FAQ/Walkthrough by Falktrue

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*FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.1
*Champion Edition

Written by Luiz Gustavo Lisbôa (that's me, Falk)
email: falk85@uol.com.br          MSN: falkvesa@hotmail.com

Wonder Boy © SEGA / WESTONE 1987. All rights reserved.
Mônica no Castelo do Dragão © Tec Toy 1991 / SEGA 1988 / Mauricio de Sousa
Produções 1991. (MSP)

I'm not in anyway afilliated nor associated with SEGA nor WESTONE nor TecToy,
neither MSP.
I just made this FAQ to help out other players around the internet.

All trademarks here belong to their respective owners.

So please, don't sue. If I still did legal crap, I apologize, and please tell
me via email and I shall correct as soon as possible. Keep in mind that messing
up trademarks or game companies IS NOT my purpose here.

+ Intro
+ Copyright Data
+ General Overview
+ Walkthrough
+ Special Thanks


Not really the most important part of the FAQ  but still I wanted to let you
guys know a couple of things:

I made this FAQ because I really enjoy this game. I really appreciate the fact
that people read my FAQ. So feel free to email me with suggestions, corrections
and maybe even questions, but not stoopid ones.

You know... like those times you feel like... "hey man, that's a pretty nice
FAQ you made there..." don't feel discouraged and email me. I guess that's


Copyright © 2004 Luiz Gustavo Lisbôa. All rights reserved.
This FAQ belongs to me. Do not post it in your website, do not copy and paste,
nor sell it in any ways. If this FAQ is found in your site, you could actually
be sued.

This FAQ is also only and VERY ONLY supposed to be found at the following sites:
- http://www.gamefaqs.com

And that's all about it.


This was heck of a good game. Wonderboy surely evolved since his last
appearance. The faggy kid now uses swords, armors and all that. Like the box
said, "no more cute dolls, fruit or milk".

Now you can gather money, buy equipment, weapons and such. The game playability
became a lot better too. But, to tell the truth to you guys, I never actually
played Wonder Boy in Monsterland in the console. Here's why.

I'm a Brazilian guy (Brazil, South America) and I guess Wonderboy never
actually reached the country. Instead, there was a version of Wonderboy called
"Mônica no Castelo do Dragão", featuring a very popular and famous character
from a brazilian comic. Mônica is her name and this character still makes a lot
of success among kids nowadays. So, you could control her in the game instead
of Wonderboy. I had this cartridge =)

Just some other interesting info: later on something similar happened when they
converted "Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap". The game would then feature nearly
all of Mônica's fellows. I didn't have this game, just Falk's cousin ;(

Anyways, I started to make this FAQ because this game is a lot of fun and I
really appreciate it. It's important to remember that the data herein is useful
for both versions of the game: for Wonderboy as well as Mônica.

Before we get started there are a few good things you should know:
* After most stages there'll be a boss. After you kill it, money will pop out
of the explosion, together with the key that allows you to proceed to the next
stage. Only trouble is, if you get the key first, you'll lose your chance to
get the money since right after you'll appear outside the boss room. So always
make sure you get the cash first.

* Along the game, there are PLENTY of hidden locations where money can be
found. But since it's your lucky day, I've put these locations along the
Walkthrough the best I could and as far as I know them. Hope you enjoy ;)

* Now for the most interesting. In this game, there's a little manaeuver that
allows Wonderboy to scroll through the screen, vertically. When me, my sister
and cousins were kids, we invented it (or maybe discovered it). After we took
knowledge, we immediately named it: its name then became Pyramidal-Strox. I
don't know what the heck was on our minds but this is its name. What's the big
deal? You can reach many difficult places and get out of some difficult
situations in the game once you use it. To perform the Pyramidal-Strox, you

	- Press the left + right buttons on the D-Pad and hold.
	- once it's done, Wonderboy'll go all spastic turning right and left very
quickly. Still holding the D-Pad, press the jump button. He'll now start

This can be useful to put you at the top of the screen so you can glide to some
place you couldn't reach by jump before. I couldn't explain the results very
well so you should do the Pyramidal to understand better what I'm talking
about. The key sequence is exactly as shown, though. So you shouldn't have
troubles purrforming it.

Be careful to don't take damage while performing the Pyramidal, cos sometimes
your life meter will drop to zero after contact with the enemy or hazards, like
lava. The safest way to take advantage of it is to do it far away from enemies
or, if not possible, take a little damage before. This'll make you invincible
for a few seconds, and that's your chance to get away unscratched.

I sincerely believe this is a glitch no one ever noticed or something like
that, but I don't really care. Me and the other kids already gave a cool name
to it so that's enough for us.

*Falk today ages 18 years old.


Okay, here the part everyone waited for so long: the Walkthrough! Here you
shall find everything you need to kick ass, impress your friends and the last
but not the least: finish the Dragon!

This FAQ is also known as a "Champion Edition" because it contains very strict
data for you to be able to equip the very best equipments of the game, and for
you to know the best techniques.

Let's get going!

	    Round 1: Welcome to Monsterland!!

All right, here you are: Monsterland. Let's get things going so you can bust
that meanie Dragon. Okay, first talk to the woman inside the tree stump.
There's a door right at the beginning so there's no way to miss it. She'll give
you your sword (Gradius Sword) and a potion to restore your life points the
moment you fall.

Once you get out, a platform should appear. Step on it and move on to the
right. Kill the red snakes and fall off the ledge. There should be and "Ale or
mead" shop door here, represented by a drinking glass of some sort. I truly
hope you didn't get hit on your way here so don't waste your money in this shop.

There's a yellow snake who needs 3 hits to collapse and another red one ahead.
Right after the red one, an hourglass should appear. Get it and restore your
time. Then enter the door.

The Grim Reapear boss (I guess) is inside. It takes 2 hits to kill him and it
should be no big deal. If you get close to it, it will fly down towards you, so
take care not to get hit. After killing it, get all the coins it releases,
taking care not to touch the key, or else you're out of the room and bye bye
for your cash. Make sure the key is the last thing you get. Jumping above the
key can be pretty fancy now since you ain't got no boots, but it is humanly

Once you get the key, you'll find yourself outside the boss arena, and ready
for more =). Walk right, then bash the yellow snake (3 hits again). If you got
hit don't worry, there's a heart on the rightmost tree. Only one, though. Jump
to get it. Go right, knock the door and... you beat the first round! Easy no?

Money locations:
* On the tree to the left of the woman's stump
* Above the woman's stump. There are 3 coins that you can collect by jumping.
They can be found and caught to the left side of the stump. Like 70% or 80% to
the left... you get the idea.
* Beside the ale or mead shop door. That is, to the left. Walk until you touch
the wall then jump.

	            Round 2: no titles on the screen...

Okay, this is the second round. It's quite important since there are a few
shops here and you will quite possibly get your sixth heart by beating enemies
and increasing your score.

Go right and beat the mushrooms until you see the boot store. Climb the ladder
and buy the Leather Boots. Ignore the Cloth Boots because you'll waste money on
a weak boot. The more expensive one allows you to run faster and jump higher.

Keep going right and climb the platforms so you can reach the Shield Shop. Buy
the Light Shield. It costs 40G, but if you don't have the cash, keep going
right on the stage and beat some enemies to collect some more gold. Then come
back to the shop once you got the cash. Don't enter the cave because once
you're in you can't get back anymore. Scroll issues I believe.

Sometimes you might not be able to save 40G. In this case, you can either
choose to keep going without the shield, or reset the game, since you didn't
come from this far (which I seriously recommend)

After the shield shop there's a door with an "?". They sell some weapons there.
They suck, so don't waste your money. Go right and beat the snake, then beat
the arrow-throwing thing. It takes 4 hits to kill it. Enter the cave.

By the cave, there are some snakes and bats. They should be no problem. The
bats even give you some extra hearts to restore HP. Keep going until you see a
lava pit and some platforms. By the 3rd, the game will display "Someone be
beyond the door". Press up to knock on the wall, but there actually is a door.
Talk to the woman and she'll give you extra information, as well as a letter to
her friend on Baraboro. Do not even think about leaving without this letter.

Go right until you find a door (visible now, heheh) after a lava pit. Enter it
and you'll have to beat a monster that throws some nasty fire balls. Evade its
attacks and once it flies towards you, hit it with your sword. It takes about 3
hits to kill him. Once he's dead, he'll give you a more powerful sword, the
"Broad Sword". Go right and leave the cave.

Head right and DON'T FALL on the lava pit. To the rightmost part of the new
area, you should see a Boot Shop and a Hospital. You've got nothing to do at
the boot shop and you really, really shouldn't need the hospital at this early
part of the game.

Anyways, make your way to the up-and-down-red-platform (I should work on its
name a bit, no?) then climb the ladder. To the right there will be a steady
platform where you'll see another hourglass. Get it and keep going right.
There'll be a left-and-right-red-small-platform (whoa man...) so take care NOT
to fall all the stage down! After that, kill the arrow guy and enter the door
you've seen. This is the boss arena.

He's a giant jumping mushroom who throws many smaller mushrooms. A little
tougher to get, but still easy. Repeat the scheme to get the money BEFORE the
key. Once you're out, go right, knock the door and wave to the crowd: you made
it through the second round!!

Money locations:
* By the boot shop, there are 2 division lines between one building and
another: one to the left and one to the right. (RELATIVE TO THE BOOT SHOP
DOOR). Jump by the one to the right to get a coin. Pretty fancy to get, but it
is there, I swear.
* Go up the platforms by the Shield Shop and once you reach the highest, go
left and jump left in the direction of the little cloud you should see here.
* Still on the platforms, go right and jump right aligning yourself by the
division line to your right. At the correct jump height you should be able to
get the money bag. Try get as high as the roof.
* By the second cactus on the little desert. Yeah, the one near the
arrow-throwing guy.
* Above the sword-giving monster's house, inside the cave. Well, it's a little
more to the left. If you divide the house's width in 4, and count one, and two
quarters from left to right, this is it. Once you get in position the coins
will pop up.
* On the first step of the stairs to the left of the hospital. Once you jump to
climb the step, the coin should appear.
* After you climb the ladder, there's a cloud to the left. Jump on it and once
you're on it, place yourself 2 quarters again, from left to right. Then jump.
* By the tree before the boss room. A little more to the right, I'd say. Jump
to get.


	                 Round 3: some nasty castle.

In this first part you ain't getting anything good from anyone here, so use the
Pyramidal-Strox move to get out. Only once, though.

Once you get on the new screen, go right and beat the red snakes, then climb
the ladder. Ignore the "ale or mead" shop. Of course, unless you really have to

Above the ladder there should be a yellow snake. Kill it and go left until you
see a door with an "?". Kill the other yellow snake to get some extra cash.
Ignore the "?" shop. On the ledge above this shop, you should find a heart if
you jump aligned to the candle. It's somewhere around there. Go right, go up,
climb ladder at the top of the screen. Then go left, get the hourglass, then up
again. Kill the arrow guy and get the cash. Then enter a secret door at the
point the "?" shown a few moments ago. Buy the light armor.

There's a conveyour belt here that you can avoid by using the Pyramidal-Strox
move. The best choice, I'd say.

Keep going right all the way and kill some red fireballs. Then enter the boss
room. It's a knight on a red armor. It's pretty easy to beat him, so watch his
movements carefully so you wont get hit by some lame. After he's dead, you
don't have to worry about a key cos all he gives you is money. IT'S A DINHERO
TIME!! After you collect all the coins, you'll find yourself going to the 4th
Round! Way to go!!

Money Locations:
* On the very very rightmost part of the platform with a ladder, which you can
find after you kill the first yellow snake of the Round. Jump to get once
you're in position.

        	    Round 4: On your way to Baraboro

What kind of place is named Baraboro?! No, really, I'd like to know... anyways,
this round is FULL of hidden money bags that you can get by jumping, PLATFORM
AFTER PLATFORM. They can be caught more to the middle of each one, but I'm not
really in the mood to write down where's each one.... oh hell, just kidding,
you'll find them in the end of this section ;-)

This is it, keep going left bashing the baddies and when you reach the
left-and-right platform, wait to be in sync then jump avoiding the grubs. Keep
goin' left and here we are, the Coastal City of BARABORO!

Once there, avoid the big rats and enter the armor shop. Then buy the heavy
armor. I'll explain details later.

Get out the shop, keep going left. You see the shield shop? Climb the ladder to
get to it, andenter. Once there, buy the Knight Shield. Get out and kill the
big rat outside. You see the ale or mead door right below you? Get in position:
place yourself above it then press up to knock a door. Yeah, there's a hidden
door here and it was a bitch for me to find when I was a kid. Catherine is
inside and she'll give you the Flute. Don't you dare to leave without it. Again
another weird name she'll say, "PORORO ISLAND". For pity's sake... =)

Keep going left, bash some baddies and then you should see two up-and-down
platforms. They're tiny. There's water below them. No matter what happens in
this world, DO NOT FALL INTO IT! Go left, kill the red rat and enter the door
to kill the boss. It's an octupus of some sort. It plays a drum and throws
fireballs. Jump and stab him with your sword. Repeat the cash / key scheme.

Once you're out, you can go to the underwater area on the right. Now you're
allowed to fall =)
Keep pressing left on the D-pad (while you're falling) and you should access
some area where there's a weapon shop, and in case you wasted your potion, you
can get another one here for 100G. BUT YOU DIDN'T WASTE YOURS, DID YOU?!?

To the right part of this underwater area, you should see a couple of grubs
that you can easily kill. And a red guy too before them. He's got a high
defense level, so it takes plenty of hits to kill it. You should try to kill it
because some rare, very improbable times, he gives you the Ceramic Boots. I've
seen this with my eyes a couple of times. But it's really improbable... Keep
going right to get out of the water. You'll find yourself before the platforms
once again, but don't worry to hit the water, cos if you do, you won't dive
again =)

Go left once more. Most of you'll notice that you can enter the boss room
again! Do it for some extra cash. I don't really think I have to mention you
are supposed to kill him again to get the money. In the end, instead of a key,
a big heart will appear and fully recover your HP.

Once you're out, go left and knock the door to go to the 5th stage!

Money Locations:
* The second platform
* The third
* The up-and down. Jump when you reach the top in order to get the bag. (4th)
* The sixth, the one between the Glubs.
* The seventh. Above the sixth, take a hi-jump to the left trying to land on
the 7th. A money bag should come out.
* The leftmost part of the tiny island where you can see that crabby thing.
Jump to get. It might be necessary to give a little tap on the controller to
the right while on the air, though...
* The final left-and-right-moving-platform before the grubs. When it's
positioned on the right (and I mean extremely to the right), jump while on it
and a money bag should come out.
* On the second cloud you can reach via the spring that appear once you step on
the lonely block above the first water, right after the shield shop. Yes, the
cloud wandering right above the island with another crabby guy.
* Above the boss' house, 2/4 scheme again. Jump to get, there's 3 of them. You
can reach either with the wing boots or if you don't have them, via

		      Round 5: The way to MAM Desert

No problems at this first part. Just an "Ale or Mead" shop, but you won't need
it. Keep going left until you find a well, then fall down into it.

When you land, you'll find yourself inside a cave. Keep going right, defeating
the mud-men, these guys who keep moving left and right and throwing projectiles
at you. Until you find a secret door, one with a "?". The "?" appears more
easily if you're in contact with the ground once you reach proper position.
Again, press up to knock onto the invisible door. Once you're in, kill the
Gorilla to get the "Great Sword" upgrade. Evade the rocks he throw and keep
hitting it with your sword to succeed.

Keep going right to find an armor store. Enter it. See the 540G armor there?
Since you already bought 2 armors, the game already made it available for you
to buy. Once you got the money, though ;-) Exit the cave and you'll be at Mam

Attention: this next step is FULLY OPTIONAL and NOT RECOMMENDED, since you'll
waste money and therefore won't be able to pay for the game's best equipments,
i.e.: Shield and Armor.
	- Enter the "Ale or Mead" shop then buy two of the guy's most expensive
drinks. By the second one, he'll give you the "Letter to Betty". This will help
you guess the secret of the Sphinx on level 6.

Keep going right at the desert, and count 3 cactus. By the third, stop moving
and prepare to make a jump, trying to land by the 4th cactus. If done right,
you should've been able to avoid an invisible hole here, between cactus 3 and
4. Keep going right and killing the arrow guy to earn money bags. Once you've
killed them all (by this time you should've reached the pyramid entrance), go
back left and walk until you fall down this hole.

There are no bosses in this stage, so you gotta get the key you'll find down
this hole. After you get it, take some damage (not much, okay?) to perform a
safe Pyramidal-Strox. You're out of the place, safe and sound.

Go right, kill the arrow guys AGAIN and there shall be money again! Then knock
the door of the pyramid to get to the 6th Round. Any questions? Good...

Money Locations:
* The very first tree of the round, before the "Ale or Mead" shop. Jump to get.
* The third tree after the "Ale or Mead" shop. Jump to get.
* Above the armor store inside the cave. About 6/8 to the left. Jump to get.
* On the 4th cactus on the Mam Desert, a little more to the left. Can be done
twice, before and after you went down the hole. Jump to get.

		          Round 6: The Pyramid

The ground is full of nasty spikes so watch your step and make sure you won't
hit them. I mean it. Keep going right and bust the Grim Reapers along the way.
They are a bitch to hit the second time because they get farther with the first
attack. Some extra weapons would work good here, in case you have some.

When you reach the rightmost part of the area, you should see an arrow pointing
right, but I'd like you to know that there's a hidden door on the fixed yellow
platform, above the red ones that when you step, they come down. This door
leads to a weapon store. Useless since you got guts to go on without'em =)

Once you go right following the arrow and the game goes changing areas, DO NOT
PRESS anything on the D-Pad cos in the next area there'll be some nasty blue
snakes ready to get you. So, when the action resumes, check your postition to
get rid of them. Go right but don't fall down yet.

This is quite possibly the most important jump of the game. If done right, you
should be able to reach the other side. Go right a little bit more and 3 money
bags should pop from nowhere. Now fell free to fall (FFF), then go left to kill
some blue snakes for extra money. After this, fall down at the hole at the
bottom of the screen to move on the the area below.

ATTENTION: the next step is FULLY OPTIONAL and NOT RECOMMENDED, since you will
waste money AGAIN and will be even farther to get the best armor and shield of
the game.

Once you land, go left all the way until you see a lone platform over a lot of
spikes, and a lone door. Enter there and buy two of the girl's most expensive
drinks and READ HER COMMENTS CAREFULLY. On the first drink she'll thank you for
having brought her boyfriend's letter. On the second, she'll tell you a hint
about the Sphinx's question. Like:
	- The Sphinx took a ride he'll never forget: After Burner would be the answer.
	- Our chicken was stolen yesterday: Fried Chicken would be the answer.
	- and so on.

If you choose to ignore this step to save money (which I strongly suggest since
the Sphinx is not such a bitch to kill), you should read:
	- Once you land go right to the second most important jump of the game. If
you're able to reach the second ledge, there will be a door with a "?" Enter
and buy the Legendary Boots for 380G. Congratulations! You got the best boots
of the game! However, if you miss the jump, no problem... on round 7 there is a
boot store too.

Now go down and then right to enter the boss room. This is the Sphinx. It will
ask you a question. If you answer right, you'll be able to move on without
having to battle against it. The problem is, the answers to the questions vary
from time to time, so it's useless to write down and you have to repeat the
"Ale or Mead boyfriend letter strategy" all the time. That is, if you WANT to
answer right. And waste money. Technically, you BUY the answer. And that sucks.
So, if you are a real man, battle against the Sphinx with your sword. Evade the
little bolts it throws, judge your distance carefully and use the sword attack.
Don't get too close or it'll teleport to another position. By using weapons
such as the thunder and the fireball, you increase your success rate if you
still have troubles hitting it with the sword. (remember: there's still a
one-in-three chance for you to answer right...)

Beat it and go to Round 7. No key-getting problems, so... IT'S A DINHERO TIME!!

Money Locations:
The only known secret location has already been mentioned.

       		Round 7: pathway to PORORO ISLAND (ewww...)

I hope pororoes, whatever they are, aren't harmful. Well, anyways, in this
round there are plenty of stores and a hospital.  You can browse the other
stores as you please, but keep saving money. In other words, don't waste
anything! (Note: the first door sells the Boots of Legend, in case you missed
the boot shop at the Pyramid)

Keep going right until you find a house wider than the others. Enter it and
you'll face the blue Grim Reaper. Don't let it touch you'll or it'll steal your
money. Defeat it to get the Excallibur Sword upgrade.

Once you are done killing the Reaper, go right and enter the last house. Talk
to the little elephant then follow his advice: go left and climb the platform
that appeared now. The same effect can be reached by using the Pyramidal-Strox.

Keep going by the clouds in the sky area you reached, taking care not to fall
because you'll lose the extra hidden money. Once you're done with all the
clouds at range, you must fall to reach Pororo.

Go right past the first door and enter the second one. Then beat the blue
armored guy and get the cash, taking care with the key. Once you're out, go
right and climb that ladder... Remember that flute you got? (you got it, no?)
Wonderboy will play it once he reaches the top. Then the mystery Mansion will
appear at the rightmost part of the area.
Go right and enter the door.

Make your way to the left beating the enemies you find. When you see the
up-and-down-platform, step on it then knock the door above it. The goat (I
guess) inside will give you the Charm so you can deliver it to the Catifish. Go
left and leave the mansion. Hell of a ramshackle mansion it is, I'd say.

Well, once you're out, go left all the way. Remember the boss door? You can
enter it AGAIN! Do it and beat him so you can get some extra money, and a big
heart! It will refill all your life energy and give you some points as well.
After that, when outside, go left and leave the round.

Money Locations:
* Every cloud except for the first one in the sky area. The last one can only
be reached with a wing boot.
* At the leftmost part of the platform above the Mansion entry. There are 3 of
them. Jump to get.
* At the last step of the stair leading out of the mansion. Jump to get.
There's a coin, a money bag and a heart. Take care not to get hit by the blue
fire thingy.
* At the 1st cloud to the right of the boss' house. Jump to get. There are 3
coins. You can get these twice: 1st when you didn't enter the mansion yet, 2nd
when you're coming back.

			    Round 8: whatever

Go right all the way and DO NOT FALL into the area below, since it's a bitch to
get out. Lots of spikes, tough enemies and a conveyour belt are there to greet
you, so be smart. After you leave, THROUGH THE RIGHT PATH, you'll be in a
desert. Most of the doors are disabled, but don't be fooled cos some of them
can be accessed if you knock on them. Remeber: if you do fall in the area
below, no desert for you.

There's an "Ale or Mead" shop by the first ladder you see. When you see the
second ladder, climb it then go right on the platform you just reached. Stay in
front of the window then press up to knock on a door. Now you'll battle against
the Old Twisted Wizard. Defeat it to get 10 thunder flashes, which will help
you A WHOLE LOT on defeating the Round's final boss. This old man shoots some
kind of ball and flies around the screen, but it's easy to beat. Some of you
may say "I only got 9 thunder flashes", but I say again, you got 10. Just pause
and check it out. The bar on the top only shows values up to 9. That's a
software limitation I think. These thunders surely make the desert visitation

Keep going right and then you'll enter a cave. There are a few grey grim
reapers who steal your money and a couple of bats, who whill generally give you
extra hearts. Once you see a lava pit, count 1, 2, 3 platforms. Once you're on
the third, press up to knock-knock. Who's there? A NASTY Medusa!! Use the
thunder flashes you got (I'm assuming you got) to defeat her. Just don't
release them all at once, I'd say one per second would be nice, because if you
shoot them all very quickly the game won't compute the flashes correctly and
you'll run out of flashes before you even kill the boss. Check it out if you
dare. It should take about 6 flashes to kill her, so if it takes more you
didn't do right.  Once you kill her, get the money and the key, necessarily in
this order.

Go right and knock the door to leave the Round. You made it once again.

Money Locations:
* There are no known hidden money locations in this Round.

        	       Round 9: Danger! Keep out.

Watch out for the lava pit. Go right until you see the armor shop. Enter and
get it: the ARMOR OF LEGEND, for 540 GP. That's the freakin' best armor of the
game! Way to go!

Keep going right until you find a cave. Go in. You'll notice that its path is
vertical, going down. Now I'll tell you something good: wonderboy has 2
different falling speeds. The slowest you can get by walking towards the edge
and letting him fall without pressing the jump button. The fastest, you achieve
by pressing the jump button and flying away from the ledge you were once in. I
want you to get the fastest this time, since it'll avoid the enemies on your
way down this cave.

Continue falling, but pay attention to the hidden money locations at the end of
this section. Once you reach the sixth screen, there'll be a lonely platform on
the center, very close to a blue fire bogey. Step on it, taking care not to get
hit by the enemy cos if you do, you'll fall, forever losing your chance to
enter this room ;(

Once you're in, defeat the boss inside to get the Sword of Legend, the best
sword of the game! Yahooo! Oh, but you have to defeat him first... well, since
you got a nice defense status now, don't worry too much about getting hit.
Watch the position of his surrounding fires, then get close to him. If you feel
like you're gonna make it, STAB HIM LIKE CRAZY!! And you'll get outta there
safe and sound.

Now keep going down, just paying attention to the money locations. Once you hit
the 7th screen, there'll be a lava pit down there. Just get out going right and
you'll reach the Icy area.

Go right all the way and you'll eventually reach the boss. It's a pretty tough
Pig... it throws some knives (but not forks nor spoons) and it has quite
possibly the highest attack points in this game, so watch your damage meter.
Evade its knives and hit with your sword. Take care. After killing it, get the
money and the key. Then once you're out, go right, kill the arrow guy, then
right to knock knock. That's the business, man!You reached Round 10!!

Money Locations:
* At the very end of the lava pit from the first area. Once you hit the first
centimeter of land after the lava, jump and a money bag will come out. Since
you'll be really close to the arrow throwing guy, watch yourself.
* On the third screen of the cave you have to keep falling: there'll be a
ledgeto the left, a lonely platform to the center of the screen, just above a
big hole leading to the next area. Step on this platform. Get to the leftmost
part of it then jump, and then a money bag will come out. If you can't get it
on the first time, keep trying different "to the left" positions.
* After you got the money on the third screen, prepare to get it on the 4th. At
the platform you were, perform a jump projecting yourself tottally to the right
now. Once you get on the 4th screen, you'll be on a ledge watching over 2 nasty
bats. Get to the leftmost part of this ledge, and then jump to get another
money bag.
* At the screen where the boss lurks, there'll be a ledge to the very lower
part of the screen. Get to it, and then move to the left, leaving 1/4 of space
between you and the wall to the left. Then jump and a money bag will come out.
* On the Icy area after the cave, there'll be a water pond with a red platform.
The one that when you step on, it'll come down with your weight. Considering
the middle of the tiny platform as 50%, ou must get between 51% and 85% of it,
then jump 3 times to get coins.

                        Round 10: the Ice Castle.

Although it's made of Ice, this place is full of hot-burning lava. Impressive.
Not many other mysteries in this round, though. Go left all the way, killing
enemies to get money. There are plenty of hidden shops here, so press up on
every platform you reach to find them. In the end, you'll meet the nasty kong.
You've seen a guy like him before, so you'll know what to do. No keys, so...
(come on everyone!) IT'S-A-DINHERO-TIME!!

Money Locations:
* There are no know hidden money locations in this round.

                  Round 11: the Dragon's castle boundaries!!

Few have made it this far... no, really! Keep going right all the way until you
see the last water entrance of the area. Dive into it, and PRESS THE LEFT ON
THE D-PAD LIKE CRAZY. You should reach the ledge where a door with a "?" is.
Enter it. Then get out. Then enter again. SURPRISE! The Great Catfish is
inside! He'll give you the hero's emblem, which'll allow you to exchange it for
the Bell or the Ruby later on.

Go right and you'll leave the water area then enter a cave. Go right all the
way... down all the way... And you'll reach the castle boundaries. You should
see a BIG dragon statue. Keep going, visiting all doors... You'll face ANOTHER
knight, only this is in silver armor... beat him AGAIN... then you'll enter a
door and talk to the woman you first seen in the game. When she tells you to
choose between the ruby or the bell, take the ruby. You won't need the bell cos
I made a map just for you, so ya won't get lost in tha castle, rite?? Good no?
The Ruby will make it a whole lot easier to beat the dragon: it'll take a lot
less hits to kill him.

Then go right and leave the Round. Now you mean business: welcome to the Last

Money Locations:
* You won't use money for anything else in the game, and even if you do, your
savings should do it. I'm serious.

                      Round 12: The Dragon's Castle!!!!

Wave to the crowd... here you are: the last Round!! This round is the most
difficult of the game, for a few particular reasons: It's a maze, and once you
take the wrong path you're forced to start over again; the hourglass inflicts
damage as time flows in the game, and since the castle is a long way to run,
this could be trouble; the dragon is a tough boss a most of us get nervous at
the time we have to face him, and the encounter ends up in a loss. And that
means, back to round 1, and you'd have to hear all my talk again ;)

Well, let's solve stuff one by one. For the maze you'll get a map here, as said
before. For the hourglass, kill the enemies and DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GETTING THE
CASH. There won't be any other shops in the game. Just beat them to take them
out of your way. Keep in mind that the most important is to reach the dragon
arena as soon as possible.

And for the dragon battle, well... there's not much I can say, but it has a
simple program: it spits fire towards you, so a good thing to do is to get in a
convenient position every time so you can move away from the fire blasts, AND
still get in position to attack. The only way to inflict damage is to hit its
head by jumping and using the sword. The fire blast can't change direction in
flight, and it's pretty dumb. It'll burn in the floor for some time before it
goes out, so don't get burned.  The dragon's battle program can also be divided
in 2 main groups:
- when the dragon looks like a dragon (green and all that)
- when it has turned into Meka, a machine-like dragon, after you kill its first
"skin". Let's put it that way... Meka is a lot faster and meaner.

Now, the freakin' map. It's not ASCII art thingy cos I really don't need to do
such. It's based mostly on giving directions and references as you move through
the castle. Here we go.

1* Once you're in, keep going right, and take the lower path.
2* Keep going right, until you see a lower passage. Go down, and fall all the
3* When you land, go right.
4* On the next screen, go left, then fall down.
5* while on the air, go right and land on the first ledge
6* go down again, and repeat: land on the ledge to the right.

7* Keep going right until you see an up-down platform. Take it and go up.
8* (FANCY) Go up all the way, ignoring ledges. Many people have difficulties
here. Right at the beginning of the new screen, you must press right on the
D-Pad like crazy, so you can land on the lower platform. But you can't stay
there forever, cos it'll go down as long as you're standing there. The
solution: jump to the other one. Once you get on the other, the one you were
before will start climbing, getting higher than the one you're standing. And
this process will repeat several times, until you reach the very top.

- If you do it wrong and fall: (only if)
Go left once you land. Keep going left, left left... until you see a passage
allowing you to go down. Do so. Go back to steps 5 and 6 and try again until
you do it right.

9* Once you reach the top, (this can be a bitch) take the left. When you see
the blue snakes, take the higher path.
10* Go left. Do not fall.
11* Go down (on green plant things), ignore the 1st ledge, keep falling and
enter the 2nd. (D,D,R)
12* Keep going right, until you see a passage down. Go down, then fall ALL THE
WAY down.
13* When you land (there should be a red fireball thingy to tell you you're
right), go left all the way. (by the extreme left, there'll be a lonely red
14* Keep going left, knock knock. Then beat the Dragon.
15* yahoo.
16* I'm the best.
17* yeehaw.


Well well, this is it... the FAQ is finally done. In this section I'd like to
thank some people who made this FAQ possible:

+ The guys at SEGA. Thanks for being such a great company so present in my life.
+ The WESTONE crew. I don't know their names, cos they don't appear at all, not
even if you finish the game.
+ My family, specially father, mother, cousins and sister.
+ Christian Wall for helping me out with the Copyright and Legal Stuff part of
the FAQ. =)
+ Pegasus, my beloved computer =)

and.... YOU! Thanks for choosing and reading my FAQ!!!!!

And I guess it's all...