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Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers
The Secrets and Side quests FAQS
First version: May 15 2003
Copyright 2003 WaiLong Li

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This is my very first FAQS. My translating may not be the best, but I 
have tried my best!!! If you have any comment, question, or if you find 
any mistakes in this FAQS, please feel free to email me, my email 
address is once again

Okay... Let's do a little introduction about the game after all the boring 
copyright stuff. First of all, Soul Hackers has a very high replay value. (Me, 
myself have clear this game like more than 5 times.) There are tons of secrets 
in the game. There is also a lot of extra stuff in the replay mode. Actually, 
the Nakama making system is already a reason for you to play this game more 
then one time. Thanks for Altus for making such a cool game. I seriously think 
this game is one of the greatest RPG of all time. (No doubt that this is also 
my favorite megaten game. Too bad there is no American version made...)

About the boss fight sections of this guide, I will only provide the weak 
points or some highlights about the boss but not the strategies on how to fight 
them since I believe everyone focus their characters on difference attributes 
than the other and there will not be a way to provide a strategy for everyone. 

I.	Optional Quests
1.	Amami Bypass
2.	VR Park
3.	Special Power Research Center
II.	Replay Mode
1.	General Information
2.	Rescuing Spookie
3.	Maria's Heart
III.	Secret - Gain's Mini Games
IV.	Dungeon Q 

I. Optional Quests
At certain points of the game, you will be able to go to some places that you 
could not go earlier and they are totally optional.

1.	Amami Bypass 天海バイパス
#How to get there?
After clearing the second vision quest. (The one that takes place at the 
Amami Airport), go to the public bathroom at VR and talk to the old man 
there. Tell him yes and then go to the VR bank. In front of the bank, 
give out a positive answer again to accept to job of killing the ghost at 
Amami Bypass. You can get to the Amami Bypass by passing through the stop 
located in Yurajima 由良島.

# Reward
You will get 50000 yen reward after killing the boss.

2.	VR Park VRパーク
#How to get there?
After clearing Leon Factory (レオン自工), your main character's ID will get 
erased. Go get your fake ID at EL-115 and then access to VR at your base 
at Shibahama (芝浜). The park will be found in the theater. Enter it. The 
people in the Park will tell you the Park got invaded. 

#When should I clear it?
You have to clear it before you clear the stage of Algon headquarter.

You wont encounter any enemies there. However, be careful that you will 
have to fight when you open a treasure chest. There will be some brushes, 
which are lighter in color as the other and you can jump over them. At 
some point you will find a place with a lot of doorframes. You can only 
go through 2 of them before you exist that area. (It is not hard; just 
remember you can jump over some of the brushes) Open your map and you 
will find a gate in the middle part of the map. It only opens during new 
moon. Remember to open all the chests since there are some valuable items 
there. Soon, you will find another gate. Enter it and there will be a 
boss fight

#Boss fight 
An easy boss comes with two fire-weak demons、but watch out for the charm 
magic that the demons will use.

3.	Special Power Research Center霊能力研究所
#How to get there?
After clearing the mall stage, check your email at you base and you 
should receive an email telling you that Dr. List is in Nijyoumon ニ上門. 
Go there and you will find his research building there, a building that 
is right across from Six's home.

Watch out not to step on the banana skin on the floor or else your 
characters will receive damage. You will eventually find a stairway on 
the first floor but you have to go to the room next to it first to unlock 
it. In the room, you will have to answer a question right. If you get it 
wrong, it will set you back to the entrance. Same thing happens with the 
second floor. On the third floor, there will be an area where there are 
invisible walls. Use a Mihare no tama見晴れの玉 so you can see the walls 
on the map. You will find a room written as the research room 研究室. 
Enter it and there will be a boss fight.

#Boss fight
It can be very annoying if you don't know Japanese. The monkey will first 
ask you 5 questions and you have to get all of them right. If you get one 
wrong, you will be sent the to entrance of the invisible wall area. After 
answering the question, the real boss fight will begin. The demons that 
you will have to fight are going to use kamikaze attacks and there are 
totally 4 of them, plus the monkey who can do serious damage on your 
characters, so watch out. 

II. Replay Mode
1.	General Information
The following are what you get in the replay mode:
a.	The damage your enemies give you is 1.5 higher
b.	The level of the demon you can make won't depend on your main 
character's level. (Hoooray!!)
c.	COMP INSTALLS フライデー (Friday) and ステイーブン(Steven. I guess it 
is named after our beloved friend from megaten), which allow your 
to make demon start off with a maximum loyalty and demons that 
have a higher level than your main character.
d.	Rescuing Spookie become possible.
e.	You have the money you save in the bank from game one
f.	The coins you have in the casino from game 1. (Suggestion: Change 
your money into coin as much as possible by the end of game one.)
g.	Play mastermind in shops to earn precious items such as the 
incense... if you are luck enough 
h.	Talking to Maria become possible.

2.	Rescuing Spookie
There are couple things you have to do intend to save your leader.
a.	When you meet 銀子(Ginko) n front of the hotel, tell her you don't 
b.	After finished Algon Electronic, you will receive an email telling 
you that Leader has betrayed your group. Six and the others become 
angry and leave the truck. You will be ask to go with them, but 
choose to stay in the truck (ここに残る).
It will, of course, change the ending of the game.

3.	Maria's Heart
In game one, this girl in the Hotel won't talk to you. However, in replay 
mode, if you keep talking to her, you will become good friend of her. 
After clearing each stage, go talk to her until she does not say anything 
new. Eventually in disc 2, if you go to the Hotel during the Stage of 
Algon Headquarter, you will have a chance to bring her out to the shop 
and EL-115.At the shop where an old woman is, Nemissa will say something 
about how creepy those dolls in the shop are. Then you have to go to EL-
115. Maria will ask Alpha and Beta to make her a heart. Alpha and Beta 
then teach her that she already has one since there is something 
important to her. 

4.	Extra stuff
a.	If your Nemissa is dead when you save at the end of your first 
play, as you replay the game, she will be dead as she joins.
b.	The equipments将門の兜and将門の具足 won't be in Nijyoumon in the 
replay mode. However, it is possible to get them some place else.

III.	Secret
Mr. Gain's Mini Games
It appears when the following conditions are satisfied:
a)	It is not full moon
b)	Your comp is not in DARK state
c)	The smiley icon is displace when you choose the Talk option
Choose carefully when you are asked the following question. If they give 
you the answer as written below, you have 1/16 chance to play the mini 
game in Chinami!!! The games are "Viva! Pilot" and "Rizumu de pan"(press 
following the rhythm)

    #Your Respond	
    *Demon's Respond

1.	どんなこと、聞きたい?
(What do you want to ask me about?)
       What is your hobby?	
       	Well... horse racing
       What kind of food do you like?
       Yeah, I like shiitake mushroom
   What is your style?
   It is really T shirt!! My favorite one
2.	ドゥフフ、オンナの話しようよ
(Hee hee, let's talk about girls!!)
   Talk about your current girlfriend
   You are being good... Boring... Let's say goodbye
	Talk about your ideal type of girls 
	I see I see
3.	どう?ボクのマイブーム。
What do you think about my current obsession?
	It seems tasty		
     	Isn't it good? You understand it
   I will notice it from now on
       	That's good. You can't help but follow... 
4.	ペット飼おうと思うんだけど
I am thinking about getting a pet but...
       	Yeah, maybe it is good to get a cat
       	Yeah... I think my far-away relative has it
       	Um... If I have a monkey at home...

IV. Dungeon Q

If you go to the Theater, you can play the game Dungeon Q ダンジョンQ. If you 
answer 5 yes-or-no questions right you will be named the quest king. It does 
not affect the game play anyway... It is just for fun. Here is a description of 
how this game works. You after entering the dungeon, you will be given a 
sentence and you have to judge if the sentence is correct or wrong. If you 
think it is correct, you have to pass through the circle mark; if you think the 
sentence is wrong, you go pass through the cross mark. If you get the answer 
right, you will enter a door and be asked another question; on the other hand, 
if you get the answer wrong, you will be kicked out of the dungeon and you 
might try again if you wish. Some of the questions are common sense, some are 
related to sports and horseracing; but there are some questions that only make 
sense to a native Japanese or someone who knows the culture very well. Anyway, 
I translated all of them, although they may not makes any sense.

Sentences that are correct:

Comparing one feet and one meter, one feet is shorter.

A size B5 paper is smaller than a size A4 paper.

The word "Robot" exists in Czech.

Typically, the age of a racehorse is counted with adding one year to its age at 
New Year's.

There are different names for lobsters in different stages.

In a Japanese horse racing game, you can bet on a horse as single-entry 
consecutive wins.

The word "koharubiyori" describes the day in November when the weather is warm.
In a soccer game, the player that has been changed cannot join the game again.

A jet plane only (without a prop plane) can make vapor trail.

The 'Second Stage of Informative City Policy' was established by the government 
5 years ago.

The word "niapin" for golf was produced in Japan.

A Japanese passport has a maximum effectiveness as long as 10 years.

The news balloon that is floating around Paradaimu X is located in Air vision.

The word 'Boycott' is named after a person.

There is a type of bear named 'meganeguma'.

Sentences that are incorrect:

The museum in Akanedai is a train museum.

A kilogram is heavier than one Kan (which is approximate 3.75kg).

A racehores has to be named using less than 10 characters.

The substance contains in fish, which is good for human brains is called DVD.
In soccer, a foul play happens within the penalty area results a PK.

The statue of Hachiko in Shibuya is not attached to a leash.

A white rabbit has red eyes; black rabbit also has red eyes.

The 'shi' from the 'Sa shi Su Se So' for spices stands for soy sauce.

The symbol for dry ice is CO.

The word 'nicchi mo sacchi mo" (in no way) is originally from business.

The first artificial jewel stone of the world is sapphire.

The symbol 'red cross' has the same meaning everywhere in the world.

Generally speaking, a team of baseball players in a game contains the most 
number of persons than any other sports.

A person who is troubled with English is called a 'black wolf'.

As the temperature goes up, the speed of sound does not change.

The most common blood type in Japan is O.

Rabbits and turtles give good omen according to Japanese culture.

There are totally 3 forums in Paradaimu X.

There are holes on biscuits for the sake of getting the heat out from the 

A 2HD floppy disk has less capacity than a 2DD one.

Comparing 3 days and 3000 minutes, 3000 minutes is longer.