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Eternal Champions: Challenge from The Dark Side 
Character Profiles/Endings FAQ:


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Table of Contents:
1) Version Changes
2) Characters
    *Each character having the following in each game:
    ^Personal Information
    ^Fighting Style
    ^Defining Quote
    -Ramses III
    -Chin Wo
    *Didn't include the animal characters; they are joke 
      characters and are considered a waste of my time 
      if I added them. Couldn't add Eternal Champion
      and Dark Eternal Champion as are not playable
      in Contest Mode and also have no endings.
3) Contact
4) Credits

Version Changes:
1.00 - September 15, 2006:
Compilated on September 4, 2006 around 1:59am EST and
finished on September 15, 2006 around 8:56pm EST. Decided 
to do the Sega CD version because it's cool and also, no info 
of the endings neither profilesare found on the net. I thought 
I'd try it. Also the game is broken and funny.

*NOTE: All endings of the characters seen in the Genesis
version do not match as the endings in the Sega CD version
are more than slightly altered. This is NOT (I repeat...NOT!) 
a duplicate text!
1) Shadow:

Full Name: Shadow Yamoto
Occupation: Ninja Assassin
Time Zone: 1993 A.D.
Fighting Style: Taijitsu, Ninjitsu
Stage Location: Black Orchid Rooftop

Fighting Style:
Tajitsu is a system of unarmed combat similar to jujutsu and 
is a forerunner of modern judo.

Ninjutsu is the feudal Japanese discipline embracing bushido, 
espionage, commando warfare, occult powers and numerous 
martial arts practices. Due to many terrortorial and religous 
wars, Japanese mountain mystics were forced to develop the 
are to protect their families.The ninja, the practitioner of 
ninjutsu is the cultural opposite of the samurai. The ninja 
not only masters traditional weapons, bit its also adept at 
using daggers, dirks, darts, brass knuckles, smoke bombs 
and a variety of poisons.

Shadow was the best corporate assassin in the Black Orchid 
Corporation. She performed many tasks ranging from individual 
elimination jobs to ending large corporate takeovers.

A true star at the Black Orchid headquarters, Shadow never 
thought much about the morality of her career until she 
learned that if a job wasn't completed to corporate satis-
faction, a person like herself would in turn eliminate her.

When she realized the peril of her own morality, Shadow 
found she couldn'tbring herself to kill others. The corporation 
didn't allow resignations, so they arranged her fall from the 
101st floor of the Black Orchid building. This stopped her 
from telling the world about Black Orchid and corporations 
like it, with all their dark secrets of hired killers. This knowledge 
would have had a huge impact on international business
going into the 21st century.

Shadow's plan if she was returned would be to reveal to the 
world the illegal assassination programs that exist in many 
of the largest corporations of the world.  She would also 
search for a way to use her skills in a way that would make 
a positive difference for the world but still support her thirst 
for danger and adventure.

Defining Quote:
"A moral code is only required for the weak who don't know
the difference between wrong and right."


When Shadow returned, the first she did was keep herself
being thrown off the roof. It was her boss that tricked her
to coming up onto the roof. 

Her boss was head of the Black Orchid corporate assassin
program and Shadow treated her like a big sister. Shadow
respected and owed her so much that she emulated her
boss right down to her style of dress. Shadow didn't think 
it was very unusual to meet at this location since her boss 
didn't like to meet in the open. Shadow had no fear of 
heights and spent many evenings sitting with her feet
hanging over the side of the 101st floor of the Black Orchid
Corporation building. Shadow was used to never trusting
anyone, but had little worry because she believed her 
boss to be a coward who had others to her dirty work 
for her. This misjudgement of her character was deadly 
because before Shadow could stand up to walk, her boss 
had gotten close enough to shove her off the building.

Given the knowledge of this attack, Sahdow didn't fall 
prey to it a second time. This time, she quickly rolled to 
the left, causing her boss to overshoot her goal and end 
up falling off the building herself. After Shadow waited 
for the body to hit the ground, she quickly escaped the 

Shadow knew that there would never be a safe place for 
her to rest again. She didn't bother going to the police 
becausethe corruption and danger would still find her 

As she rounded a city corner, she felt a knockout dart hit
the side of her neck. Shadow was sure at this moment that
the dart contained poison and that her regained life had
only lasted for mere minutes.

When she awoke, she was in the office of a man named 
H.Q. who was in charge of the J.A.N.U.S. (Japanese 
American Netherlands United Security) organization, a
special underground political organization that was just
being formed. It seems that H.Q. was recruiting four 
special people for a special project team named the

Given all the enemies Shadow had, she had little choice
but to accept the offer and put her special skills toward
something more positive than the wishes of an evil

2) Xavier:

Full Name: Xavier Pendragon
Occupation: Warlock / Alchemist
Time Zone: 1692 A.D.
Fighting Style: Hapkido Cane Fighting
Stage Location: Salem

Fighting Style:
Hapkido is a Korean martial art founded by Yong Shul Choi. 
Its style is a selective combination of several martial arts 
systems: power from Karate, leverage from Judo and Ki 
(spirit) from Akido.

Hapkido is distingushed by three essential techniques: 
passitivity when opposing force, circular movements for 
countering and attacking, and absoloute penetration of the 
oppoenents defences. For instance, if the force is strong, it 
must be met with a soft recpetion; if the force is weak, it must 
be met with a strong reception. This union of techniques 
establishes a fluid and perpetual rhythm as well as constant 
mobility. Almost all hits and defensive actions are performed 
with the cane, which is used in place of arms and legs.

Xavier always made bad career choices, so it was no surprise 
that his last job ended in failure. After nailing still-smoking 
horseshoes onto the mayor's prized workhorse, Xavier found 
himself with a shack full of smithy tools and no job.

Stirred by a love for science, Xavier decided to try his hand 
at the age-old quest for the formula which would turn lead 
into gold. Instead, he found a way to create an unlimited 
source of cheap, clean-burning energy that would put Salem 
on the map forever in addition, Xavier found his alchemy had 
changed him, giving him strange new powers.

Before he could begin to use this power and document it 
for the good of future generations, Xavier found himself 
bound and gagged as the people of Salem carted him off 
to the town square. There they burned him at the stake 
for the false charge of being a warlock.

While some of Xavier's powers could be mistaken for witch-
craft, they are all based on real science.

Xavier's return back to his life would allow him to finish his 
studies of the unlimited power source that he found.  He 
would like to find a way to use it without creating any great 
danger of giving another tool to evil. He would also like to 
put a stop to the ignorance that led to many witch hunts 
across the expanse of history.

Defining Quote:
"Power doesn't corrupt absolutely, it instead gives corrupted
people absolute power."


When Xavier returned, the situation still didn't look good.
He was being placed on the stake and didn't see how he
would stop fate from dealing him the death he suffered

Then like a thunderbolt, it struck him. Xavier got the
attention of his accusers and asked them if his equipment
could be burned with him. His accusers felt all of Xavier's
items were filled with evil so they had no objection.

When they placed the container that held the unlimited
energy source near Xavier, he was able to tap its power
through the small shard of similar material around his neck.
Once all the power was absorbed into Xavier's personal
crystal shard, the main power source exploded out a 
massive force of energy.

The religious zealots that had been performing the witch
burnings took this event as a sign tha tthe final warlock
had been killed and stopped the burnings and witch hunts.
Xavier and an owl that appeared to be sucked in by the
explosion were saved, but they were blown several
hundred years into the future. The owl appeared to be a
witch's familiar and quickly became a big help to Xavier
in his new adventures.

At first, this was tough for Xavier to be a man out of time
but after so many years of the contest, he was used to it.
He then discovered through the power, he had absorbed
time had become a vehicle and he used it to travel among
man's greatest events.

Himself and teh owl became dedicated to helping the
Eternal battle the forces of the Dark Champion through
this power and their combined talents.  

3) Trident:

Occupation: Gladiator
Time Zone: 110 B.C.
Fighting Style: Capoeira
Stage Location: Shores of Atlantis

Fighting Style:
This Brazilian fighting style was founded over three 
centuries ago by African slaves. It is believed to have
been originated by blacks in Angola, who performed 
the movements as a religous dance. In the 16th century, 
this "dance" was adpated into a fighting art as a defences 
against the brutal slave traders. Capoeira is beautiful to 
watch because of its graceful cartwheels, handstands, 
handsprings, sweeps and flips. This grace combined with 
strength makes thus art lethal. Practitioners of this art are 
adept and evading attacks and countering with hands and 
feet. The foot motions involve a great deal of leg sweeps, 
leg blocks and kicks while in a handstand.

Trident is so named because of the trident which replaced 
the hand he lost in a duel with a shark.

The people of Atlantis during this time lived above the 
water.  They were competing with the Romans to see 
who would control the Earth's surface, with the loser 
being plunged into the watery depths.

The Atlanteans spent their time in the pursuit of science. 
They realized early on that a major part of the land was 
going to sink into the ocean. To handle this, they built 
great environments that were enclosed in bubbles so that 
they could survive the ocean's depths.

They then offered a fair settlement to the Romans. Half of 
each each culture would stay on land, and the other half 
would go to sea. The Romans would not agree, and would 
only settle the issue through battle. So the Atlanteans had 
no choice but to create a warrior that could stand up against 
the warlike Romans. Trident was their champion.

The Romans rigged the fight and crushed Trident under 
a large stone pillar. With their loss, the Atlanteans were 
forced unnecessarily undersea, and their culture was lost 

A victory for Trident would allow him and the people of 
Atlantis to share the land with the Romans. Trident would 
also like to explore his role in Man's future as Trident was 
a genetic creation and feels alone in his existence.

Defining Quote:
"I may have been created by man, but man I'm not."


When Trident returned, he found himself back in the 
middle of the fight for his people's future. This time he 
avoided the falling pillar and faced his opponent in a 
fair fight.

The two struggled back and forth using all their passion
and strength to protect the lives of their people. Finally,
Trident's skill proved too much for the Roman warrior.
Trident had the Roman within one single blow of death
and had only to strike to end the bet and win.

Trident looked up at the crowd and saw that not only
the Atlanteans were cheering for the Roman's death,
but also his own people. All either race seemed to want
either death or violence. Trident would have no part in
this senseless death. Given the attitudes of either people,
staying above or below didn't matter if they couldn't 
get along.

Trident made a decision. He stood up and refused to
finish the fight. He turned and walked away from the
crowd. The crowd then turned on Trident, calling for
his death, their bloodthirst out of control.

Trident looked over his shoulder and saw the Roman
rise, and come at him with a death blow. Trident had
no choice but to kill the Roman and with a single strike, 
the Roman's head was ripped from his body. The crowd
went wild with the kill, but some were horrified by the
violence and felt sorry that Trident had been forced
into this by their lack of courage.

After this incident, Trident and some of these people
 that had tried to help him, many of them scientists,
chose to go under the sea and stay there until man
learned to conquer the violence that consumed them.

While it has been many generations since Trident and
the others left, he still waits under the sea domes given
near immortality by his genetic construction. One day,
he and the others will return...

4) Jetta:

Full Name: Jetta Maxx
Occupation: Circus Acrobat
Time Zone: 1899 A.D.
Fighting Style: Savate / Pencak Silat
Stage Location: Blue Dragon Circus

Fighting Style:
Originating in France, savate, with its foot and fist fighting 
style, emphasizes front side and round kicks to the knee, 
shin and instep. The hands are kept open and low to defend 
against groin kicks. Palm and heel strikes are used to attack 
the face, nose and eyes. Street fighters who practiced the art 
introduced both mid-level and high-level kicks.

-Pencak Silat:
Pencak Silat, the national fighting art of Indonesia, dates 
back to the 6th century A.D. By the 14th century, the form 
was the polished property of the nobility, and commoners 
were barred from learning its tactics. Baru Silat, the Sumaturan 
form, employs hand actions to block, parry and cover.

Jetta was always a rebel: as a youth she changed her given 
Russian name to Jetta Maxx to sound more like a performer.
Born in Russia, cousin to Czar Nicholas II, Jetta traveled the 
world as a performer in a famous international circus. During 
her many travels, which included visits to France and 
Indonesia, she learned gymnastics and martial arts.

In 1899, her circus troop visited China. At the time, China 
was being ripped apart by the Boxer rebellion, the Chinese 
attempt to rid their homeland of foreigners.  Unfortunatly, 
many innocent Chinese were also dying. Spurred by her 
compassion, Jetta decided to help infiltrate the "Yihe 
Quang", or "Rightous Harmony Fists" and get them to 
turn their ways to pacifism before the major foreign powers 
brought all their military forces to bear. In addition Jetta 
foresaw that Russia's involvement in the fighting of the 
East would further weaken her own government's stability. 
Before Jetta was able to bring a peaceful end to the fighting 
and change the history of Russia and China, she fell victim 
to an act of sabotage by a radical from the Yihe Quang. 
Jetta's safety net and tension wire were cut, Jetta plummeted 
to her death during the grand performance for the crown 
emperor of China.

If Jetta was allowed to change her destiny then she would 
work to stop the destruction that the revoloutions of Russia 
and China. She would use her efforts to find an alternate 
way instead of bloodshed.

Defining Quote:
"The only revolution worth having is one which would
leave humanity forever with an everlasting peace, and
nothing short of this outcome is worth a single loss of


After the burst of energy revolved itself, Jetta found
herself high above the circus tent returned to her life.

Now with the knowledge of the sabotage, Jetta sprung
quickly back onto the safety of the platform just as the
rope broke. Later that day, the saboteur was discovered
and killed as he attempted to flee from the law.

Jetta was prepared to return to her undercover role when
she was told of the trouble in her homeland of Russia.
She had no choice but to return, and without her help,
China's violent history still occured but she did make a
difference between Russia and China.

When she returned, Jetta could also do nothing to stop
the civil war within her own mother country. What Jetta
did was a form of underground network of freedom fighters
in both countries.

Within Jetta's lifetime, she helped both countries change
their governments to progressive and peaceful political
systems that served the needs of the people. In addition,
through the freedom fighters formed in both countries,
she was able to help peace organizations worldwide.

5) Blade:

Full Name: Jonathan Blade
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Timeline: 2030 A.D.
Fighting Style: Kenpo
Stage Location: Syrian Desert Refinery

Fighting Style:
Kenpo teaches its disciples how to manuever so that 
opponents unwittingly place themsleves in vunerable 
positions. It combines linear and circular moves, using 
intermittent power as needed. Like water, it flows through 
major and minor moves with fluid continuity. It is flexible
in though as well as action.

Blade was one of the best cops that ever lived in the future.  
Born in Syria, raised in Africa, Blade was dedicated to the 
extreme, working some of the meanest parts of New Chicago.
He had, however, one small problem: his temper. After almost 
being killed several times by a suspect during a case, Blade 
caught up to him. The suspect again tried to kill Blade, who 
was able to sidestep the laser shot and grab the suspect. 
Being only human, Blade was out of patience. He proceeded 
to beat the suspect to near death. The suspect survived, and 
sued the police. 

The police fired Blade to hush the scandal, and he ended up 
moving back to Syria to become a Bounty Hunter, which 
allowed him better use of his quick temper. His final case 
dealt with a rogue scientist who had escaped a government 
bio-weapons lab. The scientist was threatening to smash 
open a vial containing a virus that would kill 95% of all 
human life if the government didn't stop all bio-research. 

The Syrian government hired Blade to safely retrieve the vial.  
Blade agreed on one condition: they wouldn't interfere. They 
agreed. He cornered the scientist in an alley and radioed that 
the scientist agreed to peacefully give up the vial.  

The government had followed Blade, and took this moment 
to make their move. When shots from laser rifles filled the 
alley the last image that Blade saw before he died was the 
smashed and open vial of the virus.

If Blade was to return his plan would be to get to the vial 
before it broke, and to save the life of the rogue scientist.  
This would keep the virus from being exposed and killing 
most of humanity with its destructive force.

Defining Quote:
"If you're coming on, come on!"


Upon Blades' return, he found himself back into the same
peril that ended his life before the contest. Learning some
of the new moves he found in the contest, Blade was able
to grab the vial of toxin before it hit the ground and fire
off enough stun shots to freeze all the government agents.

This left Blade with a difficult decision. He had only two
choices at this point. One was to wait for the government
agents to wake from the stun shots and turn over both
the scientist and the vial to them. If Blade did this, he
knew it meant certain death for the scientist and giving a
dangerous goverment organization the deadly weapon.

The other choice was to take the scientist and the weapon
with him and escape. This would mean never returning to
his home and becoming an international criminal.

Blade, within a split-second, knew but had only one choice,
arming his wristband, he delivered long-lasting stun blasts
to each of the government agents. He then helped the
scientist from the ground and out of the country.

Once the toxin was safely destroyed, Blade then spent
the rests of his years staying ahead of the many assassins
that were sent to exact revenge for his actions. Despite
this, he was to still perform as one of the world's best
bounty hunters, the only issue was that most of time, he
was also one of the hunted. For Blade, there was no better
life than the adventure these conditions gave him.

6) Midknight:

Real Name: Mitchell Middleton Knight
Occupation: Bio-Chemical Scientist
Timeline: 2100 A.D. 
Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
Stage Location: Belgrave Square Labs

Fighting Style:
Known as "Way of the Intercepting Fist", this style is a
collection of the basic mental and physical concepts,
observations of combat maneuvers, and philosophies
of attitude gathered and developed by the late Bruce Lee.

Jeet Kune Do, unlike other martial arts, does not use a 
specific set of rules or techniques to establish a distinct
 method. Instead it utilizes all ways and means to serve 
its end, therfore making it "free". As a martial arts form it 
possesses everything, while in itself it possesses nothing.

Mitchell worked for the CIA on loan from Interpol.  Born in 
London, Mitchell was one of the best bio-chemical scientists 
working in the intelligence community. The CIA needed 
Mitchell to work on a bio-chemical weapon to end the Vietnam 
War.  Mitchell created a virus that would weaken its victims 
until they hung near death, waiting for the antidote. The virus 
was to be introduced into the water supply of Vietnam, but 
Mitchell wouldn't stand for that much human destruction. He 
stole back his formula and fled back to London to hide. 
Unfortunately, Mitchell was cornered at the airport by both 
interpol and CIA agents. During the escape, Mitchell fell 
from a nine-story building into a chemical storage used by t
he airport.  The force of the impact broke the seal of the virus 
container and released the virus into the chemical vat. This 
mixture creasted an unexpected result.  Mitchell was trans-
formed by the mixture into a living vampire.  Using his new-
found cunning and strength, Mitchell escaped and fled to 
London where he spent the next 133 years vainly searching 
for a cure for his disease. No longer identifying with his past, 
Mitchell came to be known as Midknight.

The cure had become more important since the goverment 
used the virus during the Vietnam War by using the contents 
of the airport chemical vat. Many of the third-world countries 
were now over-run with living vampires. Midknight was also 
running out of time because his body, with the exception of 
his neck and face, was rotting away.  This rotting was due to 
the fact that Midknight wouldn't kill another person to renew 
his life energy. Midknight was about to solve the last hitch 
in the antidote when a government agent killed him by firing 
a firing a magnesium stake through his heart.

If Midknight won the tournament he would surely find a 
cure for his illness and then do his best to help those who 
also suffer the same.

Defining Quote:
"When the science of man attempts to step beyond the
mortal realm, its mortality will be the most likely price for
such knowledge."


When Midknight returned, he was able to side-step his
attacker and avoid the magnesium stake through his heart.
He then used his super-human speed to flash behind the
attacking government agent.

Midknight grabbed onto the agent and began to drain his
life. The agent, even as he was being drained of his life,
still attempted to kill Midknight, so he had no choice but
to drain all his life energy, killing him.

As the agent's dead body fell to the floor, more agents
appeared and began to approach. They attempted to
pursue Midknight, but were no match for Midknight's
cunning and strength.

Once safe, Midknight collected what was left of his lab
and departed for Scotland. Midknight began his work to
solve the plague again. His research was interrupted when
a teenage street kid contracted the virus and began to
organize all the people that had the vampire-like effects.

These people of the night were at first a simple political
organization founded to protect the special needs of
their members, but then it perverted into a terrorist
organization base on turning the human race into energy
vampires as well.

The only force that stood between them was Midknight.
Their battle lasted for hundred years and is still occuring...  

7) Rax:

Full Name: R.A.X. Coswell
Occupation: Cyber-Fighter
Timeline: 2345 A.D.
Fighting Style: Muay Thai Kickboxing
Stage Location: The Cyber-Dome

Fighting Style:
Muay Thai kickboxing is a mixture of powerful kicks and 
devastating body blows. The fighter uses fists, feet, knees 
and elbows to cause damage to the opponent. Kicks deliver 
massive blows to the opponent's legs, knees and thighs, 
making Muay Thai one of the bloodiest fighting styles in 
use today. It ranks as the most popular spectator sport in 

R.A.X. (Robotic Artificial eXoskeleton) is a cyborg.  Once, 
Coswell was one of the best human kickboxers in the year 
2345. Coswell's only problem was that the sport was no 
longer about human competition, but a battle between 
cyborgs, robotically enhanced human beings.  Since the 
cyborgs could take and deliver more damage, the crowds 
began to stop attending the human fights for the excite-
ment provided by these new robotic combatants. Given 
these changes, R.A.X. had no choice but to get cybernetic 
implants and join the crooked game which was run by a 
deceitful fight promoter. R.A.X. didn't trust this promoter, 
but needed his financial support to afford the cybernetic 
implant operation. 

After the operation, R.A.X. rose through the ranks and 
won the right to take on the champion.  He was killed as 
a result of the corrupt fight promoter trading R.A.X.'s life 
for a sure bet on the championship fight. The promoter 
used an advanced electronic virus planted in R.A.X's 
cybernetic brain during the implant operation to shut 
down all of his vital systems.  This shutdown was 
seconds before he was about to deliver the fatal 
blow to the reigning champion.

Upon returning as the winner of the contest, R.A.X.
intends to win his fight as well. Once the fight is won,
R.A.X. will uncover the illegal activities of the entire
fighting organization, causing it to be dissolved. He
will also return of martial arts back to its pure human 

Defining Quote:
"Technology has been created to serve the needs of
humanity. When the opposite becomes true, then our
futures will be empty and destroyed."


When R.A.X. returned, he moved quickly to save his 
life. In order for the fight promoter to trigger the virus 
in R.A.X.'s computer brain, he needed to transmit the 
signal via a radio frequency transmitter.

R.A.X. had to quickly reach the side of the ring where
the promoter was sitting in the crowd. As R.A.X. tried
to reach him,  the opponent kept pushing him away
with his aggressive style.

With only seconds before his death, R.A.X. had one 
last card to play. He saw the promoter pulling the
transmitter out of his pocket and raising his antenna
to quickly overload the system in his body. He quickly 
had to finish the effect before the button on the trans-
mitter could be pushed or his opponent in the ring got 
over to him and knocked him out.

All the built up energy formed and fired from the power
generator located in his stomach area. The energy bolt
flew straight and true to its target, electrifying and knock-
ing out the promoter and shorting out the transmitter.

A second later, the opponent closed in on R.A.X. for his
final blow. R.A.X. quickly hit his air jets and flew up into
the air as the enemy passed below him. R.A.X. quickly
landed back on the ground and right as the opponent
turned around, R.A.X. was ready with his final attack.
Seconds later, R.A.X. had won and the opponent laid
knocked out cold on the mat.

R.A.X. was able to get the virus removed, but he found
out that there was no way to seperate his human body
from his cybernetic pieces. This was even more devastating
when it was ruled that cybernetic fighting was illegal.

R.A.X. instead of being defeated and ruined by the loss
of his career, went back to school and graduated as a
technical robotics expert. R.A.X's specialty then became
the care and help to the millions of cybernetic enhanced
humans that were looked down upon by world that 
believed in only humans or robots were nothing in 
between. R.A.X.'s humanity was the guiding light that 
helped millions of others preserve their spirit and create
a better future.

8) Larcen:

Full Name: Larcen Tyler
Occupation: Ex-Cat Burglar
Timeline: 1920 A.D.
Fighting Style: Praying Mantis Kung-Fu
Stage Location: Chicago Theater

Fighting Style:
This southern style of Kung-Fu was founded in the 17th 
century by Wang Lang. The system relies heavily on fierce 
grasping movements, clawing attacks, kicks and punches 
for both offense and defense. Legend has it that Wang 
Lang once captured a praying mantis. took it home and 
studied it. He then combined the movements of the mantis 
with monkey style Kung-Fu to form his new system.

Born in an era of crime bosses and racketeering, Larcen 
grew respecting and idolizing the many powerful crime 
bosses who ruled the streets.  As a youth, he went to 
work for Mr. Taglalini, one of the most powerful crime 
bosses. Under his wing, Larcen grew up to be one of the 
world's best cat burglars. He did many illegal jobs for Mr.
Taglalini, including the planting of illegal evidence in other 
crime boss hideouts.  There was one thing that Larcen 
wouldn't do, and that was kill.  Instead, he used martial 
arts to stop and drop his attackers.

One day, Mr. Taglalini asked Larcen to plant a package 
on a supposed crime boss who was recovering in the 
hospital.  When he entered the room that supposedly 
contained the boss, he instead found the now recovering 
chief of police, who had been hurt in a prior assassination 
attempt.  It seemed that the mob wanted the chief dead 
because he was incorruptable, and was about to declare 
war on the mob. Larcen suddenly realized that he had 
been set up.  The package he carried probably contained 
a bomb. At this moment, Larcen decided that he had chosen 
the wrong side.  He wouldn't kill.  Larcen attempted to throw 
the bomb out of the window, but it was too late. The bomb 
explosion not only killed both Larcen and the chief, but also 
most of the hospital, including several youngsters in the 
children's wing.

If Larcen gains a second chance he will use it to shut down 
Mr. Taglalini's syndicate.  Beyond that, he would like to use 
his second chance to find a way to stop the criminal forces 
which he spent much of his life as part of. His only absolution 
will be in destroying the forces that attempted to destroy 

Defining Quote:
"Violence is an acceptable option when your opponent
doesn't have the common sense to use any other skills."


When Larcen returned, he was able to disarm the bomb
before it destroyed the entire hospital wing. A reporter
who was there to cover a charity function wrote an
article about Larcen and how he saved all the people,
including the chief of police.

Because of this article, Larcen's life was now at great 
risk from the mob forces he turned against. The Chief 
made him an offer to join a special government task 
force created to take out organized crime including his 
old boss, Mr. Taglalini. In Larcen's mind, this was the 
best way to get revenge on the people who tried to kill 
him, and the only way to be freed of their constant threat.

After months of setting up this task force to take down
Mr. Taglalini and his organization, Larcen went on to
become head of this organization, which widened its
scope to include international cartels. Until Larcen's
final days, this organization took out the world's largest
cartels and crime organizations.

Many countries copied the basic structure of Larcen's
organization, including the United States which reformed
both the FBI and CIA to work under similar rules and

9) Slash:

Occupation: Pre-Man Hunter
Timeline: 50,000 B.C.
Fighting Style: Pain
Stage Location: Great Rift Valley

Fighting Style:
This fighting style uses any move or attack  that will cause 
pain or inflict damage. This includes eye-poking, neck 
throttling, nostril pulling and hair yanking. The most common 
weapon is a large wooden club, which early hunters could
wield very effetively. One technique involves the spinal 
crush, in which the attacker jumps onto a foe and smashes 
the victim's head, compressing the spinal column. Another 
technique uses the "push off" lever for a high two-footed 

Slash was always advanced for a pre-man creature.  He was 
the greatest hunter and the greatest fighter of his generation.  
These skills didn't just come from his great strength, but also 
from the emergence of an early intelligence. Slash used this 
intelligence in his fighting, which meant hecould out-think 
most of his opponents. 

His intelligence also got him into a lot of trouble. The cave 
elders resented Slash for his intelligence, and rejected his 
every idea, including an agricultural plan which would have 
freed the clan from its enslavement to a life of drudgery as 
hunter-gatherers. The elders turned down this idea at once, 
as they saw no value in having free time and enjoyed the 
violence of the hunt. 

One day, when Slash publicly spoke against the the elders 
in a clan meeting, he was stoned to death by the clan when 
the elders proclaimed him to be an evil force.

If Slash was returned back to his life he would take charge 
and become the new leader of the clan.  Only through this 
direct leadership can Slash teach his people new and better 
ways of living.

Defining Quote:
"Club good, people bad!"


When Slash returned, he carried with him all the infor-
mation he learned from the other fighters. While many 
of the concepts and ideas were too complicated to him,
he was able to learn a few tricks.

When he returned, the clan was preparing to stone him.
Slash wouldn't stand in fear and allow his life to be taken,
he instead jumped up and climbed out of the hole.

Once he was free, all the members of the clan tried to
attack him physically. Slash used their force to throw
them off-balance instead of trying to overpower them.
His moves were a mixture of Karate and his old style.
None of the clan members were able to even lay a finger
on him. After several feeble attempts,the clan gave up
and began to back off in exhaustion.

Slash knew he had little time to prove his way and avoid
being overpowered by the building of mass people. Slash
used the best trick he learned from Xavier. He turned to
the crowd and raised his club straight into the air. Its tip 
was alive with fire. The people in the crowd backed away
with fear and awe. Slash then put the fire out and began
to talk.

Now that he had their attention, the crowd was open to
his ideas and appointed him the new head of the clan.
Beside his prior ideas, Slash also brought the notion of
travelling around to the other clans and sharing with them.

This change progressed man much faster that the prior
path of history. Besides the obvious rewards of this sped
up process, it also had another positive effect. Since the
planet became a global village from the beginning of time,
the various cultures grew with a respect for each other
and many wars and effects of racism were avoided, 
creating a unique peace. 

10) Riptide:

Real Name: Sophia De Medici
Occupation: Pirate
Time Zone: 1566 A.D.
Fighting Style: Kajukenbo
Stage Location: Off The Barbary Coast (North Africa)

Fighting Style:
This fighting style was developed in Hawaii and is con-
sidered the only U.S. developed martial art. The name
contains and avvreviation of four fighting styles. These 
include Karate, Jujitsu, Kenpo, and Bojitsu.

Five masters worked to develop this art, each from a 
different fighting style, In addition, they worked with
many other masters to incorporate their styles.

The final result is a fighting style that can attack with 
a wide variety of strategies, speeds, and strengths. 
Whether the fight is in the air, face to face, or on the 
ground, Kajukenbo has a move and a strategy to match 

Riptide was once named Sophia De Medici, a member of
the infamous Italian family. Her name and identity were 
all wiped out when she left Italy to pursue her fortune
off the Barbary Coast, North Africa.

She left because she grew up in a household where all
was given to her but nothing could be earned. Her family
insisted on an arranged marriage to an Italian crime lord
that promised to join power with her family. Given this,
she had no choice but to leave her destined fortune and
begin a new life in a place she would never be discovered.

At this point in time, the Barbary Coast was the center-
point of the pirate era. Corsairs, or pirates as they were
more commonly known, were at the height of their dom-
inance. There wasn't a spot in the ocean where pirates
couldn't strike.

Sophia used what little family money she had at the time
to purchase a ship that would allow he rto compete with
these other pirates. She also worked on a martial art 
system very similar to a sytstem from the future called 
Kajukenbo, which gave her renowned hand to hand
fighting skills.

It was during this time that she became known as Riptide,
the most feared of the female pirates. There were three
other female pirates, but what made Riptide special was
that she didn't take from the weak, but instead she took
from the tyranny directly, the pirates themselves. Her 
time was filled with many amazing and dangerous battles
against the greatest priates of that time.

It was a single man that caused her doom. His name was
Hannibal and he was not only a powerful pirate, but also
controlled many powerful criminal organizations around
the world. When somebody went against Hannibal, he
didn't just exact revenge on them, but also everyone
connected to them.

During a nighttime raid, Riptide was taking some buried
treasure that Hannibal buried on his island. Unfortunately,
she underestimated Hannibal and was killed by a shovel
blow to the head while trying to steal his illgotten tresaure.

Hannibal, realizing that she was more that just a pirate, used 
her attack as an excuse to attack and destroy the entire De 
Medici family by using his various crime organizations.
Their destruction had a massive negative effect on the 
timeline, including the loss of several works of Leonardo 
DaVinci that the family was hiding until the world could
handle their meanings.

These works had tremendous religious and scientific
implications which would be realized in the 21st century.
Without the works of Leonardo and the influence of this
massive family line, a future renaissance was never realized.

If Riptide could return, she would destroy Hannibal and
others like him to help end the pirate era and to allow her
family's destiny to be fulfilled.

The return of Riptide would allow her to stop Hannibal
before he can destroy her family and rub history of many
treasures that they will protect until the world is ready.
She will also return to the sea and free it of the scourge
maniacal pirates so that there isn't another to replace
Hannibal and his type.

Defining Quote:
"The sea derives its power from its depth and cold nature,
and I believe these same elements supply my personal
strength as well."


When Riptide returned, she turned to see the shovel
coming for her head. With a quick tumble back, and a
flick of two knives, it was over. Hannibal, her most
bitter enemy, fell to his knees with the knives buried
deep in his stomach. He attempted to stand back up
and make a final lunge for Riptide, but without his
strength, Hannibal just fell down, slipping into the
hole where his own treasure was buried.

Riptide covered his lifeless body and returned to her
ship with the treasure. Her first concern was to prepare
for the revenge of Hannibal's crew, which came quickly.
Riptide had no problem sending them to sleep with the
fishes. She took her fortune and created a fleet of ships
dedicated to the destruction of piracy.

She funded the organization through many treasures
recovered from the pirate attacks. The organization
became so powerful and wealthy tha tit continued on
for several hundred years to help protect the sea and
its inhabitants. Because even after the piracy was over,
man continued to abuse the ocean through pollution
and the hunting of its life to near extinction. If it wasn't
for Riptide's help and other organizations the ocean
through the 21st century, man would've destroyed
himself and the planet.

11) Ramses III:

Occupation: Pharaoh
Time Zone: 151 B.C.
Fighting Style: Hung-Gar Kung-Fu
Stage Location: Abu Simbel Temple

Fighting Style:
A style of Kung-Fu coming from the Shaolin-ai tradition of 
defensive arts. The system uses various movements which 
imitate animals such as the tiger, leopard, heron, monkey, 
and dragon. Techniques of the staff and nunchaku are 
included in his style. This style is a balanced mixture of
internal and external fighting principles.

Ramses III was the last strong pharaoh of Egypt. Eighty
years after his death, Egypt started a long decline into
overwhelming bureaucracy where pharaohs were little
more than figureheads and Alexander the Great would 
be considered the "Son of Amon" and assume the throne
in the third century B.C., or it would have declined if 
Ramses III wasn't assassinated before his time.

The lone assassin had spent many months working his
way into a position of trust within the royal court and
the pharaoh felt no fear turning his back on the man who
would end his life. The killer was cruel enough to choose
a method of execution that was particularly terrifying to
the pharaoh. Though Ramses was a brave fighter and
fearless leader, he had never learned to swim, and the
thought of drowning haunted his dreams often.

Ramses was overseeing the construction of a new
temple situated on the banks of the Nile, and had
climbed a tall hill of freshly excavated earth for a better
view of the site. The killer knew the time was right and
pushed Ramses off the hill and into the Nile below.

Ramses III drowned before he could father the son that 
would become his successor and before he could rally 
his armies into beating back the warriors of the ancient
who were threatening to take over the rich Nile delta.

After his assassination, Egypt was taken over by the
invaders, and over the centuries, the new pharaohs
raised armies strong enough to stop Alexander the
Great and his Roman legions from taking over Persia
and Egypt.

The changes these events created in the time stream
were significant, the Egyptian Empire grew powerful
and lasted beyond the twenty-first century. Many
countires that would have been controlled by the
Roman Empire were ewither run by the Egyptian
Empire or were driven out of their homelands into
what would have become Russia.

The end result was a future devoid of many different
cultures, which drained the human spirit of its 
originality and spirit, damning it just as much as the 
loss of humanity in the other champions' failed time-

The original course of history would be restored 
if Ramses was able to return back to his life. His 
returned existence would allow his rule to be completed 
and Alexander the Great would now meet his famous 
history in succeeding to become pharaoh of Egypt.

Defining Quote:
"Great leaders are created from the strength and 
character of their followers."


The second that Ramses returned, he turned to meet his
attacker. A simple flip sent his mortal enemy to the death
that he just come from. The assassin snapped his neck 
on a rock as he landed in the Nile below.

Much of his royal court seemed surprised to see his return.
Ramses noted these reactions and removed the heads of
any traitor that had been involved. This had a massive
effect on the Egyptian political system.

Ramses was able to remove so many of the evil and lazy
jackals that had abused their power against his followers
that the entire Egyptian nation was reborn to an excited
energy to rebuild and expand. Ramses realized that while
he couldn't keep the Egyptian culture from falling some-
time in the future, he could greatly extend its life and
ensure that the future would know of its greatness.

Ramses directed his followers to take the treasures and
knowledge that would have been lost and place it into
the various burial chambers and pyramids of Egypt. In
other timelines, mankind had only been able to rescue
small amounts of the lost knowledge. Because of the
efforts of Ramses, mankind was now able to use many
lost methods of science, math, and medicine to help
future generations reclaim the knowledge of the ancients.

12) Raven:

Full Name: Raven Gindhar
Occupation: Voodoo Preistess / Healer
Time Zone: 1802 A.D.
Fighting Style: Hsing-I Kung-Fu / Tae Kwon Do
Stage Location: Shengo Village, Trinidad

Fighting Style:
-Hsing-I Kung-Fu:
Hsing-I is a Chinese boxing style of taoist origin and
development. It is devoted to the importance of uniting
the body and mind as one. Hsing-I is considered one 
ofthe three classical arts. There arts are based on the 
cultivation of chi, which is raw power of inner-strength.
Hsing-I combines this metaphysical practice with physical 
movemetns derived from the five chinese elements and 
the characteristics and movements of animals.

-Tae Kwon Do:
"Tae" - foot, "Kwon" - first, "Do" - way. A Korean form
of Karate, created in 1955 from the old training system
of martial arts, Tae-Kyon (unarmed combat). Based on
an original Korean martial art of Hwa-rang, it was combined,
with Karate and Kempo during the Japanese occupation.
The outcome is a combined art that concentrates on
defense first and shuns that idea of leading the attack.

Raven was from a line of Arawak healers and was herself
a great healer in her tribe. She possessed a magical hour-
glass that has been handed down from generation to
generation which allowed her to completely control very
small segments of time. The healers used the hourglass 
sparingly because it sapped the lifeforce of its user 
every time it was activated.

Raven and many of the Arawak women were abducted 
by a Carib raiding party and brought back to the village
of Shengo on the island of Trinidad. Once in the Carib
village, the women were integrated into the new society.
Over the years, Raven became highly respected for her
white magic abilities and the vaillagers revered her as a
powerful voodoo priestess.

The admiration that the vaillagers felt toward the young 
healer didn't sit well with the aging Carib high priest,
Raknook, who was feared by the villagers because of
his use of black magic against his rivals.

Late one night, Raknook feigned illness and sent for
Raven. As soon as she was alone with the priest, Raven
sensed she was in danger. Before she could react, 
Raknook cast a dark spell that turned her hourglass
against her and transferred all of her life energt into his
withered body, killing her and rejuvenating him in the

Raven's return to her life will allow her to reverse the
spell of the Raknook, taking his life instead of hers.
With his death, Raven can free herself and the others
so that they can return back to their home free to
pursue their lives as they wish.

Defining Quote:
"Real magic is only given to true believers, otherwise
it perverts into the worst type of evil."


Raven blinked at the contest chamber, dissolved back
into the old thatched hut with Raknook. There, the old
witch doctor sat in his chair, his withered hand pointed
at the face of Raven. She now knew his evil intention.
Raven had come to heal Raknook under the lie that he
was on his deathbed and now she would put him there.

Quickly, before Raknook could take control of her hour-
glass and drain her life, Raven used its power to create
a fold of time. Acting as a shield, this fold reflected back
the magic that Raknook sent at Raven. The spell hit the
old witch doctor full force, draining his own life. A second
later, the spell shot out from the fold in time again due 
to the fold recessing back into the past and again hit 
Raknook dead center. Within a few seconds, his life force
was gone and a strong wind blew in from all the open 
windows of the hut. This wind hit Raknook and his body
drained of life fell into a thousand swirling grains of sand.
Raven's hourglass then opened and the grains were 
added making the hourglass' contents complete.

The hourglass had now the perfect balance of evil and 
good. When Raven engaged it, it could now perform its
functions without draining its user of life. While this
meant that Raven was free to change all the injustice
that she saw, she also realized just how dangerous
this tool could be in the wrong hands.

Given this, she knew what she had to do. She raised the 
hourglass and its new power surged through her. There 
was a flash of light and she appeared at the Eternity 
Complex where the Eternal Champion was already waiting 
for her. Their work together had just begun, because Raven 
knew the one person who could teach her how to keep the 
power from corrupting her and he was in need of the com-
panionship that would grow between him and Raven. 

13) Dawson:

Full Name: Dawson McShane
Occupation: Gambler
Time Zone: 1849 A.D.
Fighting Style: Shotowando
Stage Location: Hangtown Mine

Fighting Style:
This martial art that was designed and practiced by only
one man, Dawson McShane. This style is a combination
of Shotokan, Kickboxing and bar-room brawling.

Dawson, through his many travels, had many fights in
his life. When he was truly beat by another, he tried to
convince them to show him their style and tricks of
fighting. The unusual combination of martial arts, dirty
tricks, and good-old fashioned fist-pounding made 
Dawson one of the most creative and cunning fighters
of his generation. Unfortunately, the fighting art died
with him as Dawson was always a loner and never
spent enough time  with any others to teach it.

Dawson has been a loner most of his life; he had never
known his mother, and his father was shot by a highway-
man when Dawson was fifteen. He left his native Scotland
soon after the funeral and eventually became a professional
gambler travelling from town to town and city to city.

By the time Dawson was twenty-five years old, he was
infamous throughout Europe's casinos and gambling
houses as a gambler who could break the house's bank
and devastate its bar in a brawl, all in one evening.

Dawson had a aversion to firearms and relied on his fists 
to settle the disputes that often arose from his frequent
winning streaks. His fighting style was a unique blend
of martial arts and bar-room brawling techniques.

Tall tales of the Wild West had always intrigued Dawson 
and news of high stakes gambling being created by the
recent gold rush drew Dawson to the untamed West.

He wound up in a mining boom town and was unwittingly
sucked into confrontation between the townsfolk and a
powerful but ruthless landowner named Homer Jenkins.

Just as Dawson arrived in town, he saw a man setting
fire to the sheriff's office. The arsonist ran when he knew
that he had been spotted and Dawson was about to give
chase for help coming from within the burning building.
Dawson pulled the semi-conscious sheriff fron the inferno
but it was too late, the sheriff was dying.

The sheriff's last request was that Dawson become a deputy 
long enough to catch the arsonist, Homer Jenkins' son, Bill 
Jenkins, and bring him to trial. Bill Jenkins has burned the
sheriff's office in order to escape being arrested for a slew
of recent crimes and the dying man knew that the townsfolk 
would be too afraid to form a posse in order to capture the
outlaw son since the elder Jenkins controlled so much of
the town.

Dawson agreed and the sheriff pinned a star onto the 
scotsman's vest just before he died. Dawson captured Bill
Jenkins and was ambushed on his way to the makeshift
courthouse and strung up by Homer Jenkins before the
circuit judge could hear the case. Homer and his son
escaped prosecution because no one in town would
testify against them.

If Dawson was returned back to his life, he would make
sure that the Jenkins' were brought to justice. He would
then travel the West, moving though various adventures
in which he would use his native fighting, gambling, and
new found justice skills.

Defining Quote:
"The only luck I even needed was skill."


In a flash of light, Dawson found himself back at the old
West at high noon. A rope was around to come around 
his head. Dawson jumped into immediate action to keep
his life from being taken again. A quick punch to the 
hangman and Dawson removed the rope and tied it
around the neck of the man that was about to take his
life, Homer Jenkins.

Bill Jenkins was caught off guard and panicked when he
saw his dad about to be hung. He quickly drew his gun
and fired a shot at Dawson, blind with anger. Dawson
saw this coming and grabbed the other man that had
stayed to help hang him.

With a quick tumbleweed roll, Dawson rolled around the
surprised cowboy wwho was then hit dead center between
the eyes by the shot from Bill Jenkins' gun. The cowboy
stood swaying from the force still surprised with the
speed death had taken him and then fell forward into the
level that dropped the floor out from the now hung Homer

Bill couldn't believe what he had done. In a single shot, 
he had killed two people and Dawson still lived. Before 
he could recover from the shock, Dawson delivered a
couple shots to his head. Bill finally focused and realized
that his only chance was to get some distance and use
his gun to take out Dawson. As he rolled away and ran 
a few feet, he began to spin around for his final shot. He
thought to himself that Dawson maybe a great fighter,
but not good enough to tumble around the bullets.

When Bill came in full turn, he was in shock as Dawson
pointed out his twelve-gauge and pulled the trigger. The
last sound Bill heard was his own head shattering from
the impact. Dawson hated guns, but he hated death even
more. This sort of flexibility to adapt made Dawson one
of the most feared forces of justice in the old West. 

14) Thanatos:

Occupation: God of Death
Time Zone: 1692 A.D.
Fighting Style: Fate, Time and Fisticuffs
Stage Location: Salem

Fighting Style:
Thanatos can choose to co-operate with the other immortals
to affect a person through indirect means such as cutting
their life threads it affecting their time streams. However,
he mostly takes care of his own problems through a solid
good punch or kick. When needed, Thanatos can swing
a mean scythe as well as kicking butt on more than one
plane of existence.

In Greek mythology, Thanatos was the god of death. He
dwelt with his brother Hypnos (Sleep) in the underworld.

He operated at his post without interruption until the year
1692 A.D., when during a routine pick-up of a soul, he was
confronted by a force that was neither evil nor good.

This force seemed to exist in an indescribable middle
ground that gave it powers that Thanatos was no match
for. This force turned him into a monrtal named Vaspian,
a mortal who was thought to be a warlock and was hence
killed during the witch hunts of Salem.

This force then took the form of death and has been per-
forming the role ever since. It seems that this force is 
changing the rules of death by taking lives that aren't
meant to be taken so soon, and other bizarre behavior.

The goal once the contest has been won would be for
Thanatos to attempt to return to his post as the immortal
god of death. In order to do this, Thanatos would need
the help of a force greater than even himself.

Defining Quote:
"Death is but a door, and I'm the doorman."


Thanatos was the only champion who didn't look forward
to his return. He knew that he could avoid his death but
that wasn't his concern since he knew everything there
was to know about death.

When he re-appeared, a force seemed to propel him several
seconds into his future so he couldn't do anything to free
himself from the stake and the death the fire would bring.
He saw the image of death standing deep in the forest 
laughing at his homework.

This flase death then left in a fold of darkness and returned
back to where it ha come from to continue its evil. Thanatos
braced for the pain from the heat but there was none. 
Instead, a cyclone of sand seemed to surround his body,
insulating him from the flame. The density of the sand grew
thicker and thicker, until he could no longer see Salem or
the flames. Then in one quick motion, the sand stopped
and fell away to the floor.

He looked out and saw the Eternal and Raven standing
together as thought they were waiting for him. Raven
explained that this was the only way to convince the
unknown evil that he had perished.

Thanatos was happy to have been saved but realized
that there wasn't a way yet that would allow him to
return to his post. While this was true, the Eternal and
Raven made him a unique offer. It seems that Kronos,
the keeper of time, had also been attacked by this evil
force and was suffering the loss of his mind. This meant
that soon time itself would begin to fall apart if some-
thing wasn't done soon.

Kronos had begged Raven to take his post because of
her existing talents, but she couldn't bear to leave the
Eternity Complex and her life with the Eternal. So instead,
Thanatos accepted the post, thus becoming the master
of time and with the knowledge of this evil force he worked
with the Eternal, Raven, Xavier, and others to unveil its
true nature and to confront it in the final battle...

15) Chin Wo:

Occupation: Acupuncturist
Time Zone: 1815 A.D.
Fighting Style: Monkey Kung-Fu
Stage Location: Stone Monkey Temple

Fighting Style:
This form of Kung-Fu is known in Chinese as Tai-Sing-
Pek-War. In this style, the practitioner imiates the move-
ments of a monkey and practices light, agile, deceptive
techniques. There are variations of the style including
the lost monkey, drunken monkey, tall monkey, stone
monkey and the wood monkey. 

Chin Wo was one of the best ifghters in China but spent 
most of his time healing. One day, a cousin of the ruling 
class challenged Chin to a fight. Chin refused, knowing
that if he won, it would surely mean his death. Chin, a
proud man, wouldn't lose either. This left him only one
choice which was not to fight. The cousin made life very
hard on Chin but he wouldn't budge from his decision.
Finally, in a last attempt to get Chin to fight, the cousin
killed an innocent street beggar and framed Chin. He told
Chin that he could get the charges dropped if Chin would
consent to a public fight. Chin at this point saw death in
either choice and chose to accept the murder charges
rather than give the cousin what he most desired. This
choice led to his head being seperated from his neck in
a public execution.

If Chin was to win a second chance, he would stop the
death of the beggar and settle the fighting issue on his
own terms.

If Chin Wo was allowed to return back to his life, he would
clear his name and return back to his career of healing. He
would also become an advocate for other common people
who were framed for crimes they didn't commit.

Defining Quote:
"As a point of a needle can both heal and hurt, so can a
man. In my life, I have done both, one by choice, the other
by force."


Chin's first image of his newly restored life was a blade
being positioned to remove his head. He knew that he
only had a minute before his charges would've been 
read and his life would end again.

The ruling class cousin that framed him sat front and
center staring directly into his face smugly smiling,
enjoying every movement of Chin Wo's predicament.

Using a trick that Midknight had taught him, Chin Wo
stared deeply into the cousin's eyes and unlocked the
truth. The cousin now stood up and told the entire
truth, unable to stop himself.

Chin Wo was freed and allowed to pursue his life as a 
healer, but now he also became a symbol of the common
man and truth. His talent and getting the truth led him
to travel around China representing the many people
that were accused by the aristocracy and thus unable
to get fair representation.

Eventually, it led to the Emperor asking Chin Wo to 
help create a system of civil courts that helped protect
the rights of the common man. While the revolution
compromised these courts, they did recover and solve
the vast majority of human rights issues through the
21st century thanks to the selfless acts and strengths
of Chin Wo.

16) Senator:

Occupation: Politician / Puppet of The Lobbyist
Time Zone: 1995 A.D.
Fighting Style: Dishonesty
Stage Location: Washington D.C.

Fighting Style:
Using deceit and lies, the Senator can deliever a wide
variety of underhanded move. He can also abuse and
misuse the political powers that were given to him. The
most dangerous weapon he has is a total lack of morals.

The Senator made a living by voting the ways of special
interest groups and creating issues to make himself
popular. Given his lifetime membership in the good-old-
boys club, he was surprised when he wasn't supported
by his party for re-election.

It seems that he once voted for a human rights issue and
his party was angry that humanity was considered above
their personal profits.

When he lost in a landslide election after spending millions
of his own money, he died of a massive heart attack.

If the Senator was to recover from his bad case of death
by winning the contest, he would attempt to come back
and make up for his years of civil abuse, maybe.

Defining Quote:
"Violence is the problem with violence."


When the Senator flashed back from his death, he quickly
calmed his heart rate and went out to make his concession
speech. In his speech, he decided to tell the citizens the
entire truth about his career and all the other corruption 
in Washington.

The speech which was carried nationally was so dramatic
that the American public overnight demanded that there
be a re-vote held. It was the public's hope that this man
who had seen the error of his ways would go to Washington
and change the face of politics forever.

Unfortunately, during the re-election, it came out that the
Senator had hired illegal aliens as domestic help, been 
part of the Iran-contra affair, sold military secrets to other 
countries, and had a mistress in every state, including

While this destroyed his chances for re-election, he was
never imprisoned for any of these indiscretions since he
had turned state's evidence. Instead, he made millions
in selling his story as a book, a movie of the week, and
appearing in talk-shows for the rest of his remaining years.

17) Blast:

Real Name: Thomas Chavez
Occupation: Green Beret
Time Zone: 1955 A.D.
Fighting Style: Green Beret Technique
Stage Location: Song Hong Delta (Vietnam)

Fighting Style:
This fighting style was developed and refined by the
special forces. This technique is a combination of
several fighting styles which include most of the major
martial arts.

For what the style lacks in grace, it more than makes up
in power. Every move is designed to cause damage to 
the opponent. The style also includes the ability to use
weapons such as knives and brass knuckles.

Blast was one of the first special forces agents to perform
gun and weapon running to Vietnam. At this time, the U.S.
was only involved in supporting the French effort to hold
their influence over Vietnam. Blast, a chopper pilot, was
tasked with the duty of making clandestine drops of 
weapons over the enemy lines.

Blast made many of his runs with a man named Redux.
During his final run before scheduled for service back
into the States, he ran into trouble. His final drop went
fine and he was about to take off for base when Redux
suprised him. It seems that Redux was a double agent
for Vietnam. Redux pulled the pin on a grenade and ran
from the helicopter that was about to lift-off. Because
Blast was strapped for take-off, he was unable to remove
his harness in time and was blown up in the resulting

If Blast was given a second chance, he would take out 
Redux before he could be double-crossed. 

Succeeding in the journey back to his life, Blast will
first take care of Redux with extreme prejudice. With 
that finished, Blast will get out of the business of was
and use his skills to rescue prisoners of war and 
terrorism for the rest of his years.

Defining Quote:
"Might doesn't always make right, but most of the 
time, a couple of good kicks to the head will cause 
most people to come around to your way of thinking."


Blast was ready for his return. As it happened the first
time, he saw Redux running from the helicopter but this
time he was ready. Redux turned and took a look back
waiting for his partner and the helicopter to explode.

This kill was going to make him a great deal of money 
and he was already thinking about what to spend it 
on until he felt something heavy hanging from his left 
pants pocket. He only had a second to see that it was 
the grenade that was hanging there and the other last
image was Blast giving him an obscene symbol.

The resulting explosion almost knocked over the heli-
copter, but aside from some scratched paint, it was fine.
Blast took a look down at the explosion site, promising
himself that this would be thje last time he fought for

He instead dedicated his life to the rescue of men who
fought wars and were left behind. Even during the final
years of his life when he physically could no longer do
the missions himself, he helped fund the missions that
brought home the forgotten soldier.

For these actions, he recieved medals of honor from
almost every nation on earth before his death.

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