• Codes

    Access FreeplayOn the title screen, press Up, Up, Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Down
    Lots of StuffOn the title screen, press C, R, A, Z, Y, C, Y, R, A, X, then press Up when the kube is on kombat
    Play as ErmacOn the Ultimate Kombat Kode screen, press X (x9), Y (x6), Z (x4), A (x2), B (x4)
    Play as Human SmokeSelect Cyber-Smoke, and press and hold L + HP + B + HK + R
    Play as MileenaOn the Ultimate Kombat Kode screen, press X (x7), A (x7), B (x2), C (x3)
    Play as Sub ZeroOn the character select screen, press X (x7), Y (x6), A (x5), B (x2)


  • Versus Screen Codes

    Players one and two must enter these button combinations on the vs. screen with the A, B, and Y buttons respectively. The number indicates the times you must press each button.

    "No Fear" MessageP1: (2,8,2) P2: (2,8,2)
    "Rain Can Be Found in the Graveyard" MessageP1: (7,1,7) P2: (3,1,3)
    Blocking DisabledP1: (0,2,0) P2: (0,2,0)
    Dark fightingP1: (688) P2: (422)
    Fast Uppercut RecoveryP1: (0,4,4) P2: (4,4,0)
    Fight at BalconyP1: (8,8,0) P2: (2,2,0)
    Fight at Bell TowerP1: (0,9,1) P2: (1,9,0)
    Fight at Blue PortalP1: (9,3,3) P2: (9,3,3)
    Fight at BridgeP1: (0,7,7) P2: (0,2,2)
    Fight at GraveyardP1: (6,6,6) P2: (3,3,3)
    Fight at Jade's DesertP1: (3,3,0) P2: (0,3,3)
    Fight at Kahn's CaveP1: (0,0,4) P2: (7,0,0)
    Fight at Kombat TempleP1: (6,0,0) P2: (4,0,0)
    Fight at Noob's DorfenP1: (0,5,0) P2: (0,5,0)
    Fight at Pit IIIP1: (8,2,0) P2: (0,2,8)
    Fight at River KombatP1: (0,0,2) P2: (0,0,3)
    Fight at RooftopP1: (3,4,3) P2: (3,4,3)
    Fight at Scorpion's LairP1: (6,6,6) P2: (4,4,4)
    Fight at Soul ChamberP1: (1,2,3) P2: (9,0,1)
    Fight at StreetP1: (0,7,9) P2: (0,3,5)
    Fight at SubwayP1: (8,8,0) P2: (8,8,0)
    Hold flippers on the Casino runP1: (987) P2: (666)
    No PowerbarsP1: (9,8,7) P2: (1,2,3)
    Play the Galaga gameP1: (642) P2: (468)
    Player One 1/2 EnergyP1: (0,3,3) P2: (0,0,0)
    Player One 1/4 EnergyP1: (7,0,7) P2: (0,0,0)
    Player Two 1/2 EnergyP1: (0,0,0) P2: (0,3,3)
    Player Two 1/4 EnergyP1: (0,0,0) P2: (7,0,7)
    Psycho KombatP1: (9,8,5) P2: (1,2,5)
    Quasi-Randper KombatP1: (4,4,4) P2: (4,4,4)
    Quicker upper-cut recoveryP1: (788) P2: (322)
    Silent kombatP1: (300) P2: (300)
    Throwing DisabledP1: (0,2,0) P2: (0,2,0)
    Throwing EncouragedP1: (0,1,0) P2: (0,1,0)
    Unlimited RunP1: (4,6,6) P2: (4,6,6)
    Version NumberP1: (9,9,9) P2: (9,9,9)
    Winner of 1st Round Battles MotaroP1: (9,6,9) P2: (1,4,1)
    Winner of 1st Round Battles Noob SaibotP1: (7,6,9) P2: (3,4,2)
    Winner of 1st Round Battles Shao KahnP1: (0,3,3) P2: (5,6,4)
    Winner of 1st Round Battles SmokeP1: (2,0,5) P2: (2,0,5)

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