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Virtua Fighter FAQ  
quick guide 
version 2.05 
May 13, 1994 
 This file is Copyright (C) 1994 by Chad E. Reznicek.  All rights reserved. 
 Redistribution of this file, in whole or in part, in both electronic and  
 printed form is permitted provided that it is not edited or modified in any 
 form (without prior permission), no fee is charged (other than direct costs),  
 and that proper credit is given.  If you redistribute this file on another  
 network, please let me know so that I can keep track of where this file goes. 
  This guide is a much shorter version than the complete guide.  The getting  
 started section as well as the techniques guide have been cut in order to  
 provide you, the gamer, with the shortest possible listing of all known  
 moves to date.  See vf-pg25.txt for a one page format of this QFAQ. 
  If you have need of more help than just character's moves, see the complete 
 guide (vf-25.txt).  You can obtain it on net news (posted every friday), by  
 anonymous ftp from under pub/vi/vidgames/faqs (special thanks 
 to   Andy Eddy of GamePro mag), or by fingering the e-mail address above. 
 All changes, additions, or suggestions:  e-mail to the address at the top 
					  of this article. 
  special notes   
   There is a real difference between "," and "+" in this FAQ.  For example,  
  "D+K" _must_ be done as a tap to the joystick down and simultaneously  
  pressing the K button.  On the other hand, a "D,K" could be done by  
  tapping the joystick down and pressing K or _also_ by holding the joystick  
  down and then pressing the K button. 
   This is only most notably important in the snap kicks, backflips, and  
  kickflips which require a tap of the joystick in conjunction with possibly  
  pressing the button. 
   The "heel kicks","sweeps", and "knees" that have not been witnessed and  
  are still marked w/ a -?- in the complete guide will now be removed from 
  the QFAQ to conserve space. 
  All new moves will now me noted by a "*". 
  All moves which can be done while still holding defend are marked with a {D} 
  All moves which hit a standing defender are marked with an {S} 
  All moves which hit a crouching defender are marked with a {C} 
  Check out the complete guide, theres a lot of other stuff there. 
  On to the moves!!! 
==================================CUT HERE=================================== 
TERMINOLOGY: F,B,U,D joystick directions       ALL     all buttons 
	     DEF     defense                   +       and 
	     P, K    punch, kick               ,       then 
	     [ ]     a double motion move      /       a diagonal direction 
	     -?-     unknown                   *       new moves 
	     {S}     hits a standing defender  {D}     can be done in defense 
	     {C}     hits a crouching defender  
when you get up:  heel kick{C} U,K     when theyre down:  pounce     U+P 
	       :  sweep    {S} D,K     shuffle side kick         {C} D/F+K 
	       :  roll back    B       hop kick (do the kick late)   U,K 
	       :  roll to side DEF 
	       :  roll w/sweep DEF,K 
	       :  handspring   U 
NAME    STANDING or >>>COMBOS<<<            THROWS or >>>COMBOS<<< 
----    --------    ------------            ------    ------------ 
AKIRA   Elbow               {C}  F+P         Trip                  {D} B+P 
	Dashing Elbow       {CD} F+P         Pull in, throw out    {D} B/D,F+P 
	Dashing Palm             D,F+P       Backwards uppercut    {D} F/D, 
       *Dashing Body Check       B,F,F+P&K                              B+P&K 
	Punch on Ground          D/F,P       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
	Jumping Kick [Dbl]  {CD} F,F+K,[K]   1 Punch & Roundhouse      P,K  
	Knee                     -?-         Running Punches           P,[P] 
JACKY   Elbow                    F+P         Brainbuster               DEF+P 
	Backfist [Double]        B,P,[P]     Jumping clothesline   {D} F,F+P 
	Backfist [Crescent]      B,P,[K]     (BEHIND) DDT              DEF+P 
	Backfist [Sweep]    {S}  B,P,[D,K]   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
	Low Backfist [Sweep]{S}  B/D+P,[K]   1 Punch & Sidekick        P,K 
	Knee                {C}  F+K         1 Punch & Crescent-far    P,K 
	Crescent                 DEF+K       1 Punch & Sweep      {C}  P,D+K  
	Double Roundhouse        K,K         2 Punches & Roundhouse    P,P,K   
	High Snap Kick      {CD} F,F,K       2 Punches & Backfist,    P,P,B+P, 
	Side Kick           {S}  D+DEF&K      [Sweep]                   [K] 
	Snap Kick           {CD} D+K         Running Punches w/upper   P,[P,P] 
	Backflip             {D} B/U         Running Punches w/        F,P,P,  
	Kickflip             {D} B/U+K        elbow [& Heel Kick] {C}   P,[K] 
	Double Foot         {C}  K           Elbow & Heel Kick    {C}  F,P,K 
JEFFRY  Elbow-> Hammer      {CD} F,B+P       Shoulder smash            DEF+P 
	Low Punch [uppercut]{CD} F,F+P,[P]   Power Slam            {D} F+P  
	Uppercut[s]         {C}  D/F,P,[P]   Body Press            {D} B,B+P 
	Knee                {C}  F+K        *Crucifix Piledriver      D/F,D/F+  
	Snap Kick [Hammer]  {CD} D+K,[P]                                P&K 
	<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Power Bomb (crouch)  {C}  F/D+All 
	1 Punch & Roundhouse     P,K         Pick up their face   {CD} D+P   
	Running Punches          P,[P,P]      (crouch)             
					     Knee head (crouch)   {CD} D,F+K 
					     (BEHIND) Backbreaker      DEF+P 
KAGE    Elbow              {C}   F+P         Hip throw                 DEF+P 
	Sweep              {SD}  F,F+K       Kick into the air     {D} B+P 
	Flying Kick        {S}   F,F+ALL     Pull out feet             ALL 
	Roll For [Sweep]   {S}   B,D,F,[K]   Reaping Throw         {D} B,F+P 
	Roll Back [Sweep]  {S}   F,D,B,[K]   (BEHIND) Torso takedown   DEF+P 
	Heel Kick                D,DEF+K     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
	Hopping Knee             D,F+K       3 Punches & Heel Kick     P,P,P,K 
	Backflip            {D}  B/U         3 Punches & Kickflip  P,P,P,U/B+K 
	Kickflip            {D}  B/U+K       Running Punches           P,[P,P] 
	Backflip w/ Kick    {D}  B,B+K       Heel Kick & Sweep   D,DEF&K,F,F+K 
	<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  Kick throw & [Jump Kick]  B+P,F/U+K 
	Kick & Sweep              K,F,F+K      [Sweep]                 ",F,F+K 
	1 Punch, Rhouse, [Sweep]  P,K,F,F+K    or [Flying Kick]      ",F,F+ALL 
	2 Punches, Rhouse [Sweep] P,P,K,F,F+K  or [Heel Kick]        ",D+DEF&K 
LAU     Elbow              {C}   F+K         Flip across shoulders     DEF+P 
	Crescent                 DEF+K       Backdrop              {D} B+P 
	Knife Hand [Double]      D/F,P,[P]   Face slam             {D} B,F+P 
	Sweep              {S}   D+DEF&K     (BEHIND)                  -?- 
	Heel Kick                D,B+K       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
	Backflip             {D} B/U         Knife,1 Punch, &   {S}  D/F+P,P,K 
	Kickflip             {D} B/U+K        Roundhouse           
	Double Pounce (hold up)  U+P         Knife,2 Punches, &   {S}  D/F+P,P, 
	<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<   Spinning Crescent         P,K 
	1 Punch & Spin Kick       P,K        Knife,2 Punches,   {S}  D/F+P,P,  
	2 Punches & Spin Kick     P,P,K       Sweep                    P,D+K  
	3 Punches & Sweep    {S}  P,P,D+K    Knife,2 Punches,         D/F+P,P, 
	3 Punches & Crescent      P,P,P,K     Kickflip                 P,U/B+K 
	3 Punches & Kickflip     P,P,P,U/B+K Punches,Heel,Knife,    P,[P],K,P, 
	Running Punches           P,[P,P]     Punches,Crescent         P,[P],K 
PAI     Punch on Ground          D/F+P       Wrist Twist               DEF+P 
	Crescent                 DEF+K       Jump into them        {D} B,F+P 
	Sweep               {S}  D,DEF+K     Falling DDT           {D} F,D+P 
	Heel Kick                D,B+K       Reaping throw-> Punch {D} F,F+P&K 
	Backflip             {D} B/U         Grab an attack            B+P 
	Kickflip             {D} B/U+K       (BEHIND)                  -?- 
	<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
	1 Punch & Spin Kick      P,K         3 Punches & Sweep    {S}  P,P,D+K 
	2 Punches & Side Kick    P,P,K       3 Punches & Crescent      P,P,P,K  
	3 Punches & Kickflip     P,P,P,U/B+K Running Punches           P,[P,P] 
SARAH   Elbow               {C}  F+P         Suplex                    DEF+P 
	Knee                {C}  F,K         Jumping clothesline   {D} F,F+P   
	Lunging Knee        {CD} F,F+K       (BEHIND) torso takedown   DEF+P  
	High Snap Kick      {CD} D/F+K       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
	Snap Kick [Rhouse]  {CD} D+K,K       1 Punch & High Roundhouse P,K     
	Triple Kick [1,2,3] {C}  D/F,K,K,K   1 Punch & Low Roundhouse  P,D+K 
	Couching Side Kick  {S}  D,DEF+K     2 Punches & Side Kick     P,P,K   
	Hopping Knee             D,F+K       3 Punches & Knee          P,P,P,K 
	Backflip             {D} B/U         2/3 Punches & Kickflip   P,P,[P], 
	Kickflip             {D} B/U+K                                  B+K 
	Double Foot         {C}  DEF+K       3 Punches & Hopkick     P,P,P,U+K 
	<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  Running Punches           P,[P,P] 
	Kick & Punch             K,P         Elbow & Knee         {C}  F+P,K 
WOLF    Clothesline         {SD} F,F+P       Backfall                  DEF+P 
	Dashing Shoulder     {D} B,F+P       Body Slam             {D} F+P 
	Knee                {C}  F+K         Twirl & hurl          {D} B,D,F+P  
	Uppercut                 D/F,P        (2 1/2 turns)         
	<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  Double Arm Suplex   {C}   B/D,ALL 
	1 Punch & Roundhouse      P,K       *Crucifix Piledriver     D/F,D/F+ 
	Running Punches           P,[P,P]                               P&K 
Chad E. Reznicek   (    (BEHIND) German Suplex    DEF+P  
==================================CUT HERE====================================