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Sonic Chaos

Copyright 2005-2007 Brian McPhee

Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
Most Recent Update: April 14, 2007
Originally Created: December 26, 2005
Version 1.0

------------------------------Table of Contents------------------------------

Section 1*

Items & Objects*
The Badniks*

Section 2*

Sonic the Hedgehog*
Turquoise Hill Zone (S)*
Gigapolis Zone (S)*
Sleeping Egg Zone (S)*
Mecha Green Hill Zone (S)*
Aqua Planet Zone (S)*
Electric Egg Zone (S)*

Section 3*

Miles “Tails” Prower*
Turquoise Hill Zone (T)*
Gigapolis Zone (T)*
Sleeping Egg Zone (T)*
Mecha Green Hill Zone (T)*
Aqua Planet Zone (T)*
Electric Egg Zone (T)*

Section 4*

Special Stages*
1-UP Locations*
Cheat Codes*

Section 5*

Credits and Legal Information*
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||-------------------------------Section 1*--------------------------------||
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Back at last!  Welcome to this document, a guide to Sonic Chaos (also known 
as Sonic & Tails) for the Game Gear... but you knew that already.  So let’s 
cut to the chase, shall we?  As is customary in the Introduction sections, 
I’m going to analyze the game, tell you it’s A-okay, and then ask you to 
report plagiarism.  Indeed, these introductions are most formulaic.  Now then: 
ready... set... go!

Ah, where do I begin to criticize this game?  Just kidding; Sonic Chaos is a 
great game, good for some light-hearted entertainment (on the go, too!) at 
any time.  No 300-hour cinematic RPG’s in this one!  In fact, not only is 
this game on only one cartridge and not four, but it doesn’t even have a save 
feature!  It’s a thing of beauty, eh?  Sonic Chaos is a fairly unique Sonic 
game, despite having a Sega Master System counterpart, and it features both 
Sonic and Tails as playable characters (with a total of eighteen levels, if 
you count boss acts).  It’s the usual Sonic fare – collect rings, reach the 
end of two acts, fight a boss, collect Chaos Emeralds, witness secret ending, 
etc. – but this game has quite a few new features.  For one, Sonic and Tails 
both have some special moves not available to them in other games, and there 
are tons of different paths through each act.

Unfortunately, Sonic Chaos is not only short, but it’s easy, too (especially 
if you choose to play as Tails.  Three continues?  It’s a joke!).  No, don’t 
be fooled by the presence of Level Select; you won’t need it in all 
likelihood.  But Sonic Chaos DOES challenge you to collect all five Chaos 
Emeralds (only five.  Sorry, but no Super Sonic in this GG Sonic game either) 
in Sonic’s storyline, which adds some replay value to the game.  But don’t 
misunderstand me; this game is above average, better than many other Sonic 
games, and it’s a classic.  Sega even saw fit to include this gem in Sonic 
Adventure DX as an extra unlockable in case you don’t own a GG, affording 
even more players one of the best and earliest chapters of Sonic’s portable 
career.  Viva la Chaos!

And as always, should you happen to see this guide on any web site other than 
GameFAQs, please contact me at the e-mail provided.  With your help, we can 
eliminate plagiarism of this guide, which is an important step in achieving 
world peace...  Thanks in advance, and enjoy the show!


Let’s be honest; I ramble A LOT in this guide, and you didn’t come here for 
rambling (hence why you skipped the Introduction).  As a result, you’ll 
probably want to skip to the section you need help in; you want to _navigate_ 
the guide.  Well never fear, for there are asterisks (*) in this guide for a 
reason!  Simply type in CTRL and F (that’s Apple and F for all you Mac-users 
out there) to bring up a Find/Search box.  Type in the name of the section 
you want (don’t forget the asterisk) and click “Find/Search.”  You’ll first 
be taken to the Table of Contents; click it again to go to the beginning of 
that section.  Well, you’ve got some amazing power of navigation now...  But 
remember this warning: there is no “l” in “team,” but there is a “u.”  So go 
get ‘em, tiger!

(I can’t believe I get away with saying stuff like that...)


As with any Sonic game, we’ve an absolutely riveting storyline full of plot-
holes that contradict the storylines of other games...  Yep, Sonic Team never 
seems to get down exactly how the Chaos Emeralds work, but I’ll tell you the 
story anyways.

Apparently, the evil Dr. Robotnik has stolen the red Chaos Emerald, one of 
seven mystic gems that command immense power.  And unlike most other Sonic 
games, stealing one causes five others to enter into a parallel universe, 
which causes South Island (an animal-populated island that Robotnik has 
previously tried to take over) to begin sinking into the ocean.  On top of 
that, Robotnik is planning to build a Super Bomb to take over the world!  Who 
can save South Island, the world, and the Chaos Emeralds from this fiend?

Scared yet?  Well don’t be!  South Island’s resident hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, 
plus his tag-along friend Tails, is ready to defeat Dr. Robotnik, save the 
world from nuclear holocaust, and look cool doing it!  So begins the 
appropriately named “Sonic Chaos.”  Let the chaos ensue...

OH MY GOSH!  That was AWESOME!  It is perhaps the greatest storyline I’ve 
ever heard – or ever will hear – in all my days of playing video games.  But 
that’s not all!  Check out the characters that make up this complex and 
compelling storyline:

                       |    Important Characters    |

Sonic the Hedgehog: The blue blur, Sonic is a super-fast hedgehog who hails 
from South Island.  He’s been protecting it since the insidious Dr. Robotnik 
first abducted the animal inhabitants, and Sonic always manages to save the 
day by combining his speed, speed, and fast friend, Tails.  Sonic loves 
freedom and hates injustice, and as long as Sonic is here, Robotnik doesn’t 
stand a chance.

Miles “Tails” Prower: A fox born with a birth defect that left him with two 
tails, South Islanders gave the fox the nickname “Tails” to reflect this 
unique attribute.  Miles makes use of his twin tails in propelling himself 
for speed, swimming, and flying, but he’ll never compare to his idol, hero, 
and best friend Sonic.  Tails also has a great scientific mind; he’s quite 
the little engineer, rivaling even Dr. Robotnik.  Usually, Sonic and Tails 
can be found together, but oddly, the two go about their adventures 
separately this time around.

Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik: A self-proclaimed genius with an alleged IQ of 300, 
Robotnik (who may or may not be an actual doctor) wants to rule the world, 
but lately he’s been obsessed with one island (populated with animals, no 
less) that he failed to conquer – South Island.  His arch-nemesis, Sonic, has 
defeated him several times now, freeing the poor animals he enslaved and 
forced to power his robotic soldiers.  This time, Robotnik plans to create a 
Super Bomb to conquer the world, but he still needs to be concerned with a 
headstrong hedgehog and his feisty fox friend.  Hey, I don’t make this stuff 

Well, now that you know the cast of characters, let’s discuss the items that 
Sonic and Tails can make use of to beat the game’s other character down.  
Onward ho!

==============================Items & Objects*===============================

On South Island, and in the Sonic series in general, items are kept in 
capsules traditionally called “monitors.”  The contents have special effects 
on your character, and I’ll list them here.  Note that to get the contents of 
a capsule, you must break it open via hitting it when in ball form (i.e. 
jumping or rolling).

                               |    Items    |

Super Ring: When you see a monitor with a golden ring on it, you know it’s 
one of these.  One Super Ring is worth 10 normal rings, which are your 
defense; if you have any rings at all, and you are hit, you simply lose all 
your rings instead of your life.  Having 100 rings adds a life to your count, 
and having 100 at once takes Sonic into the special stage.  In Tails’s 
version of some acts, these replace some Rocket Shoes capsules.

1-UP: Seeing a capsule with your character’s face (Sonic or Tails’s) on it 
adds a life to your count.  For each life you have, you have another try at 
the level in case you die.

Continue: Although this isn’t actually a capsule item, I should explain these 
here anyways.  Each character begins the game with a certain number of lives 
(Sonic with 3, Tails with 5).  When you lose all your lives, you get a Game 
Over.  Well, if you happen to have a Continue handy, you can start at the 
same act as you were in with your default number of lives, minus one Continue 
(note that Tails starts with 3 Continues stored up, but Sonic begins with 
none).  You can’t get Continues from monitors, but you can get them by 
getting 50,000 points (see the Points sub-section below), as well as by 
getting a Chaos Emerald and/or the opposite character’s face on a sign (for 
these two, see the Objects sub-section below).

Invincibility: This makes you invulnerable to attacks for a brief period of 
time (it also changes the music!), but they do not defend from instant death 
obstacles (such as falling in pits).  If you even touch an enemy while 
invincible, they die instantly.  They look like a few sparkles or stars on a 

Power Sneakers: Looking like shoes on a screen in the shape of an L, these 
increase your speed a short period of time (and change the music to boot – 
pun!).  Capsules that would normally be Rocket Shoes are often replaced by 
these in Tails’s version.

Rocket Shoes: For Sonic only, these shoes let you “fly” for a short amount of 
time, or until you take damage next.  It’s like riding a missile straight 
forward, but you can also turn around.  Their image is a pair of shoes parted 
like a ^ symbol.  And yes, they have their own music.

Clock: This is a monitor with a clock on it, and hitting it freezes time for 
a few seconds, which can be of great help to you.  It’s only found in Special 
Stages, and therefore only by Sonic.

Aside from all these items kept in capsules, there are a few objects outside 
of them that are noteworthy, hence the below section.

                              |    Objects    |

Ring: Super or not, rings are imperative to Sonic and Tails’s quest; they are 
their health, so to speak.  If they have no rings and are hit, they 
immediately lose their life.  If they have any – even one – then a hit only 
takes away their rings, not their life.  Furthermore, when your rings pop out, 
you can reclaim them if you’re quick enough (one of the reasons Sonic Chaos 
is so much easier than other Sonic titles).  100 rings will earn you a shot 
at the special stage provided you’re Sonic, and it has the added bonus of 
earning you an extra life.  Collect those rings!

Sign: A sign is at the end of each level, and you need to reach it to 
complete the act (except for the third act of each zone).  Once you’ve beaten 
the level, it spins and stops to display an image; each possible image 
corresponds to a prize.  A flicky (bird) earns you nothing, a ring adds ten 
rings to your total, your character’s face (i.e. Tails if you are playing as 
Tails) earns you a 1-UP, and getting the opposite character’s face (i.e. 
Tails if you are playing as Sonic) nets you a Continue.  The sign can also 
land on a blank, but this rarely happens, and if it does, just hit it again 
to get it going.

Chaos Emerald: Mystic gems hidden in each special stage, Chaos Emeralds are 
powerful jewels that, in later games of the series, have unlimited power.  
When all seven are brought together, the user gains immense strength and 
speed...  Well too bad, ‘cause there are only six Chaos Emeralds in this game 
(only five of which can be gotten in special stages, and none can be gotten 
by Tails).  If you get all five as Sonic, there’s a secret ending in it for 
you, and each Chaos Emerald you get yields a Continue, too.  You can reach 
the Special Stage by collecting 100 rings in a level.  Entering the special 
stage also counts as beating the act you were in.

Yes, those are all the objects of interest, but there’s a third element to 
the game, a little something I (and most other people who play it) like to 
call “points.”  You see, the game gives you these numbers each time you 
accomplish something, and you can cash in 50,000 points for a Continue.

|                          Actions                          |    Points     |
| Defeat a Badnik                                           | 100 points    |
| Defeat the Boss (Zones 1-2)                               | 5,000 points  |
| Defeat the Boss (Zones 3-5)                               | 10,000 points |
| Defeat the Boss (Zone 6)                                  | 60,000 points |
| Ring Bonus (per # of rings at end of act)                 | 10 points     |
| Time Bonus (per # of kilometers per hour at end of act)   | 100 points    |

And that just about covers everything in the game related to items, objects, 
and points.  Now that that’s out of the way, all there is left to do is 
discuss the game’s enemies and then we’re ready to actually play it!  Hurrah!

================================The Badniks*=================================

Sonic Team got kind of lazy after pumping out 13 enemies in Sonic the 
Hedgehog (GG), as this game features seven enemies alone (not counting 
bosses), plus color changes of each.  These enemies are generally new, 
however, and so I’d like to thank Green Hill Zone, a web site devoted to 
Sonic, for their names.  You can reach their site off the below address:


Anyways, here’s a list of all the common enemies, called “badniks” in the 
Sonic series, and where they’re found.

Bane Motora: These are small ladybug robots with springs on them; they come 
in red and blue in Turquoise Hill and Mecha Green Hill Zone, respectively.  
They simply move around patrolling a short stretch of land, and the springs 
on their backs can be used to bounce upward.  To destroy them, you must roll 
into their sides.

Beeton: The only flying enemies in the game, these robotic dragonflies come 
in gray (Gigapolis and Electric Egg Zoens) and black (Green Hill Zone).  
Normally, they fly forward, stop, and then resume flight.  The ones in the 
Electric Egg Zone don’t move at all but are treated as obstacles.  Hit them 
in any way in ball-form to destroy them.

Dokabuton: These are slug-looking creatures found exclusively in blue in 
Gigapolis Zone.  They act just like the Bane Motora in that they simply move 
back and forth over a predetermined span of ground, but they lack a spring.  
As such, you can hit them via jump and roll, but don’t touch them otherwise.

Frogger: These are robots with springy legs that just bounce all over the 
place.  Coming only in blue, you’ll find them in Sleeping Egg Zone.  Just 
jump/roll into them to beat them.

Tsuno-tsuno: A strange robot with a pointed yellow head, they just walk in 
the direction they start off in until they are either destroyed (jump or roll, 
it’s all good) or fall off a ledge.  They’re limited to Sleeping Egg Zone.

Mini-Bouncer: Nameless robots (hence my made-up name) that look like gray 
cylinders, these monsters are only found in Aqua Planet Zone; the ones in the 
fifth boss battle take two hits to beat, but all the rest take only one.  
They almost always come in groups of three, but there is a lone Mini-Bouncer 
in Aqua Planet Zone, Act 2 (below the starting area, by a hidden Super Ring 
capsule).  In any case, they just hop around back and forth.

Boom Bot: This enemy is nameless, so I used the name of a similar enemy from 
Sonic the Hedgehog (GG).  They blow themselves up, thus releasing some debris 
to hit you a second time.  You cannot destroy them, but you can always wait 
for them to destroy themselves.  They only appear in Electric Egg Zone.

And that’s a wrap!  Indeed, those are the only seven enemies of the game, but 
there are also five boss robots (only one of which is nameless) and various 
obstacles, such as laser cannons and spikes.  Good luck, and keep fighting 
the good fight!
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||-------------------------------Section 2*--------------------------------||
 \                                                                         /

=============================Sonic the Hedgehog*=============================

The game’s central character is the super-fast, super-cool, super-blue 
hedgehog, Sonic.  When you start Sonic Chaos, he’s the default character 
(that is, you don’t have to do anything to pick him).  Now, what’s the 
difference between picking Sonic over Tails?  Well, Sonic’s version of the 
game is the harder one.  Sonic starts the game with three lives (as opposed 
to Tails’s five) and no Continues (Tails starts with three).  Furthermore, 
Sonic can’t just take off flying whenever he feels like it, and his version 
is more focused on recovering the Chaos Emeralds than just beating Robotnik.  
You see, in Sonic’s quest you should try to collect 100 rings or more per act.  
If you do so, you’ll play a special stage (see “Special Stages” for details) 
where you can win a Chaos Emerald.  To unlock the true ending of Sonic Chaos, 
you need to play as Sonic and collect all five Chaos Emeralds in addition to 
defeating Dr. Robotnik.  Note that once you’ve collected all five Chaos 
Emeralds, collecting 100 rings only adds a life to your count.  Also, it may 
be easier for beginners to start with Tails and work their way up to Sonic.

Sonic has pretty basic moves.  Use the directional pad to move; the harder 
you press left or right, the faster Sonic moves (peaking at his running 
speed).  If you press Down while Sonic is running, he’ll start rolling in a 
ball form.  You can also press Buttons 1 & 2 to perform a jump, which is also 
done in ball-form.  Whenever Sonic is in ball form, he is dangerous to the 
enemy (most of the time).  If you press Down while standing in place, Sonic 
will duck (it also lowers the camera’s view).  From there you can press 
Buttons 1 & 2 to rev up (Sonic will be in ball form) and release for a spin 
dash, which is a high-speed rolling move.  On the other hand, press Up while 
standing and Sonic will look up.  Sonic’s special move is performed from this 
position; that is, press Buttons 1 & 2 while looking up to perform the Strike 
Dash.  The Strike Dash gives you a short boost of speed in which Sonic is 
momentarily invincible, but you’re left vulnerable afterwards.

Note: If you’re playing the GCN port of this game in Sonic Adventure DX, 
Buttons 1 & 2 are replaced by A/B/X, and the directional pad of the GG is 
replaced by the GCN’s Control Stick or D-Pad.

Now that you know how Sonic works, let’s get started with the actual game 

==========================Turquoise Hill Zone (S)*===========================

Ah, the first zone!  Can’t you just feel the ease flowing through it?  Well, 
Turquoise Hill Zone is obviously a take on the classic Green Hill Zone from 
Sonic the Hedgehog, only Sega used the color turquoise to show off the Game 
Gear’s range of color.  In any case, Turquoise Hill is a simple zone that 
you’d do well to rack up Continues in, as it only gets harder after this.  Oh, 
and remember, a zone consists of three parts: two levels in which you want to 
reach the sign at the end and one short level in which you fight the boss of 
the zone.  Each level is called an act.  Good luck!

                               |    Act 1    |

Let the act commence!  To kick this party off, jump right and collect the 
rings floating in the air here (notice that they continue to spin even when 
the game’s paused.  Cool, huh?).  When you have a ring, you can sustain an 
extra hit from enemies without losing your life.  So, take these four by 
jumping into them and then proceed up the ramp to the right (you may want to 
jump over it).  When you land, jump again to the ledge above, which has more 
rings along it.  Collect these and move right to the end of the ledge.  Wait 
here for a few seconds so that a platform can come down; jump onto it.  Ride 
it up and jump to the stable ground to the left.

Collect the rings in the air, but stop when you see the monitor.  That, my 
friend, is a capsule.  Jump onto it or roll into it to break it open.  This 
particular one is a Rocket Shoes capsule, which lets you fly forward for a 
short distance.  Rise up quickly so that you can stop at a platform with a 
second Rocket Shoes capsule on it.  Continue forward through some more rings, 
but don’t go down too far or you’ll collide with a flying robotic insect 
called a Beeton.  If you hit it, you lose the Rocket Shoes, so avoid it for 
now.  Shortly after passing the Beeton, you’ll notice a few rings below.  
They’re above a robotic ladybug-looking foe called a Bane Motora.  Stop there 
(press Button 1 or 2) and collect the rings.  You can defeat the Bane Motora 
by moving toward it and pressing down to roll into it.

After you’ve beaten the Bane Motora, run to the right until you reach the 
point that the ground begins to slope down at.  Rather than run down the 
slope, jump to the right to land on the ledge at the top of a loop.  Roll 
when you land (press down) to destroy the Bane Motora present.  After that, 
collect the rings above and move right to bounce on the red spring (hold 
right as you go), leading you onto another ledge on a loop.  Collect the 
rings on it and then bounce on the next spring, holding right, and instantly 
press down to roll so that you pass straight through a Bane Motora and four 
Super Ring capsules (each worth 10 rings.  Incidentally, if you haven’t been 
hit so far, you’ll have collected 100 rings to visit the Special Stage by 

To complete the stage, simply run right (you should roll under a Beeton), 
fall down to the lower tier of the level, and you’ll hit a sign.  The sign 
spins around to show a new picture instead of Robotnik.  If you get a Flicky, 
you get no bonus; get a ring, you get 10 more rings; get your face (Sonic’s), 
you get a 1-UP; get Tails’s face, you get a Continue.  1-UPs give you an 
extra try if you die, and Continues give you an extra set of lives if you get 
a Game Over.  After that, your score is calculated for Act 1 to give you a 
certain number of points.  To see how points are earned, refer to the section 
“Items & Objects” above.  And so the first act has ended!

                               |    Act 2    |

Jump through the four rings to the right and then onto the ledge-top beyond.  
Here we see a capsule containing Power Sneakers, an item that increases your 
speed when taken.  Take them and run right; you’ll fall straight down to a 
slope.  Instead of taking it right, go left.  Jump over the spikes and face 
left against the wall (between the wall and the spikes).  Press down, press 
Buttons 1 & 2 to rev up, and then release.  This is a spin dash.  You’ll bust 
through the wall and reach a 1-UP.  As explained earlier, these give you 
another shot at a level in case you die.

Backtrack past the spikes and you’ll notice an elevator platform; jump onto 
it and ride it back up.  At its peak, jump right to a ledge with a Bane 
Motora on it; bounce on it and hold right to land on the top of a ledge.  
Collect the rings there and then hit the capsule to unleash Invincibility, 
which makes you invulnerable to attack for a brief period of time.  Then run 
right to bounce on a spring, taking you to a floating platform (if you don’t 
land on it, go left a bit, spin dash up the ramp, and jump from the platform 
you land on to the small one to the right).  From it, jump right to another 
ledge, and make sure to avoid a Beeton as you go.

Follow the trail to a series of loops – a coiled strip of ground.  Spin dash 
through it, jumping after the third to avoid being sprung back through it.  
Do not try to move while on this (otherwise, you’ll fall).  Move further 
right, jump over a bed of spikes, and walk in the flowers to bounce on a 
spring you can use to collect the rings above.  After that, fall over the 
edge and go right to the sign that marks the end of the level.

                               |    Act 3    |

Boss time!  Walk to the right to come to a spring; take it up to the ledge to 
your right.  Be careful not to fall victim to the spike bed to the right, and 
then continue to a corkscrew.  Spin dash through it to come to a spring, but 
don’t bounce on it.  Instead, drop down to a pit with a Super Ring capsule in 
it.  After claiming those, bounce on the spring the capsule concealed and 
hold right to land in the boss arena.

The boss, dubbed “Great Bane Motora Gold” by Robotnik, is nothing more than a 
large version of the Bane Motora, the spring-heaving ladybug robots.  Since 
you can’t jump on its spring-shielded back, you’ll have to roll into it (most 
easily accomplished with a spin dash).  You can, if very precise, jump into 
its side or head, too, but rolling is faster and easier.  After five hits, 
this simple foe is done for.  Just make sure you jump to its other side 
before it closes in on you and you’ll be good to go.  After defeating it 
(yielding 5,000 points), Sonic runs off into the distance.  Congrats!  You’ve 
just cleared the first zone – Turquoise Hill!  We’re now a sixth of the way 
to Robotnik – still a long way to go.

=============================Gigapolis Zone (S)*=============================

Curses!  Here we are, in Gigapolis Zone (called “Gigalopolis Zone” in the SMS 
version), a far worse place than Turquoise Hill could ever boast to be.  
Really, though, this one shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.  It is, after 
all, very linear and straightforward.  Sadly, this zone is cursed with 
terrible background music (the background itself is no prize, either), not to 
mention a really dumb name.  Truly, Gigapolis?  In all the Sonic games I’ve 
seen, nothing comes close to this.  Sorry, but I’m not holding back here.  
Keep your distance from the enemies here, and go slowly, as they’re now 
trying to trick you into running into enemy robots.  I should also point out 
that this game has different music from the SMS version of “Sonic the 
Hedgehog Chaos,” and that I’m really rambling here...  Now, let’s get on with 
the walkthrough...  Go!

                               |    Act 1    |

Walk forward to immediately find three rings in the air; take them and 
continue right.  As you keep going, you’ll reach a fork in the road; that is, 
you can either take a tunnel or bounce on a spring.  Well, let’s consider 
this...  An old song does go, “You take the high road and I’ll take the low 
road, and I’ll get to Scotland before ye.”  Unfortunately, such songs do not 
apply to the Sonic series, where taking the high road is almost always better 
than taking the low road.  Indeed, if you learn any one thing from this guide, 
let it be this: high trumps low!  Now bounce!

After bouncing, go left a bit to an Invincibility capsule; take it and roceed 
right.  Normally, I’d suggest rolling to take out this slug enemy, called a 
Dokabuton, but you need not worry while invulnerable.  As for the Dokabuton, 
it can be defeated with a jump or a roll; it is essentially a Bane Motora 
without the spring.  After taking it down, continue right to a series of blue 
bricks.  Fall through to reach four Super Ring capsules (huzzah!), plus a 
Beeton thrown in to throw you off.  After that, go right down the tunnel to a 

Spin dash through the bricks to your right and you’ll come to a spring hidden 
in the ground.  Stop moving right and use the spring to land on the ledge to 
the left.  Go all the way down to the corner where a spring is propped up at 
an angle.  Using it, bounce right to a slope that you’ll want to run up.  
Soon you’ll see a loop, but before it is a spring; use the spring to get on 
top of the loop and take an Invincibility capsule.  Continue right to land in 
a bed of spikes.  While still invulnerable, dash across it (by the way, 
should you lose that invincibility, just ride the platform on top of it 
across instead).  At the end, move right to a spring.  Bounce on it and go 
right slightly to a raised ledge.  Jump right from it, passing over some 
spikes, to land at a ramp.  Spin dash or use the spring to get to the top of 
it; after that, go right to a spring.  If you touch it, roll instantly to 
take out a Dokabuton.  You’ll climb up a ramp at the end.

From here, you can either backtrack or go forward.  1) If you go back, jump 
left to the ledge there and jump across this blue bridge (you can also run, 
but it’s less guaranteed and there’s a Beeton standing in your way).  If you 
make it across, you’ll run through more rings to a tunnel.  Take it to a few 
Super Ring capsules on top of a loop.  To get back, take the loop down to a 
previous point in the level and work your way back to the point where the 
numbers started.  2) Going forward, jump right and fall to the lower path.  
From here, turn left and spin dash through some bricks to reach a secret 
hallway with a 1-UP hidden at the end.  Now you can go left for some more 
rings in three tunnels (beware spike bed interruptions) or go right up a 
slope and ultimately to the sign at the end of the level.

                               |    Act 2    |

For starters, run right to a slope with rings at the top.  After grabbing 
them, continue right to a loop.  Run through it and you’ll come down just 
past some spikes.  Jump left over the spikes to reach a blue bridge; fall 
through.  Collect three Super Ring capsules on the ground as you go left, 
beating a Dokabuton along the way, to reach a dead-end.  Spin dash through 
the bricks and you’ll reach a Power Sneakers capsules; you’ll roll through it 
and be bounced upward to four more Super Ring capsules.  Upon taking those, 
jump right over the spikes and jump across the blue bridge to claim the rings 
above it.  Should you fall through, there’s a spring below.

So, now back to those spikes we saw earlier, jump right over them to a loop.  
Take it and you’ll collect a few more rings and then be deposited down a 
slope by a Dokabuton.  Destroy the robot and then jump onto the elevator 
platform.  Ride it up through the rings and, at the top, jump to the other 
platform.  Immediately jump off of it and to the ledge to the upper-left.  
Collect these rings and go left down the slope to find a wall of rings 
floating in the air.  Collect them using the spring below and then jump right 
to where the elevator platform has returned.  If you want, you can ride it up 
and jump to a tunnel below the one we took above that has an Invincibility 
capsule in it.  Now continue right (from the elevator platform, jumping over 
the spikes) to bounce up to a room full of rings (there’s also a tunnel on 
one side leading to more rings.  You’ll end up on a Super Ring capsule at the 
end (seriously, if you don’t have 100 rings by now...).

Bounce on the spring beneath the Super Ring capsule and go left at the top of 
a loop.  Beyond it is a tunnel with tons of rings on top of it (you HAVE to 
have 100 rings by now).  If you follow the top of the tunnel to the end, 
you’ll collect a 1-UP and Power Sneakers capsule.  After taking it, go back 
right and enter the tunnel.  Go left down it to find even MORE RINGS, plus a 
Dokabuton at the end with Power Sneakers along the way (roll to make sure you 
don’t lose your rings).  After you’ve gotten all those (assuming you’re not 
in the Special Stage yet), go back right through the tunnel to a loop; take 
it down to that side tunnel with the extra rings you saw earlier.  Run out of 
it back into the wall-o’-rings room and bounce to where that Super Ring 
capsule was.  Bounce on the concealed spring there to the right, making sure 
to avoid a Dokabuton.

After rolling through that pile of trash, proceed right through a tunnel to 
reach a blue bridge.  Jump onto it and then off of it where you’ll see a 
Dokabuton with a Super Ring overhead; take it and then leap right over the 
ledge down to the sign.  Believe it or not, we actually skipped a Super Ring 
capsule!  If you want it, go left, drop down into the lower tunnel, and take 
the springs there to the capsule.  To return to the sign in style, go left to 
another elevator platform, ride it up, and jump left into a secret tunnel; 
take it to a Rocket Shoes capsule.  Now you can ride it to a stylish finish 
at the sign.  But I’ll bet 90 % of the people using this guide did not finish 
this act the old fashioned sign way.  It’s just ring overkill in here!  Too 
much of a good thing...

                               |    Act 3    |

Boss time!  Oh man, I’m TERRIFIED!  But you’ve got to face your fears, so 
stroll on over to the right to find a spring.  Roll into it so that you are 
bounced up a near vertical ramp and come to the threshold of a loop complete 
with rings.  After that, you’ll be bounced right to reach three tunnels.  
Take whichever you want and you’ll come to the boss arena.

Whoa!  It’s a gigantic Caterkiller, appropriately named “Dangerous Ball 
Tower.”  It rises up, sways back and forth, launches its segments at you, and 
then replaces them to begin the cycle anew.  Luckily, the head’s top is weak, 
and so you can destroy the tower in just three hits by jumping at it and 
landing squarely on the top of its head.  You heard me, only three hits (it 
seems to be four if you don’t hit the head from the top).  If you do get hit 
by a flung segment, try to take your lost ring back so that you have some 
defensive backing.  Soon he’ll explode (he may launch one last segment at you; 
he definitely will if you are playing SMS, as he’s programmed that way, but 
it may work out that he flings one just before he “dies” in the GameGear, 

And with that, Sonic’s adventure is a third of the way through; Turquoise 
Hill and Gigapolis are now free from Robotnik’s armies.  Sonic leaves the 
city behind in his usual sparkling sprint at the end... but what lies beyond 
this “super-metropolis?”  Oddly, the city ends at ruins.

===========================Sleeping Egg Zone (S)*============================

You know, this is the most original zone in the entire game; there’s never 
been this type of zone in a Sonic game before (maybe Marble Zone from Sonic 
the Hedgehog, but there are too many differences to draw parallels).  Here, 
blocks are breakable and branded with Robotnik’s figure, but it’s generally 
easy if you take the right routes.  Good luck, young padawan...

                               |    Act 1    |

Kick things off by jumping into the air to collect the six rings there.  
After that, walk right to hit a hidden spring.  Use it to bust through the 
blocks above until you’ve cleared out all the leftmost blocks, freeing up 
space for you to bounce on the spring and land on the platform to the left.  
Jump from it to another platform to the left of that, and then hop up a tad 
to reach a “hopping spring.”  When you jump on it, you bounce around on it 
until you hit a surface or enemy (you can also jump off of it).  Use it to 
bounce up to the ledge above, complete with rings in the air and a 1-UP 

Ditch the spring and walk right a bit to the edge.  From there, spin dash 
over the edge to reach a sloping path.  You should travel up it through a few 
Super Ring capsules and meet an enemy called a Tsuno-tsuno.  Despite its horn, 
you can jump or roll into it to defeat it.  After that, walk forward a bit 
and step off the edge gently to land on another spring.  Should you miss it 
and fall, just use the hidden springs to burst through the block columns to 
reach the hopper spring.  Use it to jump right, and then jump off of it at 
the peak of your jump to land on a very high-up platform.  Walk right along 
it to a gray platform over a gap; jump onto it and ride it over the void.

At the end, jump to another ledge to the right, and from there jump to some 
rings below.  Quickly jump off of them and past a bed of spikes (the ground 
those rings hovered over is weak and crumbles).  As you go right, you’ll 
encounter a Frogger – that jumping robot.  To beat it, just jump (or roll) 
into it.  Beyond it are some blocks, but they’re merely scenery; keep walking 
through them.  Then jump over a few pits, waiting for a Tsuno-tsuno to walk 
itself off the edge, and then take a long leap of faith to the right.  You 
should bounce off a breakable block and hit a Super Ring capsule.  Walk just 
a bit more to the right, leap off the edge, and hit the sign to conclude this 

                               |    Act 2    |

Let’s start by taking the eight rings in the air.  Once you’ve accomplished 
this, walk right to find a hopping spring.  First use it to collect the rings 
to the right, and then turn left and hop toward the beginning.  You now want 
to jump to the lower platform in the air here.  When you land on it, you are 
sprung upward to another higher point.  Search to the left for an 
Invincibility capsule, and then use the spring to go right up a hill to some 
popping spikes.  Wait for them to lower and then leap right to a floating 
pair of blocks with a spring on it; bounce right on them to a trail of rings 
in the air.

You’ll notice a block on this layer will crumble if you walk on it; stand on 
it and fall through the lower level.  Walk left when you land to find three 
Super Ring capsules.  From there, go right, spin dashing through the blocks 
to reach two more Super Ring capsules.  Beyond that, spin dash (or sprint 
using the device there) to the right over crumbling platforms, through rings, 
to reach four more Super Ring capsules.  Yes, you should have over 100 if 
you’ve been following the guide.  But assuming you don’t for some reason, 
keep going and you’ll reach the edge; jump right to the floating block and 
spring upward through a pillar and to the high road.  So keep going right, 
collecting rings and defeating a Frogger as you go, until you reach a Tsuno-
tsuno.  Beat it and continue going right until you fall down and reach the 

                               |    Act 3    |

This zone has been surprisingly easy...  Let’s just hope Robotnik doesn’t 
compensate for that with a really hard boss...  Walk forward, ignoring the 
hopping spring, and you’ll come to a Super Ring capsule.  Bound over a pit 
and keep running right until you reach the second slope leading up.  Roll at 
the foot of the slope to break open a block; fall through to an Invincibility 
capsule.  With it, run right through another Super Ring capsule. You’ll then 
roll upward on a quarter-loop.  Upon landing, head right to reach the boss 

The boss, named the Hopping Egg Vulcan, comes bouncing down at the far right 
edge of the screen and begins shooting you up with bullets that are fired in 
triples and are very hard to avoid.  But, Sonic has some special abilities 
that just might come in handy – namely, the Strike Dash.  Remember, it’s Up 
and Button 1 or 2 (for GCN players, that’s Up and Button A/B/X).  Wait for 
the thing to come down and take its first bounce upward, charging the strike 
dash all the while.  When it bounces toward you, release!  You’ll now be 
behind it, and the robot can’t turn around to hit you.  Jump into its back a 
few times until it jumps upward out of sight.  When it does this, face right 
and charge up a strike dash.  When you first see it coming down, release.  In 
this way, you’re untouchable while he’s supposed to be crushing you.  When he 
rises, hit his back a few more times.  Repeat this as many times as you need 
to in order to beat this boss (probably the second hardest in the game).  
Otherwise, get shot in the front and keep re-collecting your discarded rings.  
Either way, he takes six hits.

Once the Hopping Egg Vulcan explodes, Sonic runs off into the distance.  With 
that, we’re one-half of the way done with our quest, but harder zones still 
await us.  Get ready for...

=========================Mecha Green Hill Zone (S)*==========================

Obviously based off of Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog (the original), 
this robotic dump is home to metallic trees that drop explosive coconuts, oil 
or tar that acts as quicksand, and plenty of gaps to kill you in.  It’s not 
that bad, though, and you’ll probably make short work of it.  In fact, I’d 
even go so far as to say that Mecha Green Hill Zone is, if done correctly, 
the shortest zone in the game (at least in terms of writing a guide for it...)

                               |    Act 1    |

Walk forward and take some rings from the air.  Keep going until you see the 
third mechanized palm tree.  See those two spheres at the top?  They are 
explosive coconuts that are launched to either side in an attempt to kill you.  
Wait for it and then proceed down a slope through some rings, though rolling 
may be a better idea considering the presence of a Bane Motora (long time no 
see!) on the slope.  Just try to hit it when it’s facing right.  After that, 
jump onto the bridge to the right and run across, jumping at the end to reach 
good land.  Jump to the elevator afterwards and ride it up to a bunch of 
rings and a capsule containing Rocket Shoes.  Ride it to the right until you 
stop at another tract of metal ground by a palm tree with coconut bombs in it.  
Run under it and bounce on a spring to pass over another bridge and reach the 
final stretch.  Run right along it to reach the sign.

                               |    Act 2    |

Start by running forward and taking the rings in the air.  Now wait just a 
little ways after that for an elevator platform to come down; hop on and ride 
it up to a ledge to the left that has more rings on it.  After filling up, 
leap right off the ledge to land by some rings and palm trees of a mechanized 
variety.  Stop there!  An elevator should be operating above; jump onto it 
and ride it to the top.  There, hop off and onto the new “tier” of the level.

Walk right, jumping over spikes and avoiding coconut bombs by standing 
between them (that is, at the tree’s trunk) until you reach rings.  Collect 
them and go further right to a slope.  Run down it, and keep running to stay 
on the bridge.  When you see it stop, immediately jump upward onto the ledge 
above.  Get onto the rock at the edge and then jump right to another ledge, 
making sure you lay your paws on all the rings to be found here.  Then hop 
onto the hopper spring.  With it, bounce onto the gray bridge to the right 
and position yourself near the floating platform with the 1-UP capsule on it.  
At the peak of your bounce, jump off the spring to claim the 1-UP.  After the 
capsule is broken, leap right to solid ground.  From there, it’s a simple 
matter of running right to reach the sign.

                               |    Act 3    |

Run forward and jump onto the platform; jump from it to the ground; jump from 
the ground to the platforms above; scale them to reach new ground; run right 
on it.  You’ll come to a bridge you’ll want to run across, jumping at the end, 
only to repeat on another bridge.  But shortly into the second bridge 
(provided you’re dashing), leap right onto a platform with a Super Ring 
capsule on it.  Take those 10 rings and leap right onto ground.  A bit 
further right and we reach the big bad boss of Mecha Green Hill Zone.

“Kamando MAX” is the name of this joker, and he shouldn’t prove too much of a 
hassle.  He just scoots along a metallic palm tree’s trunk, opening its back 
to shoot one of two types of attack: three small blasts in slightly different 
directions or one large one straight to the left.  In any case, the head is 
the weak point, making this battle very easy.  Wait for it to scoot all the 
way down and then jump at its head, bouncing on it until you’ve landed nine 
hits.  Make sure to hold right so that you stay centered over the head.  
After the guardian of Mecha Green Hill Zone explodes, Sonic races off, 
knowing that only a third of his quest remains.  And with that, four zones 
are safe again, all thanks to everyone’s favorite hedgehog...

============================Aqua Planet Zone (S)*============================

Your typical Sonic water-themed zone... or is it?  Actually, for a zone 
called “Aqua Planet,” this place is pretty sparse as far as water is 
concerned.  Regardless, I’ll explain how water works: while underwater, Sonic 
slowly runs out of air.  Eventually, numbers appear over his head as a 
countdown to when Sonic will run out of breath.  At this point, Sonic needs 
oxygen STAT.  Otherwise, he’ll drown.  So, get out of that water (most of the 
time, you can just jump out, but you may also touch large bubbles floating up 
from cracks in the stone floor).  Of course, Aqua Planet Zone has barely any 
water in it at all compared to traditional watery zones like Labyrinth Zone 
from Sonic the Hedgehog, so it should be safe sailing.

                               |    Act 1    |

Run forward through a line of rings and then jump up a step to encounter 
three Mini-Bouncers (just roll through them or jump on them all to beat the 
trio).  Continue rolling down this slope and you’ll pass over a collapsing 
“bridge” and soon to the end of the path, but stop rolling before you roll 
off the edge.  Instead, jump onto the platform to the right, and then to the 
next two – and be quick about it!  These platforms crumble once you’ve set 
foot on them.  So, jump over them and then leap right over some spikes and 
into a device that sends you bowling right through three Super Ring capsules 
and off the edge.  When you land, resist your momentum and walk to the edge 
slowly.  See that brown platform above?  Jump to it, and from there jump to 
the Rocket Shoes capsule to the upper-left.

Yahoo!  Fly right with it, but do so slowly, stopping at four Super Ring 
capsules (this is above a loop).  Collect those rings and then run right to 
be sprung into a fifth Super Ring capsule (plus, there are numerous rings 
overhead).  Jump along the next series of platforms and you’ll come to a 
longer tract of ground, at the end of which is the sign.  Ah, we got through 
the entire act without ever taking a dip!  How refreshing!

                               |    Act 2    |

Take the eight rings above you, first of all, and then make your way to the 
right where you’ll find a spring.  Bounce on it, and then bounce on the one 
directly to the right.  Roll right through the Mini-Bouncers and run into the 
spring, bouncing your way to the top of a loop, and a hoard of rings I like 
to call the mother-load.  In addition to eight rings in the air, there are 
SIX (yes, 6!) Super Ring capsules here!  Hit the spring to go right and take 
a few more rings!  At the end, just fall off to a ramp.  Spin dash up it and 
you’ll shoot upward; hold right so that you land by FOUR MORE Super Ring 
capsules (by now, you should have 100 rings).

Spin dash off the edge and you’ll collide with a spring that sends you to the 
top of a loop with two more Super Ring capsules on it.  After taking them, 
jump right to a loop top with TWO MORE Super Ring capsules on it.  Jump right 
from there and you’ll hit the sign... if you didn’t get into the Special 
Stage already, that is.

                               |    Act 3    |

Walk forward and hit the spring, letting them carry you along UNTIL you see 
the Invincibility capsule, at which point you need to stop.  Spin dash 
through it – taking the wall behind it with you – and you’ll be sprung upward 
to a Super Ring capsule atop the main structure of the act.  From there, 
simply dash right into the boss arena.

Uh-oh, here comes the boss...!  Hey, wait a minute!  It’s just a wave of six 
Mini-Bouncers (each of which takes two hits now, not just one)!  What a rip-
off!  Defeat them all and wait a bit.  Suddenly, a gigantic Bouncer (it has 
no official name, so I made up the term “Bouncer”) slightly resembling the 
Death Star appears!  It just hops up and down, shooting blasts to the lower-
left.  Fortunately, you can use the Strike Dash technique to get to the right 
of it before it comes (or just move to the right of it...).  Now jump at its 
head and bounce yourself up and down against it.  After 17 hits, the robot 
starts to explode, but the lower half (and an infinite stock of missiles 
within) managed to survive.  It comes down from the upper-left part of the 
screen, launches missiles, and retreats (all in one cycle).  The Strike Dash 
can be used to dodge missiles (stand in the right corner, dash to the right 
to avoid the missile that aims there), but you need to hit the base one time 
when it comes down to beat Bouncer once and for all.

When Bouncer explodes for real this time, Sonic can run off content.  With 
five-sixths of our journey over, only Robotnik’s base remains.  But it 
promises to be the most difficult zone of them all.  Good luck, brave hog...

===========================Electric Egg Zone (S)*============================

It may seem like Robotnik didn’t try hard in Sonic Chaos, what with his zero 
appearances so far (save the opening cinema), not to mention generally easy 
zones, but that’s going to end right now, buddy.  Electric Egg Zone is full 
of lasers, death, and destruction of all varieties...  So good luck, as 
you’ll need it, padawan.

                               |    Act 1    |

Now here’s a class act...  Start by going left from the start to find two 
Super Ring capsules.  After that, head right through a few rings and stop at 
a laser.  You can time yourself, but it’s easier just to strike dash through 
it.  Once you stop, immediately spin dash to the right (the laser follows you) 
and through a block.  This takes you up a series of tubes and to a floating 
platform.  Jump to the ledge to the right after this and run right.  You’ll 
find a conveyor belt moving you left.  Resist it and dodge lasers by jumping 
above them.  You’ll soon come to a machine that increases your speed.  Use it 
but stop when you land on a surface – six Super Ring capsules!

You’ll then fall down to springs that bounce you through a mass of many rings, 
even more than you’d need to reach 100.  But if you don’t want to get 100 
rings for some reason, go right from the springs bouncing you into the rings 
of the air to a lower ledge.  Jump to the right onto a floating platform from 
there, and then jump right again to a conveyor belt.  Walk forward a bit to 
find some Boom Bots.  They can’t be defeated; all you can do is approach them 
to trigger an explosion.  Make sure to dodge the debris, too.  They come down 
infinitely here, so take the first tube above when you see the first Boom Bot 
and you’ll come to two more.  Try to strike dash past them or just jump over 
them quickly.  When you reach the edge, jump right to a platform in the air.  
STOP!  Let it carry you right to a tube.  As soon as you enter the tube, 
start holding Up.  Just hold it there and you’ll be deposited by the sign.  

                               |    Act 2    |

Ugh, this act = the pits.  Walk forward past the red spring and roll.  You 
should break through a block at the end of the walkway and enter a tube.  It 
will carry you to a room with four Beetons in it; you should crash through 
two and land in a tube.  Hold right as you go and you’ll be deposited at a 
spring.  Keep holding right and you’ll bounce up to a purple block.  Quickly 
move right off of it to stable ground.  Fantastic, we’re almost done!

Boom Bot, dead ahead!  Jump over it and walk right to a conveyor belt with 
lasers dangling above it.  Jump over the lasers as well as an additional Boom 
Bot to reach the edge.  Jump off so that you land a little ways past the tube 
(that is, don’t enter the tube) near a mine cart.  Step into the cart and it 
will roll down the slope.  As soon as the slope ends, jump right out of that 
cart to an elevator platform.  Ride it up to a new hallway.  Dash right down 
it to come to some purple blocks that crumble when you walk on them.  At the 
last one, jump up to an elevator platform.  Ride it up to the next ledge and 
run right along it to reach the sign that marks the end of the act.

                               |    Act 3    |

Nice music, eh?  This is it; we’re going to stop Robotnik once and for all or 
South Island will sink into a watery grave...  Walk forward and step into the 
mine cart.  When it reaches the end of the slope, jump upwards to a platform, 
and jump up from that to a tube.  Hold down so that you’ll hit a Super Ring 
capsule along the way.  After getting it, jump back up into the tube.  Don’t 
press anything, just let it carry you to the exit point.  You’ll fall to a 
lower platform that rises up to a hallway.  Step off and run down the hallway 
to meet your destiny...

Oh no!  It’s the “Killer Turkey Gou,” manned by the insidious Dr. Ivo 
“Eggman” Robotnik himself!  He just waddles back and forth, always facing 
left, shooting large blasts at whatever’s directly in front of him.  He also 
fires hard-to-dodge and very fast ricocheting blasts to hit those behind him.  
As a result, the boss battle against this ridiculous turkey is quite tough.  
He also jumps occasionally, but that isn’t very effective.  To hit the turkey, 
you need to jump directly above it, landing on Robotnik’s head.  From this 
position, only the ricochet laser can hurt you.  If you see it, I suggest you 
get down or move left (as it spends most of its time on the right side) to 
avoid it.  Try to center yourself so that you bounce on Robotnik’s head 
repeatedly.  Also, note that the attack Robotnik uses depends on your 
position relative his head.  So, if you attack left of his head, you don’t 
need to worry about the ricochet beam at all!  Try to stay in that position 
for a really simplified battle.  After taking 14 hits, enough to cause severe 
concussions for Robotnik, the Killer Turkey Gou explodes.  Hooray!  We’ve won!

But wait!  He’s down, yes, but not beaten.  The legs fall off, leaving the 
top hovering in place.  Robotnik flies off to the right; follow him.  
Suddenly, it expands into a UFO-looking object, and he begins to fly very 
swiftly from one side to the other.  At this point, Robotnik needs just one 
more hit to be done for.  Unfortunately, he goes so quickly that landing a 
hit square on the head is quite difficult.  Robotnik will make a lunge at you 
when you’re on the ground from the left, going right, for the first attack.  
If you have great timing, you can make a short hop and hit Robotnik right in 
the head.  When you manage to hit Robotnik this fifteenth time, his UFO 
crashes.  Chase after him!  He’ll jump to a platform and rise up.  Now, 
depending on whether or not you got the five Chaos Emeralds from the special 
stages, you’ll witness a certain ending.

If you didn’t get all five Chaos Emeralds, Sonic will chase after Robotnik, 
who is in his ship carrying the red Chaos Emerald, but the mad doctor gets 
away, and Sonic trips, humiliated.  Having failed to save South Island, the 
message “TRY AGAIN” appears on the screen.

If you succeeded in collecting the five Chaos Emeralds, Robotnik will drop 
the red Chaos Emerald down to you when taking the platform up accidentally.  
Sonic takes it, runs into the distance, and the credits roll.  Meanwhile, we 
see Sonic running (and performing various other actions) in the image of a 
Chaos Emerald that changes color.  In doing this, the balance of the Chaos 
Emeralds has saved South Island, and we’ve successfully driven Robotnik from 
the otherwise peaceful locale.  After that, it thanks you for playing, Sonic 
jumps around, and the phrase “END.” Appears before the game restarts.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat Sonic Chaos as Sonic the Hedgehog.  But don’t stop 
yet; if you didn’t manage to collect all the Chaos Emeralds, you can always 
attempt to see the secret ending.  And even if you did, there’s still Tails’s 
storyline, not to mention striving to get a higher total score.  As for this 
guide, it’s now transitioning to the Tails version.  Try both sides of the 
  /                                                                       \
 /                                                                         \
||-------------------------------Section 3*--------------------------------||
 \                                                                         /

============================Miles “Tails” Prower*============================

Sonic’s younger friend (indeed, there’s an age difference of seven years 
between them) is a fox born with a birth defect, but it was really a blessing 
in disguise.  Miles Prower the Fox was given the nickname “Tails” because of 
his peculiar two tails, which help him to propel himself forward when running, 
swim more deftly, and fly by twirling his tails like helicopter blades.  
Although Tails originally tagged along behind Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog 2), 
he’s independent in this game.  Because Tails has so many advantages over 
Sonic, his quest is more aimed at beginners.  To choose to play as Tails, 
simply switch to him on the Player Select screen using the directional pad.

Tails begins the game with three Continues and five lives (when restarting 
with a Continue, he begins with five lives as well), making his quest 
dramatically easier than Sonic’s.  Tails has no option of collecting the 
Chaos Emeralds; collecting 100 rings is good for a 1-UP only.  Furthermore, 
Tails has no access to Rocket Shoes (they’re now replaced by Power Sneakers 
capsules, or sometimes other types).

Lastly, there’s a slight difference in controlling them.  The basics are all 
the same – use the directional pad to move left or right, to duck (which 
shifts the view down), or to look up (which shifts the view up).  To jump, 
press Button 1 or 2 while neither ducking nor looking up.  If you press 
Button 1 or 2 while ducking, Tails will enter spin dash form to take off with 
a burst of speed in the direction you’re facing (in ball form, which is 
dangerous to most enemies).  But the difference lies in looking up and 
pressing 1 or 2.  That combination makes Tails fly!  He’ll only fly for a 
short period of time, but you can completely control his movement using the 
directional pad, and it allows for much greater exploration.  Note that on 
the Game Cube (for SA DX players), Buttons 1 & 2 are replaced by the A/B/X 
buttons, and you can use either the Control Stick or the D-Pad.

For this guide, we’ll focus on making use of Tails’s flight ability.  Now, on 
with the walkthrough!

==========================Turquoise Hill Zone (T)*===========================

The first zone of the game, Turquoise Hill is modeled after that first famous 
Sonic zone, Green Hill (the original Sonic the Hedgehog), but in a way that 
shows off the Game Gear’s color pallet (ooh, turquoise!).  It’s very easy and 
straightforward – perfect for honing our skills.

                               |    Act 1    |

The first thing on your to-do list is jumping into the air to your right to 
collect the four rings there.  When you have rings, you can sustain one extra 
hit before you die.  Collecting 100 earns you a 1-UP, by the way.  From there, 
run right and jump over the ramp.  Then jump to the ledge above.  Collect 
these rings and proceed right to see an enemy, a Bane Motora.  It’s back is 
shielded by a spring, so you’ll have to roll into it to defeat it.  To do 
this, either run up and duck to start rolling or duck and press Button 1 or 2 
to spin dash through it.  Step off the ledge beyond it to reach a spring.  
Bounce on it and move slightly left to land on a platform in the air there; 
jump from it to the next few platforms to the highest one.  It has a few 
rings on it and what appears to be a TV set.

This is a capsule, and this particular one holds a Super Ring (worth ten 
rings).  Roll into or jump on it to take the contents.  From here, press Up 
and 1 or 2 to take off in flight.  Move right a bit and lower yourself to 
pass through a trail of rings, then falling to more rings.  Also, make sure 
to roll through the Bane Motora here.  From there, fly right to the top of a 
loop.  There are rings here to take, plus a Bane Motora to defeat, before you 
take off to the right using the spring there.  Simply run into it to be 
bounced in that direction.  Take the rings on this loop-top, too, and then 
run into the spring.  Immediately roll when you land (press down while 
running) to bowl through a Bane Motora and four Super Ring capsules beyond it, 
then falling off the edge.

You’ll roll to the sign.  These mark the end of each first and second act.  
Although they have Robotnik’s face on them at the beginning, hitting them 
causes them to spin with five possible results.  If a Flicky (blue bird) 
appears, you get nada.  A ring is worth ten rings, and your face (that is, 
Tails’s) nets you a 1-UP, an extra try at a level in case you die.  Sonic’s 
face earns you a Continue, which lets you restart from the act you lost all 
your lives in (as opposed to restarting the entire game from Turquoise Hill 
Zone, Act 1).  It is also possible for the sign to turn up backwards (blank), 
but this is extremely rare.  If it does happen, hit it again until one of the 
other four images turns up.  But anyways, congrats on beating your first act 
with Tails!

                               |    Act 2    |

As we did in the last act, jump forward and take the four rings from the air, 
and then jump to the ledge.  On it is a capsule with shoes on the screen, 
called a Power Sneakers capsule.  Bust it open and you’ll temporarily receive 
an increase in speed.  Grab them and dash right, jumping down the column of 
rings to a platform.  Jump off to the left, landing past some spikes, to see 
a wall.  Remember the spin dash?  To perform it, press Down and 1 or 2.  
Perform it against this wall to bust through and reach a 1-UP.  As explained 
earlier, these give you another shot at an act if you die in it.

Exit this secret tunnel to the right and fly back onto the platform you 
landed on earlier.  Ride it up to a ledge to the upper-right (you’ll still 
have to jump to it) where a Bane Motora is patrolling the peak; roll into it 
to beat it.  Then, when it’s gone, fly right to a loop top.  First take the 
rings, and then hit the capsule.  This one’s an Invincibility capsule, and it 
makes you invulnerable and deadly to the touch for a short while.  With it, 
run right onto a spring that bounces you into a few rings.  Collect those and 
keep running to hit a Bane Motora, which you’ll instantly destroy if you’re 
still invincible.  Then jump over the rock with the spring attached to it, 
only to hit another spring.  Let it carry you right to a corkscrew; fall 
through to land on a loop with plentiful rings (plus a Super Ring capsule).  
Then hit the spring, let it bounce you to another spring, and let that bounce 
you to a tunnel.  Run through it, taking rings along the way, and keep 
pressing right until you reach the sign.

                               |    Act 3    |

The third act in every zone is the boss battle...  Oh man, this is going to 
be intense...  Walk forward to a spring, and use it to bounce to the ledge 
above.  Be careful to avoid the spikes as you continue forward, soon reaching 
a corkscrew.  To use these, I suggest rolling into them and not pressing 
anything.  At the end, hop over the spring so that you fall downward.  If you 
land on the edge of a cliff, let yourself fall to the left to where a Super 
Ring capsule lies in wait.  Then use the concealed spring to bounce back up 
to the cliff.  Run right along it until the music changes, the screen locks 
in, and the boss battle begins.

This boss, known as the “Great Bane Motora Gold,” is the saddest attempt at 
difficulty I’ve ever seen in a Sonic game.  It rolls back and forth, 
protecting its back from jumps with a spring.  To beat it, simply roll into 
it (most easily done with spin dashes).  You can also jump onto the head, but 
rolling is even easier.  Upon landing five hits, this zone’s boss explodes, 
and Tails runs off into the distance...  Huzzah!  So far, we’ve liberated 
Turquoise Hill from Robotnik’s mechanized army and advanced one sixth of the 
way to Robotnik...  But what challenges lie ahead?  I guess we’ll find out in 
a few seconds when the next section begins, entitled:

=============================Gigapolis Zone (T)*=============================

A metropolis-styled zone, originally named “Gigalopolis Zone” in Sonic the 
Hedgehog Chaos, the SMS version of this game, Gigapolis Zone leaves much to 
be desired.  Me personally, I hate this zone.  Every second of it is full of 
nearly indistinguishable backgrounds, bad music, and possibly some other 
secret ingredient that just ticks me off.  Now then, let’s get this over with!

                               |    Act 1    |

Ugh, let’s get this show on the road...  Run forward and grab the three rings 
in the air, then continuing to rush down the slope ahead, soon reaching a 
spring before a tunnel.  Rather than enter said tunnel, jump on said spring 
to reach an upper ground.  To the left is an Invincibility capsule; break it 
open and run right.  As you go, you’ll encounter a Dokabuton, a slug-like 
enemy that just rolls back and forth in its assigned area.  Right now, you’re 
invincible, so you can touch it to beat it, but otherwise you can just as 
easily jump on/roll into it.  Keep going right after this to a blue bridge, 
which you should fall through to reach four Super Ring capsules.  Collect 
them all and then fly back up to the right of that blue bridge.  Make sure to 
avoid the aerial enemy, called a Beeton, along the way (it can be beaten via 
jump or, if low enough, roll).

Now on the right side of the crooked bridge, look up to see a tunnel in 
between two rows of blocks.  Fly into the tunnel and run left down it, making 
sure to stop at the end to defeat a Dokabuton.  Then, when you exit, get on 
top of the tunnel and run along it to collect even more rings plus a Power 
Sneakers capsule.  When you’ve gotten them all, return to where that 
Dokabuton at the end of the tube was (to the left) and jump to the slope to 
the upper-left.  Walk up it to find five Super Ring capsules.  Take them all 
and fall to the left to a much earlier point in the level.  Run down that 
slope again to reach the spring and tunnel, but this time take the tunnel.

Keep going right into another tunnel that leads to a dead-end; spin dash 
through it.  Continue to the right, eventually hitting a hidden spring that 
sends you right over a Dokabuton.  Follow that path up a slope and to a bed 
of spikes.  STOP!  Here you can either ride a small platform across or fly 
over the spikes.  At the end is a concealed spring; use it to bounce up onto 
a ledge beneath one of those slanted bridges.  Fly upward from here and go 
left of the bridge onto the regular block-ground.

Walk left for rings to a tunnel, and pass through it to reach four Super Ring 
capsules.  Take them and then return to that blue bridge.  Run across, 
careful to avoid a Beeton along the way, and jump at the end to reach a new 
tract of block-ground.  Run right from here off the path and onto a raised 
ledge with rings above.  Nab those and fall off this ledge to the right, then 
spin dashing against the wall to the left.  This leads to a 1-UP.  Once you 
have it, go right until you reach the sign.

                               |    Act 2    |

Run forward and jump into the air to collect some rings.  After that, 
continue forward until you reach a loop.  Just run through it to be spit out 
past some spikes on the ground.  If you’re interested in rings, go left past 
the spikes and fall through the blue bridge.  Spin dash through three Super 
Rings, a Dokabuton, a wall, and a Power Sneakers capsule and you’ll be sprung 
up a level; to the left of you now are four more Super Ring capsules.  Take 
them and proceed right (avoiding spikes).  To cross the bridge (as it’s too 
far to fly), simply run across it very quickly.  At the end, leap forward 
over the spikes and stop yourself.  Fly upward to the top of this loop to the 
right to find several rings (below them is a hidden spring you can use to 
reach them easily) that you’ll want to take.

With rings in tow, jump to the upper path to the right down the hallway and 
to an opening.  Fall down the center for the rings, and move off the platform 
you come to so that you reach the normal ground where a Dokabuton lies in 
wait.  Beat it and go right, jumping the spikes, and you’ll soon be sprung 
upwards.  Use the springs on the sides to collect rings in the air.  Soon 
you’ll end up at a Super Ring capsule.  If you want, use the spring beneath 
it to pass a wall to the left and follow the top of the tube in that 
direction to even more rings AND a 1-UP capsule.  When you’re done with them, 
return back right to that loop, which you should run through to be sprung out 
into a hallway that leads back to the ring-filled area.

This time, when you reach the spring that was previously covered by a Super 
Ring capsule, bounce right past a Dokabuton and into a tube.  Run through it, 
taking more rings as you go, until you reach another bridge.  Run/fly across 
and you’ll come to a Dokabuton.  Ignore/destroy and jump to the ledge above 
for the Super Ring capsule there.  Jump right from there to land at the sign, 
thus ending Act 2.

                               |    Act 3    |

Boss time!  Soon it’ll all be over, don’t worry.  Walk forward to be sprung 
right.  Hold right and physics will do the rest – take you through the loop, 
bounce you right, and take you through a tunnel and into the boss arena...

This boss, named “Dangerous Ball Tower” by Robotnik, appears to be a giant 
Caterkiller from Sonic the Hedgehog, only it attacks different.  The tower 
will sway back and forth, launch its segments at you one-by-one, and then 
regain those segments it hurled at you.  Luckily, you can fight back by 
jumping on its head segment (hitting the top seems most effective, though you 
can also hit the side of the head).  Sometimes it takes three hits to beat 
Dangerous Ball Tower, other times four – I think it has to do with how you 
hit the head.  It may take one less hit if you hit the very top rather than 
the side.  In any case, 3-4 hits do this boss in.  After it explodes, Tails 
runs off into the distance as the zone-clear jingle plays.  We’ve now saved 
two zones from Robotnik’s forces, but we still have four zones ahead of us...  
Fortunately, none of them are Gigapolis!

===========================Sleeping Egg Zone (T)*============================

This fairly unique zone seems to be composed of ruins which are in turn 
composed of blocks.  As such, you can break through them, providing some new 
“challenges” for players.  The zone is also heavy in springs.  But don’t 
worry yourself with it, as this zone is a cakewalk.

                               |    Act 1    |

For starters, collect the rings overhead and run forward.  Shortly into the 
dash you’ll be sprung upwards by hidden springs, and you’ll bust through some 
blocks.  Break the leftmost column of blocks to make room for you to land on 
the platform.  From it, jump left and then up.  To your right is a pogo-type 
spring, a mobile one that you can “ride,” and I recommend you get a feel for 
it.  Jump on it, rise up, and then jump off to the ledge above (you can also 
fly there).  When you land, go right, break the 1-UP capsule, and then 
collect the rings above by using the spring beneath the capsule or by flying.  
After that’s accomplished, spin dash right up a ramp, collect some rings (one 
super), and jump right.

Here you’ll find four Super Ring capsules guarded by a new type of enemy, a 
Tsuno-tsuno.  To beat it, simply jump or roll into it, just like a Dokabuton.  
After taking all the capsules’ contents, jump right to another platform.  
Move from it to a smaller gray platform, which you should ride right across a 
large gap to a new platform.  From it, jump right clear over some spikes and 
continue that way until you see a new enemy.  Froggers like this one bounce 
around to attack, but they are susceptible to all forms of attack; jump or 
roll into them for victory.  Continue right and you’ll reach a gap.  Jump 
across the columns of blocks here, waiting for a Tsuno-tsuno to walk itself 
over the edge, and jump to the far right at the end.  You should land on or 
near a Super Ring capsule.  Break it open and continue right until you fall 
down to the sign.

                               |    Act 2    |

Kick things off by jumping into the air and taking the rings above you.  
After that, run right to a pogo spring; hop over it and continue right.  Spin 
dash through the blocks at the dead-end here and stop four blocks in.  The 1-
UP capsule is above; jump to knock it down and then take your prize.  After 
that, return to the pogo spring we saw earlier and bounce left with it to the 
lower platform above the starting point (alternately, fly there).  Use the 
spring there to bounce up to a higher “floor” of the level.  On the left end 
is an Invincibility capsule; take it and run right, bouncing up the quarter-
loop, to reach the peak of the structure.  Jump right from there and bounce 
off the spring to reach a few rings on some blocks.

Step onto the block that crumbles and fall through.  Go left to find THREE 
SUPER RING CAPSULES!  HUZZAH!  After that, spin dash right to pass through 
some blocks, two more Super Ring capsules, a few more rings, and then up a 
ramp and to four more Super Ring capsules in a hallway.  Continue down the 
hall to reach a gap; jump right over it to a block that will bounce you up a 
level.  Proceed right from here, collecting rings as you go along, and make 
sure to watch out for a Frogger when you reach the slope.  Continue running 
right and you’ll soon hit the sign.

                               |    Act 3    |

Ignore the pogo spring to the right and go forward until you reach a Super 
Ring capsule.  Take the ten rings within and persist in going right, jumping 
over a gap to reach a new part of the stage.  Roll after you’ve gone up the 
first slope here so that you break a block in front of the second slope.  
Bust through that column to fall to an Invincibility capsule.  Take your 
prize and run right, jumping up to the next level at the dead-end.  Walk 
through the machine here to be sped through another Super Ring capsule and up 
a quarter-loop; go right when you land to come to the boss arena of doom...

The “Hopping Egg Vulcan” is the boss of this zone, and it’s actually pretty 
tough, especially for Tails.  It hops around to the right, shooting at you 
quite precisely.  The rhythm of the firing is such that it’s quite hard to 
dodge and attack.  To hurt the Vulcan, all you have to do is jump at it and 
hit the side (above or at the level of the guns).  You have rings, so if 
you’re hit, use your invulnerable time to collect at least one.  Six hits and 
the Hopping Egg Vulcan is done for.  As it explodes, Tails high-tails (pun!) 
it out of there, leaving now for the next zone.  Half of Robotnik’s territory 
has been liberated, but the other half remains.  Can Tails do it?  More 
importantly, will this guide ever start capitalizing on Tails’s ability to 
fly?  Find out next time in...

=========================Mecha Green Hill Zone (T)*==========================

A mechanical version of the famous Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 
(the original), this zone is pretty easy.  Consisting of oil, slanted bridges, 
mechanized palm trees, and things of that nature (pun!), you probably won’t 
be too challenged in this zone...  Well, I hope so.

                               |    Act 1    |

Start by jumping in place.  When you land, you’ll bust through the floor and 
reach a lower compartment.  Upon hitting the ground, spin dash to the right.  
You’ll pass through a 1-UP capsule, a Bane Motora, and finally the wall 
before slowing down.  When you pass the first pit covered by a metal platform, 
start flying up through the rings to the left to reach a spring.  Bounce on 
it and hold right to land past a gray bridge.  Go right a bit, jump onto the 
yellow-gray platform, and ride it up to a new ledge.  On it, collect the 
rings in the air and break the Super Ring capsule open.

Leap right from the edge of this ledge to land on the ground; from there, 
continue running right (make sure to roll through two Bane Motoras and avoid 
spikes along the way) until you are bounced right on a spring.  When you land, 
continue running right to be bounced to the end of a gray bridge.  You’ll 
fall through to a spring that bounces you back up; hold right as you ascend 
and you’ll land on the ground.  Continue right and spin that sign!

                               |    Act 2    |

Take your rings and run forward to more rings, but stop before you enter the 
“indoors” part of the level (before the background changes from sky to metal).  
Wait there and an elevator platform will come down; jump to it.  Ride it up 
and walk right along it, hopping over the spikes to reach a palm tree with 
coconut bombs in it.  If you step near the trunk, they’ll fall to either side 
in a weak attempt to hit you.  So, just wait at the trunk for them to explode 
before continuing to jump over spikes and move right.  Jump over the rock and 
continue running right to drop onto a bridge (that’s right, keep running 
right...).  When you reach the end of the bridge, you’ll have the option of 
either jump up or entering a tunnel.  I recommend jumping up onto the ledge 

Hop onto the rock’s flat top and jump right to reach the top of a ledge.  
Take the rings here and then step onto the pogo spring.  Take it right with 
you, careful not to land on a spring and to trigger the coconut bombs without 
getting hit by them so that you pass safely.  After the bomb incident, move 
right freely to come to a bridge.  Centered above the bridge is a floating 
platform with a 1-UP capsule on it; hop off the spring and take it (if you 
lost the spring, you may also fly to it).  From there, jump/fly right to good 
ground, on which is the sign.  Hooray!

                               |    Act 3    |

Gee, boss time already?  Well, in that case, run right (as per the usual) and 
jump onto the platform in the gap.  From there, jump right onto the ground, 
then up the platforms to reach a higher ledge.  Sprint right along here, 
passing over a gray bridge with this speed, and keep sprinting in this 
direction until you step onto the second titled bridge.  Shortly into it, 
jump right to land on a platform in the air over the bridge – it has a Super 
Ring capsule on it.  Bust it open and jump right.  Keep going right and 
you’ll reach DA BOSS...!

The view expands and we see a right-wing, tree-hugging robot scooting up and 
down a metal palm tree.  Its shell can open up to launch one of two types of 
blasts: one large blast that moves horizontally or three small blasts that 
move horizontally and slightly up/down.  Lucky for us, though, they’re easy 
to dodge, and this “Kamando MAX” is equally easy to hit.  Just jump at the 
head and hold right to keep bouncing on it repeatedly.  After just nine hits, 
Kamado MAX explodes and Tails runs off into the distance.  Now just two zones 
remain and we’ll have defeated Robotnik, but they promise to be the hardest 

============================Aqua Planet Zone (T)*============================

Welcome to the mandatory Sonic water-themed zone!  Indeed, it’s yet another 
take-off on Labyrinth Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog.  Fortunately, 
though, this zone has pretty shallow water, and most of it occurs above the 
surface.  Again, we have an easy zone...

                               |    Act 1    |

Run forward through a line of rings and jump to the upper level.  As you 
continue right, you’ll come face-to-face with a trio of badniks called Mini-
Bouncers; just roll/jump through them for a quick win.  Continue rolling 
right until you reach the end of this ledge; at that point, stop and jump 
across these next few crumbling platforms.  When you reach the third, leap 
very far to the right to pass over some spikes.  If you keep going, you’ll 
run through a device that rolls you through three Super Ring capsules.  Keep 
going and you’ll roll off the ledge and land at a lower point in the level.

Keep going right until you reach the edge, at which point you should stop.  
See the Super Ring capsule above?  Fly to it, break it open, and stop.  At 
this point, fly right to fall onto the top of a loop.  Take the four Super 
Ring capsules here, too, and also collect the rings hanging overhead.  From 
there, run right to bounce on a spring and reach yet another Super Ring 
capsule on a new rooftop.  Take it and run right, jumping across small 
crumbling blocks to reach another tract of block; beyond it are a few more 
blocks that descend down to a final stretch.  At the end of it is the sign.

                               |    Act 2    |

Head right to a spring, but don’t bounce on it.  Instead, fly up to the top 
of the platform to the right, taking the Super Ring capsule from it.  Then 
jump up a level to another spring.  Use it to reach the above “layer” of the 
level, spin dashing right when you reach that point.  After plowing through 
three Mini-Bouncers, you’ll be sprung to a group of six – count ‘em – six 
Super Ring capsules (complete with rings above!)!  Take them all and run 
right to bounce to another structure with some rings on it.  Grab each and 
dash off the edge to a ramp of sorts.  Spin dash up it and hold right to land 
by some Super Ring capsules – four, to be exact.  After taking your fill, 
leap right to land by some loops.  Fly up to their tops to take two Super 
Ring capsules from each (they’re practically giving extra lives away!).  Leap 
right once more from that point to land right next to/touching the sign.  
Mission complete!

                               |    Act 3    |

RUN FORWARD!  No time for questions, just DO IT!  You’ll be bounced to a 
hallway, a hallway full of springs!  When you see the Invincibility capsule, 
stop and spin dash through it, or else!  Aside from invulnerability, you’ll 
be brought to a Super Ring capsule!  Well, what are you waiting for?  Take it!  
Now resume RUNNING FORWARD!  This will take you to the boss arena, so good 

Behold, six Mini-Bouncers appear, each requiring two hits.  Give ‘em a good 
walloping, destroying all six, and a seventh Bouncer (made-up name) falls 
down.  This Death Star-like foe just hops around firing blasts to the left 
(so stay to the right of it).  All you have to do is jump on its head, 
bouncing on it for multiple hits, a total of seventeen (that’s 17) hits.  
Once this is accomplished, Bouncer rises into the air, its top detaches, and 
it launches missiles every which way.  Just try to dodge them and recover 
your rings the best you can.  When Bouncer lowers itself to launch another 
wave, jump into it and land one final hit.  This puts Bouncer out of 
commission... permanently.

We’ve not-so-heroically braved the elements of grass, dim city lights, stone, 
metal, and water... but next is the ultimate: electricity/metal/dim lights.  
It’ll take everything you’ve got to beat the next zone, but have confidence 
in your abilities.  Remember the Sonic Adventure song, “I want to fly high!” 
for it was the theme song of a certain fox.  Fly high, brave soldier, fly 

===========================Electric Egg Zone (T)*============================

Did you ever think you’d make it this far?  No?  Me neither, but we’re here, 
aren’t we!?  Robotnik’s new fortress/base is full of lasers, fatal falls, 
kamikaze robots, and a confusing maze of tubes (more like Scrambled Egg Zone!  
Ah, I stole that pun from another Sonic game...).  But, this is the last 
stretch of the game – if you beat this, you beat Robotnik once and for all.  
So come on!  We haven’t been collecting rings and 1-UPs for nothing!  It’s 
now or never!  Robotnik, you’re going down, Tails-style!

                               |    Act 1    |

You stoked?  Good!  Start by spin dashing to the left, accumulating 20 rings 
from Super Ring capsules because of this.  After that, I advise you spin dash 
to the right, right under a laser-blaster, right away.  You’ll not only evade 
the laser, but you’ll bust through the wall and enter into a tube.  Don’t 
touch anything; let the positive energy flow through you.  As long as you 
don’t hold Right, you’ll be taken up to a platform hanging against the side 
of a mass of metal.  Jump from it to a hallway above and spin dash to the 
right over a conveyor belt, under some lasers, and soon into a few rings.  At 
the end, you’ll launch out of the hallway and land on a row of capsules...  
STOP!  Now you have six Super ring capsules, all yours!

Once you’ve taken those that you will, you’ll fall down through a cluster of 
rings to a line of springs.  Use these springs to reach the rings, surpassing 
100 easily.  After that, move right to the floor below the spring one.  To 
the right is a gap; fly across to a conveyor belt.  When you land, fly over 
the robot you see, called a Boom Bot, so that it doesn’t explode and fling 
its debris at you (they can’t be destroyed unless they blow themselves up, so 
don’t try).  Land and walk forward until you see a pair of the robots; fly 
other them, too.  After passing them, fly right to a platform below a tube.  
Land on aforementioned platform and let it take you to a tube.  The moment 
you step into that tube, start holding Up on the directional pad.  Do this 
and the tube will spit you out and roll you into the sign.

                               |    Act 2    |

Let’s begin by spin dashing to the rightmost wall.  Then fly up against the 
wall.  Hear that sound the tails make when they beat against it?  It stops at 
a hollow part of the wall.  Enter at that part to a secret hallway.  Run 
through it and you’ll exit to a mine cart; ride it down a slope and jump out 
when it runs out of track.  You’ll reach an area of many rings, but also a 
few stationary Beetons, so be careful to collect them with caution.  Flying 
would definitely be the safest way to go.  Either way, there are plenty 
enough to earn you an extra life via 100 rings, so go nuts if you’d like.

When you’re done stealing rings from Robotnik’s storehouse, run right to a 
bridge composed of crumbling purple blocks (if you want, you can fall down to 
some springs below to collect a few more rings) that leads to a hallway.  
Inside, jump over a Boom Bot and then proceed right more slowly, taking care 
to avoid two more lasers and an additional Boom Bot.  At the end, fall right 
to another mine cart, and jump off to the right as soon as it falls off the 
slope.  Ride the platform you come to up to a hallway, and run down it to 
another bridge.  Jump from it to yet another platform, which you should ride 
up to yet another hallway.  Dash through it to reach the sign.

                               |    Act 3    |

OH YEAH!  It’s stick to the man, man!  Alright, let’s begin by running right 
to a mine cart.  Let it slide until it detaches itself from the slope, at 
which point you should jump off to a platform hovering over a bottomless pit 
below.  From it, jump up to a tube, holding Down as you go so that you hit a 
Super Ring capsule along the way.  Then reenter the tube, hold Right to go in 
that direction, and you’ll be shot out at a rising platform.  Ride it up to a 
hallway, and run down it to reach the biggest, baddest, bossiest boss battle 
of them all – the “Killer Turkey Gou!”

Piloted by Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik himself, the Turkey Gou is probably the 
most formidable boss of the game.  It just hobbles back and forth, sometimes 
jumping, and launching two types of blasts – one forward, and one that 
ricochets to reach behind the Turkey.  Unfortunately, the ricocheting beam is 
very hard to dodge, so I suggest you move as far to the left as possible when 
you see it fired to avoid it (it never touches the upper-left corner).  
Luckily, Robotnik’s attack varies only with where you’re positioned relative 
his head.  So, if you attack in the small space to the left of his head, 
you’ll have it made.  Yes, that is, you should be bouncing on Robotnik’s head 
(which would cause severe concussions in real life, but not in Sonic Chaos!) 
to deal damage.  Once you’ve landed a total of 14 blows to the noggin, the 
Turkey Gou explodes.  Huzzah!  We’ve saved the world!

But – no!  He survived!  Move right a bit with the shifting scene to find 
what remains of Robotnik’s ship transforming into a flying saucer-like object.  
Oh, the humanity!  He’ll now appear from one side to try to ram into you.  At 
this point, you need to hit him just one more time!  Take a breather, stay 
away from the sides of the screen (he wants to crush you against them, which 
is instant death whether you have rings or not).  Time a jump right to land 
on his head once more and you’ve beaten Robotnik once and sorry, not for all, 
as there will be sequels.  But be proud of yourself anyways!

His ship explodes, forcing Robotnik to abandon his ship and run for it.  
Chase him!  He’ll get onto a platform and escape, but at least we defeated 
him and liberated all the zones under his control.  Perhaps Sonic will take 
care of the rest – you know, actually saving South Island.  For Tails’s 
ending, we just see the credits while Tails runs in place (he performs other 
maneuvers, too).  After the credits thank you for playing, Tails flies up off 
the screen, but he gets forced down by the word “END.”  The game then 
restarts to the opening “SEGA!” screen.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat Sonic Chaos as Tails.  But now that you’ve 
completed the easier version of the game, why not try Sonic’s quest?  There 
are two more endings to see, so don’t quit playing yet!  Plus, you can always 
try to beat your old high score.  Have fun...
  /                                                                       \
 /                                                                         \
||-------------------------------Section 4*--------------------------------||
 \                                                                         /

===============================Special Stages*===============================

In Sonic’s storyline, collecting 100 rings gives you access to one of the 
five special stages.  These stages are little bonus areas you can play around 
in, and entering them counts as hitting the sign for the act you were in.  
While they often contain rings (by the way, getting 100 rings in special 
stages just gives you a 1-UP, not another go in the stage...), their main 
purpose is for you to find the Chaos Emerald hidden inside.  The Chaos 
Emeralds not only yield Continues, but collecting all five lets you witness a 
secret ending when you defeat Robotnik at the end of Electric Egg Zone.  Well, 
each of the special stages is unique in this game – not just a bunch of neon 
lights and bumpers like it was pinball, but challenges that involve regular 
game play.  Here, I’ll guide you to the Chaos Emerald in each stage.

                        |    Blue Chaos Emerald    |

The first special stage takes place in strip of sky with rings scattered all 
over.  It’s definitely the easiest...  Sonic begins on a Rocket Shoes capsule; 
jump and land on it to bust it open.  Now start flying right!  Don’t stop to 
collect rings, just try to move to take as many as you can while continuing 
to go right.  First you’ll see a mass of rings spread out evenly.  Then 
you’ll come to several large rings (each is worth ten).  You can spend about 
five extra seconds here to collect rings, to be safe.  After that, the rings 
and Super Rings are alternating, stopping when you come to a long stretch of 
the level in which there are only rows of regular rings.  That ends with an 
oval of Super Rings surrounding something blue (Sonic Team made this emerald 
blue to blend in with the background).  You want to take the Chaos Emerald in 
the center.  If you pass it, just turn around and take it.  This one’s the 
blue Chaos Emerald.

                       |    Yellow Chaos Emerald    |

This special stage is more difficult, and it lacks all those rings from the 
previous stage.  For this first part, I recommend jumping up to the first 
ledge, then jumping to the platforms until you reach a Clock capsule (this 
freezes time for a bit).  Hit it and then continue jumping until you reach a 
Clock capsule (it freezes time momentarily).  Hit it and then jump slightly 
right to land on a hopper spring.  Bounce on it and then jump off to the 
platform to the right for another hopper spring.  Don’t discard this one, 
though; instead, use it to bounce onto the platform to the left and then to 
the ledge on which the yellow Chaos Emerald rests.  When you reach the gem, 
hop off the spring and claim it.

                        |    Green Chaos Emerald    |

The ice element of the game lies in this stage, though it’s not difficult at 
all.  Walk forward, bust the capsule for Invincibility, and then step into 
the chute.  It shoots you out at another capsules and you’ll be taken into 
another chute, followed by a few repeats.  Hold Up the entire time on the 
directional pad so that you will go up at one particular chute and be led to 
the green Chaos Emerald.  Take the gem and be proud.  Three down, two to go.

                       |    Silver Chaos Emerald    |

This one’s at the end of a long stretch of grassland filled with springs.  
I’ll guide you through this one, but remember to rush (Sonic rush!).  Run 
right from the beginning, ignoring the spring and jump up the slope.  Pass a 
few more springs and you’ll come to some pillars.  Jump across them and then 
jump up to the next ledge.  Run forward and roll down the slope.  You’ll keep 
right on rolling through a wall of rock.  Work your way through this part 
with jumps and spin dashes and you’ll soon roll up a slope.  Keep running 
right to come to a Clock capsule; hit it to freeze time.  Run right (hop over 
the angled spring) past two Super Ring capsules to a dead-end; spin dash 
through it.  You’ll be sprung upward at the end; go left from there to a 
Rocket Shoes capsule.  Take it and hold right to reach the edge of a new 
piece of ground.

Run right to reach an earthen staircase with springs set up on each step.  
Carefully jump up the steps, making sure not to hit the springs (you can land 
on them, but not into them).  At the top, go right, bouncing on an angled 
spring over a Rocket Shoes capsule (ignore THAT one) and continue on this way 
until you reach another Rocket Shoes capsule.  Ride it right, going high up 
in the sky, until you come to a high ledge with the silver Chaos Emerald 
resting on it.  Take it to conclude the stage.

                        |    Pink Chaos Emerald    |

Immediately go left and hit the Clock, and then enter the tube.  Press 
nothing for now, but wait until you reach the right wall and start going up.  
Wait to pass the first tube branching off to the left.  After passing it, 
begin holding Left so that you go left down the second branch tube.  
IMMEDIATELY press Down so that you take the tube slightly to the left down.  
After that, press nothing for a while; wait for the tube to spit you out.  As 
soon as you’re spit out, jump so that you don’t get sprung back into the tube.  
After jumping, go left to take the seemingly pink Chaos Emerald, though it 
appears a weird blue-gray on the Special Stage scoring screen.

And those are all the special stages.  Once Sonic’s gotten all five Chaos 
Emeralds, 100 rings is only good for a 1-UP.  But regardless, enjoy the 
secret ending of the game, the only true ending, and CONGRATS again for 
beating the game!

===============================1-UP Locations*===============================

As it turns out, there’s exactly one 1-UP hidden in every act (except each 
third act, and in the last zone), and here’s where I list them.  You may want 
to weave these into your completion of the course, as they are bound to be 
quite valuable (for Sonic especially).  Of course, it’s always best to try 
for 100 rings (in the case of Sonic), but Tails should focus more on assured 
1-UPs than iffy ring-collecting.  Let the games begin!

#) Zone/Act


Above is our rather simple setup, and below is the list.  Alright: 3, 2, 1, 

1) Turquoise Hill Zone, Act 1

Obtain: From the start, head right up the ramp and continue right (rolling 
through a Bane Motora) to reach a ledge.  Fall down it and continue right to 
another ledge; fall down it.  From here, continue right through a Bane Motora, 
over two spike beds, and then a bit further to reach another bed of spikes.  
Before it, you’ll bounce on a spring right over them.  Upon landing, continue 
right to a red spring with rings over it.  Jump onto the spring and hold 
right.  If done correctly, you’ll hit your head on the lower roof (if not, 
jump onto the spring from the left for increased speed) and fall to a ledge 
with a tunnel on it.  Walk through it slowly until you see the 1-UP capsule.  
Jump to it (there’s a hole before the capsule), land on it, and then you’ll 
fall through to the 1-UP.  Note that to finish the level from here, all you 
need to do is head right, bouncing on a spring along the way, and hit the 
2) Turquoise Hill Zone, Act 2

Obtain: Go straight right from the start until you fall over an edge.  When 
you land, turn left and head that way (make sure to jump over a bed of spikes 
along the way) to reach a dead-end.  Spin dash through it to come to the 1-UP 
3) Gigapolis Zone, Act 1

Obtain: Get to the point toward the end of the act where there’s a spring 
that would bounce you into a Dokabuton; beyond that is a ramp with rings 
above, and it ends in a ledge just beyond.  Fall over the ledge and face left 
toward the wall.  Spin dash into it to enter a secret tunnel with the 1-UP 
hidden at the end.
4) Gigapolis Zone, Act 2

Obtain: This isn’t hidden that well, but you may have trouble reaching it as 
Sonic (you’ll collect 100 rings too soon).  When you reach the room full of 
rings you access via spring, take it up to the Super Ring capsule at the end.  
Bust that open and bounce upward to go left over a loop.  Now you’ll notice a 
tunnel, but walk on it rather than through it.  Head left along it (don’t 
collect too many rings or you won’t reach the 1-UP at the end as Sonic) and 
you’ll soon come to a Power Sneakers capsule.  At the very end is the 1-UP.  
If you’re Sonic, you stand to gain access to the Special Stage, and Tails has 
at least two lives available via ring in addition to this one.
5) Sleeping Egg Zone, Act 1

Obtain: Travel right of the starting point to find springs hidden beneath 
columns of breakable blocks.  Bust through the leftmost columns so that you 
can land on the platform to the left.  Jump from it to the next platform to 
the left, and from that ledge jump up to another.  There’s a spring next to 
it; jump onto it and ride it up a ledge to some rings in the air and a 1-UP 
capsule on the ground.
6) Sleeping Egg Zone, Act 2

Obtain: This one’s fairly easy.  Run forward from the start and skip over the 
hopping spring.  Instead, spin dash against the wall.  Stop about midway 
through.  See that capsule above you?  That’s a 1-UP, and it’s yours.
7) Mecha Green Hill Zone, Act 1

Obtain: This one’s pretty easy.  From the space you start at, jump upward and 
land there.  You’ll bust through a series of blocks and fall into a large 
compartment with a 1-UP capsule in it, not to mention a Bane Motora.  To exit, 
spin dash out the wall at the end rightmost dead-end.
8) Mecha Green Hill Zone, Act 2

Obtain: Before the sign is a gray bridge, correct?  Well, over the bridge is 
a platform holding the 1-UP capsule.  To reach it, either fly there (using 
Tails) or (as Sonic) use a bouncing spring found on the other side of the 
bridge, jumping off at the peak of the bounce to reach it.
9) Aqua Planet Zone, Act 1

Obtain: Run forward from the start to the collapsing blocks; intentionally 
fall through the opening and into the water below.  Head left to a blue door 
and push up against it to be carried by a current to a dead-end.  Spin dash 
against it and you’ll reach the 1-UP capsule of the act.
10) Aqua Planet Zone, Act 2

Obtain: From the beginning of the act, go right until you fall in water.  
Persist rightward and you’ll bounce over a trident (make sure to jump over 
the second), landing you in the water.  Just keep going right until you’re 
bounced by an angled spring at a horizontal one against a wall.  Hold back 
when being fired by the angled one and you’ll land just before the horizontal 
one.  Jump to the ledge it hangs on the side of and jump to the right of it 
to a higher ledge.  Step off of it onto a brown platform, which you should 
ride across the spike bed (you’ll need to break a block in your path to 
accomplish this) and up to the 1-UP capsule.

And there you have it – the ten 1-UPs of the game!  Of course, there’s little 
need for them when you have some of what we’ll be discussing below...

================================Cheat Codes*=================================

Like most of the early Sonic games, Sonic Chaos features a few cheat codes to 
help out the slower players.  So for the same reason, I’m including those 
codes in the guide.  Use them sparingly, now...

NOTE: For those of you playing on the Game Cube with Sonic Adventure DX, 
Button 1 corresponds to the A Button, and 2 with B.

Level Select – This code gives you access to any act as any character right 
from the start.  To activate it, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Right, 
Left, and Start at the title screen (it has “SONIC CHAOS” on it).  You’ll 
probably hear a chime (though you don’t always) and a blue screen with a list 
of the zones and acts.  Just scroll down the list, select one, and the Player 
Select screen comes up.  Choose your character and you’ll begin at the act 
you chose.

Sound Test – This code lets you listen to the songs, jingles, and sound 
effects of the game.  To reach it, simply press Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, 
Right, Left, Right, 1, 2, and Start.  You’ll come to a blue screen (Sonic’s 
at the bottom tapping his foot impatiently) with “- Sound Test –“ written at 
the top.  Below, scroll through the sound codes and play any you’d like by 
pressing Button 2 at them.  If you scroll through the list, you’ll reach an 
EXIT command that you can use to leave the Sound Test.

Chaos Emerald - According to the Cheat Codes & Secrets page for this game 
here on GameFAQs (the code contributed by !.A.C.A.!), pressing Up, Down, Up, 
Down, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, and 2 on the Player Select screen will let you start 
with a free Chaos Emerald, but I’ve never gotten this to work on my game.

Those are all the codes I know, but if you know other ones (that work), feel 
free to send them in to the e-mail address provided at the top of the guide.  
Now that I’ve explained pretty much all there is to know about the game, 
let’s move onto the interrogation session, a.k.a. the...


In this section, I’ll answer all the questions that are asked frequently 
(that’s right; FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions).  Do you know why I 
do this?  So you don’t have to e-mail me asking questions!  It saves us both 
some time; when you read the FAQ, we all win.  So please, read all of this 
and the appropriate sections of the rest of this guide before you e-mail me – 
let that be your last resort.  Also included in this section is contact 
information, so be sure to read it all!

Question: “Sonic Chaos?”  Don’t you mean Sonic & Tails/Sonic the Hedgehog 
Answer: No, the official name in the USA (for Game Gear) is “Sonic Chaos.”  
But, the Japanese name is “Sonic & Tails,” and the Sega Master System version 
of this game is called Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos.  There are slight 
differences in each of these three games, but this guide should be compatible 
with all three.

Question: If I’m playing on Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut (GCN), what 
are Buttons 1 and 2?
Answer: They’re A and B, respectively.  X also works as Button 2, but not for 
entering codes.

Question: Can you become Super Sonic/Tails in this game?
Answer: Sorry, but this game doesn’t have enough Chaos Emeralds to do that 
(you need seven Chaos Emeralds and fifty rings in most of the Sonic series).  
It’s a curse for GG Sonic titles...

Question: Okay, so I collect 100 rings, and all I get is a 1-UP.  Is there 
something wrong with my game?
Answer: There are three possibilities: 1) you are playing as Tails, who can’t 
access the Special Stages, 2) you’re playing as Sonic, but you’ve already 
collected all five Chaos Emeralds, or 3) there really is something wrong with 
your game, though this is extremely unlikely to happen.

Question: How do I decide which way to go at fork in the roads in tubes?
Answer: Just hold the direction of the D-Pad you want to go in when you reach 
the fork.  For instance, if you’re going up but want to branch off to the 
right in a few seconds, press and hold Right until you take that tube.

Question: What’s the difference between Sonic and Tails?
Answer: Well, aside from slight differences in size (i.e. Tails is a smaller 
target), Tails can fly using Up + 1/2, while Sonic uses a Strike Dash (he 
runs forward, and as he runs he’s invincible, for a second or two) with the 
same button combination.  Also, Sonic starts with three lives, and he can 
access the Special Stage.  He has two possible endings, depending on whether 
he collects all five Chaos Emeralds or not.  Tails begins the game with five 
lives and three Continues, and he has only one possible ending.  Furthermore, 
the levels are very slightly different – in Tails’s acts, Rocket Shoes 
capsules (not available to Tails) are all replaced by Super Ring capsules or 
Power Sneakers capsules.

Question: What’s the point of points?
Answer: Nice!  You got a pun in there.  But anyways, to answer your question, 
every 50,000 points you get adds a Continue to your stock of lives.

Question: Can I use your guide on my site?
Answer: No.  Refer to my legal section for details.

Question: What other games do you have guides for?
Answer: Well, this one’s my fortieth...  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking 
right now.  Anyways, you can reach a complete list of all my guides at the 
below address:


Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: Of all the questions I get, this has to be the least commonly asked.  
First, I'd like to set out a few guidelines.  All contact occurs through e-
mails (not IMs or anything else), which must relate to the guide (no chain 
letters, socializing, etc.).  Please put "Twilight Princess" or the name of 
the guide in the subject.  Make sure to examine the entire guide before e-
mailing me.  In my prime, I answered e-mails pretty regularly, but now it's 
on a very irregulary basis with lots of gaps, so it's in your best interest 
to read the guide instead of waiting for me to answer your questions.  I 
don't open attachments.  Finally, be specific in your question.  Thanks in 
advance.  You can e-mail me at:


Now that’s an FAQ!  But alas, this FAQ’s conclusion means that the end is 
near...  I won’t cry if you won’t...  But perk up!  For though the end 
approaches, I’ve saved the best for last.  Yep, you’ve got it: the legal 
section is up next!  Oh, what’ll I wear...?
  /                                                                       \
 /                                                                         \
||-------------------------------Section 5*--------------------------------||
 \                                                                         /

=======================Credits and Legal Information*========================

You know, there’s an old saying, “You reap what you sow,” and it’s especially 
true in a case like this.  I spend all my time above writing nonsense, and 
this is how I’m rewarded: writing a legal section.  Perhaps if I had a high-
quality guide above, this section would be awesome, but no, it has to be a 
total drag...  Every time I start a new guide, I think to myself, “Captain 
Kirbs, you’re just begging for another legal write-up,” and then I say it to 
myself aloud...  And yes, there are nightmares associated with legal 
sections...  Oh, how there are...  I am effectively talking to myself right 
now, since nobody reads these things anyways, but eh, who cares?  Let’s get 
this show on the road...

Just as a soap opera cuts to a commercial before they announce the father, so 
I include the credits before the legal information!  Oh, I’m a master of 

                              |    Credits    |

First, I thank myself for writing this guide and all that.  Also, for adding 
in a lot of well-placed humor.  Hey, that wasn’t supposed to be the funny 

Second, let’s thank Sega and Sonic Team for making/licensing this awesome 
game!  Also, thanks to Nintendo for re-releasing Sonic Adventure on GCN, 
including this game within.  I used it in writing the guide, by the way.

Third, I’d like to thank GameFAQs for hosting this and all my other guides!  
They’ve the best video game site around, so props to them!  Remember, every 
time you click on an ad, you help GameFAQs stay in business.  Click away, 

Those are the three big ones I repeat in every guide, but that’s not to say 
those are all the people who’ve helped.  Let’s also give a big round of 
applause to each of the following:

That’s it for now, but I’m sure the list will grow over time.  Alright, so 
now that I’ve kept you waiting for the HOURS it must’ve taken to read these 
credits, I’ll finally let you read the legal section.  Enjoy.

                         |    The Legal Section    |

First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution, production, 
idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor goes to Sega, not me, 
and I do not deny this.  That is to say, all trademarks and copyrights 
contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and 
copyright holders.

Second, this document is Copyright 2005-2007 Brian McPhee.

Third, this may not be reproduced in part of in full under any circumstances 
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of 
this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Just to clarify, no one but the website GameFAQs may use my guides on their 
sites, books, magazines, etc.

Whoa!  ‘Twas the best legal section yet!  Ah, but now that we’ve had our 
cheap thrills, let us turn from bliss to sorrow: the guide, she is over.  But, 
why end the guide with such a depressing statement as that?  Why not end it 
with the coolest catchphrase ever invented!?  Drum roll, please...  Okay, 
here goes nothing!

See ya later.