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"Zelda-Clone with Kawaii POWER!!!"

I have a fixation on cute things. If a game has a lot of cuties, its an excellent reason for me to buy it. It may sound stupid but I just cant resist. And I really like Adventure type of game too. Being able to explore dungeons with a good amount of different magical items and weapons just feel so great. When I heard that Linkle Liver Story (not Rinkle River Story, I wonder if someone found this game here on Gamefaqs) has both of these elements, I purchased it immediately. But is it really a great game?

I dont know a word of Japanese, so here's my interpretation of the story. You live peacefully with all your animal friends (more half-human, half-animal, like every characters of Linkle Liver Story), when you meet a little pinky and fluffy ball that tell you that the world is in danger. Just after that, an evil Moleman (???) destroy an ancient rock that seem to be the seal for something. Anyway, it seems you decide to go on a quest with you fluffy friend to save the others seals . Doesnt make any sense to you??? Well like I said it was my interpretation, and surely a bad one, so I wont give a note for this.

This is an adventure-type of game. It means that you will make a lot of hack-and-slash, with all kind of different weapons. This weapon system is really the strongest point in the game. Basically, you will have to search for some elementals seed during the game, and by mixing them with three flowers (you will have to play to it to understand what Im sayin), you will have the possibility to make 7 different kind of weapons (Sword, Axe, Hammer, Lancer, Boomerang, Staff, Claw), from each of the four element, each of these element being effective against one particular kind of enemy (later on, you will be able to forge dark and light weapons, but they're pretty much ineffective except in certain situation). And depending on the number of seeds you had , you will have different Level of weapon (maximum lv is 4). You can store up to 28 weapons, and carry 4 with you all the time (take one for each element, its more useful).

Anyway, thats the only point where Linkle Liver Story really shines. Except for that, everything else is really standard, if not mediocre. First the game is really easy, too easy. I finished without being killed, and im sure a children of 5 years old can do the same. The only challenge you will have if, like me, you cant understand Japanese, is the language barrier. So sometimes you will be stuck without knowing where to go and what to do. But except for that...Oh and by the way, the dungeon are really at their most basic form. You start at point A, and you need to go to point B by killing a lot of enemies and avoiding traps. There's no puzzle, the only real item you have are your weapons (and some others for healing or warping, but no puzzle items). The closest thing you will have to a puzzle is to activate a switch to open a door. Well, if you like your game easy, thats a good title for you. The weapon system really save the score.

So cute, so colorful, so lively, so..... there's not enough word to describe how great the 2D graphic are in this game. Its perfect and really Kawaii, just the way I like it. There's even some 3d effect that are really well incorporated in the game. All the character in the game are well designed and very original too. At least, they put everything they had into the graphic. Just too bad that graphic doesnt make a game.

The music are not too memorable, but really have this Happy feeling that you want in this kind of game. So I have nothing to say against or for the music. The sound effect are good enough, its standard nothing more. The only place where im disappointed is in the voice department. Well for a cute game like this, I was hoping some voice acting, but there's none. Its not a bad point, it was just an expectation that i had.

Replay Value:
Almost nothing, I finished the game perfectly (found all the life flower, all the seeds) in around 8 hours. Once you finished it and found everything, theres really nothing more to do. At least, since the game is not very long, you can restart just for fun, it wont take you muck time to complete it again.

Cute factor; Its really important. If like me you like cute things, you will close your eye on most of the bad aspects I mentioned above because....well just because, surely someone understand how I feel......(I will not give my final note in function of this factor of course)

Its cheap, easy to find, import friendly (well enough for me), and SO CUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTEEEE (I think you understand my point by now). So you wont be too much disappointed even if the game really stunk in the gameplay department. Too bad! But except for that, I did find a lot of enjoyment playing this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/07/04

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