Walkthrough by Anonymous

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MANSION OF HIDDEN SOULS----------------------------
1. Get the DIARY on the Chair in the STUDY. (1st floor, turn left while facing 
starwell then turn Right when you are facing the door. Walk to the end of the 
hall and go in the door in front of you.

2. Go to the VIEWING SCREEN in the BILLIARDS room and look into it. (2nd floor, 
turn Right at stairs, then Right again. walk to end of hall and go into door on 

3. Now go to the RED BEDROOM (2nd floor, turn Left at the stairs, left again at 
end of hall. Walk to the end of the hall and enter door on Right.)
In the Red Bedroom, face the red dresser and look into it. You should turn 
toward the floor and uncover a key under the pillow.

4. Unlock the door to the ART ROOM with the key. (2nd floor, turn Left at 
stairs, door on the Left). Look behind the picture on the fireplace wall (right 
hand side) to get the next key. Before you leave, look into the strange smeared-
red painting near the door you came into. This will take you to the CANDLE ROOM.

5. Blow out the candle just to the left of the moon. You will go through a 
secret door.

6. Enter the library, turn to the Right and look at the bookshelf. You will 
remove a book that reveals diagrams about the dartboard and candle room. (Notice 
the location of the darts) Now turn Left until you reach the next bookcase and 
look into this one to reveal another key. This is the key to let you out. Exit 
the library through the door by the stool.

7. Go into the MUSIC ROOM (1st floor, on your Right as you are facing the 
stairwell.) and pick up the TUNING FORK on the side of the couch. You should 
automatically use it.

8. Go back to the VIEWING SCREEN (2nd floor, turn Right at stairs, Right again 
to end of hall, door on Left.) After looking into the screen, Look at the 
dartboard. You should pick up some MATCHES.

9. Go to the LIBRARY ANTECHAMBER (1st floor, facing stairwell turn Left, enter 
door you are now facing). Go under the desk and you will return to the CANDLE 

10. With the MOON to your Right, count the candle just to the right of it as 
number 2. turn, and the candle next to that one is number 1. Leave these 2 lit!  
Now turn once more to the Right and blow out that candle. Turn to the Right 
again and blow out that candle, light it, then blow it out, and light it again. 
Turn to the Right once again, and blow that candle out. The door should 
automaticallt open. If not, try blowing out and relighting that one candle 
again. (Notice how the darts in the dartboard corresponnd with the candles.)                                 

                       3   MOON    2
                      4     YOU     1 
                      5             UNLIGHT
                        UNLIGHT   LIGHT, THEN BLOW OUT AND RELIGHT

11. The secret exit revealed should take you to the basement. Walk to the end of 
the hall and turn to the Left at the statue into the FLOWER ROOM. Enter the door 
on your Left and enter the MAIN CHAMBER. Once in, turn to the Left. It will be 
too dark to see it, but press forward to pick up a flower.

12. Now go back into the flower room and put the flower into the empty vase.  
Now return again to the MAIN CHAMBER (notice how the water has drained out). 
Walk down the columns and grab your sister. (The butterfly) The Hunter will 
start talking, once he is done, get out of the Basement.

13. Go back to the ART ROOM (2nd floor, turn Left at stairs, door on the Right) 
and get teh clock behind the easel. You are now on a timer!!

14. Go into the MUSIC ROOM (1st floor, turn Right while facing the stairwell and 
enter the door in front of you) and pick up the CANDLE on the small table on 
your Left.

15. Take the candle into the STUDY (1st floor, turn left while facing the 
stairs, then turn Right and enter the door at the end of the hall) and walk into 
the fireplace. Once up close, you'll have to use your candle. Once in, turn to 
the Left and walk to the end of the passageway.

16. Walk to the end of the passageway until you bump into the wall. A key will 
drop from the ceiling.

17. Exit the fireplace and you should be in the study. Open the small cabinet on 
the Right-hand side with the key. You will be given a plaque.

18. Go back into the fireplace and put the plaque where you previously bumped 
into the wall, at the end of the passageway. A ladder will come down. Go up the 
ladder to enter the ATTIC.

19. Enter the door with the Number 3 on it and you should see a mirror. Go back 
down the stairs and out of the freplace, and enter the RED BEDROOM. (2nd floor, 
turn Left at stairs, Left again at the wall, enter the door at the end on your 
right.) Search the table for the CRYSTAL. Now go back to the ATTIC. (I suggest 
jumping off the banister in the hallway to save time)

20. When you use the CRYSTAL on the MIRROR, you will be presented with a series 
of doors. Only go through the ones wiht a 3 on them or if the 3 numbers together 
add up to a number which is divisible by 3.
(WIMPS: Doors 3, 33, 777, 345, 333, 12, 27. Now use the CRYSTAL on the MIRROR 
that is in front of you now.

21. YOU'VE WON!!!!