Lunar: The Silver Star Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated:  June 4, 1996

Compiled by Lou Arruda (aka "Dragonmaster Lou,"

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OK, here is a FAQ I put together for Lunar: The Silver Star.  I don't know if
there is any other Lunar FAQ around, so if there is tell me about it and I'll
put it here as well.  That said, here go the questions and answers.

Q: I just got the Dragon Diamond and I'm trying to cross the bridge to
   Saith, but it's broken.  What do I do now?
A: First of all, go back to Burg and talk to everyone.  They'll tell
   you to go see the woodcutter, who lives just north of the bridge
   along the river.  Once you see the woodcutter, he tells you to get
   his axe from the Weird Woods so that he can repair the bridge.  Go
   northwest from the shed and you'll get to the Woods.  Give the
   woodcutter the axe, then head back to town.  Make sure at some point
   you talk to both shopkeepers in Burg and try to sell the Diamond to
   both of them.  Talk to your parents as well, if you say the right
   thing to your Mom, she'll give you some spending money.

Q: How do I get to Black Rose Street, and how do I awaken Alex's
A: Head west from the southwest corner of Meribia, and you'll cross
   "through" the wall to Black Rose Street.  At the northernmost point
   of Black Rose Street is a magic shop where you'll run into Nash
   again.  You can get your magic awakened in here.

Q: I've become a Dragonmaster, but can't enter the Grindery.  Why?
A: Make sure you have ALL the Dragon items equipped, including the
   Dragon Wings you got from Quark the White Dragon.

Q: At this point I am stuck in and around Meribia.  I have tried
   selling the Diamond and not selling the Diamond and it doesn't seem
   to make a tremendous difference.  What now?
A: Have you gone to the jewelry store, the one with a jewel on the sign
   next to the door?  If you sell it there, the storekeeper will steal
   the jewel from you instead of buying it.  You then follow the store
   keeper in the sewers, but once there the guard tells you you need
   magic to be able to fight the monsters in the sewers.  Now go to
   Black Rose Street to get your magic powers awakened.  By the way, if
   you have a Flamer spell instead of the simple Flame spell, the
   sewers get much easier.  They get even easier in the case of the
   Water Dragon monster if you have a Flame Bomb spell.  You should be
   able to level up high enough to get these spells if you do like I
   did and cruise around just outside Meribia until you have enough
   cash to upgrade all your weapons and armor to Meribia's best.

Q: I can't get Mel's help or approval when I first get to Meribia.
A: You don't really ever get Mel's help or approval.  His purpose in
   the game is so that something bad will happen to him that will make
   Jessica permanently join your party, and that doesn't take place
   until much later from this point.

Q: I can't find Jessica or Kyle in Nanza.
A: Jessica isn't in Nanza.  She's supposedly at the Shrine of Althena
   east of Meribia, but when you first get there she isn't there.
   You'll find her in Lann later on after someone in Vane sends you on
   a mission there.  As for Kyle, you won't find him in Nanza until
   much later in the game.  Don't worry, when you're told to go to
   Nanza you'll find him there.

Q: I have found Lann and the transport to Vane but it won't let me
A: Like I said earlier in the FAQ, after you visit Vane you'll be sent
   on a mission to Lann, so don't worry too much about that town for
   now.  Before you can transport to Vane you need to have Nash back in
   your party.  He'll rejoin you after you capture the storekeeper that
   stole your diamond and ran into the Meribian sewers.  The first time
   you go to Vane, you'll have to pass through a long maze to test your
   magic skill.  If you have a Flame Bomb or better spell going in, you
   should do fine, though higher levels and spells will make it easier.

Q: I'm in the cave on Lann island looking for the evil Dragonmaster
   Zoc, but I've explored every inch of the cave and still can't see
   him.  I found a stairway, but that leads to a room holding only a
   chest, no Dragonmaster.
A: Actually, you almost found him.  If you head south from that cave
   where you found the chest, you'll run into what seems to be a dead
   end.  However if you press around the southern wall you'll find a
   secret door that will take you to Dragonmaster Zoc.  This one alone
   stumped me for months as well.  Now go get that imposter!

Q: How do I get to Luna/Althena after beating Ghaleon the 2nd time
   without getting zotted after the 2nd lightning bolt?
A: Use Alex's harp, it reduces damage caused by the bolts, and restores
   Luna's/Althena's memory.

Q: How come when I finish the game, it says "Oops, too long."?
A: This was an outtake from the dubbing of the game.  The actress
   accidently took to long speak her part, and said that at the end.
   WD decided to keep it in the game as a joke.

Q: It's been years since I last played Lunar, but all this talk about
   the game made me remember there was one thing I wasnt able to figure
   out, which is how do you open those chests which were locked?  Did
   anyone find out?
A: Once you get the Thieve's Crest from the locked chest in Reza (you
   need this to enter the Bazaar), you can open any locked red chest in
   the game.

Q: I'm in the Black Dragon cave and I can't get past floor B3.  I got
   Dyne's Sword and the Hero's Crest, but can't go to the next level.
A: Did you get the Hero's Seal from and old man you found in the cave?
   If so, then you've only gotten to part one of the cave.  Exit the
   cave, heal up, stock up, go back to the last town you were in for
   directions to the next town, etc.  When you finally reach the town
   of Marke, show the village elder the seal and he will let you into a
   temple which leads to the second half of the Black Dragon Cave.
   Tip: stock up on supplies like Silver Lights and Herbs of Althena,
   you'll need them down there.

Q: Okay, I have finally became a Dragonmaster.  I don't know what to do
   next.  I guess I am suppose to go to the Grindery, the mobile
   castle.  But when I get to the top, I keep getting warped out, and
   get a message saying that we need reinforcement.  I believe that I
   have all my dragon equipment on, and can't seems to find anyone who
   is willing to help.  So what do I do next?
A: It's simple.  You need to fight those Lagoon Goons 3 times, after
   which Tempest and Fresca come and keep them occupied so you can get
   past that doorway.

Q: I got the Red Dragon's Sheild and have passed Meryod.  I found
   another town and a tower where a man won't let me in to see an
   inventor.  I also found a tunnel, and a man said that the area
   beyond the tunnel was quarantined, and that they were keeping people
   out.  I'm stuck right now, and I'm hoping for some help.  Thanks.
A: OK, sounds like you haven't been to Lyton and the Blue Dragon cave
   yet.  Lyton is a town a bit to the northeast of Meryod, the
   bridgeless town.  Everyone in that town sings.  Talk to everyone in
   that town and one of them will cast a spell that makes stones appear
   on the river that can take you to the Blue Dragon Cave, which is
   behind a waterfall.  Get the Blue Dragon helmet (conserve magic and
   stock up on supplies as there is a boss in the Blue Dragon Cave).
   After that a bit more to the north east of Lyton is the town of
   Tamur, there you'll meet up with Tempest and Fresca, who are from
   the town on the other side of that cave that no one will let you in
   to, and Laike, who will take you to the inventor's tower and let you

Q: I found the island/turtle that takes you to Damon's Spire, and I
   played Alex's Harp, but nothing happens.  Do you have to do this in
   a special spot or something?
A: All you have to do is stand right near the turtle and hit "A" on
   your control pad, and Alex will play the correct tune to wake it up.

Q: I am in Meryod, and the bridge has collapsed, and the old carpenter
   only says that he'll fix it tomorrow.  Laike also calls me a slacker
   as I haven't been the Red Dragon Cave yet.  What am I supposed to
A: Have you been to Damon's Spire yet?  If you have, use the Dragon
   Wings to warp back there and walk west of the Spire to get to the
   cave.  Once you see the Red Dragon, the bridge will be fixed.

Q: How do I get to the Red Dragon Cave in the volcano?  Do you have to
   take the tutle island to get there?
A: OK, you gotta get to Damon's Spire first, and that's via the turtle
   island.  After you've flown the hot-air balloon in Iluk someone in
   Meryod's tavern will tell you how to use it.  After taking care of
   the stuff involving Damon's Spire, and using the Dragon Wings to
   warp back to another town to take care of some business you learn
   about at the spire, use the Dragon Wings to warp back to the Spire
   and from there you can just walk to the Red Dragon Cave.

Q: I have passed through the Nanza Barrier, I know where Iluk, Reza,
   and Meryod are.  I have got the roots for the inventor and his
   helper tells me to find a man in Meryod who has been to see Damon's
   Spire.  I go to Meryod but the guy is not in the bar and the patrons
   there are no help.  Also i have collapsed the bridge in Meryod.  Ok,
   now where is this guy?  How do i get him to appear?
A: OK, I'm gonna go step by step here in case you forgot to do
   something.  When you get to Reza, you gotta get your Dragonwings
   back from the Thieves' Bazaar, and you gotta talk to Laike and tell
   him the rumors about the Magic Emperor are true, and until he tells
   you about the inventor in Iluk.  OK, talk to the Rain Cloud guy
   until he gives you directions to the Red Dragon Cave, then talk to
   the inventor, who asks you to get some vines for him to finish his
   hot air balloon from the Eastern Desert.  Get the vines for him
   (keep fighting the Man-Eating Plants in the Eastern Desert until
   they leave behind a Giant Root - you might want to get a who slew of
   these as the Man-Eating Plants aren't that tough and you can sell
   Giant Roots for 500S apiece).  Return to Iluk, give him a Root, and
   fly around in his balloon a bit.  You'll crash in Reza.  After this
   head back to Meryod and then finally there should be the guy in the
   tavern for you to talk to.  As for the collapsed bridge, make sure
   you talked to the old carpenter in Meryod about fixing it.  It'll be
   fixed after you've completed the Red Dragon Cave.

Q: Also in Iluk there is a guy who told me to get the Rain Cloud and I
   have.  He says to use it to get around the lava at the volcano.  I
   know where the volcano is, but of course there is no way to get to
A: Once the guy in the taven tells you how to get to Damon's Spire, you
   can get to the Red Dragon Cave in the volcano from Damon's Spire.

Q: After I crashed in the hot air baloon ride going to Damon's Spire
   how do I get there?
A: To get to Damon's Tower, you need to talk to someone in Meribia
   who'll tell you about an island that will move when you play music
   or something.  Head for the island, hit "A" to play Alex's Harp, and
   you'll end up being carried by the "island" to a place within easy
   walking distance of Damon's Spire.

Q: Where is Master Myght?
A: He's near Tamur.  When you get there Laike will take you to see him.

Q: How do I beat the Dragon Angels in Althena's Tower?
A: Yeah, better late than never.  Hmm, ok, those monsters are not
   really monsters (in the true sense), they're the Dragon Angels,
   basically Althena's assistants and they're testing you to see if
   you're worthy to be Dragonmaster.  Of course it doesn't matter who
   they are if they keep kicking your butt.  OK, here are some tips.
   Heal your self up totally before you fight them.  Make sure you have
   some healing items and/or Silver Lights equipped.  Keep pounding
   them with Dragon Quake until you run out of MP.  One you do run out
   of MP, either slash them with your sword or use the spell built-in
   to Dyne's Sword.  A tip is that between turns if your getting
   pounded (but still in decent shape), use the FLEE command to try to
   get some breathing room and keep repeating.

Q: Any cheesy ways to make a quick buck?
A: Another way to make money is in Meribia, when you get things for
   free from Ramus' shop, you can buy the most expensive items, and
   then sell them back to the shop. Of course, at this point in the
   game, you don't really need money, so forget it.

Q: I heard there was a way to get Nall to fight.  Is this true:
A: Ok, this is how to get Nall to fight.  Make Kyle get to level 99
   first.  Then get in a fight, and make everyone flee but not Kyle.
   Make him use his Fastcut skill.  You might have to make everyone
   run, but try these ways.  Then Nall will come up to fight, he has
   no magic but he can attack.

OK, it's a short FAQ, but I haven't seen that many questions other than these
on the net, or can't remember them anyway.  If there's anything else you
think should be listed here, or if you have a question that isn't answered on
the FAQ, email me and I'll be glad to add and/or answer it.

Lou Arruda
Dragonmaster Lou