Evil Ryu by JCulbert

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 01/01/70 | Printable Version

EVIL RYU Character Guide version 1.5
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SATURN)
By John "CUL" Culbert (tigeraid@geocities.com)


Well, I only really liked Akuma for the Raging Demon and his combo-ability.
However, I find Evil Ryu is even better than Akuma! He has an easier Super
Fireball, the mega damage Vacuum Hurricane, and of course, the Raging Demon!

To play as "Evil" Ryu, highlight Ryu in the Arcade mode, and PRESS Start. 
After releasing Start, quickly move to Adon, Akuma, back to Adon and then 
back to Ryu (Right, Up, Down, Left)--once back on Ryu, press and hold Start 
and hit any button. You'll know you've got the code right if Ryu appears 
darker. NOTE: this code also works on the arcade version. :)

Version Updates:

-just corrected sac-throw section
-comment on bufferable S.Forward

   D-PAD        | .-----------Strong
                | | .---------Fierce
   U/B U U/F    | | |
      \|/       | | |
    B--o--F     | | |
      /|\       O O O
   D/B D D/F    O O O
                | | |
                | | |
                | | |
                | | ----------Roundhouse
                | ------------Forward

QCT= Quarter Circle Toward (roll the joystick from D to F)
QCB= Quarter Circle Back (roll the joystick from D to B)
HCT= Half Circle Toward (roll the joystick from B to D to F)
HCB= Half Circle Back (roll the joystick from F to D to B)
 + = enter commands simultainiously
 N  = Neutral (return D-Pad to center)
 C. = Crouching
 S. = Standing
 J. = Jumping
 CU.= Cross-up (jump over opponent and hit back of neck with attack)
(Note: the graphical legend applies to default arcade settings; the Saturn or
 other platform systems can be set up in many different ways)

Some Short Forms Used in This FAQ:

SF2= Street Fighter II: the World Warrior (may also refer to it as Classic)
SF2CE= Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (may just be CE)
SF2T= Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
SSF2= Super Street Fighter II: the New Challengers
SSF2T= Super Street Fighter II Turbo (may refer to it as Super Turbo)
SFA= Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams
SFA2= Street Fighter Alpha II
L1, L2, L3= Alpha Meter levels
DP= Dragon Punch- can be referring to Ryu's, Ken's, or Akuma's Special move, 
                  or to the similiar joystick/D-Pad motion (F, D, D/F)
HK= Hurricane Kick- can be referring to Ryu's, Ken's or Akuma's Special Move,
                    or to the similiar motion (QCB+any kick)
FB= Fireball- can be referring to Special Move possessed by many characters,
              or to the similiar motion (QCT+any punch)
SC= Super Combo- pertaining to Super Combos from SSF2T or SFA2
CC= Custom Combo- pertaining to Custom Combos from SFA2
FK= Flash Kick- Guile's and Charlie's move, or similiar motion (charge D, 
                U+any kick)
SB= Sonic Boom- Guile's and Charlie's move, or similiar motion (charge B, 
                F+any punch)
HHS= Hundred Hands Slap- pertaining to E. Honda's Special Move (tap any punch
YF= Yoga Flame- pertaining to Dhalsim's Special Move or similiar motion 
                (HCT+any punch)
SBK= Spinning Bird Kick- pertaining to Chun Li's pattened move (charge D, 
                         U+any kick)
TAP= Turn-Around Punch- pertaining to Balrog's pattened move (charge all 3
                        punches or kicks, release)
TU= Tiger Uppercut- pertaining to Sagat's pattened move (F, D, D/F+any punch)
TK= Tiger Knee- pertaining to Sagat Pattened move (QCT, U/F+any kick or 
                F, D, D/F+any kick in SFA2)
SPD= Spinning Pileriver- Zangief's pattened move, or similiar motion (roll
                         360 degrees)
FAB= Final Atomic Buster- Zangief's SC



A Throw or Grab (including Special Move Throws, eg. Zangief's SPD) must be 
done right up close, and are unblockable; they can only be avoided. For 
grabs, repeatedly tap the button used and shake the joystick or D-Pad to make 
the repeated hits last longer. Do the same thing if you are caught in a grab 
to escape early. Evil Ryu has two Throws.


To taunt or tease your opponent with Evil Ryu, press the button you 
designated as "Chouhatsu" in the controller config screen (I recommend L if 
you use it at all, though it's better to have all three punches or kicks on 
the trigger buttons). Note that taunts cannot be stopped, and you are totally 
vulnerable, so choose where to do it wisely. With the exception of Dan, 
Taunts can only be done once per round.


In SFA2 the Throw soften was renamed the "tech hit", and it was given a 
little more freedom. To perform a tech hit, hold B or F and hit Strong or 
Fierce just as the opponent grabs you; in SFA2, you can now escape ALL 
regular Throws, including presses and grabs! It is still impossible to tech 
hit Special Move Throws (eg. Birdie's Bandit Chain).


This is a technique used in 90% of all fighting games out today. To buffer
means to do the motions of one move while the animations of another move
are still being performed. I will use Evil Ryu's 4 hit combo as a model:

-C.Strong buffered into Fierce Dragon Punch

This combo can be done either of two ways for it to count as a true combo:

a) hit D+Strong, then F, D, D/F+Fierce

b) F, D+Strong, D/F+Fierce

Both cases have their advantages. A is much easier to time and more
difficult to screw up, but you must have FAST fingers. The second can be
confusing, but EXTREMELY effective if you can get the timing off. Just
remember that the idea is to pull off the DP BEFORE the Strong Punch is 
finished its animations ("cancelling" the animation.)

Eg. 2- (same button buffering)

-crouching Forward buffered into Forward HK

a) hold D and hit Forward, QCB+Forward

b) hold D and hit Forward, D/B, B+Forward

c) hold D and press and HOLD Forward, D/B, B, release Forward

The latter is MUCH easier to time and requires less button presses. But in
that case the D-Pad motions have to be done faster, but it is easy to get
used to. I personally use b.


At the bottom of the screen there is a meter called the Alpha Meter. This 
fills up when a) Evil Ryu is hit by the opponent with any attack, or he hits 
them with any attack, b) using any Special move or c) hitting any Fierce or 
Roundhouse. When the meter begins to flash it's outline, Evil Ryu is cabable 
of a level 1 Super Combo. If you continue to build his meter to level 2, Evil 
Ryu's cabable of a level 2 Super Combo. A level 2 Super of Evil Ryu's must be 
done with TWO buttons (for example, Evil Ryu's Violent Dragon is done QCT, 
QCT+any kick; to perform a level two, do the same motion with TWO kicks). 
When the meter fills to level 3, Evil Ryu is cabable of his most powerful 
Super Combos. These must be done with all THREE buttons. NOTE: I only list 
the SCs with one punch or one kick; to perform their level 2 and 3, 
substitute 2 and 3 punches or kicks...


Each Super Combo is a powerful attack that can be powered up to three 
different levels. You will know a character has executed a Super Combo 
because the screen will grow dark for a moment as they gather "chi" (spirit),
and the game will pause for a second.
If you finish your opponent with an SC of Evil Ryu's, the screen will flash 
brightly. NOTE: If you finish the enemy with a Raging Demon, you get a 
special screen...


Immediately after blocking an opponent's attack, Evil Ryu can immediately 
retaliate with an Alpha Counter. To do this, perform the motion B, D/B, D,
and any punch or kick; a kick will perform a counter for ground attacks, and    
punch will counter air attacks (in most cases) Note: you need at LEAST a 
level 1 Alpha Meter to do one.


To block an oncoming attack, hold in the opposite direction. To block a low 
attack (i.e. the enemy hits low), hold D/B to crouch and block. In addition 
to blocking on the ground, it is possible in Alpha 2 to block attacks in the 
air. Attacks that cannot be blocked include most DPs, Super Combos, and 
ground-based uppercut attacks (eg. Rolento's S.Strong, or Chun Li's 


In addition to any jumping attack, there is an attack, introduced in SFA
(actually, back in SSF2T with Ryu's), that can hit ducking, blocking 
opponents. Evil Ryu's Overhead Strike is explained further on.


To avoid a lot of meaty attacks, Capcom added a roll to every fighter's 
repitiore. By rolling from B to D in one motion and hitting punch just as you 
land from a knockdown, Evil Ryu will roll forward along the ground to a 
standing position. You will not lessen any damage taken, but you can avoid 
meaty attacks in this fashion. Bear in mind that because of this added 
technique, meaty attacks are more difficult to cheese with in Alpha 2; if you 
are close enough to an opponent when you knock them down, wait a split second 
to see if they'll roll, then start your meaty tactic. (SEE RAGING DEMON 


Replacing Chain Combos from SFA, Custom combos allow you to chain ALL normal 
moves and even SPECIAL MOVES together into combos (it speeds the move up so 
their recovery is faster and you can throw another one emmediately). To 
perform a CC, you must first fill the Alpha meter at the bottom of the 
screen, then activate the CC with any two punches+any kick. Evil Ryu will get 
blue shadows behind him. A time meter will appear right above the Alpha 
Meter; depending on how much Alpha Meter energy you have when you initiate 
the CC, the timer will count down for a period of time. Once the CC is 
activated, Evil Ryu will slide forward and CANNOT be stopped until you 
attack. If you activate the CC in the air, he will fall at a normal rate, 
then start sliding forward. You CANNOT stop a CC once it is activated, and 
even if the opponent switches sides with you (i.e. jumps over you, or 
teleports), you will keep going in the same direction. BTW, the CCs I have 
listed to help out require a level 3. It is my opinion that this is the only 
time worth doing CCs, if at all...


The definition of a tick is basically this; a tick is an attack that, if you 
connect with it, you can go into a combo of your choice, and if blocked, you 
will recover in time to throw another attack before your opponent can; but, 
note that they also recover from their blocking animations at relatively the 
same time, so they will also be able to block the follow-up. But, since 
Throws are unblockable, you can nail them with a Throw! 
This tactic has been refined by many players, and in SF2: the World Warrior, 
Guile had the ability to Throw a Jab, and if blocked he could Throw 
emmediately (this was remedied in the later version--still possible, though,
but can be avoided quickly) This tactic was used to win a popular SF2 
tournament in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and ticks were to forever be 
considered extremely cheesy by anyone who loses (in some arcades they have 
gone so far as to BAN ticks!). If, however, the people you play against are 
okay with ticks, they are great in Evil Ryu's up-close game.
For example, if you are up close throw a crouching Short--if it connects, you
can buffer into a Fireball or Violent Dragon, and if blocked, immediately 
hold forward and Throw! It is possible to avoid, especially if they AC, but 
still quite difficult--works great on human opponents who are less 
experienced. Also note that Evil Ryu can tick with the Raging Demon! (See
Raging Demon section).


When a fighter is knocked down, there is a small window of opportunity for 
them to get up faster and attack at the same time (about 1/60 of a second). 
If a move is performed during this time, it becomes almost totally 
invulnerable unless the opponent is able to connect with a meaty attack first 
(see below.) Evil Ryu's reversal is good if the opponent jumps in as you are
getting up--simply throw out a DP just as you get up!


A meaty attack allows you to hit an opponent who is recovering from a 
knockdown (i.e. getting up) without them connecting with a reversal move (see
above); for example, normally it is possible for Ken and Ryu to do a DP JUST 
as they begin to rise, and it can surprise many enemies. But, using a A VERY
WELL-TIMED meaty attack will prevent them from doing that, even more so in 
SFA2 with their altered, vulnerable DPs. I'm not sure about the exact timing 
of a meaty attack, but I do know it has to be what I refer to as a "constant" 
attack, in other words an attack that is thrown without stopping and 
withdrawn without stopping; fireballs will not work as meaty attacks because 
they flicker in and out as they fly, and the opponent will be able to block 
them as they rise. Basically, you have to use good timing for it to connect
just as they get up. If you connect with a meaty attack you can perform 
combos you cannot normally perform, because the stun put on the opponent when 
hit is longer than normal. (See Raging Demon section).


"Sac-Throwing" (short for sacrifice Throwing) put in loose terms is 
countering with Throws. In previous versions, I included blocking and 
Throwing, as well as Throwing the enemy from a missed attack in this 
section. However, as one of my replies to FAQs pointed out, a sac-throw
is ONLY considered a true sac-throw when you have been HIT, then throw the
enemy while they are still in their recovery frames. My explanation was a 
little clouded, sorry for the mix-up. As far as blocking and Throwing, or
Throwing a missed attack, I suppose these are just "Counter-Throws".



Evil Ryu is supposedly the evil incarnation of Ryu after he finds the big
power that Akuma speaks of in his ending.


Same as regular Ryu's, I believe. 

Background: never noticed, since I know of no way to play against a CPU Evil
Mid-boss: Sakura
End-Boss: Akuma
Taunt: adjusts his hand guards
Win Pose #1: He raises his fist in the air.
Win Pose #2: folds his arms and turns away
Win Pose #3: sameas above, but you see a leaf blow in the wind at his legs


-Fireball (Hadouken):                    QCT+any punch
-Dragon Punch (Shoryuken):               F, D, D/F+any punch
-Hurricane Kick (Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku): QCB+any kick (A)
-Collarbone Breaker (Sakotsu Wari):      F+Strong (Overhead Strike)
-Spin Kick (Senpuu Kyaku):               F+Forward
-Fake Fireball:                          QCT+"Chouhatsu"
-Shoulder Toss (Ippon Seoi Nage):        F or B+Fierce or Strong (close)
-Stomach Throw (Tomoe Nage):             F or B+Forward or Roundhouse (close)
-Ashura Warp (In front, close):          B, D, D/B+all three punches 
-Ashura Warp (In front, far):            B, D, D/B+all three kicks
-Ashura Warp (Behind, close):            F, D, D/F+all three punches
-Ashura Warp (Behind, far):              F, D, D/F+all three kicks 
-Punch AC (Gou-Shoryuken):               B, D/B, D+any punch (after block)
-Kick AC (Roundhouse Sweep):             B, D/B, D+any kick (after block)         
Super Moves:                                                 

-Great Dragon Slaughterer (Messatsu Goushoryu):    QCT, QCT+any kick
 L1- 4 hits L2- 6 hits L3- 8 hits
-Vacuum Fireball (Shinkuu Hadouken):               QCT, QCT+any punch
 L1-3 hits L2-4 hits L3-5 hits
-Vacuum Hurricane (Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku): QCB, QCB+any kick
 L1-5 hits L2-9 hits L3-13 hits
-Raging Demon (Shun Gokusatsu):                    Jab, Jab, F, Short, 
 L3 only                                           Fierce

NOTE: I will refer to the "Great Dragon Slaughterer" simply as Violent Dragon
      so I don't have to keep typing that. ;-)




When standing or crouching Evil Ryu throws a quick punch--fast with good 
priority over standing attacks; when in close and the opponent is fast on the 
attack, use lots of these crouching and standing to be safe; if one or two 
connect, quickly buffer into a FB, Dragon Punch or SC for a quick and easy
combo. The Jabs have no range, but can also act quite well as ticks. See
Raging Demon section for more info.


The S.Short is pretty much useless except to set up the Raging Demon (see
Raging Demon section), but the C.Short is the dreaded ticking kick for Ryu 
and Ken (and also Akuma and Evil Ryu), famous for its ticking ability since 
the original SF2. Very good for ticks, though not as much as in previous 
games, fast and has excellent recovery.


S.Strong gives a short Side Uppercut (like Ryu's close Fierce from SF2), and 
the crouching version is a simple crouching straight punch. The S.Strong is
a decent air counter, and either way, both are important to doing good combos
(see combos).


The S.Forward is a 2-hit Axe Kick, like Ken/Ryu's up close S.Roundhouse from
ol' SF2. No big deal, decent air counter, looks cool. The first hit can be
buffered, BTW.
The C.Forward is a great crouching attack, with awesome range, and always
bufferable. Good from a few steps or up close, but some standing kicks or
hopping attacks can take priority over it. Whenever it connects, buffer into
at least a FB, or best with the Violent Dragon.


The S.Fierce is now totally useless; it used to be bufferable for the other
Shotoken fighters, but that was its only redeaming quality. It is no longer 
bufferable, it's slow and can be ducked. Stay away from it. The C.Fierce, on 
the other hand, makes quite a good air counter and is his most powerful 
bufferable attack. Once mastered in combos it can do mean damage. As an air 
counter I would personally prefer the Jab DP, but some may find the C.Fierce 
uppercut easier or more desirable.


The S.Roundhouse is regular Ryu's same 'ol crescent rkick, a decent air
counter but otherwise dangerous because of it speed, and it can be ducked.
C.Roundhouse is the same ol' sweep, decent speed and decent range, but can
be taken out by some high-priority moves.

Jumping Attacks-

Evil Ryu is quite good in the jump-in department, though he lacks a tad in
air-to-air combat. The three attacks you need to worry about are J.Fierce,
J.Roundhouse and J.Forward. J.Fierce is the easiest attack to combo from,
because if it connects you land right in front of the opponent. However, its
range is limited so make sure only to use it from as close as possible. The
J.Roundhouse is a longer-ranged version of the J.Fierce, but since it is, you
may end up jumping in from too far, hitting with it, then going into a combo 
which will miss. So, unless you jump in nice and close with it, you should
always follow it with a C.Forward buffered into a FB. The J.Forward is the
best CU attack in Evil Ryu's arsenal. So if you jump over the opponent and 
cross them up fairly close, it's sure to connect--after that, you're 
guarenteed a combo. 
Also of note his J.Strong--this performs a 2-hit uppercut in mid-air which
has great priority over jumping attacks (almost as much as an air HK!) and
does good damage. If you jump in high enough so you connect with their head,
this is a powerful jump-in.




(Evil Ryu rears back, then thrusts his hands forward and throws a ball of 
 flame forward)

Evil Ryu's FB is identical to Akuma's and therefore regular Ryu's. It's speed
is unmatched by any projectile (except regular Ryu's and Akuma's of course),
so you will do quite well in a projectile war. IMO Evil Ryu is much more 
offensively geared then regular Ryu, so I recommend not doing the same ol'
boring FB traps. Just use them in combos and in the _occasional_ keep-away.


(Evil Ryu rises into the air with a powerful uppercut)

Thankfully, Evil Ryu doesn't get regular Ryu's boring ol' single hit DP--he 
gets Akuma's 3 hit (or 2 hits with Strong, 1 with Jab). The Fierce should 
only be used in combos or in the occasional up-close battle when you're sure
it'll take 'em out. On the other hand, the JAB DRAGON PUNCH is one of the 
most important tools for Evil Ryu (or any of the other Shotokan bros.)--if
blocked it can rarely be countered (except with those stupid ACs) and it 
comes out faster than the Strong or Fierce. It is the ULTIMATE air counter,
and use it WHENEVER they jump in.
NOTE: although they say the DP for everyone is no longer invulnerable, I have
      found it occasionally goes through attacks at extremely close range;
      I have also found a similiar occurance with Zangief's FAB, which 
      although far from invulnerable, passes through a FB right up close if
      you get it out JUST at the right time.


(Evil Ryu hops and spins forward exclaiming "Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku!", hitting
 repeatedly with his legs)

The ultimate HK like Akuma's--it knocks down like Ryu's, but hits up to three
times! Use this to sail over most FBs (except Sagat's High Tiger Wave, and
Bison's Psycho Shot), and in the air it is a valuable tool for moving across 
the screen, and it takes priority over pretty much anything in the air. Other 
than that, it can leave you open to a quick counter, especially a Throw if 
blocked, and can also be countered easily if ducked, so stick with it in the 
above circumstances, or in combos. Also note that Evil Ryu, like Akuma, can 
juggle the enemy after the Short HK!


(Evil Ryu lunges forward and thrusts his fist downward)

Evil Ryu's Overhead Strike is identical to regular Ryu's, and as a whole it's
not to be used very often, unless a turtler leaves himself open for it--it is
slow coming out and can be quickly countered, and also has slow recovery.


(Ryu hops forward in a spin with a mid-level half-roundhouse)

NOT an Overhead Strike as some believe, but is actually more effective than
Evil Ryu's Collarbone Breaker. It takes good priority over low attacks by 
hopping over them, and wether it connects or is blocked it has EXCELLENT 
recovery, allowing you to quickly follow up with a Throw, or something else
(see Raging Demon section!) if you think the enemy will leave themselves open
at that time.


(Evil Ryu draws back and throws his hands forward as in his FB motion, but no 
 FB appears)

Again, because Evil Ryu is a little more offensively-geared, you won't need
this as much--its main use to coax the enemy into jumping in, and recovering
in time to DP 'em. Use it in this fashion if you wish, but IMO not often, as
it makes you look like old Ryu. :(


(Evil Ryu grabs the opponent by the arm and tosses them over his shoulder)


(Evil Ryu grabs the enemy, falls onto his back and plants his foot in their
 stomach, then shoves them off and into the air)

These Throws are not as effective as ol' Ryu's back in SF2 because of the 
decreased Throw range introduced in SFA1. Both look pretty cool, though I 
wish they would have thought up some original ones for him. Mix in the ticks 
here and there, especially the C.Short--it is a great offensive tool for 
those who think they've managed to block your onslaught.


(Evil Ryu slides across the ground, trailing shadows behind him)

Because of his lag after the teleport, one must be cautious to use it only in
certain circumstances. If you see an SC coming your way, than by all means do
so, as you may even be able to counter as you come out. Also, if the enemy is
coming at you with a move that you do not wish to block, as it may prove
deadly (i.e. tick), and you may have a chance to counter--either way, you 
made a clean get-away. DEFINETELY do NOT use it when the enemy jumps in; 
sure, you'll be nice and safe, but you just blew a very easy DP opportunity.
Also see the Raging Demon section. :)


Like everyone says, ACs ARE useless, especially Evil Ryu's. His defenses,  
like the regular Ryu, are very powerful, so there's really no need to waste
your meter on them (when you should be charging it up for a Raging Demon!)
Simply put, ACs are a waste of energy that could be spent on well deserved 
SCs, and are cheap turtler's moves.


(Evil Ryu stoops low to gather his energy, than thrusts forward with multiple 
 DPs, trailing shadows behind him)

Wee! I'm glad he's got this move! Sure, the Vacuum Hurricane may have good 
priority up close, but this has better! The HK SC can be ducked, but the
Violent Dragon will take priority over low moves, and has the potential for
the same amount of damage! On the downside, it leaves you MUCH more 
vulnerable if blocked or missed, so makes sure it connects, either in combos
or buffered into the enemy's low attack. This also goes through projectiles
with ease, so use this on FBs from fairly close, and the Super FB from a 
little further if you don't think the Violent Dragon will connect. That's
versitility! BTW, don't use this on a jumping opponent, as you'll only get a 
couple of hits, and the damage is pitiful in this case.


(Evil Ryu rears back and releases a large ball of flaming energy)

This has been slowed down slightly (as is regular Ryu's) from SFA1. It still
deals with FBs rather well from mid-range, but you can forget whipping off
the Shinkuu Hadouken from full screen and hitting an enemy out of their
projectile, except maybe Rose and Sagat, with their bad recovery. Still, it
is best used in this case, or to nail an offensive opponent when you are
unsure if they can block or not; other SCs will leave you too open to take
the chance of them blocking (except for the Raging Demon, of course). :)


(Evil Ryu stoops low, then whirls around with a multi-hit stationary HK)

Can be countered fairly easily if missed, though if the enemy attempts to
punch or kick him from fairly close they will be sucked in (hence, "Vacuum
Hurricane" :). BEAUTIFUL damage with all hits at level 3, but except in 
combos I really find this useless for Evil Ryu--for regular Ryu, this is the
only real way for him to do MAJOR damage. Evil Ryu has the Violent Dragon,
which is more effective all-around and easier to put in combos, and of course
the Raging Demon :-). Stick with it in combos, or for style points.


(Evil Ryu slides forward like his teleport (only a little slower) and if he
 connects with the enemy, the screen goes blank and you see many sparks as 
 Evil Ryu pummels the opponent for 15 hits)

This move is so important to Evil Ryu's strategy that it has its own section!
Read on.



For Evil Ryu, it's much better to save your Alpha Meter for SCs, and forget
about CCs, even if they do good damage. If you're really stubborn, just see
my SFA2 FAQ on my homepage for Custom Combos for Ryu and Akuma, both of which
should work here.



1. J.Roundhouse, C.Roundhouse

Comments: basic, easy 2-hit for decent damage.

2. J.Roundhouse, S.Strong buffered into Fierce DP

Comments: probably the best, easiest combo he can use without a Super Combo 
          involved. Quite easy to pull off for a 5-hit combo.

3. J.Roundhouse, C.Forward buffered into Fierce FB

Comments: *YAWN*, old habits die hard. To prevent being annoyingly sterio-
          typical, only use this combo if you jumped in from too far with
          the Roundhouse, so that only the C.Forward with hit. 3 hits only.

4. J.Fierce, C.Fierce buffered into Fierce DP

Comments: an extremely powerful combo. First you must learn how to buffer a 
          DP into the C.Fierce. The best way to do this is like so: J.Fierce, 
          F, D+Fierce, D/F+Fierce. You'll get 5 hits of destructive power.

5. J.Fierce, C.Jab, C.Jab, C.Short buffered into Vacuum Hurricane

Comments: an extremely powerful combo; make the J.Fierce as deep as possible.
          At level 3, this will BIG damage.

6. CU.Forward, C.Jab, C.Short buffered into Violent Dragon

Comments: another powerful combo if you can get the cross-up down pat.

7. (corner) J.Strong, C.Jab, C.Short buffered into Short HK, Violent Dragon

Comments: bar none his most powerful combo! You can juggle quite easily with
          any DP after the Short HK, but the Violent Dragon will only connect
          for good hits and damage in the corner. If you're out of the corner
          juggle with a Fierce DP for less (but still good) damage.

8. Vacuum Fireball (L1), Activate Custom Combo, Fireballx4, Teleport, C.Jab,
   C.Short buffered into Short Hurricane Kick, Jab DP

Comments: JESUS CHRIST! What does this guy do in his spare time?! Definite
          congrats goes out to the guy who thought this up and posted to 
          alt.games.sf2 (can't remember his name). Timing is crucial; 
          instantly after throwing a LEVEL ONE Shinkuu Hadouken, activate the
          CC and start chucking FBs--you usually get 4 off. After these FBs
          and the SC connect (they will follow it up very quickly), Use an
          Ashura Warp to bring you right up to the enemy (easier if they're
          cornered), and perform the juggle combo to finish it off! I won't
          lie to you and say I pulled this off, so I won't confirm it, but it
          sounds possible to me; maybe other combos similiar are possible...




The Shun Gokusatsu, also known as Demon Rage, Raging Demon, Instant Hell
Murder, or the Bison Killer, is one of the most well-known moves in Street
Fighter. Most know it simply because of how everyone is always putting it
down and rating it as an ineffective move, just because of its slow speed and
low priority (two things which most SCs usually have the opposite of).
However, if used carefully and in the proper situations, it is TOTALLY worth
it simply because of its damage--it also looks really awesome!

A note on the motions:

The motion for the Raging Demon is Jab, Jab, F, Short, Fierce. The idea is
to perform all the motions for this move before the animation of the Short
Kick is finished (or, even better, before the 2nd Jab!). To perform it, tap
Jab QUICKLY twice and follow by tapping THE FORWARD DIRECTION and Short; this
should be done in such a way that the Forward will NOT cause you to step
forward, as he is still in the animations of his Jabs. Note you must tap
Short VERY QUICKLY after the Forward direction, almost at the same time.
Then quickly follow with Fierce. If done with the best possible speed, you
should only see at the most the two Jabs, but it usually works if the Short
still comes out.


1. the Raging Demon is 100% UNBLOCKABLE. This means if the enemy blocks one
   of your attacks, you can sometimes nail them with it while they are in
   their block stun. SEE BELOW.
2. the Raging Demon has VERY LOW PRIORITY. With great timing one can even
   Throw him out of it! The safest way to stop Evil Ryu in his tracks is with 
   a simple sweep, however.
3. The Raging Demon has been slown down and its range shortened since SFA1.
   This makes is impossible to hit the enemy from a distance with it, and 
   either way they can see it coming easily.


As Sean Hoyles says,
The Rage works best when any (preferably all) of these conditions are
at work:
A) you are close to your opponent (the closer the better, as above)
B) the opponent is unable to effectively counter the incoming Super or at 
least has a limited window of time in which to do it (ex. an opponent who is 
caught in a block stance or is reeling from a previous blow)
C) the onset of the Super is difficult to see in advance (gives surprise 

The following is a list of techniques you can use to set the enemy up for a
Raging Demon:

1. S.Jab -> Raging Demon

This is the easiest "tick" to use the Raging Demon in. Actually, the S.Jab is
included in the motion of the Raging Demon. The thing about this tactic is
that you have to be especially fast in pulling it off so that the SHORT DOES
NOT APPEAR; this technique will still work if the Short comes out, but a wise
enemy will realize you're going for Shun Gokusatsu and start holding down and
wailing on a kick, or jump away. If they block this Jab, there's a VERY good
chance the Raging Demon will connect. If they get hit by the Jab, it will not
COMBO into the Raging Demon, however they should still fall for it as most
opponents will instinctivly hold B to block after the Jab in case you're 
going into a combo and are too slow. Note the look of shock on their face
when you nail them with this technique the first few times... :)

2. Jumping attack -> S.Jab -> Raging Demon

One big thing with setting up for the Raging Demon is to make sure your 
initial setup attacks (Eg. Jab) keep you as close to the enemy as possible.
For this reason, you want to try and land as close as possible for the Jab
after the jumping attack above--to do this, I recommend jumping in with a 
Jab or Short which will not push the enemy as far away, blocked or not--this
is easier either way in the corner.

3. J.Jab -> Raging Demon

Mix this one up with #2 if the enemy is expecting it, that way they won't 
know when to block and when to attempt a counter. This is probably the best
all-around setup for the Raging Demon other than the Sweep (see below), 
because it leaves almost no window for the opponent to counter, blocked or

4. Fireball -> Raging Demon

Evil Ryu can mix up his FBs and make the opponent want to block after a FB.
To do this, throw lots of Fireballs from fairly close, and in between them
whip out a Raging Demon. This is especially effective if the enemy is in the

5. C.Roundhouse -> Raging Demon

NOTE: this will work with any knockdown attack that leaves Evil Ryu mobile
      while the enemy is still on the ground.

This is perhaps the most effective setup for the Shun Gokusatsu. This should
however be mixed up with other setups because the opponent can perform a 
reversal as they get up (eg. DP) if they know you're coming. Another good way
to use this is to throw out a meaty attack that they are forced to block as
they stand (eg. C.Short) then go into the Raging Demon.
6. Ashura Warp -> Raging Demon

Not an easy or terribly effective technique, though it has its uses. 
Basically, use this when you know the enemy cannot hit you as you reappear.


Of course, you can always use the Raging Demon to punish missed moves like
DPs, however I find combos buffered into L3 Violent Dragon or Vacuum 
Hurricane are better in this case. Another place to use it fairly easily is
during your own block stun. After blocking a fairly slow-recovering attack,
(eg. Sakura's HK), tap Jab twice then the rest of the motion. The F and the
Short will frequently come out after the block, which in some cases you don't
wnat so practice the speed. This is easier vs. moves that have you blocking
for a long time (eg. Sagat's Tiger Raid SC).


Because of the lengthly Raging Demon section, I've decided to leave out this
Strategy section for now, though I may put it in an update.



Thanks to Capcom for a great game, and thanks to the following FAQ writers:
Dan Wells
Gene Leong
and Tyler Oswald

For their great FAQs. And a BIG, BIG thanks to Sean Hoyles, who's Raging 
Demon FAQ showed me it's not such a bad move after all!
Also thanks to the guys over at the arcade for getting me started on the game 
and convincing me to rent it (After reading the newsgroup's put-downs). Also 
a Special Thanks to Jason Jamieson, who proved that Dhalsim's Teleport is a 
REAL pain in the arse, and JD Baptie, who convinced me through force that 
Ryu's FB traps are still disgustingly effective! ;-)

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