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Done by Chen Guojun / Mech Gouki


This guide is intended for use with Langrisser 5 of the Sega Saturn. It may 
also be used for the Playstation version.

This is best viewed in Wordpad, in 800x600 screen resolution.

This guide provides the full class list. This guide only provides the class 
list. If you require a Walkthrough, you can try DAdler's FAQ.

The class listing you see below is totally complete. No classes are left out, 
and there are no mistakes. This guide is made as accurate as possible.

Version 1.5 09-12-02 [Current Version]
Changed some formatting. Included information on the Secret Stages. Added more
into FAQ Section.

Version 1.0 02-10-02
First release



In Langrisser 5, there is a System called a class change system.

When a Character reaches Level 10, you will see a menu appear, and you will be 
asked to choose one out of 2 character classes for that Character to promote 

After choosing a new class, you will now start at Lv 1 once again, this time, 
in that class.

You have to pick a new class. You cannot remain in your old class.

This happens until you reach your 4th class. In your 4th Class, at level 10, 
you can only promote to a 5th class (also known as the Hidden, or Final Class),
if the character has a 5th class promotable from that 4th Class.

Also note that from your 4th class, there will only be one 5th class choice.

E.g. If Alfred's current class is Marshall, he won't be able to be promoted, 
even at Lv 10. However, if his current class is Serpent Lord, then he will be 
able to be promoted to Serpent Master.

In this whole game, there are only 6 Characters in your entire party. No more, 
no less. 

They are:

Sigma's classes, unlike the others, are not pre-determined. They are determined
from the choices you make at the start of the game. More on this will be 
detailed later.


                               /          \
                      Shaman <             Arch Mage    -- Hermit
                    /          \          / 
           Warlock<             Mage    <
                    \          /          \
                      Cleric <             Saint        -- Avatar
                               \          /
                                Priest  < 
                                           High Priest


                                              Ranger         --  Highmaster
                                 General   <
                             /              \
                  Gladiator<                  Marshall
                 /           \              /
         Fighter<            Serpent Knight< 
                 \           /              \
                  Captain  <                  Serpent Lord   --  Serpent Master
                             \              /
                               Brave Knight<
                                              Knight Master

                                             ArchMage    --  Hermit
                                 Summoner <
                               /           \
                   Sorceror   <              Wizard  
                /              \           /
         Knight<              Brave Knight<
                \              /           \
                 Silver Knight<             Knight Master -- Royal Guard
                               \           /
                                 General  <
                                             Marshall     -- Queen


                                                  High Priest
                                       Priest   <
                                    /            \
                        Cleric    <               Saint        --  Princess
                    /               \            /
     Pegasus Knight<                   Paladin  < 
                    \               /            \
                      Pegasus Lord<               Dragon Lord  --  Dragon Master
                                    \            /
                                                  Ranger       --  High Master

                                               Sword Master
                                Battle Master<
                               /              \
                   Gladiator  <                Marshall
                /              \              /
       Knight <                   General    < 
                \              /              \
                 Silver Knight<                Knight Master  --  Royal Guard
                               \              / 
                                 Brave Knight<
                                               Dragon Lord    --  Dragon Master


                                                2C         -- 2D (Bronze/Copper)
                                 2B       <
                            /              \
                 Gladiator<                  Swordsmaster  -- Hero  (Gold)
             /              \              /
    Fighter<                  BattleMaster<
             \              /              \
                    1A    <                     1C         -- 1D    (Silver)
                            \              /
                                 1B       <
                                                3C         -- 3D    (Iron)

Sigma's Class Table:

Element   Earth               Water               Fire            Wind

A         Silver Knight       Captain             Sorceror        Hawk Lord
B         Brave Knight        Serpent Knight      Mage            Dragon Knight
C         Knight Master       Serpent Lord        Arch Mage       Dragon Lord
D         Royal Guard         Serpent Master      Hermit          Dragon Master

Sigma's Class:

Sigma's Class will be determined by the choices you make at the start of the 

The first 2 questions will determine his class system.

Question 1:
Which of these metals are to be discarded? You will keep all the other metals.
1) Gold
2) Silver
3) Bronze/Copper
4) Iron

The first question determines which final class he is able to be promoted to.
Gold-    From Swordsmaster into Hero
Silver-  From 1st Choice 4th Class into 1st Choice Final Class
Bronze-  From 2nd Choice 4th Class into 2nd Choice Final Class
Iron-    From 3rd Choice 4th Class into 3rd Choice Final Class

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember, the question is asking which Metal to discard, not 
which Metal to keep!! Don't get it wrong! Pick Gold, and you will not be able 
to promote to Hero!

Recommendations: It is best that you Choose to discard Iron or Copper.

Question 2:
In these 4 elements, pick 3 of them, which are most suitable for the character. 
Pick them in descending order, starting from the one he is most suited with.
1) Earth - Gnome
2) Water - Undinne
3) Fire - Ifreet
4) Wind - Sylph

For this question, you have to pick 3 out of 4 choices, in order of preference. 
Refer to the table above, at Sigma's class, to determine his class table.

(Number from 1 to 3) to (Alphabet from A to D), means Choice to Class Type, is 
used to represent his class in the table.

E.g. 1A, means 1st Choice, 2nd Class. 
     2C, means 2nd Choice, 4th Class.
     3D, means 3rd Choice, Final Class.
     2B, means 2nd Choice, 3rd Class.

Replace these numbers/alphabets, with the Classes in the table, corresponding 
with the choice you made, and you will have Sigma's Class table.

E.g. Let's say, you pick the 1st Choice as Water, 2nd Choice as Fire, and 3rd 
     Choice as Earth.

     The result would be:
     1A = Captain
     1B = Serpent Knight
     1C = Serpent Lord
     2B = Mage
     2C = ArchMage
     3C = Knight Master

Note: After you make all the choices at the start of the game, Sigma stats, as
 well as his class table, will be displayed to you. So check carefully. Sigma's 
 Fighter, Gladiator, BattleMaster, SwordsMaster, and Hero class, are already 


Remember that you are only able to be promoted to a Final class if you chose 
the correct Metals, in the first question.

E.g. If you want to be able to promote into the Final class of your first 
     choice, you must not have picked Silver in the first Question. To promote 
     to Hero, you must not have picked Gold.


I would always recommend you to choose a Class path that will take you all the 
way to the Final Class.

As for which Final Class to choose, I would always recommend a foot-type Class.
Meaning one that doesn't ride on anything. Such Classes include Avatar, Hero, 
Queen, Princess, Hermit, etc.

Classes that don't go on foot, move a great distance, but due to the slow 
reaction time, and the more energy required, their turns come after a very long 
time. Sorcerors may have already acted twice while waiting for a Hawk Rider to 

If you need to move more, give your character in foot-type class Swift Boots. 
Don't bother making them Knight or Dragon Rider Classes.

Swift Boots are very useful equipment that increases the User's and the troop's
by 4, and only Foot classes can equip them. They greatly increase the speed of
your troops.

Also, Knights and Serpent Riders move very short distances in enclosed areas 
like Castle areas. Another good reason not to use them.

Below is the recommended class path. They are arranged in order, starting from 
the one I recommend most. The choice is entirely yours.

1) Warlock -> Shaman -> Summoner -> Arch Mage -> Hermit
 Not a bad choice. You get 2 good Summons this way, plus a few good spells. The
 Hermit's Teleport is particularly useful. The problem is that you won't be 
 able to use too much soldiers. You probably will only use about a Maximum of 
 only 3 or 4 Troops in one battle.
2) Warlock -> Cleric -> Priest -> Saint -> Avatar
 Quite good too. You get 2 summons, plus many soldiers and healing spells. The 
 problems are same as above.
3) Warlock -> Shaman -> Mage -> Saint -> Avatar
 This is more well-rounded and balanced, but you won't get much summons. Not a 
 bad combination. And not to mention you can use quite a number of troops.

1) Fighter -> Gladiator -> General -> Ranger -> HighMaster
 The main problem with using a HighMaster is that his command range is 0! That 
 means that his troops would be very weak! It is best you give a Highmaster an 
 Equipment that increases his command range, but that would mean not being able 
 to Equip Swift boots anymore. Using a Highmaster has many advantages, like 
 having a natural high movement, having good spells like Quake, able to equip 
 bows, and even the ability to pass through walls! But not being able to
 move effectively, or command troops effectively, is quite a disadvantage.
2) Fighter -> Captain -> Brave Knight -> Serpent Lord -> Serpent Master
 Not too bad a choice, if it was a foot-type class. Better with troops, 
 compared with the Highmaster, but not good with moving.

1) Knight -> Silver Knight -> General -> Marshall -> Queen
 This is her Class which I will most recommend you to go to. Good spells, good 
 stats, and a foot-type class too.
2) Knight -> Sorceror -> Summoner -> ArchMage -> Hermit
 This class is useful only if you wish to use her as a magic user.
3) Knight -> Silver Knight -> General -> KnightMaster -> Royal Guard
 Not a foot-type class, but not too bad. Not as great as the Queen, though.

1) Pegasus Knight -> Cleric -> Paladin -> Saint -> Princess
 I would always recommend you to promote her into a Princess. It is one of the 
 best Final classes.
2) Pegasus Knight -> Pegasus Lord -> Dragon Knight -> Ranger -> HighMaster
 This is only recommended if you didn't make Alfred a Highmaster. Trust me, you
 won't need 2 HighMasters.
3) Pegasus Knight -> Cleric -> Paladin -> DragonLord -> Dragon Master
 Not a foot type class, but still not too bad.
4) Pegasus Knight -> Pegasus Lord -> Paladin -> DragonLord -> Dragon Master
 Same as above, but less spells, and 2 more attack points.

1) Knight -> Silver Knight -> General -> Knight Master -> Royal Guard
 This is quite a good selection. If only he had a Final foot-type class.
2) Knight -> Silver Knight -> Brave Knight -> Dragon Lord -> Dragon Master
 Not too bad. But not quite as good as above.
3) Knight -> Gladiator -> Battle Master -> SwordsMaster
 If you are not too conservative about getting a 5th class, you can try this.

1) Fighter -> Gladiator -> BattleMaster -> SwordsMaster -> Hero
 Most default and most basic class.
2) Fighter -> Gladiator -> Mage -> SwordsMaster -> Hero
 Applicable only if you chose Fire as your Second choice. This is not bad, but
 your defense stat won't be quite as good. You do learn a few good Spells.
3) Fighter -> Sorceror -> BattleMaster -> SwordsMaster -> Hero
 Applicable only if you chose Fire as your first choice. This isn't too bad,
 but the spells learnt won't be too useful later in the game.

That sums up the recommended classes.



This sections provide the tips and tricks, and cheats available. 

Sound Test (Saturn):
At the Title, press Right, Right, Left, Z, A, X, Y.
You will be able to hear the BGM and Sound Effects.

Highlight the "Buy" option on the shop menu. Press R, Down, L, Y, X, B. 
A sound will confirm correct code entry. All salable items in the game will be 
available for purchase at the current shop. It can be used in any shop, and the
effects are only temporary. Meaning that when you go to another shop, you will 
have to enter the code again. 

This is the only way to obtain certain items.

Highlight the "Buy" option on the shop menu.
Press R1, Down, L1, Up, Square, X, to be able to buy items
Press R1, Up, Left, L1, Up, L1, Square, X, to be able to buy the Sacred Sword
as well.

At a load screen, point the Cursor at one of the top 3 Save Files. Note that it
has to be the top 3 save files. Pointing at the bottom 2 will not work.

Press A, Up, R, Z, Down, Z, C. You are now able to select which Scenario to go 

Note that you will still be using the Save file you just loaded. Meaning that 
you will keep your stats, items, classes, etc. You won't lose your allies, but 
if you are in a Scenario where they won't appear yet, they will not show up in 
your party yet.

You can also move up in Scenarios. The catch is that you have to already 
completed them first. 
(Doesn't have to be on the same save file.)

SCENARIO SELECT (Playstation):
At a load screen, point the Cursor at one of the top 3 Save Files. Note that it
has to be the top 3 save files. Pointing at the bottom 2 will not work.

Press Square, Up, Right, Triangle, Down, Select, Circle
This allows you to visit any stage.

Press Left, Square, Triangle, Select, L1, Right, R1, Triangle, X
This allows you to visit any stage you have already completed.

Press R1, R1, L1, L1, Square, Left, Triangle, Circle
This activates the Hard Mode.

All Spells and Summons, and 99 MP for Character (Playstation):
In battle, wait for a character's turn. Then press:
Select, Select, X, X, Square, Square, X, Triangle.

Okay, so now you selected a wrong class. Panic. What are you going to do now? 
Or maybe you've already reached Lv 10 of your Final class, but you still want 
to level up furthur. What do you do?

The Answer: A Runestone.

Have a character Equip a Runestone. When that character reaches level 10, the 
Runestone will trigger. Regardless of whichever class that character is in, 
he/she will now be at the Second Class choice selection screen, as if the 
character has just reached level 10 in the first class!

If the character is already in Level 10, due to being in the Final class, or 
in a 4th class that can't be promoted furthure, simply gain some experience to 
trigger the Runestone.

Note that you still retain your spells, troops and stats. This is a very cheap 
trick, as you can still use it repeatedly, to gain limitless stats! It is a 
time consuming process, however.

You can obtain the Runestone with the Shop Code.


Secret Scenarios

Secret Scenarios are optional stages that have no relation to the story. They
are optional (but you can still get a Game Over, so be careful). These 
Scenarios have requirements to unlocking them.

Scenario ?1

In Scenario 08, move a Character over to the lower right side, where you see
the cliff and the crack. Select the option to "Put your Hand in". The ticket
will fly away. Now move over to the other side of the cliff, and go to the
withered tree, and obtain the Ticket.

Scenario ?2

In Scenario 15, make sure you activate all switches for the 4 sides. Then
move your character to the vault in the middle, and choose to search.

Scenario ?3

In Scenario 19, move a character over to the Chapel in the Upper right area,
and get to the Goddess Statue. If this battle is completed without losing
any NPCs, you'll get to the Secret Scenario.

Scenario ?4

In Scenario 26, make sure you open the chest at the Upper right area. But you
are not finished yet. Have Alfred check the chest one more time.

Scenario ?5

First, in Scenario 34, have a character examine the Stairs and choose to
enter the first level. Nothing will happen for now. Next, you must have 
complete Scenario 35, then use the Stage Code, to return back to Scenario 34.
Once again, go to the stairs.



Q: What is your recommendation of this game?

A: Actually, I for one, don't recommend this game, unless you are a great fan
   of the Langrisser Series. Personally, I think the system is too illogical
   of both Troops and timing. Not only that, the Secret Scenarios just disgusts
   me. The gameplay is nothing impressive at all. 

   And quite frankly, apart from a few pieces of good music, all the rest
   sucks. Compared to what Nobuo Uematsu composed, some of the music here 
   seemed like illogical string of notes. Of course, that's just what I feel.

   The artwork, however, is simply out of this world. Naturally, since the
   artwork is done by Satoshi Urushihara. One of the bests artists of all
   time. Excellant doesn't do justice to describe the artwork in this game.
   Sadly, there isn't that much of illustration. (Kinda makes me wonder why
   Squaresoft still hires Amano to do art. They way Amano does it, he makes
   the characters seemed like they've been ran over by a bulldozer.)

   There is a voice cast. A feature lacking for most RPG/Strategy games.
   However, this is mere candy and not the real deal. For those interested,
   the voice actor of Sigma is the same voice actor of Heero Yuy in Gundam 

   Saturn or Playstation, it doesn't really matter. The gameplay of this game
   is not really impressive compared to what is already out there. This is
   not a game I highly encourage you to play, unless you are a long time
   fan of the Langrisser Series.

Q: How do I cast a Spell? 

A: First select the spell. You must then wait, for a short while, then the 
   person would be able to cast the spell. Actually, it will be a lot faster
   if you do not move the troops first.

Q: Is the game supposed to have voice? I see their mouths move but don't
   hear anything.

A: You're playing on a pirated copy, right? Too bad for you, you got a
   bad quality one. As far as I know, only a high quality copy of this
   will get the voice. A poorer quality piracy won't get it. Don't ask
   me more of these, please.

Q: Doesn't Lanford has a Holy Swordsman Class?

A: That was in Langrisser 4. His class system has already changed.

Q: How do I get an Emperor Class?

A: You can't, only Rainforce has that class.

Q: What is the Maximum level you can get up to?

A: The Maximum level is 10, in your Final Class. If you do not have a Final
   class available, then you it will be Lv 10 in your 4th Class.
   With a Runestone however, you can go back to regain levels.

Q: Can I email you?

A: Yes. If you spot any mistakes tell me. If you have any other questions of
   any sort, feel free to ask me too.

Q: How do I get the El Hazard Sword?

A: As far as I know, this Sword does exist in the game, but there doesn't seem 
   to be a way to get it within the storyline. I heard that it is possible to 
   get it in Scenario ?5 by defeating Guile.

Q: How can I survive Scenario ?5

A: My guess is the only way to survive them is to keep using Runestone many
   times over. The enemies in Scenario ?5 have insane Stats, it's not possible
   to survive them with only Characters that have not used the Runestone. I
   myself could never survive this stage.

Q: How do I get the endings in this game?

A: The female character that is in love with Sigma will affect the ending.
   The ending will differ depending on whether Lamda/Maryandell, Clarette,
   or Brenda, is in love with Sigma.

   First, let me explain. The choices you make from the start of this game
   to the very end, affect the female character's feelings for Sigma. These
   values are mostly invisible to you, but they will definitely affect you
   at the end.
   Just before the Final Scenario, you are given an choice of who do you
   want to see. You will get a bad ending if you did not see the character
   in love with Sigma. (Or if no one is in love with him.) You will get the 
   good ending with the corresponding character if she is in love with him.

   Seeing Landford will give you clues on who is in love with Sigma.
   (I do not know whether it is possible for more than 1 girl to be in
   love with Sigma. It is likely that only one can be in love with Sigma.)

Q: What other series of this game are there available?

A: Langrisser IV and V are both available on Saturn and Playstation. Der
   Langrisser I & II are on the Playstation. The earlier games of this series
   is found on the SNES. Langrisser Millenium is released on Dreamcast. Sadly,
   Millenium is not drawn by the previous artist.

Q: Who is the artist of this game?

A: The artist of this game is Satoshi Urushihara. If I'm not wrong, he has
   an alias by the name of Himura. Anyway, his works also include Growlanser,
   a game for the Playstation. He also did Plastic Little, a mature Anime in
   Japan. His artwork has been well known. He also did some hentai artbooks.
   Some of the hentai artbooks he has drawn includes: Cell Works, Venus,
   Lady Innocent.

Q: Can you tell me where to get Satoshi Urushihara's hentai art?

A: HELL NO! Do you want me to get banned? Seriously, even I didn't manage to
   find much.
   This is Satoshi Urushihara's official homepage. WARNING: THIS SITE CONTAINS

   You can check his website, but there isn't much to see. I did manage to
   find his work on one website. The website name is Flowers of Hentai. Now
   that's too big a hint! Find the URL yourself!




All thanks go to SonicX and SwordMaster. Without them, this guide would not 
have been possible at all. Almost everything in this guide has been given to me 
by them.

Visit their site at:

Their site has all the most comprehensive infomation you can find on all 
Langrisser games. Note that the entire site is in Chinese, though.


Done by Chen Guojun / Mech Gouki

Copyright 2004.
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