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"The black sheep of the it that bad?"

Langrisser is surely one of the greatest T-Rpg series that ever existed. Every title of this series were ported on many different consoles. Every, except one, Langrisser 3. Why's that? Read to find out.


First of all, I dont know a word of japanese, so my comprehension of the story came from many translation I found on the net. Langrisser 3 happens thousand of years before the first one (also known as Warsong here in the US). Its the story of the creation of Langrisser and of the first Hikari no Matsui (Descendants of light), with at their lead Diharuto and the legendary king Elthlead. Like in any others Langrisser games, its a story full of twist, political plot with war between many nations. Not original, but still, a great story.


Here's the reason why so many Langrisser fan turn their back on this game. You can forget everything you knew about the unit-system of the previous game, where you can control every unit of your army. Now, your general and all his army are represented as one character to control. When a turn begin, every general on the map (allies and enemies alike) choose their move. After that, every one move to their chosen destination. If two generals meet each other, they fight in a pseudo-3d map, with all their units and the general himself on the same map. But at the end of every turn, most of the units that were killed are healed, so before a general die, it can take a lot of time, and in then end its just a matter of luck and not strategy. Whats more, every battle can last a long time ( you can count 2-3 hours for some), so believe me, you will turn off the battle scene because they get boring after 3-4 scenarios. But even with all these flaws, I think the battle system can be interesting if you try it a little (and turn off the battle scene like I said). If it was not, I would not have finished the 36 scenarios of the game. Oh yeah, one more thing, theres no more promotion tree system in this game (where at each 10 lv, you need to choose a new class), now you can boost to lv 99, and at some lv you gain a new class, that you can change at any time (like a job system a la Final fantasy or Dragon Warrior). So just dont expect a classic Langrisser game.

Satoshi Urushihara, this man alone make the graphic of this game (or at least the character design) flawless. Like many others, Urushihara is THE reason why I began to play Langrisser. But apart from that, the rest of the graphic are pretty cool, the background are well designed, and there's a lot of different (and cool) sprites (even tough they are kinda small, like in all the others Langrisser, except 5). But once again, Satoshi Urushihara arts are just too beautiful so I give a...

Here's an other point that make the Langrisser fan runaway from this one. Normally, Langrisser has one great soundtrack for all their game (its due to a certain composer, which I forgot his name), but he is not the one who composed the songs in the one. The result is really horrible. Every musics are just a plain atrocity. There's one remix of the Classic Langrisser theme at the end of the game that is cool, but its just the proof the the previous soundtrack were great. And even tough the voice acting is great, its too cheesy to enjoys it to the fullest. In my opinion, its the worst part of the game

Replay Value:
34 standard scenario, 36 if you get the best ending, 5 hidden scenario, the possibility to make your female general fall in love with you, Langrisser 3 doesnt lack in this department, and if you want to beat the secret scenario ?4, you will need to boost your character at lv 99. Good replay value.

Well, if you close the sound of your TV and turn off the battle scene like I did, you will find out that Langrisser 3 is not a bad game, its just different. Lets not forget that Langrisser 3 was the first on to hit the Saturn, so maybe Career Soft wanted something fresh for a new generation of console. So in the end, I have to admit that Langrisser 3 is the worst of the series, which doesnt mean thats its bad. After all, every series have a worst game...

Final score : 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/23/04

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