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Princess Crown FAQ v3.21

Part 4  by Alan Kwan

Portgus's scenario: Treasure Isle

Princess Crown, "Gradriel", and all characters herein associated
with Princess Crown Copyright 1997 Sega Enterprises and Atlus Ltd

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                        - Princess Crown -

                     An Action/RPG (c) 1997 by:
                     Sega Enterprises and Atlus

I. The Background Story
II. The Controls and Combat
III. Items, Equipment, and Miscellanea
IV. The Bestiary
V. Walkthrough (Gradriel scenario)
VI. Extras
VII. Special Thanks and Credits
VIII. Walkthrough (Proserpina scenario)
IX. Walkthrough (Edward scenario)
X. Walkthrough (Portgus scenario) (this file)

This file (Part 4) contains section X only.  Parts I through
IX can be found in other files.


- Introduction -

Portgus's scenario can be accessed once you've cleared Gradriel's
and Edward's scenarios.  Just bring the black book to the girl's

Portgus's scenario is shorter than the others, and also it is
straightforward and linear.  There are only 3 destinations in the
list of events: the dock in Leeland, Haindel's cave, and Shadow's
Tower.  This walkthrough helps players who do not read Japanese
to grasp a better understanding of the story.

I hope that you enjoy the game.

- Controls -

The controls for Portgus are rather similar to those for
Gradriel.  The list of commands is basically the same, though the
effects are somewhat different.  You should have no problem
experimenting with the attacks and figuring out how to best use
them, so I'm leaving this to you.

Portgus does not wear armor.  This makes him faster than the
other player characters, but his defense is weaker than the

- Items -

The items are the same as Gradriel's.  There are no potion makers
in the scenario, so there is no need to pick up potion

- Walkthrough -

Portgus's scenario: Treasure Isle

Spoiler warning:  This is a walkthrough, and may spoil the game
for some.  (But why one would be reading this file, if he does
not want to read the walkthrough, is beyond my understanding.
^_^ )

Portgus's scenario takes place after his trip to Pirate Isle with
Gradriel.  It is, again, a story of revenge.  (Why are all 3
sub-character scenarios stories of revenge?)

Portgus has some business to settle with a demon, and he is going
to Iraisha the witch to ask for its whereabouts.  Iraisha cannot
tell you, but she advices you to go and ask Haindel.  Haindel
always demands a price for his answers, and one of the treasures
he wants is the Magic Gem of Sea.  The gem is among the treasures
of the great pirate Captain Drake.  Iraisha tells you to go to
Leeland, where you will find clues to Drake's treasure.

In the pub in Leeland, you meet an old man with a treasure map.
He is looking for a competent crew to sail to Treasure Isle,
where Drake's treasures lie.  Do your shopping and prepare your
items, then go to the dock to meet him.  You make an agreement
with him: all you want is the Magic Gem of Sea, and the old man
can have the rest of the treasure.  Your ship set off to Treasure

On the way, you sail through the Ship Graveyard.  Your ship is
attacked by ghosts, and you have to fight a Poltergeist.  Prove
your worthiness as a first class sailor by winning the fight.

After landing on Treasure Isle, you venture into Drake's cave.
You reach the deepest room, where the treasure is.  The old man
suddenly appears behind you and reveals himself as Captain
Bighook!  He is not satisfied with only the rest of the treasure,
and he wants the Magic Gem too.  He ambushes you and flees with
the gem, leaving you behind to fight the ghost of Captain Drake,
which is a Ghoul.  After winning the fight, you find out that
Bighook has blocked the exit, but Captain Drake is thankful for
your releasing him, and he takes you out of the cave.

All the way, Bighook's ship has been secretly following your
ship!  Bighook's crew attack you, and you must fight some (weak)
pirates followed by Captain Bighook himself.  Teach Bighook the
lesson that a third class pirate should not mess with a first
class one!  After you win the fight, Drake brings on a shower of
gold coins for your crew, so that they don't leave empty-handed.

Back to Leeland.  Having got the Magic Gem of Sea, you part from
your crew to continue your search for the demon.  Go to Haindel's
cave (west of Knelt).  On the way, in the merchants' area in
Cadho Badho, the merchant walking around near the fountain sells
an extra bag for 1000 gold.

You offer the Magic Gem of Sea to Haindel.  In return, he tells
you that Shadow is the name of the demon you are looking for, and
that he is inside the Demon Tower on a path branching off the
road between Knelt and Cadho Badho.  You head off to the tower.

At the top of the Demon Tower, you find Shadow.  You flash back
to the day of the planned wedding between you and your fiancee,
Faras.  Shadow changed your wedding day into a day of grieve by
changing Faras into a magic gem and swallowing her.  Take
vengeance upon Shadow, and release Faras's soul.


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Thanks to Douglas Erickson for v2.0 of the Princess Crown FAQ.
Many thanks to Atlus company for making the fine game!


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