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                    LEGEND OF ILLUSION starring MICKEY MOUSE
                              FAQ/WALKTHROUGH v0.9

                       Written and maintained by SubSane
                        Last updated  February 12, 2006



     1.1 Game Details
     1.2 Story

     2.1 Game Start
     2.2 Status Screen
     2.3 Controls
     2.4 Items

     3.1 Castle Goofstein
     3.2 Forest
     3.3 Duckingham Palace
     3.4 Sunken Ruins
     3.5 Crystal Forest
     3.6 Rainbow Wastelands
     3.7 Gardens of Illusion
     3.8 Tree of Life
     3.9 Falls of Fortune
     3.10 King Pete


     5.1 Version History
     5.2 Guide Credits
     5.3 Contact Information
     5.4 Legal Stuff


===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ========================================================

                               1.1  Game Details

Mickey and his Disney pals have had many adventures in the realm of video
games, including two exclusive outings on the Sega Master System: Land of
Illusion and Legend of Illusion. Both games were derived from the classic
Castle of Illusion gameplay and graphics.

Legend of Illusion, the third and final game, was released in 1994.

                                  1.2  Story

Mickey was a simple laundry boy in the kingdom of King Pete, of no consequence
to anybody. But one day a dark shadow spread across the kingdom, killing the
crops and upsetting the king and his people. The king's advisor told him the
only way to save the kingdom was for a king to venture out and find the
legendary water of life. Unfortunately King Pete was a selfish coward, but as
Mickey walked by he formulated a plan.

He made Mickey an honorary king and commanded him to go out and find the water
of life. Mickey doubted that he could do anything to save the kingdom, but
perhaps a different king would. With courage he did not know he possessed Mickey
set out to the kingdom of Goofy...


===== 2.0 THE BASICS ==========================================================

                                2.1  Game Start

Press Start
Press Start to begin the game.

                              2.2  Status Screen

Press Select to access the status screen:

Those red dots represent Mickey's health. 

That white Mickey symbol shows Mickey's remaining lives.

Collect points by attacking enemies and finding treasure.

Collected items will be saved in the slots to the right. Some items such as
health points are only saved there if you already have full health.

                                 2.3  Controls

    Command      |  Character Action                 |  Other           
    Left         |  Move Mickey                      |  Navigate menus
    Right        |  Move Mickey                      |  Navigate menus
    Up           |  Climb ladders, climb ropes       |  Navigate menus
    Down         |  Duck, slide down ropes           |  Navigate menus
    1 button     |  Throw soap, pick up blocks       |  -
    2 button     |  Jump                             |  -
    Start        |  Pause                            |  Select in the menus

                                   2.4  Items

    Item          |  Purpose of item
    Basket        |  
    Cake          |  Replenishes all health points
    Orange Mickey |  Extra health point
    Donut         |  Extra health point
    Mickey square |  The white squares with a black Mickey logo are lives
    Chalice       |  Points
    Diamond       |  Points
    Silver key    |  Reward for beating the Lion Head
    Gold key      |  Reward for beating the Rainbow Caterpillar
    Gems          |  Collected at the waterfall


===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH =========================================================

                             3.1  Castle Goofstein

... and the quest begins.

Head to the right and shoot the cat as it approaches, or try and dodge it.
Further ahead you'll see your first block and a treasure chest on the roof.
Stand next to the block and press 1 to pick it up. Now you can use it to jump
onto the barrels ahead and reach the treasure chest on top. Break it open for
a chalice.

Continue to the right and jump onto the barrel on the ground. That thing rolls
in the opposite direction you move, so hold Left to move to the right and jump
onto the higher ground. Womp that cat and bust open the chests for an orange
Mickey and an extra life. Jump up next to the block and press 1 to pick it up,
then use it to get over the barrels.

Bust open the chest on the next roof to get a cake for your item slots. Now
you will see a rope and a weasel hiding in a barrel below. Approach and attack
the weasel from the left then proceed, opening the chests along the way for
point items. Bop the weasel near the Goofy posters then walk a few more steps
to complete the level.

If the following cutscene reminds you of a certain mushroom retainer's
end-level speech, you're not alone...

                                  3.2  Forest

At the start of the level you'll see a dark shadow with eyes in the ground.
These things pop up when you get near and crawl along as hands. Shoot them with
soap or a block to kill them off then grab the green vine and climb up to get
to the tree branch. Jump up to avoid the bee's air strike. Open that chest on
the left for an item.

Hop down and run along, taking care of any enemies that appear. When you get to
the chest containing an item you'll see a large rectangular block. Grab the
block and push to the right to create the first step, then hop up and pull the
smaller block from the wall to create the second step. Use them to jump up to
higher ground.

Head to the right and kill off any enemies that appear. It can get messy around
that bee hive with all the enemies, so hang back and destroy them one at a
time. Collect the donut from the chest for a health point and move along. Jump
up into the branches and jump over the pit to avoid the spikes at the bottom.
Continue along back onto solid ground and shoot the hands as they appear. Save
the monkey at the end to finish this part of the level.

Now we're in the requisite vine-jumping area. Grab the handle above and then
jump off as the vine is rising up. This will launch you onto the platform to
the right. Look to the side and jump up to shoot the two floating snakes, then
use the vines to cross over the water. The next pond will have a bunch of
those cute little monkeys to assist you. Hold Up and jump from one to the next
to get over the peril.

Now you'll see a handled vine above the next pond. Use it to get to the top
branch and hold Up to grab hold of the vines at the top. Make your way to the
right until you see a branch and chest. Bust open the chest and pop the snake's
bubble to continue. Make a large jump to the right to end the level.

                            3.3  Duckingham Palace

Ah, the kingdom of Duckingham. Mickey's mission here is to find the king that
can save his homeland, but first he'll need to get through palace that's been
taken over by bad guys. Shoot that weasel and jump on the blocks and ledges to
get to the roof of the building. Grab onto the rope and swing to the next roof
to find another pair of chests. Shoot the crows as they fly by to avoid getting

Jump to the right, and if you fall in the pit you'll need to pull out the blue
block to lower the red one and create a platform. Keep walking to the right
and shoot any weasels who cross your path. Get over the pit with the two S
blocks and eventually you'll reach a large wall, weasel, and treasure chest.
Take care of the weasel and chest then pick up the N block and jump up towards
the S block inside the window. If you're holding the N block the S block will
appear outside the window. Jump onto the S block and jump up to make the next
block appear, and finally jump up to get to that chest on the roof.

All that remains is to get to the exit door. Jump to the left and swing across
the two ropes to get to a roof with a doorway. Enter the door.

Boss: Evil shadow

Here you'll be fighting an evil shadow that fires small circles at you.
Quickly pick up that block and keep it with you at all times, as it will be
your weapon throughout this fight.

Now the shadow will appear from three locations: top, middle, and bottom. The
top spot means he will slide across the floor and the only safe spot is on top
of one of the blocks. The middle spot means he will pop out towards the ground.
The bottom spot means he will pop out towards the top and shoot circles at 

The only way to attack the shadow is by throwing the block at him when he
appears from the bottom spot. Pick up the block immediately after he appears
and the shadow will then appear on the opposite side of where you are. Jump
onto one of the blocks and wait there until he appears from the bottom spot,
then quickly jump forward and throw the block to hit him. Land three hits and
the lost King Goofy will drop down from the ceiling.

                               3.4  Sunken Ruins

Take out the mini-tornado and begin your trek through the ruins. Don't worry
about falling into the pool because that squirt from the purple clam can bring
you back up. Continue along and bust open the two chests along the way for some
sweet item action. Enter the door at the end to continue.

Head to the right and grab the arrow block to open the wall. You can now hop
underwater or jump over the gap to find a chest inside a pit and another one on
a ledge at the end. I say go for the chests.

If you fall in the water, you'll have a limited amount of time underwater, so
quickly swim past the fish and through the tunnel. Use the pocket of air at the
top to fill up on air.

Get to the area with the fish and an arrow block at the bottom. Use the stone
block to kill the fish then pull the block to raise a platform above, which
will also open the water tunnel to the right. Swim along and avoid the spiked
chains like before. Both the top and bottom paths will lead to a door between
some rotating platforms. Enter the door.

Swim down and carefully navigate the corral along the bottom and get to the
next platform with the chain. Swim down again and bust open the chest, then
go past the chain and swim up to find the next door.

Hop your way up and pull the red switches to reveal new platforms. Once you get
to the top turn left and sink down. Carefully grab the red switch turn off the
green blocks, but then hop to the left and pull the switch again. Jump up the
bright green blocks and pop open the chest for something sweet. Walk to the
left to find King Donald.

                              3.5  Crystal Forest

Turn right towards the crystals to enter this stage.

A forest they say, but I'd call it a cavern. Regardless, your mission here is
to get to the end of this place. Head to the right and shoot the first worm
with your new upgraded soap bars, then enter the door by tapping Up. Continue
along and shoot the worm in the new room. Jump onto the moving platform to
cross over the spike pit but makes sure to pop the chess pawn before he hits
you with the crown. Grab the chest item and use the pawn to reach the upper
platform and enter the next door.

Walk left and start jumping your way up along the colored platforms while
shooting enemies. At the top you'll need to turn to the right and shoot any
worms that may appear. Once the bottom path opens up carefully jump down to
avoid the worm and continue hopping down until you get to the blue door.

Head right and pop yet another worm before you get to a ray of green light.
You'll need to pick up the crystal prism on the ground and throw it into the
path of the green light on the left, BUT the angled side of the prism must
face the light. Jump onto the elevated platform and stand on the left edge,
then throw the prism to the right so it lands on the step and into the path
of the green light. That will light up a platform and give you access to the
upper area.

Jump up there and quickly kill the worm, grab the chest, and shoot (don't
touch) the red ball to activate a red platform. Jump up and cross the first
spiked pit using the moving platform, then shoot the chess pawn to drop his
crown and use it to cross over the second spiked pit. Enter the next door
to continue.

Jump into the gelatinous water and quickly swim through while avoiding the
creature inside. Pop the worm when you get to the bottom and grab the chest
item, then once again swim through the gooey water to head to the left. Enter
that door to move on.

Swim through another jello block and fall into the hole on the left to find a
strange area with glowing ceiling and floor. Jump into and try not to get
dizzy as you fall through the floor and drop from the ceiling. Get close to
the right but do not touch the red balls. Try and shoot down the balls as you
freefall until they all disappear, then you're clear to enter the door.

Head to the right and do the usual with the chest and worm, then jump onto the
highest small platform to move up the screen. Let the platform carry you up
and jump up onto another level, and keep moving your way up until you see the

The next area involves more moving platforms, and plenty of spikes. Stay on
the platforms as they head down and jump off when you see the first red light.
Go into that small alcove and collect the chest at the end, then return to the
left and hop onto the moving platform when it turns left. Shoot the red ball
to avoid getting hurt, then do the same with the next platform. Jump off and
to the left when you reach the end to get a chest inside a small gap, then
jump down to meet the boss.

Boss: Lion Head

The lion head has three phases. In the first phase he sits in the middle and
releases four letters (R, O, A, and R) that hurt you if you touch them. Avoid
these by staying to the left or right and shooting the letters as they get
near. The second phase involves him teleporting around the room and finally
appearing from one spot and flying up. Move around to avoid getting caught and
shoot him as he flys up. In the final phase the lion head will swoop down for
an attack, giving you a good chance to shoot him.

Shoot the lion head five times and the Crystal Forest will be complete.

                            3.6  Rainbow Wastelands

Enjoy the cool scrolling effects as you trek across the multi-colored desert.
There will be many enemies here, including a simple jumping cactus, falling
crystals, a shark that warns you when his fin appears, cow skulls, and even
small sparks of flame. They can all be handled quite easily by staying on the
left side of the screen and shooting them with soap. After the short jog you'll
face a boss.

Boss: Rainbow Caterpillar

The caterpillar can only be attacked when he leans over to shoot something and
his cheeks are puffed out. You must hit him the second he puffs out his cheeks
or the attack will not land. If you do hit him he will become stunned. This is
your chance to shoot one of his segments and break it off. You also should
avoid his antennas when he digs into the ground. There will be five separate
attacks based on the current color scheme:

Green: The caterpillar will shoot out a cactus.
Blue: The caterpillar will shoot out a shark.
Red: The caterpillar will shoot out flames that crawl along the ground.
Purple: The caterpillar will rain crystals down from the sky.
Brown: The caterpillar will shoot out a cow skull.

Once you break off all four segments the caterpillar will be defeated and you
will get the second key.

                            3.7  Gardens of Illusion

Here it is, the goal of this entire quest. Here you have to find the Tree of
Life, but first you must get through a perilous garden maze. Walk to the left
and tease the spider to drop down, then shoot it. Use the spool to ride up and
continue to the left.

Avoid that bird's shots and shoot the crab if you like, but your goal is the
red mushroom on the left. Hop on the mushroom to get to the ground above. Shoot
the spider and use the spool to cross over the spikes, then keep going left
until you see a bird. Shoot the bird and fall in to pick up a chest, then
return to the tree branches above. Use the big green leaves to cross over the
pit and continue to the left. Shoot the next bird and crab and use the red
mushroom to get the chest on the tree branch above. Pick up the gray block and
walk to the left until you get to the wall. Use the block to jump over and
enter the next garden area.

Jump onto the flower and rotate it until the last note pops out of the horns.
Get on the note and float up to the notes in the air. Jump along and do not
fall off until you reach the end (unless you want an extra life from the chest
in the pit below). Jump off onto the ground to get to the Tree of Life.

                               3.8  Tree of Life

This stage begins with a flight aboard a dragonfly. You can move up and down,
left and right, and press both buttons to shoot. The stars at the beginning can
be shot down easily enough as long as you avoid the ones that get too close.
When you fly down over the forest you'll face trees along the bottom as well
as red and green orbs in the air. Just fly high and shoot the orbs as they
get close.

After the high-flying fight in the sky you'll be at a beaver dam with a
smirking beaver ahead. Shoot the beaver to reveal its true identity.

Boss: Sorcerer of Darkness

The sorcerer will float along the top and use one of three magic attacks. The
first is a lightning blast from above, the second is a fireball from his hands,
and the third is a spiked green ball on the ground. For each attack it is best
to dodge the attack and then quickly fire a bar of soap at him. It will take
8 hits to finish off the sorcererís first form.

Boss: Red Dragon

You will now be up against a rather small red dragon, but he still packs a
mean punch. Avoid his first fire blast and then run along as he flys to the
right. That spiked ball will be on the ground the entire time, so just be
aware of it as it moves around. Duck down when he flys overhead to avoid a hit.

So, how to attack this guy? Your only chance is to throw some soap into his
mouth when he opens it, but make sure you hit the mouth BEFORE the fireball
comes out. That will make the dragon release a bubble. You must then use the
bubble to jump onto the dragon's head and wait until you see the wings twitch.
Jump off and the he will toss the spiked ball into the air and onto his head.
Keep making the dragon bop itself on the head until he goes down.

                             3.9  Falls of Fortune

Note: Collecting all of the gems in this stage will give a slightly different
ending, but if you don't get them all you'll still get the complete ending.

All you can do here is collect gems and make your way down the falls. Head to
the right and collect all the gems, and when you jump on the small platform
make sure to jump off quickly and go for the red gem. Fall down and collect
everything towards the left then slide down the rope. Swing along the rope to
avoid the spikes and then climb up the next rope ahead, which leads to a few
gems above. 

Jump down and run down the ramp to the left and jump over the pit. Collect all
gems and turn right. You'll now see a large pit and a rope off to the right.
Get a running start and make a large leap to reach the rope and get the green
gem above. Slide back down the rope to continue.

Use the rope along the top of this level to get the white and yellow gems on
the opposite ends, then jump into the pit. Collect that blue gem and slide down
the lower rope to get a white gem. Climb back up and slide down the next
rope to end the stage.

                                3.10  King Pete

So you just saved an entire world from an evil sorcerer, and this is the
welcome you get? Preposterous!

Pete is similar to the dragon in his patterns, but he only has two simple
attacks. In the first attack he reaches down and pulls out a bomb to throw
at you, and after a few bombs he runs across the screen. To attack all you have
to do is jump and grab a bomb when he throws it out, then toss it back at him.

Hit Pete 12 times to end his selfish reign and complete the game!


===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS =====================================================

Unfortunately there weren't any apparent secrets. If anybody out there knows
something I don't feel free to drop me an email.


===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. =======================================================

                              5.1  Version History

February 12: Version 0.9
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Completed my first guide for '06. Happy (belated) new year!

                               5.2  Guide Credits

Thanks to...

1. Disney and Sega for creating the game.

2. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his kick ass 'Bart vs. the Space Mutants'
guide. It is the inspiration for the over 50 guides I've written to date.

3. Thank YOU for reading. After all, I didn't write this for my own health...

                            5.3  Contact Information

The address is: subsane@gmail.com

The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so we'll most likely respond to
any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without a subject. Put
'Legend of Illusion FAQ' or something similar in the subject line.

                               5.4  Legal Stuff

1. "Legend of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse" is © 1994 Disney and Sega.

2. This guide copyright © 2006 SubSane. This guide may be distributed freely as
long as it remains in its ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. It is only for private
use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.

If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being
displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from that