FAQ/Move List by Kao Megura

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by Chris MacDonald
for the Sega Saturn  (import)

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The Darkstalkers game series is (c) Capcom of Japan and (c) Capcom of


      - Anakaris
      - Aulbath / Rikuo
      - Bishamon
      - Bulleta / Baby Bonnie Hood
      - Demitri Maximov
      - Donovan Baine
      - Felicia
      - Gallon / Jon Talbain
      - Jedah
      - Lei-Lei / Hsien-Ko
      - Lilith
      - Morrigan Aensland
      - Phobos / Huitzil
      - Pyron
      - Q-Bee
      - Sasquatch
      - Victor von Geldeheim
      - Zabel Zarock / Lord Raptor
      - Dark Gallon / Jon Talbain
      - Oboro Bishamon
      - Shadow
      - Vampire Hunter Phobos / Huitzil

   1.   H O W   T O   P L A Y

  ub   u   uf        Jump Backward         Jump Up      Jump Forward
    \  |  /
 b --     -- f       Retreat/Block         Neutral      Approach
    /  |  \
  db   d   df        Defensive Crouch      Crouch       Offensive Crouch

Reverse the left and right directions when on the right side of the
screen or if you are the second player.

    L      R                 Dark Force 1        Friendship

 LP    MP    HP      Light Punch      Medium Punch       Hard Punch

 LK    MK    HK      Light Kick       Medium Kick        Hard Kick

You can rearrange these buttons in Option Mode.  For characters that
have more than one version of the 'Dark Force', you can choose between
one type or the other with Dark Force 1 or Dark Force 2.  Here's how to
read the commands in the character move list:

 PP  - press any two Punch buttons      PPP   - press all Punch buttons
 KK  - press any two Kick buttons       KKK   - press all Kick buttons
 ?~? - any of three directions work     (air) - Can use while jumping

 qcf - d,df,f       hcf - b,db,d,df,f       360 - f,df,d,db,b,ub,u,uf
 qcb - d,db,b       hcb - f,df,d,db,b       720 - 360 x2


 Dash / Backstep                Tap b,b / f,f
 Guard / Air Guard              Hold b / db  (air)
 Throw / Hold                   b / f + MP / HP / MK / HP when close
 Tech. Hit (For Throws)         Try to throw just as you are thrown
 Tech. Hit (Advancing Guard)    While blocking, tap P / K
 Move and Get Up                When knocked down, b / f + P / K
 Recovery                       When dizzied, tap b / f + tap any P / K
 Pursuit Attack                 Knock your foe down, then u + P / K
 Friendship                     Press the R button
 Guard Cancel                   While blocking, perform your G.C. move
 Especial Move (ES)             Perform the listed move with PP / KK
 Dark Force                     Press the same strength P + K
For an in-depth explanation of game mechanics, please see Section 5
(Advanced Tactics).

   2.   T H E   C H A R A C T E R S

Characters are listed in alphabetical order.  The moves are listed as
follows: throws, special moves, command attacks, EX attacks, then that
person's unique Dark Force.  If a move has no official name, it is
written in parenthesis in lowercase.  The somewhat silly titles for each
character are translated directly from the instruction manual.


 Imashime no Bohi               Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Miira Drop                     qcf + P
 Ouke no Sabaki                 In air, qcf + P
 Cobra Blow                     b,f + P
 Hitsugi no Mai                 d,d + P / K  (air)
 Kotodama Gaeshi (Suu)          qcb + K  (air)
 Kotodama Gaeshi (Haku)         qcf + K after absorbing a projectile
 Seija no Ayumi                 b / f + MK
 Chi no Gekirin                 b / f + HK
 Togame no Ana                  f,d,df + K when knocked down
 Naname Fuyuu                   Press ub / uf
 Nidan Jump                     Press ub / uf after Naname Fuyuu
 Suichoku Fuyuu                 Press u / u,u, then move b / f / d
 Seinaru Bohi                   d + K during Fuyuu / Nidan Jump
 Ooinaru Bohi                   df + K during Fuyuu / Nidan Jump
 (reverse warp)                 When against a wall, tap b,b
 Naraku no Ana                  hcf + KK

 Shinjitsu no Oshie             f,d,df + PP  (Guard Cancel only)
 Pharaoh Magic                  MK,LP,d,LK,MP  (air)
 Pharaoh Salvation: Yajuu Mahou HK,MP,d,MK,HP  (air)
 Pharaoh Decoration: Bijo Mahou HK,MP,LK,d,LP,MK,HP  (air)
 Bunri Kougeki: Pharaoh Split   Press same strength P + K
 ES MOVES:  Imashime no Bohi, Miira Drop, Ouke no Sabaki, Cobra Blow,
            Hitsugi no Mai, Kotodama Gaeshi (Haku)

 - Anakaris has no ground or air throws.  He cannot use Advancing Guard,
 - Anakaris can use the Kotodama Gaeshi (Suu) to absorb most projectiles,
   even the ES versions.  However, he cannot absorb beam attacks or EX
 - After absorbing a projectile, he can use the Kotodama Gaeshi (Haku)
   to use it himself!  He can even ES the move (if applicable), and if
   the projectile can be used in air, Anakaris can use it in air, too.
   Here's a list of what moves can be stolen.  Note that Anakaris does
   not mimic all moves exactly (try an ES Ankihou to see what I mean).
   If Anakaris steals either Missile move from Bulleta, he can use the
   Smile & Missile on the ground, and Happy & Missile in the air:

   PERSON         ABSORBED              IN RETURN
   Aulbath        Sonic Wave            Sonic Wave
   Bulleta        Smile & Missile       Smile & Missile, Happy & Missile
                  Happy & Missile       Smile & Missile, Happy & Missile
   Demitri        Chaos Fire            Chaos Flare (can use in air)
   Donovan        Blizzard Sword        Blizzard Sword
   Jedah          Dio=Sega              Dio=Sega (can use in air)
   Lei-Lei        Ankihou               Ankihou 
   Lilith         Soul Flash            Soul Flash (can use in air)
   Morrigan       Soul Fist             Soul Fist (can use in air)
   Phobos         Might Launcher        Might Launcher (can use in air)
   Pyron          Sol Smasher           Sol Smasher (can use in air)

 - Anakaris has a special taunt (the royal procession).  Hold all three
   Punch buttons, then press Friendship, and a procession of Khybits
   will walk out carrying a sword and two wrapped Khybits while a music
   cue is played.  During that time, if your opponent is Anakaris, he
   can taunt by pressing the Friendship button, and a spinning Khybit
   will fly out, holding it's hand over it's ears.  While you can't do
   two royal processions at once, if your opponent tries to (hold PPP,
   press R), he'll start dancing instead.
 - After Anakaris has finished the procession (or in the case of two
   Anakarises, after the procession or the dancing), there is a
   random (?) chance that pressing R will make Anakaris throw a Khybit
   mummy onto the ground from his coffin, instead of saying "Baka!"
   and having the little guy run away.  This doesn't seem to happen
   unless Anakaris has danced / done the royal procession previously,
   I don't know if there's a way to control it or not, but it seems
   to only happen once after the procession or dancing.
 - The Togame no Ana has no effect--unless your opponent tries to use
   a pursuit attack or if they jump into the beam!
 - If you perform the Pharaoh Magic and hold down the Friendship
   button / press it before the final attack (default is R), then
   Anakaris will drop an inverted coffin on his opponent.  Doing the
   same thing with Pharaoh Salvation makes Khybit appear on top of
   the coffin's head while spinning and ducking.  Doing the same thing
   during the Pharaoh Temptation makes him simply appear and sit there
   (in both cases, you get an extra sound cue).
 - The Pharaoh Salvation requires 2 special stocks to use, and the
   Pharaoh Decoration requires 3 stocks.
 - During the Pharaoh Split, pressing Punch makes you attack, and
   pressing Kick makes Khybit attack.

 AULBATH, RAGING STREAM EMPEROR                                   (Rikuo)

 Land Fisher                    When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Land Fisher x2                 Press b just before Land Fisher hits
 Cataract Cry                   Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Riverside Drop                 Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Sonic Wave                     Charge b,f + P
 Poison Breath                  Charge b,f + K
 Trick Fish                     f,d,df + K  (Guard Cancel)
 Trick Fish                     Backstep, then press K
 Trick Fish                     Hold K, backstep, then release K
 Crystal Lancer                 When close, hcb + MP / HP
 Gem's Anger                    When close, hcb + MK / HK
 Spinning Current               Tap f,f, then press HP
 Killer Vortex                  In air, d + HK

 Aqua Spread                    f,df,d + PP / KK
 Water Jail                     f,d,df + PP
 Sea Rage                       hcf + PP
 Direct Scissors                d,d + PP
 Wave Surfing: Ocean Rave       Press same strength P + K
                                (press KKK to dismount / mount)
 ES MOVES:  Sonic Wave, Poison Breath, Trick Fish, Crystal Lancer,
            Gem's Anger.

 - Both the Sonic Wave and Poison Breath will stun Aulbath's opponent.
   The Sonic Wave will lift an airborne opponent higher into the air
   if they are hit.

 - The timing on the Land Fisher x2 is tricky.  You need to press
   in the opposite direction just as your opponent hits the ground.

 - You can delay the release of the PP Aqua Spread by holding down the
   buttons used.  The KK version cannot be delayed but will home in
   on an enemies' location.

 - The Water Jail cannot kill an enemy--it will only reduce them to
   1 point of life left.  Furthermore, it will break if Aulbath is

 - The Direct Scissors costs 3 special stocks.  In addition, you must
   have selected Aulbath using LP or MP.

 - During the Ocean Rage, you will take damage but not go into hit
   stun.  Furthermore, you can move in any direction while riding the
   horseshoe crab.  If you like, you can get off the crab by pressing
   KKK, but in this form you are vulnerable (i.e. no Dark Force bonus).


 Kesa Nage                      When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Mitamanuki                     Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Shikabanenui                   Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Karame Dama                    hcf + P  (air)
 Tsuji Hayate                   qcf + P after Karame Dama
 Tama Yose                      b + P after Karame Dama
 Kien Zan                       f,d,df + P  (Guard Cancel only)
 Iai Giri (Joudan)              Charge b,f + P
 Iai Giri (Gedan)               Charge b,f + K
 Kirisuite Gomen                When close, rotate 360 + MP / HP
 Kareha Chirashi / Haya Gatana  f + LP / LK
 Ichimonji Giri / Sotoba Ori    f + MP / MK
 Kawara Kudaki / Kaina Otoshi   f + HP / HK

 Enma Ishi                      hcf + KK
 Oni Kubi Hineri                hcb + PP
 Togakubi Sarashi               Tap d,d + PP when opponent is downed
 Kyouka Yoroi: Kogane Katabira  Press same strength P + K
 ES MOVES:  Karame Dama, Tsuji Hayate, Kien Zan, Iai Giri, Kirisute

 - Most people assume that the only thing you can do after a Tama Yose
   is to follow with a Kien Zan.  However, you can hit your returning
   opponent with a normal attack, or even let them fall and use a
   pursuit attack or the Togakubi Sarashi.

 - The Kien Zan can only be used in certain situations: as you land
   from a jump, as a reversal attack when you're getting up, after the
   Tama Yose, or as a Guard Cancel.

 - During the Ougon Katabira, Bishamon will still take damage but will
   not go into hit stun.

 BULLETA, RABURIN HUNTER                               (Baby Bonnie Hood)

 Hold & Cut                     When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Catch & Cut                    Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Law of the Bullet              Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Smile & Missile                Charge b,f + P / K
 Happy & Missile                Charge d,u + P / K
 Cheer & Fire                   f,d,df + P
 Jealousy & Fake                f,d,df + K  (Guard Cancel only)
 Shyness & Strike               qcb + P, hold and release P
 Sentimental Typhoon            When close, hcb + MK / HK
 Tell Me Why                    d + KKK
 Tricky Basket                  b / f + MP
 Surprise & Hop                 b / f + MK
 Stumble & Blade                Press MP during Dash
 Malice & Mine                  df + HK
 Nidan Jump                     Jump while in air

 Cool Hunting                   hcf + PP
 Beautiful Memory               hcf + KK
 Apple For You                  hcb + KK
 Bazooka Ransha:                ...
        The Killing Time        Press same strength P + K
 ES MOVES:  Smile & Missile, Happy & Missile, Cheer & Fire,
            Shyness & Strike, Sentimental Typhoon.

 - During the Bazooka Ransha, Bulleta's Punch attacks cause her to
   fire missiles, even if she is crouching or jumping.


 Bat Dive                       When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Light Pleasure                 When close, b / f + MK / HK
 Demon Fly                      Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Hell Ride                      Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Chaos Flare                    qcf + P  (air)
 Bat Spin                       qcb + K  (air)
 Demon Cradle                   f,d,df + P  (or during dash / backstep)
 Negative Stolen                When close, rotate 360 + MP / HP

 Demon Billion                  d,f,df + KK
 Midnight Bliss                 d,f,df + PP
 Midnight Pleasure              LP,MP,f,MK,MK at Level 2
 Koumori Shoukan:               ...
        Darkside Master         Press same strength P + K
 ES MOVES:  Chaos Flare, Demon Cradle, Bat Spin.

 - The Midnight Pleasure costs 2 special stocks to use.

 - During the Koumori Shoukan, Demitri's normal attacks will cause
   one fiery bat or the other to fly forward and attack. 


 (telepathic slam)              When close, b / f + MP / HP
 (necklace drop)                Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 (foot stab)                    Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Ifrit Sword                    f,d,df + P
 Lightning Sword                b,d,db + P, tap P rapidly
 Blizzard Sword                 hcf + P
 Killshred...                   ...
 ...Katana Hanasu               qcb + K 
 ...Katana Modosu               qcb + K after Katana Hanasu
 ...Katana ni Kaminari o Otosu  qcb + P after Katana Hanasu
 (sword grapple)                When close, hcb + MP / HP
 (killshred surf)               In air, d + LK / MK
 (killshred drop)               In air, d + HK
 (hop kick)                     f + HK

 Press of Death                 hcf + K
 Change Immortal                MP,LP,b,LK,MK  (direct d / u)
 Super Killshred: Slayshred     Press same strength P + K

 ES MOVES:  Ifrit Sword, Lightning Sword, Blizzard Sword, Killshred -
            Katana Hanasu, Killshred - Katana ni Kaminari o Otosu.

 - When performing the Katana Hanasu, LK makes Killshred move to the
   left corner of the screen, and HK makes it move to the right corner.
   Using MK makes Donovan plant Killshred whereever he is currently

 - After the Katana Hanasu has been performed, Donovan cannot use any
   moves but the Katana ni Kaminari o Otosu, Hop Kick, Press of Death,
   and Change Immortal.  To get your sword back, perform the Katana
   Modosu or Super Killshred.

 - The button used during the Press of Death determines where the
   spirit plants his foot.  LK is closest to you, HK is furthest away.

 - During the Super Killshred, any normal attack Donovan makes causes
   Killshred to fly forward and attack.


 Panic Nail                     When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Tumble Cat                     When close, b / f + MK / HK
 Flip Cat                       Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Romper Cat                     Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Rolling Buckler                qcf + P,P
 Cat Spike                      f,d,df + P
 Delta Kick                     f,d,df + K  (Guard Cancel)
 Hell Cat                       When close, hcb + MK / HK
 Toy Touch                      Tap d,d + P when opponent is downed
 EX Charge                      Tap d,d + KK, keep holding KK
 Wall Clutch                    Jump ub / uf against a wall
 Sankaku Tobi                   Neutral position after Wall Clutch
 (wall slide)                   Hold in same direction after Wall Clutch
 (delayed wall slide)           Keep holding ub / uf after Wall Clutch
 (fake throw)                   Press R when close  (can miss!)
 (head ride)                    Jump atop your opponent's head

 Dancing Flash                  hcf + PP
 Please Help Me                 hcf + KK
 Cat Helper: Kitty The Helper   Press same strength P + K

 ES MOVES:  Rolling Buckler, Cat Spike, Delta Kick, Hell Cat, Cat Pack.

 - The EX Charge move will slowly fill your Special Stock meter.  You
   can do it for as long as you like.

 - If you do the Head Ride, your opponent will do a particular win
   pose.  This move ends if you or they move, although in most cases
   it can cancel your enemy's Friendship pose.  Note that if your foe
   is in the corner, you can simply start belting out an air combo and
   hit your opponent ;)  You can also do any of the "wall" moves if
   you're near a wall from this move.  Like the (fake throw), this move
   also counts as a "First Attack", even though it does no damage.

 - You can control the ranges of the Please Help Me attack by using
   different sets of kicks:  LK + MK for a straight forward attack,
   MK + HK for a jumping attack, or LK + HK for a diving attack.

 - During the Cat Helper, Kitty will follow Felicia and attack after
   she attacks.

 GALLON, HOWLING AGONY FANG                                 (Jon Talbain)

 Rapid Crunch                   When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Canyon Rounder                 When close, b / f + MK / HK
 Canyon Flyer                   Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Strike Wolf                    Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Beast Cannon                   qcf + P  (air)
 Beast Cannon (Taikuu)          f,d,df + P
 Beast Cannon (Redirect)        Any direction + P during Beast Cannon
 Million Flicker                qcb + P, tap P rapidly
 Climb Razor                    d,u + K
 Wild Circular                  When close, hcb + MP / HP
 Quick Move                     d + KKK
 Raging Hack                    f + HK

 Dragon Cannon                  hcf + KK
 Moment Slice                   LP,MP,f,LK,MK
 Zanzou Kougeki: Mirage Body    Press same strength P + K

 ES MOVES:  Beast Cannon (any version), Million Flicker, Climb Razor,
            Wild Circular.

 - During the ES version of the Beast Cannon, you can change your
   direction four times.

 - During the Zanzou Kougeki, any hit that Gallon makes is multiplied.


 Sangue Vangelo                 When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Mesto Spinta                   Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Rasare Sega                    Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Dio=Sega                       qcf + P  (air)
 Nero=Fatica                    qcb + P
 Spregio                        f,d,df + P  (Guard Cancel only)
 Ira=Spinta (Nokogiri)          In air, hcb + K  (move b / f)
 Ira=Spinta (Kuuchuu Nage)      In air, hcb + K, press P  (move b / f)
 San=Passare                    When close, hcb + MK / HK
 Balzo=Perdono                  In air, tap f,f

 Prova=di=Servo                 hcf + K, then press K
 Finale=Rosso                   d,d + P
 Kuuchuu Fuyuu: Santuario       Press same strength P + K

 ES MOVES:  Dio=Sega, Nero=Fatica, Spregio, Ira=Spinta.

 - Jedah's Ira=Spinta can only hit an opponent in front of him.  If
   you think your opponent is moving out of range, or if you think
   they're anticipating your throw attempt, you can press P to make
   Jedah turn into a spinning saw and attack.

 - Not only is the Balzo=Perdono an air dash, it can also hit an
   enemy who gets in the way.

 - In order to hit with the Prova=Di=Servo, you need to press any K
   while Jedah's blood is flowing across the ground.

 - During the Santuario, Jedah can fly in any direction.  You can
   even land on the ground and then press in any upwards direction
   to return to flying.

 LEI-LEI, PHANTOM SISTERS ONCE AGAIN                           (Hsien-Ko)

 Hourei                         When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Houten                         Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Zanpa                          Press u + P / K when opponent is downed
 Ankihou                        qcf + P, hold P to delay
 Henkyouki                      qcb + P  (air)  (Guard Cancel)
 Senpuubu                       f,d,df + P, tap P rapidly  (air)
 Houten Geki                    When close, hcb + MP / HP
 Kuuchuu Dash                   In air, tap b,b / f,f
 Rantetsu                       f + MP
 Edoga                          f + HP
 (endless friendship)           Press and hold R

 Chireitou                      hcf + KK
 Chuukadan                      hcf + PP
 Tenrai Ha                      LK,MK,MP,MP,u
 Daibakusou: Rimoukon           Press same strength P + K

 ES MOVES:  Ankihou, Henkyouki, Senpuubu.

 - The Henkyouki can reflect most projectile attacks.

 - During the Senpuubu, you can press K to cancel the attack.

 - The Chuukadan is a bomb that explodes in 10 seconds (sometimes, a
   5-second bomb is thrown--you can tell because it's bright red).
   Either player can attack it to move it around, but when it reaches
   zero, anyone who is near it is damaged.


 Innocent Hug                   When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Childish Drop                  Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Toe Pierce                     Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Soul Flash                     qcf + P  (air)
 Shining Blade                  f,d,df + P
 Merry Turn                     qcb + K
 Mystic Arrow                   hcb + P
 High Jump                      Tap d,ub~uf

 Splendor Love                  f,d,df + KK
 Luminous Illusion              LP,LP,f,LK,HP  (air)
 Gloomy Puppet Show             hcf + KK
 Bunshin Kougeki:               ...
 Mindless Doll (Mimic Doll)     Press LP + LK / MP + MK
 Mindless Doll (Mirror Doll)    Press HP + HK
 ES MOVES:  Soul Flash, Shining Blade, Merry Turn, Mystic Arrow

 - The Gloomy Puppet Show costs 2 special stocks to use.

 - There are two versions of the Bunshin Kougeki.  Perform this move
   with LP + LK or MP + MK and a duplicate is created that follows
   Lilith and mimics everything she does.  Perform this move with
   HP + HK and the doll mirrors Lilith from the opposite side (just
   like Morrigan's Astral Vision).


 Moon Tracer                    When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Breast Anguish                 When close, b / f + MK / HK
 Sexual Embrace                 Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Shell Pierce                   Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Soul Fist                      qcf + P  (air)
 Shadow Blade                   f,d,df + P
 Vector Drain                   When close, hcb + MP / HP
 (flying dash)                  Tap and hold b,b / f,f
 Vertical Dash                  Tap d,u
 Vertical Dash (forward)        d,u~uf, hold f
 Vertical Dash (backward)       d,ub, hold b
 Vertical Dash (flying)         Tap u during Flying Dash

 Valkyrie Turn                  hcb + K, then press K
 Darkness Illusion              LP,LP,f,LK,HP  (air)
 Finishing Shower               MP,LP,b,LK,MK  (direct shots d / u)
 Cryptic Needle                 f,HP,MP,LP,f
 Bunshin Kougeki:               ...
        Astral Vision           Press same strength P + K
 ES MOVES:  Soul Fist, Shadow Blade, Vector Drain.
 - Morrigan is invincible during the Valkyrie Turn, but once you press
   K a second time, she can be hit.  Note that the initial Kick that
   you use determines her re-entry onto the screen, while the second
   press is what actually makes her attack.

 - During the Astral Vision, a duplicate of Morrigan is created that
   appears on the opposite side of the screen and mimics everything
   that she does.

 PHOBOS, KILLER MACHINE                                         (Huitzil)

 (magnet spin slam)             When close, b / f + MP / HP
 (aerial palm push)             Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 (sitting atack)                Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Plasma Beam (Taichi)           qcf + P
 Plasma Beam (Shagami)          qcf + K
 Might Launcher                 qcb + P  (air)
 Plasma Trap                    In air, qcb + K
 Genocide Vulcan                b,d,db + P
 Reflect Wall                   f,d,df + P  (Guard Cancel only)
 Circuit Scrapper               When close, hcb + MP / HP
 Kuuchuu Dash                   In air, tap b,b / f,f
 (hover jump)                   Hold ub~uf while jumping
 (alternate attacks)            f + P / K

 Final Guardian Beta            f,d,df + KK
 Erasing Sphere                 b,d,db + KK
 Option Beam: Ray of Doom       Press same strength P + K

 ES MOVES:  Plasma Beam (either version), Might Launcher, Plasma Trap,
            Genocide Vulcan, Circuit Scrapper.

 - During the Option Beam, Phobos can fly in any direction freely, and
   can even land and then fly again.  Any time he makes any sort of
   attack, his two options will fire Plasma Beams.


 (magnet spin slam)             When close, b / f + MP / HP
 (aerial palm push)             Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 (sitting atack)                Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Sol Smasher                    qcf + P  (air)
 Zodiac Fire                    f,d,df + P  (Guard Cancel)
 Orbiter Blaze                  In air, qcb + K
 Galaxy Trip                    b,d,db + P / K  (air)
 Planet Burning                 When close, hcb + MP / HP
 (rush punches)                 f + P
 (dive punches)                 In air, db~df + P

 Cosmo Disruption               hcf + PP / KK
 Piled Hell                     f,d,df + KK  (air)
 Bunshin Kougeki:               ...
        Shining Gemini          Press same strength P + K
ES MOVES:  Sol Smasher, Zodiac Fire, Orbiter Blaze, Planet Burning.

 - The Galaxy Trip can be performed repeatedly to remain airborne or
   in a state of teleportation.  What's more, it can be cancelled into
   any normal attack, special move, or EX (including a mid-air Piled
   Hell or a Planet Burning).  The six positions you can teleport to
   are determined by the button you use (HK is the lower-left button
   on the control pad, and will take you to the lower-left corner of
   the screen, for example).

 - When you use the Cosmo Disruption, holding the buttons used makes
   the move take up more of the screen.  Furthermore, what buttons you
   use changes the configuration of the Cosmo Distruption into various
   constellations.  There are six total, using the following buttons:
   LP + MP, MP + HP, LP + HP, LK + MK, MK + HK, and LK + HK.

 - During the Shining Gemini, Pyron's double will appear and will perform
   certain normal / special moves depending on what kind of attack Pyron
   is utilizing.


 Cn                             When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Ca                             Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 SU                             Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 CR                             hcf + P  (air)
 DA                             qcb + K  (air)
 Sxp                            Tap K rapidly  (air)
 R.M.                           f,d,df + K  (Guard Cancel only)
 O.M.                           When close, hcb + MP / HP
 Hover Jump                     After jumping, hold ub~uf
 Homing Dash                    In air, tap f,f

 Qj                             f,d,df + PP  (air)  (can use repeatedly)
 +B                             hcf + KK
 Kuuchuu Fuyuu: i2              Press same strength P + K

 ES MOVES:  C.R., DA, R.M., O.M.

 - During the i2, Q-Bee can fly in any direction.  She can
   even land on the ground and then press in any upwards direction
   to start flying again.


 Big Bomb                       When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Big Air                        Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Big Wheel                      Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Big Breath                     qcf + P
 Big Blow                       f,d,df + P  (hold P to delay)
 Big Typhoon                    f,d,df + K  (Guard Cancel)
 Big Towers                     d,d + P
 Big Brunch                     When close, hcb + P
 Big Swing                      When close, rotate 360 + K

 Big Freezer                    hcf + PP
 Big Ice Burn                   hcf + KK
 Big Sledge                     When close, rotate 720 + KK
 Big Trap                       hcf + R
 Super Armor:                   ...
 Big Resistor                   Press LP + LK / MP + MK
 Big Resistor with M.A.P.S.     Press HP + HK
 ES MOVES:  Big Breath, Big Blow, Big Typhoon, Big Towers, Big Brunch,
            Big Swing.

 - After performing the Big Trap, _anyone_ who touches the banana peel
   will take damage and fall.

 - There are two versions of the Big Resistor.  Perfrom this move with
   LP + LK or MP + MK and Sasquatch will not go into hit stun when he
   is damaged.  The HP + HK version causes him to be followed by a
   troupe of penguins, and if he makes a successful attack, one of the
   penguins will jump forward and self-destruct for added damage.


 Mega Strangle                  When close, b / f + MP
 Jaw Slugger                    When close, b / f + HP
 Graviton Knuckle               d,u + P just after Strangle / Slugger
 Bottom Grip                    When close, b / f + MK / HK
 Mega Throw                     Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Victor Finger                  Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Mega Forrid                    Charge b,f + P
 Mega Stake                     Charge d,u + P
 Mega Shock                     When close, qcf + K
 Mega Spike                     When close, rotate 360 + P
 Gyro Crush                     qcb + P, move b / f
 Giga Burn                      f,d,df + K  (Guard Cancel)
 Minimum Step                   d + KKK
 Double Meteor Knuckle          Jump ub / uf, press HP
 Dengeki Touki                  Press and hold MP / HP / MK / HK

 Thunder Break                  Charge d,u + KK
 Geldenheim 3                   When close, rotate 720 + KK
 Hyoui Genshou:                 ...
 Great Geldenheim S             Press LP + LK / MP + MK
 Great Geldenheim L             Press HP + HK
ES MOVES:  Mega Forrid, Mega Stake, Gyro Crush, Giga Burn.

 - Mega Forrid is probably a contraction of 'Forehead', for those of
   you who are wondering. ^^;

 - The Graviton Knuckle must be performed before Victor starts chin-
   bashing his opponent during the throw.

 - The Dengeki Touki can be used while Victor is crouching as well as

 - There are two versions of the Hyoui Genshou.  If performed with
   LP + LK or MP + MK, Victor's normal standing punches are throw
   attempts that result in him performing a Great Geldenheim throw.
   If performed with HP + HK, all his attacks become electrified.

 ZABEL ZAROCK, MAIN EVENTER OF HELL                         (Lord Raptor)

 Murder Beat                    When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Deadly Catapult                When close, b / f + MK / HK
 Air Catastrophe                Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Skull Javelin                  Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Death Hurricane                qcb + K  (air)
 Skull Sting                    d,u + K  (air)
 Hell's Gate                    hcf + K
 Death Phrase                   f,d,df + K  (Guard Cancel only)
 Skull Punish                   When close, hcb + MP / HP
 Kuuchuu Dash                   In air, tap b,b / f,f
 Mad Pick / Hell Edge           f + LP / LK
 Mad Cutter / Hell Shout        f + MP / MK
 Toxic Bone / Hell Chainsaw     f + HP / HK

 Death Voltage                  hcb + KK  (air)
 Evil Scream                    f,b + PP
 Hell Dunk                      f,d,df + PP
 Saishuu Keitai:                ...
        Ultimate Undead         Press same strength P + K
 ES MOVES:  Death Hurricane, Skull Sting, Death Phrase, Skull Punish.

 - Use the Hell's Gate to transport yourself across the screen; LK
   is to the far left, MK is center, and HK is to the far right.

 - During the Saishuu Keitai, Zabel cannot use any special moves.
   His dash changes and his normal attacks change as well.

 DARK GALLON                                           (Dark Jon Talbain)

 This version of Gallon plays just like the normal version, but his
 colors are different, and he has his old VH2 / NightWarriors-style
 Dragon Cannon.

 OBORO BISHAMON                                         (Shadow Bishamon)

 Kesa Nage                      When close, b / f + MP / HP
 Mitamanuki                     Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 Shikabanenui                   Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Nu Kien Zan                    hcf + P
 Kien Zan                       f,d,df + P  (Guard Cancel)
 Kibi Tsukane                   f,d,df + K
 Oni Naburi                     qcf,uf + P
 Iai Giri (Joudan)              Charge b,f + P
 Iai Giri (Gedan)               Charge b,f + K
 Kirisuite Gomen                When close, rotate 360 + MP / HP
 Kareha Chirashi / Haya Gatana  f + LP / LK
 Ichimonji Giri / Sotoba Ori    f + MP / MK
 Kawara Kudaki / Kaina Otoshi   f + HP / HK
 (double attacks)               f + P,P

 Enma Ishi                      hcf + KK
 Oni Kubi Hineri                hcb + PP
 Togakubi Sarashi               Tap d,d + PP when opponent is downed
 Kyouka Yoroi: Kogane Katabira  Press same strength P + K

 PHOBOS, KILLER MACHINE                                         (Huitzil)

 (magnet spin slam)             When close, b / f + MP / HP
 (aerial palm push)             Any dir. but d / u + MP / HP in air
 (sitting atack)                Press u + P / K when opponent is downed

 Plasma Beam (Taichi)           qcf + P
 Plasma Beam (Shagami)          qcf + K
 Might Launcher                 qcb + P  (air)
 Plasma Trap                    In air, qcb + K
 Genocide Vulcan                b,d,db + P
 Reflect Wall                   f,d,df + P  (Guard Cancel only)
 Circuit Scrapper               When close, hcb + MP / HP
 Kuuchuu Dash                   In air, tap b,b / f,f
 (hover jump)                   Jump ub / uf
 (alternate attacks)            f + P / K

 Final Guardian Beta            f,d,df + KK
 Erasing Sphere                 b,d,db + KK
 Option Beam: Ray of Doom       Press same strength P + K


 When you play with Shadow, you'll turn into your opponent after you win
 each battle.  For example, if I'm using Donovan and I beat Anakaris,
 then in my next battle (say, against Felicia), I will be Anakaris.  If
 I beat Felicia, I will then turn into her for the next battle.

   4.   S E C R E T S   A N D   C O D E S


 - To get this new menu to appear, you must beat the game at least once,
   on any difficulty, without losing a round.  When you've done that,
   highlight OPTION on the title screen, hold the L or R shoulder
   buttons, and press Start (thanks for the correction, Axledental DJ)!
   Note that changing the Language option to English will give you
   English text for the entire game, however, some backgrounds are
   censored (like the torture chamber level), all blood is white, and
   the text is altered slightly (see Anakaris' ending for an example).


 - Go to the character you want to use and press the L shoulder button
   three times.  Then highlight the ? box and press any P or K.

PLAY AS SHADOW  (only in Arcade Mode)

 - Highlight the ? box and press the L shoulder button five times.  On
   the last press, hold it down, then press any P or K.  This trick can
   be combined with the 'Fake Random Select' code to pick your starting
   character while still playing with Shadow.


 - Highlight Phobos, hold the L shoulder button, and then press any P
   or K.


 - Highlight Gallon, hold the L shoulder button, and then press PP or


 - Fight and win against Oboro Bishamon (see below).  Then highlight
   Bishamon, hold the L shoulder button, and then press any P or K.


 - To fight Oboro Bishamon, follow these guidelines:

    * Don't use Auto mode.
    * Don't lose any rounds.
    * Finish at least 2 opponents with the listed EX move:

       Anakaris  = Pharaoh Salvation (or) Pharaoh Decoration
       Aulbath   = Aqua Spread
       Bishamon  = Togakubi Sarashi
       Bulleta   = Beautiful Memory
       Demitri   = Midnight Pleasure
       Donovan   = Change Immortal
       Felicia   = Please Help Me
       Gallon    = Moment Slice
       Jedah     = Prova=Di=Servo
       Lei-Lei   = Chuukadan
       Lilith    = Gloomy Puppet Show
       Morrigan  = Darkness Illusion
       Phobos    = Final Guardian Beta
       Pyron     = Cosmo Disruption
       Q-Bee     = Plus B
       Sasquatch = Big Sledge
       Victor    = Geldenheim 3
       Zabel     = Hell Dunk

If you fulfilled all the requirements, you'll fight Oboro Bishamon after
you beat Jedah.  If you lose, you'll see the normal ending.  If you win,
then you'll see a special scene after the credits.


 - Finish any three opponents with an EX move or with any attack while
   using a Dark Force before the fifth battle.  Your mid-boss will show
   up prior to the next battle, chat with you, then fight you in a
   recolored stage of whatever battle is coming up next.


 - After you win a battle, hold down any Punch or Kick button to
   select your character's win pose.  Some characters have less than
   six poses and so pressing some buttons may not have any effect.


 - You can get a 7th color by selecting your character with PP and an
   8th color by selecting them with KK.


 - In VS mode, when you can chose your stage, press the R shoulder
   button to start a roulette-like sequence.  Then press R again to
   stop the roulette, or press any button to make the roulette slow
   down and automatically select a stage.


 - You can select the recolored version of any stage in VS mode by
   holding the L shoulder button and then pressing any button to
   select the highlighted stage.


 - Perform this move on Phobos but use d,f,df + LP + HP instead of
   d,f,df + PP.


 - After winning a battle with Anakaris, press and hold LK before he
   does a winning pose.  Khybit and Anakaris will start tossing
   coins out, and you're in control of the little guy who lives in
   Anakaris' coffin.  You can move left or right to collect coins of
   varying sizes.


 - Demitri vs. Anakaris         - Finish with Midnight Bliss.
 - Anakaris vs. Anybody         - Finish with any 'Pharaoh' EX move.
                                  ...hold down R for an added effect :)
 - Gallon vs. Anybody           - Finish with Moment Slice.
 - Bishamon vs. Anybody         - Finish with Togakubi Sarashi
                                  ...or ES Hi En Zan.
 - Jedah vs. Anybody            - Finish with Prova=Di=Selvo
 - Lilith vs. CPU Morrigan      - Win the match.


 - Zabel vs. Lei-Lei
 - Zabel vs. Bulleta
 - Bishamon vs. Oboro Bishamon
 - Gallon vs. Bulleta
 - Anakaris vs. Felicia


 - All of these were written by Nick Des Barres.  In order to use them,
   you need to have an EMS 4-in-1 cart that's been modified to play
   Vampire Savior.  You can buy such carts from NCS <www.ncsx.com>,
   which is a great place to buy any import game from.

   Master Code
     F6000914 C321
     B6000B00 0000

   1P Air Moves
     3609416C 0000

   2P Air Moves
     36094454 0000

   1P Special Moves Can Be Two-in-Oned DURING Chain Combos
     36094229 0000

   2P Special Moves Can Be Two-in-Oned DURING Chain Combos
     36094511 0000

   1P Special Moves Can Be Two-in-Oned From EVERY / ANY Normal Attack
     36094277 00FF

   2P Special Moves Can Be Two-in-Oned From EVERY / ANY Normal Attack
     3609455F 00FF

   No Charging Required For Charge Moves
     16094334 0402
     1609433C 0402
     1609461C 0402
     16094624 0402
     1609436C 0402
     16094374 0402
     1609437C 0402
     16094654 0402
     1609465C 0402
     16094664 0402

   1P No Lag Time During Chains & Two-in-One Combos
     36094190 0000

   2P No Lag Time During Chains & Two-in-One Combos
     36094478 0000

 - The above two codes cannot be used at the same time.  Choose only
   one of them.

   Hyper Speed (Requires two turbo stars in Options)
     16094094 0001

   1P is Normally Unselectable Character, Dark Force Zabel
     360943B6 000B

   2P is Normally Unselectable Character, Dark Force Zabel
     3609469E 000B

   1P Invincible
     16094184 0240
     16094186 0240

   2P Invincible
     1609446C 0240
     1609446E 0240

   1P Infinite Special Gauge
     36094219 0063

   2P Infinite Special Gauge
     36094501 0063

   1P Unlimited Dark Force Time
     36094287 0072

   2P Unlimited Dark Force Time
     3609456F 0072

 - How to Use These Codes:

   1) Start Vampire Savior with NO codes active.
   2) The game will begin. Wait until the intro starts running.
   3) Press Reset.
   4) Choose your codes and go!

   5.   A D V A N C E D   T A C T I C S


All character can dash backwards or forwards, by tapping f,f or b,b.
Some of these have special properties: for example, Lei-Lei's forward
Dash is a teleport-type move, while Aulbath's backward dash can be used
to hop back repeatedly for a while.  Most characters can interrupt their
Dash by pressing in the opposite direction in order to stop quickly.  In
addition, some characters' attacks may change if they are performed
while dashing forward.


You can guard against standing attacks by pressing Back, and crouching
attacks by pressing Down-Back.  Guarding an attack reduces the damage
significantly (you take no damage from normal attacks and reduced
damage from special moves, ES, and EX attacks).  You can guard attacks
while jumping as well; there is only one type of air guard but it is
effective against any attack.  Note that you cannot guard against throws
or air throws of any kind.  Some moves may also be unblockable and will
hit you regardless of what sort of guard you're using.

While guarding, you can rapidly tap any Punch or Kick button to attempt
to use Advancing Guard.  It makes you 'miss' a hit, resulting in less
damage.  This has the added function of pushing you away from your
opponent and is referred to in the game as a Tech. Hit.


Every character has a Guard Cancel move (Ankaris has an EX Guard Cancel).
To use it, guard against an attack while on the ground and then press
f,d,df + P / K (depending on what character you're using), or f,d,df +
PP for Anakaris.  You'll break out of guard stun and attack your foe.


Every character (excluding Anakaris) has two ground throws and an air
throw.  These are all performed in the same manner:  Get close to your
enemy and press b / f + MP / HP or MK / HK.  There is only one type of
air throw, so you can use either set of buttons (Punch or Kick), to
perform it.  Some characters don't have Kick throws, and they can't
air throw with Kick, either.  All throws are unblockable.  Some
characters have grabbing throws in which they attack the opponent
repeatedly--these cause damage over a period of time rather than all at


There is a way to take less damage from being thrown, but it only works
with normal ground throws and not air throws or command throws (like
Bishamon's Kirisute Gomen or Sasquatch's Big Swing).  To do this, press
b / f + MP / HP / MK / HK as you are thrown.  If successful, you'll
land on your feet and take reduced damage.  This is also shown on-screen
as a Tech. Hit.


This can be used to take less damage from a grabbing ground throw or
certain special attacks, and to stop taking damage much faster.  To
try and recover, rapidly tap b,f and press any Punch or Kick button
repeatedly until you break free.


These can only be used after knocking down your opponent, which can be
done by hitting him or her with a crouching HK attack (some characters
have other attacks or moves that will knock down an opponent).  Once
they are down, quickly press u + P / K to perform a pursuit attack,
which is basically a way of getting free damage.  You can even ES your
pursuit attack by performing it with PP or KK.  Bishamon and Felicia
have two pursuit attacks--the regular kind that everyone else has and
then the Togakubi Sarashi (for Bishamon) and Cat Pack (for Felicia).
Anakaris, however, has a special move that will injure people who
attempt any sort of pursuit attack.


When you're knocked down by your opponent, you're not entirely helpless.
If you do nothing, you'll stand up after a moment, but you'll also be
left open to pursuit attacks.  In order to avoid this, quickly press
b / f + P / K to move back or forward while you get up.


Instead of having two projectiles cancel out, Capcom uses the momentum
system to determine the priority of the projectiles.  This system remains
unchanged from Vampire Hunter / NightWarriors.  It applies only
horizontal projectiles thrown at one another on the air or in the ground,
and applies to ES as well as EX projectiles.

 - When two projectiles are thrown towards each other, the strength of
   the button used overrides the other projectile.  For example, if
   two Demitris throw two Chaos Flares, but one is performed with LP and
   the other one with MP, then the MP one will override the LP Flare.

 - If two projectiles of equal strength are thrown, the one fired later
   will override the one thrown earlier.

 - If two projectiles of equal strength are thrown at the same time,
   they will both cancel out.

 - ES projectiles override normal projectiles.  EX projectiles override
   any other type of projectile.

All other types of long-range attacks simply go by the rule of who fires
first (for example, if there are two Phobos, the one who fires his
Plasma Beam first hits.  If the both fire at the same time, they are
both hit).


This is performed by pressing the R shoulder button.  Friendships are
little actions or gestures that are meant to amuse but have no serious
impact on gameplay (although some can inflict minor damage).  Each
character can use a Friendship fifteen times per battle.  Some characters
have more than one Friendship, in which case a particular action is
chosen at random.  Felicia has a Friendship attack (the Fake Throw),
while Sasquatch has a Friendship EX (the Big Trap).


Referred to as the 'Hunter Chain', this type of chain combo is the first
of it's kind and so is simply called 'Chain Combo' in the game itself.
In a chain combo, you can interrupt one normal attack into another
normal attack.  You can make any type of chain combo you want, but you
have to follow these guidelines:

  - You must go from weakest to strongest (for example, LP -> MP is
    acceptable but HK -> MK is not).

  - You can go from Punch to Kick but not the reverse (in this
    case, LP -> LK will work but MK -> MP will not).

  - You can chain combo while jumping, standing or crouching, and you
    can preceed a chain with another chain (for instance, you could
    jump in with LK -> MP, then continue to combo with LP -> MP -> HK
    once you land, or continue the same chain with MK -> HK).

    However, note that the only type of dual chaining possible is a
    jumping chain into a ground chain.  You can't stand, chain together
    some attacks, then crouch and start a new chain--whether you stand
    or crouch, a ground chain is still subject to the same guidelines.

  - You cannot interrupt a chain combo into any special move, ES, or
    EX move  (so while crouching MP, Shadow Blade is possible,
    crouching LP -> MP, Shadow Blade is not).

    Some characters can get around this by ending a chain combo with
    a link attack (when you don't interrupt a normal attack into
    another one, but actually let the first one finish and are still
    able to connect with a second attack, it's called a link).  For
    instance, Lilith has a crouching LP, crouching MK link, so she
    can combo standing LP -> crouching LP (link) MK, Shiny Blade.

So, in theory, assuming that all of your normal attacks hit once, you
could perform a six-hit combo:

                LP -> LK -> MP -> MK -> HP -> HK

However, some character have moves that hit twice, or push them away,
etc., making this theoretical only.  Most characters can link together
five attacks at most.  Furthermore, it's impossible to get in more than
five attacks during a jumping chain combo--just like with ground
chains, it's theoretically possible to get six but this actually can't
be done (I tested this using Bulleta vs. Anakaris).


ES stands for 'Especial'.  An ES attack requires one special stock.  To
perform it, just enter the command for a special move, but use two of
the same button instead of one  (i.e. f,d,df + PP instead of f,d,df + P).
Not all special moves can be ES'd, though.  An ES move generally hits
more times, does better damage, and has an increased range and priority
over the normal move.

EX stands for 'Extra Special'.  Most EX attacks require one special
stock, but some need two (like Demitri's Midnight Pleasure), and some
need three (Anakaris' Pharaoh Decoration).  When you perform an EX
attack, you will flash rainbow colors and be momentarily invincible.
EX moves are generally more powerful than ES moves in all aspects.
Some EX attacks require you to use button presses instead of simple
motions.  To perform these, simply press the buttons quickly at an
even pace--don't wait for your character to finish one attack and go
to the next.  When you finish, your character will automatically
cancel into the attack.


Every character has the ability to use a Dark Force.  To use your
character's DS, press the same P + same K  (i.e. MP + MK).  Doing so
causes your character to pose, and the background changes.  You now have
whatever special power your Dark Force gives you.  Once activated, a
Dark Force only lasts for a little while (a bar will appear beneath your
life bar informing you of how much time is left).  This amount of time
will decrease faster when you are in hit stun.  You can end a Dark Force
prematurely by pressing any P + K a second time.  Either way, when a
Dark Force ends, the background reverts and you'll pose a second time.
Remember that you are vulnerable while posing.  Some characters have more
than one version of a Dark Force--check out Section 2 (The Characters)
for more detail.

   6.   M I S C E L L A N E O U S


This lists each character's mid-boss and boss:

   CHARACTER            MID-BOSS        BOSS
   Anakaris             Q-Bee              Jedah
   Aulbath              Felicia            Jedah
   Bishamon             Victor             Jedah
   Bulleta              Gallon             Zabel
   Demitri              Bishamon           Morrigan
   Donovan              Phobos             Jedah
   Felicia              Morrigan           Lilith
   Gallon               Bulleta            Dark Gallon
   Jedah                Jedah              Demitri
   Lei-Lei              Zabel              Jedah
   Lilith               Jedah              Morrigan
   Morrigan             Demitri            Lilith
   Phobos               Pyron              Jedah
   Pyron                Donovan            Jedah
   Q-Bee                Anakaris           Jedah
   Sasquatch            Aulbath            Jedah
   Victor               Lilith             Jedah
   Zabel                Lei-Lei            Jedah
   Dark Gallon          Bulleta            Gallon
   Oboro Bishamon       Victor             Jedah
   Shadow               (currently)        (currently)
   VH Phobos            Pyron              Jedah


Meticulously copied from the instruction booklet...those of you who own
this game know what I mean!  Anyway, here it is:

 Darkrealm has lost its monarch and been in chaos.
 Now, one soul was ressurrected from the bottom of oblivion.
 It's Jedah, one of the ancient Three Lords of Darkrealm.

 He creates closed battlestage called "Damned Dimension"
 and summons worthy spirits to declare;

 "All living and dead souls should be merged into me!
 "That is your only hope for ultimate salvation!"

 The gala of Darkstalkers is held once again,
 this time for their own survivals.
 Time is running out...and there is no second chance!


These are all done by me and so may not be completely correct.  I'd
like to thank Chris for providing the translations of all the new info.
added in v0.5 (throw names, command attack names, etc.)

 Imashime no Bohi               Tombstone of Admonition
 Miira Drop                     Mummy Drop
 Ouke no Sabaki                 Pharaoh's Judgment
 Hitsugi no Mai                 Dance of the Coffins
 Kotodama Gaeshi (Suu)          Speaking Soul Return (Inhale)
 Kotodama Gaeshi (Haku)         Speaking Soul Return (Vomit)
 Seija no Ayumi                 Saint's Walk
 Chi no Gekirin                 Earth's Imperial Wrath
 Togame no Ana                  Pit of Blame
 Naname Fuyuu                   Diagonal Float
 Nidan Jump                     Two Level Jump
 Suichoku Fuyuu                 Vertical Float
 Seinaru Bohi                   Sacred Tombstone
 Ooinaru Bohi                   Great Tombstone
 Naraku no Ana                  Pit of Hades
 Shinjitsu no Oshie             Doctrine of Truth
 Yajuu Mahou                    Eightfold Magic Spell
 Bijo Mahou                     Beautiful Women Magic Spell
 Bunri Kougeki                  Seperation Attack


 Kesa Nage                      Kesa Throw
 Mitamanuki                     Departed Spirit Removal
 Shikabanenui                   Corpse Stichery
 Karame Dama                    Entwining Spirit
 Tsuji Hayate                   Crossing Rapid Winds
 Tama Yose                      Spirit Gather
 Kien Zan                       Demonic Blaze Slash
 Iai Giri (Joudan)              Sword Drawing Slice (Upper)
 Iai Giri (Gedan)               Sword Drawing Slice (Lower)
 Kirisuite Gomen                Sacrifice Slash Dismissal
 Kareha Chirashi / Haya Gatana  Dead Leaf Scatterer / Fast Sword
 Ichimonji Giri / Sotoba Ori    Line Slash / Grave Tablet Breaker
 Kawara Kudaki / Kaina Otoshi   Tile Smasher / Arm Drop
 Enma Ishi                      Devil Stone
 Oni Kubi Hineri                Demonic Neck Twister
 Togakubi Sarashi               Exposed Neck Sharp (Slice)
 Kyouka Yoroi: Kogane Katabira  Reinforced Armor: Golden
                                Lightweight Kimono


 Bazooka Ransha                 Bazooka Shooting Wildly

 Koumori Shoukan                Bat Summon


 Katana Hanasu                  Sword Release
 Katana Modosu                  Sword Return
 Katana ni Kaminari o Otosu     Sword of Falling Lightning


 Sankaku Tobi                   Triangle Hop


 Beast Cannon (Taikuu)          Beast Cannon (Anti-Air)
 Zanzou Kougeki                 Afterimage Attack


 Sangue Vangelo                 Bloody Gospel
 Mesto Spinta                   Mournful Thrust
 Rasare Sega                    Clipping Saw
 Dio=Sega                       God Saw
 Nero=Fatica                    Dark Fatigue
 Spregio                        Contempt
 Ira=Spinta (Nokogiri)          Angry Thrust (Saw)
 Ira=Spinta (Kuuchuu Nage)      Angry Thrust (Mid-Air Throw)
 San=Passare                    Holy Transfer
 Balzo=Perdono                  Forgiveness Dash
 Prova=di=Servo                 Servant's Proof
 Finale=Rosso                   Red Finale
 Kuuchuu Fuyuu: Santuario       Mid-Air Float: Sanctuary


 Hourei                         Soul Banisher
 Houten                         Heaven Banisher
 Zanpa                          Slashing Ripper
 Ankihou                        Dark Weapon Cannon
 Henkyouki                      Echo Weapon
 Senpuubu                       Whirlwind Dance
 Houten Geki                    Heaven Banishing Attack
 Kuuchuu Dash                   Mid-Air Dash
 Rantetsu                       Riot Iron
 Edoga                          Breaking Angry Fang
 Chireitou                      Ground Spirit Blade
 Chuukadan                      China Bomb
 Tenrai Ha                      Heavenly Lightning Break
 Daibakusou: Rimoukon           Great Burst Rush: Seperated Wild Soul


 Bunshin Kougeki                Other Self Attack

 Plasma Beam (Tachi)               Plasma Beam (Standing)
 Plasma Beam (Shagami)             Plasma Beam (Crouching)


 Big Resistor with M.A.P.S.     Magical Avalanche Penguin Squad


 Dengeki Touki                  Electric Shock Fighting Spirit
 Hyoui Genshou                  Dependance Possession


 Saishuu Keitai                 Final Form

 Nu Kien Zan                    Angry Demonic Blaze Slash
 Kibi Tsukane                   Demonic Control of Fire
 Oni Naburi                     Demonic Ridicule


 v0.1 - First revision.
 v0.2 - More codes added, Donovan's moves corrected, Jedah's Italian
        name translations added (thanks again, Senio).
 v0.3 - Some minor additions and corrections.
 v0.4 - More additions and corrections.
 v0.5 - Lots of stuff added and corrected, plus lots of official names
        from Dash Taisen (www.dashtaisen.com).  Thanks to Ben Vargas
        for some misc tips and Pyron's Cosmo Disruption notes!


I'd like to thank the people who helped make this FAQ possible:

Chris                              projectr@wizard.com
Ben Vargas                         ben106@geocities.com
Darklancer                         gamer@technologist.com
Gouki                              rolento@geocities.com
Kenichiro Tanaka                   (none?)
Kevin Eav                          ukyou@maison-otaku.net
Nick Des Barres                    nickrox@ix.netcom.com
Senio Rotondi                      kami_akuma@yahoo.com
The Axledental DJ                  darrens@erols.com
Toru Kijima                        bez@t3.rim.or.jp
yktang                             yktang@myna.com

BTW, a final note for those who are interested.  This game is Vampire
Savior plus Donovan, Phobos, Pyron, and some of the tricks from Vampire
Savior 2 (but not all, such as Marionette Mode).  It does _not_ contain
any of the VS2/VH2 upgrades, such as improved EXs during Dark Force
attacks, etc.  If you're looking for a version with all the bonuses
(not to mention lots of bonuses in general), then check out Vampire
Savior EX for the PlayStation (it's currently an import, but will
undoubtedly be released in the US eventually).  The translation isn't
as exact as the Saturn version, though.

"I am Dark Master!" - hehe :)

 Unpublished work Copyright 1998-2001 Chris MacDonald