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Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 10:48:23 -0700
Princess Crown FAQ v2.0 by Castellan (Doug Erickson)

Princess Crown, "Gradriel," and all characters herein associated
with Princess Crown Copyright 1997 Sega Enterprises and Atlus Ltd

This FAQ may not be reproduced or distributed without the express
permission of Douglas Erickson.


			- Princess Crown -

	  	     An Action/RPG (c) 1997 by:
	             Sega Enterprises and Atlus

I. The Background Story
II. The Controls and Combat
III. Items, Equipment, and Miscellanea
IV. The Bestiary
V. The Walkthrough
VI. Extras
VII. Special Thanks and Credits


I. - The Background Story -


                 IN ORDER TO STOP THE DEMONS"
                     FROM THE DRAGON SLAYER EDWARD





					- from the introductory animation
					  (Poesy or simply weird? You be
                                           the judge.)

In Princess Crown, you control the actions of Princess Gradriel, a
young woman determined to crush the demonic forces threatening her
land, using the might of her sword and the magic of the gems. By
undertaking this quest, she hopes to prove herself a legendary queen,
much as her ancestors were (apparently, Valendia Land is traditionally
	Princess Crown is an Action RPG in the vein of classics such
as Sword of Vermilion and Ys Book 3, with a healty dose of Capcom's
AD&D arcade offerings thrown in to spice the whole affair up.
Everything takes place from a side-scrolling perspective, including
combat, town navigation, travelling, and dungeon exploration. 
Sounds pretty plain, eh? Well, you haven't seen how it LOOKS. This
game is a brilliant testament to the 2D prowess of the Saturn,
featuring amazing animation, brilliant color, and some of the
best hand-drawn video game artwork this side of a Capcom fighting
title. Toss in a great leading character, an incredible attention
to detail, a unique fighting engine for combat, and large world
to explore, and you have one of the best arcade-oriented RPGs
available on ANY platform.
	The game itself has a fair amount of Japanese, which occurs 
mostly as character dialog. Many of the options and virtually all
of the text graphics are in English, including the splash screens
and end-of-battle tallies. The game is very playable despite the
Japanese dialog; if you don't mind missing out on what appears to
be a pretty humorous story, you probably won't have any difficulty
with this game. Just in case, though, I've included a walkthrough
if you're having difficulty finding the next task to accomplish or
dungeon to visit.
	The game itself centers its challenge around its combat engine,
as opposed to dexterity tests or puzzle solving, of which there are
few to none. As a result, this game plays like the conjugation of
Capcom's AD&D arcade titles with your average side-scrolling RPG,
such as Popful Mail. Unlike the AD&D titles, though, there are many
towns to visit with people aplenty to talk with and a more extensive
item management system. Unlike the generic side-scrolling RPG, there
are no jumping puzzles nor platforming elements present. What this
game does retain is some fairly detailed hand-to-hand fighting, a
traversable map to explore (each 2D town/dungeon/area is linked
by one of several 2D paths, along which random encounters occur)
in a relatively non-linear sequence, a number of cinematic segues,
and a whole lot of combat-driven madcap fun.

	Here is a brief synopsis of the story behind Princess Crown: (some
spoilers included)

	13-year old Gradriel is the youngest daughter of the now-legendary
Queen Elfrenne, who, 25 years previous, had slain the demonic forces 
which threatened the peaceful kingdom of Valendia. Despite having two older
twin sisters, Eriel and Sidrael, (Eriel is in blue, and Sidrael is in
green), she is the heir to the throne, Elfrenne having died recently. 
Gradriel is told by visiting emissaries that all is not well
in Valendia, and that the evil creatures, which, after the defeat of the
demons, had gone into hibernation, were once again haranguing the land with
their misanthropic behaviors. Gradriel's chief councillor and head wizard
Jaistnai advises against her venturing out to correct these problems, but
impetuous Gradriel has other ideas. Slipping out of the castle, she
visits the many landmarks and villages of Valendia Land. Meanwhile,
an ancient grimoire of evil, Larva, long since sealed up in Valenadine Castle,
awakens after a long slumber, calling to the forces of the archdemon Vogrod.
Possessing Eriel, it subverts her into an evil sorceress who begins to
wage magical mayhem on Valendia.

	Eventually, Gradriel will face and defeat Evil Eriel, but the
Grimoire Larva will find a new host, and Eriel's twin, Sidrael, will find
herself in the clutches of Larva itself...

II. Combat and Controls

	The primary play element of Princess Crown, other than the
2D exploration and dialog-driven story advancement, is the
combat engine. As you progress through the game, you will be
confronted with a number of encounters, both preset and random.
When this occurs, your friendly pet fairy will drop Gradriel her
broadsword, your enemy will leap onto the screen, and combat will
occur. Get ready!

	The D-pad is used in Street Fighter style, with the 
following presses eliciting these effects:
	- Push foward/away: Gradiel walks forward/backward.
	- Pushing away during an enemy attack: Gradriel Guard's
        against the foe's attack, reducing damage significantly.
        Guarding will fail if Gradriel is out of POWER, so, if
	you think the enemy might counter, don't blow your energy
	aiming for that big combo, 'kay?
	- Double tap forward/away to dash in that direction.
	- Pushing up or up+diagonal will make Gradriel jump
	- Pushing down on the D-pad will make Gradriel crouch. If
        there is an item beneath her, she will pick it up.

	There are three primary buttons used in battle - the A, the
B, and the C button, as labelled on your pad. The A button, when
depressed, calls up the Item Wheel, where all of your current
USE items are kept (the rest are stored in your backpack(s) - more
on this in a bit). Use the D-pad to rotate the wheel, so that the
item you wish to use is in Gradriel's outstretched hand. When you
have the item you to use in her hand, hit the C button.

	The B button is used to cancel any selection, and to enable the
        Option Select. Press B when a foe is attacking you to call up
        the Evasion Menu, which will allow you to select one of two
        maneuvers: either the Side Step or the Dash Back. The Side Step
        will make Gradriel dash *through* the enemy, allowing her to
        attack them from the back for a possible critical hit. Dash Back
	enables Gradriel to take a flying leap back, which is a good
	idea when the foe in question is about to unleash a massive
	Critical special. The B button's press MUST be timed to correspond
	with the foe's attack, so watch the baddie's animation! When they
	start to wind up, pound the B button! One warning, though: you need
	available POWER to successfully Option Select, so don't commit to
	an attack sequence unless you have a bit left for an evasion! 

	The C button is the "Attack" button, which, when used with
the proper D-Pad motion or timing, produces a variety of sword
slashes and attacks:
	- Pressing the C button once: A single, vertical slash.
	- Pressing C button while jumping: A powerful aerial slash!
	- Pressing the C button while crouching: A dashing through
        slash - a very safe maneuver.
	- Pressing the C button after a successful hit with the
        POWER bar charged will add a second hit in quick succession.
        As long as the POWER bar remains charged, hits can be added
        on for up to N times, although, as the combo increases, the 
        chance of a counter increases. If your POWER bar runs out,
        the combo cannot be continued.
	- Pressing and holding C will execute a VERY powerful Rising
        Slash which will hit multiple times and consume most of your
        POWER bar. Tack it on after a 1 or 2 hit combo for BIG damage!
        If this move is used as the finishing blow, a Street Fighter-esque
        sunburst will occur - too cool!
	- When knocked down, hold up + C to execute a Reversal Slash for
        big damage! This will also leave Gradriel out of breath, just as
	the Rising Slash did.

After you have beaten Evil Gradriel in the last portion of the game,
you'll be able to turn into her during subsequent battles by pressing the L
and the R keys simultaneously. After a rather lurid transformation sequence,
Gradriel can now cast spells simply by pressing the C button. The spell cast
depends on the which gem is currently in front of her, as they rotate about
her sparingly-clad frame. Each spell costs you 50 HP to cast, though, so
be careful. If you press L + R again, or are hit, you'll transform back into
plain ol' nice-girl Gradriel.

Guarding while using a special shield will cause that special shield
to inflict damage on the opponent. Certain items, such as daggers,
axes, holy water, and bombs, may be thrown in combat, and magic gems
and scrolls may also be used, much to your opponent's dismay. Be 
careful, though; some opponents may decide to use one of these items
on you! Other items, when equipped, will enhance your jumping
ability and strength.

	During non-combat scenes, the buttons have the following effect:

	On the D-Pad:
	- Left/Right: Move Gradriel left/right on the screen.
	- Down: Crouch to pick an item up. Or just crouch and
        giggle at her pimpin' look. You decide.
	- Up: Enter a building/hallway/room.
	- Double tap Left/Right: Run in the appropriate direction.

	A - Open the Item Wheel.
	B - Cancel the current selection.
	C - Action Button - use this to confirm a selection, to talk,
          or to use an item selected from the Item Wheel.
	L (shoulder) - Call up your backpack and transfer items into
                     and from the USE area, or ogle your special
                     items and game stats.  
	R (shoulder) - Call up a map of the world/dungeon. If you
                     don't know any Japanese, check this frequently
                     to see if any new paths have opened up.

	If you are good enough to complete the game, you will be able
to play as not only Edward (who has his own mini-adventure to complete),
but as Portgus, Prosperpina, and a yet unknown 5th character. All of
them have a mini-adventure to complete, which become available as extra
books in the initial game load area, where you direct a young girl to
bring a book to her grandmother. After completing the Story of Gradriel,
the Story of Edward will appear as a second book to be picked up. Complete
it, and future books, containing Portgus, Prosperpina, and a yet unknown
character will become available. Each of these ancillary characters' quests
are significantly shorter than that of Gradriel (obviously), but each has
a full range of combat maneuvers which look incredibly cool. Check out
Portgus, especially - his Rapier technique looks like that of Samurai
Shodown's Charlotte, with incredible animation.
	Talk about replay value!

	Controls for Edward - forthcoming.

	Controls for Portgus - forthcoming.

	Controls for Prosperpina - forthcoming.

	Controls for ??? - forthcoming.

III. Items, Equipment, and Miscellanea

(all of the items listed under EQUIPMENT can have their stats
 improved by using an "E+1" scroll on them)

Grey Glove - Attack power up 10%.
Green Glove - Attack power up 20%.
Silver Gauntlet - Attack power up 30%. 
Golden Gauntlet - This is a cool one - it increases the chance of Gradriel's
		  Rising Slash (hold C during a combo) doing increased damage! 
		  You'll notice that, on occasions, when executing her Rising
		  Slash, a word balloon with text will appear over Gradriel's
		  head before she executes the Slash. Equipping the Golden
		  Gauntlet increases the chance of this happening. E+1 scrolls
		  increase the chance of this even more, so feel free to use
		  'em liberally. 
		  Addendum: It also increases the chance of a critical hit in
                  general - what a kick ass item, eh?
Blue Pendant - Improved defensive ability - Gradriel takes less damage overall
	      from physical attacks. Use several E+1 scrolls on this item to
	      toughen it up. 
Purple Pendant - Improved defensive ability, up to 50%! Pile on the E+1
                 scrolls to keep this bad boy from getting broken.
Leaf (Elf) Boots - allows automated Option Select for enhanced evasive tactics 
		   during battle. One of the best pieces of EQ in the game.
Blink Boots - Movement speed increase.
Angel Boots - Enhanced jumping ability in battle - very nice!
Emerald Ring - Every blow to an opponent causes gold pieces to
               fall from them.
Amethyst Ring - Double-jumping is enabled. Very convenient.
Ruby Ring - Enhanced damage with Fire Magic. Again, using a few E+1 scrolls
	    on this item make it more formidable. Gradriel also becomes
	    more resistant to fire attacks when using this item.
Sapphire Ring - Enhanced damage with Ice Magic. As ever, E+1 it to make your
	        Ice Magic incredibly brutal and effective. Gradriel also
	        becomes more resistant to ice attacks when using this item.
Spiked Shield - Foe takes damage when his attack is Guarded
                by Gradriel.
Frozen Eye Shield - Foe is turned to ice when his attack is Guarded
                    by Gradriel.
Dragon Shield - Foe gets zorched with flame when his attack is
                Guarded by Gradriel.
Thief Bracelet - Items are picked up automatically when Gradriel passes over
Warrior Bracelet - Limited Auto-Guarding is enabled. Using E+1 scrolls on
	           this improve its ability and make it more durable.

- GEMS -
(When charged by a gold and purple potion, these can cast spells up to 
 3 times. Single use gems can be found on Barbarians and other foes)

Opal (Gorgon) - Shoots a limited strafing ray which, when it strikes a foe,
       turns them to stone and does damage.
Ruby (Vulcan) - Hurls a large fireball at a 45 degree angle towards the
       ground, which explodes on contact. Very powerful against
Amethyst (Thor) - Makes lightning roar from the sky and hit the opponent
           multiple times.
Sapphire (Sindra) - Hurls icicles at the opponent, freezing them.
Emerald (Star) - A rain of meteors drops from the sky, mangling your foe.
Diamond (Holy) - Heals Gradriel significantly, as well as does damage to undead.

Gold and Purple Potion - use on an unenchanted gem to imbue them
                         with magical properties.

- RODS -
(can be used 3 times in battle)

Skull Rod - turns weaker foes into hamsters! :)
Ruby Rod - creates 3 daggers for your usage.
Sapphire Rod - the enemy can neither block nor Option Select. Sweeeeeeet!
Wind Rod - Blows the enemy away from Gradriel, giving her a little
           breathing space.
Goblin Rod - Summons a goblin, who flies across the screen, smiting
             the enemy and dropping a random item.

- Throwing Weapons -
(can be thrown a limited number of times. A thrown weapon with 
 multiple uses must still be picked up after each throw.)

Brass Dagger - Crappy damage and goes in a straight line.
Silver Dagger - Better damage and goes in a straight line. Knocks an item off
                of the foe for subsequent thievery.
Throwing Axe - Good damage, but arcs. Good against flying or 
               frequently jumping foes.
Bomb - KABOOM! Great damage (especially versus ghouls), but
               has a delayed detonation after hitting the ground.
Holy Water - Sends a rippling streak of holy flame across the
             ground when it strikes. Good damage.

- Scrolls -
(single use items of attack or enchantment. I will refer to them
 by the letters/symbols on their graphic)

GOM - If this scroll is used when a fight starts, your equipment cannot
      be damaged during the round. Yay!
M8 - Earthquake! Drops a big-ass rock on the foe for good damage.
FiRE - Imbues Gradriel's sword with fire, enabling extra damage
       to most foes save those with innate fire resistance (such as,
       say, Dragons).
BoLT - Imbues Gradriel's sword with lightning energy, enabling extra
       damage to most foes save those with lightning resistance.
GOLD - It's the Midas Touch! Turn your foe to solid gold and chop
       gold coins off of him. 
MiR - Create a mirror image of Gradriel, ala Morrigan's EX Specials
      in Nightwarriors. Double damage, twice the fun!
EXiT - Teleports Gradriel out of a dungeon.
ReT - Returns Gradriel to the last Inn visited (and saved at). NOTE: This
      also resets the LAST MAJOR EVENT COMPLETED. This is NOT a glitch. If
      you have completed a major story element/dungeon, and use ReT, Gradriel
      will be sent back in time to her LAST SAVE. As a result, if there was
      a major story event, dungeon, or battle between the time you visited
      that Inn, it will have been reset and need to be re-completed. (Thanks 
      to Yasu for this important piece of info!)
E+1 - Add 1 point of enhancement to any piece of equipment. All equipment
      this is used on is made more durable, and, for some items, it also
      improves their effects. If you think your favorite piece of EQ is
      about to break, use this on it. A maximum enhancement of +9 (9 scrolls
      required) is possible.
EYE - Identifies an item as cursed or otherwise.
DiS - Removes the curse from any piece of ill-affected equipment. 
NEW - When used on an item that has multiple uses, it restores it to
      full. Example: Using this scroll on a gem with 1 use will bring it back
      up to 3 uses, or, using it on a half-eaten piece of meat will restore it
      to an uneaten condition. Unfortunately, it won'r fix damaged equipment.
REF - Immunity to stoning attacks - obtained in the Goblin Village during the
      Basilisk quest. 
Sage Crest <ankh symbol> - GIGA-damage to any undead foe.

- Food Items -

Certain food items, such as corn, meat, and dodo eggs, must be
brought to a pub owner for preparation. If you have one of these
items (and you can't eat it), take it to a pub owner and select
the first option from the three. He will, for about 30 Gold, cook
the food and return it to you, giving you an excellent healing
item! Conversely, you can buy a previously prepared food item for
about 40 to 60 Gold, by choosing the second option. Every food item has
3 uses before it is completely consumed.

Heart Fruit - about 10 to 25 points healed. Weak.
Mango - Average healing, but, if the pit is used during battle, you can grow
	two more mangoes! Talk about a green thumb! 
Mushroom - 50% Power restored.
Milk - Power increase, plus small healing.
Cooked Fish - A yummy seafood treat with good healing properties. Leaves a
              fish skeleton behind to take up an inventory slot after it
	      has been fully consumed. Toss it ASAP to free up the slot.
Cooked Meat - A beefy surprise guaranteed to restore HP. Very strong, but
              leaves a bone for you to throw out in your inventory after it
	      has been eaten. You can use a NEW scroll on the bone (and the
              fish skeleton) to completely restore it, if you decide to
              keep it.
Egg on Toast - A surprisingly powerful healing item.
Fruit Cake - A healing item of only middling effect.
Hamburger - Another item of middling restorative ability.
Cooked Corn - A healing item with reasonably good effect.
Golden Grape - The best healing item, hands down. Both health and power are
               fully restored.

You can also prepare food yourself, assuming you have a pan and the necessary

- Potions -

Each potion is described by the symbol that appears on the label of the
jar the potion comes in. Potions, when used, last about 15 seconds. Potions 
may have multiple uses.

AT Potion - Ups Gradriel's damage potential.
DF Potion - Lessens damage taken by Gradriel in battle.
Dot-inna-Circle (Sun) Potion - Temporary Invincibility! Eeeeeee-yes!
Skull Potion - Poison! Bleagh! However, your Power maxes out
	       after using this potion, although a goodly HP loss is
Spiral Potion - Balance potion. If you get hit in the air, you will not
                be knocked down. It also makes it more difficult for
                enemies to knock you down, period. 
Stomach Potion - you can eat/drink faster in battle. Nice.

- Special Items -
(viewed by hitting L, then R. These items are found in the first row of
 items on this screen.)

Candy - Powers up your fairy friend. There are up to 8 pieces available.
	Listed below are the effects each piece has:

	1st Piece - Your fairy friend will periodically fly in and hit the
                    opponent for weak damage.
	2nd Piece - Improved fairy attack damage.
	3rd Piece - Your fairy friend will drop a random potion.
	4th Piece - Your fairy friend offers a little healing. Gee, thanks.
	5th Piece - Your fairy friend calls her friends in to whack on your 
                    for awhile. Hee hee hee.
	6th Piece - Your fairy friend will drop a random item.
	7th Piece - Your fairy friend will warn you as to what enemy types
                    will be appearing on the path you are taking.
	8th Piece - A Goblin appears and removes any cursed EQ you might have
		    put on. Thanks, little feller.

- Quest Items -
(viewed by hitting L, then R. These items are found in the second row of
 items on this screen.)

Musical Note Scroll #1 - Give this to the Bard on the very left side of
		      Valenadine Town. 
Green Gem - Give this to the Gold Dragon north of Dwalf Land.
Time Gem - use this to teleport forward in time to save Edward from Bloody.
Magic Key - use the to open the Sealed Cave.
Musical Note Scroll #2 - ?
Musical Note Scroll #3 - ?

IV. The Bestiary

In this section, I will list each monster, and the best fighting
tactics for beating it. Boss monsters will have a [BOSS] tag
after their name.

SOLDIER [Practice] - an armor-clad soldier encountered at the
beginning of the game. He's just there to familiarize you with
the fighting system. Whack him but good. Practice comboing into
a Rising Slash, if you get the opportunity. Remember, tap C, C,
C, and then hold C. Whack-whack-whack-SWOOSH! and he's outta

OCHRE JELLY - A cute little blob of goo. High-level variants have a
VERY damaging Critical Attack, though, so don't underestimate these
twerps. When they float towards you after a bounce, hit B when
they're almost on your face (yech!) to Option Select and
follow up with a Side Step and a combo.

MYCONID - A very cute little animated mushroom, with some strange
spirits living under his spotted cap. These cute fellers, despite
their diminuative stature, can be a real pain in the plate mail,
even when they are low-level. When they summon the female spirit,
back off and Guard, or risk big damage. If they summon the male
spirit with the muscles, do a jumping attack and put 'em down, old
school. Dash Attacks work great on these sneaky buggers.

DODOH - An angry flightless bird. Its attacks are short-range and
do very little damage. Just beat the living crud out of it. Alternate
a B press during your combos (flutter rapidly between B and C presses)
to easily Option Select its Counters. Hee hee.
	Higher level Dodohs are another matter entirely, since they have
a pair of damaging Criticals - one is a Counter (OS through it, when you
see COUNTER! flash on-screen), and a Buddy Summon where a flock of
Dodohs will tumble from off-screen to flatten poor Gradriel. Whack the
Dodoh to shut him up before he finishes his call to arms.

BARBARIAN - A large, fur-wearing warrior. This guy will use gem
magic and throwing axes during battle, as well as munch on healing
items, depending on his level. Use regular jumping attacks, and,
when he gears up from a butt crush or a thrust attack, whack him
with a combo, followed with a Rising Slash.

GHOUL - Tough. Very tough. Avoid jumping attacks except when his
pukes acid, or risk getting hit in his Claws O' Fury combo. If you
see the words "Critical" flash onscreen, GUARD. Otherwise, you can
face up to 100+ points of damage from his Thorny Tomb critical. Using
B to Option Select out of his multihitters is a great idea - you'll save
yourself a lot of grief. Conversely, if you have an Ankh Scroll, USE
it, and avoid this nasty fight altogether.

GHOST - Flying nasty. He zooms all over the screen, periodically
lunging at you with his Tail Spike attack. After decimating half
of his life bar, he loses his pumpkin mask and gets some nastier
attacks, such as the Grim Reaper special and the Spectral Mourner.
You can take out the lantern shots he fires in his pumpkinhead
form by swiping at them with your sword - the same can be done to
take out the tragic Spectral Mourner. When he turns into the Grim
Reaper, Guard. Trying to dodge it is almost impossible, since he'll
remain invincible and follow you until he can swing at you. 

GOBLINS - A flying threesome who enjoy taunting you. Ignore their
cute antics and floor them with jumping slashes. They'll occasionally
tag out, but don't worry - just treat all three like a single entity
and whack away. Be sure to Guard when you see them raise their mallets
for 2-hit comboes, and lay into them when they start taunting you.
	Later levels have them knocking your items from you, and
whistling to summon their compatriots. Just OS through the latter when
you hear the whistle.

CENTAUR - Half horse, half cherub with a penchant for archery. Not
too tough, although, when you see him fire an arrow upward, dash out 
of the way or be conked on the head by the fowl he gunned out of
the air (this is really hilarious to watch, BTW). Just Guard his
arrow attacks and whack him with combos, or conversely, leap over
his smaller arrow spreads and hit him with a jumping slash. When
he charges, guard in the OPPOSING director or be bowled over.

FROGGER - Cute little frog with a few karate skills. He'll counter
frequently, but he isn't particularly tough, thanks to having
almost ZERO Hit Points. Just dash as he leaps over you and pound him
with ground attacks. To avoid the counters, keep your combos
short, and never start from the air.

BANDITS - A duo of scruffy rogues who attack one at a time. They'll use
throwing knives and quaff wine to heal themselves during the round, but
their low individual HP makes them pretty nonthreatening foes. Guard when
they slash, and counter with a combo culminating in a Rising Slash. They'll
back off and allow Gradriel to get her breath back after she finishes the

PIRATES - Same as the Bandits, but have a powerful Cannon Special where the
currently inactive Pirate runs of the screen, hauls in a big cannon, and rains
explosive shells on you. This move has a big wind-up time, so start Guarding

DOPPELGANGER [BOSS] - A grinning shadowdemon with artistic aspirations -
he paints himself to look (and fight) like you! Fortunately, he fights
like a really wussy form of you by the time you encounter him, so he's
pretty much meat ripe for the slaughter. Amuse yourself by practicing the
techniques his AI can't do on him.

DRAGON [BOSS] - A pain in the behind at ANY level. Although the
Dragon is the second boss you'll fight, these scaly baddies crop
up every now and then as conventional enemies (and as boss encounters)
throughout the game. Don't be bewitched by their amazing animation -
these guys are TOUGH. Use jumping attacks whenever possible, especially
when they are winding up to flame you. If you suspect they're going to
do a bite attack, Guard, and retaliate with a Rising Slash combo. Having
Leaf Boots or a Ruby Ring pays off in spades for this fight. Using Ice
or Lightning Magic is also an excellent idea.

ICE DRAGON - Like the DRAGON, only it uses ice-based attacks and is weak
against fire. This fellow isn't seen until later in the game.

PROSPERPINA [BOSS] - Irritating, but not too tough. When she mounts her
broom, jumping slash her out of the air. Having Angel Boots or an Amethyst 
(Double Jump) Ring makes her even easier. On the ground, dash attack her
when she is at range, and Guard her rushing attacks and Flame Hex attack.
Follow up with a combo.

TARANTULA - Wussy boss. A well-timed jumping slash will wax him when
it takes to the trees. As ever, Option Select or back dash when he tries to
web you. Otherwise, charge your power bar and combo, combo, combo! 
	Later encounters have this guy showing up at higher levels, where
he uses his Web Critical more frequently. When you see the words "Critical"
flash on-screen, either do a quick double-tap back or Guard. 

BASILISK [BOSS] - Urk. This is one bad chicken-thing. Make sure you have a
LOT of healing items, as he likes to use his Critical Hit Stoning Gaze
(and you thought Cyclop's Super in XvsSF was impressive) often for up to
100 points of damage and stoning! Jumping attacks are often countered with
a regular Stoning Ray attack, which leaves you vulnerable until you can
shake out of it. Your best bet is to dash in immediately after he does
a tail attack or reappears from his Ground Tunnel Counter, and try for
a combo. Keep your combos short, though, or face a deadly counter or a
Stoning Ray! If you are getting beat up pretty bad, dash away and use
a healing item. If you have any charged Sapphires, Bombs, or Holy Water,
use that, too!
	Addendum: If you are having difficulty beating him, there is an
optional quest you can undertake to ensure victory. After talking to the
statue immediately before encountering the Basilisk, an area to the north
on the Map will open up, showing a path to the Goblin Village. To be brief,
what you need to do is go through the Goblin Village, to the hut at the end of
the path, and buy a Goblin Rod. Take it to the owner of the Shop in the
Goblin Village, and select the last (third) option when talking to him. He'll
disappear into the back of the Shop and not emerge. Leave the shop, and you'll
be attacked by his friends. Kill them, and claim the ReF scroll, which will
confer immunity to the Basilisk's stoning attacks! 

EVIL SEED [BOSS] - A nasty puppet with a circular saw for a hand. When he starts
bouncing around, use a jumping slash to hammer him down. Using bombs,
Fire Magic, and a FiRE scroll will put this guy to rest, permanently.

SLAVE WOOD - the non-boss form of the EVIL SEED.

POLTERGEIST + EVIL SEED [BOSS] - Eyaaaaugh! This boss first appears as a giant
ghost who summons and manipulates a variety of items, including a doll,
a set of plates, a chair, and more, which he spins in an expanding and
contracting wheel about him. If these items hit you, they can do some
serious hurt, so dash in and out with short combos. When he attacks using
his body, jump straight up and slash. After you deplete his HP, he'll summon
a EVIL SEED body and animate it - handle it just like you did the previous
EVIL SEED boss from the Yggdrasil area.

POLTERGEIST - A fat ghost similar to the boss one, only lacking the ability
to animate an EVIL SEED body after initial defeat. He has a nasty Counter
where he spews poisonous ether at you if your combo is poorly timed, so keep
the combos short and peck at him with jumping attacks and single slashes.

GEIST ARMOR - Headless armor packing a large sword. Not too tough, but beware
his Critical! When you see the words "Critical" flash on-screen, get back!
His sword will become a size roughly equivalent to 3/4 of the screen in
length, and he'll swing it at you for MEGA-damage. However, when he isn't
executing this attack, he's a pushover - just peck away with jumping slashes,
dashing slashes, and the occasional combo. If you've mastered the option
select (or have Leaf Boots), he's utterly negligible.

CHAOTIC EYE - A Beholder-type floating eye that uses magic for attacks. These
guys are a PAIN - thank Gawd they're a rare encounter. They like to use Ice
and Lightning Magic, and the occasional Stoning Ray. What makes them really
tough is the fact that they are hard to combo - most slashes result in
them falling to the ground, and leaving an explosive skin behind. Be sure to
whack the newly-shedded skin before continuing your attack, or you may find
yourself bumping into it at the wrong time - ouch! Keep Guarding when not
hitting them with jumping attacks. Use Lightning Magic or throwing weapons
whenever possible. Heal frequently. Option Select with the B button when
this feller winds up for a fireball, or suffer the big hurt.

CAPTAIN BIGHOOK [BOSS] - A large, ill-tempered pirate with a giant hook 
for a hand and a pogo spring for a pegleg. Guard his rolling attack or suffer
big damage. When he starts bouncing around, a well-timed jumping slash will
keep him earthbound. If he goes Critical, Guard. He's not too tough if you
keep your Guard up or have Leaf Boots equipped to Option Select his rolling

EVIL ERIEL [BOSS] - Eriel, Gradriel's sister, turned into a rather well-
-endowed succubus by the Grimoire Larva. Challenging, but easily doable if
you keep your Guard up and time your jumping attacks appropriately. The
best time to strike is after the Larva Chomp attack - dash in and
combo her. When she uses the Flaming Runes attack or summons the scorpions,
Guard until the attack has completely left the screen - both of them have
residual effects. Hit her with Meteor Magic frequently, and use the Leaf
Boots to Option Select through the Scorpion attacks. If you have the Leaf
Boots equipped, Side Stepping through the Scorpions to combo her works
brutally well. Conversely, if you've mastered the timing for an Option
Select (tricky as the Scorpions have no evident wind-up), you can avoid
using the Leaf Boots and use the slot for, say, a Purple Pendant.

EVIL GOLGOTHA [BOSS] - General Golgotha, only bad. He fights like a Geist Armor,
only without the Giant Sword Critical. Unlike a Geist Armor, he does quite a 
bit more damage, and has an Exploding Meteor Critical, as well as being able
to launch over three Ground Spike specials from the air in immediate 
succession. While not tough, don't underestimate him. Free him from the
Grimoire Larva's power by getting in close and comboing away - do NOT, I repeat,
do NOT try to fight him at range, or you'll be sucking down Criticals and Ground

DEMON - A cthonic nasty with a skull mask and a prehensile tongue, as well
as nasty claws. Unlike the Boss Demons, these guys don't use Gem Magic, at
least those below Level 20. 

BLUE DEMON - Same as a regular ol' Demon, only uses Ice-based attacks and
is usually encountered at Levels above 20. It uses Gem Magic infrequently.
Also unlike the standard Demon, it has a Heart Flare Critical, which can
do BIG damage. Hit B to OS as soon as you see the words "CRITICAL" appear,
and Dash Back, or suffer! Dragon Shields and Vulcan (Red) Gems are great
for supplementary damage and defense.

SKULG [BOSS] - A powerful demon, and one of the most difficult fights in the
game. He uses magic quickly and frequently, has high-damage attacks, is
tough to combo, and, worst of all, he heals himself halfway through the fight!
He hates Meteor Magic, so have several Emeralds charged before the fight
starts. Use the Frozen Eye Shield to return some of his damage - just make sure
you use a GOM scroll to keep the Shield from breaking during the battle. Be
sure you're over level 30 and have at least 4 Item Use slots equipped with
healing items before tackling him, though. Option Select through his Demon Claw
or his Flame Pentacle with a Side Step and whack him before he can use the
cover the attack provides to use a Gem. You cannot interrupt his Life
Recovery, so don't even bother. Oh, and if you have a Purple Pendant, USE

BLOODY [BOSS] - A demon lieutenant with red skin and tusks so big they obscure
his vision. Like SKULG, he regenerates himself halfway through the battle,
effectively giving him an extra 50 or so percent extra HP besides what his
bar says. Bloody hates ice-based attacks, so use the Sapphire or have a Frozen
Eye shield equipped. However, unlike Skulg, he has the multi-hit Heart Flare
Critical of the Blue Demons, and Counters like crazy.

GRIFFON - A decidedly female bird-lion combination, with tons of wind-based
and scratching attacks. This creature is a MAJOR pain-in-the-feathered-arse,
since it combos you for BIG damage and loves to play keep away. It'll
frequently Option Select through your combos, making it hard to execute any
major beat down. If you use a Sapphire Rod, the Griffon won't be able to
OS or block, making the fight a little easier.

VOGROD [BOSS] - Supremely vicious. Standard sword attacks do little damage,
but magic attacks of the holy variety (holy water, ankh, charged diamond gem)
hurt him badly. He can easily corner trap you and pound you to death, so
make sure you've mastered the timing for the Option Select so you can Side Step
through his mega-damaging punching attacks and whack him. Man, this fellow
has INCREDIBLE animation. Be sure you have 3 or so Ankh Scrolls ready to wound
him with before you enter his room, or at least have a TON of high-powered
healing items.

NECRO-SAMANSA [BOSS] - A ridiculously busty undead female assassin. She
looks rather like the results of a coupling between Jedah and Morrigan from
Darkstalkers, after breast-augmentation surgery and estrogen mainlining. 
She's only of middling difficulty to fight - she's weak against OS
Sidestepping and Jumping Slashes. She'll counter long combos, though,
and walking into her attacks is completely foolhardy. Watch out for her Ghost
Critical or her jump-in Kick Combo, both of which can leech 80 or more HP
from a Level 62 Gradriel. Her second Critical, where a nasty Dracolich
bursts out of her belly, can be easily OS'd into a Dash Back.

SIRENE [BOSS] -  Tough. Her Sirene Song attack has to be THE most annoying
attack in the game, since it dizzies Gradriel for 5 or so seconds (an
eternity during the fast-paced PC battles). You can't block it or OS
through/away from it, either. Argh. Most of the time, she'll use the
Song or her Gale attack to push you away, keeping you from getting close
to hurt her. When she does attack, it'll be as a Dash attack (or as her
Ocean Call Critical, where a friend appears to assist her), so hammer her
as she passes by. You'll just have to chip, chip, chip away at her - hope
you brought plenty of healing items! 

EVIL GRADRIEL [BOSS] - At this point, you should be about Level 60 or so,
and have enough HP to weather the worst of magical attacks any foe can
dish out long enough to heal. Be sure you have plenty of Holy Gems going
into this fight, because Evil Gradriel attacks exclusively with magical
attacks. Her Serpent Magic is the most common, which is best blocked
instead of OSing, since the Side Step can get you nailed with the Serpents'
tails and Dash Back doesn't do any good since the Serpents go full
screen. Just block the Serpent attacks (and thwack the Fire Dragons she'll
occasionally summon). Keep your combos short (she'll counter on the third
hit, so two should be tops) and rely on Jumping Slashes to win. Eventually,
you'll peck away her health and she'll fall, enabling you to transform into
her by pressing L+R during subsequent battles! (See Controls and Walkthrough
for more info)

EVIL LEON [BOSS] - Yuck. Next to Vogrod, this guy is one of the worst fights
in the game. Like Gradriel, all of his attacks are magical in nature,
meaning he can hurt you no matter WHERE you are on the screen. His Thorn
Beauty (ecchi!) and Thorn Counter attacks are plain annoying, and can,
should all hits connect, do over 108 points of damage! OS Side Step towards him 
when you see the Thorn Beauty start up (it's rather obvious ^_^), and go
for BIG (6 hit+) combo into a Rising Slash. 7 or so of those and he should
fall - unfortunately, in the interim, you'll have to deal with frequent
ice and stoning attacks. Use a ReF scroll if you have one to help out
a bit. Dash at him (double tap forward) when he teleports away to sneak
a couple hits in. Jumping Slashes are begging for a Thorn Counter, so use
them sparingly.

LARVA [BOSS] - Great Mother of Jesus, is this guy HUGE! Like Apocalypse in
X-Men vs Street Fighter, he fights from the background, taking up almost
two whole screens. He has 4 arms in all corners of the screen, which
cumulatively have 800 HP. Whack 200 HP off of the Arms' total and one will
die, starting from the upper left. The Head, which isn't always attackable,
has 500 HP. Destroy it and Larva will die. Easier said than done, though,
as the Arms (starting from the upper left and moving clockwise) have the
powers (and then some) of each Elemental Spell in the game - Earth, Wind,
Fire, and Ice. The Head does an occasional lightning attack and spits an
explosive fireball which knocks Gradriel down. The basic strategy for this
battle is to Jumping Slash his head whener possible, and, when he recedes
into the background to blast magic shots at you, BLOCK. As for the rest of
the time, crouch or block when he charges his Lightning attack. OS through
the attacks of the fire and ice arms so that you are standing in formt of the
arm and behind the hand, and combo. This is a long, difficult fight which
is manageable if you had plenty of healing items left over after defeating

V. Walkthrough (brief)

	You begin the game in Valenadine Castle, listening to the petitions
of your subjects. After a flurry of dialogue culminating in your wizardly
pal taking you out to the training field and showing you how to fight, you
are left to your devices in your bedroom, and the game begins. 
	Start off by paying a visit to Eriel, your sister (dressed in the
blue dress) down the hall. She'll give you a Red Pendant and a flag allowing
you to leave the castle will be set. Meander your way downstairs to the castle
exit and try to leave. The guards will stop you, but, upon re-entry, a friendly
fairy will aid you in escaping the castle. Head down the path and into
Valenadine Town. 
	A note at this point: after talking to key characters, check your map!
New areas may have opened up as a result of the dialogue, so constant map
examination (press R) will help non-Japanese speakers determine if they have
made any headway.
	Once in Valenadine Town, talk to the Bard at the far left before
exitting. He'll give you some sob story about having lost his music - keep
this in mind for a later excursion.
	Head west to Nutsbill. Once there, talk to the townsfolk to learn
about how a pair of delightful naivelings were turned into animals by the
witch Prosperpina. Talking to the mayor will result in a eastbound path
to fairies' demesne becoming available - go there and talk to them, since
the folk of Nutsbill hold them responsible.Talk to all three fairies and the
path to Prosperpina's hut will open up - head there ASAP. Confont Prosperpina 
and beat her, and the kids will be changed back. Head back to town and converse
with the mayor again to make a westbound path open up. Take the opportunity
to talk to the fairies down south, as well.
	Westward ho! In Dorangora to the west, you'll hear rumors of an
evil dragon terrorizing the hapless community. Talking to certain key citizens
will make another westward path open up to the Dragon's Den. Head there for an
encounter with key character Edward, and then head back to town, where an
evil Dragon is waiting to smack you but good. Kill it, then talk to the 
townsfolk again to open up new areas. 
	Take this opportunity to level up a a bit by fighting a few Ghouls
or Ghosts on the way to Cemeteryth. Along this path (assuming you talked to
the correct townsfolk), there will be a branching path to a dark mountain.
If you feel cocky or sure of yourself, take it and enter the dungeon
therein. It's an easy dungeon, but you'll have to fight a level 18 Dragon
at the end, so make suree you've stocked up on healing items. Kill him and
claim the Musical Note Scroll, which can then be returned to the Bard in
Valenadine Town.
	Having made the bard happy, I'm almost certain that at this point
you can visit the Yggdrasil Tree. Head to the fairy area south of Nutsbill
and chat with fairies, and then head south to the Yggdrasil Tree. It
seems an Evil Seed has taken up residence in it - clearing this bugger out
will net you your first piece of fairy candy and an extra backpack! 
	Traverse to Cemeteryth to the town of Lowgrove, a rustic farming
community. Be sure to talk to the orange-clad mage in one of the houses -
he once owned a shop in Cemeteryth, but was driven out by an evil
and mighty Poltergeist. Talk to the rest of the townsfolk and open up
a path to the Unicorn Vale. 
	Let's make a segue to the Unicorn Vale, at this time. Visiting there
will net you an encounter with Evil Eriel as she busily hassles the poor
unicorns living there. You'll challenge her to a fight, but she'll
decline, letting a large Tarantula fight for her instead. Kill it and
talk to the greatful Unicorns. Return to town, visit with the villagers,
aand head off to Akberstep.	
	Akberstep is a town in a bit of a bind. Literally - they've all
been turned to stone by a rampaging Basilisk, courtesy of (you guessed it)
Evil Eriel. Talk to the little girl in the Inn, and then take a revealed 
entrance by the stables (you'll see the Enter message flashing by it as
you walk by) to see Ol' Mr. Basilisk. Talk to the statue in this area,
first; it'll tell you about a Magic Scroll kept by the Goblins which will
aid you in defeating the Basilisk. Of course, if you're ballsy or simply
high-level, you can beat the Basilisk, although it will be quite difficult.
On the other hand, a route to the Goblin Village between Dorangora and
Nutsbill will have opened up - my suggestion is to go there, instead.
	Passing through Cemeteryth, you will encounter a nasty Poltergeist
boss IF you have previously spoken to the orange-clad mage in ???. Kill him,
and, the next time you visit Cemeteryth, you'll be able to shop in the
building to the farthest right, which sells Sage Crest scrolls. Yes!
	Hokay. Having cleared Cemeteryth, lets continue on up to the Goblin
Village. Talk to the nasty little beasties in the town, and then truck your
plate-mailed butt on up to the shop at the end of the northernmost route
out of the village. Buy a Goblin Staff (the one with the grinning head on
it), and head back down to the village. Take the staff to the shopkeeper
in town, and select the third (last) option from the menu. He'll leave
out the back of the shop, promising to bring you the ReF scroll. No such luck,
though - he doesn't come back. Exit the shop and head out the southernmost
(right) exit of the village. You should then be confronted by some high-level
Goblins who really want that staff - whoop their knobby butts but good and
claim the ReF scroll.
	Now you're ready to tackle the Basilisk. At the beginning of the	fight, use the ReF scroll, and slam that bad boy down. When you've
completed talking to all the recently unstoned people in town, head off
east toward the triple village of Cadho Badho.
	Now, this is a bit tricky. There are three villages in the triangle
of towns that comprise Cadho Badho: the Garrison (bottom left), the
Magi (bottom right), and the Shops (top). Go to the Shops town and converse
with everyone, or at least until a route from the Magi to the Sirene's
Cave appears. Visit the Sirene's Cave and chat with both Edward and the
Sirene. Return to the Magi area, and then back to the Garrison - watch out
for an angry Prosperpina, though! Now, trek to each of the towns in this
order - Garrison, Magi, Shops, and back to the Garrison. Along the routes
in between, you should encounter gossiping villagers, and a pair of bandits
at least once (although it might be twice - there's some debate). Once back 
in the Garrison, visit the Tavern and talk to the people there. After that,
exit and talk to the girl standing outside the Tavern - if everything was
done correctly (you saw the gossiping people and the bandits on the routes),
Gradriel will have asuspicious  thought balloon appear during this dialogue.
off in hot pursuit, and find out from "her" that Evil Eriel is back in
business, and has set up shop in a cave along the western route between 
Akberstep and Cadho Badho. Check your map, and you should see it.
	So, off to the cave we trek. Explore, and eventually you will find
Evil Eriel, who will summon a high-level Barbarian to put an end to you.
The fight is easy, so don't worry - lay the smack down, old school, and
Evil Eriel will flee. Head back to the Sirene's Cave to visit Edward and
the Sirene. After a brief interlude, you will be placed outside the
Sirene's area. Instead of heading off for Cadho Badho, pay the Sirene one
last visit. She will tell you of a nasty Tarantula King hassling the glade
she lives in, and a route to its lair just off the route between her
cave and Cadho Badho will appear. This is an optional quest, and will net
you another piece of fairy candy.
	At this time, you can head north to the seaside village of ???. 
Talk to everyone in the town, especially Portgus, and then head out to the
docks by using the entrance to them in the middle of town that will have
opened up. There, Gradriel and Portgus will be kidnapped by some nasty
pirates, and taken to Pirates Isle.
	On Pirates Isle, you'll need to rescue the two pairs of people
from the dungeon before exitting. When you've done that, head back outside
for a boss battle with the crazy Captain Bighook. Thwack him upside the
noggin, talk to Portgus, and head for home.
	Now, head west of the seaside town on the route that has opened up
leading back to Valenadine Castle. You should be able to get inside at
this point, where you will be greeted with relief by your supplicants.
Be sure to visit the dungeons near the practice fields - you can get
quite a few good items and a fairy candy if you beat up the boss, a high-level
Evil Seed.
	Converse with everyone in the castle, and then head out for the tower 
route you saw branching off between Valenadine Castle and the seaside town.
Talk to the green mage and venture inside. Head up the tower (watch out
for Optic Eyes!) to confront Evil Eriel.
	Having freed Eriel from the Grimoire Larva, you suddenly hear that
the Castle is under siege! Rushing back to the Castle (be sure you have
equipped plenty of healing items and spell gems after the fight with Eriel),
you find that Vogrod's lieutenant, the demon Skulg has attacked the
castle with a host of undead and tarantulae! Angrily, you confront him in
a duel to the death. This is a TOUGH battle, and Skulg will heal himself
halfway through, so be prepared!
	You manage to defeat Skulg, but he flees before you can strike the
deathblow, taking Sidrael with him. Head back to the tower where you faced
Evil Eriel, and slay the Blue Demon at the top. He's pretty easy, unlike
to everyone, especially the old wizard and the councillors, as well as
Eriel. After that, head off for Leeland. While there, talk to Portgus and
everyone else. An entry point in the rightmost space between houses
should open up (it looks like the space for the entry to the docks, but
farther to the right) - enter there and go into the Ancient Museum.
	Pass through this short dungeon (watch out for the Geist Armor!)
and face the Doppleganger. He's pretty easy, so don't be too worried.
After slaying him, talk to Portgus, and head for the docks.
	Once in the dock area of Leeland, talk to the guy at the end.
He'll jabber at you awhile, and then conversation will stop. Talk to
him again, and select the first option to go to Earth on Truse Isle.
	Ahoy! Time to cross the bounding main! Be sure to check out
the line scrolls (and the map) as you head to the far north. As the voyage
progresses for a couple minutes, you'll be attacked by Chaotic Eyes,
Pirates, and your old pal Captain Bighook. Apparently, Captain Bighook
has been impersonating Portgus (wha..?) - give him what for and send him
	Eventually, you'll arrive at Earth on Truse Isle. Enter the
dungeon and progress to the bottom-most level. There's a save if
you take the west exit from the 5th level up to the 3rd, though, since
there isn't a real boss fight or many encounters, it's not worth it. 
When you reach the exit in the rightmost part of the bottom level,
you'll see Edward get his armorclad butt stomped by a huge red archdemon.
After killing him, the demon Bloody starts in on you! Fortunately, your 
unicorn pal teleports in and saves you, sending you to the town north of
Dwalf Land. If you check the map, you'll note that a cave has opened
up from the west exit of this town. Therein lies the Gold Dragon, who
holds the key to saving Edward.
	Talk to the Gold Dragon, who will tell you that about the Tower of
Time and the Green Gem. Apparently, your old pal the Dwalf King has the
Green Gem, which the Dragon needs, or he won't tell you about the Tower of
Time. Head off to Dwalf Land to fetch the Green Gem.
	Upon arriving in Dwalf Land, immediately go see the King. There are
other things you can do in Dwalf Land, such as the Truck Races, which can
be used to make extra cash (more on this later), but we're more concerned
with the quest. The Dwala King will tell you that, yes, he has the Gem, but
he also has a nasty tarantula infestation which needs clearing out. Go
kill the King Tarantula in the first cave (the cave other than the Truck
Race one). This completed, return to the Dwalf King's castle and get your
reward. Return to the Gold Dragon and give him the Gem. A path east of
Dwalf Land will open up to the Tower of Time. 
	Go to the Tower of Time by exitting right out of Dwalf Land. Be
sure you've stocked up on healing items, as the Tower of Time is long and
difficult, and there's a nasty Blue Demon waiting at the top! After defeating
the boss, you'll be teleported back in time to the Valenadine of your
mother's era.
	An brief segue will occur, showing Captain Golgotha turned into Evil
Golgotha by the Grimoire Larva.
	Now in Old Valenadine, you'll notice something is amiss: the place
has been trashed by demons! Talk to all the villagers and try to leave town to
the left or right. Returning to the exit to the castle, a man will come
running up and tell you that the Castle is under attack. You'll now be able
to exit to the Castle area. Be sure you have stocked up on healing items and
magic, 'cuz there's gonna be two brutal back-to-back fights when you get
	Arriving at the castle, you witness your mother beat the crap out of
a Blue Demon, only to be attacked and wounded by Evil Golgotha. Ever the
filial vanguard, you rush in and confront Golgotha yourself. He feights like
a fast, powerful Geist Armor, with a Meteor Critical, and a triple Ground Spike
jumping attack (see Bestiary for strategies). Wax him, and he'll return to
his true self. Unfortunately, defeating the Grimoire Larva causes Bloody to
appear, quite enraged by the turn of events. He attacks, and MAN is he a
naughty fellow! He fights like Skulg (he, too, has a mid-battle regeneration),
only he does MUCH more damage and he has the Blue Demon Heart Star Critical!
Back OFF when he goes Critical, or suffer up to 250 points of damage! Chip
away at him until he falls. Once defeated, he'll drop the Time Gem he and the
other demons had been using to teleport across the timescape, which Gradriel
uses to heal Golgotha. Bloody tries to escape, but Golgotha leaps at him, and
they both are teleported away, into the future (which explains why Golgotha
hasn't aged a bit in Gradriel's time). Your ma congratulates on you on a job 
well done, and you are now free to explore the castle of the past. Once
you're finished, head up to your room on the 4th floor, and use the Time Gem
(talk to the Queen's Wizard on the fourth floor first- he explains how to 
use the Time Gem) and you'll be teleported forward in time again, to kill
Bloody once and for all. 
	Just in time! Edward gets ready to engage Bloody, but our girl
Graddy jumps in - once again, you gotta fight Bloody. Hope you stocked
up before teleporting forward in time! Kicking his butt sends him running
for the dungeon exit, but Edward jumps in and slays him with a secret
technique. Edward is now officially saved, thank to Gradriel messing
around with the time-space continuum.
	Having defeated Vogrod's lieutenant, Edward and Gradriel open the
sealed Gate to Bindfaire. After a brief segue where Edward confronts Skulg,
Gradriel will head off for Vogrod's Tower. Get ready for a BIG dungeon,
with some convoluted paths and frequent encounters of the Chaotic Eye variety.
At the top, you will meet Vogrod, who is one VERY bad monkey. Be sure you've
netted yourself some ankh scrolls and charged white gems on the way up, or
you'll be hurting - only holy magic does him any significant damage. Vogrod 
has no problem dishing out 100+ point damage punching combos, so you'd better
have mastered the timing for the Option Select by now! This is by far and away
the toughest fight up to this point in the game.
	Having forced Vogrod to retreat and rescued Sidrael, you'll
return to the Castle. Unfortunately, there's nowhere to save and an angry
level 60 Griffon is attacking the castle - hope you saved a healing item
or two! Defeating the griffon will allow you to save again, and it is
recommended that you do so. Having finished that, take a trek to
Frogger Pond in the southwest area of the map.
	Unfortunately, Leon is missing. Guess where he is? That's right -
you need to head back to Earth on Truse Isle and enter the dungeon there
AGAIN. Go to the bottom, and pass through the EXIT portal. You'll be
back in Bindfaire, the Demon Realm. Yuck. Guess what's next?
	That's right. You have to do Vogrod's Tower AGAIN. Go ALL the merry
way up to the top AGAIN, where Leon, recently possessed by Larva, will be
waiting for you. He summons a ridiculously over-developed undead assassin,
Necro-Samansa, to deal with you. Get used to her, 'cuz she's gonna be
haranguing you quite a bit. Beat the heck out of her, and you'll be transported
back to Valenadine Castle.

	Now, a few side quests are available, if you so choose. 

	Quest #1: It seems the ol' Froggers have been having trouble with a 
nasty Myconid. Talk to the rightmost Frogger in the area, and select
the first option of two from his list. Now, look at the map - you'll
see an area immediately south of Frogger Pond has opened up - head
there and slay the foul Myconid.
	Returning to the Frogger who sent you forth Myconid hunting will
score you a Magic Key which will unlock the Sealed Cave south of Cemeteryth.
Head there and confront the Geist Armor at the bottom, from whose corpse
you will obtain Musical Note Scroll #2.
	After that, go to Knelt, and visit the room to the left of the Inn.
Inside that room will be a Frogger with a dilemma: he needs a special root
to turn him back into a human. Ah, the antics of careless magi! After he's
done talking a route between Knelt and Dwalfland should open up - visit it
and grok yourself one of the roots at the end of it. Mmmm, tuber. Take the
root back to him, and he will transform into a mage after eating it. Your
reward is Musical Note Scroll #3. 
	Take both Scrolls back to the Bard in Valenadine (the town), who
will play a tune for you and give you Candy #4.

	Quest #2: Prosperpina's being a twit again, and this time, the object
of her tyranny are the ever-lovable Dwalfs. Talk to the Dwalf King, who tells
you that ol' Prossy is stirring up trouble at the races. Go into the Truck Race
area of Dwalf Land, and you'll meet up with Her Twinkishness, who's itching to 
fight with you again. Despite being Level 60, she's still not much of a 
challenge especially if you've mastered the timing for the Option Select. Whack
her, then go talk to the Dwalf King again for a sword power-up.

	(thanks to Yasu for telling me about these following quests)

	Quest #3: Off to Cadho-Badho! Talk to the folks in the Magic School in 
the Magic section of Cadho-Badho (the lower-eastern third), and then hop over
to the Garrison area via the west exit. In one of the houses you'll find a
parrot - talk to it. Teleport to Knelt via the Magic Circle in the Magic
area of Cadho-Badho, and go to the pub. Converse with the people, who will tell
you about a secret bandit hideout between the pub and the shop. Fight with
the Barbarian there and kill him to get his ring. Take said ring to the
Magic School and Cadho-Badho, where one of the people will give you Candy #5.

	Quest #4: Charge up a ruby to max charges (3), and take it to the
Gold Dragon (his name is Hindel, BTW). Select the first choice from the
options he presents to you, and a path will open up between Lowgrove and 
Unicorn Forest. Go there and recover Candy #6.

	Quest #5: In the Garrison section (the westmost third), you'll find a
sword statue where the town's Master usually stands (in the center). Talk to 
the 2nd soldier to the immediate right of this statue, and a path under the
statue to a dungeon will open up (press Up in front of the statue to enter).
Rescure the poor Master and leave. Now, head over the Magic section (the
eastmost third) and discover that the Mage Master has disappeared from his
position in front of the wand statue. Yikes! Talk to the mage to the
immediate right to open up a path to a dungeon beneath the wand statue.
Venture forth and rescue him, as well. He'll reward you with Candy #7.

	Now, back to the final stages of the Quest Proper.

	Go talk to the sailor on the docks at Leeland. Unfortunately, he
doesn't want to let you on the boat because of Sirene troubles. Be persistent.
Talk to him again, and select the first option from the list. You'll try to
ride the boat to Sagon, but the Sirenes will stymie departure. After you
exit the ship, head left on the docks until Portgus appears. Talk to him,
and then talk to the sailor again to board the ship. This time, the Sirene
will choose to fight you! Teach that fishy wench a few manners via broadsword
to the noggin. Spankin'! Eventually, you'll make it to Sagon, where you get off
the ship. Visit the pub and go to sleep. In the morning, you'll step outside
only to run into your new pal Necro-Samansa. Perky (heh) as ever, she summons
a level 66 Chaotic Eye as an early-morning wake-up call. Thanks, Sammy. Kill
it, and you'll automatically head west to Volga Castle.
	Beware of Griffons! You'll fight quite a few between Sagon and the
mountain caves before Castle Volga. Make sure you've stocked up on magic
Gems and healing items, or suffer the consequences.
	Once inside the mountain caves, descend to the bottom and fight
Necro-Samansa for the final time. Deliver her trampy self unto the abyss
once and for all, and then head off for Castle Volga.
	In Castle Volga, Gradriel is in for quite a surprise: her evil self,
Evil Gradriel (a rather, er, scantily-clad and mature version, BTW), is
wreaking havoc, culminating in the petrification of poor King Volga. Gradriel's
evil self taunts her, and Gradriel passes out. After waking, head for the
throne room, where Evil Gradriel is waiting for you. Evil Graddy will beckon
Gradriel to come to the Dark Side (where minimalist Lycra clothing and 
exaggerated feminine assets await), but Graddy's mother's spirit will
intervene in the best Ben Kenobi fashion, and a fight begins! Evil Gradriel
packs a wallop with her spell-based attacks (she doesn't fight hand-to-hand),
so come stocked with healing potions! Defeat Evil Gradriel, and you gain
the ability to become her by pressing the L and R buttons simultaneously
during a battle sequence. Press the C button after your rather, er,
stereotypical female anime transformation sequence, and you can cast spells
based on the gem that's currently in front of her. Each spell costs 50 HP,
though, so only use this to soften up the enemy. Press L+R again (or get
hit) to transform back into Sensibly Clothed Gradriel.
	When Gradriel recovers from her internal battle, head south to
Volga Town. Assuming you have bought and eaten the specialty foods from
every town in the game (choose the 2nd option at each pub and eat the food
given you), including the Goblin Juice from the Goblin Market, you can,
according to the inestimable Yasu, you should go into the leftmost house in
Volga Town and talk to the guy there (BTW, this bit isn't vital to completing
the game). After talking to him, go back to the mountain pass, fight the
Chaotic Eye that will challenge you, and win a broken sword. Take said sword
to the guy you just talked to back in Volga Town, and the "Last Pub" will
become open for visitation on the left side of town. Purchase and consume their
specialty food (again, its the second option the barkeep offers), then talk
to the barkeep to get Candy #8, the last Candy in the game. 
	Now, it's the final stretch! Head back to Sagon and talk to your old
buddy Portgus. Head back to Leeland, and make off for Valenadine Castle,
where Evil Leon is waiting for you. Beat him, and the portal reamins on the
throne room floor, awaiting you entry and the final confrontation with Larva.
Be sure you stocked up on healing items before fighting Leon, because your
fairy pal won't let you leave the throne room. Push up when you enter the
portal and confront Larva. Win this difficult battle, and Gradriel will emerge
triumphant as a queen of legendary stature. Lose, and, well, life is gonna
suck for the poor girl. It's up to you (with a little help from Vogrod) !

VI. Extras.


	So you've won. Whoop-te-do. Now, it's time to play as your peeps
Portgus, Prosperpina, and Edward in a collection of mini-quests, now available
as "books" from the main screen (where the girl picks up the book).

VII. Credits.

	Mega-thanks go out to:
		 KS (Yasu) (yana@concentric.net) for encouraging me to give
                 up my Tactics Ogre fixation and finish the bloody thing
                 already, as well as contributing a mass of corrections 
	         and extra quest information :)

		 Andrew Waller (ANDREW.S.WALLER@solutia.com) for a superlative
                 manual translation

		 Scott Dilley (sdilley@uswest.com) 

		 Brad Johnson (nightwlf@wizard.com) 

		 Lawrence Wu (bematoco@msll.hinet.net) 
	for contributing everything from gameplay advice to corrections to
	item identification to plot element translations. Thank you, thank

Apeendix A: Version History:

	1.0: My first attempt. A brief review, story information, and
             some items use explained. Controls incorrectly explicated.
	1.1: Bestiary fleshed out. Controls correctly identified, and 
             most items identified correctly. Walkthrough begun.
	1.2: Manual translation added, courtesy of Mr. Waller. Walkthrough
             added to. All items usage correctly identified. Battle
             strategies rewritten and correct item names given.
	     Information about playing as Edward, Portgus, Prosperpina
	1.3: Added to walkthrough.
	1.4: Added to walkthrough.
	2.0: Walkthrough completed. 
	3.0: (forthcoming) Moves and walkthrough for Portgus', Prosperpina's
                           and Edward's quests.


If you have anything to contribute, including manual translations,
item usages or effects, strategies, special moves, or secrets, please
mail me at: douglas@mailhost.ecn.ou.edu and let me know! Complete
credit will be given. 

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