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Bank Panic 
FAQ/Walkthrough written by hand of g0d 
Platform: Sega Master System 
Version 1.0 
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VERSION HISTORY_________________________________________________________ 
I know, this FAQ looks a bit drab since there is absolutely no layout 
design, ASCII art, or anything like that. I figured *if* anyone is 
reading this they really could care less what the FAQ looks like. This 
will most likely be the only version of this guide I put out because 
there is only so much I can cover, of which I plan to cover all. So 
obviously this is the first, and most likely last version of this FAQ. 
Bank Panic is one of the most creative games I have ever played. Both in 
the arcade, and on the Sega Master System this game serves good gaming 
the way it should be, *entertaining*. The premise is simple. You are the 
white hat cowboy there to protect the bank and it's loyal customers from 
all the trouble makin' cowboys of the wild west. Apparently wild west 
banks had 12 doors on them, of which you must periodically check. You 
can check up on 3 at a time. If everything is going well you keep making 
your rounds. Shoot off any criminals, or help a customer in need. Once 
every door has given you the bank a deposit it's on to the next level. I 
am writing this guide out of respect for the system, the game, and those 
who designed it. Thank you all so very much. 
HERO- The hero is a freak of nature (you) who can somehow manage to fire 
three shots at the same time. 
HARDWORKING JOHN- Sounds like a guy who buys his pleasure if you know 
what I mean, but instead he's the guy that deposits money bags at the 
bank. Shooting them reduces your total lives by one. 
SAM, THE COWARD- Is apparently scared or something. Oh right, it's 
because he's got a gun in his back. He looks just like John, but without 
the money bag in his hand. When he dissappears the Robber will be behind 
him. Shooting the robber under FAIR conditions scores you 200 points. 
Thanks Sam. 
LUCKY MARY- Gets her money from the casino. She'll be depositing some 
money bags, that is unless you shoot her. If you do (shoot her) then you 
will suffer the loss of one player. 
UNLUCKY ANN- Does not play at the casino. Actually it's just Mary, but 
being held hostage. Think Sam in a dress. Shooting the Robber under FAIR 
conditions earns you 500 points. 
COOL-HEADED CASHIER- When a money bag is deposited at the cashiers 
window you score 1000 bonus points, although his position varies each 
HOPE, A NEW-RICH- Has just come into so money. Too bad she's tied up. 
Shoot the rope to free her and score 3 money bags. Otherwise she will 
dissappear and a Robber will show up. Shooting him under FAIR conditions 
will get you 200 points. 
CHILDREN WHO RESPECT YOU- These loser kids show up with a couple of hats 
on their head. Shoot 'em off and you will score a money bag. Rounds 1-2 
= 3 hats. 3-4 = 4 hats. 5+ = 5 hats, with less and less time as rounds 
QUICK DRAW SHOOTER- No hostages, just shoot them under fair condtions 
and the faster you do (tracked by the time limit above their head) the 
more bonus points you get. 
THE ROBBER'S BOSS- This guy takes 2 shots to go down. 
The point of the game here is to get somebody to deposit money into all 
12 of the bank windows. One might leave one window un-deposited just to 
collect more money before the end of the round, but that would only be 
for high score purposes. 
You can die 4 ways. Get shot by a robber, accidentally shoot a towns 
person, when the dynomite explodes (you can shoot it off the door before 
this happens), or when time runs out. 
Extra lives will be awarded at a set score interval. 
There is a small meter at the top of the screen that shows all 12 doors. 
A indication will appear when someone is heading to a door, and when it 
reaches the door on the meter, the person will be at that door in the 
game. Use this to find out where you should go next. Sometimes you will 
hear a bomb ticking down, use the meter to find out where it is. After a 
money bag has been deposited at a window, the meter will show a dollar 
sign ($) below that windows number on the meter. If the $ dissappears it 
has been stolen. Go to that window and the robber will show up, shoot 
him to get your money bag back. 
When a robber shows up, he won't be ready. Give him a second or so and 
the exclamation mark (!!) above his head will disspear and a timer will 
appear (can range from 2 seconds to 30 seconds, or so) shooting him when 
he is not ready will get you an UNFAIR score. Shooting him when the 
timer has appeared will give you a FAIR score. 
Scoring at the end of the round works like this: 
12 bags = Number of bags x 50 points 
13-24 bags = Number of bags x 100 points 
25-36 bags = Number of bags x 150 points 
37+ bags = No extra points. 
Fair average points (The average amount of time shooting under FAIR 
0.00 sec. - 10,000 
0.01 sec. - 9,000 
0.02 sec. - 8,000 
0.03 sec. - 7,000 
0.04 sec. - 6,000 
0.05 sec. - 5,000 
0.06 sec. - 4,000 
0.07 sec. - 3,000 
0.08 sec. - 2,000 
0.09 sec. - 1,000 
0.10 sec. - 0 
Time bonus- the more time left on the meter, the more points you get. 
LEFT      - Cycles doors to the left 
RIGHT     - Cycles doors to the right 
UP/DOWN   - Shoots at leftmost door 
BUTTON I  - Shoots at rightmost door 
BUTTON II - Shoots at middle door 
Q-When did this game come out? 
Q-Who made this game?   
Q-Was it on any other systems?   
  A-Yes, it was first an arcade machine, but after that no other systems 
    had it. 
Q-Does this game use the light phaser? 
  A-I wish. 
Q-Is this the very first, first person shooter? 
  A-It's possible, but I'm not 100% on that. 
This guide was written entirely by me, with some help from the game's 
instruction manual. I hope it helps in any way. Enjoy. 
Thanks to CJayC from www.gamefaqs.com 
Thanks to whoever programmed this game, who's name I've never seen. 
Thanks to Sega, for building a superior 8 bit machine. 
Thanks to you for reading this crap down here.