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Streets of Rage (Master System)             
Game (c) 1993 SEGA             
Music (c) 1991 Yuzo Koshiro    
This FAQ (c) 2001 Frank Provo   
Player's Guide - Version 1.06F 
Author: Frank Provo            
E-mail: frank@frankprovo.com   

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Table of Contents

A. Plot / Introduction
B. Characters & Moves
C. Items, Weapons, and Scoring
D. Enemies & Bosses
E. Level Guide (8 Rounds)
F. Closing Comments, etc.


A. Plot / Introduction

     This city was once a happy, peaceful place.... 
     until one day, a powerful secret criminal 
     organization took over.  This vicious syndicate 
     soon had control of the government and even the 
     police force.  The city has become a center of 
     violence and crime where no one is safe.

     Amid this turmoil, a group of determined young 
     police officers has sworn to clean up the city.
     Among them are Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, and 
     Blaze Fielding.  They are willing to risk 
     anything.... even their lives.... on the.... 

                 Streets Of Rage.

The Master System version of Streets of Rage is a single 
player side-scrolling beat' em up.  If you're familiar with
the genre, the game is quite formulaic.  Walk forward, 
pummel gangsters, use weapons, and watch the timer - you 
know the drill.

Throughout this guide, I'll note some differences between the
SMS version of the game and it's Genesis & Game Gear 
counterparts.  It's actually much better than the GG version 
in terms of music, gameplay, and graphics, even if the 
collision detection is wonky.

Since this version of the game was rental-only in the US and 
only sold as a consumer product in Europe and South America, 
you're either a very intrepid collector or playing the game 
on an emulator.  Enjoy!

B. Characters / Moves

The Sega Master System version of Streets of Rage differs
greatly from both the Game Gear and Genesis versions.  First,
unlike the GG version, Adam is present.  Secondly, while 
enemy vitality in the GG and Genesis versions varies widely
depending on the difficulty level, the SMS version's two
difficulty levels provide only for easily dispatched or 
toughly dispatched enemies - which greatly effects the combos
you can perform.  See further sections for even more 


 Adam Hunter - Male - Age 23 - Ex-Cop
  Hobby: Bonsai  Ability: Boxing
  Power: A  Jump: A  Speed: B
  Clothing: Black Jeans and Yellow Muscle Shirt

  Thanks to his flying kick and power, Adam is probably the best
  character for beginners.  He's also the least frustrating.

 Axel Stone - Male - Age 22 - Ex-Cop
  Hobby: Video Games  Ability: Martial Arts
  Power: A  Jump: A  Speed: A
  Clothing: Blue Jeans and White Muscle Shirt

  Axel is the front man of the Streets of Rage Series, but his
  wussy flying knee is a hindrance.  He's not as fast as his 
  speed rating suggests, either.

 Blaze Fielding - Female - Age 21 - Ex-Cop
  Hobby: Lambada  Ability: Judo
  Power: B  Jump: A  Speed: A
  Clothing: Red Leather Jacket & Skirt Ensemble

  Other than her terrible lack of power and stamina, Blaze is 
  quite speedy.  Her near-infinite BBB combo is great.  Thanks 
  to her sweet jump kicks and sexy skirt, she's a fan favorite.

Basic Moves:
 D-Pad = Move Around
 Pause, 2 = Summon Backup 'Napalm' Attack
 2 = Jab Punch (Men), Karate Chop (Blaze), Pick Up/Use Item
 1 = Jump
 1, 2 = Jump Kick
 1+2 = Rear Attack

Grapple Moves: (get close to an enemy to grapple)
 Back = Release enemy (Electra, Shiva, Jack, Bosses)
        Swap Grapple for Tie Up (Garcia, Signal)
 2, 2, 2 = Knee, Knee, Elbow (Men) or Kick Flip (Blaze)
 Back+2 = Throw
 2, 2, Back+2 = Knee, Knee, Throw
 1 = Shoulder Vault
 1, 1 = Double Shoulder Vault (releases opponent)
 1, 2 = Reverse Backdrop (STRONGEST THROW!)

 The vault (1) is very useful if you grab an enemy from behind,
 since it lets you flip in front of them to perform more than 
 just a throw.  Grab, flip, attack, flip, throw - yum.

Tied Up Moves: (when an enemy grabs you from behind)
 1 = Double Leg Kick (take out enemies in front)
 1, 2 = Neck Throw (when you land from Leg Kick)
 Up+1 = Perform if you're thrown and you'll land on your feet

 2, 2, 2, 2 = Two quick jabs, an uppercut, then a kick
 (normal mode grapple combo)
 2, 2, 2, grapple, 2, 2 = 5 hits
 (hard mode grapple combo)
 2, 2, 2, grapple, 2, 2, 1, 2 = 5 hits, vault, backdrop

C. Items, Weapons, and Scoring

There are a number of beneficial items and weapons scattered throughout
Streets of Rage.  Most are hidden within phone booths, metal drums, or 
behind similarly fragile objects.  From time to time, an enemy may walk 
onscreen carrying an object.

To pick up an object, stand over it and press the attack button.  If it's
a weapon, use the attack button to use it.  Weapons, except the knife and
Pepper Shaker, are unlimited use until they're knocked out of your

 Apple - Restores 50% of your life
 Beef Slab - Restores 100% of your life
 Cash Bag - $1,000 points
 Gold Bars - Three gold ingots worth $5,000 points
 1UP - Grab the statue of our heroes for a free life
 Extra Special - Grab the toy car for a bonus 'call backup' attack

 You also earn an 1UP for every 50,000 points you accumulate.

 Knife - A short range, sharp knife.  ~5-6 uses, then you throw it.
 Bottle - Similar to the knife, only a bottle.
 Baseball Bat - A long range pummeling weapon.  Stronger than a throw.
 Lead Pipe - Similar to the bat.
 Pepper Shaker - Toss at enemies to stun them.

 You receive points for every hoodlum you vanquish.  At the end of each
 level, you'll also earn a clear bonus:

 Clear Bonus - 20,000 points
 Time Bonus - 100 points/second
 Level Bonus - 10,000 points (+10,000 for each difficulty above normal)
 Player Bonus - 1,000 points/life (+1,000 for each difficulty above easy)

 You'll also receive a 5,000 point bonus for unused special attacks.

D. Enemies

Compared to the Genesis version, enemies in the Master System
version of Streets of Rage are easier to dispatch.  Most take
only two punches and a throw to vanquish.  However, they're
all much more aggressive and the bosses cheat more - so things
balance out.  Also, you'll meet some of the bosses again in 
rounds five and six, and face ALL of them again in round 8.
The SMS version of the game features a sixth, unique boss for 
level 6 - "The Penguin."

Gang Members:

 Garcia - Blue, Green, or Brown pants and jacket
  Garcia is SOR's generic thug of choice.  You'll 
  encounter these guys on practically every level.  In 
  general, it only takes four punches or a three hit 
  grapple combo to defeat them.  They love to rush in 
  with a three hit combo, so be ready to do a jumping 

 Signal - Yellow, Green, or Gray coat and boots
  Noted also for their spiky hair, these guys love to
  throw and aren't afraid to slide kick your feet from
  under you.  Their damage rating is similar to Garcia.

 Shiva - Gray/Red or Grey/Blue suited Ninjas
  What a pain.  They like to do standing and flying 
  kicks. The best way to fight them is get in close and
  make the first move.  The blue-trimmed ones are a bit
  more aggressive, but not much.  Amusingly, the sole 
  surviving Shiva from SOR1 lived on to become Mr. X's 
  right hand man in Streets of Rage 2.

 Electras - Red, Black, or Gray dominatrixes with whips
  Electras are reserved combatants, as their only attack 
  is a whip strike.  However, they have massive range! 
  They're not too worthy unless in a group.  The red 
  variant's vitality is slightly higher than Garcia & 
  Signal, but the black ones take almost as many hits as
  Boomer, the first boss.  They also have this sneaky
  habit of kneeling down for mercy and attacking when
  your back is turned.  Approach from above or below and
  throw them.

 Jacks - Gray/Blue-trimmed freaks with spiked hair and axes
  Unlike the console version, grappling these guys while
  they're juggling axes doesn't damage you.  In that case,
  walk up to them, grapple and do a two hit + throw combo.
  Sometimes their axes are on fire.

 Other than the bosses who crop up in later levels to invite a rematch,
 this is about it for regular enemies.  Five people repeated 400 times.


 Boomer - Blue-jeaned dock worker - ROUND 1
  He carries a boomerang that he'll toss around from 
  time to time.  He also likes to kick.  Since he's more
  apt to attack in close than in other versions of the
  game, your best bet is jumping kicks or grapple/throw
  combinations.  His vitality is twice that of a red
  Electra - e.g. 6-8 hits.

 Zamza - Blue pants, red jacket, claws - ROUND 2
  A WolverineTM wannabe.  He's easy, provided you're 
  patient.  Similar to the first boss, you don't want 
  to be on a diagonal plane from this one.  Attack 
  straight on or grapple from above/below.  Don't jump 
  into him - just play it straight.  He has twice the
  stamina of Boomer.

 Abadede - Lots of Muscles - ROUND 3
  Abadede is a fan-favorite.  He's tall, muscular,
  and has only two attacks, a running uppercut and
  a throw.  In this version of the game, his uppercut
  can damage you the entire time his arm is extended.
  He'll take about 20 punches or six throws to 
  dispatch.  To defeat him, get below him and grapple
  or stand about 2/3 of the way across the screen and
  punch like crazy.

 Big Ben - A fat man who breathes fire! - ROUND 4
  Wow, he's actually easier to beat than in the 
  Genesis version.  His main attack is to run across
  the screen while breathing fire.  To defeat him, 
  sneak behind him and punch him silly, or grapple, 
  flip over him, punch twice, tab back to release, 
  grapple again, punch twice, repeat... You can also 
  just sit in the corner with him off screen and 
  pummel him.  He'll go down after about 12 hits, 
  provided you don't try to throw him.

 Mona & Lisa - Green Blaze look-alikes - ROUND 5
  They're just not as tough as they are in the
  Genesis version.  Regular jump kicks seem to
  work well enough.  However, they're faster
  than their console counterparts, and will
  still backflip or throw you.
 The Penguin - Midget with Top Hat & Tails - ROUND 6
  Woah - A special boss just for the Master System
  version.  This guy looks like a cross between Gary
  Coleman and The Penguin from the Batman TV series.
  He's got a missile launcer strapped to his back, and
  his only attack seems to be to move from end to end,
  bending over, then launching a guided missle.  Jump
  over the missles and kick him or sneak behind and
  throw him.  Just jump a bit and you'll do okay.
  His stamina isn't that great.

 Mr. X - Green Armani suit - FINAL BOSS/ROUND 8
  Mr. X is so cool that he's at the end of every 
  Streets of Rage game.  Wearing an expensive Armani
  suit, he barks orders to his minions from a throne
  of gold.  When you face him, he'll send some 
  Garcias out first, then stand up to deliver some
  pain.  His main attacks are a machine gun blast from
  the upper or side of the screen and a charging rifle
  butt.  The machine gun blasts are best dealt with in
  close, while the rifle dash can be dodged from below.
  Just wail on him.

E. Level Guide

Here is a guide for all 8 rounds of the game.  Yes, 8.  Unlike the 
paltry Game Gear version, the Master System version of Streets of
Rage features all 8 levels from the Genesis counterpart.

This guide was completed on normal mode.  In general, the harder the
difficulty, the lengthier the gangsters' life meters and the more 
gangsters appear.  Note: Only bosses have visible life meters. 

*** ROUND 1 - City Street - Boss: Boomer ***

Thugs: 27 - Garcia, Signal, Electra, Shiva
Items:  6 - 2xApple, Lead Pipe, Bottle, Pepper Shaker, Beef Slab

You begin the game in front of the Pine Pot restaurant.  Walk ahead,
by the time the screen stops, you'll be battling three Garcias and a
Signal.  Due to the system's sprite limitations, you'll only fight
enemies two at a time - this is good to note.

Ahead some more, you'll fight two more Signals - snag the apple from 
one phone booth.  A bottle is in the other.  At the next screen 
stoppage, you'll face four Garcias and two Signals.

The next phone booth has a lead pipe, which you can use to dispatch
the two Shivas who approach.  Further ahead, you'll battle three 
Garcias and two Electras, but the trio of phone booths has an apple
and a pepper shaker to help.

By the time you snag the beef slab out of the next phone booth and
get to the next screen stoppage, you'll have fought six more Garcias
and two Electras.  Once they're beaten, you have to fight the round
1 boss - Boomer.

*** ROUND 2 - Inner City - Boss: Zamza ***

Thugs: 30 - Garcia, Signal, Electra, Jack
Items: 11 - Gold Bars, Pepper Shaker, 2xApple, Lead Pipe, 2xBottle,
            1UP, Money Bag, Knife, Beef Slab

Welcome to the gritty slum area.  After a brisk walk leads you to the
front of a ratty apartment building, two Garcias and two Signals will
come around to accost you.  There are gold bars and a pepper shaker in
the oil drum.  Once the Signals are dispatched, three more Garcias, 
one with a knife, will come into the fray.

Jeez.  Right after that battle, an Electra will come out brandishing
a whip, with another soon to follow.  The two oil drums here contain
a bottle and an apple.  Use the bottle on the next two Garcias.  Up
ahead, the screen will stop, forcing you to fight four Signals.  The
drums here contain a money bag and a 1UP.

As you continue walking, two more Garcias and two Electras will step
to - the oil drums along the way contain a lead pipe and an apple.  At
the next screen stall, you'll have to fight three Jacks.  Watch out
for the axes they throw.

Walk even further ahead and take out the four Garcias you'll face.  
The first oil drum is empty, but the second contains a meat slab.  At
the end of the street, you'll have to fight two Jacks, then two
Electras, followed by Zamza, the WolverineTM man.  Get behind him
to beat on him.

*** ROUND 3 - Beachfront - Boss: Abadede ***

Thugs: 31 - Garcia, Signal, Electra, Shiva
Items:  6 - Baseball Bat, 2xKnife, Apple, Gold Bars, Beef Slab

One of my favorite levels.  Walk forward and enjoy watching the
undulating waves.  Grab the bat out of the tires, then wallop the
Shiva, two Signals, and four Garcias up ahead.

As you walk along the next section and enjoy the signs in the 
background, you'll encounter four Garcias.  The tires en route hold
an apple and some gold bars.  When the screen stops, you have to
face three Shivas and three Garcias.

Don't get too cocky - as you walk down the palm tree section of
the beach, three Electras will step up to do battle.  There's a 
beef slab in the tires.  When the screen stops, you'll fight three

From this next point until the screen stops again, you'll fight
six Garcias, two of whom have knives, followed by two Electras.
After taking them out, it's time to fight the third boss, Abadede.
Avoid his charging uppercut and attack from close behind.

*** ROUND 4 - Unfinished Bridge - Boss: Big Ben ***

Thugs: 31 - Garcia, Signal, Shiva, Electra
Items: Pepper Shaker, 3xKnife, 1UP, 2xGold Bars, 2xApple, Beef Slab

Throw the enemies into the pits in this level, if you need to.

Walk ahead.  By the time the screen stops you'll need to tackle three
yellow Signals, followed by two black Electras, and then two more
green Signals.

Up ahead, the parking cone hides a pepper shaker, while two Garcias
will beg to be thrown into the pit.  One of them has a knife, if you
want it.  The next parking cone has some gold bars under it, which 
you can grab just before beating the lone Garcia here senseless.  
The screen will soon come to a stop, pitting you against two Signals,
two Electras, and two Shivas.  An apple in the parking cone should

As you walk, you'll pass a section of three pits.  The three parking
cones contain a 1UP, gold bars, and an apple.  Spaced through here,
you'll battle two Garcias, one with a knife.  Once you reach the
large pit section, you'll have to bludgeon a Garcia and two green

After hearing that horrible "GO" sound, walk ahead to face two
Electras.  There's a beef slab hidden under the parking cone just
past the large pit.  Past the pit, you'll face two more Electras,
two Signals, two Garcias (one with a knife), and finally two more
Signals.  Then it's time to fight the fire breather, Big Ben.
Don't get run over and don't jump into him.

*** ROUND 5 - Aboard Ship - Boss: Mona & Lisa ***

Thugs: 49 - Garcia, Signal, Electra, Shiva, Jack, Abadede
Items: 14 - 8xKnife, Apple, 3xBeef Slab, Pepper Shaker, Extra Special

Ugh!  This level is long and you'll fight plenty of Electras, Shivas,
and Jacks, as well as encounter Abadede again.  Sigh... here we go.

Down the deck you'll fight four green Garcias, two of whom are 
packing knives, followed by three blue Garcias.

After that melee, two Shivas will try and keep you from damaging the
ship's vents - which hide an apple and a pepper shaker.  You'll
fight another Shiva and four Garcias (two with knives) after that.

Past that darn "GO" sound, you'll fight five Electras in pairs of
two.  There's a meat slab in the vent up ahead, but maybe you should
hold off on it if you can.  The screen will stop, forcing you to
fight three Signals and three Garcias (one has a knife).  Wouldn't 
some beef come in handy during that?

As you wander down the deck again, you'll come across two Shivas,
two Garcias (one with a knife), and then four more Shivas.  By now
the screen will have stopped and you'll have to fight Abadede again.
He's much stronger now - I'd try and stay behind him.

Right after Abadede, you'll fight three Shivas.  There's a beef slab
in the vent.  Down the way, you'll face two Garcias, one with a knife.
When you get to the next vent (which contains an extra special item),
the screen will stop - you get to fight four strong-variety Jacks. 
At least they attack in pairs.

Take a breather and forge ahead.  The next Garcia will have a knife,
which you can use on the next three - one of whom will also have a 
blade.  The vent here hides a beef slab, which four Signals and two
Jacks will try to protect.  After them, it's time to fight Mona &
Lisa, the flipping twins.  Don't try to fight them hand to hand. 
Use jump kicks from a distance or grapple in close.

*** ROUND 6 - The Factory - Boss: "The Penguin" ***

Thugs: 40 - Garcia, Signal, Electra, Shiva, Zamza, Big Ben
Items: 14 - 4xKnife, Gold Bars, Money Bag, Apple, Pepper Shaker, 
            2xBeef Slab, Extra Special, 2x1UP, Lead Pipe

This round is a little different than in the Genesis version.  While
the layout is mostly the same, the box crushers have been replaced
by electric laser beams.  That's quite silly.  The boss here, 
Penguin, is also a new addition.  He's nifty.

As you step over the conveyor until the screen stops, you'll face
two Garcias, followed by two red Garcias - one of whom has a knife.
The first crate holds some gold bars, while the second, a money bag.
Two more red Garcias will amble in eventually.

The signs on the wall read caution.  As you forge ahead, the Shiva
you fight will live up to the warning.  Further is another Shiva,
as well as the first electrical security system.  Get close to it
and trigger it if you want it to hit the Shiva.  To safely pass by,
don't jump through it.  Get close, wait until it goes off, then
calmly walk through.  You should barely avoid the subsequent 
charge.  Another Shiva will appear once you're through, but an
apple in the crate here should help.  Once he's gone, two Electras
will come out to whip it up.  After her you'll need to fight Big
Ben again.

After Ben, you'll fight two more Garcias.  Walk through the electric
beams and prepare to have fun on the conveyors.  You'll fight two
Electras and two Signals here.  The Electras from here on out kneel
when you punch them, so grapples become more efficient.

Once the screen moves again, a lone Garcia will stand against you.
Blast him, then get the pepper shaker in the crate if you want.  The
next crate holds a beef slab.  Two more Garcias will step up by
this time, followed by three red ones (one with a knife) after.  
Then it's time to fight Zamza again.  Since you've got an electrical
system trying to kill you on the right of the screen, feel free to
trigger it on him.

After Zamza, you'll fight two Electras.  There's an Extra Special
in the first crate and a 1UP in the second.  Two more Electras will
visit at this time, followed by two Shivas up ahead at the electric
beams.  When the screen stops, you'll need to fight three Garcias.
A lead pipe in the crate may help.

Between when the screen gets going and past the dual electric beams,
you'll face two Garcias and have the chance to snag a 1UP from a 
crate.  The next crate has a meat slab in it, which a Garcia with
a knife will try to protect.  Walk further and the screen will 
stall.  Here you will need to fight three Signals and then the
warehouse boss, "The Penguin."  Stay close.

*** ROUND 7 - Freight Elevator - Boss: None ***

Thugs: 42 - Garcia, Signal, Shiva, Electra
Items:  1 - Knife

Every time the elevator stops, you'll have to contend with a wave of gang 
members.  Fight them as space allows, noting that you can throw them 
off the back of the elevator with insane ease.

Wave 1: 6 yellow Signals
Wave 2: 6 gray Shivas
Wave 3: 6 red Electras
Wave 4: 6 blue Garcias
Wave 5: 6 gray/blue Shivas
Wave 6: 6 green Signals
Wave 7: 6 red Garcias (one with a knife)

Once you make it to the top of the elevator, you've passed the round.

*** ROUND 8 - Syndicate Headquarters - Boss: Mr. X ***

Thugs: 44 - Garcia, Electra, Signal, Shiva, Jack, Boomer, Zamza, 
            Abadede, Big Ben, "The Penguin," Mona & Lisa
Items: 13 - 3xKnife, 2xApple, 1UP, 4xBeef Slab, 2xPepper Shaker, 
            Lead Pipe

Wow - not only is the final level in a glitzy penthouse, but you're
walking left this time instead of to the right!  I hope you're ready to
kick some tail, because you'll battle every boss you've faced before
prior to reaching Mr. X's suite.  Note: You CAN'T summon backup here.

From here until the screen stops, you'll face four blue Garcias,  When
it does stall, you'll face four red ones.  After them, you'll fight
Boomer again, the boss from round 1.  He's twice as tough this time.

Down the hall you'll face a series of two green Signals.  The room
service carts here hold a knife and an apple.  Further down will be
two black Electras and a 1UP hidden in a cart.  Once they're gone,
you'll have to fight the round 2 boss, Zamza, again.

Two gray Electras will follow you as you walk down the hall.  If 
you have the energy, waste 'em.  If not, there's a beef slab in
the room service cart down the way.  Another Electra and two Shivas
will take up the fight, followed by the round 3 boss, Abadede.

Once the screen moves again, two Jacks will try and axe you 
something.  Take them out.  There's a pepper shaker in the first
service cart, and a beef slab in the next.  Another Jack and two
Garcias with knives will come to play, followed by two Garcias
without knives.  Then you'll get to face Big Ben, the boss from
round 4.

As your reward for beating Ben, two black Electras will come to
whip your itch up.  There's a third one up ahead, and two carts
which contain a meat slab and a lead pipe.  Two gray Electras
will appear once the screen stops and then you'll need to fight
the boss from round 6, "The Penguin."

Three Garcias, a pepper shaker, and an apple waiting up ahead.  
Further down is a beef slab - don't use it unless you need to.
You'll have to fight five blue/gold Shivas and then the bosses of
level 5, Mona & Lisa.

Once you've beaten the flippy chicks, you'll find yourself in Mr. X's
penthouse.  Look at him, smugly sitting there in his Armani suit.

Once you're in front of him, he will summon three waves of two
attackers each: two Garcias, two Shivas, and two Signals.  After 
that, it's time to battle Mr. X.

Fighting Mr. X:
 Once he stands up, it's on.  Mr. X is quite a doozy here compared to
 how he is in the console version.  Usually, he'll run left to right 
 across the screen trying to run you down.  Sometimes though, he'll
 run offscreen diagonally and come back at the upper left or right -
 This is when you want to be in the other upper corner or right on top
 of him, because he'll shoot a bullet volley that covers two-thirds of
 the screen.  You can't jump over it either.  The best way to beat him
 seems to be just punch rapidly when he runs at you and repeat, 
 throwing as necessary.  His vitality isn't so huge, but he dishes out
 HUGE damage.

 Once he's knocked out, you've beaten the game.

 Penthouse crime scene
 Axel with a cop
 Our heroes at the police station
 Our heroes watching a sunset from the bridge

F. Closing Comments

My Story:
 I wrote this guide for two reasons.  The first, I couldn't find a FAQ
 for the game anywhere.  Secondly, I wrote a FAQ for the Genesis 
 version and upon playing this version of the game found I enjoyed
 myself a great deal.  If the Game Gear version of the game were this
 game instead of the watered down mess that it is, it'd have sold even
 better.  Yuzo Koshiro's music is also reproduced much better in the
 SMS version of the game - even though it's the best on the Genesis.

 An SMS version of Streets of Rage 2 also exists, and is even easier
 to find than SOR1.  It's not as smooth a conversion though.

 For other SOR FAQs and lots of cool stuff, visit: 

How to contribute to this guide:

If you have some information you think should be included in this 
guide, or have any suggestions for improving it, please direct your
comments to Frank Provo at frank@frankprovo.com.  Tips, codes, hints,
and pretty much anything Streets of Rage related is welcome.  If I
include information you contribute, I will gladly list your name, 
email address, and web site address at the end of this guide if you 
so desire.