Rainbow Amulet Guide by JCoe

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I. Rainbow Amulet Locations
II. Items that can be bought at Rainbow Junction Shop

Rainbow Amulet Guide   
By: Alatore (Jordan Coe)
Version: 2.0
Last Updated: 1.9.99
     |\                                    /|     |        /        |\                   
     |  \                                /  |     |      /          |  \                   
     |    \                            /    |     |    /            |    \               
     |      \                        /      |     |  /              |    /               
     |        \                    /        |     |/                |  /            
     |          \                /          |     |\                |/\               
     |            \            /            |     |  \              |   \
     |              \        /              |     |    \            |     \
     |                \    /                |     |      \          |       \
     |                  \/                  |     |        \        |         

This is a guide that I made that lists the locations of all 56 of the Rainbow 
Amulets in Magic Knight Rayearth for the Sega Saturn system(American version). 
I did not get this information from other guides, I simply found them all on 
my own. To tell you the truth, I have never even taken a glance at a Rainbow 
Amulet guide. There are 7 types of amulets; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, 
indigo, and purple. There are eight amulets for every color. So therefore, 
there are 56 in total. If you find all of the amulets, you get to hear the 
outtakes of the game. Which are the mistakes that the voice actors made.  You 
also get a menu called Mokona's Home, there you can here all of the music from 
the game.  Well, have fun!!!

Note: There are no amulets in dungeons that you cannot go back to later in the 
game.  For instance, the island of ice in Taflon by the Sea, the Eastern and 
Western woodlands in the the lake town, and the Tempting Cave in Polizu.  
These dungeons contain no amulets, because they get destroyed right after, or 
later in the game.  So if you are in the middle of the game, DO NOT WORRY 
about starting the game over, you don't have to.  If you think you missed an 
amulet in one of the dungeons I just mentioned,do not worry, you didn't.

SPOILER WARNING: For those of you who have not played this game, or for ones 
who have not beaten it yet with the Rainbow Amulets. The text below may spoil 
the fun for you!

Each amulet is assorted by the general location of them.



Forest of Silence
Purple: Near spinning arrow.
Red: Near spinning arrow.
Yellow: At the foot of the rocky ledge just before entering the Spring of 

Polizu Village
Blue: Blue flower on the ground to the right of the door way of the mayor's 
Orange: Orange flower outside and to the left of Lukino's house.
Blue: After volcano erupts, talk to boy with green hair near the path that 
leads to the volcano.

Taflon by the Sea
Green: Flower next to palm tree on left side of town.
Purple: You must have the instant dash technique to get this. Break weak wall 
on the right side of town. While in this room, break the other wall and walk 
to the left. You wind up in the back of the item shop. Talk to the little 

Whispering Woods
Green: Top right corner of small garden behind house.

Blue: Frozen plant next to the two houses that are connected in the south east 
part of town.
Red: Walk directly under green bridge and head north through the secret 
passage. Work your way through until you get to a house. Go in and talk to the 
woman. Then, search the fire place.

Bewildering Cave(mine in Rosen)
Yellow: From entrance, go all the way right and then head up. Jump over gap 
and open chest.
Orange: Where all of the tracks intersect, take the one going southeast. Take 
the elevator down and open chest.
Blue: Where all of the tracks intersect, head up the north one and ride 
elevator down. Open chest.
Green: Where the tracks intersect, head down the northwest one. Take first 
turn going down, and then go down again. Take elevator down and open chest.
Indigo: Jump into the water and search the right wall to find a secret 
passage. Open chest.

Crimson Underpass(cave going to laye)
Red: Room with three puddles of lava(non monsters).
Orange: Room with one lava monster. Break through boulder and open chest.
Indigo: Also in that same room, there is a piece of land to the south of the 
chest. Use Fuu's Protective Shield to hover over to it.
Yellow: Room with three lava monsters. The chest is behind on of the monsters.
Green: Room with two lava monsters and four breakable blocks. northeastern 
part of room.
Indigo: Room with two lava monsters and a hole in the middle of the floor. 
Chest is in the northwestern part of room.
Purple: Room with one lava monster and stairs leading to exit. Chest is in the 
west side of room.

Inferno at Laye
Red: After rescuing boy in burning house, talk to his mother.

Lairy(hostpital town)
Red: Search the southern side of the rainbow colored street light, right 
outside of the item shop.
Green: Search the norhtern side of the rainbow street light just outside of 
the fortune teller's
Blue: Search the blue street light next to the blue building.

Tree of Life
Orange: Second floor, its hard to miss.
Purple: Third floor, jump down through hole on fourth floor.
Yellow: Left branch on sixth floor.
Indigo: Right branch, second floor from the top.

Lakatack Falls
Blue: The little spring near the bottom of the waterfall.
Purple: Bottom of water fall, there are three pots. Inspect top one.

Cave Behind Waterfall
Yellow: On the left side of one room, there is a puzzle. After you solve it, 
you get an amulet. here is how to solve to puzzle. I am trying to explain this 
to the best of my ability.
1. Push ball in upper right hand corner, into the ball on the left. 
2. Push lower right hand corner block to where it aligns with the switch, and 
push it into the "spike things". 
3. Push lower left hand corner block so that the north side of it aligns with 
the southern side of the switch.
4. Push upper left hand corner ball into the block below it. Then push ball 
towards the block that it in the "spikes".
5. Push block into spikes and roll other ball into it. Then, push ball towards 
switch. The door opens.
Red: On the left side of one room, there is a narrow passage with "spikes" on 
the floor. Use Fuu's Protective Shield spell to float to the other side.
Orange: While in the room with the appearing floor panels, work your way to 
the northwest room.
Indigo: North side of the room with appearing floor panels.

Lekuido(lake town)
Yellow: Inspect bench.
Green: Inspect tree in the upper right hand corner of the town. 

Aueria(sky garden)
Blue: Spring to the right of the inn.
Indigo: Spring to the left of the inn.
Green: Tree in the northwestern part of town.
Red: Red flower, close to the statue of the woman.
Yellow: Yellow flower, close to the statue of the woman.
Purple: Inspect the space between the two buildings in the northwest part of 
Orange: Talk to boy behind the two buildings in the northwestern part of town.

Heaven's Labyrinth
Indigo: South part of room, jump off moving platform to other side.
Orange: Room where mirror is. North side.
Purple: Chest is sitting on edge of cliff. Room has one of those flying 
monsters that drops orange balls.
Yellow: The northeast corner of the room you go into after the entrance. The 
chest is next to one of those cyclops monsters. You can use the Protective 
shield or you can go the long way to get to it.

Lair of Truth(volcano)
Orange: Chest to the right of the entrance. Next to a couple of those 
Purple: Left of the entrance.
Red: First room, far right on bridge.
Blue: The room that has the short flight of stairs going up to a platfrom 
where monsters pop out of boulders. Go across this platform and go down stairs 
to the left. Go through doorway the right.
Green: Part where lots of flamming rocks fall down. Near fountain.
Indigo: In room with teleporters. Take first teleporter you see. Get on the 
moving platforms and jump to the next teleporter. Keep going left and into the 
next teleporter. Then head left through "secret wall".


Items that you can buy at the Rainbow Junction Shop

In this game, there is a shop that is called the Rainbow Junction Shop. Here, 
you can purchase items with your amulets that you cannot get with gemstones.
Precia's Shamefull Secret: This is an embarrassing photo of Precia. There are 
four all together. Each one has a different design. In order to see the 
others, simply show the first one to Precia and then go back to the shop. They 
will have Precia's Shamefull Secret #2. And then so on and so on.
First picture Cost: 1 amulet of each color.
Second picture Cost: 3 amulets of each color.
Third picture Cost: 4 amulets of each color.
Fourth picture Cost: 6 amulets of each color.

PuPuu Shoes: They make Mokona's sound when you walk in them. Cost: 2 amulets 
of each color.

Escape Gem: Use this to return to the entrance of a dungeon. Cost: 3 amulets 
of each color.

Magic Recovery Ring: This enables your magic to recover while you stand still. 
Cost: 5 amulets of each color.

Black Diary: This is a diary written by Zagat's righthand man, Innova. Cost: 7 
amulets of each color.

Final Wish: On the counter, there is a space which looks like an item should 
be there. Inspect that area and it turns out, that item is basically the way 
to get the outtakes.  The Rainbow Elder gives you the Rainbow Elder Pendant, 
and after you beat the game, you get the outtakes and Mokona's Home. Cost: 8 
amulets of each color.

I hoped this helped you all.  If you have any questions or comments, please 
send them to alatore@aol.com 
This document Copyright 1998, Alatore (Jordan Coe)
This document shall not be reproduced for comercial use or sale by anyone or 
by any means. Permission must granted to ones wanting to do so by me. 
Permission also must be granted to ones copying this document on to their own