FAQ/Move List by Kao Megura

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for the Sega Saturn (domestic)
by Chris MacDonald

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      - The Controls
      - FAQ Terminology
      - Basic Commands
      - Adon
      - Birdie
      - Charlie
      - Chun-Li
      - Guy
      - Ken
      - Rose
      - Ryu
      - Sagat
      - Sodom
      - Akuma
      - Dan Hibiki
      - M. Bison
      - Play as the Hidden Characters
      - Fight the Hidden Characters
      - Store the Hidden Characters in Memory
      - Team Battle
      - Chain Combos
      - Super Combo Gauge
      - Translations
      - Special Thanks
      - Revision History


 Alright, the final revision of this FAQ is done...finally :)  This guide
 isn't meant to be the end-all to SFA.  It's just a moveslist, some
 comments, some tricks, and the translations--standard FAQ procedure for
 yours truly.  If you liked the old format with all the descriptions and
 funky ASCII notation and fluff, it's on the 'Net somewhere waiting to
 be read, I'm sure.  Personally, I couldn't stand the thing ^_^;

 This section outlines the basic controls for all characters:

 [ Controller Layout ]  -------------------------------------------------

  ub  u  uf      Jump Up-Back            Jump Up         Jump Up-Forward
    \ | /
 b -- n -- f     Walk Back / Block       Neutral         Walk Forward
    / | \
  db  d  df      Crouch / Low Block      Crouch          Offensive Crouch

 Obviously, when facing left, the controls are reversed. :)

 [ Button Layout ]  -----------------------------------------------------

 LP  MP  HP      Light Punch        Medium Punch        Hard Punch

 LK  MK  HK      Light Kick         Medium Kick         Hard Kick


 The following terms / notation is used in this FAQ:

 P / K          -  Press any Punch or Kick button.
 PP / KK        -  Press two Punch or Kick buttons together.
 PPP / KKK      -  Press all three Punch or Kick buttons together.
 a-d            -  Press in any direction.
 a-d-u          -  Press in any direction but directly up.
 db~df          -  You can use any of the three downward directions.
 ub~uf          -  You can use any of the three upward directions.
 MP~HK          -  You can use MP, HP, MK, or HK.
 qcf / hcf      -  Input (d,df,f) or (b,db,d,df,f) on the controller.
 qcb / hcb      -  Input (d,db,b) or (f,df,d,db,b) on the controller.
 Charge         -  Hold in the first direction for 2 seconds, then press
                   in the next direction(s) before hitting the button.
 Rotate 360     -  Spin the controller in a full circle.  The shorthand
                   method is to input (f,df,d,db,b,ub,u) or the reverse.
 Rotate 720     -  Spin the controller in two full circles.
 tap d/p/k      -  Tap the d-pad in any direction rapidly while tapping
                   the Punch and Kick buttons.
 overhead       -  The move must be blocked low (use a down-back crouch).
 s / c / j      -  standing / crouching / jumping.


 Standing Block                 Hold b when attacked
 Crouching Block                Hold db when attacked
 Mid-Air Block                  Block an attack while airborne
 Escape Roll                    b,db,d + P when knocked to the ground
 Automatic Roll                 Occurs after certain attacks
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + P / K while blocking
 Throw Attempt                  Press b / f + MP / HP
 Throw / Hold Escape            Press b / f + MP~HK as you're grabbed
 Hold Recovery                  Tap d/p/k
 Dizzy Recovery                 Tap d/p/k
 Taunt                          Press the L + R shoulder buttons

 - When you block an attack, you take no damage from it.  Blocking
   special moves and Super Combos results in reduced damage.  The
   standing block protects you from mid-air, standing, and overhead
   attacks, while the crouching block works against standing attacks,
   low attacks, and sweeps, but not overhead or mid-air moves.  The
   mid-air block only works against attacks that are not touching
   the ground (for instance, you could block a projectile, or a
   Shouryuu Ken that has left the ground, but not a Shouryuu Ken that
   his while your attacker is still standing).
 - When you use the Escape Roll, you roll forwards.  The distance
   is not affected by the button used.
 - The Automatic Roll makes you roll backwards upon touching the
   ground.  It happens after being hit with certain attacks, like
   Ryu's Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, or Guy's Bushin Gokusa Ken.
 - An Alpha Counter can only be used while blocking on the ground.
   Furthermore, it costs one level of your Super Combo Gauge in order
   to use.  Certain characters use b,db,d + P for their counters,
   these include Birdie, Charlie, Ken, M. Bison, Rose, Ryu, and Sodom.
   Other characters can only use b,d,db + K.  They include Adon, Akuma
   Chun-Li, Dan, Guy, and Sagat.
 - Every character can throw their opponent by getting close and pressing
   back or forward plus MP or HP.  Some characters can also throw with
   MK and HK.  Throws are unblockable, but you can escape from them by
   pressing towards your enemy and MP, HP, MK, or HK just as you're
   thrown.  This prevents you from taking normal damage.  You can only
   escape normal throws and holds (special ones, like Birdie's Murderer
   Chain or Akuma's Hyakki Gou Sai, are inescapable).
 - Some characters have holds instead of throws.  They will grab you
   and hit you repeatedly before tossing you away.  When you're in a
   hold, you can get out of it sooner and take less damage by tapping
   the directional pad in any direction rapidly while tapping the
   Punch and Kick buttons.
 - A character is dizzied when they take too many hits in a short period
   of time.  When dizzied, they are left vulnerable for a brief moment.
   You can get out of a dizzy faster by entering the same command you
   use to escape from holds (tap the d-pad and buttons rapidly).
 - Each character can taunt once per round by pressing the L and R
   shoulder buttons together.  While taunting, you are vulnerable to
   attack and cannot move.  Chun-Li's taunt can hit an enemy, while
   Dan can taunt as many times as you want during a round.
 - Some characters have more than one taunt that can be performed by
   pressing f while taunting; this includes Charlie, Ken, M. Bison,
   and Ryu.  Birdie can taunt while holding back or forward.


 The moves are listed in this order: normal throws, then special moves,
 command attacks, Super Combos, and then their Alpha Counter.  Afterwards
 are some notes on their special moves and abilities (if applicable).


 Jaguar Carry                   b / f + MP / HP when close
 Jaguar Slam                    b / f + MK / HK when close

 Rising Jaguar                  qcf,uf + K
 Jaguar Kick                    b,d,db + K
 Jaguar Tooth                   hcb + K

 Jutting Kick                   df + MK

 Jaguar Revolver                qcb,qcb + K
 Jaguar Varied Assault          qcf,d,df + P
 Jaguar Thousand                Tap P during Lv. 3 Jaguar Varied Assault
 Jaguar Assassin                Tap K during Lv. 3 Jaguar Varied Assault
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + K while blocking


 Bull Spike                     b / f + MP / HP when close  (tap d/p/k)
 Bad Throw                      b / f + MK / HK when close
 Murderer Chain                 Rotate 360 + P
 Bull Head                      Charge b,f + P
 Bull Horn                      Hold PP / KK, then release

 Body Slam                      d + HP in air
 Bull Drop                      Press HK

 The Birdie                     Charge b,f,b,f + P
 Bull Revenger                  qcf,d,df + P / K
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + P while blocking

 - The longer you charge the Bull Head, the more damage it does.  The
   buttons held affect the Bull Head's range:

        LP + MP / LK + MK          Short-range
        LP + HP / LK + HK          Medium-range
        MP + HP / MK + HK          Long-range

 - Note that when Birdie is turning around to do the Bull Head, he
   is invincible during that short period of time.  You can use this
   to pass through attacks and deliver an attack yourself, but it's
   difficult to time correctly.
 - Normally, you can charge two Bull Heads at once (hold PP + KK).
   However, there is a trick to charge 3 or 4 Bull Heads at once.  To
   do this, hold down five or six buttons, then release one button at
   a time.  You have to keep holding down at least one Punch and one
   Kick button, and once you've released every button but those two,
   they become useless (so holding down PPP + KK gives you three Bull
   Head charges, not five).
 - The Murderer Chain and Bull Revenger are unblockable.
 - The Bull Drop can hit at two points; one, when Birdie first lifts
   his leg, or else when he is dropping it down.  The "dropping"
   animation is an overhead attack, if it hits.
 - During the Bull Revenger, using P makes Birdie hop forward, while
   using K makes him leap across the screen.

 CHARLIE                                   (aka "Nash" outside of the US)

 Dragon Suplex                  b / f + MP / HP when close
 Knee Gatling                   b / f + MK / HK when close  (tap d/p/k)
 Flying Buster Drop             a-d-u + MP / HP when close  (air only)

 Sonic Boom                     Charge b,f + P
 Somersault Shell               Charge d,u + K

 Jump Sobat                     b / f + MK
 Step Kick                      b / f + HK
 Spin Back Knuckle              f + HP

 Sonic Break                    Charge b,f,b,f + P, tap P rapidly
 Crossfire Blitz                Charge b,f,b,f + K
 Somersault Justice             Charge db,df,db,uf + K
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + P while blocking

 - The Jump Sobat is an overhead attack.
 - During the Sonic Break, you can press P for an extra Sonic Boom toss.
   At Level 1, you get one extra Sonic Boom.  At Level 2, you get two
   of them, and at Level 3, you get three extra Sonic Booms (for four
   attacks total).  All of the Sonic Booms are considered to be Super
   Combo projectiles, meaning that they can pass through standard


 Koshuu Tou                     b / f + MP / HP when close
 Ryuusei Raku                   a-d-u + MP / HP when close  (air only)

 Kikou Ken                      hcf + P
 Sen'en Shuu                    hcb + K
 Tenshou Kyaku                  Charge d,u + K
 Hyakuretsu Kyaku               Tap K rapidly

 Yousou Kyaku                   d + MK in air  (can repeat)
 Kaku Kyaku Raku                df + HK
 Sankaku Tobi                   Jump against a wall, press in opp. dir.

 Kikou Shou                     qcf,qcf + P
 Senretsu Kyaku                 Charge b,f,b,f + K
 Hazan Tenshou Kyaku            Charge db,df,db,uf + K
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + K while blocking

 - The Sen'en Shuu and Kaku Kyaku Raku are overhead attacks.


 Seoi Nage                      b / f + MP / HP when close
 Tsukami Nage                   b / f + MK / HK when close  (tap d/p/k)
 Izuna Otoshi                   a-d-u + MP / HP when close  (air only)

 Bushin Izuna Otoshi            qcf + P, then press P when close
 Izuna no Hiji Otoshi           qcf + P, then press P from afar
 Hayagake                       qcf + K
 Hayagake: Kyuuteishi           qcf + LK, then press K
 Hayagake: Kage Sukui           qcf + MK, then press K
 Hayagake: Kubikari             qcf + HK, then press K
 Bushin Senpuu Kyaku            qcb + K
 Bushin Gokusa Ken              LP,MP,HP,HK when close

 Hiji Otoshi                    d + MP in air
 Kubi Kudaki                    f + MP
 Kamaitachi                     df + HK
 Sankaku Tobi                   Jump against a wall, press in opp. dir.

 Bushin Hassou Ken              qcf,d,df + P  (Press P again at Lv. 2/3)
 Bushin Gourai Kyaku            qcf,d,df + K
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + K while blocking

 - The Bushin Izuna Otoshi is an unblockable throw.  However, it cannot
   grab people who are in the corner of the screen.
 - The Kubikari and Kubi Kudaki are overhead attacks.
 - The Kage Sukui must be blocked crouching.
 - During the Level 2 or 3 Bushin Hassou Ken, you have to press Punch
   again after jumping into the air.  Otherwise, Guy jumps without


 Jigoku Guruma                  b / f + MP / HP when close
 Tsukami Nage                   b / f + MK / HK when close  (tap d/p/k)
 Jigoku Fuusha                  a-d-u + MP / HP when close  (air only)

 Hadou Ken                      qcf + P
 Shouryuu Ken                   f,d,df + P
 Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku         qcb + K
 Zenpou Tenshin                 qcb + P

 Inazuma Kakato Wari            f + MK

 Shouryuu Reppa                 qcf,d,df + P
 Shinryuu Ken                   qcf,d,df + K  (tap P / K at Lv. 2/3)
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + P while blocking

 - The Inazuma Kakato Wari is an overhead attack.
 - You can use the Zenpou Tenshin to roll under attacks and through
   your opponent.


 Soul Drain                     b / f + MP / HP when close

 Soul Spark                     hcf + P
 Soul Throw                     f,d,df + P
 Soul Reflect                   qcb + P

 Sliding                        df + MK

 Aura Soul Spark                qcb,qcb + P
 Aura Soul Throw                qcf,d,df + P
 Soul Illusion                  qcf,d,df + K
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + P while blocking

 - The Soul Throw is an anti-air throw.  It is unblockable, but will
   not hit a character unless thy're airborne.  However, this will even
   work if they are just off the ground (such as when Ryu does a Senpuu
   Kyaku and is hopping).
 - The LP Soul Reflect will absorb projectiles and give a small amount
   of SC energy to Rose.  The MP version reflects them horizontally,
   and the HP version reflects them diagonally upward.  You cannot
   reflect Super Combo projectiles (like the Tiger Cannon).  However,
   you can reflect Dan's Shinkuu Gadou Ken, which will become a full-
   range attack (like a Shinkuu Hadou Ken).
 - If you reflect Dan's Gadou Ken, it becomes a full-range attack
   (like a Hadou Ken).
 - The Sliding must be blocked crouching.
 - The Level 3 Aura Soul Spark makes a aura appear in front of Rose
   while she is attacking.  This aura can horizontally reflect both
   normal and Super Combo projectiles.
 - During the Level 2 and 3 Aura Soul Throw, Rose will pop her enemy
   into the air before jumping up to throw them.
 - During the Soul Illusion, Rose is trailed by illusions who add to
   the number of hits that any of her attacks inflict.  This move
   will end once a certain amount of time has passed.
 - Rose's Alpha Counter does no damage.  Instead, it makes her switch
   places with her opponent, and since she recovers faster than they
   do, you can attack your opponent immediately afterward.


 Seoi Nage                        b / f + MP / HP when close
 Tomoe Nage                       b / f + MK / HK when close

 Hadou Ken                        qcf + P
 Shouryuu Ken                     f,d,df + P
 Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku           qcb + K  (air)
 Sakotsu Wari                     f + MP
 Senpuu Kyaku                     f + MK

 Shinkuu Hadou Ken                qcf,qcf + P
 Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku   qcb,qcb + K
 Alpha Counter                    b,db,d + P while blocking

 - When you throw a HP Hadou Ken from up close, it flashes red.  Hitting
   someone with the fireball while it's red will set them on fire and
   knock them to the ground.
 - The Sakotsu Wari is an overhead attack.
 - Ryu's jumping MP hits twice.  It also has the interesting property
   of being able to juggle opponents who could not normally be hit.
   For example, if your opponent is in the corner and you do the Shinkuu
   Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, you could land, jump after them as they fall,
   and hit them with Ryu's jumping MP.  However, try it with any other
   jumping Punch or Kick, and the move will miss.


 Tiger Carry                    b / f + MP / HP when close  (tap d/p/k)

 Tiger Shot                     qcf + P
 Ground Tiger Shot              qcf + K
 Tiger Blow                     f,d,df + P
 Tiger Crush                    f,d,df + K

 Tiger Cannon                   qcf,qcf + P
 Tiger Raid                     qcb,qcb + K
 Tiger Genocide                 qcf,d,df + K
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + K while blocking


 Shogun Throw                   b / f + MP~HK when close

 Jigoku Scrape                  f,d,df + P
 Butsumetsu Buster              Rotate 360 + P
 Daikyou Burning                Rotate 360 + K
 Kouten Okiagari                f,df,d + P when knocked down
 Tengu Walking                  b,db,d + K when knocked down

 Meido no Miyage                qcf,qcf + P
 Tenchuu Satsu                  Rotate 720 + P
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + P while blocking

 - If the Daikyou Burning hits, Sodom drags his opponent across the
   screen.  In certain situations (like when you hit an airborne
   opponent), they will merely bounce off Sodom's jitte instead of
   being grabbed.
 - When you are knocked down, you can use the Kouten Okiagari to roll
   backward upon touching the floor.  Alternately, you can use the
   Tengu Walking to perform a special attack that makes Sodom run into
   his opponent.
 - The Butsumetsu Buster, Daikyou Burning, and Tenchuu Satsu are

 AKUMA                                    (aka "Gouki" outside of the US)

 Seoi Nage                      b / f + MP / HP when close
 Tomoe Nage                     b / f + MK / HK when close

 Gou Hadou Ken                  qcf + P
 Zankuu Hadou Ken               qcf + P in air
 Shakunetsu Hadou Ken           hcf + P
 Gou Shouryuu Ken               f,d,df + P
 Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku         qcb + K  (air)
 Hyakki Shuu                    qcf,uf + P, then...
 Hyakki Gou Zan                 ...do nothing
 Hyakki Gou Shou                ...press P
 Hyakki Gou Sen                 ...press K
 Hyakki Gou Sai                 ...a-d + P when close  (enemy on ground)
 Hyakki Gou Tsui                ...a-d + K when close  (ground or air)
 Zenpou Tenshin                 qcb + P
 Ashura Senkuu                  b,d,db / f,d,df + PPP / KKK

 Tenma Kuujin Kyaku             Jump uf, press db~df + MK at apex
 Zugai Hasatsu                  f + MP
 Senpuu Kyaku                   f + MK

 Messatsu Gou Hadou             hcb,hcb + P
 Messatsu Gou Shouryuu          qcf,d,df + P
 Tenma Gou Zankuu               qcf,qcf + P in air
 Shun Goku Satsu                LP,LP,f,LK,HP  (at Level 3)
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + K while blocking

 - You can juggle an opponent after the Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku (for
   example, follow with a Gou Shouryuu Ken).
 - The Zugai Hasatsu is an overhead attack.
 - The Gou Sai, Gou Tsui, and Shun Goku Satsu are unblockable.
 - During the Hyakki Shuu, doing nothing results in a sliding kick
   that must be blocked low.  Pressing P or K results in attacks
   that can be blocked crouching, strangely enough.  The other two
   moves (the Gou Sai and Gou Tsui) are throws.  They can't be used
   on an opponent in the corner of the screen, and the Gou Sai can't
   be used against an airborne opponent.
 - You can use the Zenpou Tenshin to roll under attacks and through
   your opponent.
 - Akuma can be hit during the start of the Ashura Senkuu, but while
   moving, he is immune to all attacks except throws.  Using "b,d,db"
   makes you warp backward, while "f,d,df" carries you forward.  KKK
   makes you teleport further than PPP does.


 Seoi Nage                      b / f + MP / HP when close

 Gadou Ken                      qcf + P
 Kouryuu Ken                    f,d,df + P
 Dankuu Kyaku                   qcb + K

 Shinkuu Gadou Ken              qcf,qcf + P
 Hisshou Burai Ken              qcb,qcb + K
 Kouryuu Rekka                  qcf,d,df + K
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + K while blocking

 - The Gadou Ken may have a limited range, but it can still negate
   other normal projectiles, like a Sonic Boom or Kikou Ken.
 - The range of the Shinkuu Gadou Ken increases depending on what
   level of SC power you use.
 - Dan can taunt an infinite number of times.

 M. BISON                                  (aka "Vega" outside of the US)

 Deadly Throw                   b / f + MP / HP when close

 Psycho Shot                    Charge b,f + P
 Double Knee Press              Charge b,f + K
 Head Press                     Charge d,u + K, then move b / f
 Somersault Skull Diver         Press P after Head Press
 Somersault Skull Diver         Charge d,u + P, move b / f, press P
 Vega Warp                      b,d,db / f,d,df + PPP / KKK

 Psycho Crusher                 Charge b,f,b,f + P
 Knee Press Nightmare           Charge b,f,b,f + K
 Alpha Counter                  b,db,d + P while blocking

 - During the Vega Warp, using "b,d,db" makes you warp away from your
   opponent, while, "f,d,df" teleports you behind them.  PPP makes you
   teleport closer to your opponent than KKK does.


 To play as a hidden character, go to the Character Select screen.  Hold
 down the L and R shoulder buttons, move to the Random Select box (the
 box with the question mark on it), then enter the following codes:

 To play as Akuma               - Tap b,b,b,d,d,d + XY or AB
 To play as M. Bison            - Tap b,b,d,d,b,d,d + XY or AB 
 To play as Dan Hibiki          - Press Y,X,A,B,Y or Y,B,A,X,Y.

 The code to play as Dan can be done anywhere, not just on the Random
 Select box.  There is an alternate method to play as M. Bison--set the
 game's difficulty to Level 5 or higher, then fight him and lose the
 battle.  He will now be selectable without a code.  However, this isn't
 permanent, so you'll have to do it all over again if you turn off your
 Saturn and want to play with him again later on.


 To fight against Akuma, start a new game and hold the L and R shoulder
 buttons.  While holding them, pick any character (except Akuma) using
 the B button.  Continue to hold L + R + B until the first round starts.
 If you lose the fight against Akuma, the game is over.  If you win, you
 automatically get to see the credits.

 Start a new game and pick any character (except Akuma).  Make sure to
 use any Punch button to select your character if you're on the first
 player side (or any Kick button if you're on the second player side).

 While playing the game, you must fulfill these requirements before
 reaching your 8th opponent:

               - Don't lose any rounds.
               - Get at least 10 Super Combo finishes.
               - Get at least 3 Perfect finishes.

 If you meet all the requirements, your 8th fight will take place in
 Akuma's stage.  If you lose the fight against Akuma, the game is over.
 If you win, you automatically get to see the credits, and a gold star
 will appear next to the level of difficulty that you chose.

 Note that early copies of SFA may contain a glitch that crashes the
 game if you get to Akuma the hard way, AND if your boss would have
 normally been M. Bison.  You'll have to reset the game or turn the
 power off and then on again to play.

 Start a new game and pick any character (except Dan).  Once you've
 defeated your 5th, 6th, or 7th opponent, hold down the L and R shoulder
 buttons and hold Up on the directional pad.  Continue to hold L + R + U
 until the next match starts, and Dan will interrupt your fight.  If you
 beat him, the game progresses normally, (whomever you were supposed to
 fight will now challenge you).  If you lose, you may continue, although
 you cannot fight Dan a second time.

 Start a new game and pick any character (except Dan).  Don't lose any
 rounds, and at the end of each match, press and hold in any direction
 + PPP to select your win quote.  Keep selecting the same win quote
 at the end of each match.  At the start of your 6th match, Dan will
 interrupt your fight.

 Play through a normal game and get a Master Ranking.  If you beat the
 game without losing a round, you'll get a messate stating that "someone
 new has entered the fight."  If you start a new game, there is a random
 chance that Dan will challenge you during the game while you're
 fighting against Adon.  This trick won't work if you're playing as Dan,

 It's possible to fight Dan and Akuma in the same game (using the Easy
 or Hard method for Dan and the Hard method for Akuma), but that means
 that you can't use Dan or Akuma as your character.  Also, fighting
 against Dan does not count against the number of enemies you have to
 defeat in order to reach Akuma the hard way (although any Super Combo
 or Perfect victories will count).


 To permanently enable Akuma, Dan, and M. Bison, you have to store them
 in the Saturn's memory.  The requirements vary for each character:

 Fight Akuma the hard way.  After defeating him, save your game.  Akuma
 should now playable.

 Set the difficult to 8 (the hardest), and play a normal game.  Get to
 Dan (either using the easy or hard methods), beat him, then lose to your
 next opponent.  Continue, and play as Dan.  Then beat the game using
 Dan, and save your game.  Dan should now be playable.

 Set the difficult to 8 (the hardest), and play a normal game.  You have
 to use a character who's final boss is M. Bison (that would include
 Akuma, Birdie, Charlie, Chun-Li, Guy, or Rose).  Beat the game, then
 save it to memory.  M. Bison should now be playable.


 Start a new game in Arcade Mode, and at the Character Select Screen,
 don't select any characters.  Instead, have the second player join in.

 Now, on the first player controller, highlight Ryu, hold the L shoulder
 button and tap Up twice.  Release L, tap Up twice again, and press LP.

 On the second player's controller, highlight Ken and do the same thing,
 but use HP instead of LP.  You don't have to do it at the same time
 that the first player does his code, but you have to have joined in
 before the first player starts entering his code.

 Finally, be sure to choose "Manual" mode for both characters.  If you
 choose "Auto" it won't work.

 If you entered the code correctly, Ryu and Ken will fight each other
 at Akuma's stage.  However, M. Bison will interrupt the fight, and now
 both characters will fight a computer-controlled M. Bison.  Unlike
 normal battles, Ryu and Ken share life gauges and Super Combo gauges.
 They cannot hurt each other, but M. Bison can attack both of them at
 the same time.

 If you lose the battle, you can repeat it by having the first player
 select Ryu with LP, and the second player select Ken with HP, instead
 of re-entering the entire code.  Once you beat M. Bison, the "Team Mode"
 option will appear on the main menu, allowing you to fight M. Bison as
 often as you like without entering the code.  Note that you need two
 controllers plugged in, in order to choose Team Mode.



 In SFA, every character (except M. Bison) has chainable attacks.  These
 are normal punches or kicks that can have their animations canceled
 into another attack.  As an example, you can do Sodom's standing MK,
 then press HK, and he'll do that before the MK has completed.  Note
 that this is different from linking attacks, where the animation of
 the first attack is completed before the second attack comes out.

 For example, try comparing Ryu's c MK -> s HK chain to his c MP ->
 c MK link.  When chaining into the standing HK, it clearly cancels
 from the crouching MK into that attack.  HOwever, when you try do do
 the c MP -> c MK link, you end up having to wait for the c MP to
 complete, then timing the c MK so that it hits before you opponent
 has recovered.

 Chainable attacks can be comboed into attacks of an equal or higher
 strength.  So while Charlie could do c LK -> c LP -> s MP, he couldn't
 do c MP -> c LK.  So which moves are chainable?  Patrick Beja already
 has an excellent FAQ listing chainable and cancelable moves.  You can
 get it in at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com).  Just look in the "Arcade"
 section, under "Street Fighter Alpha."


 The Super Combo Gauge is found at the bottom of the screen.  You can
 fill up the SC gauge by making attacks that miss (except LP and LKs),
 having those attacks hit, throwing, and by getting damaged.  When you
 earn enough energy, you'll earn one level of SC power (up to three
 levels can be stored at a time).  Super Combo energy can be carried
 over from round to round, but not battle to battle.  So, what do you
 do with all those SC levels?  Expend them on Alpha Counters or Super
 Combos, of course :)
 Super Combos are souped-up special moves that have a number of neat
 properties, most notably higher damage than other moves, and the
 ability to juggle opponents (for example, you could throw an opponent
 using Sodom, then juggle them with a well-timed Meido no Miyage, or
 do a crouching HK with Rose, then juggle with a Level 1 Aura Soul
 Spark or Level 1-3 Aura Soul Throw).

 Super Combos can be upgraded depending on how many SC levels you choose
 to expend when you perform them.  If you want to use more than one
 level for a Super Combo, just perform it with two or three buttons.
 For example, a level 3 Bull Revenger would be (qcf,d,df + PP / KK).  A
 Level 3 Crossfire Blitz would be performed as (Charge b,f,b,f + KKK).
 The more SC power you expend on a Super Combo, the stronger it becomes
 (more hits, damage, more startup invincibility, etc.)


 All translations were done by yours truly.  My Japanese is not that
 great, so there are undoubtedly some mistakes.  Some translations were
 also based on information contributed by readers to my other FAQs.
 Moves are not listed more than once if more than one character has

 Koshuu Tou                     Attacking Tiger Overthrow
 Ryuusei Raku                   Shooting Star Drop
 Kikou Ken                      Chi Fist
 Sen'en Shuu                    Spinning Circle Kick
 Tenshou Kyaku                  Ascension Kick
 Hyakuretsu Kyaku               Hundred Rending Kicks
 Yousou Kyaku                   Eagle's Talon Kick
 Kaku Kyaku Raku                Crane's Leg Drop
 Sankaku Tobi                   Triangle Hop
 Kikou Shou                     Chi Palm
 Senretsu Kyaku                 Thousand Rending Kicks
 Hazan Tenshou Kyaku            Supreme Mountain Ascension Kick

 Seoi Nage                      Over-the-Shoulder Throw
 Tsukami Nage                   Holding Throw
 Izuna Otoshi                   Izuna Drop
 Bushin Senpuu Kyaku            "Bushin" Whirlwind Kick
 Bushin Izuna Otoshi            "Bushin" Izuna Drop
 Izuna no Hiji Otoshi           Izuna Elbow Drop
 Hayagake                       Rapid Running
 Hayagake: Kyuuteishi           Rapid Running: Quick Stop
 Hayagake: Kage Sukui           Rapid Running: Shadow Scoop
 Hayagake: Kubikari             Rapid Running: Neck Cutter
 Bushin Gokusa Ken              "Bushin" Imprisoning Chain Fist
 Hiji Otoshi                    Elbow Drop
 Kubi Kudaki                    Neck Crusher
 Kamaitachi                     Whirlwind Cut
 Bushin Hassou Ken              "Bushin" Eight Paired Fists
 Bushin Gourai Kyaku            "Bushin" Strong Lightning Kick

 - "Bushin" is the god of military arts.

 Jigoku Guruma                  Hell Wheel
 Tsukami Nage                   Holding Throw
 Jigoku Fuusha                  Hell Windmill
 Hadou Ken                      Surge Fist
 Shouryuu Ken                   Rising Dragon Fist
 Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku         Tornado Whirlwind Kick
 Zenpou Tenshin                 Forward Roll
 Inazuma Kakato Wari            "Flash of Lighting" Heel Splitter
 Shouryuu Reppa                 Rising Dragon Renderer
 Shinryuu Ken                   Divine Dragon Fist

 Tomoe Nage                       Overhead Judo Throw
 Sakotsu Wari                     Collarbone Splitter
 Senpuu Kyaku                     Whirlwind Kick
 Shinkuu Hadou Ken                Vacuum Surge Fist
 Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku   Vacuum Tornado Whirlwind Kick

 Shogun Throw                   (emperor's follower) Throw
 Jigoku Scrape                  Hell Scrape
 Butsumetsu Buster              Unlucky Day Buster
 Daikyou Burning                Worst Luck Burning
 Kouten Okiagari                Roll Backwards while Getting Up
 Tengu Walking                  (a type of demon) Walking
 Meido no Miyage                A Present from Hades
 Tenchuu Satsu                  Death in the Midst of Heaven

 Gou Hadou Ken                  Great Surge Fist
 Zankuu Hadou Ken               Air-Slashing Surge Fist
 Shakunetsu Hadou Ken           Scorching Heat Surge Fist
 Gou Shouryuu Ken               Great Rising Dragon Fist
 Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku         Tornado Sky-Slashing Kick
 Hyakki Shuu                    Evil Pandemonium Attack
 Hyakki Gou Zan                 Evil Pandemonium Great Slash
 Hyakki Gou Shou                Evil Pandemonium Great Raid
 Hyakki Gou Sen                 Evil Pandemonium Great Edge
 Hyakki Gou Sai                 Evil Pandemonium Great Smash
 Hyakki Gou Tsui                Evil Pandemonium Great Crush
 Ashura Senkuu                  (a type of demon) Air Flash
 Tenma Kuujin Kyaku             Demonic Air Blade Kick
 Zugai Hasatsu                  Skull Destroyer
 Messatsu Gou Hadou             Great Surge Deadly Attack
 Messatsu Gou Shouryuu          Great Rising Dragon Deadly Attack
 Tenma Gou Zankuu               Demonic Great Sky Slashing
 Shun Goku Satsu                Imprisoning Death Flash

 Gadou Ken                      Self-Taught Fist
 Kouryuu Ken                    Shiny Dragon Fist
 Dankuu Kyaku                   Air-Cutting Kick
 Shinkuu Gadou Ken              Shaking Sky Self-Taught Fist
 Hisshou Burai Ken              Certain Victory Bandit Fist
 Kouryuu Rekka                  Shiny Dragon Conflageration



 Chris                                              <projectr@wizard.com>
  - Some of the move names and translations in this guide were taken from
    my other guides, which in turn, I had gotten from Chris' excellent
    site, Dash Taisen.  You can visit it at <www.dashtaisen.com>.

 Jeffrey's J<->E Dictionary       <http://www.linear.mv.com/cgi-bin/j-e/>
  - As usual, I relied on this site for translating some of the Japanese
    move names--this is a pretty cool dictionary.

 NJStar                                                 <www.njstar.com/>
  - Not only does NJStar offer great Japanese word processors, you can
    also look up the translation for single or multiple kanji.


 Version 1.6  (February 17, 2001)
  - A complete rewrite using information from my other FAQs.  The FAQ
    was shortened for brevity's sake, and unneeded stuff was removed.

 Version 1.5
  - More minor corrections.  Probably the last revision.

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