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                        | Lunar:Silver Star Story Boss Faq |
                               | By Jarek Grochal |
                              | |
                                 | Version 1.7 |

| Contents |
| 1.Version Update |
| 2.Introduction |
| 3.Characters Used In Boss Battles |
| 4.Bosses |
1. Saline Slimer 
2. Master Mel 
3. Water Dragon 
4. Spark Mash
5. Dragonmaster Zoc 
6. Ultragoyle(3)
7. Vile Crustacean 
8. Plaster Mel 
9. Bronze Dog(2)
10. Tempest 
11. Black Dragon 
12. Shadow Specter 
13. Magic Masher 
14. Magic Emperor 
15. Magic Emperor Again
16. Royce 
17. Xenobia 
18. Magic Emperor 
| 5.Alternate Strategy For Magic Emperor |
| 6.Thanx To |
| 7.Copyright |
| 1.Version Update |

Version 1.0 7/9/99
-Started the Faq. Did the Introduction,Copyright, and Most of the Boss     
Version 1.1 7/11/99
-Corrected Some Mistakes, Finished the Faq up to the Final Boss.
Version 1.2 7/13/99
-Corrected More Mistakes, Added the Characters Used In boss battles       
section, and finished the faq.
Version 1.3 7/23/99
-Corrected some minor mistakes
Version 1.4 7/29/99
-Just Some Minor Things Corrected
Version 1.5 7/31/99
-Some Minor Stuff
Version 1.6 8/16/99
-Probably the last Update, Some Changes
Version 1.7 01/29/00
-added copyright
| 2.Introduction |
	I'm writing this faq, to one of the greatest Role Playing Games 
ever released for the Playstation. The bosses in this game are about the 
only hard part of Lunar:SSSC, because the puzzles and dungeons aren't 
very hard. SO now on with the Faq.This is my first real faq, and I will 
write more faqs, especially for games that have real sucky faqs or no 
faqs at all. This faq can have some spoilers, so read at your own risks. 
The spoilers aren't storyline spoilers, but they do reveal the final 
boss, so read only to the part you need.
| 3.Characters Used In Boss Battles |
| Alex | 
Has the most useful attack in the whole game, and is also the strongest 
and most useful character in boss battles.
| Attacks |
                Mp      Rating
Sword Dance     6         A+	     
Explosion Staff 9         C-		      
Flash Cut       18        B            
Vigor           10        A
Dragon Protect  60        C		      
Dragon Anger    35        C		      
Dragon Healing  40        A+		      
Dragon Grief    15        D+		      
His Sword Dance attack does extreme damage to bosses, and Dragon Healing 
is an awesome spell that heals all Hp for all characters.
| Luna |
She's only with you for a little while, but she's pretty usefull. She 
has High Mp and Intelligenc,but her Attack, Hp, and Defense are a little 
on the low side.
| Attacks |
                 Mp     Rating
Healing Song     4        A
Purity Song      4        B         
Cascade Song    10        A+        
Escape Song     10        D        
Temptation Song  8        D        
Tranquil Song   15        D        
She has some Very usefull healing spells, and her Cascade Song raises 
both Attack and Defense which is a must for some Boss Fights
| Ramus |
He has no spells, and gains only Hp at level up. He leaves u early, 
which is good because he really sucks.
| Nash |
He is the magician of the group, but I feel he is the worst of the 5 
Main characters.
He has High Mp, and Int, and He's and Ok attacker when equipped with a 
| Attacks |
               Mp      Rating
Thunderbolt	   15        B+
Thunder Bomb    6        C
Thunder Thrust 18        B
Spark Ball     10        C-
Sleep           9        C-
Confusion       7        C-
Magic Box       8        C-
Stone           6        C-
I never found any of his status spells to be ever useful, since they 
don't work most of the time. His thunder attacks are good for regular 
enemies, but he is a little help usually in Boss battles.
| Jessica |
She is the healer, and a must in most Boss battles. She also has a high 
attack Power compared to the other magicians.
| Attacks |
               Mp      Rating
Heal Litany    4         B-
Calm Litany    15        A
Saint Litany   12        A
Althena Litany 10        B-
Miracle Litany 20        B
Cleanse Litany 4         C 
Fear Litany    6         D
Escape Litany  20        B
Her Saint Litany is kind of like a regen spell, which recovers some Hp 
at the end of each turn. Her healing spells are a must in most boss 
| Mia |
She has the highest Mp and Int in the game, But her Hp,attack, and 
Defense are Low. She has some good Ice, and Fire attack spells, and one 
of the best support spells.
| Attacks |
               Mp        Rating
Flame Bomb     13        B-
Flame Circle    7        C+
Flameria       30        B
Power Drive    11        A+
Ice Lance       5        B
Ice Wall       15        A-
Blizzard       10        A-
Ice Shell      11        A
Her Power Drive is a must to raise attack power of characters in Battle, 
and her attack spells are also pretty good.
| Kyle |
Second Strongest Character besides Alex, has a good Mix of all stats, 
except he has Low Mp and Int. He has some Strong Attacks.
| Attacks |
               Mp      Rating
Power Slash     6         A
Power Sweep     9         D
Sonic Riser    14         B- 
Power Up        8         A
His Power Up-Power Slash attacks are great against bosses, but his Power 
Sweep is pretty much Useless.
| Tempest |
He only fights against one Boss, but he's pretty good with High Attack 
| Attacks |
               Mp     Rating
Flash Arrow     8        B
Flash Wind     10        B
His Flash Arrow does decent damage, and Flash Wind is useful againts 
regular enemies as it just blows them away.
| 4.Bosses |
1.Saline Slimer
The Saline Slimer is your first boss, and one of the easiest in the 
entire game(thus being the first one). If you are at least Level 10, and 
do the required patter you should have no problem.  First off, the 
Saline Slimer has a two managable attacks, and one attack that is a real 
pain. His first two attacks are a his normal attack that hits a 
character for 20 damage twice. His second attack does about 35 damage to 
one character. His other harded to manage attack is his Mucus attack, 
which traps a character for about 4-5 turns. If Alex is trapped, you 
might have a real hard time winning the battle.  First off give Ramus 
all your healing nuts, and the starlight you found in the old hag's 
forest. Now enter the battle. Have luna cast Cascade Song on Alex twice. 
Then have her heal with Tranquil song. Have Alex use Sword Dance every 
turn to do about 200 damage after he has Cascade Song cast on him. Have 
Nash Cast Thunder Bomb on him for about 40-50 damage. Have Ramus attack, 
or heal using Healing Nuts. If Alex runs out of Mp have Ramus use a 
starlight on him. Saline Slimer heals for about 90 hp each turn, but 
with the damage you do, he should die easy.

2.Master Mel
You don't have to win this fight, but if you do you earn 100 extra EXP 
points for Alex. To win have Alex at level 12. Stuff his inventory with 
all herbs, and maybe one starlight. Mel does about 15 damage if you get 
the best armor in Meribia, and about 20-25 with the armor from Saith. 
Now onto the fight. Have Alex use Vigor on himself twice, while keeping 
himself healed. Then unleash Sword Dances on Mel. When u run out of Mp 
use a Starlight and continue with Sword Dances, or just finish him of 
with regular attacks.

3.Water Dragon
Some people have trouble with this guys, but he is easy as long as you 
have your guys at level 13 and put them all in the back row using nall's 
formation screen. When in the back row, the Water Dragon has only one 
attack which does about 30 damage. Have Luna and Ramus equipped with the 
best Bow from Meribia, and have the best armor on your characters. Have 
Luna Cast Cascade Song on Alex twice and then heal, while Ramus 
constantly attacks, or heals Mp using Starlighs when needed. Then have 
Alex use Sword Dance every turn for an easy win.

4.Spark Mash
I always have trouble with this fight. Have Alex and Luna at Level 15-
16, and fully healed before u enter this fight. Spark Mash has two nasty 
attacks. One that does 30-45 hp damage and may paralyze your character. 
Another one does 25-35 damage to both characters. Have Luna cast cascade 
song on Alex, and then heal with healing song,or tranquil song if both 
characters are injured. Then have Alex cast Sword Dances until he dies. 
You may die once or twice(or more), but eventually you will win.

5.False Dragonmaster,Zoc
This guy is easy. Have Luna cast Cascade Song on Alex twice. Then have 
Alex use multiple Sword Dances, until this guy dies.
Have Nash, use Thunder Bomb, and Jessica attack. Have luna heal with 
Tranquil Song. Level 16 is sufficient to win this fight.

There are 4 of these guys and they can do about 20-30 damage with each 
hit. Have Mia use her multiple enemy ice spells, or use the defense 
raising magic. Have Nash Use his best Thunder Magic. Jessica heal with 
her healing spells.

7.Vile Crustacean
Follow the same pattern as with other bosses. Have Alex cast Vigor on 
himself, then use Sword Dances. Have Nash Use his spells, and Mia raise 
your characters defense, or if at high enough levels, have her cast 
Power Drive on Alex. Have Jessica Heal.

8.Plaster Mel
Kyle fights this fight alone. Have him use power up once, and then just 
use Power Slash a couple of times. Heal with items if nescesary.

9.Red Dragons(2)
Be on Level 24-25 for this fight. Since there are two of them its gonna 
be pretty hard. Their regular attack does about 20-30 damage to one 
character twice, and their special attack does 30-40 to all. Have 
Jessica use Saint Litany the first turn, and then heal with Calm Litany 
each turn. Nash Use Thunder Bomb, or Thunder Thrust and heal Mp with 
starlights. Kyle and Alex should Power Up and Use Power Slash, and Sword 
Dance respectively. Mia should cast Blizzard or Ice Wall.

Alex fights him one on one. Even if you wanted to lose this fight it 
would be hard. Tempest's attacks deal about 3 damage to Alex, so just 
use normal attack, or sword dances.

11.Black Dragon
Since you have no healer, stuff your inventory with Healing Nuts, and 
use them whenever your Hp's go Below 40. Use Angel Tear's to Revive dead 
characters. Have Tempest use Flash Arrow, or Heal. Have Alex cast Vigor 
and then use Sword Dance. Kyle should power up and use Power Slash. Nash 
should cast Thunder Thrust, and Heal with items.

12.Shadow Specter
He's Pretty easy. Alex should use Vigor, and then Sword Dances. Kyle 
should use Power Slash.Mia should use Power Drive on Kyle, and Alex 
Twice Each, and then use Spells. Jessica should heal, and this should be 

13.Magic Masher.
His regular attack does 1 damage, but his Magic attack is something to 
worry about, as it does about 50 damage to a group of characters. Have 
Alex use Sword Dance, and Kyle use Power Slash, while Mia casts Power 
Drive on them Twice. Jessica should Heal with her whole party healing 
spells. If you want you can cast the regenlike spell on some of your 
characters so Jessica doesn't have to heal every turn and can attack 
since her physical attack is pretty strong and can deal some pretty good 
damage to the boss.

14.Magic Emperor
His attacks do about 80-100 damage to all. Alex should use Sword Dance, 
and Kyle should us Power Slash. Mia should cast Power Drive on them 
Twice each, and then Use Ice Wall, or Blizzard. Nash should use 
Thunderbolt,or ThunderShock. Jessica, as always should heal.

15.Magic Emperor. Again?
Unleash all you want on him, but eventually he does an attack that hits 
everyone for about 700-800 damage.So you will have to regroup and come 
back stronger to defeat this guy once and for all.

She may be kind of hard, but have Alex use Sword Dance, and Kyle use 
Power Slash. Mia should cast Power Drive on Alex, and Kyle twice. Nash 
should use ThunderBolt, and Jessica should use Saint Litany once, and 
then heal with Calm Litany.Level 43 is enough for this fight. Make sure 
to have some Starlights to heal back your HP and an angel tear or two to 
bring back dead characters. Don't use too many though or you will have a 
very hard time with some of the later bosses, and the final boss himself 
She is nearly impossible, unless you use the formation screen to spread 
apart your characters. She has an attack that can stone your characters, 
and if they are close together, its pretty much Game Over, so spread 
them appart. Have Alex use Sword Dance, Kyle Use Power Slash. Mia should 
cast Power Drive on them twice and then cast Ice Wall. Nash should cast 
Thunder Bolt, and Jessica should cast Saint Litany once, and then heal 
with Calm Litany. Be at Level 45 for this fight.      

18.Magic Emperor Ghaleon
He attacks twice each turn doing about 80-100 damage with each attack. 
Be at level 47 or up for this fight. Stuff your whole inventory with 
Silver and Star Lights and some Angel Tears. Make sure each character 
has 3-5 Silver, and StarLights, and 2-3 Angel Tears, and maybe One 
Healing Nut. Have Mia Cast Power Drive On Kyle and Alex Twice. Have Alex 
use Sword Dance on him, and Kyle use Power Slash on him. Nash should 
heal Mp With starlights, or cast Thunderbolt on him. Jessica should cast 
Saint Litany once, and then heal each turn with Calm Litany. If a 
character dies revive him with an Angel Tear, or Jessica's Miracle 
Litany spell. Sometimes Ghaleon summons a little orb which absorbs 1000 
damage and then is destroyed.Ghaleon also has an attack that drains some 
Hp back into him, and one that automatically kills a character so watch 
out. This fight may take a little while, but if u keep on fighting you 
should win.
| 5.Alternate Strategy For Magic Emperor |
Use the exact same strategy except instead of Jessica healing have her 
attack, and have Alex cast his Dragon Healing spell each turn. Equip the 
accesory that halves Mp usage on Alex. Make sure u Restore Alex's Mp 
when he Needs it.
| 6.Thanx To |
Working Desings For Bringing This game to the U.S.OF.A
My Friend David for getting me interested in Role Playing Games
My TV for giving me something to watch when I was writing this
DingoJellybean since im using his copyright
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