Sakura by Angelblade

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From: Rayness <>
Subject: Sakura FAQ
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 01:29:41 -0700

Since I haven't seen one of these out there, I thought I might start one. 
Please, help me along the way, and add or correct anything that is missing or 

 The new chick, the only female among the new characters. Not much is told of her 
 story and past. And from what I've heard, her ending does not reveal much, only 
 more questions. She is said to be Ryu's biggest fan. Most of her moves are  
 copped from Ryu, though they neither look like, nor can be used exactly like  
 his. Though she is a Ryu/Ken clone she plays nothing like them. ( Pretty  
 ingenious on Capcom's part.) If you try to play her like them, YOU WILL DIE! 


 D, DF, F + P (up to 3 times)
 Your regular run of the mill fireball. It comes out slower than RYU's and has a 
 longer  recovery. Her FB also dicipates as it crosses the screen, similar to    
 Chun-Li's in SSF2T. By pressing the punch button once, twice or thrice, you can 
 determine how big the FB is. The more times you hit the button, the larger the  
 FB. But the  larger the FB, the shorter the distance it goes. Sakura's largest  
 FB has almost no distance, but is usefull for taking out people who jump in. 

 F, D, DF + P
 Your regular run of the mill uppercut. Well not exactly, Sakura  steps forward  
 while doing hers, the stronger the punch, the more steps she takes. It looks    
 more like Sagat's than Ryu's, though really doesn't look like either. It comes  
 out fairly slow, compared to other DPs. It's not all that useful as an     
 anti-air weapon, but it hits multiple times and is best used in combos. IMO it  
 looks better than Ryu's

 D, DB, B + K
 Your regular run of the mill hurricane kick. But again not exactly. It looks    
 different than Ryu's, seems to do less rotations  than his and goes in a sort of 
 shallow arc, like Dan's new Gale Kick.  It does not knock down, and there seems 
 the be a slight pause after she lands. Doing it very up close will bring you to 
 the other side of you opponent, and if he doesn't change blocking directions, it 
 will hit him from behind. 

 F + F. Kick
 Your regular run of the mill overhead. But of course again, not exactly. This   
 must be the most revealing( provocotive?) move by any Capcom character since    
 Chun-Li's Kikoken back in SSF2T. The overhead is slower than most, but still    
 effective. Doing it against CPU Birdies and Zs seems to always warrant recieving 
 a very painful SPD.


 D, DF, F, D, DF ,F + P
 It's like Ryu's Shinkuu Hadouken, but still it disipates as it crosses the      
 screen, even at level 3. Seems better than Ryu's in the respect that it appears 
 to  be faster than his. Other than that it's just like Ryu's, except maybe for  
 slight timing and recovery differences. 

 F, D, DF, F, D, DF + P
 Similar to Ken's super, but animation shows her staying closer to the ground    
 than Ken does. This move has incrdeible priority and will go through all sweeps 
 I would say 99% of the time. The only things that can consistenly stuff Sakura  
 out if this super is and EXTREMELY early DP, or certain supers, when  started   
 just a bit after Sakura starts hers.Since Ken jumps higher than Sakura, certain 
 times where Ken would connect( a jumping opponent who's almost, but not quite on 
 top of you,) Sakura will miss. You can sometimes sucker in, even a level 3 if   
 you jump in just out of sweep range, and as they sweep you begin your super, BAM 
 instant 40% drain. (More or less)

 D, DB, B, D, DB ,B + K
 Okay this is NOT you run of the mill super hurricane kick. Unlike Ryu, who sort 
 of hovers and spins in place, Sakura spins along the ground( looks sort of like 
 multiple sweeps) moving forward as she does, and ends it with a kick to the     
 abdomen. This move seems to have some level of invincibility. I've seen on      
 several occasions a level 3 going through a sweep. Of course you can't use this 
 like Ryu's super. I haven't really found much of a place to consistently work it 
 in yet, sometimes to it it instead of a sweep, it slower, but if you have the   
 time, why not? 

 This is the section I need the most help on. There aren't many I know of, the   
 one I do know are almost identical. I  think only her F.Punch and S.Punch can be 
 comboed  off of. Of all the rest I won't mention because I'm not sure if they   
 truly combo or not.
-Jump In/Crossover Fierce, Standing Fierce, DP-
-Crouching Fierce, Standing Fierce, DP-

 These are usually spazzy, but I think I have a few that are okay.
-Jab, Jab, DP, FB juggle the rest. (Use large or small, remember, the larger the 
 FB, the fewer you will beable to get in, but they still do juggle.)-
-Jump In RH/Fierce, DP, FB juggle.-
-Overhead, Sweep, spazz to heart's content.

 They say it's her backyard, and so be it. Her little btother is in the house in 
 front of a TV( presumably playing video games). It looks like your regular      
 backyard, fences and all, even some shoes left out on the porch. Though it      
 doesn't seem to be an upscale house, I would say average middle class home. I   
 wonder where her parents are

 She points at you with one hand, while covering her mouth to muffle giggles with 
 her other. Her taunt hits for damage.

 Punch:    White Blouse, Blue Skirt, Red Undies. =)
 Kick:     White Blouse, Green Skirt
 3Punches: Brown Skirt
 3Kicks:   Black Skirt


 Hangs her head down while banging it with her hands to clear the cobwebs.

 Sit down, legs in front, arms in back proping her up, head down in a moping     
 pouting sort of posture.

 1. Raises clenched first to sky as her skirt billows in the wind. Similar to Ryu 
    and his raised fist and flapping headband.
 2. Does a litle dance, makes a little love, baby she get down TONIGHT! She get  
    down and dances, I think I heard someone say it look the she was doing the   
    Electric Slide.
 3. Kicks twice, gets into a fighting stance and screams!
 4. Same as above, but during her kick, a show flies of and bounces off her head!

 Okay these are not word for word, but you'll get the general idea.


 I'll tell you when I finish the game with her.  Koby Leung informed me of the   
ending, but he should tell it, so Koby, you out there? Can anyone else help?

        Okay , uh that's it I guess. This is like my first FAQ and I would really 
like a response. And please, help me complete and/or correct this thing,  
especially with the combos.

Out for now,


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