• Edit a Wreslter

    Enter one of the following controller combinations at the ''view statistics'' screen.

    Bret HartPress Down/Left + Start
    DieselPress Down + Start + A + C
    DoinkPress Left + Start + A + C
    KwangPress Down + A + C
    Lex LugerPress Down/Right + Start
    Luna VachonPress Up/Right + C
    Razor RamonPress Left + A + C
    Shawn MichaelsPress Down/Left + A + C
    UndertakerPress Right + Start + A
    YokozunaPress Up + A + C

    Contributed By: Victory.

  • Full Attributes

    Enable the ''Edit wrestler'' code for the character of your choice. Then please do the following:

    A sound will confirm correct code entry. All attributes may now be set to max (10).Hold Start at the prompt to change attributes.

    Contributed By: Victory.

  • New Punches

    Please do the following:

    Wait for the Credit Screen to show up. It should turn red, shake, and make a noise, showing the trick was entered correctly. You now have access to a powerful punch.Turn the game on and quickly hold down A, B, C, and Start. Rotate the pad clockwise while still holding the buttons.
    You will have killer punches at your disposal.At the copyright screen, hold Start and press the Up arrow 4 times.

    Contributed By: Maxaroth and mozwazherez.

  • Play as Kwang

    Press Down + A + B at wrestler select screen to play as Kwang. A whistle should confirm code entry and Kwang will be selectable between Owen Hart & Luna Vachon.

    Unlock KwangPress Down + A + B at wrestler select screen

    Contributed By: careerkiller.

  • Same characters

    Please do the following:

    Play against the same character you choose.Select a character using controller one, and then hold Start and press Up + A + C on that character's selection screen.

    Contributed By: Victory.

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