form of a white wolf-like beast.  Ferio
arrives just in time to break Innova's horn and diminish Innova's power.

BOSS: Innova
Innova mostly moves around near the top of the screen, charging downward
when he lines up with the knights.  He will also summon a ball of
lightning that will attack at about 45-degree angles downward from him,
and will turn into a greenish version of himself in a ball of light and
charge across the screen twice.  Use Hikaru's Flash and Flaming Shock
and Umi's Ice Arrows to severely damage him, then hit him with charged
attacks until he dies.  He'll turn a red color when he's severely hurt.

After the fight, head north to speak with everyone at the Cape.  When
you talk to Ferio, he'll step out of the way so you can talk to the
statue of Clef.  When you speak with him, answer "Yes" to go on to
Zagat's Fortress.  There is NO returning from there once you enter, so
if you've missed something or want to pick up some items first, answer
"No" and come back.

After you say "Yes," the Knights will fully revive the Machines and the
sky will shatter, revealing Zagat's Fortress.  The Knights will enter
their respective Machines, and they will fly towards the Fortress,
shattering the shield around it.  Welcome to the final battles.

6.49 - Zagat's Palace
Items: None

Only one direction to go here.  Use the fountain if you need to, then
continue north to confront Zagat.

BOSS: Zagat
Zagat has three forms of attack.  First, his Lightning Square is a
square-shaped chain of lightning.  If you're inside it, don't move
unless you have to, to avoid being damaged by it.  If you're outside,
keep moving to avoid it.  His second attack is a ring of lightning
around the inner circle of the room.  Stay outside the circle whenever
you can to avoid this attack.  Finally, when he's been fairly badly
hurt, he'll cause a rain of meteors.  This attack hurts a lot and is
very difficult to avoid.  Be careful!  Also, Zagat is invincible unless
he's actually casting a spell.  Time your attacks carefully, and use
your most powerful spells and hit him with charged weapon attacks.

When Zagat is defeated, Zagat summons his own Machine and does battle
with you in the Machines.

BOSS: Zagat's Machine
This battle is different than any you've fought before.  You're in the
Machines, all of your attacks shoot north, and your magical powers are
different.  Hikaru's is now a spreading blast of fire missiles.  Umi's
is a set of water streams that curl around the screen.  Fuu's is
similar to Umi's, but moves in circles and is made of wind.  Zagat's
Machine has three forms of attack.  First is a simple charge down the
length of the screen.  Just stay out of the way. Second, his sword
swing.  Also easy to dodge.  Finally, he launches a set of four small
bugs that shoot lasers at your group.  Use Fuu's bow to shoot them down.
There are no charged attacks using the Machines, so simply whale away at
him, break his shield and take him down.

After the battle, Clef shows up and congratulates you.  He then sends
you on to rescue the Princess while he waits there.  When you arrive in
the Princess's room, she goes ballistic because you destroyed Zagat, the
man she loved.  Clef explains the situation and you now must fight
Emerald in her own Machine.  When you enter battle against her, her
first attack will kill you.  Don't worry, that's supposed to happen.

Then, the Machines will join together, forming one Machine that has a
chance against Emerald.

BOSS: Emerald's Machine
The Machine has a set pattern of attack: Lightning bolts from the horns,
eye beams, balls from the shoulders, stars from the hands, three-way
shot from the chest.  The lightning bolts home on your location when
they start, so always keep moving.  The eye beams shoot only straight
down, so they're easy to avoid.  The balls hit the edge of the screen or
are hit by your attack and break into three shards.  They're very
difficult to avoid.  The stars can be destroyed by a hit from your
sword, as can the shots from the chest.  Your spells and physical attack
have changed again, this time you only have one spell, Spiral Flash,
which does a great deal of damage to all sections of Emerald's Machine,
but costs a lot of MP.  You'll only have enough MP for one or two
castings of it, so be careful.  Your physical attack sends a blue ball
of energy out that homes on the nearest section of the Machine.  As you
destroy sections of the Machine, those forms of attack will be skipped.
The hands must be destroyed before their respective shoulders can be, so
destroy the hands first, then the shoulders, then work on the horns.
Once both horns are destroyed, stay near the top of the screen and shoot
Emerald's head, as it starts turning its head to try and hit you with
the eye beams.  It will only turn its head so far, so if you stay high
enough, it will always miss.

After you defeat Emerald's Machine, Princess Emerald thanks you for your
actions and sends you back to Tokyo.  Standing on the tower, the Knights
find a jewel of their respective color in their hands and the credits


7.0 - Items
You only will find 14 items in the course of the game, not counting
Rainbow Amulets, Magic Jewels, and Heart Jewels, and each has a space in
your inventory.  From left to right, here is the list:

Top Row:
1 - Health Potion
Location: Many
Use: Heals all of your party members (including downed ones) to full
health.  You can only carry one at a time.

2 - Red Key
Found: Inferno Mansion
Use: Opens Red Doors in the Inferno Mansion

3 - Blue Key
Found: Inferno Mansion
Use: Opens Blue Doors in the Inferno Mansion

4 - Green Key
Found: Inferno Mansion
Use: Opens Green Doors in the Inferno Mansion

5 - Precia's Shameful Secret
Bought: Rainbow Junction Shop (1, 3, 4, 6 of each)
Use: Four increasingly embarrassing photos of Precia.  You must talk to
Precia with one in your inventory to get it taken away before you can
get the next one.

6 - Rainbow Elder's Medal
Bought: Rainbow Junction Shop (8 of each)
Use: Unlocks "Mokona's Home" and "Outtakes" selections at the main menu
if you finish a game with this in your inventory.  Future games will
always have this item in your inventory unless you delete the save
information from the internal RAM of your Saturn.

7 - Black Diary
Bought: Rainbow Junction Shop (7 of each)
Use: This is Innova's diary, much like the diaries each of your
characters keeps.

Bottom Row:
8 - Magic Potion
Location: Many
Use: Restores all party members to full magic.  You can only carry one
at a time.

9 - Twilight Medallion
Found: West of the Lake
Use: Inserted into the holder on the central island of Lekuido to summon
the Turtle Boss

10 - Sunrise Medallion
Found: East of the Lake
Use: Inserted into the holder on the central island of Lekuido to summon
the Turtle Boss

11 - Athena's Elixir
Found: Hospital at the Tree of Life at Lairy
Use: Used to help Rafarga recover his memory after his fall from the Sky

12 - Magic Recovery Ring
Bought: Rainbow Junction Shop (5 of each)
Use: When standing still, your party's MP will slowly recharge

13 - 'PuPu' Slippers
Bought: Rainbow Junction Shop (2 of each)
Use: Make "Puu" noises as you walk.  This has no effect on gameplay.

14 - Escape Gem
Bought: Rainbow Junction Shop (3 of each)
Use: Teleports the party to the entrance of a dungeon

Other Items:

Heart Jewel
Found: Many
Use: Give one character +1 HP and heal that character

Magic Jewel
Found: Many
Use: Give one character +1 MP and fill that character's MP.

Rainbow Amulets
Found: Many
Use: Collect them to use at the Rainbow Junction Shop for powerful or 
amusing items.

8.0 - Rainbow Amulets

There are 56 Rainbow Amulets in the game, eight each of seven colors:
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple.  They can be
exchanged at the Rainbow Junction Shop for powerful or amusing items,
which are described in the Items section.  Buying an item at the Shop
does not take Amulets away from you, so you can eventually purchase
everything in the shop.  The Walkthrough section has detailed
instructions on how to get all 56 Amulets.

The Rainbow Junction Shop itself is accessible from four places: Polizu,
Rosen, Lairy, and the Whispering Woods. (for Polizu's entrance, you need
to know how to swim first)

Amulet count for all locations (Colors are listed in the Walkthrough):
Forest of Silence:	2
Eterna:			1
Polizu Village:		3 (2 early, 1 later)
Taflon by the Sea:	2
Ice Village of Rosen:	2
Bewildering Cave:	5
Crimson Underpass:	7
Inferno at Iaye:	1
Lairy:			3
Tree of Life:		4
Lakatack Falls:		2
Waterfall's Secret Path:4
Lake Village of Lekuido:2
Aueria, the Sky Garden: 7
Heaven's Labyrinth: 	4
Whispering Woods:	1
Lair of Truth:		6

9.0 - Spells

Each character has three spells, selectable through the menu or by
rotating through them with the "Select Magic" button.

Fire Arrow
MP: 2
Attacks on a straight line in front of her, causing light fire damage to
enemies and lighting things on fire.

Flaming Shock
MP: 3
Causes moderate fire damage to the entire screen, lighting things on
fire and damaging enemies.

MP: 10
Causes extreme fire damage to the entire screen, lighting things on fire
and severely damaging enemies.

Water Dragon
MP: 2
Attacks on a straight line in front of her, causing light water damage
to enemies and extinguishing things on fire.

Blue Tornado
MP: 3
Causes moderate water damage to the entire screen, extinguishing things
on fire and damaging enemies.

Ice Arrows
MP: 3
Attacks in a circle around her, some enemies at the edge of the screen
might avoid being hit.  Causes extreme ice damage to enemies it hits.

Healing Wind
MP: 3
Heals members of your party, but not downed members.

Green Squall
MP: 2
Causes moderate wind damage to the entire screen, which can also cause
things to move.

Protective Wind
MP: 6
Protects the entire party from damage and allows the party to float over
gaps and spikes, but prevents the party from attacking.

10.0 - Shops

Shops in Cefiro are indicated by the blue gem above the door.  Shops
only carry four different items, Health Potions, Magic Potions, Heart
Jewels, and Magic Jewels.  Here's the list of shops in Cefiro and what
they carry.

Town                     | Health | Magic | Heart | MJewel |
Polizu Village           |  200   |  100  |  N/A  |  N/A   |
Taflon by the Sea        |  200   |  100  |  N/A  |  N/A   |
Ice Village of Rosen     |  200   |  100  |  N/A  |  N/A   |
Tree of Life at Lairy    |  200   |  100  |  500  |  N/A   |
Lake Village of Lekuido  |  200   |  100  |  N/A  |  N/A   |
Aueria, the Sky Garden   |  200   |  100  |  N/A  |  700   |

11.0 - Fortune Tellers

If you're stuck, fortune tellers offer cryptic advice on what to do next
in your quest for a price.  Visit any of the blue tents to see a fortune
teller.  You have a choice of looking at the Moon Book for 5 gems or the
Sun Book for 20 gems.  The Sun Book offers slightly more detailed
information, but costs four times as much as the Moon Book.  Like the
Fortune Tellers in the Zelda games, I found little use for these shops,
especially given the linear nature of the game.

12.0 - Movie Dialogue

For those of you that are hard of hearing, or just want a text version
of the dialogue in the in-game movies, here you go.

Emerald: This land, this place... The dark tide must be quelled.  I must
call them.

Emerald calls the Knights:
Emerald: Magic Knights, I summon thee.

Hikaru: Where are we?

Fuu: My mother said I blew in on a breeze, so I became known as Fuu,
which means "wind."

Umi: My friends call me Umi.  I'm 14, in the 8th grade.

Hikaru: What a coincidence, I'm 14, too!  My name's Hikaru.

Clef's Entrance:
Clef: Emerald must have made some kind of mistake.  You can't be the
legendary Magic Knights.  You're just bumbling children.

Zagat sends Alcione:
Zagat: Alcione.

Alcione: Yes, Master Zagat.

Zagat: The time has come for a little... child abuse.

Alcione: Mmmm.... My pleasure, Zagat.

Hikaru casts Fire Arrow:
Hikaru: Fire Arrow... Blast!

Alcione screams.

Precia's entrance:
Precia: Magic Knights, it is my duty to welcome you here.  Oh, and by
the way, my name is Precia.  I'm the Senior Commander here on Cefiro.

Ferio's Entrance:
Ferio: Well, what do you know?  Just girls.

Fuu attacked by Alcione:
Hikaru & Umi: Look out!

Ferio: Fuu, get down!

Alcione: Summon Ice Daggers!

Fuu: You saved my life...

Umi casting Water Dragon:
Umi: Water.... Dragon!

Fuu casting Healing Wind:
Fuu: Summon... Healing Wind!

Ferio Kisses Fuu's Hand:
Ferio: I'm in your debt:

Umi: Wah!

Receiving the Escudo:
Hikaru: Look at that!  I had no idea Escudo would be so beautiful.

Ascot's Entrance:
Ascot: This'll be fun!

Apologizing to Sera:
Umi: I'm so sorry... We really did try our best to save your-

Revival of Ceres:
No dialogue

Caldina's Entrance:
Caldina: I think I've earned a shot at doing away with those three
brats.  And then, after I've returned victorious, we can talk about

Zagat: It would please me if you were to end this circus.  You're free
to try.

Caldina: You won't be disappointed.

Ascot: Caldina!

Rafarga's Entrance:
Hikaru: Wow...

Rafarga: Well, what do we have here?  My name is Rafarga, is there
something I can do for you?

Caldina's Death:
Hikaru: Caldina, you can join us... if you want.

Caldina: Dammit, how is this possible?

Hikaru: Caldina, listen.  We could become really great friends.  I know
there's good in you.

Caldina: Ah!

Hikaru: Oh my god! No!

Fuu: Did you see who did that?

Umi: It was *him*!  Identify yourself!

Innova: I am the right hand of Sage Master Zagat, Innova.

Hikaru: Murderer!  Why did you have to kill her?

Innova: Her time had... run out.  She had become a liability.  Simple as

Hikaru: You bastard!  You'll PAY!  Fire Arrow... Blast!

Innova: How very delightful.  I have witnessed the power of the Magic

Hikaru: He's alive?

Innova: Yes, and that's quite unfortunate for you.

Hikaru: Ascot... Caldina... Aaaahhhhh!

Turtle Taking Off:
No dialogue.

Rafarga Under Mind Control:
Alcione: What?  Who are you?

Hikaru: Rafarga!

Alcione: Curses!  Rafarga... If you want this ragged urchin back alive,
give me your Escudo weapons!

Umi: You hag!

Rafarga: She's right!  You are a warrior without honor!

Alcione: True enough.  But I still demand your Escudo weapons in
exchange for this filthy waif.

Hikaru: You win.

Alcione: Huh.  That's more like it.

Rafarga: Aahhhhh... Hah!  I don't like your manner, witch.

Alcione: Who are you?

Rafarga: There's honor only in a fair fight.

Alcione: That's it!  You're under mind control from Zagat!

Hikaru: Rafarga, you saved us!

Rafarga: Pick up your weapons!  Time to die.

Hikaru breaks through to Rafarga:
Rafarga: Hikaru!  Aaah!  What's wrong with my head?

Hikaru: Rafarga?  Rafarga!

Umi: Hikaru?  Get away from the edge!

Alcione:  Humph.  Bye-bye, Rafarga.

Revival of Windham:
No dialogue.

Alcione Attacks Rafarga:
Alcione: Time to say goodbye, Rafarga!  Ha ha ha ha!  Huh? Bull...

Innova Kills Rafarga:
Innova: Hmph.  I have grown tired of this charade.  Say goodbye.

Hikaru: Rafarga! Nooooo!  You... you murdered him in cold blood!  You're

Umi: What is she doing?

Innova: It seems as if your power has unexpectedly increased.

Umi: Hikaru! Hikaru!

Rafarga: Sorry to be so much trouble, Hikaru.  I didn't mean for it to
turn out like this.

Hikaru: Rafarga!  You have to hold on!  Rafarga!

Fuu: You must lie still.

Umi: Please don't die.

Rafarga: You must save dear Princess Emerald.  It's your destiny.

Hikaru: Nooooooo!!

Alcione: Master Zagat... My life runs from me and yet... you entertain
another.  Farewell, my love...

Volcano Erupting:
No dialogue.

Alcione's Bleeding Appearance:
Umi: Alcione!

Revival of Rayearth:
No dialogue.

Innova Asks to be Returned to His True Form:
Zagat: Innova, in times past, you have served as guardian and gatekeeper
of Emerald's castle.

Innova: Yes... But I have nothing apart from your nourishing grace.

Zagat: If you choose to return to your beastly form as gatekeeper, you
shall never be able to return to this present form again.  Your wisdom
and beauty will perish!

Innova: A fitting price, my liege.  Time spent in your service is the
reward of a thousand lifetimes, sire.  Don't you see?  Only by
destroying those that seek to thwart your glorious plan can I fulfill my
destiny, lord.  I beg for your blessing, sire.

Zagat: Innova...

Innova Revealing His True Form:
Hikaru: Oh my god!  What is that thing?

Innova: Behold your executioner!

Reviving the Machines:
Fuu: Windham!

Umi: Ceres!

Hikaru: Rayearth!

Sky Shattering:
No dialogue.

Boarding the Machines:
No dialogue.

Confronting Zagat:
Hikaru: If you won't accept defeat, we shall crush you completely!

Fuu: Windham!

Umi: Ceres!

Hikaru: Rayearth!

Zagat's Defeat:
Zagat: You must forgive me, dear Emerald...

Clef Explains the Story:
Clef: Because Princess Emerald loved Zagat deeply, she placed Cefiro at
risk of complete annihilation.  Knowing she had betrayed a sacred trust,
Emerald felt ashamed and sought to punish herself.  She therefore
summoned you, the Magic Knights, from your world.  Because only ones
called from outside her domain could defeat Princess Emerald, the
cornerstone of Cefiro.

Emerald Summons her Machine:
Emerald: I can never forgive those who have slain my one true love.
Your fate has been sealed!

Merging of the Machines:
Mokona: Pupupuu!

Hikaru: Mokona, get out of here!  It's too dangerous!

Fuu: Clef, how will we ever defeat Emerald's Machine?  It's too

Clef: Magic Knights, don't worry!  Now is the time to unleash the power
you have nurtured since your arrival in Cefiro!  Demonstrate the power
of your fierce will and conviction.  If you believe in yourselves, the
strength of your Machines can overcome any and all obstacles in your
path.  Call forth your power, Magic Knights!

Umi: The power of our will...

Fuu: The power to save Cefiro...

Hikaru: We will have the strength to finish our mission.

Mokona: Pupu PuPuuuu!

Clef: Excellent work, fair Magic Knights!

Hikaru: But Clef, have we really done the right thing? I mean...

Clef: Don't despair.  For you see, the outcome is exactly as Emerald had
planned.  And at last, your destiny is fulfilled.

Hikaru: Princess Emerald...

Emerald: Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu... You have fulfilled all that was asked
of you.  Remember this:  no matter where you go, the strength of your
mind and spirit is the most powerful magic of all.

Hikaru: But Emerald... Wait!

13.0 - Credits and Version History

v1.0 - Initial Release (September 2003)

Thanks to Alatore's (Jordan Coe) Rainbow Amulet Guide, which helped me find
those last few Amulets that I was missing.

Also thanks to Jingai's (Jon Lain) walkthrough, which got me through the game
the first few times I played.

Copyright 2003 by LantisEscudo (Michael Montanye)

This file is archived at www.gamefaqs.com.  This walkthrough may be freely
distributed as long as the copyright remains and the walkthough is not altered.