Your awesome task is to save your race from extinction. Deep beneath the desolate surface of your ancestral home you begin your quest.
Scattered about a vast subterranean complex are the constituent sections of DNA, which, when assembled, form the vital chain that enables your people to thrive once more.
You must explore this complex to locate and collect the DNA. However, the complex is not without defence against intruders. Apparitions, formed from pure energy into a myriad of strange guises, inhabit the complex. Contact with them proves fatal. However, you still have three clones into which your consciousness may be transferred. You will also find orbs strewn about the complex, you must discover their secrets.
Each room has sealed energy doors which must be neutralised before you may pass.
On collection of the final piece of DNA the genetic-chamber has its doors revealed. You must enter and rid the chamber of apparitions; only then will your race be saved.

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