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-----------------------------------[SONIC CHAOS]-------------------------------
------------------------------[Master System/GameGear]-------------------------
--------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]----------------------------

Since Tails does not have to collect the Chaos Emeralds, all strategies here
are based on if you have played the game with him because everytime Sonic gets
100 rings without possesing all emerads, he will go to the Special Stage and
prematurely ends the level.

From the manual:

Could this be the end of South Island? That evil maniac Dr. Robotnik has 
another twisted idea to take over the world! This time he wants to steal the
mystical Chaos Emeralds

The Emeralds are the source of vitality for all living thing. But in the hands
of rotten Dr. Robotnik, they could be turned into nuclear bombs and laser 

The evil Doctor has already snatched the Red Chaos Emerald, causing the other
Emeralds to lose balance and fly into a parallel universe. Now South Island is
sinking into the ocean. Sonic and Tails will have to use all their super speed
and super stunts to stop Dr. Robotnik and restore harmony to the universe!

"OK, Dr. Robotnik" Says Sonic, You're charged with contempt of hedgehog. There
is no time to lose. Gotta slide, Clyde."

1 or 2 button = Jump n attack. (also starts game on Master System)
Down + 1 or 2 button = Spin Dash mode
Up + 1 or 2 = Speed Run (Sonic) or Fly (Tails)
Start (Pause on the master system console) = Pause the game
Left or Right = run
Up = look up
Down = Look down or duck
Run then press down = roll

Rings - 100 of these give you an extra life and send you to the special stage
if you are Sonic. Their main purpose is to protect you from death when hit.
You only need one ring for protection. One more hit without rings and you are a
goner. Won't protect you from falls or drowning or time out.

Super Ring - worth 10 rings

Invincibility - Makes you impervious to damage for a limited time. Won't 
protect you from falls or drowning or time out.

1-up - gives you an extra life

Pogo Spring - You can bounce on these to go places faster until you hit a wall.

End of goal - Bluebird get you nothing, other panels gets you a 1-up, continue,
or a super ring

You can choose to play as Sonic or Tails. If you choose to play as Sonic, you
will begin with three lives and no continues but Tails starts off with five
lives and three continues. Sonic can only get the emeralds but this ends the
level early. As said before, I use Tails strategy with a little notes if Sonic
is needed.

There are 6 zones with 3 acts each. You fight the boss at the end of each Act 3

You have 10 minutes in real time to complete a level. If the time goes over 10
minutes then you lose a life.

Avoid staying underwater too long, soon a timer will be over your head. If the
timer reaches zero then you'll drown and lose a life.

When a zone is cleared, your kilometers per hour is calculated then you are 
greeted to a score tally.

You get continues by collecting emeralds or getting 50000 points

In the Gigapolis and Mecha Green Hill Zone, there are floors that lean to the
side. You have to run across them to avoid falling through them.

All the bosses have a pattern that can be used against them to defeat them

Some floors and walls are breakable. You can jump through them or spin dash
through them.

Bottomless pits kill you regardless of rings or Invincibility

Fake walls need no breaking. You can go through them.

Turquoise Hill - Speed through oceanside loops and tricky platforms loaded with
Rings. Bounce off the Boing-o-Bots' springy noggins for high flying ring grabs.
Look out for spike traps and the Lady Bug boss.

Gigapolis - Smash through walls with the super spin dash. Watch where you jump
or Dr. Robotniks traps will make you a chump! Metal-o-Turtles and bugs are out
to get you, Fight the Bead Worm Boss to clear the zone.

Sleeping Egg - Bash upward through solid blocks. Make huge spring-loaded
mega-hops. Ramps send you siaring. Wierd optical illusuions and Dr. Robotnik's
Veg-o-Bots try to do you in. The Bouncy Boss Robot is heavily armed. Watch Out!

Mecha Green Hill - Mad mastermind Dr. Robotnik even has Coconut-Bots, so keep
an eye on the palm trees. look out for the traps everywhere. Jump to save
yourself from the deadly molten metal. Stay on top of the Crawler Boss.

Aqua Planet - Dive into an underwater quest with fierce currents and 
treacherous tunnels. hold your breath and grab air bubbles to survive.
Countdown numbers appear over your head to warn you that you're running out
of air. The Sphere'o Bot awaits

Electric Egg - Breakaway floors, laser guns, and indestructible booby traps are
lurking dangerously in the final zone. Converyer belts make for slippery 
progress. The laser walker can get you with its bouncy shots

                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                        |  Turquoise Hill Zone  |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O

~Act 1~
Run right and get rings and go up the lift. Go left and if you are Sonic then 
the Rocket Shoes will be here. There will be a super ring instead if you are 
Tails. As Sonic, rocket slightly under the top of the screen and so you can be
blocked by another Rocket Shoes and ou can use these new ones to rocket along a
line of rings. Now just move through two loops and a corkscrew, bounce back up 
and move onto the exit.

~Act 2~
Get the Sneakers and drop down. Go left and jump over the spikes and spin dash
through the wall for a 1-up then head back. Hop over the spikes and keep going
straight. Use the spring to get on the ledge and hop across two others while 
killing a rocket enemy then when down, hop over some Boing-o-Bots and some 
spikes on top of the loop and get some rings then bounce off two more springs 
to go through a fake wall and it will lead to more rings then the exit.

~Act 3~
Go right and jump onto the spring and watch for the spikes. Go through the 
corkscrew for three rings.

Boss Fight: Big Lady Bug

You cannot jump on it or it will bounce you high into the air. Just spin dash
into it five times and it is down for the count.

                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- O
                        |  Gigapolis Zone  |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- O

~Act 1~
This level can be made easier (especially if you are Tails since 100 rings are
not necessary) by just staying at the lower parts of the level. Run right and 
roll your way through most of the level and get lots of super rings on the way.
You'll go through a corridor and have to spin dash through a wall. watch out 
for the spring. If you spring up the platform ahead then drop back down and 
spin dash through the walls here. I advise you to move slower to avoid two sets
of spikes. After you go uphill, the exit is just to the right.

~Act 2~
Just hold right and leap or roll into the beetle and hop over the large spike
pit. Just like the previous act, stay low. There are times where springs bounce
you out of nowhere especially one that send you into the rings above. Jump for-
ward a lot if you are unsure of yourself. When you are at the lowest level, a 
parade of springs bounce you to a super ring then spring you up. The exit is to
the right.

~Act 3~
Go left for a super ring then go right and bounce off the spring then around 
the loop through a corridor.

Boss Fight: Bead Worm

Just aim for its head. It's pattern consists of lobbing its bottom segment,
shooting the middle section straight along the ground, then lobbing the last
section before regrowing its body and repeating its pattern.

                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                        |  Sleeping Egg Zone  |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O

~Act 1~
Go right and use springs to break the upper walls and go left. Hop up to the 
pogo spring and jump off of it to the right for a 1-up. Run up the hill and
get a Super Ring and jump off to the right for more super rings. There is a 
hopping enemy nearby. Dispatch it as you get the rings. Use the spring below 
for leverage to the next platform above ride the bar to the right and ignore
the rings then jump off at the end. The ground crumbles beneath you. Jump over
the spikes and keep running and watch for a hopper. Jump across the walls and
at the end, just keep running to the exit.

~Act 2~
Get to the top of the screen any way you can then start staying at the top as 
much as you can but watch for crumbling platforms. If all goes well it'll take
less than a minute to finish this level.

~Act 3~
Take the low road and get a super ring then jump over a gap and run all the way
right and face the boss.

Boss Fight: Bouncy Boss Robot

The best way I could fight this gu is to take the hits and catch a ring in 
midair and nail him in the process during temporarily invincibility from being
hit till he's finished.

                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                        |  Mecha Green Hill Zone  |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O

~Act 1~
Run right quickly to avoid the falling bombs in the palm tree. Run across the 
slanted floor and take a lift to the upper ground, For Sonic, a rocket shoe box
would be here. Continue right and roll into spring beetles and avoid two sets 
of palm bombs. Take two sid springs and the exit is straight ahead.

~Act 2~
Dig a hole in the beginning on a certain part of the floor then fall down. The
oil here is deadly if you sink all the way down. Go left if Sonic for Rocket 
shoes or jump across the oil and jump over a spring and hop over a gap. Use the
spring on the Boing-o-Bot to reach higher ground and use another spring that is
past the slanted ground above. Hop a spring then run across the slanted floor 
and if you fall, a Boing-o-Bot will bounce you back up. The exit is ahead to 
the right.

~Act 3~
Use the hanging platform to get across and stay low. Use the pogo spring to get
up past the slanted floor. There is a Super Ring on the platform above the next
slanted floor. Get it and jump to the right and face the next Boss.

Boss Fight: Tree Crawler

This is an easy fight. Wait for the boss to get low enough then hop on top of
its head and hold right to continuously bounce off of its head as it rises and

                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- O
                        |  Aqua Planet Zone  |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- O

~Act 1~
This zone as a whole is the easiest in the game. I don't even know why I have
to bother helping you here. Just run and jump your way to the end of the level
in no time flat. Just remember not to stay underwater too long. You can skip
across the water too.

~Act 2~
Slightly harder than Act 1 but if you stay at the top of the level, you will 
beat this level faster than the last level. You may want to take your time and
get the super rings galore while you are at the top of the level.

~Act 3~
As Tails, fly to the top and get the super Ring. As Sonic, go through a spring
parade then get the invincibility, and spin dash through the wall and you will
spring up to where the super ring is. The boss is to the right.

Boss Fight: Sphere-o-Bot

Kill the ducks with two hits each then when the boss comes down, lure it to the
right and jump when it gets there and you'll continuously bounce off of it 
without having to touch the controller or landing. The boss will rocket up and
lose its top half and shoot rockets. Avoid the six rockets then when the bottom
half comes down, hit it once to defeat it.

                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                        |  Electric Egg Zone  |
                        O =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O

~Act 1~
Run to the right and spin dash through walls and through some tubes. You'll run
past some lasers but once you past some zoomers, you'll land on a huge trove of 
super rings. Make your way up and to the right to reach the exit anyway you can

~Act 2~
Fall to the left tube and get and invincibility and go back up and hold right 
at the intersections till you are forced up. Take a couple elevators and a 
slide which you must jump off qickly and the exit is to the right.

~Act 3~
Take the slide and jump into the tube and hold down for a super ring then hold
right to proceed. Take the elevator back up and go right to face the last boss.

Last Boss Fight: Robotnik

Bounce on top of him but stay to the left of him so he will not fire his
ricochet shots which he'll do if you are behind or directly above him. After
enough hits, he'll retreat and starts trying to ram you with help of the Red
Emerald. He'll kill you instantly regardless of rings if he harms you. One
hounce on top of him will due him in. If you are Sonic and have the other five
emeralds, the red one will fall to you and you get the good ending. Fail, and
you get the bad ending.

Only Sonic can go here and get the emeralds.

Stage 1: Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can do this one. Get the rocket shoes
and just stay in one spot. You can get the rings if you want. You'll fly into
the blue emerald.

Stage 2: Go all the way right and use the pogo springs to get to the top and
get the orange emerald just to the left of the part where you use one pogo
spring on two platforms.

Stage 3: Just ride the tubes and get invincibility boxes which serve no purpose
and after you start going down a long tube, hold up and you'll be spat out with
the green emerald on the left.

Stage 4: Get the rocket shoes and fly as far as you can then burrow all the way
to the right and once out, get the stopwatch and go up and left for another
rocket shoes. You'll pass another one during flight so go back for it. Once
done, jump past the slanted spring and get the rocket shoes below, then run
back for one more rocket shoes and the black emerald is at the very top.

Stage 5: Get the time stop and ride the tube and just keep holding down to go
through two intersections, and hop over a spring and get the last emerald.

Stage select: up, up, down, down, right, left, right, left, Start
Sound test: down, down, up, up, left, right, left, right, Start
Fireball: activate sound test and move the controller: down, down/right, right
and press 1. 

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