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       Mission Flight Stick Compatibility Faq
                    Version 1
                  By: Billkwando
First off, this is my first faq. Don't let that
deter you however, because the information I have
to convey unto you is pretty straightforward, and
hard to screw up. I decided to write this faq
last night, because I've owned a pair of mission
sticks for about 6 months, and was always under
the impression that none of my titles were
compatible with it. Wrong. I originally got this
impression because the Saturn faqs and pages I
found either didn't mention the Mission Stick, or
did, but only knew of about 3 titles that worked
with it (sometimes all of which were some kind of
Panzer Dragoon, hehehe). So, being the
industrious sort of fellow I am, I whipped out
the trusty mission stick, and after an hour or so
of steady disc switching and button pouning, I
have a reasonably-sized list of titles with which
to try out your mission stick. That being
said.....whew! you still with me? On to the
What's Here:
1. What IS a Mission Flight Stick?
2. Compatible titles (by no means a complete
3. How do I know if my game is MFS compatible? 
4. Will my Nights (3D Analog) controller work
with MFS compatible games and vice-versa?

What's missing:
5. What the heck is this thumb wheel for??
6. The remaining, but as yet unlisted, compatible

1. What IS the Mission Flight Stick?

The MFS is a flight stick, very similar to the
kind used with a PC, having a trigger (the A
button), two thumb buttons* (marked B and C
respectively), and a thumb wheel (of
indeterminate use). It is a two piece design, the
stick having the standard square-base, and larger
base that sits next to it, attached by a heavy
plastic clip underneath. The larger base has all
of the buttons on it (A,B,C,X,Y,Z,L,R,and Start,
as well as turbo settings for each) and is very
similar in button layout to the Virtua Stick. The
interesting thing to note is that the stick can
be unclipped, and reclipped to either side for
left or right handed use. Way to go Sega! Also,
theres a port on the bottom for a "sub control"
right next to where the stick plugs in (labeled
"main control"). This is probably where they
intended to add footpedals of some sort, and
would be an ideal thing for some hardware hacker
to find the pinout for, so that we could wire up
our own pedals (if anyone reading this knows
about tht sorta thing, please let me know). Also,
the port is a simple 9 pin plug, like the ones
used for Genesis and Atari controllers, so
there's no worries  about having to destroy
another peripheral to find a dedicated plug. Just
cruise on down to Radio Shack. All in all, the
MFS is a really great controller IF you like
flight sticks, and can usually be picked up
pretty cheap, because of it's relative
unpopularity. It's a sturdy, heavy, well-built
controller, which could easily be used to stun a
burglar and still fly straight. It also works
great when used on a table or on your lap.

* Hilariously enough, I overlooked the B and C
buttons on the stick for months, thinking that
the WHEEL was B and C. Only after I accidentally
hit B, heard the clicking sound, and saw missles
fly did I realize where the buttons were actually
located. It's such a subtle and comfortable
design that you literally don't notice that
they're there!! 


What do I mean? You know what I mean... Well, if
you're the one guy who doesn't, I mean that you
can't take two mission sticks, remove the stick
from one, hook it to the base of the other
(opposite the already attached stick), plug it
into the sub controller, and use it as a twin
stick for Virtua On. Though it looks cool, the
only thing it would be useful for is maybe to
stun two burglars, or perhaps one extra-large
one. It just doesn't work.... Don't take my word
for it though, I certainly didn't when the guy at
Funcoland said it to me. Unfortunately, he was
right. (however he didn't have the inside track
on it's home defense uses, so nyaahh!!)

It's also notable that the Total Control adaptor
for using Saturn controllers on Dreamcast won't
work for the MFS, because they say it can't do
analog controllers.

2. Compatible titles:
NOTE: For everyone's conveinience, after testing
basically every one of my Saturn games with the
MFS, any that worked I also tested with the
Nights controller. Games that can use the Nights
controllers will be marked with a (N) at the end.
Games that function but have button configuration
or compatibility problems will be listed with a
*, followed by a description of the problem.
Problems with the Nights controller will be
marked with (N*), followed by a description. This
list ONLY covers games that also work with MFS.
Also, simply because a game works with the MFS
doesn't mean that it's neccessarily BETTER than
using the thumbpad, or that the game is any good
at all, so please don't go out and buy Scorcher
on my account. It's just a list of what works. If
anyone has a MFS compatible game that isn't on
this list, please let me know at
billkwando@yahoo.com If any one of these seems to
be a mistake please let me know, but I personally
checked all but 3 of the games. I didn't bother
checking any fighting games, or platform games,
because I didn't see the point. However, if you
have one you'd like to add to the list feel free
to email me.

Afterburner 2(N) (Sega Ages Vol. 1 compilation
Black Fire(N?)
Creature Shock* (No custom config, thus the
trigger is thurst)
Cyber Speedway*(N) (No config, but very playable)
Daytona CE*(N=Flawless) (MFS control is odd on
this one, can't figure out how to gas or brake)
Die Hard Trilogy(N)
Enemy Zero(N)
Ghen War (A VERY special case, in that it seems
to detect the mission stick. Though it has a
fixed configuration with all the wrong buttons
assigned when you look at the "View Controls"
screen, it magically remaps all the buttons to
just where you'd want them when you play!)
Hang On GP(N*) (GP with the 3D pad is awful)
Need For Speed(N?)
Off World Interceptor Extreme
Panzer Dragoon(N?)
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei(N?) (more to research)
Robotica* (awkward config but playable)
Road Rash(N?) 
Scorcher (if you already own this, it sucks
slightly less with the MFS.)
Sega Ages Vol. 1(N) (not sure about the vol.
number but the disc contained Afterburner 2,
Space Harrier, and Outrun. It sometimes came
packaged with the MFS) 
Sega Rally(K=Flawless)
Shockwave Assault(N?)
Solar Eclipse (my personal fave MFS game,
followed closely by Ghen War)
Sonic 3D Blast(N=Flawless)
Soviet Strike(N)
Space Harrier(N) (See Sega Ages above)
Spot Goes To Hollywood* (works good but slow)
Virtua Cop* (Why?? The aim is reversed and you
cant' reload. Enjoy.=)
Wing Arms(N?)
World Series Baseball (ALL YOUR BASEBALL ARE
BELONG TO US. Sorry... you get a little crazy
after doing this for half the night. Move 'Faq',
for great justice!)

Games marked with "N?" I don't own, except for
Road Rash, which I just plain forgot.

27 games! Not bad for a controller that only
seemed to have 3 or 4... If you can add any to
the list please email me.
3. How do I know if my game is MFS compatible?

Simple. If the game doesn't acknowledge the start
button, it won't play. No controller swapping
that I've tried will help, but if you have better
luck let me know. If the start button works, it's
99% likely that it will play, but at least 1 game
(Tunnel B1) acknowledged the start button, then
game me an "unsupported controller, please
remove" message, but that's the only one so far.
It seems to be a general rule of thumb that any
of the games that work for the steering wheel
(Arcade Racer?) will work with the mission stick,
but that's only with what I've tried. Individual
results may vary.

4. Will my Nights controller work with my MFS
compatible games and vice versa? 

If it's not on the list you'll have to try it and
let me know, but so far it seems that Crystal
Dynamics games don't like the Nights controller
as a rule.

What's Missing:

5. What the heck is this thumbwheel for??

Or at least that's what I want to know. The thumb
wheel is a strange beast, not registering on any
of the games I remembered to try it on (not that
many really). I've wiggled it aplenty, yet it
remains an enigma... Any ideas folks? I suspect
it's intended to be an analog L and R button
thing, but I don't know yet. It bothers me.

6. The remaining, but as yet listed, compatible

I only own the aformentioned games, so as I've
*subliminally* hinted, I'd like you to email me
with any that I don't have listed.
billkwando@yahoo.com Subtle, huh?

Final Notes:

This is by no means a complete faq (or perhaps
not a faq at all? If someone writes a faq that
nobody asked for in the woods does it make a
sound? These are the eternal questions.....at
7:15am after no sleep anyway...) so if you have
any questions, comments, suggestion, or laundry
you'd like to send my way, feel free. I'm sure
you can find my email address somewhere.

Thank you for flying Air Saturn! YOU KNOW WHAT

About me:
My name is Bill, I own a buncha old systems, I'm
a Neo Geo fanatic, and my sign is virgo. I like
long walks to the arcade and snuggling with
Herzog Zwei. I run a Neo Geo site called Under
The Neo Geo Moon. Check it out at:

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                            -Miyamoto Musashi

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