Ken by JCulbert

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/01/70 | Printable Version

KEN MASTERS Character Guide version 2.0
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SATURN)
By John "CUL" Culbert (


Ken remains one of my all-time favorite characters, and he's especially 
devastating in SFA2, because despite all the changes and disappointments with
the other characters have been kept relatively low with Ken.

Version Updates:

-some typos corrected
-Roll tactics corrected
-"edited" sac-throw section
-edited CC section
-changed stage description (that's not Hanzo...)
-Other little corrections (to many to add)

   D-PAD        | .-----------Strong
                | | .---------Fierce
   U/B U U/F    | | |
      \|/       | | |
    B--o--F     | | |
      /|\       O O O
   D/B D D/F    O O O
                | | |
                | | |
                | | |
                | | ----------Roundhouse
                | ------------Forward

QCT= Quarter Circle Toward (roll the joystick from D to F)
QCB= Quarter Circle Back (roll the joystick from D to B)
HCT= Half Circle Toward (roll the joystick from B to D to F)
HCB= Half Circle Back (roll the joystick from F to D to B)
 + = enter commands simultainiously
 N  = Neutral (return D-Pad to center)
 C. = Crouching
 S. = Standing
 J. = Jumping
 CU.= Cross-up (jump over opponent and hit back of neck with attack)
(Note: the graphical legend applies to default arcade settings; the Saturn or
 other platform systems can be set up in many different ways)

Some Short Forms Used in This FAQ:

SF2= Street Fighter II: the World Warrior (may also refer to it as Classic)
SF2CE= Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (may just be CE)
SF2T= Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
SSF2= Super Street Fighter II: the New Challengers
SSF2T= Super Street Fighter II Turbo (may refer to it as Super Turbo)
SFA= Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams
SFA2= Street Fighter Alpha II
L1, L2, L3= Alpha Meter levels
DP= Dragon Punch- can be referring to Ryu's, Ken's, or Akuma's Special move, 
                  or to the similiar joystick/D-Pad motion (F, D, D/F)
HK= Hurricane Kick- can be referring to Ryu's, Ken's or Akuma's Special Move,
                    or to the similiar motion (QCB+any kick)
FB= Fireball- can be referring to Special Move possessed by many characters,
              or to the similiar motion (QCT+any punch)
SC= Super Combo- pertaining to Super Combos from SSF2T or SFA2
CC= Custom Combo- pertaining to Custom Combos from SFA2
FK= Flash Kick- Guile's and Charlie's move, or similiar motion (charge D, 
                U+any kick)
SB= Sonic Boom- Guile's and Charlie's move, or similiar motion (charge B, 
                F+any punch)
HHS= Hundred Hands Slap- pertaining to E. Honda's Special Move (tap any punch
YF= Yoga Flame- pertaining to Dhalsim's Special Move or similiar motion 
                (HCT+any punch)
SBK= Spinning Bird Kick- pertaining to Chun Li's pattened move (charge D, 
                         U+any kick)
TAP= Turn-Around Punch- pertaining to Balrog's pattened move (charge all 3
                        punches or kicks, release)
TU= Tiger Uppercut- pertaining to Sagat's pattened move (F, D, D/F+any punch)
TK= Tiger Knee- pertaining to Sagat Pattened move (QCT, U/F+any kick or 
                F, D, D/F+any kick in SFA2)
SPD= Spinning Pileriver- Zangief's pattened move, or similiar motion (roll
                         360 degrees)
FAB= Final Atomic Buster- Zangief's SC



A Throw or Grab (including Special Move Throws, eg. Zangief's SPD) must be 
done right up close, and are unblockable; they can only be avoided. For 
grabs, repeatedly tap the button used and shake the joystick or D-Pad to make 
the repeated hits last longer. Do the same thing if you are caught in a grab 
to escape early. Ken has three normal Throws.


To taunt or tease your opponent with Ken, press the button you designated as 
"Chouhatsu" in the controller config screen (I recommend L if you use it at 
all, though it's better to have all three punches or kicks on the trigger
buttons). Note that taunts cannot be stopped, and you are totally vulnerable, 
so choose where to do it wisely. With the exception of Dan, Taunts can only 
be done once per round.


In SFA2 the Throw soften was renamed the "tech hit", and it was given a 
little more freedom. To perform a tech hit, hold B or F and hit Strong or 
Fierce just as the opponent grabs you; in SFA2, you can now escape ALL 
regular Throws, including presses and grabs! It is still impossible to tech 
hit Special Move Throws (eg. Birdie's Bandit Chain).


This is a technique used in 90% of all fighting games out today. To buffer
means to do the motions of one move while the animations of another move
are still being performed. I will use Ken's 4 hit combo as a model:

-S.Strong buffered into Fierce Dragon Punch

This combo can be done either of two ways for it to count as a true combo:

a) hit Strong, then F, D, D/F+Fierce

b) F+Strong, D, D/F+Fierce

Both cases have their advantages. A is much easier to time and more
difficult to screw up, but you must have FAST fingers. The second can be
confusing, but EXTREMELY effective if you can get the timing off. Just
remember that the idea is to pull off the DP BEFORE the Strong Punch is 
finished its animations ("cancelling" the animation.)

Eg. 2- (same button buffering)

-crouching Forward buffered into Forward HK

a) hold D and hit Forward, QCB+Forward

b) hold D and hit Forward, D/B, B+Forward

c) hold D and press and HOLD Forward, D/B, B, release Forward

The latter is MUCH easier to time and requires less button presses. But in
that case the D-Pad motions have to be done faster, but it is easy to get
used to. I personally use b.


At the bottom of the screen there is a meter called the Alpha Meter. This 
fills up when a) Ken is hit by the opponent with any attack, or he hits them
with any attack, b) using any Special move or c) hitting any Fierce or 
Roundhouse. When the meter begins to flash it's outline, Ken is cabable of a 
level 1 Super Combo. If you continue to build his meter to level 2, Ken's 
cabable of a level 2 Super Combo. A level 2 Super of Ken's must be done with 
TWO buttons (for example, Ken's Shinryuken is done QCT, QCT+any kick; to 
perform a level two, do the same motion with TWO kicks). When the meter fills 
to level 3, Ken is cabable of his most powerful Super Combos. These must be 
done with all THREE buttons. NOTE: I only list the SCs with one punch or one 
kick; to perform their level 2 and 3, substitute 2 and 3 punches or kicks...


Each Super Combo is a powerful attack that can be powered up to three 
different levels. You will know a character has executed a Super Combo 
because the screen will grow dark for a moment as they gather "chi" (spirit),
and the game will pause for a second.
If you finish your opponent with an SC of Ken's, the screen will flash 


Immediately after blocking an opponent's attack, Ken can immediately 
retaliate with an Alpha Counter. To do this, perform the motion B, D/B, D,
and any punch or kick; a kick will perform a counter for ground attacks, and    
punch will counter air attacks (in most cases) Note: you need at LEAST a 
level 1 Alpha Meter to do one.


To block an oncoming attack, hold in the opposite direction. To block a low 
attack (i.e. the enemy hits low), hold D/B to crouch and block. In addition 
to blocking on the ground, it is possible in Alpha 2 to block attacks in the 
air. Attacks that cannot be blocked include most DPs, Super Combos, and 
ground-based uppercut attacks (eg. Zangief's C.Strong).


In addition to any jumping attack, there is an attack, introduced in SFA
(actually, back in SSF2T with Ryu's), that can hit ducking, blocking 
opponents. Ken's Overhead Strike is explained further on.


To avoid a lot of meaty attacks, Capcom added a roll to every fighter's 
repitiore. By rolling from B to D in one motion and hitting punch just as you 
land from a knockdown, Ken will roll forward along the ground to a standing 
position. You will not lessen any damage taken, but you can avoid meaty 
attacks in this fashion. Bear in mind that because of this added technique, 
meaty attacks are more difficult to cheese with in Alpha 2; if you are close 
enough to an opponent when you knock them down, wait a split second to see if 
they'll roll, then start your meaty tactic.


Replacing Chain Combos from SFA, Custom combos allow you to chain ALL normal 
moves and even SPECIAL MOVES together into combos (it speeds the move up so 
their recovery is faster and you can throw another one emmediately). To 
perform a CC, you must first fill the Alpha meter at the bottom of the 
screen, then activate the CC with any two punches+any kick. Ken will get 
blue shadows behind him. A time meter will appear right above the Alpha 
Meter; depending on how much Alpha Meter energy you have when you initiate 
the CC, the timer will count down for a period of time. Once the CC is 
activated, Ken will slide forward and CANNOT be stopped until you attack. If 
you activate the CC in the air, they will fall at a normal rate, then start
sliding forward. You CANNOT stop a CC once it is activated, and even if the 
opponent switches sides with you (i.e. jumps over you, or teleports), you 
will keep going in the same direction. BTW, the CCs I have listed to help out
require a level 3. It is my opinion that this is the only time worth doing
CCs, if at all...


The definition of a tick is basically this; a tick is an attack that, if you 
connect with it, you can go into a combo of your choice, and if blocked, you 
will recover in time to throw another attack before your opponent can; but, 
note that they also recover from their blocking animations at relatively the 
same time, so they will also be able to block the follow-up. But, since 
Throws are unblockable, you can nail them with a Throw! 
This tactic has been refined by many players, and in SF2: the World Warrior, 
Guile had the ability to Throw a Jab, and if blocked he could Throw 
emmediately (this was remedied in the later version--still possible, though,
but can be avoided quickly) This tactic was used to win a popular SF2 
tournament in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and ticks were to forever be 
considered extremely cheesy by anyone who loses (in some arcades they have 
gone so far as to BAN ticks!). If, however, the people you play against are 
okay with ticks, they are great in Ken's up-close game.
For example, if you are up close throw a crouching Short--if it connects, you
can buffer into a Fireball or Shoryureppa, and if blocked, immediately hold 
forward and Throw! It is possible to avoid, especially if they AC, but still 
quite difficult--works great on human opponents who are less experienced.


When a fighter is knocked down, there is a small window of opportunity for 
them to get up faster and attack at the same time (about 1/60 of a second). 
If a move is performed during this time, it becomes almost totally 
invulnerable unless the opponent is able to connect with a meaty attack first 
(see below.) Ken's reversal is only good if the opponent jumps in as you are
getting up--simply throw out a DP just as you get up!


A meaty attack allows you to hit an opponent who is recovering from a 
knockdown (i.e. getting up) without them connecting with a reversal move (see
above); for example, normally it is possible for Ken and Ryu to do a DP JUST 
as they begin to rise, and it can surprise many enemies. But, using a A VERY
WELL-TIMED meaty attack will prevent them from doing that, even more so in 
SFA2 with their altered, vulnerable DPs. I'm not sure about the exact timing 
of a meaty attack, but I do know it has to be what I refer to as a "constant" 
attack, in other words an attack that is thrown without stopping and 
withdrawn without stopping; fireballs will not work as meaty attacks because 
they flicker in and out as they fly, and the opponent will be able to block 
them as they rise. Basically, you have to use good timing for it to connect
just as they get up. If you connect with a meaty attack you can perform 
combos you cannot normally perform, because the stun put on the opponent when 
hit is longer than normal.


"Sac-Throwing" (short for sacrifice Throwing) put in loose terms is 
countering with Throws. In previous versions, I included blocking and 
Throwing, as well as Throwing the enemy from a missed attack in this 
section. However, as one of my replies to my SFA2 FAQS pointed out, a 
sac-throw is ONLY considered a true sac-throw when you have been HIT, then 
throw the enemy while they are still in their recovery frames. My explanation 
was a little clouded, sorry for the mix-up. As far as blocking and Throwing, 
or Throwing a missed attack, I suppose these are just "Counter-Throws".



Growing up somewhat spoiled and a bit of a wild child, Ken's father felt it 
was important to provide dicipline for his child's upbringing. He finds out 
about Gouken from an old friend in Japan and decides to send him there at a 
young age. Ken befriend's the quiet and mysterious Ryu, and they train 
together many years. After Ryu and Ken part, Ken wants to see how he stands 
up to street toughs in competition, and he also enters the SF1 competition. 
He does exceedingly well, but his accomplishments are shadowed by that of Ryu 
who takes the tournament by storm. Ken had always seen Ryu as a friend and 
equal, but now he wonders who is truely better. Just out of his teens, he too 
searches for good competition and ends up finding Ryu.


When Ken wins, he tells Ryu that his loss is due to his lack of attention 
toward the fight. He knows that Ryu is still bothered over the fight with 
Sagat. Then, Ken gives his red ribbon (the one that was tying his pony tail) 
to Ryu (i.e. the red headband that Ryu wears in SF2!) When he returns to 
Eliza, he said that he has to train for the next fight, since he won against
Ryu by just luck. 

Background: a cruise ship somewhere in the USA, during his girlfriend Eliza's 
            birthday party. You can see a LOT of Capcom characters here, like 
            Eliza herself, Felicia (Night Warriors) in the pool, and Captain 
            Commando; and also, it's not Hanzo standing there in the middle,
            it's STRYDER, one of Capcom's classic action characters!
Mid-boss: Dan
End-Boss: Ryu
Taunt: Gives you the thumbs up and says "Yatte Ze!"
Win Pose #1: He raises his fist in the air.
Win Pose #2: Gives you the thumbs up and says "Yatte Ze!" (I won, no?)
Win Pose #3: He gives the piece sign


-Fireball (Hadouken):                    QCT+any punch
-Dragon Punch (Shoryuken):               F, D, D/F+any punch
-Hurricane Kick (Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku): QCB+any kick (can be done in air)
-Roll (Zenpou Tenshin):                  QCB+any punch
-Fake Roll:                              QCT+Chouhatsu
-Axe Kick (Inazuma Kakato Wari):         F+Forward (Overhead Strike)
-Double Stomach Throw:                   F or B+Strong or Roundhouse (close)
-Grab `n' Knee:                          F or B+Forward or Roundhouse (close)
-Air Stomach Throw:                      F or B+Fierce (close in air)
-Punch AC (Shoryuken):                   B, D/B, D+any punch (after block)
-Kick AC (S.Roundhouse):                 B, D/B, D+any kick (after block)         

Super Moves:

-Rising Dragon Destroyer (Shoryureppa): QCT, QCT+any punch
 L1-4 hits L2-6 hits L3-7 hits
-Dragon God Fist (Shinryuken):          QCT, QCT+any kick repeatedly
 L1-6 hits L2-10 hits L3-14 hits




When standing or crouching Ken throws a quick punch--fast with good priority 
over standing attacks; when in close and the opponent is fast on the attack, 
use lots of these crouching and standing to be safe; if one or two connect,
quickly buffer into a FB, Dragon Punch or Shoryuppa for a quick and easy
combo. The Jabs have no range, but can also act quite well as ticks.


The S.Short is pretty much useless, but the C.Short is the dreaded ticking
kick for Ryu and Ken, famous for its ticking ability since the original SF2.
Very good for ticks, though not as much as in previous games, fast and has 
excellent recovery.


S.Strong gives a short Side Uppercut (like his close Fierce from SF2), and 
the crouching version is a simple crouching straight punch. The S.Strong is
a decent air counter, and either way, both are VERY important to doing any 
combos with Ken (see combos).


The S.Forward is one of Ken's pattented "Krazy Kicks", but there's no 
annoying control motions for it anymore; he does a roundhouse similiar to his 
old S.Roundhouse from SF2, but he brings his foot back down at an angle for 
two hits. Looks cool, and is a decent air counter.
EXTRA: the S.Forward is MUCH more important than I thought; first of all, you 
can buffer a Special Move out of the 1st hit, so it's an alternate choice to
the S.Strong. And here's the best part; for some strange reason, you can
buffer SUPER COMBOS ONLY out of BOTH hits of the S.Forward!!!! Just time it
so the motions for the SC finish just as the second hit finishes! See combos
for more info.
The C.Forward is a great crouching attack, with awesome range, and always
bufferable. Good from a few steps or up close, but some standing kicks or
hopping attacks can take priority over it. Whenever it connects, buffer into
at least a FB, or best with the Shoryureppa.


The S.Fierce is now totally useless; it used to be bufferable, but that was
its only redeaming quality. It is no longer bufferable, it's slow and can be
ducked. Stay away from it. The C.Fierce, on the other hand, makes quite a
good air counter and is his most powerful bufferable attack. Once mastered in
combos it can do mean damage. As an air counter I would personally prefer the
Jab DP or the Shinryuken, but some may find the C.Fierce uppercut easier or
more desirable.


The S.Roundhouse was formerly one of Ken's Krazy Kicks, but is now his normal 
S.Roundhouse. And boy, is it awesome! It's got great range and speed, and 
takes awesome priority over a lot of low attacks--this is a great move if the
enemy is pressuring you with a lot of low attacks, especially slides like
Sodom's. If blocked it can sometimes be countered, or ACed of course. The
C.Roundhouse is the same ol' sweep, decent speed and decent range, but can
be taken out by some high-priority moves.

Jumping Attacks-

Ken is quite good in the jump-in department, though he lacks a tad in
air-to-air combat. The three attacks you need to worry about are J.Fierce,
J.Roundhouse and J.Forward. J.Fierce is the easiest attack to combo from,
because if it connects you land right in front of the opponent. However, its
range is limited so make sure only to use it from as close as possible. The
J.Roundhouse is a longer-ranged version of the J.Fierce, but since it is, you
may end up jumping in from too far, hitting with it, then going into a combo 
which will miss. So, unless you jump in nice and close with it, you should
always follow it with a C.Forward buffered into a FB. The J.Forward is the
best CU attack in the game! It looks really weird, but it makes all of his
body below him a contact surface (sort of like Zangief's Body Splash), so if
you jump over the opponent and cross them up fairly close, it's sure to 
connect--after that, you're guarenteed a combo.




(Ken rears back, then thrusts his hands forward exclaiming "Hadouken" and
 throwing a ball of flame forward)

The good ol' FB is still not as good as Ryu's, but that's OK 'cause you
shouldn't be playing like Ryu anyway. It's slow and predictable, so if you're
using it, use it from full screen, or somewhere where they cannot avoid it,
or at least must block it without retaliating.


(Ken rises into the air exclaiming "Shoryuken!" with a powerful uppercut)

The almighty DP is not so almighty anymore. It still hits three times with
Fierce and sets 'em on fire, and still leaves Ken wide open if missed or 
blocked. However now in SFA2, it is also no longer invincible on its way up;
it still takes high priority over pretty much anything (especially jumping
attacks), but remember you can no longer go through FBs. His Jab DP is still
Ken's BEST weapon, PERIOD. If blocked the recovery is fast enough to USUALLY
avoid a counter-attack, and it comes out INSTANTLY. Ken's ULTIMATE air 
The Fierce with all 3 hits STILL does more damage than Ryu's DP.


(Ken hops and spins forward exclaiming "Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku!", hitting
 repeatedly with his legs)

Overall a much safer and better attack than back in SF2. The Hurricane Kick
hits many times and has great dizzying potential in combos--it also does AS
MUCH damage as Ryu's IF all hits connect. If blocked, he's vulnerable to an
extremely fast counter, especially a Throw (bad news if you're fighting 
Zangief or Birdie...), so make sure it connects--on the ground, stick with it
in combos, or to go over ANY projectile EXCEPT Sagat's high Tiger and Bison's
Psycho Shot.
In the air, it is Ken's BEST (and only, really) way of working in an 
air-to-air fight. It takes good priority. As well, it can be used as the 
first hit of a combo; during its downward arc, Ken can hit the opponent while 
crossing them up with the last kick, then go into a combo. Stylish, but not 


(Ken performs a roll forward)

Ken's Roll retains its awesome defensive capabilities--if the opponent throws
projectiles (MOST opponents) from mid-distance or closer, roll under it and 
come up comboing! Another great thing to do is to roll in the middle of a 
combo to confuse the opponent and come up with a Throw or SC! (Style...)


(Ken begins to roll forward, but falls right on his back)

TOTALLY useless. Ryu's Fake FB has a use, for drawing in jumping opponents.
But this thing has a bad recovery and opponents have an eternity to hit you.
Don't use it.


(Ken brings his foot up to the side, then brings it back overhead to hit 

Ken's Overhead Strike. It is as slow as the others in this game, but has 
GREAT recovery. Mix it up with a lot of C.Shorts, that way you'll pressure
them into crouching to block the kicks, but will get hit by the Axe Kick,
thinking you were going into a combo. Again, not imperitive to good Ken play,
but interesting to use sometimes.


(Ken grabs the opponent by the shoulders, falls onto his back while placing
 his foot in their stomach, rolls over backwards twice and shoves them off
 with his foot)


(Ken grabs the opponent and knees them repeatedly in the mid-section, then
 kicks them away)


(Like the ground version, but falling in the air)

All of Ken's Throws are not as effective as before because of the decreased
Throw range introduced in SFA1. The Grab `n' Knee looks cool, but is REALLY
weak, so stick with the Double Stomach Throw (puts good distance between you
as well), and mix in the ticks here and there. The air version doesn't have
very good priority, but if your opponent loves to jump, chances are they'll
get caught in it. Incidentally, his Air Throw does MUCH more damage than his
ground Throws.


Like everyone says, ACs ARE useless, especially in Ken's case. The Punch AC
is a DP, but if you've got good enough timing, you can DP them out of the air
without letting them hit you. His Kick AC is his S.Roundhouse, but c'mon, if
you block something and they're in range for the S.Roundhouse, just use the
damn S.Roundhouse! ACs are simply a waist of energy that could be spent on
well deserved SCs, and are cheap turtler's moves.

(Ken stoops and gathers his energy, then lunges forward and exclaims
 "Shoryureppa!" with a small DP, followed by more Dragon Punches, trailing 
 shadows behind him)

Thankfully through all of the stupid changes they made to a lot of the 
character's moves, Ken's Shoryureppa remains truely devastating. Great in
combos and goes through FBs with ease, its main asset IMO is that it takes
phenominal priority over all crouching attacks, so if you begin to see the
opponent crouch to throw an attack (or they do a slide), quickly do the 
motions and nail 'em! As usual of course, if blocked or missed Ken's left 
wide open.


(Ken stoops low and gathers his energy, then shoots straight up into the air
 exclaiming "Shinryuken!" and spinning with a multi-hit uppercut, trailing

The cooler looking of the two SCs, this one is Ken's most powerful air  
counter, so buffer it in whenever the opponent gets close jumping in. It also
has the same old vacuum sucking ability, meaning if the opponent is a step or
two away, they will be dragged into the uppercut. It takes GREAT priority
over a lot of high attacks (eg. Sagat's S.Roundhouse). Again, if blocked or
missed Ken's left vulnerable.



Although I still don't REALLY like CC's and use them rarely, I do admit that
they CAN be stylish and fairly damaging (at L3). Thanks to Sean Hoyles' (see
credits) Custom Combo FAQ, I've learned of a few good CCs for Ken:

1. standing Strong -> Strong DP -> crouching Fierce -> Fierce DP, standing 
   Fierce -> Fierce DP (VS. JUMPING OPPONENTS)
2. crouching Roundhouse -> Forward HK -> Forward -> HK -> Roundhouse HK -> 
   Fierce DP



1. J.Roundhouse, C.Roundhouse

Comments: basic, easy 2-hit for decent damage.

2. J.Roundhouse, S.Strong buffered into Fierce DP

Comments: probably the best combo Ken can use without a Super Combo involved.
          Quite easy to pull off for a 5-hit combo.

3. CU.Forward, C.Jab, C.Short buffered into Roundhouse Hurricane Kick

Comments: Lots of little hits that add up to good damage... The C.Jab and
          C.Short do chain together quite nicely, though only a Fireball will
          usually connect unless you use a CU.Forward to start. This combo
          usually runs about 6 or 7 hits.

4. J.Roundhouse, C.Forward buffered into Fierce FB

Comments: *YAWN*, old habits die hard. To prevent being annoyingly sterio-
          typical, only use this combo if you jumped in from too far with
          the Roundhouse, so that only the C.Forward with hit. 3 hits only.

5. J.Fierce, C.Fierce buffered into Fierce DP

Comments: Ken's most powerful combo not involving a Super Combo. First you
          must learn how to buffer a DP into the C.Fierce. The best way to do
          this is like so: J.Fierce, F, D+Fierce, D/F+Fierce. You'll get 5
          hits of destructive power.

6. J.Fierce, C.Jab, C.Jab, C.Short buffered into Shinryuken

Comments: an extremely powerful combo; make the J.Fierce as deep as possible.
          At level 3, this will do WELL OVER 50% damage for 12 hits.

7. CU.Forward, C.Jab, C.Jab, C.Short buffered into Shoryureppa

Comments: awesome damage at level 3, for 11 hits.

8. CU.Air HK, C.Forward buffered into Fireball

Comments: see the HK section for info. Does 3 hits.

9. J.Fierce, C.Forward buffered into Strong Roll, Throw

Comments: a good example of how to use the Roll in combos. Just don't use it
          too often or they'll be expecting it. BTW, throw in a Taunt after
          the Throw to make REALLY feel like shit! :)

10. CU.Forward, C.Jab, C.Short buffered into Forward Roll, Shinryuken

Comments: the idea behind this is that if they're holding back by the time
          you Roll, they'll literally be walking into the SC! 

11. J.Fierce, S.Forward (BOTH HITS) buffered into L3 Shoryureppa

Comments: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT COMBO FOR KEN!!!!!! I have just found
          out recently that BOTH hits of the S.Forward can be buffered into
          SUPER COMBOS only. You should strive VERY hard to connect with the
          above combo, which will do around 75% damage for 10 hits. The combo
          king still reins, it seems. :)




Ryu isn't too much of a problem than he used to be. You can deal fairly well
with his FBs, with the HK. Remember this though--if Ryu is throwing FBs from 
a far distance, only use Forward HKs with good timing to get around them, 
because it is possible for Ryu to really mix it up and then jump in to hit 
you during these moves. He can do the same from fairly close, only from here 
he can put in a fake Hadouken, and nail you when you try to HK through it. 
Jumping in on Ryu is suicide, but if he jumps and you can attack freely, he's 
being really stupid--Jab DP him or Shinryuken.
The one thing you have to watch for is his fast FBs and the Shinkuu-Hadouken.
Getting into a Fireball war with Ryu is a good way to get yourself killed.
Ken's offensively geared, so go offensive, dammit! Edge your way through his
FBs by jumping or HKing, and stick it to him up close, especially with your 
high-priority Supers. Once he has a level on the Alpha Meter, you must be 
more careful with your offensiveness, especially throwing FBs or doing 
Hurricane Kicks, because a good Ryu will SC you right out of them.


The mirror match is fast and furious, and for once, stay defensive. This is
the key to defeating another Ken, who will most likely Roll or jump in;
counter appropriately.


Chun Li WILL take you out if you meet her in the air. However, staying on the
ground will help you a lot, because a lot of Chun Li players who aren't 
really that good jump too often with her--her jump gives her big hangtime,
giving you lots of room to set up a nice DP or Shinryuken to greet her on her
way down. Your FBs are both fairly matched, so they aren't a major concern;
Roll through them. You can jump in VERY easily on Chun most of the time, so
don't be afraid to do so. Just make sure not to go offensive with her on the
ground, because she has a lot of standing and crouching high-priority moves
(eg. C.Forward) to give you a hassle. Just remember NOT to jump when she has
a level charged, or you'll get a Kikosho up your arse.


If you play like Ryu, you're even more dead than usual with Adon. The main
thing is to get up close, where you can combo him or out-prioritize him with
a Shoryureppa. In the air he can deal with you easily, likewise if you jump
in. A VERY difficult fight. Punish any missed Special Move with a combo, or
Throw him if you block the Jaguar Kick or Jaguar Tooth (this is avoidable in
both cases, but most Adons won't expect it).


Like Chun Li, a lot of Guys tend to jump too much, leaving them prey to an
easy DP or Shinkryuken. On the ground he can take good priority over most of
your attacks, so try to keep him at a distance and make him jump. FBs are 
all right if you're a far distance away, otherwise he can do a Bushin Leap
over them. Once you have a level charged go offensive and when up close the
Shoryureppa will deal with most of his attacks. If you see him come in with
ANY of his Bushin Run techniques, sweep him or S.Roundhouse as far away as
possible. The only real thing to remember in this fight is NOT to jump in on
a regular basis.


ARGHH! Does he love keep-away! Thankfully, your Roll will deal with his 
various long-range attacks and Yoga Fires, just be wary when he has a level
on the Alpha Meter or you'll get a Yoga Inferno in the middle of a Roll. Use
a lot of Air HKs at the peak of your jump to get over his air defenses--Dhal
will frequently attempt a S.Roundhouse or S.Strong, or Yoga Strike and you'll
sail over it. Upclose he's mince-meat with low-priority moves, and the Jab DP
works wonders here to take out his attempted long-range moves if you're
fairly close.


Good anti-FB character, so don't throw any out of the blue. Jumping in is
fairly safe as most Gen players cannot easily time the Mantis Kick, and 
you'll get 'em every time as long as you hit them early enough. Good Gen 
players will quickly switch to Crane Style and do the C.Roundhouse, an upward
kick, so be watchful. If the enemy is in Crane Style and gets close, he's 
dead because all of his regular moves have HUGE initial delays.


She will take great priority over your regular moves with her HK, so try and
keep your distance. Counter her FBs with a Roll or your own Hadoukens, and
she's spam if she jumps in. Up close she is a real nightmare, 'cause she can
take out your low attacks with a buffered Violent Dragon SC and take out high
ones with her HK SC! 


He will stay in the air a LOT and don't try to match him up there. The Jab DP
is a big help in this fight,and do NOT throw FBs very often. Once you have a
Shoryureppa charged, you can take him out of any of his ground moves,
including the Knife Toss. Don't jump in too often, or he'll take you out with
the awesome S.Strong or the Grenade Super.


You should be all right as long as you keep your distance. This match is best
fought at mid-range, where you can Roll around if the opportunity arises for
a Throw or SC, and can take out his pesky low attacks with the S.Roundhouse.
If he jumps, he's spam for the Jab DP or Shinryuken, but you are also spam if
you jump at him. If you see him do the FAB up close, hold down and WAIL on
the Short button--you'll find it'll knock him out of it most of the time.


Some Charlie's go offensive, but most will turtle. Rolling is very important,
especially if he's doing lotsa SBs; come up out of the Roll with a Throw 
while he's still blocking--mix up the Rolls at various distances so you don't
get predictble and he Somersault Kicks you. If he jumps in he's fodder, and
if you jump in there's a good bet you're fodder, so stay on the ground. His
C.Forward has great priority like yours, so stay around mid-range and poke
with the Jab DPand S.Roundhouse. Your Shoryureppa takes out any of his normal


For GOD'S sake, don't throw FBs when he has a level on the Alpha Meter! He
will hop and nail you if he is anything more than a scrub! Up close he has 
some high priority moves, especially the S.Short which he can tick with. Stay
about mid-range and don't jump too often. Take out his Headbutts if they are
predictable with a Jab DP.


No real experience vs. Rose with Ken. Just be careful with jumping and 
throwing FBs I guess. The S.Roundhouse should take priority over her Slide
with ease.


His defenses are a nightmare, so stay grounded and defensive. Use your FB and
S.Roundhouse to distance him and possibly pressure him into jumping, where
you can nail him. Up close he takes decent priority over your attacks, so
avoid a confrontation at this range unless you have a Shoryureppa to buffer
in. It is imperitive that you hit him when he jumps, even if he manages to
air block, because his jump-in can either chain into a good combo, or an easy
tick for his Butsumetsu Buster (Power Bomb).


Sagat is definetely not the problem he was back in SF2 (unless you play him
like me ^_^ ), but if he stays careful and defensive he can be a bit of a 
pain. Jump over his Low Tiger Waves and Roll under his High Tiger Waves, 
because he'll most likely be whipping them off like there's no tomorrow. 
AVOID JUMPING IN AT ALL COSTS unless he leaves himself open for it because,
as any good Sagat player like myself knows, Sagat will DESTROY jumping foes
with his all-powerful S.Roundhouse or the Tiger Uppercut (I REFUSE to call it
Tiger "Blow"!). Up close you can out-prioritize him most of the time with
your Shorts for ticks and the C.Forward, however don''t be so hasty if he has
a level charged, or he can buffer in a Tiger Genocide SC and that wouldn't
be very fun. Don't throw FBs very often unless you're sure you can catch him
when he jumps, because his jump is short and to the point, so he'll jump and
land in no time. He can also Tiger Cannon through it, and it WILL catch you
if close enough.


The all-purpose man is quite a bastard to fight, but hopefully he plays like
SFA1, with constant Air FBs; this is Akuma's weakness in SFA2, because his
Air Fireball has been delayed considerably, so if you know he's gonna throw
one, DP the sucker (or even better, Shinryuken!). If he's really staying back
with the Air FBs, jump up and Air HK him outta the sky! Up close you will 
trade hits often, but you can keep him at bay with S.Roundhouse and Jab DP;
just don't get into a Fireball war with him, because he's just as bad as Ryu.
And for god's sakes, watch out for that Raging Demon as you get up! SAFETY 


Still quite a pain, and he'll try to get you with his FB -> Teleport -> Throw
trap. The second he throws a Psycho Shot, Jab Roll to avoid him if he 
Teleports, or you can jump straight up and HK out of the way. If he jumps, 
he's fodder, but a wise Bison plays keep-away. Up close you'd be surprised
how well that C.Roundhouse works... avoid getting in close, and once he has
a level charged, don't throw anything out uneccessarily, 'cause he'll buffer
in that Psycho Crusher in a second!

Seesh! It's DAN, for christ's sake! Seriously though, he can actually be a
little challenge; just make sure not to jump in too often, because he has a
few good remedies to that (included L1 and 2 Kenoura Koryuken). Up close his
moves can actually take some priority, and he can also hop over your FBs with
the Short Gale Kick. Just stay defensive and he'll eventually go offensive,
or do one of his stupid taunts...



Thanks to Capcom for a great game, and thanks to the following FAQ writers:
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Gene Leong
Tyler Oswald
and Sean Hoyles

For their great FAQs. Also thanks to the guys over at the arcade for getting
me started on the game and convincing me to rent it (After reading the 
newsgroup's put-downs). Also a Special Thanks to Jason Jamieson, who proved
that Dhalsim's Teleport is a REAL pain in the arse, and JD Baptie, who 
convinced me through force that Ryu's FB traps are still disgustingly 
effective! ;-)

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