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"A port, from a Gaiden, from a PC game...."

Farland Story is a series of 6 T-RPG that was released on the PC by TGL.
They also made a side-story(gaiden) of the first one on the SNES, and the Saturn version is merely a port of the SNES one, and from what I can see, there's almost no update in this one. Now, after this little clarification, lets begin the review.

I cant understand a word of Japanese, and couldnt find any translation for this game. From what I can understand, there's an evil empire, controlled behind the scene by his minister (again, the minister is always the evil one), who captured some girl with great power, your hero save her, and try to crush the evil empire. Standard story. You do meet some characters from the first Farland Story along the way, but they will not join you (except one, but just for one battle). Cant say much more about the story.

Farland Story is really a Shining Force clone. You move your units on a map, when you're close to an enemy you can attack him. Thats it. Its T-RPG at his most simple form. That can be a good thing for newcomer since its really easy to understand how the game work. But the biggest problem of this game is the difficulty. Two words: TOO EASY. The AI of the computer is stupid. Let me describes it with a simple example. If your put, let just say, your strong character (he is lv 25) in front of an enemy group (8 of them, around lv 15), they will go kill themselves by attacking your strong character instead of avoiding him and attacking the weak character behind him(lv10). This explain the stupidity of the AI. So with the lack of complexity and difficulty, the game can be boring.

Now this a hard part. When you're on the map, the graphics are horrible. The sprites are tiny (really tiny), the map design lack of color and of life in general, its all too simple. Simply put, horrible. But when youre in a battle phase, its beautiful. All the character are BIG, and in a cute SD form with a lot of details. You have to see it to believe how cool the battle scenes are. Because of that the graphic are saved from an horrible score.

The best part of the game. The soundtrack rocks. It still sounds like a SNES midi, but the composition is flawless, and whats more, it was made Red Book for the Saturn version, so you can listen the soundtrack in your CD-Player too. Theres no spoken dialog, but the soundtrack is cool enough to support the entire sound department by itself

Replay Value:
None. 25 chapter, no possibility to come back to the previous one, no bonus, no nothing. When its over, its really over. So I suggest to pick up 3 or 4 characters in your team, and leveling them up a lot. With the stupid AI, thats all you need to win the game (the cap is only lv 60 anyway). The only reason you will restart a game, its to boost others character to lv 60 before the final fight....

A little game with no pretension, but dont expect anything great have. If time to kill, if you collect Saturn T-RPG, or if you're a newbie to T-RPG, this game may be for you, else, there's better you game out there.

Final Note: 5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/23/04

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