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Princess Crown FAQ v3.2

Part 2  by Alan Kwan

Proserpina's scenario: The Magic Potion

Princess Crown, "Gradriel", and all characters herein associated
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                        - Princess Crown -

                     An Action/RPG (c) 1997 by:
                     Sega Enterprises and Atlus

I. The Background Story
II. The Controls and Combat
III. Items, Equipment, and Miscellanea
IV. The Bestiary
V. Walkthrough (Gradriel scenario)
VI. Extras
VII. Special Thanks and Credits
VIII. Walkthrough (Proserpina scenario) (this file)
IX. Walkthrough (Edward scenario)
X. Walkthrough (Portgus scenario)

This file (Part 2) contains section VIII only.  Parts I through
VII, and parts IX and X can be found in other files.


- Introduction -

Proserpina's scenario can be accessed once you've cleared
Gradriel's and Edward's scenarios.  Just bring the pink book to
the girl's grandmother.

The way in which the scenario progresses is significantly
different from other scenarios.  A large part of this small
scenario revolves around gathering ingredients for a magic
potion.  Players who cannot read Japanese are almost bound to get
stuck at one point or another.  Thus, a walkthrough is necessary.

The language problem aside, Proserpina's scenario is quite funny
and cute.  I hope that you enjoy the game.

- Controls -

The controls for Proserpina are not altogether different from
those for Gradriel.  The list of commands is basically the same,
though the effects are rather different.

The D-pad works the same, except that pushing up (in battle)
causes Proserpina to start flying, instead of jumping.  Flying
costs power.  When outside battle, Proserpina flies instead of
dashes; she won't pick up gold on the ground when flying, so
she'll have to walk for that.  It seems that Proserpina can't
jump; if you figure out how to make her jump or do the jumping
spinning rod attack (which she does when you fight her in
Gradriel's scenario), please tell me by e-mail.

Her attacks are significantly different from Gradriel's:

- Pressing the C button once: A double spinning rod attack.
- Pressing C button when flying: A magical rain attack.
- Pressing the C button while crouching: A dash attack, flying on
  her broom.
- Pressing the C button repeatedly will let you attack by
  continuously spinning the rod.  Unlike Gradriel's, successive
  attacks are no less powerful than the initial blow.
- Pressing and holding C will cast a special spell.  If it hits,
  the enemy will take multiple-hit big damage, and also be
  affected by random bad status (ice, stone, or gold).
- When knocked down, hold UP + C to execute a reversal rising

You should have no problem experimenting with the attacks and
figuring out how to best use them.

- Items -

The items are the same as Gradriel's.

If Proserpina equips the Angel Boots, she will fly faster.

- Walkthrough -

Proserpina's scenario: The Magic Potion

Spoiler warning:  This is a walkthrough, and may spoil the game
for some.  (But why one would be reading this file, if he does
not want to read the walkthrough, is beyond my understanding.
^_^ )

Proserpina's scenario takes place concurrently with the early
part of Gradriel's scenario.

You start in the witch's house north of Goblin Market.  The old
witch is your mentor.  The job of a witch is to give people nasty
surprises by harassing them with magical mischief. ^_^ Today is
the big day when you, Proserpina, sets out on your journey to
prove yourself as a great witch by doing the traditional job.
You receive Gabriel the Goblin as your travel companion.  You
really would prefer a cool griffon or dragon, but alas a Goblin
is part of the tradition.

Your target is Nutsbill, where you're going to kidnap the kids
and change them into animals.  You first go to Goblin Market.
The first Goblin you meet sells extra bags.  Buy one immediately
with (all!) the 300 gold that you start with.  Further bags cost
500 and 700 gold respectively.  (Yes, unlike Gradriel with her
royal wealth, Proserpina won't have too much 'excess' money in
this scenario.)  Leave the village through the right exit.

Where are you going to perform your mischief?  You can't be
stationing yourself in Nutsbill village, obviously!  Gabriel
knows of an abandoned house in the forest near Nutsbill, and he
leads you there.  You decide that it's perfect for a hideout.
Now, you're ready to set off to Nutsbill for the kidnapping.

In Nutsbill, after using the town facilities as necessary, talk
to the girl's mother in the bakery.  The kids have gone away to
play, but they've come back when you leave the bakery.  You lure
them to come to the forest at night, by offering to use your
magic to grow wings on them so that they can fly with the
fairies.  They are (rightfully) naive enough to come, and you
capture them.  Now you have a couple of laboratory rats on which
to practice your magic. ^_^ (Note that once you leave Nutsbill,
you're not going to return.)

After a while of having fun with the kids, you feel thirsty, and
so does Gabriel.  He suggests getting some Goblin Juice.  Leave
the house and go and buy a jar of Goblin Juice from the rightmost
house in Goblin Market.  (You don't have to drink it.  In fact,
don't: you won't like the taste!)  When you return to the house
(organize your items before walking in), you have a guest.  Guess
who?  Right, we know it because we've played that part.  Gradriel
wants to stop you, and with a bossy attitude too!  You have to
win the tough fight against her, or you'll "Fall Down From the
Bookworld".  However, after the fight, Gradriel defeats you with
a final blow (auto event).  She forces you to change the kids
back.  After that, you run away.  Who dares to interfere with a
witch!  And she even gave you a sermon!  You swear revenge.

You go to your mentor and consult with her.  She offers to make
for you a Magic Potion, which will transform you into an adult.
Then, your magic will be more powerful, and you will be able to
transform that bully into a frog!  (At this stage, you can only
transform defenseless kids.)  Sweet, sweet revenge!  BUT, you
have to gather the ingredients needed to make the potion.  This
is what you'll need:

8 x Insect Powder (#1)
5 x Herb with rounded leaves (#3)
8 x Goblin Juice
5 x Milk
1 x Power Plant Seed
5 x Mana Essence
3 x (Raw) Dragon Meat
1 x _each_ kind of Magic Gem (6 total)

WHAT?  So many?  Yes, I'm serious. ^_^

So, you need to gather all of the above and bring them to your
mentor.  The items must be new (with full charges) when
applicable.  When you have gathered some number of them, drop
them off at your mentor to free up some backpack space.  She'll
tell you what remains to be collected and how many, but I guess
it's not very useful if you can't read Japanese, so you may want
to keep a written record.

Following is how to get each ingredient:

Herbs:  Get them in Cadho Badho.  The leftmost merchant in the
merchants' area sells herb #3 for 6G each.  In the wizards' area,
in the house just left of the transporter, the old woman gives
you any number of Insect Powder for free.  (She is the
grandmother of the mage in Knelt who will be turning himself into
a frog.  Her grandson keeps sending her Insect Powder, which she
has no use of.)

Goblin Juice:  Buy them in Goblin Market.

Milk:  Get them in Lowgrove.  When you talk to the girl inside
the goat hut, she tells you that her little sister has taken the
goats outside to play.  The old lady near the bakery tells you
that some grass which the goats like to eat are growing beyond
the Lost Forest.  Enter the Lost Forest through an entrance at
the right end of the village.  (It's further to the right than
the entrance to the farm pasture.)  A Myconid has been creating
illusions to make people lose their way.  Defeat it so that the
little girl can bring the goats home, and then you can get any
number of freshly squeezed goat milk for free in the goat hut.

Power Plant Seed:  You can buy one for 2000 gold from the
rightmost merchant in the merchants' area in Cadho Badho.  No,
don't pay that outrageous price. ^_^ Halloween the ghost used to
sell them in Pumpkin House, but when you go to Pumpkin House, the
rightmost ghost inside tells you that he may have been captured
by the King of the Dead further ahead in the graveyard.  Move on
to the south-east.  You see the fat King going to eat Halloween!
In return for not eating Halloween, the King demands that you
bring him some food.  He wants a 5-course meal of Fried Egg on
Toast, Grilled Corn, Grilled Fish, Grilled Meat, plus an Elixir
Fruit for dessert!  (No wonder the Poltergeist is so fat!)  Bring
him one of each of the above (must be new), and he'll release
Halloween, who will gratefully give you a Power Plant Seed.  (If
you appear to have lost it, he'll give you a replacement.) 

Mana Essence:  Common.  Loot or buy.

Dragon Meat:  Get them in Dorangora.  (Where else?)  Talk to the
same young man in green to learn about the path to the mountains
where the dragons are.  In the mountains, you see an exhausted
mercenary fighting a heavily wounded Dragon.  You take it to be
an excellent opportunity, and you offer to help the mercenary.
Finish off the Dragon, then talk to the mercenary twice (with
empty USE bag space) to demand /two/ pieces of Dragon Meat from
him.  (He initially wants to deny, but you emphasise that it's
the request of a cute little girl ... ^_^ )  Wait, don't we need
three?  That's right.  Get the third either during the last
battle, or from random Dragons you fight on the obvious road.

Magic Gems:  You start the scenario with a Thor Gem, but the rest
you must loot from enemies.  Pay attention to the Treasure Menu
after you defeat a foe.  Use your Goblin Rod to knock the enemy
down; if needed, you can buy a new magic dagger for 16 gold from
the merchant walking around just left of the shop in the
merchant's area in Cadho Badho.  (Sapphires can be looted from
Dragons and Geist Armors.)

At long last, you have collected all the required ingredients.
Your mentor makes the potion for you, and you drink it, and
"poof!" you're now adult Proserpina.  You verify your adult
status. ^_^ You thank your mentor and set off to find Gradriel.
You find her.  You demonstrate your adult status. ^_^ You prepare
to cast the spell to change Gradriel to a frog ...

- Strategy -

Spoiler warning: significant spoilers in this section.  If you
want to develop the play strategy by yourself, please do not read

This section is mainly concerned with how to progress in the
scenario efficiently, without fighting lots of 'extra' battles
for money (or experience).  Note that this is only one of the
possible styles of play; some players may prefer to play the game
at a slower pace.

In short, Proserpina fights a lot weaker than the other player
characters.  Her attack strength is lower, her rod has shorter
reach, her special is slower and more open to interruption, and
she cannot jump.  She can fly and attack some enemies safely from
above, but her magic rain attack doesn't do much damage either.
I find her best bet to be her spinning rod attacks.

On top of that is the need to save money for backpacks, and to
submit magic gems to your mentor.  Since you don't want to spend
a lot of money on Mana Essence or burn lots of magic gems in
battle, you'll be fighting with much less gem magic than you did
as the other characters.  Fortunately, as a sub-character,
Proserpina begins the scenario with the Trust Drop, so you can
use potions a lot to support her otherwise weak fighting ability.
Also, unlike in the scenarios for other characters, there are not
many bosses for Proserpina to fight.

The first part of the scenario involves some routine traveling,
and cumulates in the fight with Gradriel.  Gradriel is really
tough, clearly the hardest fight in Proserpina's scenario.
Adding to the difficulty is that it's early in the game, and you
don't have many good items to use against her.  Put your best
items against her, and don't worry about using up items
(including magic gems) because you'll find them again later.
Just concentrate on winning the battle.  (It is recommended that
you don't bring your Goblin Rod into the battle: it doesn't do
much.  On the other hand, the Potion of Negate Pain which you
start with is good; try to save it for this battle.)  It is best
if you have some grilled food for this fight.  Also, beware of
equipping newly picked up equipment during a major battle!

After defeating Gradriel, you move on to the item collection part
of the scenario.  You want at least a second extra bag, so that
you can bring back more ingredients in one trip.  Until you amass
the 500 gold needed to buy a second extra bag, it is recommended
that you don't go farther than Dorangora and Cadho Badho: there
are shops in these towns, so you can sell loot for money.  Until
you have more bags, venturing far to Cemeteryth and Lowgrove
isn't too fruitful.  By the time you get the Dragon Meat and one
load of herbs to your mentor, you should have the 500 gold needed
for a second bag, provided you avoid unnecessary spendings.

There are no shops which sell E+1 scrolls except for the one in
Nutsbill, which quickly becomes inaccessible.  Thus, you won't be
relying on one piece of high endurance equipment as you do in
other scenarios; fortunately, there are not any real boss battles
after Gradriel.  Use your judgement and decide wisely what to use
and what to sell.  (If you have not read Part 1 of the FAQ v3.0,
it is recommended that you do so, since the section on items has
been extensively updated.)  You also want to cook your own food,
so that you don't have to spend money on food or lodging.  (Spice
can be bought cheaply in Dorangora when needed, but keep a pan.)
Elixir Fruits are also handy.  Use your magic special against the
less threatening enemies: if you're lucky, you can get quite some
gold with it.  Don't buy Goblin Juice yet; that can wait.
Ideally, you'll get the money you need just going on the
necessary trips, without fighting 'extra' battles for money.

Once you have got your second extra bag, it's time to visit the
more remote places.  To save some walking, collect the necessary
foods before you go to Pumpkin House.  (Note that the pubs in
this scenario do not sell Grilled Corn or Grilled Fish.)  A third
extra bag is to some degree a luxury, so it's ok now to spend
money on other things, such as Witch Rods.  There are some
high-level enemies in the Lost Forest, so prepare some good
items.  Gather all the items you need, and enjoy watching the


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Thanks to Douglas Erickson for v2.0 of the Princess Crown FAQ.
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