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Langrisser V - The End of Legend - 
Translation Guide by borgor (silmeria_silverbell at
03/14/06 Version 1.02

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Copyright 2006 by Boris Buljan. This guide is intended for private and
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Table of Contents

Version history
Character creation quiz
Translation notes


Thanks to :
Rhayn for bullying me into doing this.
Clahador for his help with the really hard stuff (like "that" Virash moment)
Career soft for this briliant conclusion to the Langrisser series
the official LV guidebook and for info on 
affections points and some secret tiles
GameFAQs for hosting this.

Version history

V 1.02 (03/14/2006) : Added the endings and confessions scenes of Brenda and
Clarett. Fixed some typos. It feels pretty complete now. I'll take a little
time before reading through it to make corrections cause it's still a bit too
fresh in my mind right now.

V 1.00 (03/10/2006) : Finally a complete version of the game! Added the last
scenario with Lambda as Sigma's partner. Also added the Cast section. Made a
few minor changes with the names like Mclen/McLaine and Claret/Clarett too.
Also added a few translation notes as usual.

v 0.99 (03/07/2006) : Skipped last week update because of Suikoden V which is
not only an excellent game but a very long one to complete too. Still I didn't
slack off the following week since I added 6 more scenarios and the character
creation quiz because it was such a popular request. Well not really but
someone asked for it at least. Corrected a few typos, added some translation
notes too as usual. You may complain that the version number doesn't match the
completion percentage this time but, come on, there's only one scenario left.
That's basically all I think...somethimes I wonder why do I write so much here
since there's like three people bothering with the translation, let alone the
version history. Maybe I need to vent my frustration about that specifically
somewhere and that just happens to be here...or maybe not. Who knows? I don't.

v 0.8 (02/21/2006) : Kind of a weak update. I intended to do add 6 more
scenaios but there is only 4. Oh well, next one will be bigger. At least
that way I stick to the weekly update ritual. Also fixed a few typos. I know
there must be lots of them left though. I'll fix them later.

v 0.7 (02/14/2006) : added 7 more scenarios instead of nine that's why it's
not called v 0.75. Crazy right? Well this means I've done one scenario per
day so that's not too bad if I'd say so myself. Also added a few more
ramblings. There's so much of those now that I guess I should try to divide
them in more sections. Oh well that will be for next time perhaps.

V 0.5 (02/07/2006) : added 9 more scenario, the guide covers now half of the
game, hence the number version! Also added scenario 9 secret tile, permission
to host for neoseeker, some more ramblings and made myself look smart in the
translation notes, oh and also added the japanese terms for those same notes.
v 0.25 (02/01/2006) : first 9 scenario along as other sections.

Foreword (read : ramblings)

This is a pretty shoddy translation. Given that I'm neither a native English
or Japanese speaker and haven't got any formal learning in neither languages
this isn't surprising. It will still give you a very good grip on the story
of the game though. There may be some skipped sentences in which case they
will be indicated as such : (...). They should be added in future
versions of this guide. Hopefully there aren't that many of them. Sometimes
you'll find also sentence in japanese. They will be pretty rare too. Usually
it happens when I more or less got the idea but still felt like I over
simplified the original sentence. Well actually, I often bring minor changes
to the original sentences when I think it doesn't hurt and will make it easier
to read in English. And also because at times I get lazy. But I disgress...
If you happen to think of a  better transltation for those let me know. Hidden
scenarios aren't included in this guide. They're quite irrelevant to the
story (karaoke, sales, and other silly stuff....) and not voiced which
make them harder for me to translate so....well they could be added in future
versions provided I have enough time though.

About hidden tiles and items I list them but not all of them. For instance
there is one in the first scenario but it requires a flying unit. So to get 
it you  have to turn Sigma into a flyer and use the level select cheat 
to get back to the first scenario. As I strongly dislike the use of cheats
I don't bother with stuff like that.

Sometimes you'll see the name of a girl with a numerical value like Lambda +1
after sentences. This means making this choice or this action give Sigma one
more affection point with that girl. They're needed if you want him no to get
rejected in scenario 35. The initial number of points Sigma has with all girls
is 100 though this can be altered in the character creation questions. Required
points for each girl are as follow :
124 for Lambda
122 for Brenda
120 for Clarett
If you pay attention you should be able to score enough points with all three
girls to get alll three different endings from the same save file. You'll only
need to play through scenario 36 again. So pay attention to those.

There will be no battles strategies whatsoever. If you're playing this game
that means you've played Langrisser IV first (if you didn't then you really
should as this game is strongly connected to it) and LIV happens to be much
harder so you'll have no difficulties with this one. Besides unless you mess
up the character creation part, Sigma is ridiculously powerful. He can 
single-handedly beat the crap out of all ennemies you'll encounter in the game
even those you're supposed to get help for (like Aizer in the 2 or 5
scenarios). The only thing that could be remotely dangerous is ennemy
reinforcements and they will be listed. If you need help with gameplay
related stuff you can visit which got a
pretty extensive coverage about those and get updated regularly according
to the webmaster though I think it's a lie. An English version should be online
soon. If not send some hate mails to the webmaster.

This is my first time submitting a file on GameFAQs. You're welcome to post
comments on this guide on the gamefaqs boards about any aspects that you think
can be improved. For instance if you think that such sentence sounds awkward
you're of course welcome to propose a correction. This is one of the reasons
I submit this in such an early stage so that it may be corrected more easily
to better fit the needs of those who will read it. Still I must point out
I don't want to get into fruitless debates about the characters names
romanizations (like the R and L thing for names like Landius or Lanford).

Oh one last thing about suffixes. I don't really like leaving the suffixes in
japanese so I usually translate then or zap them when I think they can be
zapped. When I can't think of anything but still feel like the suffix is
important I keep them in the sentence. So here's a quick explanation :
-sama : honorific. I use lord for a male character and lady for a female
character for this one.
-dono : roughly the same as sama but kinda old fashionned.
-san : polite. Alfred use it all the time. It's your usual Mr.,Ms, or Miss.
-kun : Rarely used in that game and when it does it's usually slighty
condescending more than familiar.
There are others but they're not used (or really scarcely) in that game.

Character creation quiz (minus the actual question but oh well, maybe later)

Most of this comes from this page so there
might some mistakes since I can't really read chinese.

Abbreviations used :

For Sigma
AT : Attack
DF : Defense
MP : Magic points
IN : Intelligence (magical power)
MV : Movement
Attack consumption : how much of your deplacement points are consummed by an
attack (you know that red and orange gauge-like thing on the bottom left of
the statut screen) Increasing that value will increase your attack range.
You can make it as nearly as large as your movement range if you also equip
stuff that increase it. This is beneficial since if you move only in your
attack range your next turn come faster.

For his troops
A+ : Attack revision
D+ : Defense revision
M+ : Magic defense revision
MV+ : Movement revision
U : Number of them you can hire
Consumption revision : same thing as attack consumption but for the troops.
If troops move only in the attack range, on their next turn both movement and
attack range will be expanded.

Questions : 

The following will determine which final class won't be available.
Look at the class FAQ for more info. 

- Gold
- Silver
- Bronze
- Iron

This will determine how your promotion chart look like. You'll have to pick
three elements so the game will ask this three times.

- Earth
- Fire
- Wind 
- Water

Here there are twelves possible choices. In the dialogue box the last
choice will lead you to the following set of answers.

- Capricorn :   DF +2 ; D+ +2 ; U+ -1
- Aquarius : AT +1 ; IN +6 ; Dark resistance +7 ; U+ -1
- Pisces : IN +2 ; MP +2 ; Lambda,Brenda&Clarett +1 ; DF -1 ; D+ -1 ;A+ +2
- Aries : AT +1 ; Judgement +3 ; DF -1
- Taurus : D+ +1 ; All magic resistance +3 ; IN +4
- Gemini : IN +7 ; MP +4 : All magic resistance -3
- Cancer : U+ +1 ; M+ +4 ; DF -1
- Leo : AT +1 ; DF +1 ; A+ +1 ; IN -3
- Virgo : D+ +1 ; All magic resistance +4 ; A+ -1
- Libra : M+ +3 ; U +1 ; IN -4
- Scorpio : AT +2 ; DF +2 ; IN +4 ; D+ +1
- Sagittarius : MV +2 ; AT +1 ; DF +1 ; All magic resistance -6

Same thing here twelves choices you'll have to scroll down to get to
the last choices. Picking a stone related to a zodiac sign give you a bonus.

- Onyx (Capricorn, Aquarius) : spell Holyblaze ; Lambda,Brenda&Clarett -1
- Amethyst (Sagittarius, Pisces) : IN +3 ; Lambda,Brenda&Clarett +3
- Ruby (Aries, Leo, Scorpio) : skill Regenerate ; All magic resistance -8;
M+ -8
- Emerald (Taurus, Libra) : will give you a bonus for later questions
- Topaz (Gemini, Leo, Virgo) : skill Regenerate ; AT +2 ; DF +2
- Aquamarine (Cancer) : Ice resistance +15, Lambda,Bendra&Clarett +2
- Obsidian (Capricorn, Aquarius) : Critical ; AT +1 ; weird skill
(judgement up?)
- Sugilite (Pisces, Sagittarius) : spell Teleport available in
your secret class
- Garnet (Aries, Scorpio) : DF +1 for 3 characters picked randomly
(Sigma excluded)
- Malachite (Taurus, Libra) : skill resist poison
- Agate (Gemini, Virgo) : Dark resistance +15 ; skill Critical
- Sapphire (Cancer) : troops Archangel available in your 3rd class;
Holy resistance +5

Now your answers will determine which will be the following question

- Kindness : Lambda,Brenda&Clarett +2 ; DF +1 -----------> go to 6A)
- Resolution : attack consumption +2 ; consumption revision +1 -> go to 6B)
- Courage : AT + ; IN +2 ; MP +3 -----------> go to 6C)
- Strength : AT +2 ; DF +1-----------> go to 6D)


- IN +6 ; A+ +1 ; Lambda&Brenda +2 -----------> go to 7B)
- IN +4 ; D+ +1 ; Clarett +2 -----------> go to 7A)
- IN +3 ; Dark resistance +12 ; MP +5 ; spell MP Drain ;
Lambda,Brenda&Clarett -2 -----------> go to 7C)
- IN +2 ; spells Slow&Bind ; MP +4 ; Lambda,Brenda&Clarett -1 ----> go to 7D)


- IN +2 ; All magic resistance +2 ; -----------> go to 7C)
- Will give bonus for the next question -----------> go to 7B)
- + 770P -----------> go to 7D)
- Holy resistance +15 ; skill Critical ; item Cross ; +70P -------> go to 7A)


- spell Fine ; Lambda,Brenda&Clarett +2 -----------> go to 7B)
- IN +2 ; All magic resistance +2 ; M+ +2 -----------> go to 7C)
- DF +2 ; All magic resistance +1 -----------> go to 7A)
- AT +2 ; A+ +1 -----------> go to 7D)


- IN +5 ; MP +3 -----------> go to 7D)
- A+ +1 ; D+ +1 -----------> go to 7C)
- All magic resistance +5 -----------> go to 7A)
- Will give bonus for the next question -----------> go to 7B)


- Holy resistance +15 ; dark resistance -5 ; M+ +3 -----------> go to 8A)
- AT +1 ; Dark resistance +30 ; Holy resistance -10 -----------> go to 8D)
- A+ +1 ; D+ +1 -----------> go to 8C)
- Will give bonus for the next question -----------> go to 8A)

The following answers affects different characters. First answer affect
Lambda, second is for Clarett, third for Brenda and the last for Sigma.
Also if the previous question was 6B you'll receive a bonus for the first
three answers, if it was 6D you'll be given a bonus for the last answer.

- AT +1 ; Lambda +2 ;  All magic resistance +2 ;
bonus : attack consumption +2 ; A+ +1 ; D+ +1-----------> go to 8A)
- AT +1 ; Clarett +2 ;  All magic resistance +2 ;
bonus : attack consumption +2 ; A+ +1 ; D+ +1-----------> go to 8C)
- AT +1 ; Brenda +2 ;  All magic resistance +2 ;
bonus : attack consumption +2 ; A+ +1 ; D+ +1-----------> go to 8D)
- AT +1 ; All magic resistance +2 ;
bonus : attack consumption +2 ; A+ +1 -----------> go to 8B)


- AT +4 ; DF +2 ; A+ -1 ; D+ -1 -----------> go to 8A)
- AT -1 ; DF -1 ; A+ +2 ; MV+ +2 -----------> go to 8D)
- MV +2 ; MV+ +2 -----------> go to 8C)
- A+ +2 : MV +2 -----------> go to 8B)


- +50P ; item : Necklace -----------> go to 8C)
- IN +3 ; Lambda,Brenda&Clarett +2 -----------> go to 8B)
- IN + 6 ; MP +4 ; spell : zone -----------> go to 8A)
- D+ +1 ; U +1 -----------> go to 8D)

If you answer this because you've given the last answer on question 7A
then you'll get a bonus

- IN +1 ; U +1 ;  Can equip swords ;  bonus : A+ +1 ;
consumption revision +2-----------> go to 9A)
- Attack consumption +4 ; bonus : AT +1 ; MV +2 -----------> go to 9D)
- IN +4 ; DF +1 ; bonus : DF +1 ; D+ +1 ; All magic resistance +2 ;
M+ +2---> go to 9B)
- M+ +2 ; Lambda,Brenda&Clarett +2 ;
bonus : M+ +1 (for the troops of every characters)-----------> go to 9C)


- MP +2 ; spell : Heal 1 -----------> go to 9D)
- DF +1 ; All magic resistance +2 -----------> go to 9C)
- A+ +2 -----------> go to 9B)
- D+ +1 ; M+ +1 -----------> go to 9A)


- AT +2 ; A+ +2 ; IN -2 ; M+ -2 ; All magic resistance -2 ------> go to 9D)
- AT +2 ; DF -1 ; IN +4 -----------> go to 9C)
- AT -1 ; DF -1 ; IN -2 ; All magic resistance -2 ; A+ +2 ; D+ +2 ; M+ +2--
--> go to 9A)
- IN +4 ; sort : Heal 1 -----------> go to 9B)


- MV +2 ; MV+ +2 ; skill : critical AT -1 ; DF -1 ; A+ -1 ; D+ -1 go to 9C)
- U+1 ; ???? -----------> go to 9B)
- IN +2 ; Attack revision +2; Attack consumption +2 AT -1 ; DF -1 go to 9A)
- IN +2 ; MP +6 -----------> go to 9D)


- U -1 ; A+ +1 ; D+ +1 ; M+ +1 ---> go to 10)
- U +2 ; A+ -1 ; D+ -1 ; M+ -2 ---> go to 10)
- AT +2 ; DF +2 ; All magic resistance +3 ; A+ -1 ; D+ -1 ; M+ -2 go to 10)
- Consumption revision +2 ; MV+ +2 ---> go to 10)


- MV +2 MV+ +2 ---> go to 10)
- spell : Attack 1 ; A+ +1 ; consumption revision +1 ---> go to 10)
- spell : protection 1 ; D+ +1 ; M+ +2 ---> go to 10)
- spell : Heal 1 ; IN +3 ; MP +4 ---> go to 10)

If you picked Emerald on question 4 all bonus will be doubled for
this question

- AT +2 ; DF +1 ---> go to 10)
- IN +5 ; MP+5 ; All magic resistance +3 ---> go to 10)
- attack consumption +2 ; consumption revision +2 ---> go to 10)
- Lambda,Brenda&Clarett +3 ; U +1 ---> go to 10)


- DF +2 ---> go to 10)
- IN +2 ; MP +3 ; spell : Sleep ---> go to 10)
- AT +2 ; attack consumption +1 ---> go to 10)
- Lambda,Brenda&Clarett +3 ; spell : Confuse ---> go to 10)


- AT +4 ; Df +5 ; All magic resistance +10 ;
Defense of all other characters -1
- AT +2 ; DF -2 ; defense of all other characters +1
- AT +5 ; DF +2 ; Lambda,Brenda&Clarett -3
- DF +1 ; D+ +2 ; M+ +3 ; Lambda,Brenda&Clarett +1

If you picked Emerald on question 4 but didn't get question 9C then you'll
prompted to it before question 11. 

- D+ +1 ; spells : Heal 1 & Fine ; IN +4 ; MP +2
- A+ +1 ; spells : Fireball & Freeze ; IN +4 ; MP +4
- AT +2 ; DF +1 ;D+ +1 ; M+ +2 ; spell : Protect 1
- AT +3 ; A+ +2 ; spell : Attack 1


Computer : Sigma 066... Bio program activation...activation complete....
initiating program....program initiated....opening hatch

Sigma : Mh...

Lambda : Sigma...

Sigma : uh...

Lambda : Sigma

Sigma : Let me sleep...I don't want to wake up yet.

Lambda : Wake up Sigma.

Sigma : Who's there?

Lambda : You've finally opened up your eyes, Sigma 066.

Sigma : Sigma 066?

Lambda : That's your identification number, Sigma 066. I am Lambda 052.
Lambda will do.

Sigma : Sigma 066... Lambda 052... Lambda?

Lambda : What is it Sigma 066...I will call you Sigma. What do you intend
to do by pointing that sword at me?

Sigma : Ah? Why...this body acted on its own...

Lambda : If you intend to kill me, do so immediately.
If you don't move that sword away...

Sigma : Wait up! How could I kill someone who might not even be my enemy!?

Lambda : I'm not an enemy.

Sigma : Then who are you?

Lambda : We are like siblings

Sigma : Siblings...?

Lambda : Yes. We've been created in the same bio block...Haven't you noticed?
Or rather didn't you receive any instructions?

Sigma : Wait a second! Just what are you talking about? Explain yourself!

Lambda : So you didn't receive any instructions. Very well, I will fill you in.

Lambda : This place is a magical research laboratory. A place where magical
experiments are being conducted. According to the data, we are the results of
experiments aimed at creating superior soldiers. In your case, physical
abilities have been enhanced; while in mine, it's my magical abilities that
have been improved. The fact that your body acted on its own is proof of that.

Sigma : Who created us and for what purpose?

Lambda : Our master is the marshal Gizarof.

Sigma : And who is that Gizarof, why does he conduct such experiments?

Lambda : I don't know. I don't have such information in my data about the
Regenburg federation marshal Gizarof. By the way, Sigma....

Sigma : Don't call me that! That is not my name!

Lambda : Then how should I address you?

(Pick a name. Sigma is the default one, just confirm twice to keep it)

Sigma : Alright. Sigma is fine. So what did you want?

Lambda : What do you intend to do? Remain here like that?

Sigma : Hmmm....that's right......

(alarm) : Alert! A large number of intruders have entered the laboratory.
All hands prepare for combat.

Lambda : It seems like we will have to fight. According to the data, the
master have many enemies. We can't remain here any longer.

Sigma : ...sigh.. let's go Lambda.

Scenario 1

Victory requirements : Reach the designated exit
Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or Death of Lambda

Ennemies : 2 fighter
           Aizer (Battlmaster)
           Lainforce (Swordmaster)

Renforts : Omega (on turn 4, NPC, ally)

(magical research laboratory)

Aizer : Lord Lainforce, what have we come here for? This is indeed the
laboratory of Gizarof, the federation's marshal...

Lainforce : Exactly. That's where the results of his experiments lie.
A critical element that we need is in here.

Aizer : A critical element?

Lainforce : Each clone created by Gizarof has unique abilities. This
critical element is a person born here.

Sigma : The intruders are already this far inside...

Lambda : It seems like the battle is unavoidable

Sigma : But still, getting into a battle like this....

Lambda : Then there is no other choice than escaping

Sigma : Fighting or escaping....

Lambda : Make up your mind fast. Here they come.

(on Sigma 1st turn)
Sigma : It seems like this group is pretty skilled.

Lambda : Really?

Sigma : Yes. You can tell that according to their movements.
What do you think? Do we try to fight?

Lambda : We've only been awake for a short while so we won't be able
to use our full potential. Retreating would be advisable.

Sigma : In this case, let's head towards that exit in the back..
It's the closest.

Lambda : Understood.

(on Lainforce 3rd turn)
Lainforce : There are two of them...Which could be the target?

(on the fourth turn) :
Lainforce : They seem pretty skilled. Those are indeed Gizarof' creations.

Aizer : With a greater number of men this would have been easier.

Lainforce : If we don't want to attract too much attention we have no
other choice.

Aizer : You want to bring them back with us, is that correct?

Lainforce : With such skills, we won't be able to take many of them.

Omega : Uuooooh!

Sigma : What?

Lambda : Omega 137

Aizer : Here comes a third one..

Lainforce : What remarkable strengh. Aizer. I will capture this third one.
You go and take care of the other two.

Aizer : Yes sir.

(Omega defeated)
Omega : Crap!... if only I had the Langrisser those guys would have never...

Optional : 
if Sigma reaches the exit before Lambda, the following dialogue ensues
1) Lambda! Are you all right? (Lambda +1)
2) Hurry up (Lambda -1)
3) Will he be alright ?

(when Lambda reaches the exit)
Lambda : Sorry to keep you waiting

Scenario 1 Clear

Sigma : Good. We can  head out of this lab now.

Lambda : Yes.

Aizel : Wait! Do you think you can escape? What the....

Sigma : This tree....protected us? Lambda?

Lambda : Let us leave for now. You don't have any data about the outside
world do you? I will guide you..

Sigma : Ah....I'm counting on you.

Aizer : Wait!

Lainforce : It would seem that the one we're looking for is that girl.
That experiment has been a success. Aizer get back to the group!

Aizer : Yes sir, immediately.

(Outside of the laboratory)

Sigma : Where should we go?

Lambda : To our master'. He doesn't know about this attack.

Sigma : That's true you've mentionned that Gizarof marshal earlier.

Lambda : Yes

Sigma : Once we get there, we will learn for what purpose we were created.
And then we will be able to understand what just happened. By the way that
guy earlier....

Lambda : Omega. He was created in a similar way as you. Thanks to his
sudden awakening we managed to escape.

Sigma : What about him now? I'd like to help him.

Lambda : Going back to help him and getting caught would be stupid.
Things are fine the way they are. If you had gotten on my way too I would
have escaped alone.

Sigma :
1) You'd have done well (Lambda +1)
2) I don't get in the way (Lambda -1)

(after picking 1)
Lambda : Good. Don't become a burden.

Sigma : A burden...

Lambda : We are created beings. We're different from ordinary people.
Besides we still haven't received any assignements from our master.
Nobody need us. I want to fulfill the purpose for which I was created.
This is what I'm living for.

Sigma : Your life's purpose....the purpose for which people are born...
the purpose for which people live without knowing for what purpose,
one can't be satisfied with such an existence

Lambda : Exactly.

(the following dialogues are the first part of the in-game tutorial,
just pick the first choice to skip them)

Lambda : Let us move on.

Save point

(among a mountain)

Virash : Those two. They're the one made by Gizarof.

Brenda : Which abilties might they have?

Virash : I don't know. However since the tide of war is not turning in favor
of Gizarof if those are the trump cards he's wating for they must have
high potentials. Anyway it doesn't matter to us who wins this war between
the Regenburg federation and the Caconsis kingdom.

Brenda : Gizarof is a real nuisance though. Having put the federation in
such a state....he's nearly as much of a bother as Lainforce.

Virash : True. Well, Brenda your mission is to contact them and...

Brenda : You don't need to tell me again, I know already! Don't worry.
Have I ever failed?

Virash : Of course I trust you. But this time things are going to get harder.

Brenda : Bah, I'll manage somehow anyway.

Scenario 2

Victory requirements : Reach the left side of the map or Defeat Aizer

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or Death of Lambda

Ennemies :  fighter + 2 Soldiers
            fighter + 2 Soldiers
            Aizel (battlemaster) + 2 grenadiers

Reinforcements : once both fighters are dead or someone cross the river
Selena (Knight master) + 2 dragoons (NPC, ally)
Weeler (Marshall) + 2 phalanxes (NPC, ally)

Secret tile : the stone in the middle of the river near the nothern bridge
1) +50P
2) Attack +1
3) nothing

Sigma : Hm? It gets harder to walk here.

Lambda : The river over there isn't so large here and is easy to cross.
Looking for another place to cross would cost us time.

Sigma : As usual you speak in such an indifferent way.
Is that also part of your data?

Lambda : Yes. Let us hurry and cross now.

Sigma : Wait Lambda! Who goes there!

Aizer :'re here as I thought.

Sigma : You're that guy from before....

Aizer : Aizel. Remember the name.
One of the trusted men of the lord Lainforce.

Lambda : You seem to have come to capture us.

Aizer : This is exactly what I will do. You're needed for the realisation
of the lord Lainforce plans. I will stop you by force if I have to. 

Sigma : Try it if you can!

(on Lambda 1st turn)
Sigma : Well how shall we proced...

Lambda : Issuing battle commands should be one of your abilities.
I'll let you handle this.

(on the fighters 1st turn)
Aizel : The river can be crossed on these two bridges. Intercept them there. 

Fighters : Yes sir! Count on us sir!

(once both fighters are dead)
Sigma : He's the only one left

Aizer : my rushing to get them I may not have brought enough soldiers

Lambda : Don't fight more than necessary. We can now cross and reach the
other side.

Sigma : That's true...

Selena : Commodore Weeler! Federations soldiers are fighting here!

Weeler : Who could it be? not Landius' group?

Selena : No it seems that those the federation soldiers fight are adventurers.

Weeler : Adventurers?

(if you get close to Aizel)
Aizel : You won't escape!

Sigma : Why are you so obsessed with us?

Aizer : I don't have to answer you. Stay silent!

Weeler : It seems that this man is the commanding officer.

Selena : Can I take part in this Commodore?

Weeler : Well...we can't ignore them can we?

Serlena : Understood. I will go help them. Commodore stay here please.

Weeler : I'm counting on you general Selena.

(on Selena 1st turn)
Selena : Right now the federation is fighting against Gizarof.
what are you doing here?

Aizer : The female general of the Caconsis...

Selena : Answer me!

Aizer : I don't have to answer. If you meddle in, know that
I won't hold back against a woman.

Optionnal : if Sigma reaches the left border before Lambda the
following choices are available :

1) Lambda! Are you all right? (Lambda +1)
2) Hurry up (Lambda -1)
3) Stay quiet...

Scenario 2 Clear

Weeler : It would seem that you are safe....that's good.

Sigma : I don't know who you are but thanks a lot.

Weeler : No need to, I haven't done anything myself really.

Lambda : Let us hurry.

Sigma : Understood. Well, we're in a hurry so if you'll excuse us...

Weeler : Right now the federation is engaged in a civil war.
Take care during your travels.

Selena : Commodore, we're in a hurry as well...

Weeler : Oops that's right. Well then excuse us.

Sigma : Right. Let's go too.

Lambda : Let me tell you just one thing.

Sigma : What?

Lambdda : Those people...are our ennemies.

Sigma : Ennemies?

Lambda : The Caconsis kingdom is the ennemy of our master thus they're our
ennemies as well.

Sigma : So they're our ennemies....

Lambda : That's right. Let us move on.

(inside a city)

Alfred : Excuse me. Does this store carry some Florier herbs?

Maid : Florier? Those are medicinal plants aren't they?

Alfred : Yes. Do you have some?

Maid : Sorry we don't. This is a hard to find medicine. Besides something
so expensive, our shop can't afford them. 

Alfred : In that case do you know where I could find some?

Maid : Well it's a bit difficult to tell you know....

Alfred : I see...(Alfred exits the store)

Clarett : Hey you! Wait a second!

Alfred : Yes?

Clarett : I've heard you talking in the store....
you're looking for a medicinal herb?

Alfred : That's right. My father is ill and I'm looking for this plant for him.

Clarett : Your father huh....hey mind if I help you?

Alfred : Eh? Do you have some Florier herbs?

Clarett : No but I've got this which is used in my country.
It's really efficient.

Alfred : I've got money to pay so please can I have some?

Clarett : Ah.. I don't need the money really.

Alfred : But in that case I would be embarassed if I didn't give you anything
in return. Please accept this.

Clarett : Well then...thanks. Here. The herbs I mentionned.

Alfred : Thank you very much!

LClarett : What are you going to now?

Alfred : I will head back home immediatly. My father lives in the
Reynolz province.

Clarett : Ah, well then, can I come along for a while?

Alfred : All right. Besides it's a good idea to travel together just
in case something happens...

Lambda : We will be reaching a town soon. According to my data some Caconsis
soldiers should be stationned there so we may have to fight. Be prepared if
that happens.

Sigma : Let's just hope that they won't be

(more tutorial bother first choice to skip it)

Save point

(Rochefort Castle)

Lainforce : Well let's hear your report. First how is the tree?

Zero : Perfectly fine. Soon some flowers should bloom.

Lainforce : Hm. And what about the ship?

Zero : We're done with the analysis of the geographical features,
still some innacuracies might be expected.

Lainforce : I see. On our side everything is ready as well.
How is the capture of the critical element going? 

Zero : Aizel is pursuig them as we speak but have yet to capture them.
Is this reasonnable lord Lainforce? No matter how skilled Aizer is...

Lainforce : No need to worry. He's thrustworthy. And assigning a better
person to that task is impossible anyway. I have seen their potential
with my own  eyes. Hmph, that Gizarof....I thought he was simply ambitious
but...he's pretty skilled. By the way how is going the one we caught?

Zero : His state is now stabilized. But his ego is so strong that
he refused our assistance.

Lainforce : Ego....the strength of his will. Interesting.
I will take at look at him later. You can go back to your duties.

Zero : Very well.

(outside of town)

Soldier : Everyting's in order. You may proceed.

Goldry : Ok, next!

Clarett : Honestly to make us wait for so long.....

Alfred : I must hurry on too to bring back the medicine to my father.
Be quick please.

Goldry : If you want to end quickly you'll have to cooperate with us.

Clarett : Here is the toll. For both of us it that's 20P.

Goldry : That's not enough.

Clarett : Eh? What do you mean?

Goldry : By the looks of it it's obvious you're adventurers.
In that case the toll is 100P. Since you're two that 200P.

Alfred : 200P? That's ten times more than usual!

Goldry : Well if that girl let me have a little fun with her,
I can eventually lower it...

Soldier : Here he goes again....the captain's bad habit.

Goldry : You shut up! So have you decided?

Clarett : Don't be stupid! Why sould I use my body to pay!?
Besides you're not federation soldiers are you? What are you doing
here in this town?

Goldry : We, of the Caconsis army, are here to assist the federation
war against Gizarof. It's our duty to keep this city from trouble while
the federation army is away.

Clarett : I'd say you're the worst trouble here.

Goldry : You bitch! Who do you think you're talking to?
I'm the one known as the Captain Goldry of the Caconsis royal army!

Clarett : Never heard of him! Alfred these guys are really stubborn,
let's just hurry and go.

Alfred : that alright?

Goldry :  No it's not! Don't take us lightly!

Clarett : What? You wanna fight?

Scenario 3

Victory requirements : Defeat Goldry

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or Death of Alfred

Ennemies :  
fighter + 2 Soldiers
fighter + 2 pikes
Goldry (knight) + 3 lancers

Clarett (pegasus knight) + 4 hypogryphs
Alfred (fighter) + 4 pikes

(Note : once one of your units get close to Alfred he becomes playable)

Secret tile : hole in the middle of the trees on the left side of the map
1) "yes" Lambda, Brenda, Clarett +1
2) "no" Lambda, Brenda, Clarett -1, Megingyors

Sigma : Finally a clearing....

Lambda : But we can't rest here. We have to go through this town.

Sigma : Just a second Lambda. I hear something over there.

Goldry : You're gonna regret this!

Clarett : I'm not just any girl! I'm going to kick your butt in no time!

Alfred : Ah wait up please Miss Clarett! I must say I'm no good in a fight.
Besides if we fight here, the townpeople might be harmed.

Clarett : That may be so but he sure doesn't seem to care about that.

Alfred : Well, in any case let's head out of the town at least.

Clarett : Ok ok I understand.

Goldry : You bunch of...they're running way!

Lambda : Those are Caconsis soldiers.
It seems they're fighting some adventurers.

Sigma : It doesn't look like the Caconsis troops have a genuine
reason to fight. How about it Lambda? Let's give a hand to those two.

Lambda : While we should avoid unecessary battles,
fighting the Caconsis army may not be a complete waste of time.

Sigma : Well it's settled then! Let's go rescue them.

Lambda : Understood.

(on Lambda first turn there will be once again more tutorial stuff,
again first choice to skip it)

(on Sigma first turn)
Sigma : shall we proceed...

Clarett : That it can't be...

Alfred : What's wrong Miss Clarett?

Clarett :

Sigma : Let's go! 

(on Clarett first turn)
Clarett : no doubt about it, it's really him....but how....

Alfred : Miss Clarett?

Clarett : Sorry Alfred. I just happen to remember some urgent business
I've got to attend so I'll be going now.

Alfred : What! It can't be! Miss Clarett!

Goldry : Morons! Do you think you can escape? 

(Once Alfred reach the bushes)
Alfred : There are lots of tree there. Once inside I should be able to escape.

Goldry : Hmph, how naive! The kid is going you way! Get him!

Soldier : Yes sir! Leave it to us!

(Once Sigma or Lambda get close enough to Alfred in this case Lambda)
Lambda : You there.

Alfred : Eh? Me?

Lambda : Yes. Could you help us fight them?

Alfred : You want fight? That can't be....

Lambda : Your strength can be of use. And in this situation
you're in danger no matter what.

Alfred : I understand. I'm not good at fighting so I'll be following
your instructions.

Lambda : Thank you.

Goldry : You too are opposing me? I'll make you regret this!

(Clarett reach the right side of the map)

Clarett : Well then till another time Captain Stupid!

Goldry : Grrr...whatever I can still butcher the others guys.

Sigma : Try it if you can

(Goldry defeated)
Goldry : can I lose....

Scenario 3 Clear

Sigma : It's finally over.

Lambda : Let us resume our journey then.

Alfred : Errrr...

Sigma : What is it?

Alfred : Thank you very much for saving me. Can I ask you what are
you going to do now?

Lambda : Why would you want to know that?

Alfred : If that's alright with you I'd like to ask you to travel
with me for a little while.Something similar might happens once again and
by myself I can't.....

Sigma : So you want to hire us?

Alfred : I've got money of

Lambda : Too bad but we aren't mercenaries.

Alfred :

Sigma : Why not accept Lambda? It's only to travel with him and he
can help us during fights.

Lambda : If you're going to say that much then I don't mind.

Alfred : Thanks a lot! My name is Alfred.

Sigma : I'm Sigma

Lambda : Lambda

Alfred : This isn't much but here is the money. There is enough to
travel to my home...

Sigma : Never mind that, we can stay with you for free.

Alfred : But in that case I'd be the one to be embarassed.
Please accept it. (you got Alfred's money) Well then let's go!

Sigma : Can we go through that town?

Lambda: Yes. Using another way to avoid it would take too much time.

Alfred : In that case let's go quickly.

(Reynorz castle)

Rockwell : ooh..Lambert.... It's so good of you to come..

Lambert : What's wrong Rockwell, looking so down for such a little thing...
you're getting old.

Rockwell : don't say. But you're not the same as before too.
Your eyes used to show more confidence.

Lambert : Hahaha... time took his toll on the both of us.
I feel nostalgic now when I think back of the times when we
were wandering around the world together.

Rockwell : Yes...none of us were even married at that time....

Lambert : Ah, our last adventure was 30 years ago now.....

Rockwell : Now we both have magnificent sons who.....

Lambert : ...

Rockwell : Sorry Lambert. Your elder....

Lambert : No don't worry about it anymore....Cliford couldn't survive...
let's not think about the past anymore....

Rockwell : But without Cliford I would have lost my mind too.
Soon my body too..

Lambert : No it was simply a coincidence.
If you're that worried, hurry up and get better soon.

Alvince : Father, I bring you your medicine.

Rockwell : Thanks Alvince.

Lambert : It's been a while Alvince. To be so considerate of your father,
you're such an admirable son.

Alvince : I'm pleased to se that you're well lord Lambert.
I've heard a lot about the great accomplishements of the lord Lanford.

Rockwell : In my state, I'm such a burden for you Alvince.
Forgive your poor father....

Lambert : By the way you've got another son...Alfred, haven't you?
I don't see him.

Alvince : My little brother is travelling in search of a cure for father.

Lambert : I see. Both of you you're really giving it your all to help
your father. Well I mustn't disturb the patient rest any longer so if
I can be excused...

Rockwell : Sorry Lambert....if I can do anything.....

Lambert : Nevermind that. Once you're recovered there will be
still time for you to do something.

Rockwell : Lambert....

Lambert : Yes ?

Rockwell : ...No it's nothing

Lambert : I see.

Save point - Scenario 4

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies under 20 turns or
                       Defeat Wheeler and reach the north gate under 20 turns

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or Wheeler escapes

Ennemies :  fighter + 2 soldiers
            knight + 2 lancers
            Weeler (marshal) + 1 pike
            Goldry (knight) + 3 lancers

NPCs : man + 4 civilians
       woman + 4 civilians
       man + 4 civilians

ennemy reinforcements : appears on the left side of Wheeler's building
                        fighter + 2 pikes

Secret tile : barrel in the top right corner of Wheeler's building
1) "yes" : spell Attack 1
2) "no" : nothing

Sigma : This is a rather large city...

Alfred : Didn't you know? This city is located near a gorge and many
transactions take place here. Everyone goes through this city because
it saves them lots of time.

Sigma : So this is a pretty lively city then...

Alfred : Exactly.

Lambda : We shouldn't waste time like that.
That captain from before is back.


Goldry : You really got me last time!
But now I will show you my true strength.

Sigma : What a persistent guy...

Lambda : We don't have time to waste. Let us head towards the north gate.

Alfred : Ha...there is someone there.

Wheeler : It seems like there's quite a ruckus outside.

Sigma : This guy is in the Caconsis army, he's..

Lambda : Commodore Wheeler. Perfect. We will kill him on the way.

Sigma : Kill him?

Lambda : He's the highest ranking officer of the Caconsis army. Without him
the fighting potential of the Caconsis would be diminished. This will serves
the Master well.

Sigma : You're right I guess...

(on Wheeler first turn)
Wheeler : A fight in the middle of the city. What is that captain thinking?

Soldier : His name  is Goldry if I'm not mistaken. He had a bad reputation
before entering the royal army.

Wheeler : Well this would explain a lot.

Soldier : He's someone who's very arrogant and gets into fights for selfish

Wheeler : Honestly...the Caconsis army doesn't need to have an even worse

Soldier : Commodore Wheeler please escape through the north gate. There is
still quite a bit of time before general Selena comes. I will try to stop
them in the meanwhile.

Wheeler : There are civilains. Take care not to let them get harmed.

Soldier : Understood. Commodore go to the north gate please!

Wheeler : Thanks.

(on Sigma first turn)
Lambda : The commodore Wheeler seems to be retreating to the north gate.

Sigma : We're going there anyways. We'll catch up to him on the way.

(Alfred vs Goldry)
Goldry : Think you can win against me?

Alfred : y-yes!

(once you reach the foutain or killed enough of Goldry' soldiers)
Soldier : Let's go!

Sigma : Ennemy reinforcements....

(Goldry defeated)
Goldry : ...guh...not only once but twice...I had enough I'm going back!

Lambda : That person can never shut up.

(Sigma vs Wheeler)
Wheeler : You are...

Sigma : Sorry. If you weren't the commodore of the Caconsis army
I wouldn't have done this.

(Wheeler defeated)
Wheeler : doubt...I'm really no good with a sword....

Sigma : We dit it.

Lambda : All we need to do is escape through the north gate now.
Let us do so quickly.

Scenario 4 Clear

Lambda : We have to hurry up and leave this city now.

Alfred : That's right.

Sigma : I know that the Caconsis army is our ennemy but who were those guys?

Lambda : Are you referring to the group that attacked the laboratory?

Sigma : Yes.

Lambda : We will know once we will reach our master. Let us go quickly.

Wheeler : ouch ouch ouch......

Selena : Will you be all right, Commodore?

Wheeler : Really I should have studied fencing harder. I'm such a disgrace
for all of you. But more importantly, care to explain this situation?
Captain Goldry.

Goldry : Well that's...

Wheeler : To start a fight in the middle of the city.
What's the meaning of this? You were supposed to protect it!

Goldry : I was fighting for this reason!

Wheeler : Is that so? I didn't see you make any effort to keep the citizen
out of harm though.

Woman : Excuse me but...I've seen what the Captain have done. He asked for
a demesurate toll from those people earlier...

Man : That's true! Ten times more than the usual!

Wheeler : Toll? I never ordered that such a thing was collected...

Woman : Eh?

Man : So all the money we have given until now...

Goldry : Shut up! I'm in charge of this town. I can do as I please here!

Selena : Goldry! What is this attitude! You're supposed to serve the people,
not the opposite!

Goldry : ...

Wheeler : It seems like you didn't follow any order I have given you. You're
demoted from the Caconsis army!

Goldry : Ha, I'm so fed up with your army! It's not like I would have wanted
to stay anyway! Despite what the king told me I only got promoted as a
low-ranking captain. I ditch this! I'm going back to my former band. If you
ever meet one of my men prepare for a beating!

Wheeler : I must apologze to the people of this town. I should have paid
more attention to the actions of my men here.

Man :'s not you who....

save point

Alfred : After this crossroad we'll be nearly there! Ah I want to be
there already!

Sigma : You look really pleased Alfred.

Alfred : That's because I've got the medecine for my father! My father will
be back to his old self, always so energic. With him healed, my brother and I
will be able to enjoy our life just as we used to.

Lambda : This seems to make you really happy.

Alfred : My mother died when I was still very young and so I ended up living
only with my father and my big brother. Because of that, my father raised
the two of us by himself. And now that he's ill, my brother took care of the
domain in his stead. Really...having a family is nice don't you think?

Lambda : ....

Sigma : A-ah. Indeed it's nice.

Alfred : aah...I'm so eager to be there! Alright let's hurry up!

Sigma : (sigh)

Lambda : We're artificial beings. Created to serve our master, we're not
related to anyone. Are you envious of him?

Sigma : No...well I don't know. But even if we have no blood relatives we're
not all alone, aren't we Lambda?

Lambda : ...that's true. Even if it's not much, we're not all alone.

Sigma : Yeah, so it's alright. Let's go now.

Lambda : Yes.

Scenario 5

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : fighter + 3 pikes
           fighter + 3 pikes
           Aizel (Battlemaster) + 2 soldiers
           knight + 2 lancers
           Goldry (Knight) + 3 lancers

NPCs : Brenda (Knight) + 4 heavy lancers
       knight + 2 heavy lancers
       knight + 2 heavy lancers

Secret tile : the fruit is the tree on the top right of the map
1) "Eat it competely" : MP +3
2) "Eath a mouthful" : MP +2, Holy resistance +2
3) "Just take a bite" : MP +1, Holy&dark resistance +2

Alfred : What a sinister-looking village. Despite being the evening there's
no one.

Sigma : Do you know something about it Lambda?

Lambda : The Caconsis army fought here. Nobody lives here anymore.

Sigma : But I can see fresh traces of passage though...

Aizel : You're really perceptive.

Sigma : You...

Aizel : With the mess you made in town, you were easy to track down.

Sigma : Tch!

Aizel : Alright! You will come with us now!

Goldry : So that's where you were!

Alfred : Ah this person is...

Goldry : Because of you, I'm back to being a mercenary. If it weren't for
you I would already be govening a province!

Lambda : Your reasonning doesn't make any sense.

Goldry : Shut up! I will kill you all!

Aizel : Nuisances...but the operation must be carried on!

(on Sigma first turn)
Sigma : Still, this village is really crampy.

Lambda : But that way, the ennemy will not be able to attack will all his
troops at once.

Sigma : Right. We've got an advantage here. Let's go!

(Goldry vs Alfred)
Goldry : I will show you the true nature of my true strength!

Alfred : You already said this last time.

Goldry : Shut up!

(Goldry vs Sigma)
Goldry : I will show you the true nature of my true strength!

Sigma : Interesting. Show me.

Goldry : Shut up!

(Goldry defeated)
Goldry : How...that I....shit! I give up!

(once Goldry is defeated or when near Aizer)
Sigma : Hm? Ennemy reinforcements?

Brenda : Looks like you're having a hard time. Need help?

Sigma : Who are you?

Brenda : I'm not an ennemy. I'm neither the ally of anyone nor I have any
allies. I'm the leader of a women mercenies band.

Alfred : A women mercenaries band...

Brenda : You have nothing to fear from our proposition. We won't ask for
money either.

Lambda : To beat the ennemy infantry, the cavalry of these women will
be useful.

Sigma : Understood. We accept your proposition.

Brenda : All right, let us take care of this!

Aizer : Hm? This woman...

(Brenda vs Aizer)
Aizer : So you're really that girl from last time!

Brenda : I haven't forgotten you either. But you've gotten so old!

Aizer : You haven't changed.

Brenda : Of course! Prepare yourself!

(if Sigma beat Aizer)
Aizer : incredible....getting so strong in such a short amount of time...
that's the power of those elements....

(if Brenda beat Aizel)
Aizel : Shit! if only she didn't interfere....

Scenario 5 Clear

Brenda : There's no more ennemies now.

Sigma : Thanks. You saved us.

Brenda : Don't mention it.

Sigma : After that, they'll probably leave us be for a little while.

Alfred : From here, it's really close to my father's place, so I'll be
leaving here. I want to deliver the medecine to my father as soon
as possible.

Sigma : Alright. Take care on the way!

Brenda : Good. Now that the boy has left, there's something I'd like to ask..

Sigma : ?

Brenda : Let me introduce myself. I'm Brenda, leader of a women mercenaries
band. You could see how efficient we were earlier.

Sigma : And? That thing you'd like to ask?

Brenda : I'm coming there. You two, you're Gizarof' subordinates aren't you?

Sigma : What makes you think so?

Brenda : Mercenaries are always aware of information like that. Gathering and
selling information is one of our best business after all. Knowing the
strength of each side in a war is crucial.

Lambda : Well, that would be the case.

Brenda : Among the stories I've heard there are quite some nasty rumors
about Gizarof. Because of that, I'm sure he needs highly skilled units.

Sigma : ...
1) units like Brenda (Brenda +1)
2) That's true...
3) One of your subordinate will do (if Brenda has been defeated in the battle
Brenda -1 otherwise Brenda -2)

(after picking 1)
Brenda : Isn't it? Well anyway, I'd like to work for Gizarof.

Sigma : If it's only to work for him, then it's ok.

Lambda : That's right. The master will decide if he hires you or not.

Brenda : Good. Then let's go together. You girls, take care of the rest.

Mercenay : Roger!

save point

Lambda : Master Gizarof. Excuse us for being late. We are now at your service.

Gizarof : I was expecting you. Hm? Only two? What happened to the other

Sigma : We are the only ones to be safe. There was another one but he was
captured by the party attacking the laboratory.

Gizarof : The party attacking the laboratory? ...bah whatever. Just the two
of you is good enough. Well then, I know it's sudden but I've got a mission
for you.

Lambda : Please don't mind it. We've been created for that purpose.

Gizarof : While you were awaking, my plans got considerably hindered.
First by Ivar who stole the "Sage Cristal" from me.

Sigma : The Sage Cristal?

Gizarof : This cristal contains an incredible amount of magical power.
If it could be harnessed, it would easily be enough to destroy the world.

Lambda : Our mission is to get that cristal back isn't it?

Gizarof : Exactly. Ivar, that thief, got help from the demons. North of here,
there is a cavern where demons have been sighted. It's likely the cristal
is here.

Sigma : Understood. We will depart immediatly.

Gizarof : I'm counting on you. Also, the cristal may have took another shape.

Sigma : What's its true shape?

Gizarof : Swords.

Lambda : Swords...

Gizarof : Yes, swords. According to what I learned, its previous shape was a
pair of swords. 200 hundred years ago, those swords turned into a cristal,
due to a very powerful spell. Lambda, with your magical abilities you should
be able to easily feel it.

Lambda : Understood. Rest assured that we will definitely bring you back
either cristal or swords.

Gizarof : I have faith in your success. Now go.

Sigma : Please wait master Gizarof.

Gizarof : What is it? I'm busy.

Sigma : My apologies. There is a mercenary that would like to work for you.

Gizarof : Do as you, alone against the demons it could be
difficult. Use that person. Tell her to come back later for her remuneration.

Sigma : Yes sir. Well then, we're departing immediatly.

Gizarof : Hum. (Sigma and Lambda leave)

Gizarof : Hahaha....that's quite a successful experiment. There's no
comparison to Kreuger and the rest.

Sigma : Hm? Brenda isn't here?

Brenda : You sure took your time. I was taking a little walk around
while waiting.

Lambda : You'd better fix that kind of habit.

Brenda : Sorry. But whan an incredible place. There was so much things I've
never seen before. By the way, did you ask him about my offer?

Sigma : Yes. There's no problem. But you won't get paid until after the job
is done.

Brenda : Hmm...that's a bit cheap. Well, whatever, I'm not going to turn it
down because of something like that.

Sigma : Good. Let's go.

Brenda: First couldn't you tell me what the mission is about?

Lambda : There's not need to tell you that.

Sigma : Hey Lambda.

Lambda : You too, you're not being wary of people enough.

Brenda : I understand what you mean, but being a pretty knowledgeable
mercenary I could probably provide info on the mission.

Lambda : ...

Sigma : That's true.

Brenda : Now that's talking! So what is it about?

Sigma : Do you know something about the Sage Cristal?

Brenda : Sage that what we have to find?

Sigma : Do you know anything?

Brenda : I've onlmy heard rumors. Like how it was in Gotaal village before
Gizarof took it. So Gizarof doesn't have it?

Sigma : He used to, but demons stole it.

Brenda : I see. In that case, I can't know its wherabouts precisely. I will
ask one of my subordinates to keep track of demons in this area.

Sigma : We're counting on you.

Soldier : Be reasonable and surrender.

Alfred : No! Me killing father? There must be some kind of mistake! Why would
I do that?

Alvince : Alfred, this time you've gone too far.

Alfred : Don't tell me you believe it too, brother?

Alvince : Alfred....

Soldier : Didn't lord Rockwell die right after he took the medicine you

Soldier : The doctor told us the plant contained poison. To think that lord
Alfred would give poison to lord Rockwell....

Alfred : But it wasn't me! If I knew it was poison, why would I have given it
to father?

Alvince : And to say that if wasn't for the doctor being here, we would never
have guessed it was a poisonous plant...that was pretty schrewd of you Alfred.

Alfred : I'm telling you! It's not me!

Alvince : But Father died right after your return. It's the truth and I can't
ignore it!

Soldier : Lord Alfred! For the murder of lord Rockwell you must be punished!

Alfred : ...impossible...

Alvince : Really, what an embarassing fellow. Guard the entrance!
Don't let him escape!

Soldier : Yes sir! I will alert the men posted there.

Scenario 6

Victory requirements : defeat Alvince

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or Death of Alfred

Ennemies : fighter + 3 pikes
           fighter + 2 pikes
           fighter + 3 soldiers
           knight + 2 lancers
           knight + 2 lancers
           Alvince (Gladiator) + 4 soldiers

NPCs : Alfred + 4 pikes (become playable once close enough)

Secret tile : stone in the water on the right of Alfred location
1) ""yes" : max number of troops +1
2) Nothing

Soldier : Lord Alvince. We've got soldiers on both exits but to get it
to open we will have to break through inside.

Alvince : I see.

Soldier : What should we do? Do we try to enter by force?

Alvince : Let's finish this quickly. Attack now.

Soldier : Yes sir!

Soldier : Hm? Lord Alvince! People are coming this way!

Sigma : Are we on the right road Lambda?

Lambda : Yes. We should keep going that way.

Brenda : Wait an instant! It seems like there is a lot of noise behind
this door.

Sigma : What's going on?

Alfred : This voice it's...hey! Come help me please!

Brenda : That voice...

Sigma : That's Alfred's voice! Could he be in trouble?

Lambda : What are you going to do?

Sigma : That's obvious! We're going to save him.

Brenda : Right. To let someone die in front of my eyes, I couldn't
sleep after something like this.

Sigma : Alright, Lambda, Brenda, lets go!

(on Alfred first trun)
Sigma : Hey Alfred! Try to hold on until we get there!

Alfred : Yes, but by myself I won't be...

Brenda : Quit your whinning! If you don't get a grip you'll die!

Alfred : I understand. But if that possible try to hurry please.

(on Alvince econd turn)
Alvince : What a bothersome bunch! No matter who they might be we cann't
allow those who side with Alfred to live!

(once near Alfred)
Alfred : I will fight with you. Give me your instructions please.

Sigma : Ok. Can you open that door to the south?

Alfred : I've got a key to use on the lever near the door...

Sigma : Use it and the door will open.

(on the swich)
Alfred : If I use it the door will open (first choice to use it)

Sigma : Alright, the door is open.

(on Sigma second turn counting from when Alfred got playable)
Sigma : But still....what could you have done Alfred?

Alfred : I didn't do anything!

Lambda : There has to be a reason for something like this.

Alfred : My big brother claims that I've killed Father.

Sigma : Alfred killing his father...?
1) Is that true? (Clarett +2)
2) You don't have the guts for something like this(Brenda,Clarett -1,Lambda+1)
3) Rubbish (Brenda, Clarett +1)
4) Hmmm...(Lambda +2)

(after picking 3)

Sigma : That's rubbish...

Alfred : Exactly. That's really a stupid story.

Brenda : Stop talking and start fighting already!

Sigma : True. We can talk once the fight is over.

(Alvince defeated)

Alvince : Impossible...that I...

Alfred : Big brother....

Alvince : I will leave it as that for today. But the crime of murdering your
father won't be atoned so easily!

Scenario 6 Clear

Sigma : It seems they have left.

Brenda : Are you all right boy?

Alfred : Yes! Thank you very much for saving me.

Sigma : Good. let's hear what you have to say.

Alfred : I've already told you that I've been looking for a medecine for
my father? Well a few days ago, a young girl give me one.

Sigma : The one we found you with?

Alfred : Yes. I think her name was Clarett. But it would appear that this
medicine was in fact poisoned. Once he took it my father died.

Brenda : So that Clarett girl gave you poison?

Alfred : ...

Lambda : According to what you told us it seems like the only explanation.

Sigma : But why would this girl wnat to kill your father?

Alfred : I have no idea either. in any case, I can't go back home now.
Can I go with you?

Sigma : What about it? Lambda? Brenda?

Brenda : I'm leaving the decision to you.

Lambda : Either way it doesn't matter. As long as it doesn't hinder
the mission.

Sigma : It's decided then. But expect to be put in danger.

Alfred : Thank you very much!

Sigma : Good, let's go!

Mercenary : Boss!

Brenda : How was it?

Mercenary : I've found it. Along that way there is a fort occupied by demons.

Sigma : Seems like it's here.

Alfred : It's the place where lies that thing you mentionned earlier...
a cristal or something like that isn't it?

Mercenary : But the Caconsis army is going there too. You should hurry.

Brenda : The Caconsis army?

Lambda : We have to hurry. If the Caconsis army get the cristal, it will
be troublesome.

Sigma : That's true. We have to get back that cristal no matter what.

(next is talk about archers followed by a tutorial about using bows
first choice to skip it)

Bozel : think that you people could use the Langrisser...

Landius : You've lost Bozel! Disappear form this world, we'll never leave
it to darkness.

Bozel : In that situation Alhazard will be lost...but I can't let that happen
...nobody will get away!

Landius : What? He sent Alhazard away?

Bozel : hahaha...that's too bad...even I don't know where it is now! guh...

Landius : We did it.

Jessica : I must go look for Alhazard. Please no matter what happens...
put a stop to Gizarof.

Landius : Alright! next is Gizarof! Everyone! I know you're tired but
hang in there just for a little longer!

Save point

Sigma : Is it really here? Nobody's there.

Lambda : But I sense trace of powerful magic.

Alfred : So it's really here?

Sigma : So that can only mean...

Brenda : ...that we're too late.

Sigma : The Caconsis army got here before us. Crap!

Lambda : It doesn't matter. Master's orders are to get back the Sage Crystal.

Alfred: You intend to fight the Caconsis army?

Sigma : There's no other solution. And we already fought them before.
You'd better be ready.

Gizarof : Gwuah!

Landius : We did it!

Gizarof : how...after forming a contract with a jashin...after getting can't I win against mere humans...

Lanford : Don't you know that answer better than anyone else? It's because
we have faith in ourselves.

Landius : Exactly. To achieve your ambition, you've gained your power by
using people around you. In the same way, we gotten powerful thanks to
the support of our comrades.

McLaine : In the end, you didn't trust anyone and relied only in your own
strength...what a sad guy.

Gizarof : I won't accept it...I won't...accept it....urgh...

landius : What a pitiful guy....

Scenario 7

Victory requirements : Defeat Aizer

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : warlock + 2 archers
           healer + 2 archers
           fighter + 2 pikes
           knight + 2 lancers
           Aizer (Battlemaster) + 2 soldiers

Secret tile : the shining sparkle on top of the left stairs.
1) nothing (not too sure need to check this)
2) 500P
3) nothing

Sigma : Staying here any longer is a waste of time. Let's head out and
pursue the Caconsis troops.

Lambda : Indeed.

Alfred : (cough)...isn't there smoke here?

Brenda : True, that's a pretty heavy smoke.

Lambda : This is not simply smoke.

Sigma : What do you mean Lambda?

Lambda : If we keep breathing it, it will weaken our bodies to the point
where we won't be able to move.

Alfred : Oh no! let's get away quickly!

Aizer : If only you could have gotten paralysed here, my job would have
been easier. But it seems you've noticed the effects of that smoke.

Sigma : Aizer?

Aizer : To be able to escape from me for so long, I must say you're doing
well. But how long will it last?

Sigma : We won't lose to you!

(on Aizer first turn)
Aizer : To all troops : Keep your position. Attack as soon as they exit!

Soldier : Yes sir!

Soldier : Understood!

(once Sigma is close from the exit)
Sigma : We're nearly out. Hang in there!

(Once Sigma, Brenda or Alfred start attacking ennemy troops)
Sigma : I hope you enjoyed it, now it's time to hit back!

Brenda : How did you dare to burn us up!

Alfred : I'm angry now!

(once one of your guys is out/attacks an ennemy)
Aizer : Good, we can lauch the attack now.All troops begin your attack!

(Sigma vs Aizer)
Aizer : Stop this useless strugle!

(Aizer defeated)
Aizer : once again...their potential is higher than expected...retreat!

Scenario 7 Clear

Sigma : ...seems like it's over.

Brenda : Really...what a painful experience this was.

Alfred : Yes. I thought I was going to die.

Lambda : Let us hurry. If the Caconsis troops get too far away we won't be
able to catch up with them.

Landius : Jessica...

Jessica : It looks like you're all safe.

McLaine : Thanks to the sword you've given us, we manage to beat Gizarof!

Jessica : Landius, I must go back to the heaven realm. Can you give me that
sword back?

Landius : Alright. Langrisser and the sword Gizarof was using, Alhazard.
Here they are. Thanks for everything. It's thanks to that sword we were able
to beat Gizarof and save Rachel.

Jessica : That's not true. Langrisser only responded to your feelings. It's
your strong desire to save her that made it possible. Well it's time.
I must go back.

McLaine : you really have to go?

Jessica : McLaine....I'm sorry...I must bring back those swords, that's my
duty. I can't do otherwise.

McLaine : doesn't matter...well, so long then.

Jessica : Well, I 'll be going.

Landius : Take care.

Jessica : Then...(teleports away)

Emily : Lord Lanford!

Lanford : Emily? What are you doing here?

Emily : My apologies. Everything seemed calm so I came to check things out.

Lanford : I made you worry...but he's alright. You will be able to live
together as a family from now on.

Landius : Ah..well...big sis Emily. I will go back to Caconsis now. But
once everything will be back to normal, we will spend some time together.
That'd be good bye until then.

Emily : Landius...I'll wait for you...

Landius : Lanford, take care of my sister.

Lanford : Leave it to me. Even if you haven't said that, it was my intention.

Emily : Lord Lanford.....

Landius : Alright everyone! Let's go back to the Caconsis kingdom!

Mercenary : Boss!

Brenda : Hm? Why such a face?

Mercenary : Gizarof is dead!

Sigma : ....!

Lambda : dead?

Brenda : Tell us the whole story.

Mercenary : Ok. Some Caconsis troops along with the federation's general 
Lanford stormed the laboratory and...

Sigma : Caconsis troops? It must be those who beat us to the cristal...

Brenda : And what are they doing now?

Mercenary : It seems like they're heading back towards their country.

Brenda : Is that all? Nothing weird happened?

Mercenary : Something weird....ah that magician Jessica, with some strange
spell she hid two swords and departed...I think she plan to go in El Sallia.

Sigma : A weird spell...a pair of swords...? Could it be...

Lambda : No doubt about it. It must have been the true shape of the Sage

Alfred : Errr...I can't seem to understand what you're talking about.

Brenda : We're working for Gizarof. And our job was to bring back the Sage

Alfred : And what does it have to do with those swords?

Brenda : A long time ago, that cristal was shaped from those two swords.

Alfred : Eh...what a mysterious story...and? What do we do now? Do we go
look for those swords?

Sigma : ...
1) Ask Lambda what she thinks (Lambda -1)
2) Ask Brenda what she thinks (Brenda +2)
3) Decide by yourself (Lambda,Brenda,Clarett +1)

(after picking 3)

Sigma : Now that Gizarof's dead, what are we spposed to do? Now fulfiling
the mission has no meaning...but what else could we do?

Brenda : If you don't mind, why not keep looking for the swords?

Sigma : Looking for the swords...

Brenda : For what reason did Gizarof want the swords? What did he intend
to do with it once we would have brought them back to him? Don't you know?

Sigma : Gizarof....

Lambda : I can partially answer. I've got some information about the master'
laboratory in my data. The master has two main goals : first was reaching
immortality. The second was to take over the world. For those goals,he
conducted countless experiments and created the laboratory. He mastered lost
magics to reawaken ancient weapons and to produce matchless soldiers. You
may have noticed already but he and I are artificial soldiers created by the
master. In that laboratory, both clones and enhanced humans were developped.

Alfred : Huh..what's a clone?

Lambda : To put it simply, it's a copy of a living being. Despite the fact
that both meory and personality can't be reproduced, the body and the
abilities are identical to the original.

Sigma : Then what are we? Clones? Enhanced humans?

Lambda : Without any document concerning us, we can't know. And anyway,
either way, it doesn't really matter.

brenda : Hmm....nevertheless this mission to get back the cristal was
crucial for Gizarof wasn't it? Then it must be something very important.
It deserves to be looked up don't you think?

Sigma : In that case let's go back to the laboratory.

Brenda : Right. Hey, I want you to look for the wherabouts of that
Jessica woman.

Alfred : But that person is a magician who's able to teleport right? In that
case looking for her will be...

Brenda : Not necessarily. You did say she was heading towards El Sallia
right? Even with magic she can't cross the ocean. So she will have to take a
boat to get there.

Mercenary : Understood. I'll look in towns with important naval ports.

Brenda : I'm counting on you.

Save point

Lambda : We will soon reach the laboratory.

Sigma : Let's have a short break here. Alfred is lagging behind.

(once again the in-game tutorial strikes back. first choice to shake it off)

Alfred : Wait for me please!

Brenda : Really, you're such a slug! If we're too slow, the Caconsis troops
watching over the lab will catch us!

Alfred : I'm sorry.....

Lambda : That's right. We will have to speed up a little now.

1) Side with Alfred (Brenda +1, Lambda -1)
2) Join in the Alfred bashing (Brenda,Lambda -1)
3) Get back on the road (Brenda -1, Lambda +1)

(after picking 1)
Sigma : Are you alright Alfred? Do you want to rest a little bit?

Alfred : I-I'm alright. I don't to bother everyone more.

Sigma : Good. Then let's go!

Lambda : ....ah....

Sigma : What's wrong Lambda?

Lambda : ...this tree...

Sigma : I feel like I've already seen this tree.

Alfred : Not me. Does this tree have something peculiar?

Lambda : It's telling me to stop.

Alfred : Come on, that impossible, trees don't speak.

Brenda : This tree....could it be...a world tree?

Alfred : World tree? What's that?

Brenda : The world tree is like the king of all the world's flora.

Alfred : King of flora?

Brenda : I said that to make an analogy to mankind. It is said that it's the
origin of all living plants. That's a holy tree. But why is it here?

Alfred : this is such a rare tree.

Brenda : The world tree has three names, each corresponding to a stage of
its growth. During the first 50 years, it's called the "ginyoju". Then for
the 50 next years it's "ougonju". It's only after those first 100 years
that it become a true "World Tree". (see translation notes here)

Sigma : Now I remember. It's the same tree as the one in the lab when we
were just waking up.

Lambda : makes me feel nostalgic somehow. It feels like someone was
gently holding me.

Sigma : It's true that at this time the tree protected us.

Lambda : What? What is awaking?

Sigma : What's wrong Lambda?

Lambda : I understand. We'll be careful so don't worry.

Alfred : What is it Miss Lambda?

Lambda : A disaster....something awful will cause a disaster....

Brenda : The world tree told you that?

Sigma : I don't mind if you don't believe me.

Sigma : ...
1) I believe you (Lambda +3)
2) I can't believe that trees talk (Lambda -2)
3) What disaster? (Lambda +1)

(after picking 1)

Sigma : No I believe you. It's like last time.

Lambda : That's right, you were there back then.

Brenda : If you can communicate with the world tree, then there's nothing
you can't know.

Alfred : The world tree is so mysterious...

Sigma : But what can this disaster be use trying to figure that
out now. Anyway we're going to the laboratory. Come Lambda.

Lambda : Yes (turn back to look at the tree) ....thank you.

Scenario 8

Victory requirements : Every character cross the bridge or kill all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Fighter+ 3 pikes
           Fighter + 3 soldiers
           Fighter + 4 pikes
           Knight + 3 lancers
           Knight + 3 lancers

Ennemy reinforcements : (appears on the top right corner of the map after
you either kill three commanders or on turn 8)

Emily (knight master) + 4 dragoons

Secret tile : There are two. First is the hole in the ground in the bottom
left of the map. A ennemy knight is there at first so you won't see it
immediately. Go there, pick the third answer "put your hand in it" then
say "yes" (first choice). The ticket will fly away. You now must go to that
withered looking tree hanging of from the clif on the other side of the
bridge. So do this while there is still people that haven't crossed. Once
there select "yes" (first choice". You will proceed to Scenario ?1 once you
clear this one.

Federation soldier : Well? Have you find anything on your side?

F. Soldier : Negative!

F. soldier : Same here, there's nothing.

F. soldier: I see. So there's nothing here. Let's go search elsewhere.

Alfred : Eh? Federation soldiers?

Sigma : Crap, we're so close...

F. soldier : Hm? Who are you? If you hand around you could be mistaken for
Gizarof' subordinates.

F. soldier : Wait...doesn't this man match the description of the guy
who attacked the commodore Wheeler? Come here for a second.

Lambda : What do we do?

Brenda : No matter what we say or do, they'll realize that we're Gizarof'
subordinates anyway.

Sigma : No choice, we're breaking through them. We must cross that bridge!

(After killing two commanders)
F. Soldier : They're strong! You guys, don't overdo it! Just slow them down
until lady Emily get here!

F. Soldier : Understood!

(Emily arrives)
Emily : Hm? What's this?

F. Soldier : Lady Emily! This group attacked us before we could check their
identities. What's more, that man fits the description of the guy who
attacked the commodore Wheeler!

Emily : In short, they must be remnants of Gizarof troops. Alright, I'm
joining this battle. Stop these people!

F. soldier : Yes!
(on the following turn Sigma and the others realize they souldn't try
to fight Emily and designate the place they should go to be safe)

(once Alfred is on the other side)
Alfred : Whew, im saved.

(once Brenda is on the other side)
Brenda : Once here we're cleared. Hurry up.

(once Lambda is on the other side)
Lambda : Hurry. We're going.

(everyone on the other side)
Emily : Kh...they've crossed the bridge. The ravine here is deep, if they cut
the bridge we won't be able to catch up to them. No choice, cancel the chase.

Scenario 8 Clear

Sigma : It seems like they won't pursue us any further. Good, let's go now.

(Gizarof's room)

Sigma : It appears they haven't destroyed the inside yet.

Brenda : Yes, both the federation army and the Caconsis army must be rather
busier reconstructing their countries than messing up Gizarof's office.

Lambda : It's here.

Sigma : Did you find it?

Lambda : The master experiments' results are stored in this crystal. This is
the only information we have on the Sage Crystal

Brenda : After having sought immortality, (...)

Alfred : Do you know how tu use it?

Lambda : I will try.

Gizarof : The Sage Crystal is made from the fusing of the seiken Langrisser
and the maken Alhazard. That cristal was formed a long time ago on El Sallia
and has been guarded since then. However, the jashin Gendrasil stole it 30
years ago. Now I have it in my possession. Still I am, as of now, unable to
turn in back into swords. The progress of the experiments made in that
respect are.....

Lambda : The charm is unstable....

Gizarof : ...then, the reason why I created Sigma and Omega. Those two are
destined to use the Langrisser, of which they could use a power much beyond
necessity. This power is.....

Sigma : This power is what? Lambda!

Lambda : ...calm down, it's back already.

Gizarof : ...only while holding this sword that Sigma will be able to use it.
It would appear that Sigma can only use it once. Since this capacity is using
his life force, were he to use it twice he would die. To correct that

Lambda : gh, again....

Gizarof : ...the experiment is a success. Omega is able to restore himself
after using it...What's more Omega will be able to use it as long as he's
holding Langrisser. No matter what happens, I will have invincible soldiers
at my command. Kreuger and the federation troops will become useless....

Lambda : It's no use. We won't be able to learn anything more.

Alfred : What does that mean? It was stopping all the time....

Sigma : What am I supposed to do with the Langrisser? That power that I can
only use once what could that be?

Brenda : That's obvious. You have to find the Langrisser then you could try
to figure it out.

Sigma : But to get that sword we'll have to find that magician woman...

Brenda : One of my subordinates has reported to me earlier. That woman is
in the Conconsis kingdom, in the port town of Fizzit. If the ship doesn't
leave soon, we can be there on time.

Sigma : Ok, let's head there immediatly.
(if you did the steps to get into scenario ?1 earlier, Brenda will start
mentionning she want to go to those millenium sales or whatever. The
translation resume right after you clear it)

Save point

Lambda : ....

Sigma : What's wrong Lambda?

Lambda : This town...I'm sure, the church earlier was...yes if you take a
right here you'll find a large house with a red roof. On its side are two big

Alfred : A house with a red roof and two big trees...that's correct.

Lambda : A boy and a help the girl, Mary, to exit through the
window, the boy was holding her...Who is that girl? Who is that boy?

Brenda : Did you come to this town before?

Sigma : Impossible. We just awoke in that laboratory. Could it be that
this town is part of Lambda's data? But why?

Lambda : I have no idea. It's not part of my data but I have the feeling
that I know this place. Ah...

Brenda : Does this painting seem peculiar?

Alfred : Still that family gives off a warm aura doesn't it?

Sigma : What's wrong Lambda?

Lambda : ...

Sigma : Lambda!

Lambda : This house...this picture...why do they make me feel that way...
it's like this house is connected to my past somehow...this blond children...

Alfred : What's with this children?

Lambda : This Mary, it's the girl. While playing outside her dress got stuck.
The boy came to help her...

Brenda : So you were living there before! You remember playing with
those kids!

Lambda : ...

Alfred : But this girl looks a lot like Miss Lambda don't you think? The only
difference is the color of her hair....

Lambda : That me?

Scenario 9

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Death of Jessica or Clarett
                      Death of all civilians
                      Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Killer tiger + 4 scorpions
           Stone golem + 4 bone golems
           Scylla+ 4 dark mermen
           Dark fighter + 4 wolfmen
           Gaiel (Darkmaster)+ 6 dark guards (leaves on his first turn)

NPC :  Jessica (summoner) + 2 soldiers
       Clarett (Pegasus knight) + 4 hypogryphs
       Woman + 4 civilians
       Man + 6 civilians
       Woman + 4 civilians

Secret tile : The barrel between the two houses north of the map. No choices,
it will give you the Devil Axe.

note : if you save all NPC you get +2 affection points for all girls. if one
dies you only get one. oh and also don't put Sigma too close to Clarett
when she's fighting that dark fighter. She seems to try to get away from him
as much as possible (that would make sense though).

Clarett : Excuse me, are you lady Jessica?

Jessica : Yes that's exact. And you are?

Clarett : I'm Clarett from the Kalxath. I've come from El Sallia to meet you.

Jessica : ..from the Kalxath...and what do you want?

Clarett : Actually...

(screams from monsters and civilians)

Jessica : Ah!

Gaiel : I've finally found you Alhazard!

Clarett : Demons? Here?

Gaiel : Woman! Give me Alhazard quietly!

Jessica : I can't give you that sword.

Gaiel : You will give it to me. Otherwise I'll order them to kill every
single person here. Would you sacrfice them all to protect the sword?

Jessica : Kh....

Clarett : Lady Jessica....

Gaiel : Have you decided?

Jessica : If I give you the sword will you leave?

Clarett : Don't! Lady jessica!

Gaiel : That's right. I will leave immediatly.

(gives Alhazard away)

Giael : I'll be taking that sword too, the Langrisser!

Jessica : ....

(gives Langrisser away)

Sigma : So this is the port town of Fizzit....

Brenda : Hold on! Take a look over there!

Gaiel : Now that Bozel is dead, I can do as I please with that sword.

Jessica : You've promised. Leave this place now.

Gaiel : That's right I'm leaving. But only me! You guys, need some exercise?
Mess up the place as you please!

Clarett : You filthy...what about your promise?

Gaiel : Promise? What's that? You're so naive!

Alfred : That girl it's...

Brenda : That sucks. Looks like that demon took the sword.

Sigma : The demon got the sword? And that was the key to understanding...tch.
And we made it this far too...

Lambda : Now is not the time to think about that. Those demons are
threatening the life of the residents.

Brenda : What do we do?

Sigma : It may be the Caconsis kingdom, we can't just remind here and watch
people get slaughtered. And if that guy has the sword, we will take it
from him immediatly.

Brenda : Now you're talking!

(on Gaiel first turn)
Gaiel : Now that I've got the Alhazard, there's no need for me to remain
here any longer.

Jessica : Wait!

Gaiel : Mwahaha! (teleports away)

Sigma : What? He escaped...

Brenda : But the other monsters are still here.

Sigma : Yeah. Let's hurry and save the civilians.

(Sigma get close to the NPC)
Sigma : Just wait a little longer, we've come to help!

Clarett : Him....why is he here?

(on Alfred second turn)
Alfred : She looks like her...

Sigma : What's wrong Alfred?

Alfred : That girl...she looks like the one who gave me the medicine...

Brenda : The one who gave you poison?

Lambda : In that case ask her.

Alfred : Y-yes!

(on Alfred third turn)
Alfred : No mistake it's really miss Clarett!

Clarett : Oh! it's been a while!

Alfred : I've got something to ask you. We'll talk once the battle is over.

Clarett : Ah? well ok.

(once the last monster is dead)

Scenario 9 Clear

Sigma : There's no more monsters?

Lambda : it would seem so.
(if you save everyone the npc will reward you with an item)

Brenda : And is everyone ok on your side as well?

Jessica : Yes. We're saved thanks to you.

(after the battle)

Alfred : I've got something to ask you.

Clarett : What's that?

Alfred : Why did you deceive me when giving me the medicine?

Clarett : Eh? What do you mean?

Alfred : Don't to look as if you don't know please! Once I've given your
medicine to my father...he father died!

Clarett Wait a minute! I haven't given you poison!

Alfred : You're still lying!

Clarett : I'm not lying! This is really a medicinal herb!

Jessica : A moment please...miss Clarett could you show me the medicine
you gave him?

Clarett : This?

Alfred : That medicine! It's the one my father has...

Brenda : And? Do you know if that's poison?

Jessica : This is the most used remedy against strong fever in El Sallia.
Nobody ever died because of it. Would you want me to take some to prove it?

Sigma : No that's alright, no need to go that far.

Alfred : Then why is my father...

Lambda : Don't you understand? Someone switched the medicine with poison.

Alfred : Switched? Who? And why?

Lambda : Someone who would have benefitted from the death of your father
and to have you taken the blame instead.

Alfred : But who could do that! ...who...

Sigma : Alfred, who brought the medicine to your father?

Alfred : The one who prepared the medicine I brought was the doctor...but the
one who brought it to father was my brother...

Lambda : In that case the culprit is one of those two.

Alfred : No! Why would my brother....

Brenda : Sorry boy, but I remember that your brother was more than willing to
kill you. From the way he was talking...

Alfred : ...

Sigma : Brenda!

Brenda : Sorry...the words just slipped out...

Alfred : It's true that my brother have changed. Once my father has fallen
ill and he started governing the domain....but I thought that it was because
of the responsabilities he had to take then...that's what I've told myself...

Sigma : Alfred...

Jessica : Sorry to interrupt but I must track that demon from earlier. If I
may be excused...

Clarett : Since it seems we've cleared the case here, I'll be going too. Lady
Jessica, I'm going back to El Sallia too!

Jessica : The ship for El Sallia has already left...

Clarett : We can still in the distance...but we'll have to wait two months for
the next one.

Jessica : If that's only the two of us it's still possible. Clarett, we will
board that ship.

Clarett : Eeeh?

Lambda : They left.

Sigma : Well then, we're going to...

Brenda : Ho? Someone's coming over here. What do you want?

McLaine : Just some info. Have you seen a woman clad in red with long dark hair?

Brenda : Could it be that Jessica woman from earlier?

McLaine : Yeah that's her. If you know where she is tell me.

Brenda : She board the ship towards El Sallia.

McLaine : I see. I just missed her then.

Sigma : What business did you have with her?

McLaine : Oh nothing You are...!

Sigma : ?

McLaine : What's more...

Lambda : ...

McLaine :'re Mary?

Lambda : Who? I'm...Lambda.

McLaine : Remember Mary! I'm McLaine your older brother!

Lambda : Ha...I am...

McLaine : The color of your hair changed but I'm not mistaking.

Sigma : Hold on! Why do you pretend that Lambda is your little sister?

McLaine : What are you talking about? Don't you remember me?

Sigma : Me? Remember you?

McLaine : I see. Then I will explain it all starting from the beginning. Mary
and I have been abducted by Gizarof. We were used as test subjects for his
experiments. I'm supposed to be a failure so he got rid of me. Look at my
body. He's the one that turned it into this. Lots of things happened in
between but I remember it all now. You were one of Gizarof subordinates and
you allowed me to escape.

Sigma : But I don't remember any of this.

McLaine : Then what about this. North of here there is a town. But because
of the war nobody lives there anymore. That town is where Mary and I were
born. Follow me there and you'll see.

Alfred : So that town was really...

Lambda : ...

McLaine : But I'm so relieved. You're alive. And except for your hair you seem
to be intact. I'm so happy...our parents will be overjoyed as well!

Lambda :

Sigma : Lambda!

Brenda : Go after her. She doesn't know what to think right  now. Rather than
this brother who just appeared, it's you she needs the most right now.

Sigma : 
1) No, I'm not the right guy for this.
2) Okay. I'm going to see her (Lambda +5)

(after picking 2 of course)

Sigma : I understand. Wait for us here.

(ruined town)

Sigma : As I thought you were here.

Lambda : ...

Sigma : Let's go back Lambda. The others are worried.

Lambda : I...who am I? Lambda?....or Mariandel? That scares me so much.....

Sigma : You're scared? You're not an artificial being. You're a real living
person born from someone's flesh. Besides he seems to really care for you.
What would you be afraid of?

Lambda : If I were to gain back my memories, what would become of the person
I am now? Would she become useless? Those times when I traveled and fought
with you...what would happen to those memories? Do you understand why I'm
scared? Right now I can still be Lambda.

Sigma : Yes I understand.

Lambda : really? If mary awakens Lambda will die....I'm afraid of that.

Sigma : But if you insist on being Lambda, you will kill Mary. If you refuse
to be Mary, you'll destroy his feelings too.

Lambda : Are you alright with this? I...Lambda will disappear.

Sigma : All in all Lambda and Mary are the same person. Even if you get back
your memory, you will still be you.

Lambda : It's not about what I look personality, my memories...
they're all related to the person I am....I could even forget you. Doesn't
that bother you?

Sigma : It will be fine. Memories from our travel won't disappear. Our
relationship won't disappear. And if you ever lose your memories as Lambda
and forget about me...

Lambda : If I forget about you...?

Sigma : We will meet again. (a shooting star crosses the sky right at that
moment of course^^)

Lambda : ....

Brenda : You..err...McLaine wasn't it?

McLaine : What?

Brenda : Do you know about the sword?

McLaine : Quite a bit yeah...that's  thanks to the Langrisser that we beat
Gizarof. This sword has some magical power. This is the only weapon that
can surpass Alhazard.

Alfred : So the goal of that demon was that sword?

McLaine : Demon? What happened? Give me an explanation. What happened here?

Brenda : Tat jessica woman was carrying both Langrisser and Alhazard when
a demon appeared and took them.

McLaine : What? Alhazard is in the hands of the demon tribe? if only I
was there, this would never have happened!

Brenda : Ah you came at the right time. We were talking about the swords
and it seems the situation is pretty serious.

Sigma : Serious?

Alfred : Mr. McLaine was telling us about the evil power of one sword....

Sigma : So that's why the demon tribe came to get it back....that's pretty

McLaine : I'm leaving for El Sallia. I can't stay here and do nothing in such
a situation. Sorry Mary. And we just meet again after all this time. But I
can't ignore this.

Lambda : ...

Brenda : Well? What do you think? We should make a move too.

Sigma : It's true that leaving Alhazard in the hands of the demon tribe
would spell trouble. And I want to get back Langrisser. This sword holds
the key to the secret of my existence.

Lambda : much as possible I'd like to stay with him. I think that
this way I'll be able to gain my memory back.

McLaine : Mary...

Lambda : Saying that I'm not scared would be lying but...

Sigma : It doesn't matter. Getting back your own memory is well worth it.

Lambda : Sorry. That's a bit unfair, it's only me...

Sigma : Lambda....

Alfred : I've got nowhere to go. So I'll follow and go with you.

Brenda : Seems like it's settled then.

Sigma : Yes. Everyone will board the next ship to El Sallia!

Brenda : Well a lot happened and I'm a bit tired. I'm going to sleep early
this evening.

Alfred : Ah, I'm going too...

Lambda : S-Sorry...could you tell me about my past?

McLaine : were a girl that really loved flowers and...

Sigma : I'm really glad for you Lambda...I, on the other side.....

Save point

(federation royal castle - throne room)

Rosenshill : General Lanford. Your behaviour to stop the chaos caused by
Gizarof has been admirable.

Lanford : I only did my duty has a soldier of the federation army. And the
Conconsis kingdom helped us too. The credit of this victory is not mine

Rosenshill : It's good to be humble but you really did well.

Lanford : Besides....I couldn't save His Majesty Frederick.

Rosenshill : What happened to Frederick is truly regrettable. But without
you the federation would have suffer much bigger losses. That is the
reason I want you to become the marshal of our army.

Lanford : I accept humbly your Majesty.

Rosenshill : And I promote your aide-de-camp Emiliel to general.

Emily : I shall put all my energy to the service of the federation.

Rosenshill : Well Lanford. Introduce you to the troops in your quality of
the new marshal of the federation.

Lanford : Yes Majesty. With the help of the Caconsis kingdom, we finally
got rid of the traitor, Gizarof. The wounds Gizarof left to the federation
are deep and recovering will be a long and arduous task. What's more the
remnants of his troops continue to spell trouble even now on our land, we
can't tolerate those actions any longer. Men! Lend me your strength so
that the federation can be restored as soon as possible.

Soldiers : Yes sir!

Rosenshill : For a little while more, the federation will be in an unstable
state. That's why I'd want to you to lend me a little of your strength too.

Lanford : I, Lanford, is entirely at the service of the federation Majesty.

Rosenshill : Good. I'm counting on you two.

Lanford : Yes, your Majesty.

(Rochefort castle - Lainforce's office)

Aizer : My apologies, lord Lainforce. I still couldn't capture them.

Lainforce : It doesn't matter. For the moment we will let him handle
that task.

Aizer : He's the one we brought back with us?

Omega : Omega. Howdy. Formalities and greetings are not my kind of things
so I'll be on my way immediatly.

Aizer : Lord Lainforce...must I abandon this mission?

Lainforce : No. Since he's of the same kind as them, he will find them more
easily. This will make your work easier too. Besides I've got another
assignement for you. And it's something I can only give to someone I trust

Aizel : Yes lord Lainforce! I'll execute any mission in your name.

Sigma : So this the continent of El Sallia.

McLaine : The land where Jessica lives...

Brenda : How are we going to look for those two now?

McLaine : To be more efficient we should split up.

Alfred : It's true that we'll find them quickier that way.

McLaine : That's for sure. I'm going to Baldia, since it's the home country of
Jessica. If you ever meet her on your way, be sure to let me know.

Lambda : A-ah!

McLaine : Hm?

Lambda : ....take care....

McLaine : Yeah. And you hurry up and remember me. So long!

Scenario 10

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies (turn into defeat Creid later on)

Defeat requirements : Death of Jessica or Clarett
                      Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Silver knight+ 4 lancers
           Silver knight+ 4 lancers
           Gladiator + 4 pikes
           Gladiator + 4 soldiers

NPC :  Jessica (summoner) + 4 soldiers
       Clarett (Pegasus knight) + 4 hypogryphs

Ennemy reinforcements : Creid (Brave knight) + 4 lancers
(appears on the top right after killing three commanders)

Secret tile : hole in the ground in the top right corner of the map
1) Skill : Recover (you recover form statut ailment quicker iirc)
2) Skill : Petrify (small chance to paralyze an ennemy during an attack)

Alfred : Where are we going to look?

Brenda : Hmmm...that's true...

Sigma : Hold on, I hear something over there.

Kalxath soldier : And which disguise did you intend to use for your comeback,
Princess Clarett?

Clarett : What?

K. soldier : Don't tell me you don't know that you've been charged with
complicity in the emperor's murder?

Clarett : Complicity? Me? The one who killed him was that man!

K.soldier : We know that you've been helping him to commit the murder.
Give yourself in quietly. There's a 500 000 bounty on your head.

Clarett : I'm sorry to put you in such a situation lady Jessica.

Jessica : It looks like that country changed a lot while we were away...

Alfred : Oh this is...miss Clarett!

Brenda : That Jessica woman seems to be with her too...but don't you think
there is something weird?

Sigma : It's more than just weird! Those soldiers are planning to kill them!

K.soldier : An armed group has appeared in that direction!

Clarett : ....him...

K.soldier : ....oh? No doubt about it's this guy...

Sigma : ?

K.soldier : Hahaha! The emperor's murderer himself! It's useless to run now
Princess! You can't deny he's your accomplice any longer!

Clarett : T-That's wrong! This person is...

K.soldier : Excuses are useless!

Sigma : My accomplice...?

Lambda : It looks like you're being suspected to be the emperor's murderer.

Sigma : Tsk, what does that mean?

Lambda : It's bothersome but there's nothing we can do about it. We'd better
prepare for the battle.

(on the NPC first turn)
Clarett : What should we do lady Jesica?

Jessica : ....

Alfred : We have to save them! If we don't go, they'll die!

Sigma : Indeed.

Clarett : You're going to save us? T-thanks!

(pick an order to give to the NPC)
1) Keep your position and fight defensively.
2) Clarett escape towards your party while Jessica fights
3) Jessica escapes towards your party wile Clarett fights.
4) Both escape.

(after picking 4)

Sigma : Both of you come here!

Clarett : Understood! Protect us well! Which way should we go?
1) south way
2) south-west way
3) west way

(once the other NPC turn come you'll have to give her direction too)

(on Brenda first turn)
Brenda : Hey. What could you have done?

Sigma : It's the first time I ever come on this continent. How could I have
done anything?

Alfred : But these people seem to know you don't they?

Brenda : What's more they're calling you the emepror's murderer.

Sigma : How could I kill someone living in a place where I've never been?

Lambda : may simply be that you've forgotten the fact you've been

Sigma : Eh?

Lambda : You're like me...your past has been....

Sigma : So that'd mean I...
1) have been here before?
2) have killed the emperor?
3) am a liar?

(after picking 1)
Sigma : You're telling me I came here before?

Lambda : Yes. Gizarof's experiment may have caused you to lose your memory.
Like me....coming here may a good step towards finding the real you.

Sigma : Lambda...

Brenda : Well whatever it may be, right now let's save those two!

(or after picking 3 - sorry I just had the urge to try)
Sigma : You're telling me I am lying?

Lambda : Sorry. It's not like I'm accusing to be lying....Gizarof's
experiment may have caused you to lose your memory.
Like me....coming here may a good step towards finding the real you.

Sigma : Lambda...

Brenda : Well whatever it may be, right now let's save those two!

(on the first turn of the talkative k.soldier)
K.soldier : First capture the princess! Then we'll take care of that man!
He's dangerous so be careful!

(on the first turn of the K.soldier next to him)
K.soldier : Bah, as long as we kill them both, the money is ours! I've waited
so long for this day!

(Creid shows up)
Creid : What are you doing? I'm beginning to wonder about the origin of the
soldiers in my employ! (the sentence may not be very clear but he actually
make a racist comment here so let's don't get too much into details)

K.soldier : Duke! You've come just at the right time!

Clarett : The duke Creid?

Creid : Oh but look at what we have here...wouldn't be her Highness Princess
Clarett in person? And that one next to her is....oh I see know why my
soldiers got delayed.

Sigma : ...

Clarett : Duke Creid, what is the meaning of this? Could you explain why did
you put a bounty for my capture?

Creid : You've been charged with complicity in the emperor's murder case.

Clarett : And why would I want to kill my own father?

Creid : Oh but that's something you know very well of course. All I can say
for sure is that the princess is guilty and that former Imperial knight
captain must be executed. Everyone is well aware of that.

Clarett : That can't be....

Creid : Good, now prepare to die here!

(on Sigma first turn after Creid speech)

Sigma : I am an Imperial knight captain?

Alfred : That's what he said....and according to him Clarett is the daughter
of the dead emperor...a princess.

Brenda : And on top of that, you both have bouties on your heads. Things
will get harder from now on.

Sigma : ...sorry...

Lambda : You don't have to apologize. We still don't know what happened

Sigma : What could I have ever done here....?

(Creid defeated)
Creid : did you dare....but now that you're back, don't expect to
get away like that!

Clarett : What are you implying?

Creid : There are now witnesses that saw you in his company, the murderer of
the emperor. I'm going to report that to the new emperor!

Clarett : New emperor?

Creid : Didn't you hear about the new position of the minister Gilmore? Now,
you're not a princess anymore or anything like that, you're just a criminal
and nothing else. You have no future here! Remember that!

Clarett : Wait, Creid!

Jessica : ....he left....

Scenario 10 Clear

Sigma : Are you two okay?

Jessica : Thanks a lot.

Clarett : T-thanks.

Lambda : We should hurry and find a less exposed place. We don't know when
they will be back.

Brenda : feels like there will be so much more trouble from
now on....

(after the fight)

Jessica : You saved us again. But why did you come here?

Brenda : We heard quite a lot about you from a guy who came right after you
left last time. He said he was his older brother and was called McLaine.

Jessica : McLaine? I're his little sister....

Lambda : would seem so.

Sigma : But more importantly Princess. We have a few things to ask you.

Clarett : W-what...

Sigma : According to what that guy said, we can easily figure out that you're
the daughter of the murdered emperor. But why did he pretend I'm the
murderer? Do you know anything about that matter?

Clarett : That's....

Sigma : Please tell me! If I hear what you know about me, I may be able to
remember something about my past! I want to know the truth!
Who am I exactly?

Jessica : So your memory has been erased by Gizarof's experiments
like McLaine?

Lambda : This is why we want to learn more about ourselves.

Sigma : I beg of you! Tell me!

Brenda : Could it be something so repulsive to say?

Clarett : Alright, I get it, stop calling me like that! And don't call me
princess either. We'd really look like wanted criminals that way. (see
translation notes here)

Sigma : So how do you want me to call you?

Clarett : Clarett will be fine.

Sigma : Alright Clarett. I'm waiting for your story.

Clarett : Why are you accused of the murder is it? It happened 4 years ago.
My father, the Kalxath emperor was murdered. The culprit was a young captain
of the guard. Same voice, same face, he was just like you. was you!
There's no doubt about that!

Lambda : you are....

Sigma : I am...a captain of the Imperial knights?

Clarett : But that can't be...

Alfred : Heh? Why is that?

Clarett : You look exactly like that person three years ago. If you were
the same person you would necessarily have changed if only a little.
Besides that person....I...I have...

Sigma : Clarett...?

Clarett : Three years ago...that person...I killed him....

Sigma : ....

Clarett : That's right! To get rid of my hatred, to avenge my gather, I
killed him! The sword pierced his chest right on the heart level...
he didn't try to resist at was like he wanted me to kill him...
so you can't be him...only someone who looks exactly the same.

Brenda : To look like the man you've killed...I understand why you were
so reluctant to talk about it.

Sigma : So I'm someone else....

Alfred : Does that person had a little brother or other relatives around
his age?

Clarettte : He was the only son of the cout Egil. He hadn't brothers or any
other relatives...

Lambda : In Gizarof's laboratory, I told you there were also clones....

Sigma : Yeah, you told us they were basically like replicates of living
beings...hahaha...I see. I'm just that guy's clone. I have no past....
I'm just a puppet someone created....

Lambda : Don't take what I said so badly. Please get a hold of yourself...

Sigma : Don't worry Lambda. What's more, I'm glad I'm not a murderer.

Alfred : And what do we do now? Now that we know the truth...

Clarett : Why wouldn't we stay together?

Sigma : Both our heads got a bounty...won't it be a problem?

Clarett : Exactly it's better we stay together because of this right? Besides,
you guys are rather strong....

Brenda : Honestly...what an easy-going princess.

Clarett : And I might be useful to help him prove his innocence right? So,
that settles it, pleased to meet you all and I'm counting on you from now on.

Alfred : But Miss Clarett, what do you intend to do about the fact that a
former minister became the new emperor?

Clarett : That's true. First and foremost we should get the throne back
I guess. (...)

Jessica : Speaking of which, what are you expecting of me precisely?

Clarett : Eh?

Jessica : You said you were looking for me because of demons you saw on
El Sallia. So?

Clarett : Well...the truth is...

Jessica : It's true that I can't watch and let people die by the hands
of demons. But I won't help someone like you who only relies on the strength
of others to get things done.

Clarett : That's wrong!

Jessica : As long as you have that kind of attitude, I won't help you.

Alfred : Seems like she left.

Lambda : What do we do now?

Sigma : Since we don't know that land we're at a disadvantage here, but we
can't help that...

Alfred : Miss Clarett, do you have a place you want to go?

Clarett : That's right...I think Salrath should help us. I've heard that in
the past, they helped the Kalxath kingdom. Besides count Lenard who governs
the land is a trustworthy man. If we explain the situation to him,
he will certainly agree to help.

Alfred  : So miss Clarett will be going to Salrath then. And on our side what
should we do?

Clarett : "What sould we do"..? Didn't we agree that we'd stay together?

Lambda : When you're saying "stay together" you actually mean "helping you
getting the throne back" right?

Clarett : That's a bit blunt but yeah, something like that. But I can help
prove he's not guilty. If I get back the throne, he'll be able to live
here again. While you're helping me, you're actually helping him too!

Alfred : That's a rather strange way to explain things...

Brenda : You've made up your mind?

Sigma : ...I agree to help you but with one condition.

Clarett : Which is? As long as it's not something impossible...

Sigma : We're looking for the sword that demon stole from Jessica. Once you
get back the throne, help up fight the demons.

Clarett : You want to get Alhazard and Langrisser?

Brenda : Ahahaha, we don't mean that of course. So do you accept princess?
(note : ok it may seems a bit  weird here but actually in Langrisser games,
whenever people want to get those swords they use them to wage war on
other countries, expending their territory and stuff like that, so that's
probably why Clarett seems to freak out and Brenda calms her down.)

Clarett : Don't call me princess!

Sigma : We just want to check something with that sword. We don't have any
ulterior motives really. So?

Clarett : Hmm...alright. I agree, but that will be just for a short bit then.

Sigma : Deal. Then we will help you getting back your country.

Clarett : Then I'll show the way to Salrath. Let's hurry.

Save point

Lambert : What have you come here for Lanford?

Lanford : Father. I've come to tell you that I've been promoted the marshal
of the federation army.

Lambert : So what. It doesn't mean anything to me.

Lanford : But, father!

Lambert : You don't belong here anymore. Leave immediatly!
And never show your face again!

Lanford : ...

Lambert : I will go visit a friend. If you're still here when I'm back, I will
throw you out by force!

Lanford : could change so know don't you? The reason
why father changed?

Mastason : I'm not allowed to tell but know that this is all for your sake.

Lanford : What do you mean Mastason? For my sake?

Mastason : Yes. If the master changed it's because of what happened to your
brother Cliford.

Lanford : It's true that he wasn't the same after his death. But why? 
What's behind the death of my brother?

Mastason : This is something I can't tell. I will be leaving for today.

Lanford : So it's indeed related to my brother's death...what could that mean?

Groove : I presume you managed to get the swords Gaiel?

Gaiel : Of course! Who do you think I am? But more importantly, aren't you
slacking off in your attack towards the human realm?

Groove : Right now, just watching the human realm is so amusing. Killing
each other as usual. If they keep it on, it will be really easy for us then.

Gaiel : Hmph, but it's true that in this situation we can just wait to
pick an easy victory afterwards. Seems like your petty tricks worked rather
well Groove.

Groove : Of course. I am the great Groove have you forgotten? But more
importantly are you aware of what happened to the lord Bozel on Yeless?

Gaiel : Yeah, it's all because of this sword again.

Groove : Langrisser....eeh what an irritating thing....but you managed to
bring it back.

Gaiel : Yeah, as consolation for the death of the lord Bozel.

Groove : That's what you'd want me to think. I know you're not
that sensitive.

Gaiel : You stilll hold a grudge for what happened 1000 years ago?...bah, I give you this.

Groove : Only Langrisser? You you intend to keep Alhazard?

Gaiel : Don't worry. I have no intention of becoming the next Bozel. I don't
want to become the leader of the demon tribe. I'm going to look for a way to
destroy Langrisser. For that purpose, Alhazard maight come in handy.

Groove : Alhazard is the demon tribe's greatest treasure. You'd better take
really good care of it.

Gaiel : Fear not. I'm concerned with the demon tribe future too.

Scenario 11

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies (turn into defeat Creid later on)

Defeat requirements : Death of all civilians
                      Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Warlock+ 2 elfes
           Warlock+ 2 elfes
           Gladiator + 3 pikes
           Gladiator + 3 soldiers

NPC :  Man + 4 civilians
       Woman + 3 civilians
       Man + 4 civilians

Ennemy reinforcements : (once starting ennemies are dead or civilians
halfway through their escape route)
Hawk lord + 4 hypogryphs (appear on the top left of the map)

(once other ennemies are dead)
Hawk lord + 4 hypogryphs (both appear on the bottom right of the map)
Creid (Brave knight) + 4 lancers 

Secret tile : there are two
one is those flower looking thingies right below one of your starting point.
1) Nothing
2) MP +2 

the second is that yellow little stick in the middle of the building (btw you
need a flyer to get it)
1) some magic resistance +2(need to check which element anyway get the other)
2) Angel's feather nifty acessory and needed to get the Seraphim summon later
3) Nothing
4) Nothing

Clarett : We're nearly there. Once we cross that river, we'll be in Salrath.

Alfred : The cooperation is going on rather well isn't it? 

Sigma : 
1) Yeah. (Clarett +2)
2) I wouldn't say that. (Lambda, Brenda +1)
3) Don't answer. (Clarett -2)

(after picking 1)
Sigma : Yeah. Let's hurry up and get back the country.


Sigma : What?

Villager : Why are you doing this to us?

Tax collector : Shut up! Those who don't pay their taxes have no right
to speak!

Villager : But such unreasonnable taxes we can't...

Tax collector : We've been mandated by the empire to govern that land. By
opposing us you're opposing the empire!

Tax collector : The empire has no need for those who don't pay their taxes
and talk back. You will die here!

Villager : Ahh...goddess Lushiris...why did you forsake us...

Villager : Hey, you over there! I beg of you, come help us!

Sigma : It seems that these people are trying to escape the noble's oppression.

Lambda : What are you intending to do Clarett?

Clarett : That's obvious! We're going to save them! But how are we going to

Sigma : We must fight in a way that will not hinder their escape.

Clarett : Please, I'll let you issue the directions for the battle. If I'm
the one in charge, they may not be able to survive.

Sigma : Leave it to me. First we must give directions to those villagers.

(Brenda will then talk about the switch that can create a bridge and the game
will ask you if you want more details for this map. Say yes and it will show
you the two escape routes.

Sigma : There are two routes.
1) take the north one
2) take the one going through the fort

(after picking 1)

Sigma : Forget about the bridge and go north!

Villager : Yes! You're our saviours!

(on Sigma second turn)
Sigma : But still, that new emperor seems to do quite as he please with
the people...

Alfred : That's right. What would my father say if he saw this.

Clarett : Gilmore seems to have totally corrupted the nobles. I'll never
forgive him!

(first ennemy reinforcements)
Soldier : Idiots! Did you think you could run away so easily?

Villager : Aaah!

Lambda : Ennemy reinforcements. It seems to be flying units.

Sigma : We can't fail now that we're so close!

(Creid shows up)
Creid : Not even able to stop a bunch of running peasants, how sad!

Sigma : That guy!

Clarett : Creid...

Creid : Oh, but would you look at that! After killing the emperor, now you're
rebelling against the law of the empire? I will put a stop to this
rebellion here and now.

Clarett : How do you dare call that law of the empire? While you're doing
whatever you please for your own profit and interest! How dare you act
that way!

Creid : We are the ruling class. We have every right to decide how to treat
our people.

(Creid defeated)
Creid : ....! I will assemble my best troops especially for you. I think we'll
have lots of fun next time we meet.

Scenario 11 Clear

Sigma : There is no ennemy left.

Alfred : Those villagers from earlier didn't even thank us when they left.

Brenda : They're the kind of guys that only think about their own neck. Rah,
they piss me off!

Clarett : Come on, let's hurry and go to Salrath now. I won't let those guys
in charge of the country any longer!

Lenard : Sorry to make you wait. So, could you explain me what this complicity
of murder is about?

Clarett : Are you saying that you too believe I've helped killing my father?

Lenard : No. And I'm quite sure most nobles don't think so either. Well then
let's hear what bring you here.

Clarett : The former cabinet minister Gilmore usurped the throne while I was
away. I'd like you to lend me your strength to get back my country.

Lenard : And? What would you want me to do exactly?

Clarett : I told you : lend me your strength.

Lenard : Be more detailed please. Surely, you don't expect me to send my
soldiers to the front simply like this?

Clarett : ...

Lenard : While you were away, Gilmore changed the empire a lot. He has given
even more freedom to the nobles and had allowed them to administrate their
land they way they please. Some really like this change of policy. I've told
you earlier that few believe that you're involved in the murder case. But
that doesn't mean they will let you get the throne back that easily.

Clarett : Is it your disposition as well?

Lenard : I'm but a single noble. Of course, I don't like the oppression
of the people that Gillmore support, but if you want the other nobles to help
you get the throne back, if you want them to take such a risk they will
need some sort of motivation....more than what Gilmore can offer them.

Clarett : But Gilmore...the way he governs the will....

Lenard : That may be so but if they don't have anything to gain no nobles will
accept to help you. Besides isn't the whole situation your own fault? To think
that the princess would leave the country for so long...

Clarett : but that was to fight the demons and look for lady Jessica...

Lenard : The sole reason you wanted to fight the demons, wasn't it to get lady
Jessica's help? or rather didn't you leave to flee the country after the
emperor's murder?

Clarett : ...

Lenard : Even if a person like you, who only counts on the support of others
to get anything done, could get the throne back one day, with your
attitude, such a situation could happens twice. I won't put the live of
my soldiers at risk for such a reason. Well then, we're done talking here,
you may leave.

(three countries alliance - Lainforce castle)

Alvince : It's true that it would be good to restore the federation's prestige
that Gizarof actions ternished so much.

Lainforce : Does lord Lambert think the same way?

Lambert : Hm, hum.

Alvince : To begin with it's those corrupted leaders that allowed Gizarof to
have his way that are responsible for the decline of the federation! We, as
the ruling class, own to our people to behold in an exemplary way!

Lainfroce : Lord Alvince is perfectly right. Lord Lambert's Sazarland, lord
Alvince's Reynorz and my own province of Rochefort. Our three countries
united will definitely be victorious! To our victory!

Alvince : To our victory!

Save point

Omega :Yo Sigma! It's been a while.

Sigma : Who are you?

Omega : Hey what kind of greetings is that? Have you forgotten? I'm Omega.
We were working together under lord Gizarof.

Sigma : I've only met Gizarof once.

Omega : Hey, what the hell are you talking don't remember a thing?

Sigma : I have nothing to remember anyway. I'm but a clone created in that

Omega : You're no clone. Tch, so you've really lost your memory then...
guess I have to tell you then. What your past really is!

Sigma : My...past?

Omega : You were an extraordinary fighter that left El Sallia and came to
Yeless. I don't really know why, but your eyes were those of a dying
man though. On that aspect you have changed. Well it's none of my business
anyway. My master was the lord Gizarof. I was his main henchman. But
when you arrived, you became the number one in no time. Until that day.
The day where you've been killed.

Sigma : I've been killed....

(flashback - Gizarof's office third years ago)

Gizarof soldier : Emergency lord Gizarof!

Gizarof : What is it to be so noisy?

G.soldier : That man has been killed!

Omega : What? That guy can't die like that!

Gizarof : Give us a detailed report.

G.soldier : Yes. A woman from El Sallia assaulted him while claiming vengeance.
But he didn't try to retaliate and had his heart pierced. That's all.

Omega : That could see in his eyes that he was looking for a place
to die but...

Gizarof : Heart pierced...does the body bear any others wounds?

G.soldier : No.

Gizarof : I see. He may still be useful. Bring the corpse to the third floor
of the laboratory. Hurry!

G.soldier : Yes sir!

Omega : Lord Gizarof, what are you planning to do?

Gizarof : It's a shame someone like him could allow himself to die.
But thanks to that I will be able to use him in a very useful experiment.
If all goes well, he may become even more powerful. (chuckles evily)

Omega : And it seems like the experiment was a success, you're alive. But
as a consequence, you've lost your memory.

Sigma : Then...the one Clarett was talking about...that was me.

Omega : Well that's how it goes. But geez really, was I surprised when I got
here. To think you were the leader of an imperial knight division and that
you killed the Kalxath emperor....Well? Does it get back to you? I came to
kick your butt but I'll leave it as that for today. We'll have another
meeting. That time you'd better remember everything. Otherwise it wouldn't
be fun to beating you.

Sigma : That was me..the one Clarett killed was me...I can't tell her that...

Scenario 12

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies

Defeat requirements :  Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Gladiator + 5 pikes
           Gladiator + 5 soldiers
           Silver knight + 4 transportes, + 2 heavy lancers
           Silver knight + 4 transportes, + 2 heavy lancers
           Gladiator + 4 transporters, + 2 pikes
           Gladiator + 4 transporters, + 2 soldiers

NPC :  Figther + 4 civilians
       Woman + 3 civilians
       Man (no troops because dies real fast)

Secret tile : nest under the bridge
1) nothing
2) nothing
3) Get you the snow dragon troops to hire after Scenario 20 (not that worth
it imho, if you intend to keep a flyier in your team just stick with

Clarett : ....

Alfred : Err...miss Clarett? Where do we have to go now?

Brenda: You haven't said a word for a while. Don't you think it's about time
to tell us where we're going?

Clarett : ....east...

Brenda : is that all you're going to say?!

Clarett : find Eric...

Alfred : Eric?

Clarett : My fiancee. He will surely be able to help.

Brenda : Why you! Didn't you understand what the count Lenard just say?

Sigma : Hold on!

Mayor : Please wait! If you take those we won't be able to survive!

Tax collector : Geez, shut up! If you don't pay your taxes you're not
leaving us any other choice!

Mayor : But we don't have that kind of money! (...)

T.collector : Will you ever shut up? The price for those who don't pay their
taxes is death!

Man : But that way, we will also die!

T.collector : SHUT UP! Then die already!

(various screams)

T.collector : That's what happens when someone opposes us. If you don't want
to die stay quiet! Alright, let's start moving!

Mayor : Uuuhhh...

Alfred : This is horrible...

Clarett  I'll never fogive him! To change the empire like this it's
unforgivable! (no I'm not being lazy Clarett's actually pretty limited there)

Sigma : That's true. Let's pursue them and stop that convoy.

(on Clarett first turn)
Clarett : Give them back those goods! You'd really let those people die?

T.collector : To pester us like that...seems like you have a death wish too!
Hm? That face could it be...!

K.soldier : No mistake! They're the culprits in the emperor's murder case!

(on Lambda first turn)
Lambda : Going through the town or taking that bridge. Think about it well.

Sigma : I know.

(on the soldiers first turn)
K.soldier : Hehe finally some action. We'll let you guys keep going while we
take care of them.

T.collector : Hmph. Do as you wish.

(last ennemy dies)
Sigma : It's over now.

Scenario 12 Clear

Clarett : Are you alright?

Mayor : What have you done!

Clarett : Eh?

Mayor : To attack the empire troops....

Alfred : Wait a second here! We did that to save you...

Mayor : You've gone way too far! Now this town will be considered rebel to
the empire. If you could only have stayed quiet...

Brenda : What?

Mayor : This town is doomed...and this is all your fault!

Clarett : It changed....Kalxath really changed...

Lambda : Nevertheless, accusing us to doom them right after saving them is

Sigma : Yeah...

Alfred : That's right! They said that without those goods they wouldn't be
able to survive! They're just trying to run without doing anything!

Clarett : But isn't it precisely what you have done? To escape the guilt of
your father's murder, you've been running away all that time without trying
to resolve anything.

Brenda : Look who's talking! What did that Salrath count told you earlier?
That you too, only counts on the strength of others and know only how to run!

Clarett : ...!

Sigma : Since I'm hiding the fact that I'm a I not a coward too?
I should at least tell the truth to Clarett...

1) Don't tell her
2) Tell her (Clarett +4)

(after picking 2)
Sigma : Yes, I ought to tell her.

Brenda : What's wrong?

Sigma : Nothing...just speaking to myself.

(outside the city)

Sigma : Wait up, Clarett.

Clarett : What do you want?! I'm a girl that can do nothing but run after all?
Leave me alone!

Sigma : Listen to me Clarett. I've got to talk to you about something I've been

Clarett : Eh? To me?

Sigma : Last time you told me that I couldn't be the emperor's murderer....
but that's wrong...I really am the man you once stabbed on Yeless.

Clarett : Ehh?

Sigma : A guy who knew me from before told me so. But last time when you told
me I wasn't the murderer I felt so reassured. And I was thinking I'd just keep
the truth to myself and everything would be fine that way. In the end, I'm
running away too.

Clarett : That can't could you be alive then? At that time, you was
really dead no doubt about that!

Sigma : A man called Gizarof took me in his lab and proceed to experiment
on my body. And that experiment brought me back to life.(seriously after
hearing this I have to say Gizarof totally rules the Langrisser universe)	

Clarett : ...

Sigma : So I'm really the one who's reponsible for your father's death.
Well? Do you want to kill me one more time?

Clarett : that's alright. You already died once so you atoned for your
crime. You don't need to die a second time. Besides...

Sigma : Besides...?

Clarett : I really don't want to have to kill you a second time.

Sigma : ....Clarett...

Clarett : ....thanks.

Sigma : Eh?!

Clarett : For telling me the truth. I feel like I got some courage back now.
It's true that until now, I've done nothing but counting on the help of
others. That's why now, I want to try to do something by myself.

Sigma : Yeah. If you never do things yourself, there's no hardship you can

Clarett : Exactly. Hey, do you know what I'm thinking of right now?

Sigma : ...that's....hard to guess...

Clarett : I've been wondering about something when going back to El Sallia.
Why did the people and cities of the Caconsis kingdom seem so energic, so
full of life, while here, it's not the case?

Sigma : And did you find the answer?

Clarett : The answer is obvious. It's all about the heart of the citizens.
He's dead now, but the previous king of the Caconsis kingdom was a coward
who could never take a major decision whenever his country needed him to.
Because of this, the citizens had to learn to become autonomous and to
act by themselves. Each time there was a crisis, they had to manage it by

Sigma : Those who are abaondonned have no choice but to become independent.

Clarett : I want to see the people of this country becoming independent too.
It doesn't mean I want to abandon them of course. But if they take part in
the decision-making, then I'm sure the whole country could benefit from it.
When people lead their life for their own sake, they live in a more
positive way don't you think?

Sigma : It's true that to be able to live in a country where everyone can
decide his own path, without having to follow the nobles every order, sounds

Clarett : Exactly! To make the ruling class disappear and make everyone equal
is truly the most important!

Sigma : A country that would live by the people and for the people. But would
the nobles let such a thing happen?

Clarett : I'm going to look for a solution for that. So you could trust me and
keep on supporting me for a little while more?

Sigma : Of course...

(federation royal castle)

Emily : Your excellency, marshal Lanford!

Lanford : What's wrong Emily?

Emily : An emergency! The lord Lainforce of the Rochefort province, formed
an alliance with two others provinces and revolted!

Lanford : A revolt!? They must want to take advantage of the chaos left
by Gizarof. Wo are Lainforce allies?

Emily : T-they...are...

Lanford : What's wrong Emily? Speak clearly.

Emily : ...the Reynorz province governed by lord Alvinse and...the Sazarland
province governed by lord Lambert...

Lanford : Sazarland....father?!

Emily : At first, I thought I misunderstood too...

Lanford : ...he may be my father but I can't let him harm the federation and
do nothing. Ready the soldiers. I'm going to take the commandment of an army.

Emily : But...lord Lanford.

Lanford : I'm grateful to you that you're so considerate of my feelings but
I'm the marshal of the federation. My duty is to protect it and I will make
no exceptions for personnal reasons.

Emily : I understand. I'm going to assemble the soldiers immediatly.

Lanford : Impossible...father....what could have happened...

(inside the mountains)

Virash : ...I see. Damned Lainforce, he finally made a move in the open.
Good job, you can go back.

Soldier : Yes sir!

Mercenary : What do we do Virash, sir? The boss and the others aren't on
this side.

Virash : Hmm. Let's hope the federation army will be able to take care of it.

Mercenary : But the fight against the Caconsis kingdom and Gizarof weakened
them, didn't it? Even though it's the marshal Lanford who's in charge now,
isn't it a bit dangerous?

Virash : That's true. But in such a situation, we may not be able to do much.
We might even need your help.

Mercenary : We're here for that. The boss told us to help you out Virash-san.

Virash : In that case, let's start the operations.

Save point

(county of Salrath - Lenard office)

Clarett : ...and that's roughly it. What do you think of this?

Lenard : really put a lot of thinking into the welbeing of the
citizens. But are nobles really not needed?

Clarett : No. Most of the nobles receive an education but that's not the case
of the ordinary citizens. To improve the people knowledge, I'm thinking
about creating a scholarship system, but it will takes time before it can be
efficient and produce appreciable results. Then, I plan to separate the
legislative and executive powers into two disctinct institutions. The one
with the legislative power will be the parliament and represent the citizens.
They will discuss the matters of the nation and will write the laws.
The other one will be the senate which will represent the nobles.
They will vote which laws written by the parliament are accepted or not.
That way, only the laws that're accepted by both institutions, which
represent the whole nation, will be effective.

Lenard : I see. That's a well tought system. I presume that members of the
parliament will be picked among the citizens?

Clarett : Yes. Finally, members of both institutions shouldn't remain the
sames or the power might get corrupted. That's why the members will be
decided by a system of elections, so that way, only those who truly fits
the people needs will be in charge.

Lenard : Hmm.

Clarett : That said, we can't install such a system by ourselves. That's
why I need your assistance.

Lenard : I understand your idea of creating a country gouverned by the
people, for the people. In a way, wanting to get back the power, not for
one's own interest, but for the sake of others, is quite different of the
attitude of one who relies on the strength of others. What's more, I
appreciate the way you envision things. And you go as far as giving up
your own social statut. Agreed, I, Lenard, will put my strength into the
realization of your ideas.

Clarett : Thank you, lord Lenard. Now, I know it's a bit sudden but could
you start to help the opressed citizens? Though the use of violence will
only bring more violence, I'd like to liberaate them as soon as possible.

Lenard : I will start working on that immediately. And I'll tell everyone
of your ideas in the cities we freed. Speaking of which, I've heard that
Gilmore locked up his opposants in the Gaiana prison.

Clarett : I understand. We will go save those people. There's only a few of
us so we shouldn't grab attention.

Lenard : Among those prisonners are some nobles that are still loyal to the
former emperor. They could be of a great help to you.

Clarett : This battle will make the position of emperor vanish. But the
future of a whole country shouldn't lie in the hands of a single person.
I'm sure Father would understand.

Lenard : Yes. If he could see you right now, I'm sure he would be proud
of your attitude.

(Salrath army vs Kalxath army)

S.soldier : Forward!

K.commander : Don't give way! Push them back!

K.soldier : Impossible! We can't stop them!

K.commander : Tch...with such numbers we don't have a choice! Retreat!

K.soldier : Yes sir!

S.soldier : Lord Lenard, the ennemy has left!

Lenard : Hmm. We should have that area under our control now.

S.soldier : But that's only the beginning of our fight with the empire right?

Lenard : This is only the beginning. If no one acted, princess Clarett's
ideals would never come true.

S.soldier : ...will that country survive that change?

Lenard : It must change...or rather, if it doesn't change it will disappear!
That's why we must endure those cruel fights! I'm counting on you men!

S.soldiers : Yes sir!

Scenario 13

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies (turn into defeat Creid later on)

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or ennemy escapes
(then death of the liberalists later on)

Ennemies : Fighter + 4 pikes
           Fighter + 4 soldiers
           Knight+ 3 lancers

NPC :  Men (5 of them)

Ennemy reinforcements : once you kill two groups

Hawk knight + 4 hyppogryphs (appears on the left of the map)

Gladiator + 4 pikes (those two appear on the bottom)
Equire (sp?) + 2 monks

Gladiator + 4 soldiers (those two appear on the right)
Creid (Brave knight) + 5 lancers

Secret tile : that cross in the water on the top left of the map. No choice,
it gives you the celestial woman's feathered dress (whew...aren't litteral
translations nice?). That dress may not seem so useful but equipped together
with the angel's feather you got earlier on, it will let you summon Seraphim.
Of course, only if the character has been either a Cleric, Priest or similar.

(Gaiana prison)

Sigma : So this is Gaiana prison.

Clarett : According to what lord Lenard said, Gilmore opposants are kept here.
They've either rebeled against his politics or refused to pay their taxes.

Brenda : there are people who do have a bit of spine in this
country after all.

Lambda : If we free those people, they will surely agree to help us outhrow
the goverment.

Alfred : And how are we going to attack this place?

Sigma : At first sight, there are three entrances. And they haven't noticed
us yet.

Clarett : I'm not able to lead a battle where there are civilians to protect.
I'll let you issue the commands...I know that I'm again counting on others

Brenda : Don't worry about that. Letting people do your own job is not the
same as knowing one own's capacities. Don't understimate yourself.

Sigma : Yeah.
1) Leave it to me (Clarett +2, Brenda +1)
2) I'm doing this for your ideals (Brenda +2)
3) Well it's true that whatever I do, I'm great at it (Lambda +1)

(after picking 1)
Sigma : Leave it me. I'm going to show you that I can meet your expectations.

Clarett : Thanks!

Sigma : Alright, let's go!

(after picking 3 cause you just have to try this kind of line :))
Sigma : It's true that whatever I do, I'm great.

Lambda : Haha...being able to say things like that at such a's
really you. (Note that Lambda actually laughed incredible is that?)

Sigma : Alright, let's go!

(once you get close of the soldiers inside)
Soldier : Ah! Some suspicious characters are approaching!

Soldier : What? What are their number?

Soldat : One, two,...five groups!

Soldier : Tsk! We can't take them on by ourselves. In which direction is
there the fewer of them?

Soldier : On the eastearn entrance.

Soldier : Good. We're going to escape that way. No matter who makes it, the
suvivors must go warn the duke Creid.

Soldier : Yes sir!

Alfred : it seems like they spotted us. They were talking about escaping.

Brenda : If they escape we don't know what kind of reinforcements they will
bring back.

Sigma : Indeed. Don't let a single one escape!

(once the knight is dead)
Creid : I finally found you!

Clarett : Creid!

Creid : Especially for you, I've picked my best troops! We will have a lot
of fun together. Oh and what a perfect occasion! Kill the prisonners as well!

Soldier : Yes sir!

Brenda : What do we do? We can't have them fight can we?

Clarett : We can't let a single one of them dies!

Sigma : That's true...
1) Tell them to stay put.
2) Tell them to escape

(after picking 1)
Sigma : Stay in your cells for a little while longer. You'll be safer
that way.

Lambda : Indeed. 

Liberalist : Understood. We'll stay here.

(Creid defeated)
Creid : This time too...but his majest Gilmore is aware of your actions.
It's teh last time you can act freely! Remember that!

Sigma : He's so noisy for such a weak guy.

Scenario 13 Clear

Sigma : Mission complete.

Lambda : We can explain the situation to them now.

(Gaiana prison)

Liberalist : Thank you so much princess Clarett!

Liberalist : If the princess is back, then it means the end of Gilmore is
near isn't it? Please tell us how we can help you!

Clarett : Thank you. It's true that I asked count Lenard of Salrath for
military help in order to overthrow Gilmore and save the country. But
there is something that you don't know about that matter and that I want
to tell you.

Liberalist : And what could that be?

Clarett : Actually...

Liberalist : Incredible...that kind of project...!

Liberalist : Well, considering the citizens situation it will be a huge
improvement, but what will happen of the Kalxath royal family?

Clarett : Don't worry about me. Beside I consider that era to be over. Now,
whether you're of a royal blood, or a commoner, what matters is each own
abilities. As long as the leader of the country is able to make his people
happy, it's all that matters.

Brenda : I can't believe how much you changed. You were a totally different
person before.

Clarett : Haha, could it be thanks to your influence Brenda-san?

Brenda : Ah, no I haven't...

Sigma : Anyway, once we'll get rid of Gilmore a new era for this country
will be born. Could you lend her your support too?

Liberalist : O-of course we will cooperate! I'm simply surprised to see
someone wanting to get back the power not for one own's interest but for
the sake of others.

Liberalist : I will help too. I'll follow any instructions princess Clarett
give me.

Clarett : Thanks you everyone.

Liberalist : Right now, you want us to inform the population of your ideas?

Clarett : Yes, I'm counting on you.

Liberalist : Understood! And what are you going to do now?

Sigma : Right. I'd like to know too.

Clarett : We're going to Estool.

Alfred : Estool?

Liberalist : The holy grounds of this country's main religion. I see, you
want to get their cooperation as well.

Brenda : Haa. Here comes the old Clarett again. That habit of asking others
for help hasn't changed...

Alfred : Then let's hurry and go there.

Soldier : Emergency!

Clarett : What is it?

Soldier : Gilmore noticed what we were doing and most of his army is heading
towards the troops of lord Lenard.

Sigma : K! This is what Creid was talking about!

Brenda : And how the situation will turn out?

Soldier : They've got ten times our numbers and will reach us in three days.

Alfred : Oh no! Considering the loaction of the Salrath army now, we'll never
make it in time!

Brenda : What do we do Clarett?

Clarett : ....unbelievable...I didn't expect them to react so soon...

Sigma : If we let down the Salrath now, what will happen to the citizens?

Clarett : What could we do....

Brenda : I may be able to help.

Clarett : Brenda-san...

Lambda : What do you mean by that?

Alfred : That's right! Even if we hurry, we can't be there in only three days!
Even if we did, how could we fight with just our numbers?

Brenda : Well, what about let me handling it okay?
(そのへんを含めて、 私に任せてもらえないか?)

Sigma :'s true that in such a situation there's nothing we can do. So
we might as well gamble and trust Brenda. (the second sentence was originally
this ここで少しでも何能性が高くなる方に賭けた方かいいかもな)

Brenda : Then that's settled. Oh and...Clarett?

Clarett : What?

Brenda : Just come with me for a second....I only have one condition.

Clarett : One condition?

Brenda : Once everything's over, I want you to lend me both Alhazard and
Langrisser without telling Sigma.

Clarett : You want to get the swords?!

Brenda : Tch!'re too loud! Well that's how it is. So what do you decide?

Clarett : decision...

Brenda : Please that's all I'm asking for. That's the only reason I've come
to this continent.

Clarett : ...well if you help me then it's ok...

Brenda : Deal. (going back to the others) Well, I'll be going. Wait for me
here for a little while.

(in the Regenburg federation)

Emily : Marshal. Our troops scouting the front have been engaged by
the ennemy.

Lanford : Emily we will join the fight as well. Until the rest of our army
join us, we must keep them here.

Emily : Yes, your excellency, marshal Lanford!

(on the Reynorz borders)

Alvince : Such speed to react and assemble. As to be expected of the one who
beat Gizarof, the general marshal now. But what could possibly
do an army in shambles!

Commander of the three kingdoms alliance : Our numbers are three times those
of the ennemy. There's no way we can lose.

Alvince : That's precisely why I keep telling you to stay vigilant! This is
only the beginning of our fight.

Commander : Yes sir!

Save point

(Virash's room)

Brenda : I'm so glad to find you on this side. I own you one for this.

Virash : what's up Brenda? Do you have the swords?

Brenda : Not yet. More importantly, I need you to lend me one of your weapons.

Virash : Hey, do you realize what you're saying? You really want me to lend
you one of our weapons?

Brenda : If you want to get the swords, you'll have to your part too. So give
me something good.

Virash : A good weapon eh? Do you have any idea of the destructive power of
some of our weapons? Explain the situation in details first.

Brenda : The troops of our ally are about to be surrounded by the much larger
army of Gilmore. And it will happens in only three days. Not only we can't get
there in time but with our small numbers, we...

Virash : So you'll need something to bring you far in a short time. Besides
it musn't be something that will be used to directly attack the ennemy.

Brenda : Do you have something like that?

Virash : It's not so much as if I have it or not...rather if we should use
it or not....

Brenda : If you've got that then lend it to me now!

Virash : I guess I don't have a choice...I will help you for now. But after
the fight you'll have to give it back as soon as possible. If you can't then
destroy it. It's not something that's supposed to exist in this world now.

Brenda : Alright!

(Salrath army)

S.soldier : That's impossible lord Lenard! With the number of aerial troops
from the Kalxath army we can't escape from here!

Lenard : We're totally surrounded....but if we're defeated here, then it
will be all of El Sallia that will be doomed. If we want to avoid that
we can't afford to lose! Everyone! Hold on until the night! Then the
aerial troops won't be able to see our movements as well. To all troops :
give it everything you've got!

S.soldiers : Yes sir!

(outside Gaiana prison)

Clarett : About what she told me earlier...I wonder if I made the right

Lambda : What's wrong?

Clarett : Ah, nothing I was only speaking to myself. Don't mind me.

Lambda : I see. Then it's all right.

Alfred : But what can Brenda-san be doing? At such a time when we should
really hurry, we've been waiting for half a day already.

Lambda : Even if we immediatly left, we probably wouldn't have made it in
time though.

Alfred : That's may be so, but perhaps we could have helped a little...

Sigma : It's true that in such a situation we shouldn't waste our time.

Alfred : I don't think it's possible you think she ran away?

Sigma :
1) No, that's imposible.
2) That's a possibility.
3) Criticizing people behind their backs is kinda lame.

(after picking 1)
Sigma : No that can't be.

Alfred : How can you be so sure?

Sigma : I don't have a real reason to think so, but Brenda doesn't seem
to be that kind of person.

(after picking 3 the usual goofy choice)
Sigma : You shouldn't be criticizing people in their backs Alfred.

Alfred : T-that's right. Brenda-san is one of us after all.

Sigma : I know how you must feel, having to do nothing but wait in such
a situation. But trust her for now.

lmabda : What is that noise?

Alfred : Ah, over there!

Sigma : That's...

Clarett : Impossible...

Lambda : A relica of the past.

Alfred : Incredible...

Brenda : Hey! Sorry for the wait!

Sigma : With this, we can go straight there through the skies!

Scenario 14

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : 
Hawk knight + 5 hyppogryphs
Hawk knight + 5 hyppogryphs
Hawk knight + 4 sky archers
Hawk knight + 4 sky archers
Hawk knight+ 4 rocs
Captain Kufil (Dragon knight) + 4 hyppogryphs + 2 sky archers
Eric (Dragon knight) + 4 hyppogryphs

(Eric becomes a NPC if Clarett is close enough)

Note : If you put Clarett and Eric close enough they'll speak and Eric will
become a NPC. If you do that before the fourth turn you'll gain 2 affection
points for Clarett. If you don't or worse if you attack Eric, you can lose
quite a bit of those(up to 4).

Secret tile : that golden thingie at the tip of the ship
give you the same skill as the recover one of sceario 10, kinda worthless

Eric : C-captain what could that be...?

Kufil : I have no idea. I've heard that in the past, there were magical
weapons but to think I'd have one before my eyes...

Eric : Could this weapon is what gave Salrath the confidence to launch
such a rash attack against the empire?

Sigma : Seems like we got there in time.

Alfred : The Salrath army should still be safe right now.

Brenda : That aerial squad is watching over the Salrath army movements

Clarett : Since the Kalxath empire is so large, the aerial troops are the
first one to get near the borders.

Lambda : Once they have complete control of the skies, it's easy to follow
the ennemy movements. With that information, the ground troops can manoever
so as to strike the ennemy at its weakest point.

Clarett : Exactly.

Sigma : Our objective is to get back control over the skies and use that
strategy against them to fully exploit any weakness in their formation.

Alfred : But they are aerial troops. Won't it be difficult to fight
against them?

Sigma : But unless we defeat them, the Salrath army has no chance to win.
We have no other choice!

(on Eric first turn)
Eric : Having to fight against an ancient weapon like this...but I can't
allow myself to lose!

Clarett : Impossible...Eric?

Eric : Here I come!

(once Clarett close to Eric)
Clarett : Eric!

Eric : Hm, who are you?

Clarett : It's me, Clarett!

Eric : Clarett?! You?

Clarett : Yes!'s been so long...but why are you working for Gilmore?

Eric : During the time while you were away, a lot of things happened.
Gilmore became the new emperor and the country changed a lot. Most of the
nobles who opposed his methods haven't said anythigng by fear to be targeted.
Now nobody among the aristocracy are opposing him anymore.

Clarett : No...don't tell me that you too?

Eric : ...

Clarett : I beg of you, if you still has some of your old tenderness left,
if you hasn't been corrupted by him yet, lend me your strength!

Kufil : Enough of this useless talking! Don't let the ennemy soften you!

Eric : ...

Clarett : I beg of you Eric!

Kufil : I don't know what happened between the two of you but now she's
an ennemy!

Clarett : Eric!

Kufil : Stick to your duty Eric!

Eric : ...ut up...

Kufil : What?

Eric : Shut up! I will save Clarett! I'll never follow Gilmore anymore!

Soldier : What do we do Captain?

Kufil : What an irritating guy! Don't mind this traitor, right now stopping
these rebels is our priority! We'll take care of Eric afterwards!

Soldier : Yes sir!

(Kufil defeated)
Kufil : Urgh!

Soldier : Captain!

Kufil : This is not the kind of wound...that will take me down!

Soldier : But please leave the battle field now captain!

Kufil : But you guys...

Soldier : Leave it to us please!

Kufil : Sorry, I'll let you handle them. But don't you die on me!

Soldier : Yes sir!

(last ennemy killed)

Scenario 14 Clear

Sigma : Seems like there is no ennemy left.

Alfred : We took over the skies now.

Lambda : But the Salrath army still isn't out of trouble. Their ennemy have
ten times their number. 

Sigma : That's true.

Eric : Clarett...

Clarett : ...Eric...

Brenda : Hey Clarett. Could you introduce him to us?

Clarett : Ah, y-yes. His name is Eric. He's my fiancee.

Alfred : Ah, it's true you mentionned him you do have a fiancee.

Clarett : Ha! But I'm the only daughter of the Kalxath emperor. This isn't
surprising that I would have a fiancee.

Eric : I will help you in your battle. Whether it may be to particiapte in an
attack or gather intelligence.

Clarett : Thanks Eric. We'll get closer to the ground and start attacks ennemy
strongholds. Could you tell that to the count Lenard? 

Eric : Understood.

Alfred : You just said we were going to attack an ennemy stronghold
didn't you?

Brenda : In order to surround the Salrath troops, they must have mobilized
most of their troops in the area. As a result, there must be some strongholds
that are not very well protected.

Lambda : If we attack the one that they use as an information center, they
won't be able to relay orders eficiently and it will cause disorder. That's
the weak point of very large groups.

Alfred : I understand. By using this ship you intend to attack a fort
behind the front line.

Sigma : Exactly. We'll proceed with that attack immediatly! Let's go!

(Salrath army)

Lenard : There's no more aerial troops...

Eirc : Lord Lenard!

Lenard : Lord Eric! Did you come to assist us?

Eric : I'll explain this later. First I must let your hear my report. The
princess Clarett, thanks to an ancient flying machine, has eliminated a squad
of the aerial forces of the Kalxath army.

Lenard : I see. So this explains why they weren't watching us anymore.

Eric : Right now, the princess and her group is going to attack an 
undermanned ennemy fort.

Lenard : She has my gratitude. To all the troops! The princess is going to
give us a chance to pull out very soon. At that time we will break the ennemy
formation and retreat.

K.soldier : Yes sir!

Eric : I must return to the princess side. I wish you luck.

(federation royal palace - main gate)

Soldier : Who goes there?

Russel : Don't you remember my face?

Soldier : Hm? You...are lord Russel! It's so good to see you're back!

Russel : Yeah. It seems the suspicions on me because of my father have
finally been cleared.

Soldier : Please come inside! I will go announce your return.

Save point

(Reynorz army vs federation army)

Emily : We can't afford to lose here! Push them back!

Soldier : Yes sir!

Alvince : Hahahaha...oh my we won't be pushed around by people like you now,
will we?

Comm of the three..: To both flanks! Forward! Surround the ennemy!

Emily : Kh! We're getting surrounded....

Soldier : Lord Lanford! We're etting attacked on all sides!

Lanford : We can't help it. Our group's mission was to intercept them quickly.
But we musn't pull back! Is that clear!? We will soon get the support of
another division. In the meanwhile we'll stop them by ourselves
no matter what!

Soldier : Yes sir!

(federation royal palace - throne's room)

Russel : It's been a long time princess Rosenshill. Ah sorry your Majesty,
Queen Rosenshill.

Rosenshill : It's alright Russel. I've heard of what happened. Because of
Gizarof treachery, your father has been sentenced to death. We've caused
much wrong to you.

Russel : Even though the truth has finally been made my father will never...

Rosenshill : As an apology, we'd like you to accept the position of
Prime Minister.

Russel : Me?

Rosenshill : Yes. We haven't designated a new prime minister yet since the
chaos Gizarof caused and the execution of your father. You already know
much of the duties of a prime minister. And with the popularity you have
it's an obvious choice. Besides with the struggle against the rebellion of
the three allied kingdoms, the federation more than ever needs support.
Please, lend us your strength.

Russel : After hearing such words for her Majesty there's no way I could
decline. I accept your proposition and will try my best to fill this
important position.

Rosenshill : We will organize your official investiture ceremony very soon.
I'm counting on you Prime Minister Russel. You too please cooperate
with him to your full extent.

Soldier : Yes your Majesty!

Russel : Good, can you tell me what's the current situation concerning the
three kingdoms alliance?

Soldier : Presently, the marashal Lanford is leading an army to stop them.

Russel : I see. We can't make a rash decision in such a situation, so come
inform me as soon as something new arises.

Sceanrio 15

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies or Escape after killing the general

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : 
Silver knight + 5 lancers
Gladiator + 5 pikes
Sorcerer + 3 elves
Equire(sp?) + 4 monks
General+ 4 soldiers + 2 pikes

Ennemy reinforcements : appears on turn 15 or after killing the general
Brave knight + 4 heavy lancers
Brave knight + 4 heavy lancers
Brave knight + 4 heavy lancers
Brave knight + 4 heavy lancers
(they appear on each of the map corners)

a turn after the previous reinforcments :
Captain Kufil (Dragon knight) + 4 hyppogryphs + 2 sky archers
(appears north of the fort in teh middle of the map)

Secret tile : there are two

one is that black square on the water right below the fort
1) Nothing
2) Prompt you to another choice
  1) Shadow troops (expensive but neat troops)
  2) Nothing
  3) Nothing

the other will let you access scenario ?2
Step on all four metal-plate looking squares inside the fort.
Each time you step on one you get a message once you step on all of them
the game'll tell you you've just heard a sound. Then go the last plate
located behuind the general in the middle. Gives the second answer and
you'll reach the secret scenario after clearing this one.

(Kalxath stronghold)

Kalxath commander : What? The aerial squad has been anihilated?

K.soldier : Yes. Princess Clarett's group defeated them with the help of an
ancient weapon.

Commandant : So that means we can't watch over the ennemy movements any

K.soldier : Exactly. Besides messengers from the others divisions appear
to be late.

K.commander : What is the meaning of this!?...forget it. We will use the
cavalry to relay messages between the different divisions. Just a little
more longer and the Salrath army will be destroyed. Send the messengers

K.soldier : Yes sir. I'll go warn the cavalry immediately.

K.Commander : Good.

K.soldier : Cavalry units are to relay that message to each division!

Messager : We'll go immediatly!

Messager : Leave it to us!

K.commander : I'm counting on you. If we fail now, we'll be the laughing
stock of all the army.

Brenda : Looks like the messengers left.

Sigma : Their combat capacity has been reduced then. It's the perfect
timing to attack that stronghold. We're going to finish them at once!

K.soldier : Excellency! Ennemies are approaching from behind!

K.commander : When did they get here...? Don't panic! This place will not
fall that easily! Everyone, hold on until the cavalry retruns!

(if the general dies before the 15th turn)
General : Argh...that...I...impossible...

Sigma : Did we do it?!

Messenger : Ha! What's the...?

Messenger : While we were away dare you!

Lambda : The messengers are back!

Lambda : What should we do?

Sigma : We've killed the commander of the troops. Our job here is done,
there's no need to keep fighting...Everyone retreat! Go back to the ship!

Alfred : Y-yes!

(Kufil shows up)
Kufil : I've found you! I will avenge my squad, prepare yourselves!

Brenda : First the cavalry, now the aerial will be though.

(If Sigma reach any border of the map before the others)
Sigma : hurry up and go! I'll stay to cover you!

Brenda : But you'll....

Sigma : Don't worry. Once everyone has safely escaped, I'll leave immediatly.

(if Alfred escapes)
Alfred : Whew, I'm saved...

Sigma : Go on ahead Alfred, I'll follow once everyone's escaped.

Alfred : Y-yes!

(if Clarett escapes)
Clarett : I'm going on ahead, don't overdo it right?

Sigma : Don't worry.

(if Lambda escapes)
Lambda : I'm going on ahead. Take care.

Sigma : Yeah.

(if Brenda escapes)
Brenda : Once here, we're out of trouble. Hurry up, you too.

Sigma : I know.

(once everyone but Sigma has left)
Sigma : Good. Everyone's left, I can go too.

(or once all ennemies are dead)

Scenario 15 Clear

(optionnal dialogues if you've killed everyone - you really should btw)
Sigma :'s over.

Brenda : Frankly speaking, I didn't think we could beat all the ennemies.

Lambda : Good. We should hurry and go back to the ship.

Sigma : All we have to do now is to use the ship to go give a hand to the
Salrath army so they can retreat!

Lenard : It would seem the ennemy is disordered. There is no coordination
between their groups.

S.soldier : The one who could be responsible for this would be...

Lenard : Most probably, the princess attacked an ennemy stronghold to
prevent the ennemy from relaying messages.

Eric : Lord Lenard! The princess has succesfully attacked an ennemy
stonghold and killed the commander!

Lenard : What?

Eric : Now that the stronghold has fallen, there's no more officer to
organize the troops. Their formation will become disordered.

Lenard : As expected of the princess Clarett! Not only did she attack the
stronghold but she also took down all the troops inside!

S.soldier : Now it feels like we have a chance to win this fight!

S.soldier : I too, didn't think we would win at first. But there are ways
of fighting that only a small group can carry out.

Eric : Now the princes is going to use the ship to attack the ennemy located
in the mountains south of here. This will give you a chance to escape.

Lenard : Understood. With the leadership of the princess and the strength of
her compagnions, the revolution will definitely succeed! Is that clear
everyone!? For the future of this country, we can't lose here!

Soldiers : Yes sir!

(on the ship - heading for Estool)

Clarett : Eric! How are things with the Salrath army?

Eric : All troops succesfully escaped.

Lambda : This desperate fight had been useful after all.

Brenda : What luck that we got there in time.

Clarett : Thanks Brenda-san. You saved us.

Alfred : But still, what an incredible machine this ship is!

Brenda : This ship is nothing but a small replica. It's nothing that great.
A long time ago, ships far bigger than this one and  equipped with weapons
were fighting each other through the sky.

Clarett : Flying battleships?

Brenda : Yes...those ships were able to travel between this planet and the

Clarett : Whoa...I'd really like to see how looked the world of the old
magical civilizations...I can't even imagine it. (see translation notes here)

Lambda : Even though it's true that their technological level was far superior
to ours, those civlizations are now extinct. In the end what matters is how
people use technology. In our last fights we could turn the tide by using
this ship which doesn't have any weapons.

Sigma : No matter how advanced a civilization is, if its people don't fix
their behaviour then...Anyway, let's go to Estool. Now to stop Gilmore, the
revolution needs to succeed.

Clarett : True. The ennemy won't need more than one or two days to regroup.
There's no time to waste!

Alfred : But with this ship, we can go anywhere nearly in no more than an

Brenda : ...

(Near the end of the conversation if you did the steps too access scenario ?2
Clarett will start complain she wants to have some fun and bug the others to
go to a karaoke to sing (seriously what the ....)Well in any case she actually
manage to get the others to comply and the whole group will go sing. I won't
cover that in the translation for now as I don't need to lose more of my
sanity doing this.)

(Estool sanctuary)

Estool archbishop :'s true that your ideas are very honorable.

Clarett : In that case, that means we can count on your cooperation right?

Estool a. : But this is an entirely different matter. We can't afford to
support a revolution.

Eric : Why is that? Is this in one of Lushiris teachings?

Estool a. : N-no it's not really the case...

Clarett : Then, please explain us the reason your Excellency!

Estool a. : We can't be certain this revolution will succeed. What would
happen to this sanctuary if it failed after we had supported it?

Clarett : But with your support, a large part of the citizens will follow us
and it will definitely succeed!

Estool a. : In any case, we will not become the ennemies of the lord Gilmore!

Eric : No...

Estool a. : Please get back on your road. May the godess Lushiris
watch over you...

Alfred : Looks like it's not possible after all....

Clarett : Honestly what could be wrong? I didn't think he was that kind of guy.

Sigma : Looking at him from ove here, it's pretty obvious he was afraid of
something. Could there be a reason for him to be afraid?

Brenda : Seems like it's my turn to handle things again.

Alfred : What do you mean?

Brenda : Did you forget that I'm a mercenary? Even on this continent I've got
connections. I'll try to look up on the situation here.

Sigma : Can you really do that?

Brenda : Don't underestimate the mercenary network.(...) If there is an
explanation to his behaviour, we'll be able to make a move after we
discovered it. Well, I'll be going back to the ship to take a few things I
need and I'll be on my way right after that.

Clarett : I'm so glad to have Brenda-san on our side. She's a real saviour.

Lambda : That ancient ship, this information network,...that woman...who is
she really?

Eric : Yes. She seems a little bit too well-prepared.

Alfred : It's true that it's suspicious.

Clarett : I told you already but I do think she's a good person. After all,
she's the one who saved us right?

Lambda : What's your opinion?

Sigma : I..
1) think it's a good person (Brenda +2, Clarett +1)
2) think it's a suspicious person (Lambda +1, Clarett -1)
3) am not sure it's a good person (Clarett -1, Brenda -2)

(after picking 1)

Clarett : That's right! We shouldn't be criticizing people behind their back.

Brenda : All right I'm done. Well then I'll be going now. For safety measures,
I've turned off the ship engine. I'll leaving it in your care while I'm away.
I'll be back tomorrow with some info on what's going on here.

Alfred : Why did you turn off the ship's engine?

Brenda : Well it's bit dificult to explain but...let's just say that it
could be dangerous if it was overheating.

Save point

(burning ship)

Sigma : What happened?

Alfred : The ship, it caught fire!

Clarett : If you have enought time to be so noisy, then hurry up and put out
the fire!

Lambda : That's useless. You can see that the fire started from the inside,
the whole ship is almost completely burnt already.

Sigma : Can you figure out the cause?

Lambda : Since it's a technology that is unknown to us, we can't pinpoint
the cause accurately. However if we stick to usual reasonning, it seems
obvious to think that someone provoked this.

Clarett : Who could do something like this!

Eric : Maybe...that woman.

Sigma : That woman? You mean Brenda?

Eric : In the hypothesis of a criminal fire, we haven't see anyone going
through here. But she told us that she needed to go to the ship  to take some
stuff. It's the only way she could start the fire.

Clarett : But why would she do this?

Eric : You told me yourself. She's looking for Alhazard and Langrisser.

Clarett : Hey! I've told you not to say that!

Eric : No, we have to let them know. This woman helps Clarett only to get the
swords afterwards! Why is she looking for the swords? What is she hiding?

Lambda : This remids of the time when we learned of Gizarof's death. Do
you remember? We were wondering what to do and she told us to keep looking for
the swords.

Alfred : Rather than talking, come help put out the fire!

Sigma :'s useless now.

(next morning)

Brenda : Bah, there's nothing we can do with such a trashed thing so let it
be. I'm glad I have turned off the engine though. If I didn't, the fire would
definitely made it to overheat.

Sigma : And what happens when it overheats?

Brenda : This provokes an explosion like you've never seeen. What's more
the land is unlivable for heundreds of years afterwards.

Alfred : Hundred of years?

Brenda : And that's when it's short. For some bigger magical items, I've
heard it can last for a long as thousands of years. Anyway, rather than
speaking about that, I'm going to report you about the archbishop situation.
The archbishop has a daughter but it's been two days since nobody saw her.
Besides, last night some soldiers of Gilmore have been seen entering the

Sigma : What?

Clarett : So the reason he can't help us is become his daughter has been
taken hostage!

Alfred : What dirty methods!

Lambda : But how did they know we were coming here?

Brenda : Well...this I don't know either. I'll go back to what I've learned
ok? When the soldiers came last night, the girl wasn't with hem. So I've
followed these guys to find where they were keeping her.

Sigma : Did you find it?

Brenda : Of course!

Sigma : In that case, our job will be easy. All we have to do is to go save
that girl.

Brenda : Alright, follow me then!

Scenario 16

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Hostage taken by the ennemy
                      Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Silver knight + 5 lancers
           Silver knight + 4 lancers
           Gladiator + 4 fighters
           Gladiator + 2 pikes + 3 fighters
           Hawk lord + 4 sky archers
           General+ 2 elves+ 2 pikes

Ennemy reinforcements : on turn 13 or if the general dies or if all ennemies
but the general die
Gladiator + 4 fighters
Gladiator + 4 pikes
Creid (Braveknight) + 4 heavy lancers + 2 centaurs
(appear on the bottom of the map)

Secret tile : Step on the two round tile in the building.
You'll get the Hadding bow. Not very useful but worth good money.

(Dres island)

K.commande : You guys, listen well! We've got a report mentionning that the
rebels are heading our way.

K.soldier : Their target is that girl right?

Daughter of the archbishop : ...
K.commander : Most probably yes. But no need to worry. In case something
happens, his Majesty Gilmore gave us that teleport ring to bring the girl
back to him.

Girl : Ha...

K.commander: Besides if we kill those rebels, we're bound to get a nice

K.soldier : Understood. We'll kill those rebels ourselves.

Brenda : It's here. It's on this island they keep the archbishop's daughter.

Sigma : Listen everyone. We don't know if the ennemy is expecting us or not.
In order to ensure the safety of the hostage, I'd like to have one group
reach the other side of the island.

Alfred : Only one group right?

Sigma : Yes. That group should go there (shows the place). The others will
launch an attack from the front and hopefully lure the ennemies towards them.
So when that group get on the other side, he/she'll be able to go protect
the hostage. What do you think?

Brenda : Hmm...that's pretty smart.

Lambda : I think it's a good idea.

Clarett : And who should go?

Sigma : That's right...
1) Lambda (Lambda +2)
2) Alfred
3) Brenda (Brenda +2)
4) Clarett (Clarett +2)

(if you pick Lambda)
Sigma : Lambda, I'm counting on you.

Lambda : Understood.

(if you pick Clarett)
Sigma : I'd like you to take care of it Clarett.

Clarett : Leave it to me!

Sigma : Alright, let's start the plan!

K.soldier : The ennemy is here!

K.commander : Good. Let's watch while they approach first. Everyone stay calm!

(once on the other side of the bridge)
K.commander : There is only four groups of them. According to their position
it's not necessary to watch over the hostage. We're going to attck them
with our full number.

K.soldier : Yes sir!

K.commander : To all groups, attack!

(on turn seven or after killing enough ennemies and if you picked Clarett)
Clarett : I wonder if they manage to lure the ennemy away...

K.commander : What! Those guys were just a lure? They intend to rescue the

Girl : Please hurry!

K.commander : Go stop that group on the north east! Stay close to the hostage!

K.soldier : Yes sir!

k.commander : If it comes to this, I will have to teleport that girl away!

Girl : No...

Sigma : Don't let that commander get near the hostage! Kill him first!

(Creid shows up)
Creid: Hah? What is this?

Sigma : That guy...!

Clarett : Duke Creid!

K.commander : Lord Creid!

Brenda : You came to get another beating?

Creid : Curse you! I won't let you do as you please any longer!

(K.commander dies)
K.commander : think I'd die here like that...

Sigma : Now we won't have to worry about the hostage anymore...

(Creid defeated)
Creid : Why? Why can't I beat you?...eeeh, next time will be different!

Sigma : It's over.

Scenario 16 Clear

Lambda : The hostage is safe.

Girl : Thanks everyone. Because of me, my father had to...

Sigma : Yeah, but everything's alright now.

Clare : We just need to let the archbishop know so he can relax!

Girl :  Is there something I could do to help? I've heard that you try to
change the way the country is governed....I'm useless in a fight but if
there's anything else I want to be of help.

Clarett : Thanks. Then could you take care of the wounded soldiers?

Girl : Understood. I will assemble the other priests of Estool and we will
heal the wounded soldiers.

Clarett : That'd be a great help!

Sigma : Alright, let's go back to Estool immediatly!

(federation territory - admist a battle)

Soldier : I'm bringing a message from the prime minister Russel.

Lanford : Russel? Ah...he came back then.

Soldier : Yes. Right now the official investiture ceremony is being held.

Lanford : I see. And? What is the message about?

Soldier : Yes sir, I tell you immediatly. The marshal Lanford is to come
back to the royal palace immediatly.

Lanfrod : Go back? Does he undestand what's the situation is here?...ah, sorry
it's not your fault.

Soldier : And there's something else. The demand you made for reinforcements
has been rejected.

Lanford : Wha...?

Soldier : These are the orders of the prime minister. He doesn't want to
concentrate all our troops in a single place. He said it was a precaution in
case other countries attacked.

Lanford : But I did tell him that without those reinforcements, the
federation would collapse! Tch! What could he be thinking?

Soldier : Lord Lanford...

Lanford : Emily!

Emily : Yes your excellency?

lanford : I must go back to the palace. I'm leaving you in charge. Keep on
a defensive fight. Don't try a manover alright?

Emily : Understood. I'm fighting as to buy time is that it?

Lanford : Exactly. I'm counting on you.

Emily : Yes sir.

Clarett : First I must apologize to you. While I was away, the minister
Gilmore seized the power. As a result, you all have suffered a lot. But
this suffering will soon end. This country doesn't belong to the nobles only.
It belongs to all the citizens. From now on, citizens will no longer submit
to the nobles. What's more, citizens will take part in the government of
the country. In that nation we will build, all citizens will be equal! For
this new era to come and for yourselves, I'm asking you to fight alongside us!

Citizen : That's right! We must protect our own lives ourselves!

Citizen : Yeah! We will fight for our own sake!

Citizen : Let's do it!

Save point

(Kalxath castle - throne's room)

K.commander : Your Highness, we've received the information that
the Salrath army is approaching.

Gilmore : Hahaha. I see. They're walking right in our trap.

K.commander : Yes. Our troops are deployed and ready to fight.

Gilmore : Soon, no matter how skilled are their soldiers or which path
they will take, the conclusion of this fight will be the same.
(a bit puzzled over this sentence the original was

Gilmore : This time, they don't have a ship anymore.
What will you do, young rebels?

S.soldier : Lord Lenard, the Kalxath army is deployed in front of us.
Their formation shows that they are ready to fight.

Lenard : Such a fast reaction's as they were waiting for us.

S.soldier : So there's really someone among us who report our movement to

Lenard : Even though I really don't want to admit it, it's the only

S.soldier : But who could that be....

Lenard : I have no idea. But now is not the time to concern ourselves
about that matter when we have an army so large in front of us.

S.soldier : Yes!

Lenard : Even though we have rougly the same numbers, there is in our ranks
lots of civilains who don't have any combat experience. Having them fight in 
the front would mean sacrifice them so we must fight in a defensive manner.

S.soldier : Yes sir! Leave it to us!

Lenard : Now that they've anticipated our actions, our only hope of victory
is in your hands, princess Clarett.

Scenario 17

Victory requirements : Defeat of Creid and Kufil

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Gladiator + 5 fighters
           Gladiator + 5 pikes
           Sorcerer + 3 elves
           Equire(sp?) + 3 monks
           Gladiator + 5 fighters
           Sorcerer + 3 elves
           Creid (Brave Knight) + 4 heavy lancers + 1 soldier
           Kufil (dragon knight) + 4 hyppogryphs + 1 sky archer

(Kalxath castle - main entrance)

Alfred : We've reached Kalxath castle.

Lambda : Still there are few soldiers. The operation is a success.

Sigma : Yeah...up until now.

Clarett : We must hurry and defeat Gilmore quickly. The Salrath army musn't
fight the main Kalxath army.

Sigma : Yeah...but sill...

Alfred : What is it?

Sigma : When I look at that castle I feel sort of...nostalgic.

Clarett : Are your memories coming back?

Sigma : My memories....

Clarett : Yes! You were living in that castle before, you were in the imperial
knights who served directly under the emperor. Besides you managed to
become captain at ninteen years old only! You were the youngest captain!

Sigma : No...I don't remember...

Lambda : So you're not an artificial being...

Sigma : I've kept it a secret until now but the one responsible for the
emperor's death is really me.

Brenda : But didn't Clarett say you weren't the same?

Lambda : Impossible...then Gizarof have...

Sigma : No that's right. I died once. Then Gizarof's experiment brought
me back to life.

Alfred : But how did you learn it?

Sigma : Lambda, do you remember? When we escaped there was that guy, Omega.

Lambda : Yes.

Sigma : He's the one who told me.

Brenda : Hmm. The mystery got solved finally. But don't you think it's about
time we start thinking about the fight? Those guys seem to be waiting for
us at the entrance.

Creid : You! To think you would attack such a place!

Kufil : I see, the Salrath army aim was only to distract attention from you.
It seems like even our spy wasn't aware of that.

Clarett : A spy?

Creid : You don't need to know any more than that since you will die here!
I don't know what you were thinking by attacking in such small numbers but
you will regret it!

Sigma : You'd better not underestimate us! Let's go!

(once you've got troops on either left/right bridge)
Creid : Right/left flank, begin your attack.

Soldier : Yes.

Soldier : Here we come!

(once you've killed enough or got close to the entrance)
Creid : To all other troops, attack! Whatever happens, we must protect that
place until our last breath!

Kufil : Lord Creid. Wouldn't it be better if we keep on defending until the
troops are back?

Creid : Silence! I won't allow them to go any further! I will kill them myself
and receive the honors for doing so!

(Creid vs anyone)
Creid : I won't lose, I can't lose! I've got nowhere else to go!

(Creid finally dies)
Creid : Guwah! Why did I...

Kufil : Will alone doesn't bring victory...

(optionnal) Kufil : This fight is useless but in those conditions I don't
have much choice...

(Kufil vs anyone)
Kufil : Now I'm getting serious. You will taste the true strength
of the aerial division of the Kalxath army!

(Kufil defeated)
Kufil : I can't die yet...

Sigma : We have something to ask you. Who's that spy you mentionned?

Kufil : Like I'd tell you...farewell!

Sigma : Tch! He escaped!

Scenario 17 Clear

Brenda : It seems there are no more ennemies.

Clarett : Gilmore is inside.

Sigma : The Salrath army must have retreated by now. Let's hurry!

(Kalxath army)
K.commandr : How goes the battle?

K.soldier : Until now, we have the upper hand. But the ennemy keep fighting
defensively and we still didn't cause them any major damage.

K.commader : Pfuh! I don't know what the're hoping for with such a way of
fighting but they're just delaying the inevitable outcome. Don't stop
attacking! Sooner or later we will break through their defenses!

K.soldier: Yes sir!

(Salrath army)

Lenard : Give me a report of the current situation!

S.soldier : Immediatly. We contained their first attack and we should be able
to keep fighting that way for roughly one day. But as far as the morale of
the soldiers is concerned, I can't say they will hold on that long.

Lenard : Yes that's certainly the case.

S.soldier : Why make civilians take part in this fight? For this kind of
defensive fight, wouldn't have it been easier to fight alone?

Lenard : It's true that with a lower number of troops we could have fought
defensively more efficiently using guerilla tactics. But the current fight
is no ordinary battle. It's a revolution. This victory must not be brought
by soldiers alone but necessarily with the citizens too.

S.soldier : So that's why you wanted those civilians to take part in this

Lenard : Yes. But because we can't afford them to die here, we have to do
our utmost to protect them. Besides our objective is to buy enough time for
the princess to enter the castle. We don't necessarily have to win.

S.soldier : I understand. It's true that the only soldiers that are still in
the castle are Gilmore guards. And if those soldiers become our compagnions
after this, it's best to try to avoid causing them as much damage as we
can now.

Lenard : Exactly. That's why I want you to keep a defensice stance. With the
time we buy her here, the princess will surely be able to defeat Gilmore.

Save point

(federation royal palace - throne's room)

Lanford : I came as I was asked to. But I hope you have a very good
explanation as to why you've summoned me.

Russel : It's us who'd like an explanation. Among the rebel countries of the
alliance, there is the domain governed by your father isn't it?

Lanford : It's true that my father is taking part in the rebellion. However,
I'm fighting him as the marshal of the federation army.

Russel : I understand your disposition. Still there seems to be a
misunderstanding for many.

Lanford : A misunderstanding?

Russel : You're using your position as marshal to gather soldiers and help
the rebellion...or at least that's what I have heard people say.

Lanford : What? Don't tell me that's what her Majesty thinks too?

Russel : No and I don't think so either...but we must avoid the nobles and
the citizens of the federation to worry about such ridiculous
misunderstandings. So that's why that....hey!

Soldier : Yes sir!

Lanford : What do you intend to do?

Russel : You'll stay put in a cell for a while. During your absence I'll take
the commandment of the army. It's no big deal really, you'll be free as soon
as the misunderstanding is cleared.

Lanford : What could you be thinking? Ruuuussel!

(federation army vs Reynorz army)

Emily : Reply slowly to tighten the defenses! Don't give them any openings!

Soldiers : Yes!

Emily : Groups that are not injured should regroup first! Keep on defending!

Soldier : Understood.

Alvince : Hmm, what's going on? I don't see Lanford anymore. Well, anyway
it's favorable for us. Now's the chance to crush the ennemy! Don't let
any of them escape!

Commander : What's wrong? The right flank movements are slow!

Soldier : Emergency! The right flank is under attack!

Commander : Of course moron! This is war!

Soldier : the attack comes from the Rochefort troops.

Alvince : What?

Commander : What should we do lord Alvince?

Alvince : Forget about the half-dead federation troops! Concentrate the
attack on the Rochefort troops! They musn't get away with this!

Commander : Yes sir!

Alvince : Eeh, that damn Lainforce! What could he be thinking!

(Rochefort troops)

Mercenary : Alright, everyone take cover in the woods now!

Soldier : Understood!

Reynorz soldier : You scum! How dare you betray us!

Rochefort soldier : What? Hey, cut that disturbing talk will you?

Reynorz soldier : Shut up!

Soldier : It went well.

Mercenary : If the troops of different countries of the alliance fight each
other, the alliance will break down. Virash's plan is a success! With this,
they progress should be slowed down.

Soldier : Indeed.

Mercenary : Good! Let's leave this place now!

Soldier : Yes sir!

Scenario 18

Victory requirements : Defeat Gilmore

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Gladiator + 3 pikes + 2 fighters
           Gladiator + 3 pikes + 2 fighters
           Sorcerer + 3 snipers
           Silver knight + 4 lancers
           Silver knight + 4 lancers
           Silver knight + 4 lancers
           Silver knight + 4 lancers
           Equire (sp?) + 4 monks
           Gilmore (Wizard) + 2 ballistas + 2 pikes

NPC : once your reach the inside of Gilmore's room or on turn 15
McLaine (Sword master) + 4 phalanxes
Jessica (Wizard) + 4 grenadiers 
They appear on the bottom of the map. Don't let them steal your exp!

secret tile : none!

(inside Kalxath castle)

Clarett : Gilmore! Give yourself up!

Gilmore : How dare you call me like this! Adress me as Majesty! That said, I
must congratulate you for making it here! Creid was guarding the entrance I

Brenda : Oh that duke from earlier? That's too bad but he throwed his life

Gilmore : How dare you say this about the glorious death of a noble!

Sigma : To sacrifice his life to protect you when you're going to be defeated
here anyway, is really a useless death though.

Gilmore : Shut up! But you are the emperor's murderer! Don't tell me you've
come to kill another one?!

Sigma : It's up to you. If you leave the throne to Clarett and give yourself
up peacefully I won't have to do anything to you.

Gilmore : Don't be stupid. Those who're going to die here are you!

(once you reach the stairs)
Gimore: What are you doing? Hurry up and kill them alrady!

Soldier : Immediatly!

Soldier : We've sent a request asking for reinforcement to the troops attacking
the Salrath army!

Gilmore : What?

Soldier : The captain Kufil of the aerial division has gone to deliver it but
it will take a bit of time.

Gilmore : Are you telling me you've just been waiting for the reinforcements?

Soldier : No, but...

Gilmore : Rather than waiting for the reinforcements, go kill them yourself!
Is that clear?!

(once in Gilmore's room)
Gilmore : To let them get this far! What a worthless bunch!

Clarett : It's time to pay for what you've done Gilmore!

Gilmore : Eeh, what are those reinfocements troops doing!

Sigma : Reinforcements?

McLaine : Hold on! Don't get mistaken! It's us.

Lambda : Big brother...

Clarett : Lady Jessica!

Mceln : We took care of the troops coming this way so don't worry about
reinforcements any more.

Brenda : So you guys have come to help?

Jessica : I had no intention to help someone who refused to create her own
future herself. But it would seem you're no longer the same as before. The
way you are now, I agree to help you.

Clarett : Lady Jessica....but this all thanks to the support I've gotten from
everyone. They all helped me get here.

Brenda : But you brought that change yourself. There are many people who
can't do so no matter how many times they've been told to.

Jessica : The strength of one person is a small thing. But if eveyone
cooperate then it's possible to make things change.

Clart : Yes!

McLaine : About cooperating it's better to have the most people possible right?
I'll help too.

Gilmore : Eeh, cut this enless chatting!

Clarett : You shut up! Besides, how did you dare proclaim yourself emperor!

Gilmore : What are you saying. My ancestors were of royal blood!

Sigma : Is that true Clarett?

Clarett : It's the first time I hear about that.

Gilmore : Then listen well! What am I going to tell you took place
hundreds of years ago. At that time, the Kalxath empire didn't exist yet.
Lance Kalxath was a young man who lived in the Darshith empire. While
traveling he met a young woman named Chris and a man named Leon who...

Jessica : You may as well stop here. You already made several mistakes.
Chris is the queen of the Baldia kingdom and the wife of Ledin. And Leon lived
two hundred years ago after Ledin and Chris.

Gilmore : Stop talking like you were there! And who the hell are you anyway?

Jessica : My name is Jessica. I'm the one watching over the hikari no matsuei.
If you've studied the history of Kalxath, you should have seen my name before.

Gilmore :'re that Jessica?

McLaine : Your reign has come to an end!

Gilmore : Eeh! In that case I just have to kill everyone here to keep the

Lambda : He's really rotten to the core.

(Gilmore defeated)
Gilmore: Shiiiit...

Clarett : Prepare yourself Gilmore!

Gilmore : Never...I will never give it up!

Brenda : Ah! Wait!

Scenario 18 Clear

Clarett : There is a hidden escape route behind the throne! He must have used

Sigma : Tsk! He escaped!

Clarett : But as long as he can't get back in the castle it's alright. Right
now we should inform the Salrath army of Gilmore's defeat!

Lambda : Indeed. There's no point in fighting any longer so we should hurry
and stop the battle.

K.soldier : Emergency! Commander!

K.comander : What is it to make so much noise?

K.soldier : His Majesty Gilmore escaped from the castle after having been
attacked by the princess Clarett!

K.commander: What!...then we can't keep on this fight. Call back
the troops!

K.soldier : Y-yes sir!

K.soldier : H-hey did you hear? Gilmore lost!

K.soldier : So what are we going to do?

K.soldier : Bah, we shouldn't worry about that loser. Let's surrender
to the Salrath army.

K.soldier : Right. We weren't fighting for Gilmore because we wanted to.

K.soldier : Besides I've heard that the princess Clarett intends to improve
the citizens living conditions.

K.soldier : Really?

K.soldier : You didn't know? There was lots of rumors about this though.

K.soldier : Then it means that...

S.soldier : Lord Lenard! We received a message informing us of Gilmore's

Lenard : What...ah I see. She won!

S.soldier : Lord Lenard! A large number of ennemies troops came to
surrender. Your orders please.

Lenard : Agree to their surrendering politely. They weren't
fighting of their own will.

S.soldier : Yes sir.

(Demon tribe's land - Velzaria)

Omega : Shit! I'm not going to find Langrisser with that much demons roaming
the place. No choice. I'll let the troops handle the fighting and I'll
get it afterwards. This is a job for old man Aizer.

Save point

(Kalxath castle - throne's room)

McLaine : Say Jessica. Could you recover my sister's memory?

Jessica : I see. She had her memory erased in the same way sas you. I will
try. (it's more like restrained rather than erased but it sounds less weird
that way)

Lambda : ...

McLaine : How do you feel Mary? Is your memory back? Do you remember me?

Lambda : Big brother...I remember...our childhood memories. Then when we got
caught by Gizarof. I remember everthing! It's true! I'm Mariandel, Mary.

McLaine : Mary...

Sigma : I'm glad for you Lambda.

Lambda : But I didn't forget about you. I have the memories of Lambda too!

Brenda : Knowing you have a family is truly a warm feeling right?

Alfred : But how should we call you now?

Lambda : Whichever I don't mind. I'm Mary but I'm also Lambda.

Sigma : No, we should call you by your real name Mariandel.

Mariandel : Alright. In that case just call me Mary. (though the game still
use Mariandel in menu and such I'll stick to Mary, it's just so much shorter)

Clarett : Say, why don't you get back your memory too?

Sigma : Me?

Clarett : Yeah! Since you have the chance. I know about your past but it's
still best if you rememer it yourself.

Jessica : I don't mind. The choice is up to you.

Sigma : That's right. I've decided not to run from my past any more. Please

Jessica : Impossible...

McLaine : What's wrong Jessica?

Clarett : How do you feel? Do you remember something?

Sigma : I feel exactly as before...

Jessica : It's useless. I've failed.

McLaine : think that Jessica would fail...

Jessica : His spirit is different from other people. When I casted the spell,
it's as if the magic got absorbed. If the spell doesn't work, the only way
is for him to recover his memory naturally over time.

Mary : Could it be because of our modifications?

McLaine : Ah, it could be that. The three of us have been modified by Gizarof.
But it's a different modification for each of us.

Mary : I remember that my magic capacities have been increased.

McLaine : In my case, it was an enhancement of the body and physical
capacities. And you?

Sigma : I don't know. I have no ide what kind of modification I got. But
Omega told me...

Brenda : Omega? Ah, yeah you mentionned him earlier...

Sigma : It's that story I already told you. According to him, I died once
and Gizarof resurected me.

Jessica : Even though I don't know what really happened, it's possible it
affected your spirit. If you're in situation related to your past, you may
recover your memory spontaneously.

Clarett : In that case, let's go to a place where he has memories! Follow me!

(emperor's room)

Clarett : This is my father's room. This is where my you feel

Sigma : No, it doesn't work. I can't remember anything.

Brenda : But did you really kill the emperor?

Sigma : It seems so...

Brenda : It seems so? You can't be sure? Then don't go ahead convincing
yourself you're guilty!

Mary : I've got something to ask...

Clarett : Something to ask you who?

Mary : Tell me Clarett. Does this plant have always been here?

Clarett : Eh? Err...yes. My father loved plants and this one was always in
his room.

Mary : In that case I'll ask it. Plants can see, hear and feel things. I
will use my power and communicate with it. ...I feel it, it knows who've
killed the emepror. Tell me.

Mary : I see...the arm of a man with a dark skin strangling the emperor. Ah
I can see him (Sigma) too. But he's lying on the ground, he seems unconscious.
Behind him I can see the emperor holding a sword but he seems already dead.
He take the sword of his chest and put in near him (Sigma). I see the man
who've killed the emperor exiting the room...ah what a disgusting smile...
(see translation notes here for a better explanation)

Clarett : I can tell what happened afterwards. We heard a very loud noise
coming from my father's room so I came with some soldiers. Inside we found
Sigma holding a sword looking shocked. When he saw us he escaped through
the window.

Mary : That's what the plant told me too.

Alfred : Then it's wonderful isn't it? You're not the murderer after all!

Brenda : But this isn't with that kind of evidence that we can clear him. I'm
not saying Mary hasn't told us the truth but we have no way to prove it.

Mary : That's true. Forgive me. It wasn't very useful.

Sigma : Don't worry about that.

Clarett : Since you can't remember I will tell you what I know about your past.
You come from the Riguler province north of here. You're the only son of the
duke Egil. I've been there once. Since you're from a very good family and you
were highly skilled with a sword, my father accepted you into the imperial
knights. Then you became captain of a division.

Sigma : In that case my parents are...

Clarett : Unfortunately, since everyone thought you were the murderer, the duke
Egil and his family were sentenced to death. You're the only who escaped the
death penalty.

Alfred : that case it may be more painful to recover your memory than
to lose it...

Clarett : And the land where you were born, the Riguler domain became Gilmore's

Sigma : I see...

Clarett : But if you can prove you're innocent...

Soldier : Emergency!

Clarett : What is it?

Soldier : Demons! Demons from Velzalia are attacking by using corpses!

Sigma : They're using corpses?

Jessica : The various battles in this country have killed many people.
The demons were probably waiting for this occasion to attack.

Clarett : Understood! Assemble the soldiers and protect the citizens! We're
going to fight too!

Jessica : I'm going to help too. Lend me some troops please.

Mceln : It's dangerous Jessica! I'll be commanding the troops, please protect
the castle meanwhile!

Sigma : Alright, let's go!

(at that point Clarett will give Sigma back the sword he used while he was in
the knights. It's not that powerful but it will allow Sigma to make one ranged
attack per battle. I think it's the sword of his family. I'm not too sure
cause I'm translating on a replay game and you don't have that event then)

Scenario 19

Victory requirements : Defeat Grove

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or Death of all villagers

Ennemies : Larvae + 2 specters
           Larvae + 2 specters
           Larvae + 2 specters
           Larvae + 2 specters
           Larvae + 2 specters
           Groove (Dark summoner) + 4 cockatrixes

ennemy reinforcements : once Grove reach the nort-west graveyard or if you've
killed all starting ennemies

Living armor + 4 skeletons
Wraith + 3 specters
Larvae + 2 specters
Larvae + 2 specters
Larvae + 2 specters
Larvae + 2 specters (if all starting ennemies are dead)
Larvae + 2 specters (if all starting ennemies are dead)

NPC : Warlock + 4 civilians
      Warlock + 4 civilians
      Healer + 4 monks
      Gladiator + 4 soldiers

secret tile : that statue in the church. You'll need a flyer to step on the
tile. iirc no choice and you'll go to scenario ?3 afte clearing this one.

note : quite a lot of magic going around here. Larvae all have freeze and
Grove uses thunderstorm, confuse and MP drain. Also the number of corpses he
resurrects depends on how many you kill. So it may be rewarding to just kill
commanders and forget about troops in Grove scenarios if you can't kill all
troops in time.

Villager : Who are you?

Grove : (laughs)...who could I be indeed?

Villager : That man gives off bad vibes.

Grove : Bad vibes? What splendid senses you have! That said I don't know if
I should really be impressed by such poor perception skills. Now, come to
me, my servants!

Villager : Impossible...the corpses are...

Grove : (laughs) Do you like them? They're feeling lonely and want some
compagnions. Please give them a warm welcome! (laughs again)

Clarett : Stop that!

Villager : Lady Clarett!

Grove :'s those cursed hikari no matsuei...but since I'm here I can
use that opportunity to call much more corpses...

Clarett : I don't why you came here for but I won't let you harm the people of
this country!

Grove : My intent is obvious. It's the realisation of the demon tribe's dream,
the destruction of mankind world....

Brenda : That just gives us one more reason to kill you then!

Mary : That person...

Sigma : What is it Mary? Do you know him?

Mary : It's him. The one who set you up...

Clarett : Set up...? Then the one who killed my father it's...

Mary : Yes. The one who murdered the emperor, it's that necromancer.

Brenda : This is what they call a fate meeting...

Clarett : I will kill him! (actually she says the usual "I'll never forgive
him" but this is so  lame)

(on Grove first turn)
Grove : Since it has come to this, I'll use all this village corpses and kill
you here!

(on the gladiator firt turn)
Villager : Go take shelter in the church! Now that we finally have our own
country we have to protect it ourselves!

Grove : What a bunch of sore losers. Give up and die already.

(once near Grove)
Clarett : So you're really the one who killed my father!

Grove : I don't even know who your father is, girl.

Mary : Don't try to lie. We know you're the one who killed the emperor and
framed him for it!

Sigma : Tell me now! Why did you make me take the blame?

Grove : You...weren't you killed on Yeless? Why are you still alive? Besides
I made sure to kill all the witnesses at that time...

Sigma : So it's really you...

Grove :  I don't how you managed to discover the truth but that's too bad...
It's true that I, the necromancer Gorve, killed the emperor indeed. Then I
made you look like the culprit.

Sigma : Why?

Grove : I already told you. The dream of the demon tribe is the destruction
of mankind. In the past we had many occsions to do so but failed each time.
Why is that? Because of you, the hikari no matsuei, who were always bothering

Sigma : Hikari no matsuei?

Clarett : The royal family of Kalxath. They're supposed to be teh descendants
of Elthlead. They can use the true strength of the holy sword Langrisser and
fight the demons.

Grove : Exactly. Langrisser and the hikari no matsuei. Those are the
existences we, the demon tribe, loathe above all others. Since I couldn't
reach Langrisser, I've started eliminating all the hikari no matsuei. This is
why I went to the Kalxath castle that night.

Brenda : It's true that you're the son of a duke after all. You're of royal
blood too.

Sigma : I a decendant of these that's why you wanted me
to die...

Grove : I thought everthing went well but I guess I was wrong, since both of
you are still alive. To make two hikari no matsuei kill each other...this was
so pleasant though...ah nevermind that. At least thanks to Gilmore, the
fighting capacity of this country has been reduced and I've got lots of
corpses to use. Besides, Langrisser is in our hands. 

(on Sigma next turn)
Sigma : Grove! I swear I'll kill you myself! Without you, El Sallia wouldn't
have suffered so much!

Grove : But thanks to me you've become the heroes of the revolution. And don't
misunderstand. I haven't done anything to the duke Egil and his family. The
culprits are those of the royal family like her.

Sigma : Don't make fun of me! You're the one behind everything!

Grove : Still it's the fault of those who have been stupid enough to let
themselves be deceived.

(on Clarett next turn)
Clarett : You're the one who helped Gilmore seize te throne!

Grove : Who knows? Anyways who's the one that left the country while leaving
him to take care of all the duties?

Clarett : Kh!

(once the healer is near the church)
Villager : I'll help you prtect the church. I can use low level heling magic.

Villager : I'm counting on you!

(once Grove reach the graveyard)
Grove : Spirit of the dead! By the hand of the lord Grove, may life be granted
unto you once more! Mihari Kushizekiki Hagushisoram! (reinforcements appear)

Grove : (laughs) There's still plenty left!

(once the second warlock is in the church)
Villager : Once here we should be safe.

Vilager : Hang in there, dear!

Villager : Leave it to me! I'll protect you without fail!

(now every two-three turns Groove will resurect between two to five Larvae
depending on how much you kill. He'll do this three times.)

(on his fourth attempt)
Grove : Mihari Kushizekiki Hagushisoram! Hm? That's...

Mary : He seems bothered by something...

Sigma : What will it be this time?

Grove : Hmm! There's no more corpses in this graveyard!

Sigma : Looks like he used up all his ressoucres. This is over for him!

(Clarett vs Grove)

Clarett : I will avenge my father! (Clarett +2)

Grove : How I understand your sadness! I really wanted to make you meet him as
a corpse but unfortunately he was incinerated.

Clarett : Khh...I won't let you open that damn mouth of yours twice!

(Sigma vs Grove)
Sigma : Prepare to die, Grove!

Grove : You should be more concerned about your own life.

(Grove defeated)
Grove : After calling so much corpses, I don't have enough strength left...
we will have this fight canceled for now!

Sigma : He's only good at escaping!

Scenario 19 Clear

Clarett : Is everyone alright?

Villager : Yes.

Villager : You saved us. Alone, we couldn't have defeated him.

Brenda : No need to thank us. You protected your village with your own

Alfred : That's right. We only gave you a hand.

Villager : We will follow lady Clarett's ideas. We will protect our country

Clarett : Ah,...I..

Villager : We're really thankful. Please accept this (Mithril sword).

Clarett : Thanks. We'll use it with care.

Sigma : In just a little longer the revolution will become a success. We
can't let demons get in the way!

Brenda : Let's take care of them first. We can't dwindle here.

Clarett : Let's go back to the castle. We can ask question about them to

(under a ship)

Omega : You sure took your time Aizer.

Aizer : I had to take care of certain matters. Unlike you, I have more duties
than simply fighting.

Omega : Heh! Would you believe that...

Aizer : So, did you manage to capture them?

Omega : Don't misunderstand. I am the kind of guy who knows about timing.

Aize l : Pfuh what a disapointement. You're all talk after all. We have to
complete this mission quickly. We don't have time to waste like someone else

Soldier : We shoud start by gathering info about the location of the item
we're looking for.

Aizer : Indeed. We'll have to maintain a low profile to get those info...
such a bother...

Omega : What you're looking for is in Velzalia.

Aizer : What? How would you..?

Omega : Bah, I told you I knew how to time things right? While waiting for
the right time I gathered some info. This what people who are "all talk"
are good at right?

Aizer : ..uh..

Omega : Bah, anyways go to Velzalia. There's the demon tribe castle there.
What you're looking for is there.

Aizer : In the demon tribe's castle?

Omega : Alright, I guess I'll have to go work now too...

Aizer : Omega.

Omega : Yeah?

Aizer : Sorry about earlier. Thanks for the informations.

Omega : Fuh...stop that. I don't enjoy being given thanks by a man. But
since I gave you a hand, I'm counting on you to succeed. (he walks away)
Heh. Have fun taking the sword back from those demons. Once you get it, all
I'll have to do is stealing it from you...

Save point

(Kalxath castle - throne's room)

McLaine : Yo, so you're back too.

Mary : Big brother. You're safe, I'm so glad...

McLaine : Bah, in the middle of the fight, the corpses suddenly stopped moving.
Afterwards it was pretty easy...

Brenda : The charm probably broke when we beat that Grove guy.

Jessica : I see. The necromancer it was him...

Sigma : Do you know him?

jessica : We fought him more than a thousand years ago already. He serves
under Bozel and is one of the demon tribe's generals. So Grove came back.

Alfred : I've heard that demons are somehow immortals...

Jessica : Actually they're not exactly immortals. But as far as Bozel and
his generals are concerned they very close to be. Bozel is dead now but after
a certain amount of time he will revive.

McLaine : So that battle where we killed him will be useless?

Jessica : Yes. As long as Alhazard exists and a new Bozel hasn't been
appointed, he will always revive.

Lambda : Is there a way to prevent that?

Jessica : As long as we can't completely eliminate Chaos who is the source of
their strength, we can't prevent that. But if Alhazard was destroyed, the
demon tribe's strength would be greatly diminushed.

Sigma : That sword, Alhazard, it's the one that was stolen from you earlier?

Jessica : Yes. Langrisser and Alhazard. Good and evil. Since ancient times
there have been countless confronations between those swords. They are the
embodiment of the chronicles of the war between mankind and the demon tribe.
It's thanks to the Langrisser's power that the demon tribe has been contained
up until now.

McLaine : But now that Langrisser is in the hands of the demon tribe, we are
in a tight spot.

Sigma : But we can't sit there and do nothing either. We have to find a way
to fight them with our own strength.

Alfred : But how could we fight the demons by ourselves?

Jessica : The demons live in a land, northeast of here, called Velzalia.
The sword is probably there.

Mary : So we should find a way to sneak in there to get the sword and then
defeat the demons.

Brenda : Indeed. Since we just defeated Grove, shouldn't we seize the
opportunity and go there immediatly?

Clarett : Understood. I will assemble an army immediatly and launch an attak
against Verzalia.

Jessica : Let me help you as well.

McLaine : I will give a hand too.

Clarett : Thanks you two. I'd like you to take commands of the troops in the
battles to come.

Scenario 20

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or Death of three transports.

Ennemies : Killer tiger + 4 Crawlers(?)
           Killer tiger + 4 Crawlers(?)
           Bronze Golem + 4 bone golems
           Bronze Golem + 5 bone golems
           Were-bear(?) + 5 wolfmen
           Larva + 5 specters
           Scylla + 2 dark lizards + 3 dark mermen
           Aruraune(?) + 3 dark elves

NPC : Fighter + 6 tranporter (5 groups of those)

note : If you manage to protect all five groups you'll get + 2 affection
points for all the girls.

Secret tile : That pink flower in the top left of the map. No choices.
It's the Excalibur and that's a damn good sword. You'll be able to use
the spell Holyblaze while equipped with this. Careful though since attacks
with that sword are of the holy element you can't hurt holy absorbing
troops such as cleric and the likes with it.

(on the way to Velzalia)

Sigma : They target the transports specifically. It feels as if we were
fighting humans.

Brenda : They're not stupid.

Alfred : Instead of talking we should start doing something about them!

Clarett : Yeah! If the tranports are destroyed here, the troops won't be
able to keep advancing!

Mary : In the worst case scenario, how many can we afford to lose?

Clarett : I'd say we should be able to manage if we keep at least three
groups safe.

Sigma : On the five groups here we have to protect at least three in order
for the troops to keep on going.

Brenda : If we cut the bridges of that island, it will be easy to slow down
the ennemy progression.

Sigma : Right. If we cut the ropes, the briges will fall easily. (then the
game proceeds to explain that each time someone is close to a bridge a choice
will pop up asking if you want to cut it or not. First choice to cut second
to do nothing)

Mary : When we will be able to cut a bridge down, we will ask you for your

Sigma : Understood. I'm counting on you!

(on the transports firt turn)
Sigma : Escape towards the north bridge. We will stop those demons in the

K.soldier : Yes sir!

(after killing everything)

Scenario 20 Clear

Clarett : Finally, there's no more ennemies.

Sigma : We managed to protect them.

(optionnal : if all NPC alive)
Clarett : Thanks to you, we didn't lose even one of them. I'm grateful.

Sigma : It's thanks to everyone's efforts.

Clarett : That's right. Thanks everyone.

Brenda : Bah, don't mention it. If you thank us for something like this, think
about all the times you should have thanked us before.

Mary : Once that battle will be over and the Kalxath will finally have peace,
then it will be time to thank us.

Clarett : But I'm really gratful. You've done so much for this country.
That's why....thank you.

Alfred : We should be going now. McLaine and Jessica might be already engaged
in battle.

Sigma : Yeah. We should hurry too.

K.soldier : Reporting. A large number of demons are positionned in front of us
and our scouting units have already been engaged in battles!

jessica : How is the fight going?

K.soldier : We're not in inferiority, but our hands are full. (not sure here
劣勢ではないものの、 なにぶん戦が多く)

Lenard : It was smart to include exorcists in the scouting units as you told

McLaine : But exorcists alone don't have the strength necessary to win the
battle. I'll be going too.

Jessica : Take care of yourself McLaine.

McLaine : Worried about me? Haha, I feel pumped after hearing that from you now.
Leave it to me. After fighting Bozel and Chaos on Yeless, those guys will
be child's play.

Lenard : Don't let your guard down, lord McLaine.

McLaine : I know. But you should be more confident in my capacities. Alright,
let's go!

Soldier : Yes sir! This way!

Save point

(entrance of Velzalia castle)

Aizel : Forward! We are not afraid of some common monsters like these!

Grove : Eeeh, to think that the Kalxath had yet another ship. I thought it
burned though. You! Don't let them go through at any cost!

Demon : Do not worry. We will stop them with our lives if we have to.

Aizel : Somehow I always wanted to have chance to fight on that contient but,
as expected of the demon's tribe castle, this won't be easy. However we came
here for a reason. And we can't afford to be pushed back here! (I sort of
have a doubt about the biginning here
この大陸の連中が攻撃を仕掛ける隙をついたつもりだが、 さすが魔族の本拠地だけある.

Scenario 21

Victory requirements : Kill all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Silverknight + 5 heavy lancers
           Silverknight + 5 heavy lancers
           Brave knight + 3 dragoons + 3 centaurs
           Brave knight + 3 dragoons + 3 centaurs
           Sorcerer + 2 elves + 2 soldiers
           Sorcerer + 2 elves + 2 soldiers
           Omega (ranger) + 2 warriors

ennemy reinforcements : on turn 3 bottom of the map on the right of the bridge
Hawk lord + 4 hyppogryphs

note : one of the first good battles of the game. You can actually lose
a character pretty quickly because for once the ennemy actually target your
commanders instead of their troops. If one of your guys have 25 or lower
def he/she will be toasted in two attacks from the centaurs. Omega
himself is pretty mean and so are his warriors but as usual they're not match
for Sigma superhuman strength.

Clarett : Hurry up! If the plan fails because we're late, we could never
apologize enough for that!

Alfred : But how much further is it until we reach Velzalia?

Clarett : There's still half a day to go. We should soon meet some scouting

Sigma : All the more reason to hurry then.....who's there!

Omega : Good job noticing me.

Sigma : Omega...

Brenda : So this is Omega...

Mary : Yes. And that's him who abducted and took us to Gizarof's laboratory.

Omega : Ho...seems you've regained your memory.

Mary : Thanks to my family...

Omega : (それに今さら言っても、始まらねだろ?) second part means : it's no use
isn't it? first part sounds like : talking about this after all this
time so I guess you could translate it as "talking about such old
stuff is useless isn't it?" but I'm not too sure.

Sigma : And? What have you come here for?

Omega : Don't you guess? I came to kill you. By the way, did you get your 
memory back?

Sigma : ...

omega : Looking of your sorry face, I guess it means you haven't. Bah,
too bad but I can't wait any longer. You and I are ennemies now. Aren't
things fine enough that way?

Mary : So we will have to fight.

Omega : Yup.

Brenda : Seems like we don't have a choice there.

(on Omega first turn)
Sigma : Sorry. Because of me, all of you are dragged into this fight.

Clarett : What are you saying! This battle also concerns us!

Brenda : Of course! Aren't we comrades?

Alfred : Yes, let's hurry up and defeat him so we can get back on our road!

Omega : Heh, don't you think I'll go down easily. Here I come!

(on Brenda first turn)
Brenda : There are lots of cavalry troops in the ennemy groups.
If we aren't careful this will be dangerous!

Sigma : I know!

(on the silver knight first turn)
Omega : Attack them on both sides at once!

Soldier : Yes sir!

(on turn 3)
Omega : You're late!

Soldier : I apologize! Actually...

Omega : Later! Right now come fight those guys!

Soldier: Yes sir!

(once all Omega's troops are killed)
Omega : ...what a waste. If I'm going to have to do it by myself now
I'd better get real serious now.(-これなら俺がも1人いた方がよっぽどマジだ)

(Mary close to Omega)
Omega : What a scary looking face Lambda...

mary : I'm not Lambda anymore! I'm Mariandel now!

Omega : Even if you regained your memory you can't deny that you're an
enhanced human like us now!

mary : In that case I will use those enhanced capacities to beat you!

(Mary vs Omega)
Omega : Do you hate me because of what I did?

Mary : I don't need to answer for you to figure out the answer

Omega : Don't say things like that. The lord Gizarof ordered the capture
of both of you for his experiments. If I weren't the one to carry out
that order it could have been Sigma who would have done it.

Mary : That's true. The one responsible for that is Gizarof

Omega : Yep.

Mary : Even though I know that I still can't forgive you.

Omega : (sigh) Have it your way then. Come!

(on Sigma next turn after the Mary vs Omega talk)
Sigma : I didn't it was Omega who abducted Mary...

Mary : Sigma...

Sigma : Mary...
1) Sorry.
2) Leave Omega to me. (Mary +3)
3) Nah, forget it. (Mary -2)

(after picking 2)
Sigma : If only I had stopped Omega back then, you wouldn't have to suffer
so much...

Mary : ...don't mention it. This is the past now.

Sigma : Still let me handle Omega now to redeem myself.

Marie : Sigma....

(Sigma vs Omega)
Omega : I'm so glad...! To be able to fight you like this!

Sigma : What?

Omega : In the past, I couldn't do anything to you since we were under
lord Gizarof's eyes. But now we're ennemies. I can fight you without holding

(Omega defeated)
Omega : Guh! It'd be good if I could simply kill them, but capturing them
alive is pretty hard...

Scenario 21 Clear

Sigma : It's finally over.

Alfred : We wasted time in an unexpected way.

Brenda : Then let's hurry.

(entrance of Velzalia castle)

Soldier : Lord Aizel! We found it!

Aizer : Only that one?

Soldier : Yes. This was the only one there. We haven't seen the other.

Aizer : Good! now that we have the sword there's no need to stay here any
longer! Retreat!

Soldier : Yes sir!

Grove : Mmmmh...they took the Langrisser. But they're not from the Kalxath.
They won't be able to use it then. We'll simply need to take it back from
them afterwards.

Save point

(under a ship)

Aizer : Is that clear? You must hand that sowrd over to the lord Lainforce

Soldier : What will you do lord Aizer?

Aizer : I will go look for the other sword. Since we've come all the way to
El Sallia...

Soldier : Understood. in that case we'll be leaving immediatly.

Aizer : I'm counting on you.

Clarett : Lady Jessica!

Jessica : You're late.

Clarett : Sorry, we've been ambushed by the ennemy on the way.

Jessica : I see.

Sigma : How is the battle going?

Jessica : McLaine's group is fighting the demon tribe as we speak.

Mary : Big brother...I hope he's safe...

Jessica : Do not worry. He already fought with them on Yeless. And he's a
very strong person so...

Lenard : In any case while we're going to draw the demon tribe towards us,
you'll go infiltrate the castle.

Jessica : Yes. Since there is only a few of you, you shound't grab attention.

Brenda : It's the same plan we used to get back Kalxath castle.

Sigma : Understood. We'll finish this as soon as possible.

Scenario 22

Victory requirements : Defeat Grove

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Wraith+ 2 shadows
           Wraith+ 2 shadows
           Bronze golem + 5 bone golems
           Incubus + 5 nightmares
           Killer tiger +  3 crawlers (?)
           Killer tiger +  3 crawlers (?)
           Were-bear + wolfmen
           Were-bear + wolfmen
           Death Lord + 2 shadows
           Succubus + 4 lesser demons
           Succubus + 4 lesser demons
           Groove (Dark wizard) + 4 dark guards + 2 witches

Ennemy reinforcements : After killing five ennemy groups, Grove resurects
them instantly. (Death lord not included in these groups)

(note : the death lord is a decent opponent. If you tranfer its curse
to a girl you will lose affection points so send Sigma to take care
of it asap. Be careful of its shadow troops though even Sigma can be
hurt by them)

(inside Velzalia castle)

Sigma : We were able to get inside rather easily.

Brenda : There were loads of monster corpses in the alleys ealier.

Alfred : Do you think there aren't anymore demons?

Mary : Impossible.

Grove : Indeed.

Clarett : Over there!

Grove : My, my, we do have an awful lot of guests today.

Sigma : You're cornered Grove! Prepare yourself!

Grove : Don't be stupid. I am in very foul mood today. You'll curse
yousrselves for coming here.

Clarett : As long as it's a verbal fight, you're very strong aren't you?

Grove : In that case let me show you a proof. Oh you who have perished
within those walls, may your soul become one and raise to fight! Haa!

Mary : This is...

Grove : There have been countless fight in this castle and many members of
the demon tribe died here. This spirit is the fusion between of all their
souls. It will deignate a person to exact ts revenge upon. That person will
not escape death! And this person will! (he picks one of the three
people you put in the front, in my case it was Sigma)

Sigma : Me?

Grove : Let me tell you something interesting. If the person who've been
targeted  get close to one of his comrades the curse can be transfered to
that person. If you want to save your life tranfer the curse to someone you
hate! This will be fun! (laughs)

(after killing 5 groups of ennemies death lord not included)
Grove : Oh this is so sad. Would you like to fight some more? Would you like
to kill some more humans? Then let a second life be granted upon you!

Alfred : Ah, they're ressurected!

Sigma : That was to be expected...

(Sigma vs death lord)
Gorve : (laughs) Do you really think you will win?

(Death lord defeated)
Spectre : Wuooh!

Grove : I-impossible! My best creation!

Sigma : Seems like we took care of it.

Grove : You cursed, filthy...!

(once in the stairs below Grove)
Grove : Eeeh, fight more seriously! Don't let them get any closer!

(Clarett vs Grove)
Clarett : This time, I will avenge my father (Clarett +1)

Grove : To give so much credit to concept like vengence...humans really are

Clarett : Shut up!

(Sigma vs Grove)
Sigma : You can't escpae, prepare yourself!

Grove : I won't lose so easily!

(Grove defeated)
Grove : Guah! How dare you...! But with your current strength you can't do
nothing but scratch me! This was a wasted effort! (laughs and telelport)

Scenario 22 Clear

Alfred : He escaped again.

Clarett : But we managed to free El Sallia from the threat of the demon tribe.
This is good enough.

Alfred : That's true.

Sigma : All we have to do now is to take care of Gilmore. Afterwards El
Sallia will be at peace again.

Clarett : Really, thank you everyone.

Brenda : Soon, the Kalxath empire will enter a new era.

Mary : By the way...

Sigma : What is it Mary?

Mary : Where is the sword that was stolen?

Brenda : That's right! Where are Langrisser and Alhazard?

Sigma : Could they still be in Gaiel's hands?

Clarett : Don't worry about that. We'll let the troops take care of the
search. Let's go report to Jessica.

Virash : Yo, Brenda.

Brenda : Virash...

Alfred : Who is he?

Brenda : A friend of mine. He's the one who let us borrow the ship. But why
are you here?

Virash : He's the one that guided me here.

Clarett : Eric.

Eric : Clarett! I finally found you!

Clarett : You were worried about me...thanks Eric.

Virash : Tell me Brenda. You seem to have defeated the demons. So where are
the swords?

Brenda : They must be somewhere in that castle but we didn't find them.

VIrash : Hey, you can't be serious?

Brenda : As must as I hate to admit it, they may be still into the hands of
that Gaiel demon guy.

Sigma : Wait...

Mary : What is it?

Sigma : Could it be that Omega...

Mary : What do you mean? We don't have much time, be more precise.

Virash : By the way, some subordinates of Lainforce have been seen here.

Brenda : Subordinates of Lainforce? Aizer?

Virash : Indeed, there was one guy with that name.

Sigma : Could they have took the sword before us?

Mary : It may be the case. There was lots of demon corpses at the
entrance of the castle after all.

Clarett : Then it means they came here before us and took the sword. If
so we have to hurry in that case...

Virash : They might have beaten us to it then...understood. I will try
to locate them on my side.

Gilmore : Clarett! You will have a taste of my power! Mahouhou! Fire! Ahh!
Such incompetence! Aim correctly! You must fire at the castle! (see
translation notes here for mahouhou and mahoukyohei)

Soldier : We apologize. Because the recoil was much....

Gilmore : Don't talk back! What are you waiting to fire again?

Soldier : The canon is reloading now. It will take around an hour.

Save point

Sigma : Is everyone alright?

Brenda : Somehow yes...

Alfred : In any case we're still alive.

Clarett : What was that?

Virash : Mahouhou? This is such a nuisance!

Brenda : Virash, over there!

Virash : Yeah. Original Garlshock...from what I've heard it can collect
an huge ammount of mana.

Clarett : That guy in minister clothing...Gilmore!

Eric : I see...I understand now...I guess it means I'm fired.

Brenda : What are you mumbling about?

Eric : Sorry everyone. It's all my fault.

Clarett : Eh? What do you mean?

Eric : I'm a spy working for Gilmore. How did they found the Salrath army
position, the burning of the ship, everything, I was behind it all. Since
my compagnion disguised as a Gilmore subordinate was watching me all this
time, I haven't said anything. Today, he didn't show up at the appointed
time though...

Brenda : How dare you do that to your fiancee? And you call yourself a man?

Eric : I had no other choice! Gilmore made me took a drug that makes me
become mad if I don't take it regularly. But at least I wanted to save
Clarett. I was thinking since I was with her, he wouldn't attack....

Mary : But Gilmore decided to get rid of you...

Sigma : This is not the time for this. Right now we must think of a way
to defeat the ennemy!

Alfred : That's true. If this goes on we will be attacked again.

Brenda : That's right, Virash! Don't you know anything about this?

Virash : That weapon collects mana from the atmoshpere to attack in the
same pattern as the spell blast. You could compare it to a normal cannon but
with much more forepower. Needless to say one attack with it is enough to
destroy the whole castle.

Clarett : How can we fight such a thing?

Virash : It has a weak point. If something is introduced in the
barrel right before an attempt to fire it...

Brenda : It won't be able to collect mana and will explode!

Sigma : I understand. But why do you know the wealk point of an ancient

Brenda : We sould hurry up and act now, let's save the explanations
for later!

Virash : The question is : who will go inside? If not done correctly
there's a high chance to get shot.

Eric : ...I'll go.

Clarett : Eric?!

Eric : Without the drug, all that awaits me is falling into madness.
If I am to die I'd like to be at least useful to you.

Clarett : Eric!

Gilmore : Eeh! Are you still not done yet!

Soldier : It's nearly complete.

Soldier : Lord Gilmore! Ennemies!

Gilmore : What! That guy, he became mad already. Hurry up and fire!

Soldier : The canon is ready for a second firing!

Gilmore: Fire!

Eric : Uuoh!

Gilmore : The's destroyed!

Soldier : Lord Gilmore, it seems that this man is still alive.

Gilmore : Bah, let him be! With such a wound he's as good as dead already!
And in any case, he can't survive withouth the drug. He way as well die here!

Scenario 23

Victory requirements : Defeat Gilmore and the magical giant.

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : General + 6 phalanxes
           Brave knight + 4 dragoons + 2 centaurs
           Brave knight + 4 dragoons + 2 centaurs
           Equire(?)+ 3 high elves + 2 crusaders
           Equire(?)+ 3 high elves + 2 crusaders
           Gllmore (Wizard) + 4 ballistas + 2 legions

ennemy reinforcements : on turn 3 near the river (which side is random)
Kufil (Dragon lord)+ 4 hyppogryphs + 2 sky archers

secret tile : that stone in the top right corner of the map. No choices.
You'll get the Bloody Lance. Not too great seriously.

Gilmore : Get ready for the combat!

Soldier : Left flank, ready!

Soldier : Right flank, also ready!

Soldier : Magical giant, ready for combat.

Gilmore : It's good that's everything is ready, they sould be...

Silier : They're here!

Clarett : I finally found you Gilmore! Prepare yourself!

Gilmore : I should be the one saying that. We're having an ancient weapon
on our side, a magical giant!

Brenda : Indeed we should be careful. I've only heard about it by Virash
but this thing attacks affect a large area.

Sigma : It can attack a whole area?

Brenda : If you were to compare it to magic, its attacks are similar to
a fireball-type spell.

Alfred : In short, it can attack with spells.

Mary : We should take care when fighting close to it.

Sigma : Alright, let's go!

(on the magical giant first turn)
Gilmore : In front of this giant you're insignificant! Go mahoukyohei

Galshock : ...vooon...

(Kufil shows up)
Kufil : Hmph! I managed to get them in a pincer attack. For the honnor
of the aerial division of the Kalxath army, I can't lose here!

(Sigma vs Galshock)
Gilmore : Have a taste of the power of an ancient weapon!

Galshock destroyed)
Gilmore : What? Impossible...they beat the magical giant...

Clarett : You can't hide anymore Gilmore!

(Kufil dies)
Kufil : As expected...of the strength...of an imperial knight...

(Clarett vs Gilmore)
Clarett : Resign yourself! (Clarett +1)

Gilmore : !!

(Gilmore dies)
Gilmore : could...I lose....

Clarett : This is what you get for oppressing the people of this country.

Gilmore : ....damnit...

Scenario 23 Clear

Sigma :'s over.

Alfred : Now the ideal of Miss Clarett will finally become true.

Clarett : Eric...where is Eric...

(after the battle)

Clarett : Eric! Hang on Eric!

Eric : you won...I'm so glad...

Clarett : Yes...thanks to you who destroyed the magical cannon we won...
it's all thanks to you.

Eric : So I could atone for what I did...I can die without regrets now...

Clarett : I beg of you, hold on! We will take care of you immediatly!

Eric : I'm sorry Clarett. Without me you wouldn't have to fight so much.
What you achieved is maginificent. With you I'm sure the country will
be restored...if possible I'd like to see it myself...

Clarett : Eriiiccc!!

(federation palace - jail)

Emily : Someone comes here now!

Soldier : What is it general?

Emily : I want to see his Excellency the marshal Lanford.

Soldier : No matter how many times you ask I can't let you see him.
Not even you general are allowed to visit him.

Emily : There must be something that can be done!

Lanford : You are...

Landius : Ssh! Follow me silently.

(in the mountains)

Soldier : Are you sure they will come here?

Virash : Yes. If what that man said is true they'll definitely
come here.

Soldier : You're talking about that tall man with that sort of
shaddy look?

Virash : 

Soldier : Until now we don't.

Virash : Did they take another course? But in that case...

Soldier : Lord Virash, we detected the ennemy.

Virash : So they're really coming here.

Soldier : Magical cannon. Ready to fire.

Virash : Good! The target is the ennemy ship. Fire!

(on the bridge of the ship)

Captain : ...guh! What happened?

Soldier : We've been hit by a magical cannon!

Captain : A magical cannon? It must be those guys from the surface.
What's the condition of the ship?

Soldier : The rudder is destroyed. Impossible to control the course!

Cpatain : Prepare for an emergency landing!

(federation royal palace - throne's room)

Messenger : An emergency your Excellency.

Russel : What is it?

Messenger : The marshal Lanford escaped from his cell.

Russel : Ho...

Messenger : He seems to have received help of someone from the Caconsis
and is heading south.

Russel : What? Caconsis? gives me an idea. Let him be for now!

Messenger : Y-yes sir...

Russel : If he's deserting to join Caconsis, it will be possible to start
another war...this will be interesting.

Save point

Clarett : My job here is now done. You're are all free and equal now.  This
means that nobody will be able to decide the way you have to live from now
on. You will have to think about your own path in life yourselves. This is
not easy and at times you may even think life was easier before. But don't get
discouraged please. You have your future in your hand to create.

Citizens  : Banzai!

Alfred : She did it!

Sigma : Yeah it's a success.

Brenda: What is it Virash?

Virash : We found the location of the Langrisser!

Brenda : What?

Virash : It was in the possession of some Lainforce subordinates. But we
managed to destroy their transport in the midle of the mountains. We're not
the only one to be aware of it though. That's why we'd like you to help us
getting it back.

Clarett : I'll help too.

Brenda : But you...

Clarett : I'm not the leader of this country anymore. It belongs to the
citizens now. So my job here is done. Besides I promised I would help you

Sigma : I'm going too. I want to know what the Langrisser has to do with me.

Virash : It's settled then. We'll board the ship to cross.

Mary : Cross?

Virash : To Yeless!

Landius : What's wrong Lanford?

Lanford : After all I can't go in Caconsis. If I'm going there, the
whole country could be in trouble.

Landius : That's true...but that's why the commodore Wheeler said we had to
be as discreet as posssible. And everyone was willing to take this risk.

Lanford : I see. But there's something else.

Landius : The fact that you're father is taking part in the rebellion of the
three kingdoms?

Lanford : Yes. I had an older brother. He was a wonderful person. But he died.
When that happened my father changed. Then he disinherited me. Now he's
attacking the federation. I'm sure there is a reason for this behaviour and
I want to know it. If not then I will have to....

Landius : ...I understand. In that case I'll go with you. After all, sis
asked me to take care of you.

Lanford : ...heh, this is so like Emily...

Scenario 24

Victory requirements : Get the Langrisser and escape south
                       Kill all ennemies.

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma
                      Langrisser taken out of the map by the ennemy

Ennemies : Brave knight + 3 dragoons + 1 soldier
           Brave knight + 3 dragoons + 1 soldier
           General + 3 phalanxes + 1 soldier
           General + 3 phalanxes + 1 soldier
           Battle master + 3 legions + elf
           Battle master + 3 legions + elf
           Dragon knight + 4 archangels + 2 sky archers
           Dragon knight + 4 archangels + 2 sky archers
           Mage + 3 snipers
           Equire (?) + 3 high elves
           Omega (High master) + 2 warriors

secret tile : not really secret. Take all the chests in the ship.
Most are empty but one or two of them are good stuff.

Omega : Hey! Start inspecting now!

Soldier Lord Omega. There don't seem to be anyone inside.

Omega : Alright. In that case start recovering the goods inside.

Soldier : But our mission is to capture the...

Omega : If you want to do it so much then do it yourself! That ship has
been shot down by the Crimzo landers. If we don't get back the Langrisser
now they will surely come steal it.

Soldier : U-understood...

Sigma : We found it. No mistake it's the ship Virash was talking about.

Alfred : The inside is still in a pretty good shape.

Brenda : Those ships are constitued of mobile blocks that can be disassembled
in a emergency like now.

Clarett : He..Virash is one thing but why do you know so much about
ancient weapons?

Mary : I noticed it too. It would be time to give us an explanation.

Brenda : That's...

Sigma : Hold on! This is not the time for this kind of talk.

Omega : these guys came too....this will be fun.

Brenda : We mustn't let him get the sword!

(on Omega first turn)
Listen well! As soon as you find Langrisser come and bring it to me!
The others groups who didn't find anything important take care of the

Soldier : Yes sir!

Omega : You guys go and stop the ennemy! Understood?

Soldier : Alright!

(in one of your guys found Langrisser here it's Clarett)
Clarett : I found it. It's Langrisser!

Sigma : Alright, let's escape to the south now.

Omega : Tch! They found it before us! Hey! Concentrate your attacks on
that group!

(Omega defeated)
Oemga : Why...why can't I win...

Sigma : Omega...

Omega : I received the same modifications as, I'm a better version,
I'm the perfect why can't I win. I need more...strength. 

(if some other ennemies are still alive)
Omega : You must absolutely get back the Langrisser! Alright?

Soldier :Yes!

(last ennemy killed)

Scenario 24 Clear

Sigma : There's no more ennemies.

Mary : Now we can safely get the sword.

Lainfroce : What's going on? You still haven't recovered the sacred sword?

Sigma : That guy...

Brenda : Lain...force!

(Malga mountains)

Brenda : Lain....

Lainforce : Hoho. So you're the one who got the sacred sword. How conveniant.
I didn't think I would get both the sword and the critical element at the
same time.

Sigma : Do you think we'll be captured that easily?

Lainfroce : And you, do you think you'll be able to escape? Next to those
Crimzon knights, you'll soon realize how powerless you are.

Brenda : Ha! No matter who is with you, I won't spare you! My family, my
village,...I will avenge them now!

Lainforce : You want to kill me? Really Brenda?

Soldier : Emergency lord Lainforce!

Lainforce : What is it?

Soldier : We found the remaining parts of the ship but a fire broke out near
the reactor!

Lainforce : What? Have you completed the rescue of the ship's crew?

Soldier : Because of the fire, we're still not done. We need more men!

Lainforce : I understand! It seems like you've just been saved. I will let
you escape this time. To all men, we're going to help the rescue of the
ship's crew. Hurry, there's no time!

Brenda : Wait Lainforce!

Virash : You're here. So did you get the sword?

Alfred : We have the sword but...

Clarett : Brenda met that Lainforce person and...

Virash : What?

Mary : What's more, they said a fire broke out near the reactor of the ship.

Virash : A fire near the reactor? This is very dangerous! Leave immediatly!

Sigma : But Brenda is...

Virash : I will take care of her. Hurry up and leave alright?

Lainforce : Good. We completed the evacuation.

Brenda : You won't escape Lainforce!

Lainforce : ...Brenda.

Brenda : order to destroy my village you toyed with my feelings.
Never...I will never forgive you!

Lainforce : I have no intention to make up an excuse for what happened but
we can't stay here. The reactor of this ship will overheat because of the
fire. You know perfectly what will happen then.

Brenda : Indeed. I don't know if I have the necessary strength to kill you.
But if I can prevent you from leaving this place then we will both be killed
in the explosion.

Lainforce : ....are you serious?

Brenda : I leave it to you to decide if you believe me or not. In any case
you'll know the answer soon.

Lainforce : Honestly....

Brenda : Guh!

Lainforce : Really...what a strong willed woman.

(outside the ship)

Virash : Brenda! Where are you Brenda!...Lainforce....

Lainforce : Worry not. She's only unconscious. Her life is not in danger.

Virash : ...I guess I have to thank you....

Lainforce : You don't have to. The fact that your village was destroyed
because of us is the truth. But more importantly, are you not even able to
protect your own woman?

Virash : What?

Lainforce : I am not the kind of man that can let a woman in such a situation
even if she rejected him. Bah, nevermind. Farewell.

Virash : What did he mean...that guy was...

(Recio village - Brenda's memories)

Brenda : What happened here? Hold on! Open your eyes!

Gotaal village chief : Hey! Are you alright? Tell me what happened here?

Brenda : I don't know. I was in the mountains, I just got back.

GVC : It rained a lot here, could the dam have any case. Let's
go look for the survivors. Help me too.

Brenda : Yes...

Mother : Uuuh...

Brenda : Ha, she's still breathing...

GVC : What?

Mother : That boy...and this crystal...

GVC : Hold on!

Mother : Please take care of him....the boy...

GVC : Y-yes. I swear I'll take care of him.

Mother : ...

Brenda : How horrible...

GVC : Do you know something about that crystal?

Brenda : It's the Sage Crystal, the treasure of Recrio village. Are there any
other survivors?

GVC : No, there's none...

Brenda : I see...plese I beg of you too. Take that crystal in your village
and don't mention it to anyone.

GVC : I don't mind but what about you? What are you going to do?

Brenda : I will look for my comrades. I don't how many years it will take but
during that time please protect the crystal.

Save point

(Brenda's room)

Brenda : Where am I?

Virash : You're finally awake Brenda.

Brenda : ...Virash...ha! Where is Lainforce?

Virash : He left after rescuing his men.

Brenda : I see.

Sigma : You're awake Brenda.

Clarett : Are you alright?

Brenda : Yes, sorry to make you worry.

Alfred : Well of course we are. Brenda-san you were so different at that
time. (not sure of this alfred そりゃあ、しましたよ. 

Brenda : ...

Mary : What happened between the two of you?

Brenda : Him...he...he has...

Virash : He's the one responsible for the destruction of our village.

Clret : Desctruction of your village?

Virash : Yes. Everyone was killed. Then they destroyed the dam to make it
looks like a flood caused it.

Clarett : Hmmm...I didn't have the feeling he was such a cruel person.

Mary : But for what reason did he do this?

Virash : That's...

Sigma : Don't you think it's time to tell us the truth? Virash, who are
you exactly?

Brenda : We can't keep lying to them any longer. Why not telling them the

Virash : ...I guess we don't have a choice. Everything I will tell you now
is the truth. Even if it seems completely surreal.

(now Virash engages in a very nasty monologue. Why is it nasty? Cause what
he's saying isn't written! The only way to translate it is to stick your ear
to the speaker of the TV and listen to him. And of all LV characters Virash
is the one with the lowest voice. This is pure evil seriously. I wasn't able
to make an exact translation of that part so instead I summed it up)

The planet of Yeless and El Sallia has two moons orbiting around it. One is
red and is called Crimzo. The other is blue and is called Pelia. On Crimzo
live some humans beings called Crimzonia. They have a much longer life span
than humans living on the planet. Within the Crimzonia, some were highly
gifted and could use "true magic". They're the elite which rule Crimzo and
they forced those who weren't able to use true magic to live on the planet
along the other humans. Those fallen Crimzonia are alled Crimzo landers. The
Crimzonia then made a pact with the gods (namely Chaos) to become even more
powerful and they ruled the planet from Crimzo. After a bunch of centuries,
people on the planet revolted against Crimzonia's oppression. A great war
started. This war was fought with ancient weapons like huge battleships that
could travel between the planet and Crimzo. The war stopped the rebellion but
Crimzo orbit was modified and now it takes two hundreds years for the red moon
to complete a revolution.

(That's basically it. What isn't clear is the role of demons. Since the pact
with Chaos it was clear that it allowed demons to appear on Crimzo and the
planet. But demons weren't allied with Crimzonia though. Still since there is
a 200 hundred years gap between LI and LII and LII and LIV I guess their coming
back has something to do with the time where Crimzo is close to the planet.
Oh and somehow because Crimzonia orbit was changed they couldn't rule the
planet anymore it seems. This too wasn't clearly specified.)

Mary : To think that such a war had happened...

Sigma : the ship you lent us Virash was created at that time?

Virash : Exactly. And as you may have guessed now, Brenda and I are descendants
of the people that were cast out of Crimzo.

Brenda : Such people are called Crimzo landers. In the Recrio village, Crimzo
landers lived peacefully with humans from the planet.

Mary : In that case, Lainforce who attacked Recrio  village must be...

Virash : He's one of the elite of Crimzo. He came on the planet the last time
the moon was close to the planet, two hundred years ago. With Crimzo getting
close again, he's most probably trying to take control over this world again.
Unlike us, Crimzo landers that wish to live peacefully with the humans,
Crimzonia haven't given up on ruling the world.

Brenda : We're fighting them to prevent that.

Clarett : Then if Lainforce manage to win the world will...

Virash : He's a man who doesn't mind destroying a whole village to achieve
his goal. Besides he still have many weapons on Crimzo. If he can bring them
here we won't stand a chance.

Sigma : If we want to protect this world we don't a choice but to stop him

Virash : Right now, he's behind the three allied kingdoms rebellion to put
the federation in turmoil. With the previous war caused by Gizarof, this
was rather easy to do.

Mary : Three allied kingdoms?

Virash : Ah that's right, you were on El Sallia all this time so you wouldn't
know. The alliance is made up of the Rochefort province governed by Lainforce,
the Sazaland province governed by Lambert and the Reynorz province governed
by Alvince. They supposedly fight in order to regain the prestige of the
federation which was lost due to Gizarof's actions.

Alfred : ....Reynorz brother would be aware of
Lainforce true goals?

Brenda : He's probably being deceived.

Alfred : Please...everyone lend me your strength this time. We have to
stop my brother!

Virash : Yes. If we put a stop to the alliance then we will be able to
hinder Lainforce plans.

Sigma : In that case our target is clear. Let's go stop Alfred's brother.

Virash : Go with them Brenda. And let them use Langrisser.

Brenda : Virash...

Sigma : Don't you mind if we take it?

Virash : No. Before the time when this sword became a sacred sword we the
Crimzo landers used it in our war against Crimzo. At this time the sword
was still incomplete. But now that it became the Langrisser and belongs to
the hikari no matsuei, it has its own will and it became an independant power.
Rather than us it should be you who should use it.

Brenda : Alright. And what will you do Virash?

Virash : I will look for the true sacred sword. (again see translation
notes here for the real meaning of sacred sword)

Clarett : True sacred sword?

Mary : There was a time when the Langrisser wasn't a sacred sword then it
means it's not the original one, the original would, impossible...

Virash : The true sacred sword is of opposite nature of the Langrisser.

Mary : Alhazard....

Virash : Exactly. And the one who owns it holds a power large enough to
make that whole war start again.

Sigma : That's why Lainforce and his subordinates are looking for it.

Virash : You told me that a demon named Gaiel has it, as of now. I will go
looking for it. I'll contact you if something happens. I'm counting on you to
stop the alliance of the three kingdoms.

Sigma : Alright, to stop the alliance let's go see Alfred's brother first.

Scenario 25

Victory requirements : Defeat Goldry under 20 turns

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma
                      Goldry alive after 20 turns

Ennemies : Mage + 3 snipers
           Mage + 3 snipers
           General + 6 phalanxes
           Battle master + 6 legions
           Brave knight + 6 dragoons 
           General + 6 phalanxes
           Brave knight + 6 dragoons 
           Dragon knight + 4 archangels + 2 sky archers
           Goldry (Assassin) + 4 rogues + 2 snipers

NPC : Landius (Sword master) + 3 legions
      Lanford (Brave knight) + 4 dragoons

(tunnel on the way to Reynorz)

Lanford : Get out of our way. We have to go through to reach Sazaland.
We have an urgent business there.

Goldry : I too have to work too you know. Nobody will go through here!

Landius : What should we do Lanford?

Lanford : If he won't let us go then we have no other choice.

Landius : We'll go through by force.

Goldry : Hey, you shouldn't speak like that guys. If I can't protect that
tunnel my orders are to destroy it.

Landius : Kh!

Alfred : At the top of this mountain there is a tunnel. One on the other side
we'll be in Reynorz.

Brenda : Eh...I've been wandering around here for quite some time but it's the
first time I've heard about this tunnel.

Alfred : Well, these mountains roads are very steep so not many people go
through here.

Clarett : I'm glad Alfred is here. If we had to go around those mountains it
would have taken much longer.

Sigma : Wait. I've heard something up there.

Mary : Ah it's...

Soldier : Captain! A suspicious group appeared down there!

Goldry : What? Hm? Those guys...!

Clarett : Ha! He's that pervert of the Caconsis army!

Sigma : Seems like he's working for the three kingdoms now.

Goldry : No mistakes, it's them. Of all people they're the ones I definitely
won't let go through. Hey! How are going the preparations to destroy the tunnel?

Soldier : You want to destroy it now?

Goldry : Yes! We'll use the explosives given to us by lord Zero. If we use them
all the tunnnel will crumble. Hold the ennemy to buy me time!

Sodlier : A-alright but please hurry up.

Goldry : Leave it to me.

Sigma : They intend to destroy the tunnel by using those weird things.

Clarett : But can they really do such a thing?

Brenda : Ah that's right. You still don't know about bombs and explosives.

Mary : Is it an ancient magic of the Crimzonia?

Brenda : No it's different from magic. To explain it simply just putting
those on fire will cause an explosion.

Sigma : I see. Lainforce gave those to Goldry.

Brenda : Probably. If they blow up, the tunnel will surely be destroyed.
We should hurry and stop that guy.

(on your characters first turn)
Alfred : Which way should we use to attack?

Sigma : We need to cross the bridge to use the left road but on the right one
there are more ennemies. If we split up we'll have to progress firmly...

Brenda : We're counting on you! Do a good job!

(on Landius first turn)
Landius : What do we do Lanford? They intend to destroy the tunnel.

Lanford : No matter what we can't let that happen. Let's fight Landius!

Landius : Understood.

(on Goldry first turn)
Goldry : I remember that he told me those were very delicate to handle...
geez I'm not used to such complex stuff.

(once of your guys is half way through the map)
Sigma : It looks like there's already someone who's fighting....

Alfred : Ah you're Lanford-san!

Lanford : Alfred! It's been a while!

Alfred : Yes it has been along time.

Lanford : Could it be that you too...?

Alfred : Yes. My brother is part of the allaiance of the three kingdoms.
I must stop him somehow.

Lanford : We have the same goal. Let's work together on this.

Alfred : Yes.

(on turn 7)
Goldry :

Alfred : ...will it really be alright? We're going to make it in time?

Sigma : Yes it should be okay...
1) Since it's Goldry we're dealing with, this will be easy. (Mary +2)
2) Our goal is only Goldry so... (Brenda +2)
3) No way I will let this guy get away with that! (Clarett +2)

(after picking 1)
Sigma : Bah, it's only Goldry after all, so that's easy!

Alfred : Y-yes.

Sigma : Right?

Goldry : Shit! These kids piss me off!

(all of Goldry troops defeated)
Goldry : What?

Sigma : You're the only one left. Give up alreay.

Goldry : S-shit...even if I must do it alone I'll blow this tunnel up!

(Sigma vs Goldry)
Goldry : Eeeh, I won't let you get in the way! Have a taste of my anger!

(Goldry defeated)
Goldry : Guh! dare me...damnit! I'll remember this!

Scenario 25 Clear

Sigma : It's over.

Alfred : The tunnel is safe. We can go on.

(after the battle)

Alfred : Are you all right Lanford san?

Lanford : We own you one, thanks.

Landius : Lanford, those guys are?

Lanford : Ah, it's Alfred. The son of a friend of my father.

Alfred : Pleased to meet you. My name is Alfred.

Landius : I'm Landius. Plesaed to meet you too. Right now I'm an ambassador
of the Caconsis kingdom.

Mary : Landius-san of the Caconsis kingdom...could you be the person my
brother mentionned?

Landius : Your brother?

Brenda : Ah that's right. Your brother told us he was fighting for the
Caconsis kingdom too.

Alfred : Are you acquainted with someone called McLaine?

Lanford : It's more than just an acquaintance, we were comrades in arms.

Landius : The little sister of McLaine..I see so you're Mary. I'm glad to
see you're safe. Did you meet him already?

Mary : Yes. Right now he's on El Sallia.

Landius : El Sallia...aah then he followed Jessica....

Lanford : But his sister is alive after all. He must be very happy.

Sigma : Talking about family, you and Alfred...

Alfred : That's right. Lanford-san, there is something I want you to

Lanford : What is it Alfred?

Alfred : Listen to me carefully. Right now, hidden behind the alliance
of the three kingdoms there is something much more dreadful.

Lanford : Hidden behind?

Sigma : This is no ordinary civil war. This battle could affect Yeless..
no the whole world.

Lanford : Explain it to us in details please.
(screen goes black)
Lanford : The red moon Crimzo, Lainforce...

Sigma : We want to put a stop to his plans. That's why she and Alfred are
helping us on this too.

Brenda : Actually as a Crimzo lander I should be able to do something.
(Huh? not very clear here? able to do something by herself?)

Lanford : I understand. Sorry Landius. I will join them. Whatever could be
the reason my father is helping the Crimzonia and I can't ignore that.

Landius : I knew you would say that. Alright take care of yourself. I will
go back to Caconsis to report the situation.

Lanford : Oh and about Emily...

Landius : I know. I'll find a way to explain the situation to her.

Lanford : Sorry. I'm counting on you.

Landius : Alright, then take care!

Sigma : We're done talking. (話はまとまったようだな)

Alfred : Let's hurry!

Clarett : And where should we start?

Lanford : Alfred's home is closer from here than mine.

Clarett : Alright in that case, we're starting with Alfred side?

Sigma : Good, let's go!

Save point

(on the other side of the tunnel)

Brenda : ...we're pretty high up there. Maybe I can see Recrio from here.
(flashback of Lain and Brenda at the same spot in the past)

Sigma : Brenda? What are you doing here?

Brenda : I was enjoying the night breeze. Are you patrolling?

Sigma : Yes. We're on the ennemy's land now.

Brenda : You're right. Let's be careful.

Sigma : Even if we can't be attacked by a large group in a place like this,
we stil can't neglect that kind of duty...By the way Brenda,...
1) What were you watching?
2) It's late so go get some sleep (Brenda -2)
3) Tell me more about your village (Brenda +2)

(after picking 3)

Sigma : I'd like to hear more about your village.

Brenda : My village...the Recrio village...I already told you that it was a
place where Crimzo landers and eath dwellers were living together peacefully.

Sigma : Yes.

Brenda : And in fact...

Goldry : Heheheh! To meet in such a place!

Brenda : You!

Sigma : Goldry...

Goldry : I can't go back after failing to destroy the tunnel. This time I
will kill you for sure!

Sigma : Stop it already. No matter how many times you try, the outcome will
always be the same.

Goldry : I don't know about that. Cause I've got this! The lord Zero gave it
to me!

Sigma : Ha!

Brenda : A bomb!

Goldry : Needless to say if I use this even you will die.

Brenda : Stop!

Goldry : I just need to light this part and it'll be done.(ignite the bomb)
Whahaha! Die, die, die, die! We're all going to hell together! Whahaha!

Brenda : We're in trouble. If this explodes while we're this close we'll...

Sigma : Kh!

Brenda :

(the following morning)

Alfred : It's already dawn.

Brenda : ...

Clarett : This is the only place left we didn't search yet....

Lanford : Yes. Since we've been looking for him ever since the explosion.

Mary : ...I'm going to go look in the woods.

Alfred : Ah, I'm going too!

Lanford : We should go look once more too.

Clarett : Yes.

Brenda : If only I was more careful...this is my fault...I let him die
in front of me.

Sigma : Uuuhh...

Brenda : Aah! You're alive!

Sigma : Somehow....

Brenda : Acting so

Sigma : Sorry for making you worry..but...
1) I wanted to protect you (Brenda +4)
2) I'm immortal
3) I really thought I was a goner (Brenda -2)

(after picking 1 of course)

Sigma : I wanted to protect you so much my body acted on its own.

Brenda : But dying in my stead certainly won't make me happy!

Sigma : Don't worry. If that means protecting you, I'm immortal.
(no I'm not making that up he really does say that line...what a poser^^)

Brenda : ....idiot...

Sigma : But more importantly where are the others?

Brenda : Ah, they're looking for you. I will call them back!

Sigma : ...u..uuh. Is this thanks to Gizarof's modifications? At that moment
I could feel my strength suddenly increasing rapidly. It looks like using that
power unintentionally is what kept me safe..still...this is quite....tiring.

Scenario 26

Victory requirements : Defeat Alvince

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or Alvince get away

Ennemies : Brave knight + 4 dragoons + 2 centaurs
           Brave knight + 4 dragoons + 2 centaurs
           General + 6 phalanxes
           General + 6 phalanxes
           Mage + 3 snipers
           Paladin + 3 high elves
           Alvince (Swordmaster) + 4 legions 2 phalanxes

Ennemy reinforcements : once you're halfway through the map
Bronze Golem + 4 mud golems + 2 lesser demons
Bronze Golem + 4 mud golems + 2 lesser demons
Iron Golem + 4 lesser demon + 2 mud golems

secret tile : see those two pieces of furnitures on the top of the map in
front of the two paintings? Both contains somehow cheaps items but if you
have Alfred search the right one a second time (use someone else the first
time) he will find an secret map that will lead you to scenario ?4

Soldier : Lord Alvince! Emergency!

Alvince : So noisy. What is it?

Soldier : Some intruders have entered the residence!

Alvince : Intruders? This place is purposedly guarded in order not to let
anyone enter that easily!

Soldier : Also we've seen the presence of lord Alfred among the intruders.

Alvince : What? Could it be that he's part of that group Lainforce warned
us about?

Sigma : So Alvince is here....

Lanford : I could never imagined I would one day enter the home of a
friend like this....

Alfred : Where are you brother?

Alvince : You're making too much noise Alfred. Don't you remember Father
always told us to speak quietly inside the house? Besides, being the
murderer of its owner this is pretty bold of you to be showing your
face here!

Clarett : We found out that you were the one who poisonned the medicine!

Alvince : I see. But it's Alfred stupidity that allowed him to be
deceived so easily. Because of that I am now both rich and powerful.
The truth about that incident doesn't matter anymore. If I kill you
here there were will be no one left knowing the truth.

Alfred : But rather than talking about this brother! You're being deceived
by Lainforce! What he really intends to....

Alvince : Quiet! I do not trust any of his words to begin with. In order
to serve his ambition he probably intends to use me. But there's no one
in this world that hasn't any ambition. Of course, I have too. Moreover
it's because he noticed that I have far more ambition than an average
man that he invited me to join him.

Alfred : Brother...

Alvince : Greed is the original and supreme drive of mankind. Without
greed, mankind would never have thrived. Fencing and studies, wealth and
fame, everything is born of greed. This is what makes mankind different
from mere animals!

Lanford : Alvince. I knew of a man with an ambition far greater than yours.

Alvince : Ho. Then, this was probably a strong man. His hand certainly lead
the world at one time.

Lanford : This man's name is Gizarof. In order to achieve his goals he was
a man who spends lengthy amounts of time to set up his plans. But despite
that he's no longer alive. I'm not saying that greed is a completely bad
thing but when one's ambition disturb the world and hurt people then it's
something that will destroy oneself.

Alvince : Silence! If a man fail while trying to reach his goal it just means
this was the limit of his ability! I am different! Even if I must kill my
father, even if I must kill my brother I will ascend to the top of this world!

Alfred : Brother...

Sigma : Alfred. I'm sorry but he...

Alfred : I know. If that's what he thinks then we have no choice.

Mary : Alfred...

Alfred : That man is not my brother. He's an ennemy we must defeat to protect
the world. Please everyone lend me your strength.

(once you reach the second half of the map)
Alvince : Eeeh, what are you doing? You're worthless!

Alfred : Surrender yourself please.

Alvince : Hahaha! I can't allow myself to be defeated by the likes of you!

Lanford : Alvince...what could he had planned?

Alvince : You will all burn here!

Brenda : Is he serious? Putting his own home on fire!

Clarett : He will burn too!

Alvince : Now! Oh golems! Destroy the intruders!

Mary : The sculptures...

Sigma : He was planning this from the beginning...

Clarett : But how do he intends to escape from the fire himself?

Alfred : Look over there! This is a secret exit. That's what I used to escape
last time....

Sigma : I see. He intends to escape by himself.

Alvince : Hahaha! I will not die here!

Sigma : After defeating Alvince we'll have to escape too. (escape of all
party members is added to the victory requirements) If this goes on, he'll
escape. We need to have someone to go and catch up to him.

(Sigma vs Alvince)
Alvince : Eeh, know your place!

(Alvince dies)
Alvince : Guuh...

Alfred : Brother...

Alvince : Damn it...I won't give it up...the my hands....

Alfred : ...we should quickly escape now!

Sigma : Yes.

Scenario 26 Clear

Sigma : It looks like it's over. There's no one left to prevent us from
escaping so let's get to the exit now!

(after the battle)

Alfred : ....

Clarett : to say that....

Alfred : I'm all right. I'm not that weak.

Brenda : Alfred...

Sigma : Having to fight your own don't have to be so hard on

Alfred : Looking at me now, I think I became stronger. Before knowing you all,
in such a situation, I would have run away. But after travelling together
with you and fighting on your side, little by little, I changed.

Brenda : It's true that you became stronger.

Lanford : "To live is to get hurt" people used to say. Tomorrow it'll be
my turn.

Alfred : Lanford-san...

Lanford : Don't worry. I made an oath when I became marshal of the federation.
To protect the citizens, I will not hesitate to fight my own father no matter
how painful it is to me.

Mary : But people that live on after being hurt become stronger. And it's
only when one gets hurt that one realizes the true value of kindness.

Sigma : If there's anything we can do to support you, just ask.

Lanford : Thanks.

Brenda : Our objective is to stop Lainforce. To do so we have to fight the
alliance of the three kingdoms.

Sigma : Let's go. We will stop him!

Save point

Zero: Lord Lainforce. The Reynorz province has fallen.

Lainforce : From the beginning I never relied on Alvince fighting abilities.
If I asked him to join, it was only to attack the federation and thus to
distract them from our main objective. But tell me, what's the situation
about the ship?

Zero : We're now sure that's it's located under the town of Valtaar. However
this town is not under our control.

Lainforce : In that case we'll invade it. Now that Alvince is out of the
picture, they will go after Lambert. We can't let them interfere with our

Zero : Yes my lord. Should we call Omega to lead the troops for this?

Lainforce : No. I will take command of this operation. But call Omega anyway.
The more troops, the better. Ah and another thing Zero. Call the knights too.
This time you'll be involved in the battle as well.

Zero : As you wish.

Scenario 27

Victory requirements : Defeat all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Sword master + 6 legions
           Battle master + 6 legions
           Battle master + 6 legions
           General + 6 phalanxes
           General + 6 phalanxes
           General + 6 phalanxes
           Mage + 3 snipers
           Brave knight + 5 dragoons
           Brave knight + 5 dragoons
           Mastason (knight master) + 4 dragoons + 2 legions

secret tile : the green stone in the top right corner of the map
1) Physical magic resistance +2 (Physical magic is stuff like Blast, Meteor)
2) MP +4
3) Goddess Dress (if you've also got the holy ring equipping both let you
summon the "godess of light" summon which looks exactly like Lushiris btw)

Clarett : Hey we've been walking for a while now, aren't we there yet?

Alfred : We should be pretty close now right Lanford san?

Lanford : Indeed. Once we will have crossed this plain, we will see my
father's mansion. Should we take a short break now?

Sigma : Hold on! Don't let your guard down!

Alfred : What's wrong?

Sigma : I can feel a presence...there are ennemies nearby.

Mastason : We've been noticed.

Lanford : Mastason!

Mastason : I've learned that the lord Alvince has been defeated.
I knew you would be coming here next and waited for you.

Brenda : You said you waited for us but it doesn't look quite like a
welcome party.

Lanford : Step aside Mastason. As a soldier of the federation army
I must put a stop to my father's actions.

Mastason : As a servant of the lord Lambert I must protect my master.
This battle is unavoidable.

Lanford : So I will have to fight you after all...

(on Lanford first turn)
Lanford : To stop my father I can't afford to be defeated here. Step
aside Mastason!

Mastason : I cannot do that. My duty is to protect my master whatever

Lanford : I am serious. If you won't let us go I will kill you here!

Mastason : I too am serious. Let's see how skilled you truly are
lord Lanford.

(some ennemy soldier attack Lanford)
Soldier : We're sorry lord Lanford.

Lanford : I don't mind. Give me your best shot.

(Mastason close to Lanford)
Mastason : No matter what, I can't let you fight the master.

Lanford : Tell me Mastason. What happened to my father?

Mastason : This is not something I can say so carelessly.

(Mastason's troops defeated)
Mastason : It seems I'm the only one left.

Lanford : How about stopping now Mastason? I don't want to fight you
any longer.

Mastason : I refuse. To prevent the master and you from fighting, I will
not stop until my body is turned to dust.

(Lanford vs Mastason)

Lanford : Why do we have to fight...

Mastason : I too, didn't want to cross swords with the lord Lanford, but
there is no other choice...

Lanford : I won't be defeated! After this fight you will tell me why father
changed so much!

Mastason : Here I come lord Lanford.

(Mastason defeated)
Mastason : ...guh...

Sigma : .....

Scenario 27 Clear

Mastason : I couldn't stop you...lord Lainforce I will now tell you why the
master became cold with you.

Lanford : Mastason...

Mastason : You do know that, when the master was young, he was travelling the
land with the lord Rockwell?

Lanford : Yes. He used to tell me the stories of his travels when I was

Mastason : On their last adventure, the two stumbled upon the ruins of an
ancient magical civilization. (see notes here) Since that time they've been

Lanford : Cursed?

Mastason : That curse drives people of the same fammily mad and makes them
attack each other. When he disinherited you, the master hoped the curse
wouldn't affect you that way. But your feelings for the master are strong
and this hasn't cut the bond between the two of you. That's why I came here
to prevent you from fighting with the master.

Lanford : So this is why you were telling me to...I'm sorry Mastason.
I make the oath to not fight my father. (yeah this seems strange since he
was determined to earlier but 私は父上と戦ったりしないと so...)

Alfred : it be that my brother behaviour was because of the

Mastason : It's a possibility. They received the curse at the same time.
The truth about this curse...I managed to learn something about it. After
the death of the lord Cliford, the master became very secretive about that
matter seems that Lainforce is implied in it.

Brenda : Could Lainforce do such a thing?

Sigma : Does he know how to use a curse like this Brenda?

Brenda : I remember hearing that a long time when the ancient magical
civilization flourished, some by-products that could give powerful
curses were created but.......

Alfred : If we know about it precisely we can find a way to break it,

Brend : Yes. If we invest it thouroughly we should find a way. But to
do that we need the item that caused the curse in the first place...

Lanford : In order to break it my father accepted to collaborate with
Lainforce then...Mastason. The item my father brought back from the
ruins, where is it now?

Mastason : I's in the prime minister's home. This is all
I know. Please, lord Lanford...don't let the struggle of the master...
be in vain...(he dies)

Lanford : Mastason...I'm sorry. I swear that I will break that
curse and free my father from it. You may rest in peace.

Alfred : Let's hurry and go the prime minsister's house then.

Lanford : I'm sorry Alfred. If we learnt about that earlier we
may have been able to save your brother....

Alfred : Regretting and grieving won't accomplish anything.
Right now let's think about saving lord Lambert.

(Crizmo Landers base)

Virash : ...where could he be? I'm sure the demon who stole the swords came
on Yeless tough...

Mercenary : What should we do Virash san? While the boss was fighting
Lainforce, we have to steal Alhazard right?

Virash : Yes. We must recover it before the demon tribe realizes the hidden
powers of Alhazard...

Messenger : Lord Virash! Emergency!

Virash : What is it?

Messenger : Lainforce assembled his soldiers and is headed towards the town
of Valtaar!

Virash : Valtaar...Crap! He intends to use that thing! We can't let him do
that! I'm going to Valtaar. You guys keep on searching for Alhazard!

Messenger : Yes sir! Please take care!

Virash : We will stop Lainforce's troops! Let's go!

Mercenay : Understood, Virash sir!

Save point

(outskirts of Valtaar)

Virash : Don't be impressed by the ennemy numbers! We have magical giants on
our side!

Magical giant : Voon!

Virash : Fire!

Soldier : Wuooh!

Soldier : Lord Zero! The ennemy brought their ancient weapons!

Zero : Do not panic. Those Crimzo landers who've been avoiding us all this
time...they finally attack with so little firepower. Besides we have proof
that it's all that's left of them.

Soldier : But if this keeps on we will...

Zero : We made preparations too. Send them.

Virash : No matter what we must stop them here! What? What was that?

Zero : You're not the only ones possessing ancient weapons. Start attacking.

Virash : ...damn it! Until the girls have destoyed the battleship we can't
afford to lose!

(undergrounds docks of Valtaar)

Soldier : That...I've never seen an ancient ship that huge!

Mercenary : This is what Lainforce is seeking a space battleship. In our
times, with only one of this thing you can rule teh surface of the earth.
Besides this thing will enable him to go to Crimzo too....

Soldier : Certainly if the Crimzonia get their hands on it, we'll be in

Mercenary : Come on, let's destroy this thing while Virash is holding off
the ennemy.

Soldier : Understood!

Voice : Surrender yourselves calmly.

Mercenary : Who's there?!

Lainforce : I must congratulate you for finding this place, young Crimzo

Mercenary : Lainforce...impossible, he went as far as summonning the
Crimzon knights.

Crimzon knight 8 : Don't insult the lord Lainforce wisdom. He saw right
through your plan to destroy the battleship.

Lainforce : Well then, now that you've come this far we can't let you go.
You will die here. I'm returning to the castle. You handle the rest.

Crimzon knight 9 : Yes sir.

Soldier : Hey...what are those guys...?

Mercenary : Their a group composed of nine individuals named Eins to Neun
and they're Crimzonia strongest knights division. That what's Crimzon
Knights are. It's said that each one of them has the strength of a
thousand soldiers....

Soldier : I guess this is as far as we go then....

Mercenary : ...boss, Virash-san....I'm sorry....

Scenario 28

Victory requirements : Defeat Ferakia

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or crystal get stolen

Ennemies : Succubus + 4 lesser demons + 2 shadows
           Succubus + 4 lesser demons + 2 harpies
           Succubus + 4 lesser demons + 2 specters
           Saber tiger + 6 orthros
           Saber tiger + 6 orthros
           Iron golem + 6 mud golems
           Ferakia (dark saint) + 4 dark guards + 2 gremlins

Ennemy reinforcements : when you reach the north of the water bassin,
they appear just above the fountain.
Sea serpent + 4 sea worms + 2 poison toads

secret tile : There are two. One is the chest in the right room next
to the one with the crystal in it. The other is that little bump just left
of your guys at the start of the battle. Select the first choice "yes" and
then you'll be prompted to four choices depending on the characters that
steps up on it. You'll get either a Crown or a Sonic band. For instance
using Sigma if you pick the first choice you'll get a Crown. I'd avise
to get the Crown it's pretty neat : give your troops +3 in both atk and
def and enlarges you area of influence by 3. A must have accessory
for Ranger and High master class.

note : if Lanford beat Ferakia you'll get +1 affection points for all
three girls. If he get defeated by her though, you'll lose some with
all of them too, so be careful.

(Russel's mansion)

Lanford : Please! My father must had left some sort of treasure here.

Butler : I'm really sorry but I've never seen that crystal.

Brenda : It's not you we want to talk to! Call your master!

Butler : People who don't have an appointement with the lord Russel can't
meet him. Please first get an appointement and...

Russel : What is it? You're making so much noise...

Butler : Lord Russel. These persons...

Lanford : Russel...

Russel : Oh but, isn't it Lanford. I was wondering where you could have been
since you escaped from your jail.

Lanford : I'm fighting to stop the alliance of the three kingdoms.
Lend us your assistance. First I need to find a crystal my
father brought here.

Russel : What about your jail breaking? If you want to talk with me you
should have waited calmly in your cell. Hey! Size them!

Butler : Immediatly.

Sigma : Hold on!

Russel : Uuh! This light it's...!

Ferakia : Damn it....

Lanford : That form...

Butler : Impossible...uwaaah...

Ferakia : To think you'd have the Langrisser with you...tsk...that Grove...
he messed up....

Lanford : Where is the real Russel?

Ferakia : Well, he didn't look very tasty...

Clarett : So that means...

ferakia : He must be wandering aimlessly in some woods somewhere. I only needed
his appearance to use his social statut anyway.

Sigma : Lanford. Now that we know it's a demon, no need to bother asking for
permission anymore. We'll take the crystal by force!

Lanford : You're right.

Ferakia : Now that you've seen my true shape I can't let you alive.
Especially if you can use the Langrisser. Hey you! How long are you going to
keep your humans diguises! Cover me while I go destroy the crystal!

Monster : Grrr!

Brenda : Why would it matter to you the demon tribe?

Ferakia : Whether it matter or not, I simply enjoy bothering others!
Besides didn't you say this crystal is necessary to stop the alliance of
the three kingdoms? In that case, I can't allow you guys to have it.

Mary : Something's weird. Why does the demon tribe support the alliance?

Ferakia : And why would you want to know that? Since you'll be dying here

Brenda : Seems like we have no choice but to fight.

(on Ferakia second turn)
Ferakia : It's true that this crystal possess remants of magical power.
It'll be dangerous to let it in humans hands. In top of that because of this
magical power only I can destroy bothersome.

(ennemy reinforcements show up)
Monster : Gyooon!

Alfred : Hidden troops?!

(Sigma vs Ferakia)
Sigma : Eat this!

(Lanford vs Ferakia)
Lanford : By my sword, you will die here!

(Ferakia defeated)
Ferakia : think that humans could become this strong...

Lanford : I will avenge Russel.

Ferakia : In top of that there's the strength of the Langrisser...but I can't
allow myself to die here! (teleports away)

Sigma : Kh! She's only good at escaping!

Scenario 28 Clear

Alfred : any case, it seems like the crystal is safe.

Mary : Also according to that demon, it feels like the demon tribe is
backing up the alliance of the three kingdoms.

Brenda : There must be a reason behind it. There's no such thing as an
association between the demon tribe and the humans or the Crimzonia. But more
importantly let's go show this to Virash. He will surely be able to help us.

(Rochefort castle)

Lambert : Wait an instant, lord Lainforce!

Lainforce : What is it?

Lambert : It is time to reveal me the truth about the curse.

Lainforce : ....

Lambert : Not only Alvince but my butler Mastason has been killed.
It's only a matter of time before my son Lanford gets here. The time when
we will fight each other is drawing close. Whether the curse is broken or not
the result will be the same.

Lainforce : I don't mind telling you but wheter or not the curse will be
undone is uncertain. Moreover at this point, I don't even know if this
is still necessary.

Lambert : doesn't matter. Tell me!

Lainforce : Fine...

Brenda : So Virash? Do you understand how it works?

Virash : A, yeah..... I got it.

Lanford : Then tell us.

Virash : That's...this is...

Brenda : You're not making sense! We're in a hurry have you forgotten?

Alfred : Is is something hard to explain?

Virash : It's difficult but also simple enough...

Brenda : We aren't getting any closer like this!

Lanford : No matter how much difficult it could be, tell us.

Virash : I understand. I will at least explain it. I don't why but
you seems to be ready for it.

Lanford : Yes please.

Virash : This curse works in a simple way. To lift it one of the cursed
ones must go to the place where the curse was received and take his
own life. Once his blood will flow, the curse will be broken.

Clarett : So this means...we can't lift it unless someone dies?

Virash : Yes, if you do, the curse will be broken.

Sigma : Lanford, Alfred,....

Mary : Lanford-san!

Lanford : ...this isn't simple indeed. I will go to the ruins. This was
only for a short time but I'm grateful to you.

Alfred : Please wait, Lanford-san!

Sigma : We're going after them!

Virash : Brenda!

Brenda : Hm? What? If there's something say it quick!

Virash : ...I'm sorry. I've let your mercenary group die.

Brenda : Eh?!

Virash : Lainforce's next objective is the battleship laying under the
town of Valtaar. While I was fighting the troops near the city, the
girls were supposed to go destroy the ship but it seems like they've
encountered the Crimzon knights.

Brenda : ...the Crimzon knights....

Virash : I'm sorry Brenda. If I didn't give that assignement to the girls
they wouldn't have died. This was all my fault.

Brenda :'s painful but, there's nothing we can do about it. This is
a war. They were prepared to lose their lives. I will make Lain pay for
the pain they've endured!

Save point

(inside of the ancient ruins)

Alfred : Lanford-san!

Lanford : Don't stop me Alfred! With my life I will save my father.

Alfred : No Lanford-san. It's better if I'm used lift the curse.

Lanford : Alfred, what are...

Alfred : I no longer have a father or a brother. But you still have your
father haven't you? Once the curse will be lifted, you will be able to spend
time with the lord Lambert again, won't you?

Lanford : No, Alfred. You're the only left of your family. The house of your
family has to keep on. Only you can rebuild it. Besides you're still young.
It's better if I am the one to die. (of course they're not speaking of
rebuilding Alfred's home because it burnt but the Reynorz household that got
ternished by Alvince actions. If you thought Lanford had to die so Alfred
could get to do some masonry, you need help :p)

Voice : No, you shoudln't die either Lanford.

Lanford : F-Father....

Alfred : Lord Lambert....

Lambert : It's been a while you two...

Lanford : Father, why are you here?

Lambert : It's obvious. I've learned the truth about the curse. Because of
it both of you have suffered. I shall break that curse now.

Lanford : Father, what are you doing? Stop that please!

Lambert : As of now only one of us three can lift the curse. The one who
should be undoing it is the responsability of the one who caused it in
the first place.

Lanford : Father!

Lambert :'re now the marshal of the federation. I'm so proud of you
Lanford. I apologize for all the times I made you suffer.

Lanford : What are you saying! All the pain you endured it was because you
wanted to protect me...Mastason told me so...

Lambert : Heh, Mastason....even such a tight lipped man couldn't keep it to
himself to his grave. Well it's time to put a stop to this. Any further would
be nagorioshii (名残惜しい litt reluctance to part). Lainforce is a dangerous
man. You must put a stop to his ambition! His next objective is a ancient
relic laying under the town of Valtaar! Young ones, this country's fate is in
your hands! Hah!

Lanford : Father!!

Alfred : Lord Lambert!

Sigma : ...

Clarett : ...Lanford-san...

Lanford : We're going. To the town of Valtaar. We'll stop Lainforce's ambition.

Brenda : ....this time we will end this, Lain!

(demon tribe stronghold)

Ferakia : Eeh, shit! Why did these guys have the Langrisser! Without it
there'd be no way I could lose!

Gaiel : You shouldn't get so angry Ferakia. You'll waste that beautiful face
of yours.

Ferakia : Shut up! Besides if you hadn't left the Langrisser in the care of

Gaiel : You're blaming me while it's Grove that let it get stolen?
Now that's something to say.
(a bit weird that last part それは言いがかりというものだ)

Ferakia : Really, if only we could have manipulated the humans to fight
against each other just a bit longer....our plan failed!

Gaiel : Bah, anyway if the Crimzonia manage to get their hands on that stuff,
the humans are as good as dead. 

Ferakia : Isn't there the Chaos gate on Crimzo? Besides Crimzo has nearly
completed its two hundred years long revolution hasn't it? If I receive
strength from the lord Chaos, my power will be increased. This will
be the best chance to act!

Gaiel : This is obvious. But there's no need to endanger ourselves to help
the Crimzonia getting strength. After another two hundred years the Crimzonia
will die. Then we will be able to do as we please....

Ferakia : Saying things like're far too cautious. Besides we
can't say for sure that we, the demon tribe, won't be destroyed in
the next two hundred years too. Didn't you even consider this?

Gaiel : ...indeed it's a possibility.

Ferakia : On the red moon Crimzo lies the birthplace of the demon tribe. We
can't let this chance escapes. That's why it would be troublesome if
Lainforce doesn't win.

Gaiel : But you've been crushed by the ennemy.
(a bit weird...salt? しかし 敵に塩を送ることになるのだぞ)

Ferakia : You'd better not speak about what happened over there! Didn't you
have the duty to find a way to destroy the Langrisser?
Have you already found it?

Gaiel : Unfortunately I have yet to find a way.

Ferakia : Then go find it quickly! I won't take your opinion in consideration
before you do so!

Gaiel : ...understood.

Ferakia : ...geez, that guy. Whenever the lord Bozel isn't around, he gets so
full of himself....

Scenario 29

Victory requirements : Defeat all ennemies or escape from the map
(once citizens have escaped)

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma or death of all citizens

Ennemies : General + 6 phalanxes
           Battle master + 6 legions
           Crimzon knigth 8 (Dragon master) + 4 archangels
           Crimzon knight 9 (Royal guard) + 4 dragoons
           Omega (High master) + 4 warriors

Ennemy reinforcements : on turn 3 right in the middle of your initial
battle positions

General + 6 phalanxes

Later once you defeat Omega other reinforcements show up at the same spot

Crimzon knight 7 (Royal guard) + 6 royal lancers
Lainforce (Emperor) + 4 grenadiers + 2 royal lancers

NPC : Woman + 4 civilians
      Man + 6 civilians
      Woman + 4 civilians
      McLaine (Sword master) + 4 phalanxes

various notes on this scenario :
- you'll get +2 affection points fro Brenda if she attacks Lainforce. Of
course you'd better send one of her soldiers as lainforce is probably far
too strong for her.
- you'll get an affection point with Brenda if Lainforce attacks her. I'm not
sure this can be cumulated with the former so attack first just in case.
- you get one affection points for everyone if Sigma fights against Omega.
- do not let McLaine get beaten in this for one more affection point with Lambda
- you can clear this scenario by beating everyone but Lainforce and C7 are very
strong at this point. Best thing to do is still decline and lots of spells on
C7 then same thing with Lainforce but since he have an amulet and decline wears
off quickly on him spells won't kill him so send Sigma to finish the job. Also
note that Lainforce is equipped with the Excalibur so he can't damage holy units
by himself. Then again no holy unit can scratch him with his insane defense so
it's kinda pointless.

(Town of Valtaar - north district)

McLaine : Guys, I swear I will rescue you! Don't give up!

Citizen : Yes!

McLaine : That said...against such opponents, can I really save them by

Lanford : Hm? That guy is...McLaine?

Mary : B-Brother? Why are you here?

McLaine : Lanford, and also Mary!

Mary : If I'm not mistaken you were on El Sallia...

McLaine : After hearing this city was being attacked I come back in a

Alfred : Is there something important for you in this town? It doesn't
seem to be such a stragegic spot.....

Brenda : Here in this town...lies an ancient weapon.

Sigma : Lainforce is after this?

Lanford : That weapon, what could it be? Could you tell us?

Brenda : A battleship. Like a regular flying ship but much larger and
equipped with offensive magic capacities.

McLaine : ....I see. So there was such a thing here...

Lanford : Didn't you came back because you knew this?

McLaine : No, it was for a personnal matter. Listen well Mary! Our father
and mother are in this town!

Mary : Father and mother?!

Mcklen : They're living in this town.(actually he say they're refugees in
that town. I guess he means they came here after their hometown was
attacked during the Caconsis-federation war)

Mary : And, are they safe?

McLaine : I don't know.

Sigma : Good, we'll lend you a hand!

Omega : Hehehe! Isn't it interesting? This will be a good oportunity
to beat him. Hey! Start attacking the civilians!

Crimzon knight 8 : We refuse. We're not going to take part in needless

Omega : Are you going to ignore my orders?! I've been appointed as the
commading officer by Lainforce! Opposing me is opposing Lainforce!

Crimzon knight 9 : ...

Omega : Besides, the civilians are these guys weakness.
This is necessary in order to win.

Mary : Father...Mother...

Sigma :
1) Get a grip Mary!
2) We'll definitely find them (Mary +2)
3) For now think about fighting! (Mary -2)

(after picking 2)
Sigma : Don't worry Mary. No matter what, we'll find your parents!

Mary : ...Sigma.

Sigma : In order to do that we shouldn't put ourselves in danger.
Once the citizens have escaped we should leave as well.

(on Omega first turn)
Omega : Since they took a detour that guy isn't here yet. Geez, aren't
they useful? (don't ask me I have no idea what he meant -_-;; I'm not
even sure if he's referring to Sigma or Lainforce)

(on McLaine first turn)
McLaine : I will assist you. What sould I do?
1) Go to the north gate
2) Go to the north east gate
3) Go to the south gate
4) Fight the way you want

(after picking 1)
Sigma : Head to the north gate.

McLaine : Got it. North then.

(on the civilians first turn)
Citizen : E-err, what should we do?

Sigma : hm, that's right...
1) Escape towards the north gate
2) Escape towards the north east gate
3) Escape towards the south gate
4) Don't move yet

(after pciking 1)
Sigma : Escape towards the north!

Citizen : Y-yes!

(on turn 3)
Omega : You're late! What were you doing!

Three allied kingdoms soldier : We're sorry sir.

Omega : Save that for later! Right now attack the citizens!

3AK soldier : Yes sir!

(on Omega third turn - happen if Sigma is close enough?)
Omega : You're not going anywhere this time! We will end this here!

Sigma : Omega...

Mary : Why are you targetting us?

Omega : It's Lainforce who's targetting you Lambda. I don't know why but
he needs your power.

Mary : Then why are you targetting him?

Omega : Beating this guy is the sole purpose of my existence!

Sigma : Tell me why do you hate me so Omega.

Omega : Looks like you're aren't going to remember it after all. Then I
will tell you! Once you started to serve under lord Gizarof's orders you
stole everything from me! Even the men I had under my command until then
were assigned to you. And on top of that, you had that charismatic way of
talking...(yes he does say that even though it's kinda weird それまただ1つ、

Clarett : What's wrong with that! You're just envious of him aren't you?

Omega : Say whatever you want! Until I beat him, I won't ever accept
myself, this is necessary for me! A defective product can't win against a
perfect one! This is for lord Gizarof sake!

Lanford : For Gizarof sake?

Omega : That's right. This is my way of showing my gratitude to the lord
Gizarof who raised me! This is what I'm living for!

(on Omega next turn)
Omega : I won't lose! Even though I don't have the Langrisser since I'm the
perfect one I can use that capacity! Behold my strength!

Sigma : Omega's strength has increased? That guy, he used his capacity!

Omega : I can absorb the spiritual power of the sword and add it to my
strength! A defective product like you surely can't do that! Here I go!

(Crimzon knights 9 defeated)
C9 : think some surface dweller could possess that much

(Sigma vs Omega)
Omega : I'm so glad! That you've come to fight without trying to run!

Sigma : There is no need for me to run. Here I come Omega!

(Crimzon knights 8 defeated)
C8 : I can't...die yet....

(Omega defeated)
Omega :'s still not enough...?! My current strength is still not
enough to beat him...

Lainforce : I had the feeling the norh district of the town was a bit restless
but to think that this was happening....

Brenda : Lain...

Lainforce : To raise swords against the helpless, what were you doing Omega?

Omega : ...guh..

Lainforce : We'll let the citizens escape. There's no need to kill those that
doesn't oppose us!

3AK soldier : Yes sir!

Lainforce : Good. Now we will have a fair and square battle. It'd be
regrettable to hear that we fight in such a cowardly way.

Brenda : Don't say that kind of things as you please!

Lainforce : Still as fierce as ever. If you surrender I'll promise that we'll
spare your lives.

Brenda : We won't be losing to you!

Lainforce : choice then. Capture the sotai girl alive. Kill the others!

(male citizen escapes)
Citizen : What luck! I'm saved!

(female citizen escapes)
Citizen : Now I'll be able to get back to mother!

(second female citizen escpaes)
Citizen S-saved...

Sigma : Good. Now it's our turn.

(Crimzon knights 7 defeated)
C7 : ...imossible... I won't forget this humiliation!

(Lainforce defeated)
Lainforce : Crap....I wasn't on my guard...I can't afford to be killed here.
....We'll withdraw temporarily...

(or if you plan on escaping)

(Alfred escapes)
Alfred : I'm sorry. I'm going on ahead.

(Brenda escapes)
Brenda : I'm going on ahead. You'd be careful!

(Clarett escapes)
Clarett : I'll be leaving now. You take care ok?

(Lanford escapes)
Lanford : I'm going on ahead. Be careful.

(Mary escapes)
Mary : I'll be going on ahead.

(Sigma escapes last)

Scenario 29 Clear

(if escaped)
Sigma : Alright, I'll be going too.

(if every ennemy defeated)
Sigma : Wew. We've cleared all the ennemies. Let's leave now.

(outskirts of Valtaar)

Citizen : Thank you very much. You saved us.

McLaine : There is something I want to ask you. Do you a know where is a couple
of people who came from the town of Polia?

Citizen : Form the town of Polia you said...could it be...

McLaine : You know?

Citize : It's not certain but it seems they've been taken in a underground
factory by the people who invaded the city. Because they were taking those
who weren't living in this city since very long, they must be...

Lanford : So you mean that the people coming from Polia have been specifically
taken away then.

Citizen : Yes.

McLaine : Shit!

Mary : Ah, brother! What should we do?

Alfred : Isn't it obvious? We're going to save them! Together!

Sigma : That's right. Do you know exactly where the entrance of that
underground factory?

Citizen : If i'm not mistaken there is a stairway going downstairs in front
of the church.

Clarett : In front of the church it is then.

Citizen : But there are lots of soldiers at the entrance.

Brenda : That figures. What should we do?

Sigma : We'll have to get in unnoticed somehow.

Lanford : I see. Then what about this. Four of us will attract the attention
of the guards and slowly drag them away from the entrance. Meanwhile the
remaining two will get inside.

Clarett : Sounds good. I agree.

Sigma : Good. Then let's go.

Lanford : It's best if you're the one to go inside. Since you can use the
Langrisser after all...

Sigma : I'll go then. And who else will come?

Lambda : This is something you should decide. Pick one person that will
be able to support you the best...

Alfred : That's right. The four others will be fine since it's only dragging
the ennemy.

Brenda : Yeah, so think about who should go with you well.

Save point

(outskirts of Valtaar)

Clarett : Now that's it finally dark we should decide who's going inside.

Mary : Choose someone whose support you want.

Sigma : That's right...
1) Mary
2) Brenda
3) Clarett
4) Other member

(if you pick 4 you'll be propted to the following choices)
1) Alfred
2) Lanford
3) Come back to the first selection

(if you pick 1)
Mary : No matter what happens, I will protect you.

(if you pick 2)
Brenda : If you're here, there's nothing to fear. I'm relieved.

(if you pick 3)
Clarett : I'll give you the perfect support. Just wait and see!

(The choices don't seem to give you  any points with the girls.
Oh and also, the responses you get from them might differ
depending on how good their relationship with Sigma is)

Sigma : The rest of you go and lure out the ennemy!

Lanford : Leave it to us.

Sigma : Good. We're going too!

(Valtaar town - underground dock)

Zero : Reporting. The quantity of mana we've been collecting from the
atmoshpere has reached the expected quantity. The first step of the
plan is now complete.

Lainforce : I see. It's been two hundred years since we've landed on
this planet. To assemble the necessary amount of mana, we've been
taking care of the world tree all this time.

Zero : Yes. Now all is left is to capture the girl to complete the
second stage of the plan.

Lainforce : That's right. Once this will be done we'll be ready to
launch our offensive.

Zero : Exactly.

Lainforce : ....seems like I now share your way of thinking...

Zero : Yes?

Lainforce : Nothing, just speaking to myself. We'll soon take off using
the battleship. But there will be no time to waste. Chaos has already
been summoned once. We'll have to hurry.

Zero : Very well. Also, I have another thing to report.

Lainforce : Which is?

Zero : It's a report from the party looking for the true sacred sword.

Lainforce : From Aizer?

Zero : Yes. According to what Aizer said, the true sacred sword has been the
possession of the demon tribe who calls it Alhazard. As of now the sword is
in the hands of a demon named Gaiel.

Lainforce : And where is he?

Zero : That Gaiel left El Sallia and came on Yeless. It seems like he's
searching for ancient devices concerning the sacred sword.

Lainforce : What are teh chances of him finding out about the ultimate weapon?

Zero : He's most probably on the verge of finding it.

Lainforce : If he discover how to use the ultimate weapon we musntn't be
regrouped on the same spot. Split the soldiers from the castle in different
groups and have them look for another place.

Zero : In that case I shall take care of that. I'll leave the remaining troops
to Aizer for defensive purposes.

Lainforce : Let him handle that. I've also appointed two Crimzon knights under
his command. From now on we will have to be very careful.

Zero : As you wish.

Lainforce : To think that we'll be in such a situation because of the demon

Scenario 30

Victory requirements : Defeat all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Gladiator + 6 soldiers

Ennemy reinforcements : right when the galdiator dies
appear in the church :

Crimzon knight 8 (Dragon master) + 4 archangels
Crimzon knight 9 (Royal guard) + 4 dragoons
Omega (High master) + 4 warriors

appear in others houses around the map :

General + 6 phalanxes
Mage + 3 snipers
Battle master + 6 legions
General + 6 phalanxes
Dragon knight + 4 archangels + 2 sky archers

secret tile : the little signpost in the top left corner of the map :
1) "Yes" : nothing
2) "No" : give you Mjollnir a good weapon though hammers have penalties.
You'll get struck by lightning to get it thus losing some HP.

note : the gladiator will rush if you get close to him and attack you
even if he will die in the process. So you may wannt to avoid him at first
until you reach whatever place you want to reach first. In my case I put
Sigma at the entrance of the church with a bunch of phalanxes and right
next to him Mary with ballistas. I kill off the gladiator wih Mary's spells
thus the ballistas can attack Omega troops before he can act. Sigma hold
off Omega and the knight with his phalannxes while lambda kill them with
her ballistas. That way only the two of them are enough.

(Valtaar town - underground dock entrance)

Sigma : It seems like the others have done a pretty good job at distracting
the guards. There's only one group left to watch over the entrance.

Mary : With this, just the two of us are enough to get in.

Sigma : That's right. Let's go.

(once the gladiator dies)
Soldier : S-shit....lord Omega!

Sigma : We did it....Hm? That feeling....we're surrounded?

Mary : Hidden troops...

Omega : As you said. You can curse the foolishness of your reckless
little plan.  I won't hold back anymore! I'll use my power to its fullest to
beat you! In the name of Lord Gizarof!

Sigma : We can't be defeated in a place like this! We have to somehow buy
enough time for the others to return.

(on Omega next turn or if you attack him before)
Omega : I will show you the real way to use our power! Uuoooh!

Sigma : He uses it This is different from last time!

Omega : I absorb the spiritual energy from those around me and add it to my
strength. This is the real way to use our power! Now die, you failure!
(Omega and his troops will be fully healed after this. If you killed one of
his warriors they will be resurected too.)

(On Mary next turn after the gladiator death)
Mary : There are lots of ennemies troops. At this rate we'll be defeated.

Sigma : We'll use the streets to gain time until our friends come

(Omega killed?)
Omega : Gu...guhaah!

Sigma : You've lost, Omega.

Omega : W-why....the lord Gizarof'modifications were...

Mary : Modifications are only modifications. You take too much pride in that
and forgot to improve your own skills.

Omega : ...only I can prove the lord Gizarof's genius...only I can...If I win
by using that power then the lord Gizarof would....(dies?)

Sigma : go that far for Gizarof....

(Crimzon knight 8 killed)
C8 : could surface dwellers become that strong....

C9 : Acht!

C8 : I'm counting on you Neun....for the sake of the lord Lainforce....(dies)

(Crimzon knight 9 killed)
C9 : Unthinkable...the glorious Crimzon the hands of the surface

(your others guys finally show up)
Clarett : Sorry for the wait!

Sigma : Everyone! Because of those guys who stayed here, we can't go
underground. We'll have to defeat them here!

(once all ennemies dead)

Scenario 30 Clear

Sigma : At last, there's no more ennemies.

Mary : Let's go quickly downstairs.

Alfred : That's right. We have to hurry.

(Valtaar town - underground dock)

Lainforce : Heh, what happened to your threatening attitude?

McLaine : That's so dirty Lainforce! Using hostages....

Lainforce : Dirty? Using soldiers would have spilled unecessary blood. There
isn't a cleaner way to do this.

McLaine :

Lanford : Ha, McLaine!

Mary : Brother!

Lainforce : Ho. So you're siblings....

Brenda : Using hostages like low have you fallen!?

Mother :'re alive...both of you...

Mary : M-mother...?

McLaine : That's right Mary....that's why we can't make a move...

Lainforce : Thanks to Omega, I know that you came from Polia. That's why I
captured her.

Mother : ....forgive me, Mariandel, McLaine....

Lainforce : This is as far as this moving little reunion is going. I don't
want needless killing, so I wish to make a deal.

Sigma : A deal? And if we comply you'll release the hostage?

Lainforce : Exactly. Whether the hostage lives or dies is up to you. So?

Brenda : Don't be fooled! He isn't the kind of guy who keeps his promises!

Sigma : Let's hear him at least. We can decide what to do afterwards.

Lainforce : Wise decision. Then I will explain the deal. What we wish is
that girl behind you.

Mary : M-me...?

McLaine : You scum, what do you want from her!?

Lainforce : Don't get so upset. We won't harm her. We simply want to use her
power. Her power to communicate with the world tree.

Sigma : ...why do you know this....

Lainforce : This isn't really surprising. After all I am the one who gave
some samples of the tree to Gizarof. He used those to create her capacity to
communicate with the tree. To do this, great magical capacities are required.

Lambda : In my body...there are samples from the world tree...?

Brenda : So this is why she was able to communicate with plants...

Lainforce : Exactly. The lord of all the plants is the world tree. All the mana
from this world originate from the world tree. By ommunicating with the
vegetation around the world tree can gather mana at will. Of course since she
has the same capacity that girl can too.

Brenda : Impossible, you want to collect mana for....

Lainforce : Ho, so you've guessed. As you know, my birthplace Crimzo is on
the verge of destruction. Since Crimzo takes two hundred years to complete
a revolution, most of the time it doesn't receive energy from the sun.
During that time, its inhabitants enter a long sleep. But the cold sleep
also require mana. With the little mana left on Crimzo we won't be able
to last for the next two hundred years revolution. Besides since Chaos
has been summoned, the Chaos gate on Crimzo has opened, worsening
the situation. During the time the gate is open, scores of demons can
appear on Crimzo threatening to destroy it.

Brenda : If Mary send mana to Crimzo, then Crimzo will get enough strength
back to rule the surface again won't it?

Lainforce : This is our last chance. This is why we'be been looking after
the world tree over the past two hundred years in order to make this
world abundant in mana. For the sake or reviving Crimzo I don't care if I must
be called a devil or a monster! I'll do anything to get your cooperation!

Sigma : ...that guy...he is them Mary.

Alfred : But to stop Crimzo....

Lanford : This will enable them to gain strength...

Mary : ...if I didn't exist....

Sigma : Eh?

Mary : If I didn't exist this needless fights would end. I should just die!

Sigma : What are you saying Mary!

Mary : If I help him, the Crimzonia will come back to this world. There will
be more wars. If I don't help him, the Crimzonia will be destroyed. So
innocent people won't be in danger because of them. Without me, everything
me will end up peacefully.

Sigma : Don't give up like this! Trust us! Even if Crimzo is saved, we won't
let them harm the surface!

Mary : But...

Sigma : Right now, this guy is right. Give them a chance to live. I'll take
care of what happens afterwards! I'll never give up the surface to them!

Mary : ...alright.

Lainforce : I'm grateful for your help. I will ask you to send half the mana
from the surface of this world towards Crimzo.Since you can communicate with
the world tree it's a simple task. Come, everything is ready. I'll take you

Save point

(Mary comunicating with the world tree)

Mary : Oh world tree, ruler of all vegetation, please lend me your strength.
Collect mana and send it towards Crimzo....

(you'll see a few pics showing mana going from the world tree to Crimzo)

Lainforce : I thank you. With this, Crimzo is spared from anihilation, 
we escaped the worst situation.

Mary : But we won't quietly stay put and watch if you attempt to take
control of the surface again.

Lainforce : This is not something for us to agree. The strong rule over the
others, that's the natural order of the world. If we have the power to do
so then this is unavoidable. For now we'll let you enjoy reuniting with your
family. And also we will leave this town. Afterwards do not expect us to
hold back.

Mary : Mother!

Mother : Ooh, Mary, McLaine....I thought you were dead...

Mary : Sorry for having worried you so much mother.
We've been abducted by Gizarof.....

Mother : So that's what happened...but I'm so glad you're both safe...

McLaine : ...mother...I wanted to see you earlier but with this body....

Mothr : What are you saying! No matter how you look you're still my child!

McLaine : Mother...

Mother : Your father is waiting on the other side. Let's spend some time
together and talk...

Clarett : Things ended well.

Sigma : Yeah.

Lanford : Well then, what shall we do from here on?

Brenda : That's right. Thanks to you, Lainforce has gained an
advantage now. You'd better assume responsability.

Alfred : Brenda-san!

Sigma : ...sorry Brenda. But....

Brenda : I was kidding. If you weren't the kind of guy who helped others I
wouldn't be here now.

Virash : Indeed. I don't wish for the others Crimsonia to all die as well.
Thanks for what you've done.

Lanford : But the fact that Lainforce has gained strength is true. We
couldn't finish things off here.

Sigma : Yeah. Now as I promised Mary, we will have to protect this world.

Brenda : Yeah, this will be the final battle....

Virash : You should head towards Lainforce castle.

Lanford : Are you saying that we should attack Lainforce's castle by

Virash : It's all right. Right now there aren't many soldiers in his castle.
Most of them have scattered to different places.

Brenda : For what purpose would they do that?

Virash : We're investigating the reason as well. But since he's scattering
his troops we should use that opportunity to strike.

Brenda : ok!

Sigma : We'll go take down Rochefort castle!

Virash : No, he isn't in Rochefort castle, but in another castle.

Lanford : He is not in his own castle?

Virah : As of late the mouvement of the Crimzonia army are beyond our
understanding. Still after searching thouroughly, we finally spotted
where he's located. Right at the foot of the Melbir mountains lies a
small castle. He is there.

Sigma : Understood.

Brenda : We'll handle this!

Virash : Let me give you an advice. A magic barrier protect his castle
and you won't be able to enter it. However there is a control center
where this barrier can be dsactivated.

Sigma : So that means we have to attack that place first.

Virash : Before the castle there is a river. On the bank of this river
lies a small building. It's there.

(Valtaar town - underground dock)

Lainforce : Were do you think you're going Zero?

Zero : I'm leaving to launch an attack against the demon tribe.

Lainforce : The demon tribe you say? I don't remember issuing such an order.

Zero : I decided this on my own. Now that the most urgent problem of Crimzo
has been solved, we have to take back Alhazard from the hands of the demons.

Lainforce : I don't remember giving you permission for this. What do you intend
to gain by acting against the will of your master?

Zero : Then you may fire me if you wish. Well then...

Lainforce : Ze-zero!

Scenario 31

Victory requirements : Defeat all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma
Unable to reach the panel in the central room in 19 turns

Ennemies : Mithril golem + 4 mud golems + 2 lesser demons
           Mithril golem + 4 mud golems + 2 lesser demons
           Brave knight + 6 dragoons
           Battle master + 6 legions
           Mage + 3 snipers

Ennemy reinforcements : on turn 6, they appear at the bottom of the map
Archmage + 3 ballistas
Crimzon knight 6 (Royal guard) + 4 dragoons
Crimzon knight 7 (Holy swordman) + 4 legions
Aizer (Holy swordman) + 4 phalanxes + 2 grenadiers

secret tile : those two statues in the central room, behinf the door.
right statue : Escalibur
left statue : Aeneas armor
You can only pick one, then the other will disappear. I'd suggest Aeneas armor
since you already have an Escalibur and the Langrisser. Aeneas armor give you
excellent defense plus increase your attack range.

note : some affection points can be gained for Brenda if she attacks Aizer.

Sigma : This is where the control center is.

Lanford : It's probably located in that room over there.

Mary : Yes, certainly.

Alfred : But how are we going to open that sturdy-looking gate?

Brenda : There must be a device to open it nearby.

Clarett : Could it be that thing inside over there?

Brenda : Ah that's it! If we pull those switches on each side,
the door will open.

Sigma : We'll have to split in two then, so it will be two groups of three...

Lanford : Think about it well. We can't afford to fail now that we come so

Gardian : Intruders detected! Intruders detected!

Soldier : What? There'd be ennemies in a place like this?

Guardian : Entering interception mode now!

Soldier : I will warn the lord Aizer! In the meanwhile we have to protect
that place!

Brenda : It seems like they noticed us. Hurry!

(on turn 6)
Aizer : Hm? You're....

Brenda : Aizer....

Aizer : I see. The crimzon landers have learned of the existence of this
control center...

Brenda : That's too bad Aizer. No matter how powerful is the protection given
by this magic weapon, if it can't move it's not so useful is it?

Aizer : But do you think you will be able to stop it? Activate the remote
control to shut down the pannel! We mustn't let them stop the device no
matter what!

Soldier : Understood!

Computer : Waring! After 700 counts (14 turns) the operating panel will be
shuted down and unusable. For further use after the shutdown, please enter
the release code.

(once you have pulled the two switches)
Sigma : Good, the door to the controlling device is open!

Brenda : All we have to do now is to use the control pannnel to cut down
the magic barrier!

Aizer : This is bad! We have to hurry and stop them!

(Crimzon knight 6 killed)
C6 : Impossible...for a crimzon knight to....

(Crimzon knight 7 killed)
C7 : mere surface dwellers....

(Sigma vs Aizer)
Sigma : See how much we improved since back then!

Aizer : I won't let you!

(Brenda vs Aizer)
Brenda : Aizer! I'll send you back towards Lain!

Aizer : I can't let down the lord Lainforce!

(Aizer killed?)
Aizer :

Brenda : It's over, Aizer.

Aizer : ...lady Brenda....the lord Lainforce was....uugh...(dies?)

Scenario 31 Clear

Sigma : Now we just have to take care of the control device....
(you'll get a message saying you shut down the protective system)

Lanford : Now we can enter his castle.

Brenda : Finally it's time to confront Lainforce.

Sigma : Yeah. Everyone, time to brace youselves!

(demon tribe under attack by the battleship)

Demon : Gyaaah!

fFerakia : Shit! What's with this absurd strength! To think that those
Crimzonia guys had such a thing in their possession....this is totally out
of our calculations!

(bridge of the ship)

Soldier : Lord Zero! We're totally dominating the ennemy. At this rate it's
only a matter of time before the demon tribe is anihilated!

Zero : I the way, when will Pelia rises?

Soldier : Yes? Pelia you say?

Zero : Yes. When will it rise?

Soldier : In about two hours.

Zero : Do not slow down the attacks. Also, for insurence have the soldiers of
the battleship evacuate on the ground. 

Soldier : Ha?

Zero : I'm telling you to evacuate the non-essential personnel of this ship.

Soldier : Understood. We'll do so immediatly.

Save point

(demon tribe under attack by the battleship)

Ferakia : Eeh, even I couldn't....we're done for....
(ship get shot down by a huge beam)

Soldier : Lord Zero! This is...! uwaahh!

Zero : ....fuh. Indeed coming without the Lord Lainforce was the right thing
to do. Bah, it's fine that way. My role is over anyway. Now everything rest
upon the lord Lainforce hands...

Ferakia : The battleship has been destroyed? That light just now....

Gaiel : What's wrong? Did you plan to stop Crimzo after being toasted
so easily by the Crimzonia?

Ferakia : G-gaiel...

Gaiel : Per chance I found the way to use the ultimate weapon using Alhazard.
If I didn't come, could it be that you would have been killed?

Ferakia :!

Gaiel : Well then, time to counterattack.

Scenario 32

Victory requirements : Defeat Lainforce

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Knight master + 4 dragoons + 2 legions
           Knight master + 4 dragoons + 2 legions
           Archmage + 2 ballistas
           Archmage + 2 ballistas
           Marshall + 4 phalanxes + 1 high elf
           Marshall + 4 phalanxes + 1 high elf
           Dragon lord + 5 archangels
           Crimzon knight 1 (Royal guard) + 4 royal lancers + 2 legions
           Crimzon knight 2 (Dragon master) + 4 archangels + 2 phalanxes
           Lainforce (Emperor) + 3 grendiers + 2 ballistas

reinforcements : on turn 4 bottom of the map
Landius (Hero) + 4 grenadiers
Emily (Knight master) + 4 dragoons
both are allies NPCs of course

note : having Brenda close to Lainforce will trigger a conversation
netting you more affection points with her

(Lainforce castle)

Sigma : So Lainforce is here?

Brenda : Show yourself Lainforce!

Lainforce : People entering someone else residence without permission
shouldn't make so much noise.

Sigma : Prepare yourself Lainforce. We will crush you and your ambitions.

Lainforce : Seems like fate want us to fight. I must admit that to dispatch
the soldiers protecting that place and manage to attack here, your skills are
impressive. But defeating me will be another thing.

Lanford : I have something I want to ask you.

Lainforce : This will have to wait until this battle is over.
In the case you manage to win, then I will accept to answer!

(on turn 4)
Emily : Lord Lanford!

Lanford : Emily?

Landius : Since we here, we might as well give a hand too.

(on Emily first turn)
Emily : Actually we're here because we had something to report to you,
lord Lanford.

Lanford : What is it?

Emily : After learning that a monster was impersonnating the lord Russel,
the queen Rosenshill gave you back the command of the military.

Lanford : Fuh, I see. I guess we're not in a situation where we can bother
about the shame of a jail breaking.

Emily : About that, the queen added that you'll be given a sincere apology.

Lanford : Good work Emily.

Sigma : Now we'll be able to use the military power of the federation.

Lanford : Yes. Finally this fight will be brought to an end. And for that
purpose I'll need you to work for a little while longer Emily.

Emily : Yes!

(once in the stairs leading to Lainforce)
C1 : We're going to take care of this for you.

C2 : Please lord Lainforce, watch us from here at your leisure.

Lainforce : I'm relying on you.

(Crimzon knight 2 killed)
C2 : My life...finally come to an end....Crimzo is...guh!

(Crimzon knight 1 killed)
C1 : Sorry...lord...Lain...force...

(Sigma close to Lainforce)
Sigma : You won't have a second chance Lainforce!

Lainforce : Are you telling me that I should surrender? You have a poor
sense of humor!

(Brenda close to lainforce)
Brenda : You won't escape this time, Lain!

Lainforce : Brenda....

Brenda : What's that, if you got something to say hurry up and spill it!

Lainforce : No,,.as I am now, there's nothing for me to tell you.

Brenda : I really hate that attitude of yours.

(Lainforce defeated)

Scenario 32 Clear

Lainforce : ...uuh...

Sigma : We did it!

(after the battle)

Lainforce : I would be defeated....

Lanford : Lainforce. As promised I will have you answer my questions.

Lainforce : What is it?

Lanford : What is your true goal?

Lainforce : true goal?

Lanford : Yes. Now that Crimzo will remain in the skies, that the crisis your
people were facing has been solved, for what purpose do you keep on fighting?

Lainforce : ...wh..?

Brenda : I would like to know too. Especially since I think I really
deserve to know. If you just wanted to bring Crimzo back on its former orbit,
why was it necessary to destroy my village?

Lainforce : That's....

Aizer : This is something I will tell you...

Lainforce : Aizer...

Brenda : And Virash too! You! Have you forgotten that he's the one who...!

Virash : Don't get so upset, Brenda. His last will is to come here to report,
you should at least hear him.

Brenda : ...alright....

Aizer : ...sorry about that, Virash-dono, Brenda-dono. I'm the one who
destroyed the village. Besides, the lord Lainforce was never infomed of that.

Brenda : What!

Aizer : At first, during the great battles against the Crimzo landers, the
lord Lainforce and I came into possession of a map describing the ennemy's
army positions. The Recrio village was indicated on that map.

Landius : Recrio village you say...

Emily : Shh!

Aizer : But since lady Brenda was living here, the lord Lainforce had a
change of heart.

Lainforce : Stop that Aizer...

Aizer : No, I don't want to leave this world without fixing that
misunderstanding between you two. As rude as it may be, I will keep on talking.

Lainforce : ...

Aizer : At that time the feeling the lord Lainforce had for you were not
fakes lady Brenda. You of all people should know that.

Brenda : I wanted to believe that too....but....

Aizer : You stole the lord Lainforce heart. And at that time he forgot about
the Crimzonia dearest wish : to rule over the surface once again. This is
when Zero decided to lie to the lord Lainforce. He told him that you
suddenly got engaged and mislead him to believe that.

Lainforce : What! But I've seen her...together with that man they seemed so his company, Brenda always looked so happy...

Brenda : Close you say...Virash is like a big brother for me...

Virash : Since I was not often in Recrio, I had few occasions to be with
fellow Crimzo landers. When we met we had a lot of stories to share, did you
see us during one of those times?

Lainforce : Then you mean...I misunderstood...

Aizer : Zero helped you think that way. While he was always finding some
reasons to prevent you from going outside, he agreed to let you go on that day.

Lainforce : Why would Zero go that far....

Aizer : He's a man entirely devoted to his duty. Once he's given a mission he
won't stop at anything to accomplish it. Since the lord Lainforce had a change
of heart, he was afraid it would harm the future of Crimzonia. That's all
he is thinking about. That day Zero ordered me to destroy Recrio village while
the lord Lainforce was away. I had someone call lady Brenda out of the
village shortly before the attack to spare her. But this has worsened the
misunderstanding between you two. I'm deeply sorry.

Lainforce : So this was what happened...I've put you into a lot of troubles.
I apologize.

Clarett : But why? If you love her that much, how could you fight like you've

Lainforce : ...probably because of Zero guidance. I am the prince of the
Crimzonia. As the prince I must ensure the future of my people. Brenda. After
I stopped loving you, I remembered my duty. In order to forget about you
I've forsaken myself...

Brenda : Lain....

Lainforce : But I've lost....Crimsonia is....fuh. What have I done during
all that time....

Aizer : Lord Lainforce...are you still being obsessed by winning or losing?
Besides you've managed to stop Crimzo, isn't it time to be honest with your
true feelings?

Lainforce : My...true...feelings...

Aizer : You wished to solve Crimzonia crisis and you did it. Even though a
part of Crimzonia wish to rule the surface like in the old days there's no
need for you to go that far. Since you're the prince, you can decide which
future to pick for your people.

Lainforce : What should I do then, Aizer.

Aizer : It's obvious. As you've told me so once, wouldn't it be wonderful
if we could live in harmony with the Crimzon landers and the other people
from the surface? Even though I'm a surface dweller myself, we've been able
to understand each other. it's not too late to decide yet...

Lainforce :'re right. Though we lost once, what we want to do is...

Virash : We, Crimzo landers, wish to live in harmony with the other surface
dwellers. If Crimzonia is not our ennemy, we have no reason to fight.
Besides your last trump card, the space battleship has been shot down by
the ultimate weapon.

Lainforce : What! Then Zero is....

Virash : This is not the time to think about this. Now that the demon tribe
has, the true sacred sword, they will intend to conquer the

Lainforce : ...understood.

Aizer : seems like my role has come to an end...Not being able to see
the world where the lord Lainforce and the surface dwellers will live
together is the sole regret of my heart....

Lainforce : Aizer! Don't die Aizer! I still haven't  repayed you for what
you've done for me!

Aizer :

Lainforce : Forgive me Aizer....I've put you through so many
repay my debt towards you I will create the world you wished for.
Please watch it from where you are... 
Still, they finally found out how to use the ultimate weapon.

Sigma : ...Lainforce. Tell us what is this ultimate weapon.

Lainforce : Created a long time ago to be used in the great war, the ultimate
weapon make it possible to shoot anywhere on the surface of the earth from
the blue moon, Pelia.

Virash : In other words, with it you can collect huge amounts of magical power
to attack the surface. Originally, Pelia is an artificial satellite.

Afred : This moon is an artificial satellite?

Mary : ...unbelievable.

Lanford : The ancient civilizations were able to create that kind of things...

Brenda : And the sacred swords is the key to operate it.

Clarett : So this is why Brenda was looking for the sacred sword.

Brenda : Sorry. I've been keeping it a secret all this time.

Virash : The sacred sword enable to send mana towards Pelia, then the one who
holds it can decide where to fire it. But because of teh tremendou amount of
energy required it can't shoot more than once for a while.

Lanford : In other words, it can't make successive shots.

Virash : During the great war, huge amounts of mana from the surface were
used.That's why there has been little left of it for a long time.
Because of that, lots of devices using mana to operate were simply useless.
If the properity of the ancient magical civilizations came to an end it was
because more mana was used for the wars than to cover the needs of the
population, leading to their destruction. Anyway, Lainforce. Do you have any
idea how many times they can use it?

Lainforce : For Crimzo sake, we've sent half of the mana from the surface
towards it. If they use it all they can fire the utimate weapon up to
three times.

Brenda : Since they used one shot to destroy the battleship, so that'd mean
they still have two shots left?

Virash : Yes, after having attacked the battleship they can fire it again
twice then....

Sigma : What about the Langrisser? It's supposed to have been created in a
similar way as the sacred sword then with it we can...

Virash : I already mentionned it ealier but orginally the Langrisser is a
replica of the sacred sword that we Crimzo landers have created.
But it's a failure. If you were to use it you'd have to be near the center
of Pelia for it to work.

Brenda : And the source of its power is different too. Langrisser don't use
mana but the feelings of its holder. So in order to produce as much power as
you can by using mana, you'd need a thousand persons with the exact same
feelings. In short, it's like a defect.

Mary : So we don't have any choice but to get back Alhazard from the
demon tribe.

Lainforce : Still the ultimate weapon has a weak spot. If Peria can't see,
it can't attack. To be able to precisely attack the target, there musn't be
any clouds covering the spot. In top of that you can't attack if the angle
betweeen the target and Pelia is superior to 30 degrees.

Virash : ...I see, then we may be able to use that thing...

Brenda : Virash? You know I hate it when you don't say what you're thinking.

Virash : I found a device from the ancient magical civilizations that could
alter the weather. By using it you can create clouds or fog. Last time I
checked there was enough energy to create clouds for three days.

Sigma : Tell us where it is. We're going there immediatly!

Lainforce : Then I will lend you a magical engineer from my troops.

lanford : Alright. Emily, go assemble the federation troops and start
attacking the demon tribe.

Emily : Understood.

Landius : I will report this to the commodore and will ask for troops to
help in the fight.

Lanford : I'm counting on you. Also, do not regroup your troops in one group.
We don't know when the ultimate weapon will fire again.

Landius : Yeah, I know. Sis, let's go!

Emily : Yes!

Lainforce : I will also order the Crimzon knights to fight the demon tribe.
I'm counting on you!

Sigma : Alright, leave it to us!

Save point

(Caconsis royal castle - throne's room)

Wheeler : I see, so that's how it is.

Landius : That's why we have to get back Alhazard from the hands of the
demon tribe.

Wheeler : If the federation army is already being dispatched then this won't
be a problem for us to send troops as well. General Selena I'm counting on you,
quickly go assemble the troops.

Selena : Understood.

Wheeler : Good work ambassador Landius.

Landius : To be honest, I harly feel it real that I was living peacefully in
Gotaal village just a year ago. Oh by the way, commodore. I'd like you
to lend me a division as well.

Wheeler : Of course. I can't refuse this to the hero who've stopped

Angelina : Oh, so it seems we'll finally be able to exit the castle for once?

Shelfaniel : Won't we commodore?

Wheeler : ...alright, I give in....

(federation royal palace - throne's room)

Rosenshill : This is really an incredible thing to believe....

Emily : But this is the truth. We have to supress the demon tribe quickly.

Rosenshill : I understand. I've giving you permission to use the troops. Let
me hear your strategy first please.

Emily : We will follow the intructions given by the mashal Lanford. Presently,
the marshal assembled an elite force and has already mobilized. Upon
learning that clouds are the weak point of the ultimate weapon, the marshal
is heading towards an ancient ruin abriting a weather-altering device.
If this operation succeeds, the ultimate weapon will be temporarily
incapacited. During that time, our role will be to encircle the demon tribe and
prevent them to create any damage. The Caconsis kingdom promised to lend
its assistance in this operation.

Rosenshill : I understand your plan and agree with it. Then, general Emiliel,
issue the order to attack.

Emily : Yes!

Scenario 33

Victory requirements : Defeat Groove or device activated before 20 turns

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma, death of the magical engineer, time over

Ennemies : Iron golem + 6 mud golems
           Saber tiger + 4 orthros + 2 cockatrixes
           Sea serpent + 4 sea worms + 2 dark nixies
           Minotaurus + 6 ogres
           Super gyazer (?) + 6 dark gels
           Great dragon + 4 snow dragons + 2 fire dragons
           Wyvern + 4 gargoyles + 2 gremlins
           Rockwell (Master zombie) + 4 zombie fighters + 2 shadows
           Burk (Master zombie) + 4 zombie fighters + 2 shadows
           Groove (Dark master) + 4 lesser demoons + 2 witches

NPC : Man

secret tile : that crack in the ground between a rock and the wall at the top
right of the map. No choices. It's the rod of incandescence.
Not that great but let you cast Fire and Fireball

note : this is the best scenario of the game if you lack experience since
Grove will resurrect ennemies at a furious pace so don't bother killing all
the troops get the commander and close in on Grove because he will resurect
them near him. Do so as long as you can before times runs out and you'll get
most of you characters to their secret class if they still haven't reach it!
Of course he won't resurrect either Burk or Rockwell.
Also noteworthy : all girls will like you more if you make Lanford finish off
Burk and Alfred kill his father.
Oh and Grove sucks your MP and will use them to cast Meteor (at last).

(ancient ruin - weather-altering device)

Sigma : This is the ruin Virash talked us about, the one with the
weather-altering device.

Magical engineer : Let's see, the contol center is.....ah on the top of that

Brenda : Then let's quickly bring that person to the control center.

Grove : I won't allow that!

Sigma : Grove?

Clarett : Good timing. I will avenge my father here!

Grove : You shouldn't underestimate me. Besides I found two special corpses
just for you today.

Rockwell : uuu...uuh...

Burk : ....o..oooh....

Alfred : F-father...!

Lanford : Burk! bastard!

Grove : Heeheehee! How's that? Am I not a talented producer?

Mary : This is unforgivable! The dead are..the way you mock people feelings..

Brenda : But in this situation it's dangerous to let the magical engineer to
go towards the control center.

M.E : In that case I'll be waiting here for now. When the timing is right,
please call for me.

Sigma : Understood.
(each time it's his turn you'll get a question wheter or not you want him
to start going to the control center. On the seventh turn he will show up
by himself complaining that you're running out of time so beware)

(on Grove first turn)
Grove : Kukukukuh...I'll watch how everyone fight at my leisure from here...

(on the third turn if you've already killed som ennemies)
Grove : There's still plenty of corpses! Oh you deceased ones.
By the hand of the lord Grove, may life be granted upon you once more!
Mihari Kushizekiki Hagushisoram!

(subsequently on every 2-3 turns if you killed some ennemies)
Grove : Mihari Kushizekiki Hagushisoram!

(Alfred vs Rockwell)
Alfred : Father....I will allow you to rest in peace.

(Rockwell killed by Alfred)
Rockwell : ...uuh..

Alfred : Father...please may you rest in peace....

(Lanford vs Burk)
Grove : You're finally able to meet after all this time.
As fellow warriors, how does it feel to be able to communicate through
crossing swords with each other? Heeheehee!

Burk : o..ooh...

Lanford : It must be painful...Burk, I will put an end to your suffering now.

(Lanford kill Burk)
Burk : ....uh.

Lanford : Rest in peace, my friend.

(on turn 10)
Mary : Are we going to make it in time?
We can nearly fully see the blue moon.

(once the M.E reach the control center)
M.E : Alright, now this is my turn to work...
Shit! It doesn't respond!

Brenda : Bah, it can't be helped since it hasn't been used for so long.
Do you know what's causing the problem?

M.E : Mmhh, it seems like something in the circuitry is disconnected...

Sigma : Can you fix it?

M.E : Wait for a short while.

(on the M.E next turn)
M.E : I found where the disconnection is! Just wait a little longer!

(on the M.E next turn)
M.E : Mh, this coding...If I replace it to be faster...

(on the M.E next turn)
M.E : Good! That should do it!

controlling program : Ready for input. Please choose the kind of weather.

M.E : Weather stormy and cloudy...set.

controlling program : Please input the area of effect.

M.E : Area of effect...the whole Yeless continent...set.

controlling program : Please input the time to start the program and

M.E : Starting from now until unspecified...set.

controlling program : Error! The amount of energy left will only make
those parameters last for 68 hours.

M.E : Then only for 68 hours is fine.

control program : parameters stored. Starting the weather control.
(big flash)
M.E : Good, it worked. Now we should soon see some clouds.

Sigma : Thanks! Please escape the battlefield as soon as possible.

M.E : Now everything depends on your strength. Please do your best!

Grove : Eeeh, if this come down to it, then I will send you all to hell!

(on the next turn)
Mary : It started raining.

M.E : These are only warm clouds.
Please endure the rain for a little while.

Brenda : I have rain pouring on me over being shooted by Pelia any day.

Clarett : Ahaha, that's right.

(Lanford near Grove)
Lanford : I won't forgive you, Grove.
How did you dare disturb the rest of my friend!

Grove : Isn't it fine that way? You were able to meet again after all.

Lanford : I won't let you open that mouth of yours a second time!

(Alfred near Grove)
Alfred : Why did do such a thing to my father!

Grove : Oh? Do you have some sort of complaints?

Alfred : Don't make fun of me!

(on the next trun after the rain)
Sigma : We can't see the stars any more. The clouds are getting thicker...

(M.E escapes)
M.E : Now it's up to you! Do your best!

(on turn 20 if Grove alive and it's raining)
Grove : Eeeh! I've gone this far and they're still not dead!
At this rate I will run out of corpses! Retreat at once!


(Grove defeated)
Grove : mggh...! That I could the hands of mere humans...!
Eehh, let's retreat for now! (teleports away)

Scenario 33 Clear

Sigma : Looks like he managed to escape.

(optionnal if you defetaed Grove before rain falls)
Brenda : Now we can relax and operate the weather-altering device peacefully.

Sigma : Afterwards, all that's left is to attack the demon tribe
base and get back Alhazard.

(Caconsis territory - battlefield)

Landius : All troops advance! Ignore the small fries! If we defeat their
commander this group will be powerless!

Caconsis soldier : Understood!

Caconsis soldier : You filthy demons! Prepare yourself!

Demon : Waaoon...

Landius : Don't underestimate me!

Demon : be defeated by those lowly humans...

Landius : Keep on like this! Crush them!

Caconsis soldiers : Yes sir!

Ferakia : What are you doing? Don't be such cowards! You can't possibly
be pushed back by a little boy like him!

Landius : Seems like she's the commander of that group!
We'll finish this at once!

Ferakia : Oh my, you sure talk big. Don't look down on me, Ferakia!
Ferakia : Ha! For a mere human, you're not half bad!

Landius : But this will be the end for you! Ferakia!

Ferakia : the hands...of a human...

Demon : Lady Ferakia has been defeated? Retreat!

Landius : Alright! Let's keep on like this! Everyone pay attention not to
stay too close to the others. We're closing in on the demons stronghold!

Caconsis soldiers : Yes sir!

(demon tribe base)

Gaiel : ...hmph, that Ferakia...she got beaten by a human. In the end that
woman was just all talk. Bah, for someone who was lost without Bozel around to
tell her what to do, this kind of death shouldn't be surprising. Bozel and the
rest of them were simply manipulated like puppets by Alhazard. In the end,
their only role was to prepare the come back of Chaos and nothing else.
I have no interest to become such a pititful being. I don't give a damn
whether or not the demon tribe wins. My goal is to become a being like Bozel
and Chaos themselves and rule over the world. But in order to do that, I must
find a way to get rid of the bothersome power of the Chaos gate.

(federation territory - battlefield)

Emily : Nuisances, out of my way!

Demon : Gwooon...

Federation soldier : We won't let the demons have their way!

Demon Waaoon....

Demon : You filthy humans, don't delude yourselves!

Soldier : Guwah!

Emily : Weakened squad pull back. Other squads support them!

Federation soldier : Understood!

Emily : Clouds have appeared...It seems like they managed to use the weather
altering device. Let's move forward at once now! We'll meet up with the
Caconsis troops. Don't drag them down! We'll show them the might of the
federation army!

Federation soldiers : Yes sir!

Emily : Charge!

Save point

(after the battle)

Grove : Eeh, the curse of them...If they didn't have the Langrisser, there is
no way I could have lost! Ferakia...? Heh, she lost to someone who
didn't even hold the Langrisser. Really, not to be able to use her own
strength correctly...what a pitiful sight. ...hmm. Right. Should I teach her
how to proerly use her strength? Heeheehee!

Scenario 34

Victory requirements : Death Groove

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Orochi + 4 dark nixies + 2 sea worms
           Mythril golem + 4 mud golems + 2 gremlins
           Kerberos + 4 orthros + 2 ogres
           Dark saint + 4 witches
           Groove (Dark master) + 4 dark guards + 2 ballistas

Ennemy reinforcements : once you reach the center of the bridge
Orochi + 4 dark nixies + 2 sea worms
(appear to the right of your first troop to cross)

on turn 4 at the bottom of the map
Vampire + 3 zombie fighters
Death + 2 shadows
Ferakia (Master zombie) + 4 zombie fighters

secret tile : those stairs at the top right of the map. Keep selecting
yes and you'll end up in scenario ?5 afterwards but only if you've already
beaten scenario 35 once so this require the level select cheat.

note : when Grove will cast Meteor destroying the bridge that will also
damage you as a normal Meteor. In top of that the burning part of the
bridge afterwards make you lose your HP too so beware not to fight on those
Also you can gain some affection points with Clarett if she's the one
killing him.

(demon tribe base)

Gaiel : Those guys have the Langrisser. Geez, that Grove there's no end to
his incompetence. I don't know what to do with him. ...wait. Actually I can
make use of him. They will have a taste of the frightening power of the
ultimate weapon! Now, oh Pelia! Fire upon them! Get rid of Langrisser and
do notleave but a trace of it!

control program : Magic energic loading. Charge ready. Input the target.

Gaiel : ....kuhkuhkuh! Farewell Grove! And you as well hikari no matsuei!

(demon tribe base - entrance)

Sigma : It looks like the demon tribe base is over there.

Grove : I was waiting for you....

Lanford : This time you can't run. I will have you pay for disturbing my
friend rest!

Grove : Well, do you think this will be so simple?

Clarett : What is this noise?

Mary : In the atmosphere...there is a disturbance of the mana...

Brenda : that means!
(big flash)
Alfred : W-we're alive?

Sigma : As Lainforce told us, it looks like it can't aim correctly because
of the clouds.

Grove : Be cursed Gaiel! You tried to get rid of me! I won't forgive that!
Once I've dealt with them, I'll turn you into my slave for the rest of
your life! So for that, I will have you guys die quickly!

(once you reach the center of the bridge)
Grove : Right now I'm not in the mood to play with humans.
So I'm not going to hold back. Hurry and up and die!
(cast meteor right away on the bridge)

Clarett : Ah, the bridge is?!

Monster : Gaaa!

Grove : Now, go and kill them quickly!

Sigma : It will be dangerous to fight that thing in the water.
We have to drag them towards the land somehow.

(on turn 4)
Grove : Heeheehee! There's still plenty of corpses!
Come forth my lovely zombies!

Ferakia : ...u..uu..uuh...

Grove : I have increased your strength wholeheartedly.
Now, fight as much as you want!

(once you're on the other side of the bridge)
Sigma : We've catchedup to you Grove!

Alfred : You can't escape anymore!

Grove : Those guys don't know when to quit!

Clarett : That's our line!

Grove : I am in a very bad foul mood right now. I'm not going to spare
a bunch of would-be avengers like you!

Lanford : We'll see about that!

(Grove attacks one of your guys)
Grove : I will use you to make more zombies!

(Lanford vs Grove)
Lanford : Someone who disturb the slumber of the dead...
I can't let him alive!

Grove : I would appreciate if you stop bad mouthing me so much.

(Alfred vs Grove)
Alfred : I can't forgive what you've done! Prepare yourself!

Grove : Do you think you can beat me with that frail body of yours?
(seriously look who's talking)

(Clarett vs Grove)
The citizens of my country, and my father I will avenge them now!

Grove : Such hot's so displeasant...

(Sigma vs Grove)
Sigma : For having destroyed everything I had, engulfed El Sallia in war... 
it's time to pay!

Grove : I won't lose so easily!

(Grove killed)
Grove : Guh! ...I can't die yet...I have to beat Gaiel first...Gaiel...urgh!

Scenario 34 Clear

Clarett : This time he's really dead.

Brenda : What a persistent guy.

Lanford : But there is no time to relax.

Sigma : Yeah. We will relax after defeating Gaiel. Let's go.
We're nearly done.

(demon tribe base)

Gaiel : What? What does that mean!

controlling program : If the target isn't clearly visible, attacks won't
be accurate.

Gaiel : Eeeh, so that's why they use that thing to create clouds!
What a worthless piece of crap...

controlling program : Relodaing more shot is still possible.

Gaiel : One shot left huh...

Save point

(Caconsis army in the battlefield)

Demon : Be...cursed...

Landius : Stay on your guard! They're throwing themselves at us!

Caconsis soldier : : Understood!

Soldier : Guwah!

Landius : Shit! We're completely outnumbered...

Angelina : Sis, what was that spell just now?
Angelina : Jessica-san!

Jessica : It's been a while. Now hang in there for a little while longer!
We've almost done it!

Shelfaniel : Yes!

Scenario 35

Victory requirements : Death Gaiel in less than 20 turns

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma, time over

Ennemies : Orochi + 4 sea worms + 2 dark nixies
           Mythril golem + 6 mud golems
           Kerberos + 6 orthros
           Giant + 6 trolls
           Ramia + 4 witches
           Sphynx + 4 gargoyles + 2 cockatrixes
           Chaos dragon + 6 snow dragons
           Death + 6 shadows
           Gaiel (Dark master) + 6 lesser demons

secret tile : that hole at the top right of the map.
1) "yes"
2) "no"
pick yes then you're prompted to another question select no then another
question again. Pick the second choice this time and the select yes to
finally get the Dragon king staff. It's the best staff in the game.
Also if equipped with the dragon king crown you'll be able to summon
the Holy dragon (only if you're character is a holy type class).

note : Gaiel has a tons of MP so be prepared for a few meteors.
Otherwise straightforward fight.

Gaiel : Kukukuh! You've finally here.

Sigma : ...Gaiel. There's nowhere to run this time.

Gaiel : Running away? Did I ever run away from you once?
Stop associating me with that stupid Grove.

Lanford : For someone who was willing to fire at us along with his comrades,
you're one to talk...

Gaiel : Comrades? Who's my comrade? Even though I was once under the command
of Bozel, now things are different. I don't give a damn about the future of
the demon tribe. What I want is to rule over this world!

Clarett : We won't allow such a thing! For the honor of the Kalxath blood
line, I will defeat you! Prepare yourself!

Gaiel Those damned hikari no matsuei and the Langrisser. What a bothersome
meeting. But this is not enough to stop me as I am now!

(on turn 5)
Gaiel : Mh? It looks like the clouds are dissipating...kukukuh!
Seems like the time for a counterattack is getting close!

Brenda : The weather altering device is out of power...we have to hurry!

(on turn 10)
Mary : The sky is becoming clearer.

Sigma : This is bad. It's just a matter of time before the clouds disappear..

(Gaiel killed)

Scenario 35 Clear

Sigma : You've lost.

Gaiel : ...kukukuh...

Brenda : What could be so funny?

Gaiel : ...I don't have to rule over the world. I can just as well destroy it.

Lanford : No matter how powerful is the ultimate weapon, it can't destroy
the world with just one shot. Quit bluffing.

Gaiel : ...kukukuh! Bluff you say? Do you think I'm really bluffing? Even
though there is just enough mana for one shot, it might just be enough.

Clarett : What do you intend to do?

Gaiel : This! Now, oh Pelia!

controlling program : ...executing order. Now changing course to align
with Crimzo.

Mary : Crimzo...impossible, do you intend to make it collapse into
the moon?

Gaiel : Kukukuh! If the two moon collide, the the surface will be
destroyed as well. You'll join hell...soon....(dies)

Alfred : Wh-what should we do?

Sigma : For now we have to inform Lainforce and the others!

(Lainforce castle)

Virash : think something like could be done...

Brenda : This not something you should admire! We're in deep trouble!

Lainforce : Since Alhazard has just been used to set Pelia in motion,
there's not enough mana left to stop it by the same way.

Alfred : So there's no way to escape this situation?

Mary : ...what we've been doing until now...for what purpose....

Viraqsh : There are still a way to stop it.

Sigma : Really? Virash?

Virash : It's true that we can't use Alhazard. But in that case there is
the Langrisser...

Sigma : Langrisser? But you said that it was incomplete...

Virash : Yes. With the strength of the Langrisser there's nothing you can
do from here. But if you were on Pelia, then it wouldn't be impossible.

Brenda : That's true. But there's another problem...

Clarett : Another problem?

Virash : The power of Langrisser come from people's thoughts, no mana is
used. But to use Pelia controlling device you will need the strength of
the thoughts of a thousand people. There's no way we can bring that many
people to Pelia.

Lainforce : Isn't there still a medium-sized spaceship among the
Crimzon landers legacy?

Virash : Even if we take off all of its armament, boarding one thousand
people is impossible.

Lainforce : We do have small ships but they do not have the power to 
reach Pelia.

Lanford : In the end, there's no way then.

Sigma : No, it's all right. We'll go to Pelia ourselves and we will be
able to stop it.

Virash : What are you saying?

Sigma : It may be impossible for normal people, but I've been modified by
Gizarof so it's not impossible for me.

Mary :

Sigma : The modification we've been given Omega and I, let use absorb power
from the outside and amplify it. If the Langrisser collect the strength of
people' thoughts that I have amplified, then just us are enough.

Mary : But you can only use that ability only once.

Sigma : That's precisely why I've got to use it now. If I don't there won't
be any opportunity afterwards! ...don't worry, I won't die if I use it once.

Lainforce : There's no other way. We will let you use the spaceship.

Virash : No, the spaceship is better used to go between the surface and
Crimzonia. For this we'll lend you one of our small ship.

Lainforce : What about the output? It doesn't have enough to get there.

Virash : With a regular crystal indeed. But we've got one with high purity.

Lanford : Oh I see, the crystal my father brought back.

Lafred : ...what father had done might not have been useless then....

Lainforce : I got it. I will order te magical engineers to work conjointly
on this. I will board the spaceship and return to Crimzonia.

Virash : I will help too. At this point we can't quarrel over getting along
or not...

Lainforce : Indeed.

Virash : I'm counting on you to take care of Pelia.

Save point

(alright so this is it. If you've got enough affection points with the girl
you're visiting she'll confess her love for Sigma. Otherwise they'll just
have a little talk and that will be all. If you visit Lanford he will tell
you the name of the girl that has the most affection points but depending on
how you played the game, you can get several endings on the same playthrough,
unlike LIV for instance where it was much harder to do so. The following will
be Mary's version. Scroll down for other characters)

(evening before the flight)

Sigma : Tomorrow the remodelling of the ship will be finished. Whether this
world is saved or destroyed is up to us now. ...speaking of which what's
everyone doing now?

(who will you go see?)
1) Mary
2) Brenda
3) Clarett
4) Other members

(if you pick 4)
1) Alfred
2) Lanford
3) Previous members

(after picking 1 - Mary)

Sigma : I'm going to go see Mary.

(outside of the inn)

Mary : .....

Sigma : Still talking with trees?

Mary : ...ahah, so you've noticed.

Sigma : This is not something to be ashamed of. Actually, I would like to be
able to talk to plants too.

Mary : You know, plants are so calm and gentle....they're living while
enduring everything around them. Animals also live like this, it's only the
humans that cause trouble for those around them.

Sigma : That's right, I won't deny it. ...but if you resign to the very end,
there's nothing you can change. Humans cause wrong but they can correct it.
They believe in themselves until the very end and never stop struggling.

Mary : You're strong aren't you...

Sigma : Perhaps because of what Gizarof did to me.

Mary : No, that's wrong. This is your own strength. No matter what
modifications someone receives, it won't change their true nature.
You are who you are.

Sigma : I am...who I am. If you're saying that, then it's probably true.
Somehow it makes me feel at ease.

Mary : Eh?

Sigma : Though I acted cool not to show it, this was always on my mind.
I was thinking "I am an artificial being". So I was wondering about my
true nature.

Mary : ...I'm sorry. I'm the only one to have recovered my memory.

Sigma : There's no helping it. Those memories, up to that time I died, have
been sealed by Gizarof experiment. But no I bear no hatred towards him.
Rather I'm grateful for what he did.

Mary : Why?

Sigma : If Gizarof didn't gave me those modifications,
I wouldn't be able to stop Pelia.

Mary : ....hahaha...

Sigma : W-what? Did I say something weird?

mary : Sorry. It's just that this way of thinking is so much like you.

Sigma : Cheh! ...but you sure  have changed. You never laughed before.

Mary : That's true. Thanks to your courage, I think I've been able to change.
Thank you.'re really strong after all. Me, on the other side,
I'm so anxious. Will we be able to change that world's fate....

Sigma : So you were speaking to the trees to relieve your anxiety?

Mary : You think it's strange, don't you?

Sigma : In that case, I wish you would speak to me.

Mary :

Sigma : I not reliable?

Mary : That's...not it...but I didn't...because...

Sigma : Because?

Mary : Please don't laugh but...there is something I wanted to know
about you...

Sigma : About me?

Mary : What do you...think of me?

Sigma : that case shouldn't you just directly ask me? (perhpas not
very clear but Mary was asking the plants around to tell her what was
Sigma opinion of her based on his behaviour. Awww....she's so cute :D)

Mary : ...please answer...

(if you've got more at leasy 126 points with Mary)

Sigma : I love you. Ever since you were Lambda, I always loved you.
That's why I want you to become hapy. These are my feelings.

Mary :'s not a dream is it....

Sigma : That's the truth. I love you.

Mary : I feel I'm grateful to Gizarov too. Because of him I was
able to meet you.

Sigma : ..haha, yeah I guess so.

mary : ...the meeting of's a mysterious thing...
people's connection to each other...

Sigma : You said I gave you courage but you've been giving me courage too.

Mary : Me...I gave you...?

Sigma : Even without saying anything, simply by being close to me,
you were giving me courage. It's because you were by my side that
I was able to get where I am now Mary.

Mary : It's because you were there that I'm here too. And, tomorrow too...
I'm afraid but if you're here then I can fight too. I'm all right.
With you I'm not afraid...

Sigma : Mary....

(following morning)

Jessica : Seems like we've been able to make it in time.

Clarett : Jessica-san!

McLaine : I'm sorry, we're can't help you on this...

Jessica : Up until now I've seen many great exploits made by people.
They were able to realize them because they had friends and comrades
that they could trust. By oneself there is little one can do.
But if everyone unites strength they the whole era can change.

Wheeler : ...and that's how it is. I'm counting on you all.

Sigma : Alright, let's go!

Mary : Yes.

(on the ship travelling towards Pelia)

Sigma : Brenda, how much time before we reach Pelia?

Brenda : I'd say there still an hour left roughly?

Clarett : Look...our think it is this small...

Mary : So blue...and it looks so beautiful too...

Lanford : Looking at it from here...our world is but a star among others...

Alfred : But it's curious isn'it? To think that we're all living on
that sphere...

Brenda : Hold on, here's a transmisson...

Virash : How are things on your side?

Brenda : We're on our way towards Pelia. We're nearly there.

Sigma : But more importantly how is the situation on Crimzo?

Lainforce : As we thought, because of Chaos revival, there are is a surge of
monsters. The Crimzon knights have been deployed and we have evacuated
the citizens. It's only a matter of time before the demon tribe is repelled.

Virash : We'be been assembling ships in order to prepare teh evacuation of
Crimzo depensind on the situation on Pelia. So far we've just been watching
though but...

Lanford : In short it all depends on us.

Lainforce : We're counting on you.

Alfred : Don't put us under more pressure please!

Mary : Yes but...this beautiful planet I want to protect it....

Sigma : Yeah, we will protect it!

Lainforce : I have faith in you. This dreadful weapon, make it dissappear!
You can do it!

Virash : Until our next meeting!
(ship start to shake)
Sigma : What?

Brenda : It seems like we're being bombarded!

Clarett : Bombarded you say?

Brenda : By Pelia defense system!

Alfred : No...not now that we've come so far....

Sigma : Is there anything we can do Brenda?

Brenda : There's no way we're going to get shot down now right? Everyone,
hold on tight. This will be a bit of a violent ride but we will have to
break through!

(Inside Pelia - on the way towards the control system)

Lanford : We managed to get in somehow.

Alfred : But the ship is....

Brenda : ...forgive me...if I piloted a bit more skillfully,
this wouldn't have happened...

Sigma : As long as we didn't get shot it's good enough...

Clarett : That's right! If we got shot down, there'd be no way to blow up
Pelia afterwards. We'll think about a way to leave afterwards.

Lanford : Indeed.

Mary : Look...there are several ways starting from here.

Sigma : There are 6 of them....Brenda do you know where to go?

Brenda : Sorry but now that we're so far inside, I don't know anymore.

Lanford : What shall we do? Shall we try each path?

Clarett : But wouldn't that be a waste of time to explore each one?

Sigma : ...we'll split and each one of us will explore one path.

Lanford : Understood. We'll reunite here afterwards to report.
(everyone leaves except those two)
Mary : ...are we going to be alright...

Sigma : Actually before leaving McLaine told me something...

Mary : Brother did?

Sigma : "is something should happen to my sister, I'll never allow you
to see her again"

Mary : Haha, that's really like him...

Sigma : Anyway, I will protect you. So be more confident. We will do it.

Mary : Yes. I feel like I could do anything if it's for you. ...
we'll meet again.(leaves)

Sigma : I'm going too.

(sound of an alarm ringing)

Scenario 36

Victory requirements : Defeat all ennemies

Defeat requirements : Death of Sigma

Ennemies : Gardian 1 (magic giant) + 6 mud golems
           Gardian 2 (magic giant) + 2 mud golems
           Gardian 3 (magic giant) + 2 mud golems
           Archdemon + 6 lesser demons
           Archdemon + 6 lesser demons

Ennemies reinforcements : as soon as you rescue three of your comrades
(or perhaps before if you're too slow?)
appear at the bottom of the map (same spot as Sigma initial position)

Marshal + 4 phalanxes + 2 archangels
Knight master + 4 dragoons + 2 legions
Omega (High master) + 4 warriors + 2 snipers

secret tile : none! :D

note : for the last scenario of the game, ennemies sure are easy here. Demons
are flying units and this is indoors so they will take forever to reach your
guys. Guardians have the poorest jugement in the game so their turn never
comethough they attack with Laser a pretty potent magic. btw Laser is kinda
funny as it will damage even their allies if they're in the way. It also has
infinite range so it will damage everything across the map.
If you've got a character that can teleport be sure to rescue him first
and this will be over in no time. If not well your main concern will be Omega.
About Omega it's interesting to note that he's considered an intruder as well
and the guardians will attack him and his troops if he's close enough to them.
Try to use that to your advantage. If done right he can easily clean out two
of the guardians for you. Besides he's so much stronger than them, it's funny
to see him pick on the guardians :)

Sigma : It looks like the path I took was correct. Hm, this is...

Mary : I'm sorry...

Lanford : Sorry, messing up like that at the end...

Brenda : If it wasn't for this cursed device...

Clarett : As soon as we got here, we've got locked like this...

Alfred : But more importantly, hurry up and rescue us please!

Sigma : Understood. Hold on for a little while I'll be right there!

Guardian : A new intruder has been detected. Entering attack mode.

Guardian : Releasing cannibals demons. Starting procedure to eliminate
the prisoners.

Monster : Finally some food...

Monster : Now, which one will I pick...

Sigma : What? ...I have to hurry and save the others!

(upon saving Mary)
Sigma : Are you all right Mary? I'm going to free you now!

Mary : Thank you. I can fight with you now.

(upon saving Clarett)
Sigma : Are you all right Clarett? I'm going to free you now!

Clarett : Wew, I was kinda worried for a while...I'm alright now.

(upon saving Lanford)
Sigma : Are you all right Lanford? I'm going to free you now!

Lanford : Sorry about that. I'll be sure to fight plenty in retribution.

(after saving 3 people)
Control program : Alert! Another intruder has been detected!

Sigma : What?

Omega : I've found you...

Sigma : So you're still alive, Omega...

Omega : Who do you think I am, you defect? If I use my full fledged faculty,
I won't die because of a little scratch like that. Of course, this is
impossible for someone like you. Well then, enought talk.
Today I will kill you for sure!

Sigma : Hold on Omega! This is not the time for this! This moon is going to..

Omega : I know. This is why this is the last chance to kill you myself!

Sigma : Then help rescue those of the surface at least!
We'll fight all you want afterwards!

Omega : Moron! Are you trying to deceive me? You're intending to use your
faculty to somehow stop this moon aren't you? Your body can only use this
faculty once and you've already used it. If you use it a second time you'll
die right? So that's why we've got to do it now!

Mary : Wait, did you say a second time...

Omega : You've been with his all this time and you haven't noticed?
He already used it once.

Clarett : Is that true?

Sigma : ...

Brenda : No....could it at the time of that explosion....

Sigma : Yeah. Unconsciously, I used it.

Omega : You finally admit it. So now fight me! If I win, I'll use my power to
save the surface!

Control program : Intruder presence confirmed. Pattern aquired.
Adding to the target list.

Omega : Forget about everything else and fight!

(upon saving Brenda)
Sigma : Are you all right Brenda? I'm going to free you now!

Brenda : Sorry about that. Well then, which one shall I beat now?

(on Omega first turn)
Omega : I'll show what a perfect product can do!

Brenda : Hey, you, how did you come here?

Omega : Ha? Why would you want to know that for?

Brenda : Just answer me!

Omega : I sneaked into Lainforce ship and got onto Crimzo. There I stole a
small vessel and got here. Satisifed?

Brenda : And where is the ship you used to get here?

Omega : Broken outside at the bottom of the hole it made when I
crashed. If you want it go right ahead.(欲しいけりゃくれてやる)

Brenda : we won't be able to use his ship...

(upon saving Alfred)
Sigma : Are you all right Alfred? I'm going to free you now!

Alfred : Y-you saved me....

(Omega vs guardians)
Omega : Out of my way!

(one of your guys close to Omega)
Sigma : Stop Omega! We've got to talk!

Omega : What? Are you going to beg for your life at a time like this?

Sigma : Didn't you say you were going to blow up this place earlier?
Afterwards, once we're back on the surface, we'll fight whenever you want.

Omega : Can't do that.

Sigma : Why!

Omega : Once I will activate the self-destruction system, there'll be
no escape from here. How are we going to have our fight in those conditions?
(i.e : they'll die in the explosion before finishing their fight)

Sigma : Then after defeating me, will you save the surface? Will you throw
away your life for this? Have you that kind of resolution!

Omega : Even though I don't mind about dying myself, doing charity work and
saving others just isn't my thing. Instead of that, I'd rather have them
all die.

Sigma : What!

Omega : Although if you and I have a little fun, I might change my mind about
that. And anyway it's not like I'm going to leave you any other choices!

(Omega vs Sigma)
Omega : This is our last fight! You'd better not hold back!

Sigma : Don't worry. I'm not going to.

(Omega defeated)
Omega : kuh, guuh! ...why...the perfect one...this shouldn't be...

(all ennemies defeated)

Scenario 36 Clear

Sigma :'s over...

Sigma : All that's left is to destroy this moon...

Omega : I thought I couldn't win...after getting this far and still
not being able to win...somehow I feel satisfied...I think I can admit your
strength now...

Sigma : Omega...

Omega : Hurry up and blow up this thing...we're running out of time
aren't we?

Mary : Stop! You've used your faculty once haven't you? If you used it a
second time you'll...

Sigma : I've made up my mind. Besides, I will die here anyway if I don't
push myself to the limit....

Mary : But...

Sigma : There's no time. Let's begin.

Mary : ....alright...

Sigma : I'm counting on you Langrisser. Haaaaahh...

Everyone : ....

Sigma : doesn't work...? So I'm really a defect after all....I'm
really useless...

Omega : Moron...don't give up so easily...If you can win against a perfect
product like me then you're not a defect....I'll show you how to use
your power...If you and I synchonize our amplification,
this will be no problem...

Sigma : Omega! If you use your power with wounds like this you'll....

Omega : Idiot! This is not the time to worry about others! Between me and
this world which is the most important? For what purpose did you come here?

Sigma : ...I understand.

Clarett : ...I want to protect...

Alfred : I want to help...

Brenda : Our world...

Lanford : The oath to my father....

Mary : Please...oh world tree...lend us strength...

Sigma : Everyone....your strength....your thoughts...give them to me!

Omega: Uuooooh!!

Control program : Alert. Pelia self destruct system has been engaged.
Humans occupying the room inside are to evacuate towards Crimzo please.
I repeat : Pelia self destruct system has been engaged....

Alfred : Alright! We did it!
(Sigma collapse, Mary goes to his side)

Lanford : Yes it's a success. But we don't have the means to escape
this place.

Omega : ...helping people...isn't so...bad...I guess...guh...(dies)

Alfred : ...Omega-san...he used his power despite his wounds....
(turning towards Sigma)Mary-san how is he?

Mary : I can still feel his pulse...but...

Sigma : ....

Mary : It's all right, you won't be alone....I'm coming soon. We will
remain forever together....

Virash : Everyone, don't give up!

Clret : Virash-san!

Virash : Hurry up! If we're too slow we'll be caught in the explosion!

(inside Virash ship)

Virash : Pelia is going to explode! Hang on tightly, the shock wave
is coming!

Clarett : seems like we're saved...

Virash : It's too early to relax! It appears that the shock wave corrupted 
the data from the piloting system. The reactor seems safe at least...

Brenda : Can you fix it?

Virash : Impossible. There no replacements parts for that. The only thing
that works is the communication device.

Brenda : The we're going to be drifting like this endlessly....?

Virash : Forgive me. I came especially to save you and it ends up like this...

Sigma : ...

Mary : You've been magnificient. Thanks to you the world is savd...
It's all right... I will by your side soon...we will always be together...
our memories alone will never die....our feelings...

(inside Sigma consciousness)

Sigma : saved...bah, nevermind...I did what I could.
In the end the perfect product sure did well(末完成品にしてはよくやった)
...I'm so tired...

voice : Do not give up.

Sigma : Who's there...

Sieghart : I am Sieghart. Well you've know me as the Langrisser instead...

Sigma : Langrisser....

Sieghart : I've spent a very long time inside this sword. I've been watching
over this era...

Sigma : I's your strength that stopped Pelia...

Siegard : This is incorrect. It was your strength. I cannot fuse people
thoughts. If it wasn't for your strength that allow people thoughts to
unite, I coundn't do anything.

Sigma :'s fine whoever it was. As long as the happiness of the people
from this world is protected....ah, I feel so tired...

Sieghart : It's true that you protected the hapiness of the people.
Now it's your happiness that should be protected.

Sigma : Mine...

Sieghart : Can't you hear it? Can't you feel it? Her feelings,
her love....Now, open you eyes!

Mary : ....ha...

Sigma : ....uuuhh...Pelia is....

Mary : It's all right. Pelia has been destroyed. Pelia and Crimzo collapse
has been avoided. The surface is saved...thanks to your efforts
the surface was saved!

Sigma : I see....that's good....

Mary : ...aah, it's

Sigma : Sorry for making you worry like this...Mary...

Alfred : is it possible...

Sigma : Ah it's the Langrisser...with her gave me strength...

Lanford : I see. There's no stronger feeling than love after all...
(ship shakes again)
Clarett : What's happening?

Alfred : Don't tell me that the ship is going to explode?

Virash : Hold on! It seems like the navigation system is working again...
course set...towards the surface!

Lanford : come...

Laiinforce : Right now, I used a remote control system and set this ship's
course towards the surface. All that's left to do is to sleep until you
reach it.

Brenda : Lain!

Lainforce : Everyone you did really well. It was worth it that the people of
Crimzonia landed on the surface.  Now I'll leave my people in your care.
If you're here I'm not worried about them.

Virash : What are you saying. Leaving it to us...

Lainforce : Because of Pelia destruction, it appears the orbit of Crimzo has
been changed again...

Brenda : Then evacuate immediatly!

Lainforce : Unfortunately, the last ship just departed.

Mary : No...

Clarett : When we finally could have lived happily together....
that something like this would happen...

Sigma : Lainforce...

Lainforce : I'm thankful for what you've done. I wish we could speak more but
the transmission will end.

Alfred : Won't we be able to meet again?

Lainforce : It may be the last time for you. But in two hundred years I will
come back. Luckily, we have replied our mana supply. Next time I come, I hope
to find your world peaceful. Until then, farewell....

Brenda : Lain!

Sigma : Farewell Lainforce. Until your return, I'll do all I can to protect
the peace of the surface.

Lanford : That's true. A troubled period may be ahead of us.

Sigma : Now let's go! Back to our planet!

- Brenda's ending -

Sigma : I'm going to go see Brenda.

(Brenda's room)

Brenda : ...what's wrong, being up at such a late hour? I knew it,
you can't sleep?

Sigma : You knew it you say, but...Brenda you're not sleeping either.

Brenda : Who could sleep in such a situation? Those who can are those who
don't know anything.

Sigma : Do you envy them?

Brenda : We're not the only ones carrying a burden after all.

Sigma : That's true. Right now Lainforce on Crimzo must be too...

Brenda : ....

Sigma : Ah, I'm sorry.

Brenda : that's alright. After all it's true that there's a part of me
that still clings to him. Earlier while I was looking at Crimzo I was
thinking about him.

Sigma : I guess you can't forget about him?

Brenda:  ...that's right. He's someone that completely changed my life.
Speaking of which you have too.

Sigma : I did too?

Brenda : Isn't it the truth? If I didn't meet you, I wouldn't be here now.
I'd probably still be with my mercenaries comrades, and still ressenting
Lain for the rest of my life.

Sigma : No, even by yourself, I'm sure you would have managed to change.

Brenda : I'm glad that you praise me but I know I'm not such an skillful

Sigma : Brenda....

Brenda : No matter how much I regret it, I can't go back to that moment.
We met by pure luck at that time. When I remember about it I can't help
but being embarassed. When we were together, it seemed to me that
everything else was disappearing. I'm sure that even if something like
now would have happened, at that time I wouldn't have minded at all.

Sigma : Until Aizer destroyed your village.

Brenda : Aizer suffered a lot in this too. Since he was Lain's close
friend after all. That's why he called me to the place Lain and I were
usually meeting. And during that time he destroyed the village. Because
of this I thought this was Lain's doing.

Sigma : Lainforce too, seeing you with Virash, mistook you for lovers.

Brenda : Virash is like a big brother for me. ...and to think this is
how ended our relationship.

Sigma : But now you can make it start again. Starting from now, people
from Crimzonia will live along the Crimzo landers. It's a good occasion.

Brenda : But he killed a lot of my comrades. Even though we cooperate
together now, the gap that was crreated during that time can't be crossed now.

Sigma : It's true that after going so far it's probably hard to bridge the gap.
But if you've put all your efforts into this, it's definitely not impossible.

Brenda : I know. ...I know that but...I'm not the kind of woman good at this...

Sigma : ...sorry. I said too much again...

Sigma : ...fufuh. You sure are weird.

Sigma : I am?

Brenda : Yeah. At that time, when I didn't know if you were alive or not...

Sigma :'re talking about what happened with Goldry?

Brenda : No sane guy would have done that. Coming flying at someone holding
a bomb.

Sigma : Ah don't say that please. I knew this was rash too. But at that time,
I wanted to protect you so much that....

Brenda : About that, I never thanked you properly, did I? Thanks. made
me feel so happy.

Sigma : matter what I won't let you die. I will put my life on the
line to protect you. This is because of...the love I have for you...

Brenda : What an awkward guy....honestly, why can't I help falling
in love with weird men...

Sigma : Eh? So you...

Brenda : ...don't you get it unless I spell it out loud? I...I love you...
So please promise me. Don't do something so rash anymore.

Sigma : It's all right. I'm not going to die.

Brenda : can't help it I guess. Alright then. I will never let
you die. I don't want to be left alone once more.

Sigma : Brenda....

(following morning)

Jessica : Seems like we've been able to make it in time.

Clarett : Jessica-san!

McLaine : I'm sorry, we're can't help you on this...

Jessica : Up until now I've seen many great exploits made by people.
They were able to realize them because they had friends and comrades
that they could trust. By oneself there is little one can do.
But if everyone unites strength they the whole era can change.

Wheeler : ...and that's how it is. I'm counting on you all.

Sigma : Alright, let's go!

Brenda : Ok. Leave it to me!

(on the ship travelling towards Pelia)

Sigma : Brenda, how much time before we reach Pelia?

Brenda : I'd say there still an hour left roughly?

Clarett : Look...our think it is this small...

Mary : So blue...and it looks so beautiful too...

Lanford : Looking at it from here...our world is but a star among others...

Alfred : But it's curious isn'it? To think that we're all living on
that sphere...

Brenda : Hold on, here's a transmisson...

Virash : How are things on your side?

Brenda : We're on our way towards Pelia. We're nearly there.

Sigma : But more importantly how is the situation on Crimzo?

Lainforce : As we thought, because of Chaos revival, there are is a surge of
monsters. The Crimzon knights have been deployed and we have evacuated
the citizens. It's only a matter of time before the demon tribe is repelled.

Virash : We'be been assembling ships in order to prepare teh evacuation of
Crimzo depensind on the situation on Pelia. So far we've just been watching
though but...

Lanford : In short it all depends on us.

Lainforce : We're counting on you.

Alfred : Don't put us under more pressure please!

Mary : Yes but...this beautiful planet I want to protect it....

Sigma : Yeah, we will protect it!

Lainforce : I have faith in you. This dreadful weapon, make it dissappear!
You can do it!

Virash : Until our next meeting!
(ship start to shake)
Sigma : What?

Brenda : It seems like we're being bombarded!

Clarett : Bombarded you say?

Brenda : By Pelia defense system!

Alfred : No...not now that we've come so far....

Sigma : Is there anything we can do Brenda?

Brenda : There's no way we're going to get shot down now right? Everyone,
hold on tight. This will be a bit of a violent ride but we will have to
break through!

(Inside Pelia - on the way towards the control system)

Lanford : We managed to get in somehow.

Alfred : But the ship is....

Brenda : ...forgive me...if I piloted a bit more skillfully,
this wouldn't have happened...

Sigma : As long as we didn't get shot it's good enough...

Clarett : That's right! If we got shot down, there'd be no way to blow up
Pelia afterwards. We'll think about a way to leave afterwards.

Lanford : Indeed.

Mary : Look...there are several ways starting from here.

Sigma : There are 6 of them....Brenda do you know where to go?

Brenda : Sorry but now that we're so far inside, I don't know anymore.

Lanford : What shall we do? Shall we try each path?

Clarett : But wouldn't that be a waste of time to explore each one?

Sigma : ...we'll split and each one of us will explore one path.

Lanford : Understood. We'll reunite here afterwards to report.
(everyone leaves except those two)
Brenda : Say...

Sigma : Hm?

Brenda : Don't do anything rash again alright? Can you promise? Otherwise I...

Sigma : No need for a promise. Because I'm immortal. ...are you afraid Brenda?

Mary : Haha, sorry about that, it's not like me right? Then I'll be going too

Sigma : Ah, Brenda!

(Brenda leaves)

Sigma : I'm going too.

(sound of an alarm ringing)

Scenario 36

(no change in the dialogues there)

Scenario 36 Clear

Sigma :'s over...

Sigma : All that's left is to destroy this moon...

Omega : I thought I couldn't win...after getting this far and still
not being able to win...somehow I feel satisfied...I think I can admit your
strength now...

Sigma : Omega...

Omega : Hurry up and blow up this thing...we're running out of time
aren't we?

Brenda : Stop! You've already used your faculty once haven't you?

Sigma : I've made up my mind. Besides, I will die here anyway if I don't
push myself to the limit....

Brenda : But instead, you'll...

Sigma : It's all right. Didn't I say I was immortal?

Brenda : ...I'll trust you must definitely stay alive!

Sigma : I'm counting on you Langrisser. Haaaaahh...

Everyone : ....

Sigma : doesn't work...? So I'm really a defect after all....I'm
really useless...

Omega : Moron...don't give up so easily...If you can win against a perfect
product like me then you're not a defect....I'll show you how to use
your power...If you and I synchronize our amplification,
this will be no problem...

Sigma : Omega! If you use your power with wounds like this you'll....

Omega : Idiot! This is not the time to worry about others! Between me and
this world which is the most important? For what purpose did you come here?

Sigma : ...I understand.

Clarett : ...I want to protect...

Alfred : I want to help...

Brenda : Our world...

Lanford : The oath to my father....

Mary : Please...oh world tree...lend us strength...

Sigma : Everyone....your strength....your thoughts...give them to me!

Omega: Uuooooh!!

Control program : Alert. Pelia self destruct system has been engaged.
Humans occupying the room inside are to evacuate towards Crimzo please.
I repeat : Pelia self destruct system has been engaged....

Alfred : Alright! We did it!
(Sigma collapse, Mary goes to his side)

Lanford : Yes it's a success. But we don't have the means to escape
this place.

Omega : ...helping people...isn't so...bad...I guess...guh...(dies)

Alfred : ...Omega-san...he used his power despite his wounds....
(turning to Sigma) Brenda-san how is he?

Sigma : ....

Brenda : ...stupid...using his own life to that extent. Weren't you
saying you will stay alive....liar...liar....

Virash : Everyone, don't give up!

Clret : Virash-san!

Virash : Hurry up! If we're too slow we'll be caught in the explosion!

(inside Virash ship)

Virash : Pelia is going to explode! Hang on tightly, the shock wave
is coming!

Clarett : seems like we're saved...

Virash : It's too early to relax! It appears that the shock wave corrupted 
the data from the piloting system. The reactor seems safe at least...

Brenda : Can't you fix it?

Virash : Impossible. There no replacements parts for that. The only thing
that works is the communication device.

Brenda : The we're going to be drifting like this endlessly....?

Virash : Forgive me. I came especially to save you and it ends up like this...

Sigma : ...

Brenda : You liar...didn't you say that you wouldn't die...didn't you say
that you were immortal....didn't you promise me...

(inside Sigma consciousness)

Sigma : saved...bah, nevermind...I did what I could.
In the end the perfect product sure did well(末完成品にしてはよくやった)
...I'm so tired...

voice : Do not give up.

Sigma : Who's there...

Sieghart : I am Sieghart. Well you've know me as the Langrisser instead...

Sigma : Langrisser....

Sieghart : I've spent a very long time inside this sword. I've been watching
over this era...

Sigma : I's your strength that stopped Pelia...

Siegard : This is incorrect. It was your strength. I cannot fuse people
thoughts. If it wasn't for your strength that allow people thoughts to
unite, I coundn't do anything.

Sigma :'s fine whoever it was. As long as the happiness of the people
from this world is protected....ah, I feel so tired...

Sieghart : It's true that you protected the hapiness of the people.
Now it's your happiness that should be protected.

Sigma : Mine...

Sieghart : Can't you hear it? Can't you feel it? Her feelings,
her love....Now, open you eyes!

Brenda : ...impossible....?

Sigma : ...uuuhh...Pelia is....

Brenda : It's all right. Pelia has been destroyed. Pelia and Crimzo collapse
has been avoided. Everyone is saved...thanks to your efforts
everyone was saved!

Sigma : I see....that's good....

Brenda:  You're're really alive

Sigma : What's wrong Brenda? You're making such a gloomy face

Brenda : Idiot...whose fault do you think it is?

Sigma : Didn't I told you? I'm immortal.

Brenda : Idiot...

Alfred : is it possible...

Sigma : Ah it's the Langrisser...with her gave me strength...

Lanford : I see. There's no stronger feeling than love after all...
(ship shakes again)
Clarett : What's happening?

Alfred : Don't tell me that the ship is going to explode?

Virash : Hold on! It seems like the navigation system is working again...
course set...towards the surface!

Lanford : come...

Laiinforce : Right now, I used a remote control system and set this ship's
course towards the surface. All that's left to do is to sleep until you
reach it.

Brenda : Lain!

Lainforce : Everyone you did really well. It was worth it that the people of
Crimzonia landed on the surface.  Now I'll leave my people in your care.
If you're here I'm not worried about them.

Virash : What are you saying. Leaving it to us...

Lainforce : Because of Pelia destruction, it appears the orbit of Crimzo has
been changed again...

Brenda : Then evacuate immediatly!

Lainforce : Unfortunately, the last ship just departed.

Mary : No...

Clarett : When we finally could have lived happily together....
that something like this would happen...

Sigma : Lainforce...

Lainforce : I'm thankful for what you've done. I wish we could speak more but
the transmission will end.

Alfred : Won't we be able to meet again?

Lainforce : It may be the last time for you. But in two hundred years I will
come back. Luckily, we have replied our mana supply. Next time I come, I hope
to find your world peaceful. Until then, farewell....

Brenda : Lain!

Sigma : Farewell Lainforce. Until your return, I'll do all I can to protect
the peace of the surface.

Lanford : That's true. A troubled period may be ahead of us.

Sigma : Now let's go! Back to our planet!

- Clarett's ending -

Sigma : I'm going to go see Clarett.

(Clarett's room)

Clarett : My, what's up so late? We have an early start tomorrow haven't we?

Sigma : You as well Clarett. What are you doing that late?

Clarett : I was just getting refreshed by the night's breeze.

Sigma : I see. Then I won't trouble you and leave...

Clarett : No, it's alright you can stay. I was thinking about tomorrow, and
couldn't lie down so I was looking at the stars. ...but now I just found
the right person to talk.

Sigma : ...I see.

Clarett : Looking at the stars from the surface like may the last
time we can do so.

Sigma : That's true. If we fail, we won't be able to come back to the

Clarett : To be able to come back, towards teh people of teh surface living
in peace, it all depends on us now...

Sigma : you regret it? If you've stayed in the Kalxath, you wouldn't
have known all that.

Clarett : Not knowing anything...huh. Thinking about it, I was exactly like
that before meeting you.

Sigma : But that's not the case now...

Clarett : Letting the others handle everything made me feel so at ease.
But right now this is not the case anymore, right?

Sigma : Indeed.

Clarett : ...I have changed. This is thanks to everyone. Especially you.

Sigma : I didn't do anything special. You changed because you could do it

Clarett : No, that's not true. You, who couldn't even remember anyone,
you thought of yourself as a wanted criminal. You didn't say anything,
nor complained to be cleared of charge.

Sigma : ...

Clarett : At that time thanks to the courage you've given me,
I was able to make it where am I am now. I'm grateful.

Sigma : I see. Then, I've been able to be useful to someone at least.

Clarett : this how you're feeling then. (実感がなさそうね)

Sigma : Sort of. Now, let's go sleep. We have a busy day tomorrow.
Good night, Clarett.

Clarett : Wait!

Sigma : C-Clarett...

Clarett : Don't move....

Sigma : ...

Clarett : ...I'm scared. I'm really scared.

Sigma : If we fail, everyone on this world will die. Crimzonia, humans,
demons, ...everyone will disappear. Every living thing will be destroyed.
...of course, I'm scared too...

Clarett : ...that's true. I can hear it from your pusle...

Sigma : Yeah, so don't worry about having that sort of feeling.

Clarett : ...

Sigma : Clarett...?

Clarett : ...that's no it.

Sigma : Eh?

Clarett : What I fear is...not being able to remain with you anymore....

Sigma : Clarett...

Clarett : ...I love you...I love you so much...

Sigma : Clarett, you're...

Clarett : I know this is not the kind of moment to say that.
I was thinking I'd keep my feelings to myself. But when I was looking
at the stars thinking about you, you've just entered the room...I was
thinking if I don't tell him now, I'll may regret it later. I don't want
to be running away now that we're facing the end. It's okay if you don't
tell me how you feel about me now. it's okay even if you hate me.
But I, I love you so....

Sigma : Clarett...

Clarett : Sorry. It's unfair, I know to say selfish things like that....

Sigma : No. I'm so happy to hear that.

Clarett :

Sigma : It's because I care about you that I came here.
I wanted to be closer to you so....

Clarett : Then...I...

Sigma The truth is, I wanted to speak to you but I feared that this would
break our bound. Let me say it properly. I love you, Clarett...

Clarett : I'm happy...I'm so happy...if only this moment could last forever...

Sigma : It's all right. This is only the beginning. Starting from now....

Clarett : ...yes.

(following morning)

Jessica : Seems like we've been able to make it in time.

Clarett : Jessica-san!

McLaine : I'm sorry, we can't help you on this...

Jessica : Up until now I've seen many great exploits made by people.
They were able to realize them because they had friends and comrades
that they could trust. By oneself there is little one can do.
But if everyone unites strength they the whole era can change.

Wheeler : ...and that's how it is. I'm counting on you all.

Sigma : Alright, let's go!

Clarett : Count on me!

(on the ship travelling towards Pelia)

Sigma : Brenda, how much time before we reach Pelia?

Brenda : I'd say there still an hour left roughly?

Clarett : Look...our think it is this small...

Mary : So blue...and it looks so beautiful too...

Lanford : Looking at it from here...our world is but a star among others...

Alfred : But it's curious isn'it? To think that we're all living on
that sphere...

Brenda : Hold on, here's a transmisson...

Virash : How are things on your side?

Brenda : We're on our way towards Pelia. We're nearly there.

Sigma : But more importantly how is the situation on Crimzo?

Lainforce : As we thought, because of Chaos revival, there are is a surge of
monsters. The Crimzon knights have been deployed and we have evacuated
the citizens. It's only a matter of time before the demon tribe is repelled.

Virash : We'be been assembling ships in order to prepare teh evacuation of
Crimzo depensind on the situation on Pelia. So far we've just been watching
though but...

Lanford : In short it all depends on us.

Lainforce : We're counting on you.

Alfred : Don't put us under more pressure please!

Mary : Yes but...this beautiful planet I want to protect it....

Sigma : Yeah, we will protect it!

Lainforce : I have faith in you. This dreadful weapon, make it dissappear!
You can do it!

Virash : Until our next meeting!
(ship start to shake)
Sigma : What?

Brenda : We're being bombarded!

Clarett : Bombarded you say?

Brenda : By Pelia defense system!

Alfred : No...not now that we've come so far....

Sigma : Is there anything we can do Brenda?

Brenda : There's no way we're going to get shot down now right? Everyone,
hold on tight. This will be a bit of a violent ride but we will have to
break through!

(Inside Pelia - on the way towards the control system)

Lanford : We managed to get in somehow.

Alfred : But the ship is....

Brenda : ...forgive me...if I piloted a bit more skillfully,
this wouldn't have happened...

Sigma : As long as we didn't get shot it's good enough...

Clarett : That's right! If we got shot down, there'd be no way to blow up
Pelia afterwards. We'll think about a way to leave afterwards.

Lanford : Indeed.

Mary : Look...there are several ways starting from here.

Sigma : There are 6 of them....Brenda do you know where to go?

Brenda : Sorry but now that we're so far inside, I don't know anymore.

Lanford : What shall we do? Shall we try each path?

Clarett : But wouldn't that be a waste of time to explore each one?

Sigma : ...we'll split and each one of us will explore one path.

Lanford : Understood. We'll reunite here afterwards to report.
(everyone leaves except those two)
Clarett : Worried?

Sigma : Well, yeah. If I said I wan't worried I would be lying.

Clarett : Pretty honest huh. But it's all right. After all,
the goddess of victory is tagging along right?

Sigma : Usually aren't you supposed to say this from someone else? the way Clarett...

Clarett : What?

Sigma : Once we're back on the surface, how about going on a travel together?

Clarett :, that's right. Travelling around the world doesn't sound too
bad for a honeymoon.

Sigma : H-honeymoon?

Clarett : Hahaha! Well, I'm going to explore that path!

(Clarett leaves)

Sigma : I'm going too.

(sound of an alarm ringing)

Scenario 36

(no change in the dialogues there)

Scenario 36 Clear

Sigma :'s over...

Sigma : All that's left is to destroy this moon...

Omega : I thought I couldn't win...after getting this far and still
not being able to win...somehow I feel satisfied...I think I can admit your
strength now...

Sigma : Omega...

Omega : Hurry up and blow up this thing...we're running out of time
aren't we?

Clarett : Stop it! I know it's to save the world but who will save you

Sigma : But we come this far to stop Pelia. There's no going back now.

Claret : I know...

Sigma : I'm counting on you Langrisser. Haaaaahh...

Everyone : ....

Sigma : doesn't work...? So I'm really a defect after all....I'm
really useless...

Omega : Moron...don't give up so easily...If you can win against a perfect
product like me then you're not a defect....I'll show you how to use
your power...If you and I synchronize our amplification,
this will be no problem...

Sigma : Omega! If you use your power with wounds like this you'll....

Omega : Idiot! This is not the time to worry about others! Between me and
this world which is the most important? For what purpose did you come here?

Sigma : ...I understand.

Clarett : ...I want to protect...

Alfred : I want to help...

Brenda : Our world...

Lanford : The oath to my father....

Mary : Please...oh world tree...lend us strength...

Sigma : Everyone....your strength....your thoughts...give them to me!

Omega: Uuooooh!!

Control program : Alert. Pelia self destruct system has been engaged.
Humans occupying the room inside are to evacuate towards Crimzo please.
I repeat : Pelia self destruct system has been engaged....

Alfred : Alright! We did it!
(Sigma collapse, Clarett goes to his side)

Lanford : Yes it's a success. But we don't have the means to escape
this place.

Omega : ...helping people...isn't so...bad...I guess...guh...(dies)

Alfred : ...Omega-san...he used his power despite his wounds....
(turning to Sigma) Clarett-san how is he?

Sigma : ....

Clarett : Open your eyes please....could it
I won't accept this...

Alfred : Clarett-san...

Clarett : This is only the beginning...didn't you say so....

Virash : Everyone, don't give up!

Clret : Virash-san!

Virash : Hurry up! If we're too slow we'll be caught in the explosion!

(inside Virash ship)

Virash : Pelia is going to explode! Hang on tightly, the shock wave
is coming!

Clarett : seems like we're saved...

Virash : It's too early to relax! It appears that the shock wave corrupted 
the data from the piloting system. The reactor seems safe at least...

Brenda : Can't you fix it?

Virash : Impossible. There no replacements parts for that. The only thing
that works is the communication device.

Brenda : The we're going to be drifting like this endlessly....?

Virash : Forgive me. I came especially to save you and it ends up like this...

Sigma : ...

Clarett : Once we'll get back on the promised we'd go on a
journey together...and yet...and yet...I had so much hopes for the future...

(inside Sigma consciousness)

Sigma : saved...bah, nevermind...I did what I could.
In the end the perfect product sure did well(末完成品にしてはよくやった)
...I'm so tired...

voice : Do not give up.

Sigma : Who's there...

Sieghart : I am Sieghart. Well you've know me as the Langrisser instead...

Sigma : Langrisser....

Sieghart : I've spent a very long time inside this sword. I've been watching
over this era...

Sigma : I's your strength that stopped Pelia...

Siegard : This is incorrect. It was your strength. I cannot fuse people
thoughts. If it wasn't for your strength that allow people thoughts to
unite, I coundn't do anything.

Sigma :'s fine whoever it was. As long as the hapiness of the people
from this world is protected....ah, I feel so tired...

Sieghart : It's true that you protected the hapiness of the people.
Now it's your hapiness that should be protected.

Sigma : Mine...

Sieghart : Can't you hear it? Can't you feel it? Her feelings,
her love....Now, open you eyes!

Clarett :!

Sigma : ...uuuhh...Pelia is....

Clarett : It's all right. Pelia has been destroyed. Pelia and Crimzo collapse
has been avoided. Everyone is saved...Crimzo, our planet, everyone...

Sigma : I see....that's good....

Clarett : Stupid! idiot! I really thought you were dead!

Sigma : Sorry to make you worry so much, Clarett...

Alfred : is it possible...

Sigma : Ah it's the Langrisser...with her gave me strength...

Lanford : I see. There's no stronger feeling than love after all...
(ship shakes again)
Clarett : What's happening?

Alfred : Don't tell me that the ship is going to explode?

Virash : Hold on! It seems like the navigation system is working again...
course set...towards the surface!

Lanford : come...

Laiinforce : Right now, I used a remote control system and set this ship's
course towards the surface. All that's left to do is to sleep until you
reach it.

Brenda : Lain!

Lainforce : Everyone you did really well. It was worth it that the people of
Crimzonia landed on the surface.  Now I'll leave my people in your care.
If you're here I'm not worried about them.

Virash : What are you saying. Leaving it to us...

Lainforce : Because of Pelia destruction, it appears the orbit of Crimzo has
been changed again...

Brenda : Then evacuate immediatly!

Lainforce : Unfortunately, the last ship just departed.

Mary : No...

Clarett : When we finally could have lived happily together....
that something like this would happen...

Sigma : Lainforce...

Lainforce : I'm thankful for what you've done. I wish we could speak more but
the transmission will end.

Alfred : Won't we be able to meet again?

Lainforce : It may be the last time for you. But in two hundred years I will
come back. Luckily, we have replied our mana supply. Next time I come, I hope
to find your world peaceful. Until then, farewell....

Brenda : Lain!

Sigma : Farewell Lainforce. Until your return, I'll do all I can to protect
the peace of the surface.

Lanford : That's true. A troubled period may be ahead of us.

Sigma : Now let's go! Back to our planet!

Σ-066 "Sigma" - Seiyuu : Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川 光)

Λ-052 "Lambda" - Seiyuu : Minaguchi Yuko (皆口 裕子)

Brenda - Seiyuu : Tomizawa Michie (富沢 美智恵)

Clarett - Seiyuu : Kawakami Tomoko (川上 とも子)

Alfred - Seiyuu : Iwanaga Tetsuya (岩永 哲哉)

Lanford - Seiyuu : Aono Takeshi (安井 邦彦)

Ω-137 "Omega" - Seiyuu : Hori Hideyuki (堀 秀行)

Lainforce - Seiyuu : Hayami Sho (速水 奨)
(also known as Oohama Yasushi : 大濱 靖)

McLaine - Seiyuu : Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷 浩史)

Alvince - Seiyuu : Masutani Yasunori (増谷 康紀)

Aizer - Seiyuu : Kishino Yukimasa (岸野 幸正)

Landius/Lambert - Seiyuu : Okiayu Ryoutarou (置鮎 龍太郎)

Emily - Seiyuu : Mannaka Yukiko (満仲 由紀子)

Gizarov - Seiyuu : Shibata Hidekatsu (柴田 秀勝)

Jessica - Seiyuu : Maeda Ai (前田 愛)

Rosenshill/shop clerk - Seiyuu : Toyoshima Machiko (豊嶋 真千子)

Virash - Seiyuu : Taiki Matsuno (松野 大紀)

Wheeler - Seiyuu : Norima Kenji (野島 健児)

Selena - Seiyuu : Asada Yoko (浅田 葉子)

Bozel - Seiyuu : Shiozawa Kaneto (塩沢 兼人)

Grove/Eric - Seiyuu : Nakai kazuya (中井 和哉)

Ferakia - Seiyuu : Hibino Akari (日比野 朱里)

Gaiel/Goldry - Seiyuu : Inaba Minoru (稲葉 実)

Zero - Seiyuu : Masutani Yasunori (増谷 康紀)

Lenard - Seiyuu: Yoshimizu Takahiro (吉水 孝宏)

Gilmore - Seiyuu : Inoue Takayuki (井上 隆之)

Creid - Seiyuu : Takatsuka Masaya (高塚 正也)

Mastason - Seiyuu : Aso Tomohisa (麻生 智久)

After the cast roll is over you'll get to know what happened to your
characters after the game. This is decided by how much ennemies they've
killed and also if they have been defeated or not in combat (usually when
they have, you'll learn that they die quite young). Also who you picked
for Sigma soulmate alter those endings a bit of course.

After those, the staff will roll over and the ending song will be played.

ending song : hoshi no youni (like a star)

Afterwards you'll see the langrisser broken in a pool of water and the
subtitle of the game : "The End of Legend" will appear :)

Translation notes (read : useless trivia)

"sotai" (素体) : This is how Lainforce and his crew refer to Sigma, Lambda and
Omega. It basically means prime field, or main component/element. I couldn't
come up with something good so I just used critical element since Lainforce
desperately needs Lambda.

"jashin" (邪神) : literraly god of destruction. It refers to Gendrasil here.

"sekaiju" (世界樹) : kanji for world and tree stuck together so world tree.

"ougonju" (黄金樹) : same here literraly golden tree.

"ginyoju" (銀菓樹) : according to the kanji it's tree bearing silver fruits.
However Brenda pronounce one of the kanji in a weird way so I'm a bit puzzled.

"seiken" (聖剣) : Holy sword. Sometimes used to speak of Langrisser.

"maken" (魔剣) : Demon sword. Sometimes used to speak of Alhazard.

"konoekishidanchou" (近衛騎士団長) : litteraly Imperial knight division leader.
Refer to Sigma's past title when he was working for the Kalxath empire.

"stop calling me like that!" : after scenario 10, Sigma harass Clarett to get
her to tell him what she knows. While doing so he calls her "kimi" if you pay
attention. Kimi means you and can be used to designate a person but it's
slighty condescending though so you'd better not use it for anyone of a
higher standing. Think of it like the -kun suffix (it's the same kanji btw).
It pisses Clarett off mostly because this makes Sigma looking like her pal and
she doesn't want that, well Sigma is supposedly a criminal after all.

"hikuutei" (飛空艇) : That's how the game call most flying ships in this game.
Kanji means basically "flying sky small boat". I'll just use ship.

'kodaimahoubunmei" (古代魔法文明) : literraly "ancient" "magic" "civilization".
Refer most probably to what's left of Crimzonia presence on Earth. Nobody
on Earth remember the true nature of Crimzonia I guess. I'll
translate this term as old/ancient magical civilization in the game.

"hikari no matsuei" (光の末裔) : literraly descendants of light. It's the bunch
of people who assisted to the "creation" of the Langrisser back then in LIII.
Them and their descendants are the only one able to wield it.

"I see dead people doing stuff!" : When Mary asks the tree what it knows she
describes the scene afterwards. The translation wasn't very clear there perhaps
so I'll sum it up here : Grove killed the emperor by strangling him. Then once
he was dead, Grove used his ability to control corpses to have the emperor
stab himself with Sigma's sword. Once it was done, the emperor corpse put
the sword near Sigma and crumbled. I don't know why Sigma was unconscious
the whole time, I guess Grove put a spell on him somehow.

"mahouhou" (魔法砲) : literraly magic cannon. This is so ridiculous I couldn't
bring myself to write it so I just left it in japanese. That said, even in
japanese, it's still sounds ridiculous...

"mahoukyohei" (魔法巨兵) : literraly magic giant soldier. This is as corny as
the former weapon if not more. They are quite a few of them in the game the
first one appearing by Gilmore side in scenario 24.
I translated it as magical giant.

"haja no ken" (破邪の剣) : literraly evil-crushing sword, purification sword.
You'd think that this would refer to Langrisser only but since it is but a 
clone of Alhazard...I usually translate it as sacred sword. Lainforce and
Virash use this term when mentionning Langrisser and "shin no haja no ken"
or true sacred sword when speaking of Alhazard.

"nouryoku" (能力) : literraly ability, faculty. This refer to Sigma, Lambda
and Omega unique abilities. I've translated as capacity or power.

"mazoku" (魔族) : literally member of the demon tribe. I usually translate it
as demon for short. Every monster/demon in this game is called mazoku btw.

"kekkanhin" (欠陥品) : literraly defective product. This is how Omega refers
to Sigma. This is due to the fact that Sigma can't use his faculty more than
once unlike Omega. If he did he would die as indicated in Gizarof's report.

"kanseihin" (完成品) : literraly complete/perfect product. Refer to Omega.
He calls himself like this because he can use his faculty to gather and
absorb spiritual energy an unlimited amount of time unlike Sigma.

"saishuuheiki" (最終兵器) : literraly ultimate weapon and guess what? I
translated it as ultimate weapon as well even though it's a bit ridiculous.
It refers to Pelia the blue moon, so I guess you can call it the death star
as well :)

"gyoi" (御意) : roughly means "your will will be done/executed". Overly formal.
Only Zero use it in the game. I use "as you wish" or "very well" instead but I
still regret not to be able to convey it better especially since I use very
well often but only Zero says gyoi. Oh well....