FAQ/Walkthrough by thePrimate

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/17/03 | Printable Version

                          Wonderboy In Monsterland
                            (C) Sega/Westone 1987

                   Arcade Walkthrough v1.0 17th April 2003

                                by thePrimate


1.  Introduction
2.  Story
3.  Basic Gameplay
   (i)   Movement
   (ii)  Fighting Enemies
   (iii) Earning Gold
4.  Miscellaneous Tips and Info
   (i)   The Hourglass
   (ii)  Health
   (iii) Doors and Shops
   (iv)  Tips to Make Life Easier
5.  Magic and Loose Fitting Gowns
6.  Armour and Assorted Fashion
7.  Monsters
8.  Walkthrough


1.  Introduction

Welcome to my first ever FAQ! If it's incomplete, out of order or just plain
"unFAQ-like", then go easy, I plan to get better at this.  This FAQ is the
result of boredom at work and my complete inability to find some decent 
documentation on the arcade original, or even the home conversions for that

Wonderboy in Monsterland is not a terribly complex game, but it does have
a few areas that can be tricky to navigate for first timers.  The overall
length of this game is a little disappointing, especially considering that
the original Wonderboy took almost twice as long to finish, albeit far more
linear, but it can take some time to master and discover all (well, most) of
it's secrets.

This FAQ probably won't contain 100% of the game's hidden wonders, but it
does contain more than enough information to help you defeat the level
bosses, earn considerable gold and find the best items.  If you know of
anything that is missing from this FAQ, then please feel free to e-mail
me - I would love to learn of a new secret that I never knew in the first
place.  On the other hand, if there's something that you disagree with or
doesn't work, then, I don't know, I simply wrote what works for me.  Let me
know anyway, constructive criticism is welcome.

As a side note, most of the techniques in this FAQ should work with the home
conversions, although the "waggle" technique for earning 66+ gold was not
present on most formats.  Boo.

Well, here goes, and happy gaming!



2.  Story

Well here's something new - save the world from evil monsters.  Intricate
story lines were never a primary feature of games from this era since their
main focus was always the on-screen action, but for those that must know 
Monsterland has been invaded by, well, monsters and it's up to a young man
named Shion(?) to save the day.

The game begins with our fearless hero wearing nothing except what looks like
a nappy and wielding a rather pathetic little knife to stab enemies with.
If Shion is to defeat the evil dragon and it's mechanical alter-ego, then
you're going to have to arm him with something a little more intimidating.
Unfortunately these items aren't given over on a silver platter - they have
to be earned, and items like the Legendary Sword aren't easy to locate by


3.  Basic Gameplay

(i)  Movement

OK, there's nothing complex here - joystick controls movement and buttons
perform actions.  Joystick left and right moves the little bloke left and
right, up and down whilst on a ladder to ascend and descend, one button to
stab and the other to jump.  If you have any secondary weapons ie, fireballs
then push down to activate them, and if you want to enter a door then push
up to knock on it.  Simple.

(ii)  Fighting Enemies

No secrets here - just push the stab button to stab.  Some enemies take more
than one strike to kill and they can be defeated quicker by cornering them
if you're able to.  Using your secondary weapons on anything other than an
end of level guardian (there is one exception to this, but see next on earning
gold) is simply a waste as most enemies will keel over with little effort if
you upgrade your sword at every opportunity.

(iii)  Earning Gold

If you intend to stay alive then you need to upgrade your armour, shield and
boots, and these cost gold.  Gold is earned in one of two ways - defeating
monsters and plucking it out of thin air.  Quite how little Shion managed to
learn the latter trick is beyond me, but it's one of the most effective
methods of earning gold in the game and if done right, you can earn quite a 
lot.  To pull of this feat, simply jump in areas that appear suspicious ie,
under trees or in corners, and lump sums will fall right into your lap.  And
who says money doesn't grow on trees....

However, just jumping alone isn't really good enough.  If you want to earn
stupid amounts of gold then you need to perform what's known as the "waggle"
trick - waggling the joystick furiously left and right whilst jumping in
these special spots will sometimes earn you up to 68 gold in one hit, and
if you want this kind of cash appearing more frequently then letting off one
of your secondary weapons immediately before or during this acrobatic feat
is highly recommended.  More often than not each of these sweet spots will 
yield three coins or bags and using more than one (two is a good number,
three is a waste) of your magics increases your chance of scoring highly on
all three.

For example, if you pull down on the joystick to fire off one of your special
weapons followed by jump and waggle, there's a good chance your earnings will
increase dramatically.  Best results are usually to be had with the Whirlwind
and Lightning, but since Lightning costs 50g a pop it's probably not worth
it.  Besides, it's best to keep the Great Flashing One until the end of the
game - you're going to need it.  Using a Fireball or Bomb will most likely
give you the same result as if you didn't use the weapon at all, so you're 
better off keeping these weapons for something more useful, ie. killing 

The main walkthrough will reveal the location of (most of) these sweet spots,
but for now just know that: jump + waggle + magic = gold.


4.  Miscellaneous Tips and Info

(i) The Hour Glass

A feature of almost every coin-op ever manufactured is the game clock, and
this one lasts around 37 seconds before going belly up and stealing one of
your precious hearts.  The following are the only methods of resetting the
hour glass:

- Pick up the hour glass placed in various locations throughout the game
- Battle a Guardian - the clock is reset before and after the battle
- Pick up a Heart, either large or small
- Visit a Hospital
- Enter a new area within a Round
- Complete a Round

Note: a small Heart will only reset the clock if it is picked up from a
monster, NOT from a pre-placed hidden one.

(ii)  Health

Little Shion begins his adventure with only 5 life-hearts to survive on, so
if you want any chance of ridding Legoland of it's evil denizens, you're
going to have to make him a little more durable.  And the only way to receive
extra vitality is to earn it through points (surprise, surprise).  Here's
what you need:

1st bonus heart -  30,000 pts
2nd bonus heart - 100,000 pts
3rd bonus heart - 200,000 pts
4th bonus heart - 300,000 pts
5th bonus heart - 400,000 pts

(iii)  Doors and Shops

If you see a door, then knock on it to enter.  What's behind most doors in
Monsterland can be identified by the sign nailed to it, but not all doors
are marked and even more can't be seen.  Most of these hidden doors are
revealed in the walkthrough, but the general rule for locating these secret
entrances is almost the same for finding coins - if it looks suspicious then

What's behind the doors with signs is pretty self explanatory but here goes

- Shoe: purchase your shoes from here, and if you've already attained the
  Legendary Boots, the Wingboots will be for sale.

- Shield: Shields and more shields.

- Armour: Kit out the little feller with some body protection.  Walking
  around in a nappy all day will probably get you hurt.

- Red Cross: It's a hospital, and for a price the nurse will completely heal
  you.  Remember though, every time Shion cashes in on Medicare the price 
  increases for your next visit.  Some things never change....

- Question Mark: The best way to increase your magic arsenal is to buy what
  these guys are selling.  They're not cheap, but where else can you buy 
  explosives from these days?

- Cocktail: Even heroes on a quest need to stop every now and again for a 
  rest and what better way to relax than throwing down a few at the pub?
  Drinks here will restore a small amount of your health, but it also serves
  as a way of obtaining information from the bartender if you shell out for
  the spirits.

(iv)  Tips to Make Life Easier

- Whenever possible use a hospital just before completing a round.  Finishing
  a round with full health will yield you 10,000 pts.

- For the Guardians that begin the battle on the ground, walk over to them
  while they are materialising and stab them for one (cheap) free hit.

- If you're going save a particular magic weapon (ie, Thunder) for the end
  then be advised that Shion can only hold so many magics at once.  If you
  keep loading up on Whirlwinds, Bombs and Fireballs, then the first items
  collected will be the first items to go.  Round 11 will cause most of your
  headaches - many of the monsters you fight are the Guardians from previous
  rounds and they almost always drop magic.  Shion can carry quite a lot
  (it's hard to calculate how many, but at a guesstimate - around 20),
  however if you don't need it, get rid of it.

- Monsters in Monsterland appear using the respawning method.  In most cases
  if you don't kill monsters at the start of an area then there's a good 
  chance that you won't come across any more until after you leave.  If
  you're in a rush and not concerned about gold and points, then just avoid
  the monsters.  I put this down to hardware limitations on the coin-op
  original - if the screen gets overloaded, it slows down (a lot).

- Don't be too concerned if Shion has to use his resurrection pill.  It can
  be re-obtained by purchasing it from magic shops, or fallen enemies will
  hand it over if you've gone for too long with out it.

- Items like the Legend Sword and the Bell and Ruby are only available if
  you have achieved every related task along the way.  Failing just one of
  these objectives will deny you from obtaining these items.


5.  Magic and Loose Fitting Gowns

Slicing and dicing isn't the only offensive manoeuvre available in the
youngster's arsenal.  Unleashing natural disasters whilst sneaking around
unnoticed has long been a trademark of the wonderstump.  With the exception
of the invisibility cloak, all of the following items can be both bought in
shops and picked up from your fallen foes:

Bomb       -  10g, sold in lots of 5
Fireball   -  20g, sold in lots of 5
Whirlwind  -  30g, sold in lots of 3
Thunder    -  50g, sold in lots of 3
Pill       - 100g, magic shops will sell this item when you lose yours
Queergown  - with a name like that, I'd want to disappear as well.  
             It's regularly dropped by enemies from Round 4 on.
             Makes you invulnerable for 10 seconds.  Get loose!


6.  Armour and Assorted Fashion

If the Boy Wonder is to succeed in freeing Monsterland from the evil invaders
then he needs to protect himself from damage.  The peddling inhabitants offer
a great range of defensive and offensive goods for sale, but on rare
occasions Someone from Above will arrange for the slayed monsters to hand
over these items if Shion goes for too long without upgrading.  Here's a list
of what comes in our hero's size (in order of availability):

The Shoe Shop:

Cloth      -  50 gold
Leather    -  80 gold
Ceramic    - 180 gold
Legend     - 380 gold
Wingboots  -  30 gold

The Shield Shop:

Light      -  40 gold
Knight     - 120 gold
Hard       - 250 gold
Legend     - 360 gold
Gauntlet   -  20 gold

The Armour Shop:

Light      -  60 gold
Knight     - 150 gold  <- yes, it's available before the Heavy Armour.
Heavy      - 100 gold
Hard       - 360 gold
Legend     - 540 gold
Helmet     -  25 gold

Unfortunately you just can't go and save up for the most expensive items.
If you wish to purchase the Legend goods then you have buy the cheaper gear
first, but you don't need every one.  When you buy an item, the next two
on the list will become available in the next shop you visit.  For example,
the quickest way to don the best boots is to buy the Leather first, the next
shoe shop will then be selling Ceramic and Legend.

The Wingboots, Gauntlet and Helmet are frequently dropped by fallen enemies
so you shouldn't really need to buy them.  They're also temporary, after too
much use they will break.

Hints are not given in the walkthrough on which equipment to purchase at any
particular time due to the fact that the amount of gold earned can vary
dramatically.  For instance, if you are having a lot of luck pulling off
amounts of 66+ then it's possible to be wearing the Legend Boots in Round 2,
on the other hand there have been occasions where I've had to wait until
Round 6.

My preferred order of purchases and which round I usually obtain them in are
as follows:

(1)  Leather Boots   - Round 2
(2)  Light Shield    - Round 2
(3)  Legend Boots    - Round 2
(4)  Knight Armour   - Round 3
(5)  Hard Armour     - Round 6
(6)  Legend Armour   - Round 8
(7)  Knight Shield   - Round 8
(8)  Legend Shield   - Round 9


7.  Monsters

What would a game with Monsterland in the title be without monsters? Not a
lot, but this one has a diverse enough range of meanies to make our fearless
hero really need that nappy.....
Here's the bonus points you earn for knocking off members of the cast:

Snake            -   200 pts
Mushroom         -   200 pts
Red Flame        -   200 pts
Jellyfish        -   200 pts
Arrow Pig        -   300 pts
Bat              -   300 pts
Strong Bat       -   500 pts
Pygmy            -   500 pts
Crab             -   500 pts
Octopus          -   500 pts
Mini Kong        -   500 pts
Mudman           -   500 pts
Spitting Plant   -   500 pts
Red Rat          -   500 pts
Blue Rat         -   800 pts
Mini Snow Kong   -   800 pts
Death            -  2,000 pts
Vampire          -  2,000 pts
Goblin           -  2,000 pts
Red Man          -  3,000 pts
Kraken           -  3,000 pts
Giant Kong       -  3,000 pts
Sphinx           -  3,000 pts
Demon            -  3,000 pts
Poor God         -  4,000 pts
Blue Man         -  4,000 pts
Ghost            -  4,000 pts
Snow Kong        -  4,000 pts
Silver Man       -  5,000 pts
Blue Flame       - 30,000 pts
Dragon           - 30,000 pts

The following items are only received from defeated monsters, they have no 
use other than to increase your score:

Coins/Bags       -    20 pts
Yellow Jug       -   500 pts
Pearl Necklace   -  1,000 pts
Mirror           -  2,000 pts
Harp             -  3,000 pts
Scales           -  5,000 pts
Crown            - 10,000 pts

Like most games, every item you come across in Monsterland should be
collected.  Why? Because most of them are worth points and the higher your
score, the more hearts you receive from the Almighty One.  Trying to fight
some of the larger enemies toward the end of the game with only a few hearts
is suicide, but hey, if you're up for the challenge....


8.  Walkthrough

Round 1

The first area of the game is rather short and you should be able to complete
it without the loss of any health.

- Proceed left straight away and jump at the tree for one gold coin
- Go right and jump just past the Monsterland sign for one money bag
- Push up to enter the door at the giant tree trunk and chat to the talking
  pig to receive your sword and resurrection pill
- Jump on the levitating brick and onto the top of the giant tree trunk for
  three gold coins
- Go right, kill the two snakes, jump down at the end (don't bother going in
  the pub, the hints there are useless and you shouldn't need any health)
- Keep going right, kill the snake, go up the steps, kill the other snake
  and collect the timer
- Enter the door to battle the first boss

Round 1 Guardian - Death
Talk about an unfair match - a baby with a butterknife versus a flying reaper
weilding a sickle.  Seriously though, he only takes 4 strikes.  Simply jump
then stab as he approaches and you should have victory with seconds, just
make sure to grab all of the coins before collecting the key, because gold
at the start of the game is vital.

- Go right, kill the snake and jump at the last tree for a heart
- Walk in front of the steel grille to complete round one


Round 2

This is where things start to get a little tricky - it contains two guardian
battles and the first of the hints toward the secret of the Bell and Ruby.

- Jump between the tower and first tree for a coin
- Go right, up the first ladder (buy some boots if you want) and jump to the
  right off the platform for a coin
- Go right, jump up to the door with a shield (yes, you will need to buy one)
  and jump off to the left for a money bag and to the right for a coin
- Enter the shop to the right to purchase a Whirlwind - needed for earning
- Go right, collect the timer and enter the cave
- Jump off the second step for a coin
- Go right, and on the third platform above the lava you will be told 
  "Somebody is there".  Knock on the wall for the first secret door.  The
  inhabitant will ask you to deliver a letter to Mary in Baraboro
- Keep going right (again) and enter door for your second Guardian battle,
  this time not for the Round key, but for the Broad Sword

Broad Sword Guardian - Vampire
This round mound of pound is a pushover.  Just stand in front of him and
stab when he dives.  If he decides to throw some fire then simply stand
still - if you're positioned correctly, you'll never get hit.  Once defeated,
pick up your new sword to exit.

- Go up the steps and on top of the Vampires' hut for 3 coins
- Go right to exit the cave
- Once outside the cave, go all the way to the right where the Hospital is
  and jump off the second step for a coin
- Pay a visit to the shoe shop, if you've been lucky with the gold you 
  should have enough to purchase the Legend Boots
- Jump on the moving platform and go all the way to the top left cloud for
  3 coins
- Go right, pick up the timer and enter the door for the Guardian

Round 2 Guardian - Goblin
This hyperactive runt and his offspring can be a real pain if you don't 
maintain your composure.  As soon as you can, move over to where he is 
materialising and stab him for one free hit.  One way to attack is wait until
he jumps then strike as he lands.  Another is to jump up and strike him in
mid-air.  Either way, Goblin only takes 4 hits.  If you sustain too much
damage simply go back down to the hospital for some quality treatment.
Beware though, if you used the hospital before the battle, you won't be able
to use it again.

- Go right and jump over the grille for a coin
- Walk in front of the grille to enter Round 3


Round 3

There isn't really much to say about this Round - short and easy sums it up.

- Go left, kill all of the Ghosts and jump off the top step for a coin
- Go left to the next area and jump off the ledge for another coin
- Jump over all the spikes and go up the first ladder.  You can go up again
  to reach the pub, but the only hint you'll receive is the obscure "You can
  get armour in castle".  There, I've just ruined it for you
- Go right up the steps, up the ladder, left again and up another ladder
- Go left into the passage and jump around the middle of the entrance for a
- If you want, jump down to the Magic shop for some Fireballs and Thunder
- Go right and jump on the rightmost platform for a coin
- Go left up the steps, collect the timer and go for a ride on the hidden
- About halfway between the arrow and conveyor belt knock on the wall for
  a hidden Armour shop.  With some luck you should be able to purchase the
  Knight Armour
- Go right to exit the castle and jump off the second step for a coin
- Keep going right and enter the door to battle Round 3 Guardian

Round 3 Guardian - Red Man
If you were able to dress the Shion up in the Knight Armour then you don't
have much to worry about.  Simply get in your first strike and follow him
around, stabbing in the process.  Just collect all the coins to end the 


Round 4

A lot of gold can be earned in this round if you're lucky to have a few
Whirlwinds up your... sleeve.  Just make sure to deliver your letter to Mary
as promised.

- Jump at the second tree for a coin
- Keep going left until you reach Baraboro - on the way, jump at almost every
  platform for a money bag
- When you enter Baraboro keep going right until you reach a ladder, go
  up and knock on the window above the pub to deliver your letter to Mary.
  She will give you a flute to use in Pororo so you can meet an "Old Man"
- Jump off the left of the ledge for a money bag
- Go left and use the spring on the platform to jump up to the second cloud
  for three coins
- Go left, jump OVER the water and enter the door to battle Kraken

Round 4 Guardian - Kraken
Kraken can cause quite a bit of damage if you're careless.  Just jump up and
strike well before you get near him.  If timed right, Shion will pass through
the giant squid as it takes damage.  The Kraken itself won't cause much
damage but the bubbles that it spits out will, especially if he gets you
jammed in the corner.

- Go right and use the moving platform to jump up on top of Krakens hut for
  three coins
- Jump off the top and down into the water on the right
- As Shion falls undersea push left to drop into the cave for a shop selling
  Fireballs and Thunder
- Go right, kill all the amphibious nasties (optional of course) and return
  to the surface
- If you want, you can re-enter the door to battle Kraken again.  He won't be
  any more difficult, however you can earn some more gold and instead of
  a key, either a large heart (hopefully, for the 10,000pts at the end of the
  round) or 3 Thunders will appear.  This battle is purely optional
- Go left and walk in front of the grille to proceed to Round 5


Round 5

OK, there's no free ride from here on in.  Every round from here to the end
has at least one feature guaranteed to take you down hard.

- Jump at the first tree for a coin
- Don't bother with the pub, the info there is useless and Shion needs to
  keep a sober head for his fight with Giant Kong
- Jump at the third tree in the forest for a money bag
- I know they're a nuisance, but knock off all of those jumping pygmies,
  or whatever they are.  They drop some great items
- Go left, jump OVER the well and grab a coin from underneath the last tree
- Drop down into the well, moving left and right as you fall to confuse the
- Go right and knock on the wall just after the third Mudman when the screen
  says "HA!" to battle Giant Kong for a new sword

Great Sword Guardian - Giant Kong
Remember when I said that there is at least one feature in every round that
will cause you grief? This is the first one.  Kong is really easy if you have
some good boots, but if you don't fall into a (rather simple) pattern you're
going to die.  I usually use one of the following two techniques:
First: move near him and get in your cheap first hit.  When Kong jumps over
your head, just follow him and stab when he lands.  Kong will reel back, so
just follow and stab again.  When he gets pushed near the wall, he will jump
back over your head so just repeat the above process.  If you take too long
to strike, he will throw rocks at you - just jump straight up to avoid them
and as you approach the apex of your jump move toward him and strike, falling
back into your pattern.  You need to be quick, and this is why the Legend
Boots are helpful (but not mandatory).
Second Method: Move over and get your first strike, followed by a jump and
stab to push him back to the wall.  When you both land, continuously stab
and with a bit of luck you should have him pinned against the wall where
he won't have the chance to jump out.  Kong doesn't have a striking attack
as an offensive weapon, so if he can't get clear to throw his rocks, he's 
finished.  Pick up your new sword to exit.

- Go right and enter shop for armour - if you haven't upgraded your armour
  for a while you might want to visit this shop before you battle Kong
- Jump up to the roof of the shop for a money bag
- Go right to exit the cave
- Go right, ignore the pub unless you need the health, and you will 
  eventually fall down an invisible pit for the Round 5 Guardian

Round 5 Guardian - Bats
This would have to be the most piss-weak Guardian in the game.  Kill all four
Bats, collect whatever they leave behind and pick up the key.  Weak.

- Jump up the platforms to exit and if you're running low on dosh, slay all
  of the pigs, quite a few respawn before they stop handing over gold.
- Jump in front of the first cactus to the right of the pit entrance for a
  gold coin
- Go right to enter the Round 6 Pyramid


Round 6

Ahh... the mysteries of the Great Pyramid, complete with a humanoid sphinx.
Actually a really short round (this is getting familiar...), but there's a
few secrets to be found.  This is where Guardians from previous rounds start
appearing as normal monsters.

- Go all the way right, killing the two Deaths on the way for money bags
- At the end of this area there is a hidden shop on the ledge above the 
  middle sinking platform.  The Whirlwind and Tornado can be bought here, or
  if you've lost it, the resurrection Pill 
- Go right to enter the next area FROM THE TOP, not the bottom near the 
- Go right, jump over the first gap in the floor and collect the three money
- Keep going right, jump down to the hospital, kill the snake and take a rest
  if needed
- Drop down to the left
- Jump just in front of the spikes 9 times and that many coins will appear
  from underneath the hospital - these will fall your way if you are facing
  right when you jump
- Go left, jump over the gap in floor, kill the Snakes and Rat and knock on
  the wall between the two blue columns for a hidden armour shop
- Go right and fall down the gap
- Go right again, jump over the gap and knock on wall for a hidden shoe shop
- Go left, jump over the gap, fall down to the left ledge and enter the pub
- Make sure you buy the cocktail -  the bartender will tell you a secret 
  about the sphinx.  Remember what is said, you're going to need it.
- Drop down to the right and continue along until you have to move up the 
  platforms to the Sphinx

Round 6 Guardian - Sphinx
Remember what the bartender said? If not, you're screwed.  The sphinx will
ask you a question about himself, and if you get it wrong, you'll have to do
battle.  Try using the following technique if you're after a challenge:
The Sphinx only seems vulnerable right after he throws his Thunderbolt, so
when he does this, jump over it and toward him to strike.  If you fail to
land a hit, he'll teleport and you'll have to try again.  The Sphinx takes
an enormous amount to kill, so good luck.  A good shield is highly
recommended for this battle, so if you actually manage to block his Thunder
without getting hit, you won't get knocked back so far.  Oh!

Of course the easiest method to exit the pyramid is to answer his question.
There aren't that many of them and the same two or three questions are
almost always asked.  Here's some answers:

Bartenders Clue               Sphinx's Question         Answer

Sphinx is on a Diet           What was my supper?       Pizza
A Chicken Lost Yesterday      What was my supper?       Eat (the 2nd choice)
Lately, not noisy at night    What is my hobby?         Pop
Windows broken                What is my hobby?         Golf

If you have any more please email me.  Looking at the questions, it seems
as though there may be another two to add, although I can't really remember
seeing any others.


Round 7

Not a lot to be worried about here, although the first guardian is more of
a pest than anything.  This is where you meet the Old Man (actually a goat)
so make sure to use your whistle right at the end of the round.

- Go right past all of the shops, kill the pesky rodents and knock on the
  second last door to fight Poor God for the Excalibur Sword

Excalibur Sword Guardian - Poor God
Poor God is, well, poor so he steals your gold every time he hits you.  The
only annoyance here are the Red Flames, however once these little mongrels
are removed, there's little difference between how you battle Poor God and
Death.  Your prize is a new sword.

- Go right to the last door.  An elephant will tell you to "Go west and use
- Go left and use the moving platform to spring up to the clouds
- At any time you can drop down to the next area, however every cloud bar
  the first one contains a money bag, and the very last one, which is only
  accessible by using Wingboots, has three.  Looks like every cloud really
  does have a silver lining.... or gold, whatever....
- After dropping down, go right past the tower grille and enter the first
  door to battle Blue Man for the key

Round 7 Guardian - Blue Man
Blue Man is identical to Red Man except he has a bigger sword, takes a little
longer to defeat and is slightly more agile.  Use exactly the same technique
as you would against the latter.

- Go right and up the ladder to use the flute
- When the hidden area is revealed, go right and enter the castle.  If Shion
  is wearing the Wingboots, glide over to the platform above the castle
  entrance for 3 coins, then enter
- Kill the two Blue Flames - although they take some time to defeat, they're
  worth 30,000 pts each.  Couple this with the third one at the end of the
  castle and you should earn enough to extend your vitality
- Go left, kill the Red Man, pick up whatever he drops and enter the hidden
  door using the platform that appears
- The Old Goat will give you a Star Pendant to deliver to Namas
- Go left, kill the Blue Flame and jump just before the castle exit for a
  coin, money bag and heart
- Once outside the castle, go left and re-enter the door to fight Blue Man
  again if you like.  As with the Kraken, this battle is not compulsory but
  it's worth extra gold and the possibility of rejuvenating yourself
- Go left to the tower grille to exit


Round 8

Oh dear.  Two of the most troublesome Guardians reside in this round and one
of them holds the Legend Sword.  Remember, the Legend Sword is only 
available if every other sword has been collected along the way.

- Go right, enter the shops if you need to buy anything and attack the
  Mini Kongs at the cave entrance for more useful items
- There is a money bag at the edge of the lava but it's only accessible
  if you jump down from the clouds above
- Collect the timer and enter the cave
- Jump over on the ledge to the far right past the Bat for a money bag
- Drop down, but unless you're really short on gold don't bother killing
  anything.  Remember, if you leave these monsters alone, you won't
  encounter any more until the next area
- On the ledge below and to the right of the first platform that is sitting
  in the middle by itself, jump for a coin
- Drop down to the second lonely platform (about 5 screens down) and knock
  on the wall to battle the Demon for the Legend Sword

Legend Sword Guardian - Demon
The Demon is really not that difficult, but he can do a good job of severely
reducing your health which you need to battle the Ghost at the end of the
round.  Demon has a series of fireballs arranged in a circle that increases
and decreases in size around him.  At the start of the battle simply walk
up and stab when the circle is at it's smallest size then back off and 
repeat.  If he comes too close just throw some fireballs or whatever magic
Shion may be carrying to force him back in the corner.  As time passes the
size of the circle becomes so large that you're going to get hit regardless
of how far away Demon is, and this is his weakness.  Just wander on in, stab
away and you should be victorious within seconds.  If you can walk away with
the loss of only one or two hearts, you've done well.  Pick up the last sword
you'll ever receive to exit.

- Drop down to the ledge on the left for a money bag
- Drop down to the right to exit the cave
- Go right ignoring the Mini Snow Kongs, unless you need gold of course, and
  use the three platforms to gain access to the second cloud to the left for
  3 coins
- Go right and enter the door to battle the Ghost

Round 8 Guardian - Ghost
This would have to be the most destructive Guardian by far.  His lasers cause
a lot of damage if you get caught up in them and he has all the speed of the
Blue Man.  Having anything less than the Legend Boots at this stage of the
game isn't really good enough.  To be perfectly honest though, Ghost can
almost be fought using the same technique as Giant Kong - instead of bouncing
rocks, you get lasers so speed is ever important.  The only difference here
though is that you won't be able to jump to avoid his shots - you have to
strike before he even gets a chance so move quick.

- Once defeated go right to enter the Ice Castle


Round 9

Welcome to the shortest round yet, matching that of the first.  The ice
castle is just an excuse to power up, but placing one wrong foot on the 
slippery surface will land you in trouble.

- There are four hidden shops throughout this round, each of them found
  on the single platforms so just knock on every one.  They appear in the
  following order - Shield, Armour, Shoe and Magic.  Purchasing the Whirlwind
  is recommended for taking on Snow Kong
- Go all the way left to the ledge just beyond the Guardian door for 3 gold
  coins, then enter to battle Snow Kong

Round 9 Guardian - Snow Kong
This frosted mammoth behaves exactly like round 2 Guardian Goblin, except
this time the little runts that are spawning out of big Papa are throwing
popsicles at you.  Just use the Whirlwind to take out the littlies whilst
your attention is aimed at Kong.  Quite simple.


Round 10

By now you should be wearing the Legend Armour, Shield and Boots and have
all 10 hearts.

- Go right and enter the pub if needed.  No hints will be given but at least
  you can buy some health
- Kill the two Pygmies, use the platform to jump up to the roof of the pub
  and strike down the plants, grabbing 3 coins while you're up there
- Go right past the first body of water and jump at the tree for a heart
- Jump over the second body of water for 3 coins at the far right
- Drop down into the pond and push left to drop into the cave
- Enter the shop and buy the Fireball or Thunder if you like, exit and
  re-enter to talk to Namas.  He will exchange the Star Pendant for an Eagle
- Go all the way right to enter the cave
- Keep going right once in the cave - a number of previous Guardians reside
  in here, but the Legend Sword will make short work of them
- Jump in the middle of the ledge just before the final pit of lava for a
- Jump over the lava pit at the far right for a coin
- When you drop down into the lava, the area ahead is identical to the one
  where you fought Demon for the Legend Sword.  All of the gold found there
  can be found in same location
- Go straight to the bottom and right to exit the cave
- Go right and, if you need to, enter the shops to upgrade for one last
  chance.  The doors and what's behind them appear in the following order:
  1 - Pub
  2 - Armour, hidden to right of pub
  3 - Magic, hidden to right of armour
  4 - Hospital
  5 - Boots, hidden to right of hospital
  6 - Guardian
  7 - Shield, hidden to right of the Guardians' lair
  8 - Forturne Teller
- Enter the door to battle Silver Man

Round 10 Guardian - Silver Man
This Guardian is just Red Man and Blue Man in yet another coat of paint, and
as such should be confronted in an identical manner.  The only differences
are his increased speed and strength, but even then his abilities are 
minimal compared to previous Guardians like Ghost and Giant Kong.  Just 
follow him and stab.

- Go right and enter the last door to chat to the fortune teller.  When she
  asks "Take the Better one", you will be given a choice of the following
  Bell - choosing the Bell will allow you to successfully navigate the maze
         in round 11.  Even though the solution to the maze is given in this
         walkthrough, it may be worth selecting for the first few times to
         familiarise yourself.  When you come before a junction in the maze
         the Bell will tingle if you are heading in the right direction.
  Ruby - the Ruby will assist in the battle against the Dragon at the end of
         the game.  As you have to fight the Dragon twice, the Bell will
         make short work of the first battle.  Roll on Meka!!
- Go right and walk in front of the castle grille to enter Round 11


Round 11

The final castle maze was for a long time the source of many a gameplayers'
headache thanks to three reasons:
- It's a maze (duh).  One wrong turn will put you back, and it can be a 
  little difficult to reattain your bearings
- Guardians from previous rounds are in abundance, and although individually
  they're not really a threat, it's their numbers that will wear down your
  vitality.  The main source of hearts in the castle are from defeated Bats
  and there's not that many of them
- There is no option to continue.  If you die, you'll have to start over.

If you don't have all 10 hearts by now, then make sure you pick up everything
that is left behind by the monsters, because there are many chances to 
increase your score.
Ok, here goes:

- Go right, battle Poor God
- Go right again, kill Snakes and take the bottom passage at the end
- Right once more, kill the Pigs, battle the Vampires and keep going right
- Drop down into the first well, there will be 4 Bats on the right then 4 on
  the left
- When you land, drop down on the right side
- At the bottom go left, killing all Flames - there will be a few red, then
  blue ones
- Drop down into the well, push right immediately to fall onto the first
- Go right, fall down into the first well and push right immediately again
  to fall onto the first ledge.  There should be 2 Blue Flames here
- Go right, battle the Kraken and go right again
- Kill all four Pygmies, then retrace your steps to where Kraken was to
  battle Ghost
- Go right and use the platform to jump up into the well
- As soon as you jump off the top of the platform to go up, push left to land
  on the left platform.  Working your way up to the top of the well can be
  a little tricky, but if you keep jumping from one platform to the other,
  you should be fine.  The trick is to jump back over to the other platform
  the instant you land, as it will sink to the bottom if you linger
- As you go up there will be a Snake in a passage to the right.  Kill it,
  and when you pick up whatever it leaves behind, a platform will appear
  allowing you to continue your journey upwards.  Keep going all the way up
- At the very top, go right to battle Giant Kong, then go right again
- Kill all the Snakes, pick up their items and a platform will appear
- Take the top passage
- Go right to battle Demon
- Go right again, jump down into the first well, slaying the Bats as you fall
- Drop down into the left well, there should be Bats adorned on all sides.
  These Bats are a great source of hearts
- At the bottom, slay those pesky Rats, then go left
- If you've followed correctly, Shion will now be in a metallic passageway.
  Go all the way to the left and enter the door for the final showdown with
  the Dragon

The Final Battle - Dragon
The Mighty Scaly One is actually really easy, especially if you've chosen
the Ruby.  His only attack is to spit flame and if you stand at his feet the
flames will almost alway pass over you.  The Dragon can only be stricken on
the head so you have to jump up to land a hit.  He also hates the Thunder,
so having a dozen or so of these stored away will make your job a little

When the battle begins, simply walk over to the Dragon, jump up and stab him
on the nose.  If you keep close, he will usually jump up to let loose his
flaming fury.  As he falls, jump and strike.  That's it.

Once you defeat the green Dragon, his Meka alter-ego will appear and you'll
have to fight once again.  As Meka uses an identical attack method, he can be
confronted in the same manner.  Good Luck.


In Closing...

I'd just like to thank Sega and Westone for creating such a timeless and
entertaining masterpiece.  And to the Navy for giving me nothing else to do
at work.

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