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           Dreamcast and Saturn AOL Instant Messenger Guide 1.1

                       by Benjamin Paul Galway
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                            March 15, 2006

      Created August 18, 2002 (1.0). Latest update: Minor editing.

   This guide and all information from it is to be used for personal
   use only. No profit may be derived either directly or indirectly
   from its use. This document may not be altered in any way, nor be
   distributed electronically. The latest version of this guide can
   be found at GameFAQs [ ].

   This is a short, ugly guide to getting AOL Instant Messenger to run
   on your Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast. I have explained everything
   as simple as possible, and I will not answer any questions or
   respond to comments about this. All credit goes to Matthew at for creating this fantastic gateway. I just wrote this
   because so many people are lazy to look stuff up for themselves to
   even know this existed. Of course, GameFAQs is littered with "people"
   pestering others on message boards asking questions about games that
   are already answered in the very FAQs the site hosts and is named
   for... but I digress.

   Getting AOL Instant Messenger on your Dreamcast and Saturn is thanks
   to a program called IMIRC. It is a great program which allows most
   every Internet device that cannot normally access AOL Instant
   Messenger to use it in a roundabout way. You can read more about
   IMIRC, check out all of the available AIM commands, and download it
   if you wish to configure your own IRC server here:

               Instant Messenger to Internet Relay Chat
               [ ]

   As far as I'm aware, only the PlanetWeb browsers feature IRC. While
   the Sega Saturn Netlink only has the various PlanetWeb browsers
   available, the Dreamcast has a couple of others in Japan or available
   through "tricks" with games. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, an
   old, somewhat archaic chat system but it works. You can still order
   the Dreamcast PlanetWeb browser from the developer's site, but you
   can only download the Saturn one (meaning you'd already need the disc
   to get on-line to download it):

                    PlanetWeb 3.0 Dreamcast browser       
             [ ]
                    PlanetWeb 4.035 Saturn browser
           [ ]

   Finally, you'll already have to have a registered AIM name. You can
   do this by visiting the AIM site and registering for a screen name

                  AOL (R) Instant Messenger (TM)
                      [ ]

   You will need to reply the e-mail sent to secure your account, but it
   should be ready to use once you've signed up. You can use your
   PlanetWeb browser to register an account if you like. Now with your
   PlanetWeb browser in your console and with it connected to the Internet,
   you can follow the instructions below:

   1) Get on IRC. In a PlanetWeb browser, this is accomplished by going to
      the URL bar at top and typing the following:


      Note that "" is any server equipped with IMIRC. You can
      get a complete list here:

                         IMIRC Networks List
          [ ]

   2) Once you're on, be sure to read all text that pops up as you log on.
      Note that IRC primarily uses two symbols to initiate a command: "/"
      and "#." The forward slash instructs the server to do something, and
      the pound sign prefaces every room listed (so a chat room called
      "Sega" is located at "#sega"). Now you can sign-on to your AIM
      account by typing the following in the message bar at the bottom:

                   /msg aimserv signon USERNAME PASSWORD

      "USERNAME" and "PASSWORD" should be obvious enough, but remember to
      leave out any spaces when entering them. Realize that all server
      commands are only readable by the server, so don't think everyone
      can see your name and password. If you're still unsure, you can
      always create a new room before signing on by typing:

                              /join ROOMNAME

   3) Now you're signed on. You can communicate with everyone on IRC and
      AIM. To access your Buddy List, join the room channel that the text
      that is displayed after signing on tells you to. It should be like

                         /join #aimchan-USERNAME

     Notice how all names on your Buddy List are prefaced with "AIM-" so
     whenever you want to message a person on your Buddy List, type:

               /msg AIM-USERNAME Your message blah blah blah

     Yes, it is a pain, but it works. The nice thing is that you can
     join an AIM chat room which will remove the need to specify who you
     are trying to message. There are other commands linked to this guide,
     but this is enough to get you started.

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