General FAQs

FAQ Kao Megura 1.5 37K
FAQ/Move List 09/25/97 WorknMan 13 44K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 08/03/96 CBlaney 4.9 14K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 02/23/09 leeko_link 112K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 10/05/96 PMcCarron 1.1 119K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 04/17/96 Rat 15a 19K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 01/03/98 SirGalahad 10 101K

Character FAQs

Human Smoke (ARC) 03/21/96 RRaDDin 1.0 3K
Scorpion (ARC) 03/08/96 JQuicios 7K
Smoke 08/08/13 Adam3k3 1.00 12K
Sub Zero 07/26/13 Adam3k3 1.00 15K

In-Depth FAQs

Combo FAQ (ARC) 06/11/09 PWXShock Ver 2 48K
Combo FAQ (ARC) 09/09/96 WorknMan 31 35K
Competitive Character Guide (ARC) 05/24/06 PWXShock 1.5 215K

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