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    FAQ by Drakan

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    Platform : Sega Master System
    Developed by SEGA
    Year : 1987
    Copyright 2002 by Drakan (Ben Kirsten)
    Email Address : benkirsten@hotmail.com
    Last Update : 05/06/2002
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                           +-=*#- Table of Contents -#*=-+
    1.  Introduction
    2.  Starting a New Game
    3.  Controls
         3.1 Basic Controls
         3.2 Defending
         3.3 Attacking
    4.  Opponents
         4.1 Apollo
         4.2 Lang
         4.3 Drago
    5.  Playing the Game
         5.1 Rules
         5.2 Training
         5.3 Boxing
         5.4 Intervals
         5.5 Getting Knocked Down
         5.6 Winning and Losing
    6.   Walkthrough
          6.1 First Training
          6.2 First Fight
          6.3 Second Training
          6.4 Second Fight
          6.5 Final Training
          6.6 Final Fight
    7.  Multiplayer
    8.  Codes
    9.  Multiplayer
    10. Thanks
                           +-=*#- 1. Introduction -#*=-+
    The Event
    After months of hard training and sacrificing everything for this moment; 
    Rocky is about to enter world class boxing with some of the toughest 
    contenders the ring has ever known.
    And you can play the courageous Rocky, or one of his notorious opponents 
    in this battle for the title and the glory.
    You'll have to play aggressively and never falter, because one good punch 
    could mean the end for you. Or it could mean the knockout you've been 
    playing for.
                           +-=*#- 2. Starting a New Game -#*=-+
    Put the cartridge in and boot the old Master System up. Listen to the 
    wonderful old sound of the SEGA Logo, and wait a bit. You should see
    the copyright information coming up. To skip through this a bit quicker,
    press any button on your controller.
    Next you should see the wonderful introduction, which consists of the
    word R O C K Y in huge gold letters scrolling across the screen from right
    to left on a blood red background. To skip this press any button.
    Now you should come to the title screen where we have a great picture of
    the Italian Stallion draped with an American flag, raising his fist into
    the air. It brings back a feeling of nostalgia when watching the movies.
    To start a New Single Player game, press Button 1 on Controller 1. The
    game will commence and you will go to your first training mission.
    To start a 2 Player game, where you and a friend can go at each other, 
    simply press Button 1 on Controller 2. But I will go into more detail on
    the 2 player game in Section 6 : Multiplayer.
    So now you should be ready to rumble. But before you do, I would advise
    reading the controls section thoroughly, as you can get lose without them.
                           +-=*#- 3. Controls -#*=-+
    3.1 Basic Controls:
    D-Pad: Move Rocky from left to right in the ring.
    Button 1: Defense
    Button 2: Attacking
    3.2 Defending:
    Just pressing Button 1 will make Rocky duck, which avoids the heavy hits,
    which are the Hook, the Uppercut, and the Straight-On punch.
    Pressing Up on the D-Pad along with Button 1 will make Rocky hold his
    gloves up covering his face.
    Pressing Down on the D-Pad along with Button 2 will make Rocky hold his
    gloves over his stomach, covering the low jabs.
    3.3 Attacking
    Pressing just Button 2, will make Rocky jab at his opponent.
    Pressing just Button 2 multiple times, will make Rocky perform a combo.
    The combo consists of 3 jabs, followed by a powerful punch, which varies
    depending on the direction you are pressing on the D-Pad.
    To perform a Straight-On punch, just press Button 2 four times in quick
    To perform an Uppercut, press Button 2 three times quickly followed by
    Up on the D-Pad and Button 2.
    You can also jab your opponent in the stomach, by pressing Down on the
    D-Pad and Button 2. There is a stomach combo as well, which requires you
    to press Down on the D-Pad and Button 2 four times. The combo consists
    of 3 stomach jabs and ends with a powerful Hook.
                           +-=*#- 4. Opponents. -#*=-+
    During the game, you will come up against 3 different opponents, each
    taken from the Rocky Movie series. This section will just give a
    description of each boxer you will face. If you want to know how to 
    defeat each one, read the Walkthrough in Section 6.
    4.1 Apollo
    The reigning champion whose experience and strength make him nearly 
    Apollo is an African-American and is taken from the first
    2 Rocky Movies. He also appears later on in the series as Rocky's 
    4.2 Lang
    A worthy contender whose hunger for the title is overpowering until he 
    achieves it. 
    Lang is actually Mr T. You might know him from The A-Team TV series.
    He is also an African-American, who is rather difficult to defeat. He
    appeared in the 3rd Rocky film as a challenger to Rocky's Title, that 
    he won from Apollo.
    4.3 Drago
    A rank amateur from the U.S.S.R. whose spirit to win is unrivaled.
    This huge Caucasian man is the Russian Champion, and was pit against
    the World Champion Rocky in the 4th movie to prove that the Communist
    regime was more powerful than the Capitilist dogs in the West. So stop
    him before Communism takes over the world.
                           +-=*#- 5. Playing the Game -#*=-+
    5.1 Rules
    The rules of boxing are not too hard to understand, and this game makes it
    even easier.
    A Match consists of 15 rounds, each one lasting 3 minutes. Between each
    round you will have a short Interval in which you can rest your fingers a
    bit and see the scores for the previous round.
    In Rocky, a fight will usually end with a Knockout (KO from now on) or by
    Technical Knock Out (TKO from now on). But if you somehow manage to make 
    it through all 15 rounds, the winner shall be determind by the scores from
    each round. The scores are determind by how well you fought (obviously), 
    so if you did well in the round and maybe knocked your opponent down a few
    times, then you will receive a score of 10, and your opponent will receive
    a score of 7 or 8. And of course, if your opponent does the same thing to
    you, then the scores will be in his favour. If you both fought evenly, and
    without any knockdowns, then you will both receive a score of 10. If you
    manage to make it through all 15 rounds without being KO'ed or KO'ing your
    opponent, then all of the scores that you earned during the rounds will be
    added together, and the fighter with the highest score will win.
    A KO occurs when you knock your opponent down with little or no health 
    left and he fails to stand up before the referee counts to 10. You will
    win the fight instantly if this happens.
    A TKO occurs when you knock your opponent down 3 times in a round. In other
    words, you could knock him down twice with him recovering each time before
    the referee counts to 10, but if you knock him down again in the same round
    then the referee won't count, and you will be awarded with the victory.
    5.1 Training
    The training rounds take place before each fight, and they each give Rocky
    some better statistics if you pass them. You can also over-qualify, which
    will help Rocky even more.
    First Round:
    Type of training : Vertical Sandbag
    Time : 45 seconds
    Needed to Qualify : 60 hits
    Qualification Bonus : Increases punching power and timing.
    Needed to Over-qualify : 85 hits
    Over-Qualification Bonus : Faster movement and punching.
    Second Round:
    Type of training : Speed Bag
    Time : 45 seconds
    Needed to Qualify : 02/hits per second
    Qualification Bonus : Increases punching speed, power and consistency.
    Needed to Over-qualify : 07/hits per second
    Over-Qualification Bonus : Much more powerful punches.
    Third Round:
    Type of training : Boxing mits with trainer
    Time : 45 seconds
    Needed to Qualify : 60 hits
    Qualification Bonus : Increases punching accuracy.
    Needed to Over-qualify : 80 hits
    Over-Qualification Bonus : Amount of jabs need for combo decreased to 2.
    For help on how to achieve these qualifications, read the Walkthrough
    You can also skip through the training by pressing any direction on the
    D-Pad and either Button 1 or Button 2, when you see the white text on 
    the black background describing the training. This screen comes up
    before every training session.
    Please note that skipping it is not recommended, as you will not have
    a chance in hell to beat your opponent.
    5.3 Boxing
    As soon as the bell rings, your opponent is going come out and attack
    you with all he's got. You've got to be ready to defend against him,
    and also to hit back.
    +Upper Defense : Press Up on the D-pad and Button 1 to block against
                     those nasty little face jabs. This will not stop the
                     heavier punches, like the Straight Hand or Uppercut.
                     Also, your opponent can hit you in the stomach, with
                     a lower jab or a hook.
    +Lower Defense : Press Down on the D-Pad and Button 1 to block those
                     lower jabs. This will not stop a Hook. Also, it will
                     not block the upper jabs or the Straight Hand and
    +Ducking : This is the only defense that you have against the Hook,
               Straight Hand, and Uppercut punches. You can see when these
               are coming and you should have enough time to duck them.
    +Defensive Tips : You can get your hands up or down even after you
                      have been jabbed once or twice, so don't let them
                      get the combo finished.
                    : Watch the jabs. After 3 of them, duck, and you should
                      have an opening to counter attack.
                    : Don't back away. Getting stuck in the ropes means
    If you succesfully block or duck any of the punches, your opponent
    will be vulnerable for a short time, so take advantage by:
    +Upper Jab : Press Up on the D-Pad and Button 2 to perform the Upper
                 Jab. This attack does not take a lot of power, but can
                 lead to combos by pressing it multiple times.
    +Lower Jab : Press Down on the D-Pad and Button 2 to perform the
                 Lower Jab, which can get underneath the Upper Defense,
                 by hitting your opponent in the stomach. Once again,
                 this doesn't take too much power, but can also lead to
                 a combo by pressing it multiple times.
    +Straight-Hand Combo : Pressing the Upper Jab 3 times followed by 
                           a 4th, you will perfom 3 Jabs followed by a
                           hard Straight-Hand punch, will will knock
                           your opponent back. This attack has quite a
                           long range, and sometimes you can hit your 
                           opponent even if you missed all 3 jabs.
    +Uppercut Combo : Pressing the Upper Jab 3 times followed by Up on 
                      the D-Pad and Button 2, you will perform 3 jabs
                      followed by an Uppercut, which will knock your 
                      opponent back, and takes more health than the
                      Straight-Hand punch. The Uppercut will be 
                      performed automatically if are very close to your
                      opponent. It does not have a very long range, so
                      try to use it when your opponent is on the ropes.
    +Hook Combo : Press any of the two Jabs 3 times followed by Down on 
                  the D-Pad and Button 2, you will perform 3 lower jabs, 
                  followed by a powerful Hook, which will hit your
                  opponent in the stomach and knock him back. This is
                  very handy, if your opponent is blocking your upper
                  jabs, because you can get underneath them.
    +Attacking Tips : Sometimes, the best Defense is an Offense. This is
                      true in this game, so you make the first move.
                    : Watch your opponent and see which type of moves he
                      is more vulnerable to. Use these more often.
                    : Try and get him back onto the ropes. If you can get
                      him there and in close, the chances are that you 
                      will knock him down, and you will be able to use the
                      Uppercut Combo very efficiently.
    A succesful attack will result in your opponent lying on the floor. The
    harder you hit him (Uppercuts), the longer he will stay down.
    5.4 Intervals
    The rounds last 3 minutes each, but in this game, time seems to flow a
    lot faster than reality, and the seconds will count down a lot quicker.
    Then again, the ring is a lot smaller, and the action a lot fiercer, so
    I guess it balances out rather well.
    Anyway, when the "3" minutes are over, you will have time to rest, which
    actually helps as this game is frantic and your fingers can get tired 
    rather quickly.
    You will see a picture or Rocky in his corner being attended to by his
    trainers and corner men. There is also a small picture of your opponent
    in the bottom right corner in the same situation.
    At the top right of the screen, you will see the scoring for the round,
    which lets you know how well your faired in that specific round.
    When the music stops, the next round shall begin, and you'll notice that
    half of your depleted health will have been restored. This is the main
    advantage of the Intervals, and they can be a god-send sometimes when 
    you have been cornered in the ropes and you're about to go down.
    5.5 Getting Knocked Down
    Rocky can take a lot of punches, but some time or other you are going 
    to go down. The screen will cut to the corner, with you lying face 
    down and your manager banging on the mat. You will see the timer 
    counting to 10 on the right. You must get up before it reaches 10.
    To do this, you will need to press Button 1 and Button 2 as fast as 
    you can. This will cause your manager to bang the mat faster, and 
    it also makes Rocky stand up faster.
    The less health Rocky has, the faster you will have to push the
    buttons to stand up. If you have no health left, then don't even
    bother, because you will not be able to stand up.
    If you get knocked down 3 times in one round, then you will lose the
    match automatically via TKO.
    5.6 Winning and Losing
    There are 3 ways to win the match:
    +Win on Points : If you manage to last through the 15 rounds, then
                     the winner will be determined by the total number
                     of points that you amassed during all of the rounds.
                     The fighter with the most points, wins.
    +Win via KO : If you manage to knock your opponent down, and he fails
                  to stand up before the referee counts to 10, you will
                  automatically be declared the winner by KO (Knock Out).
                  The same applies for if you are knocked out and can't
                  get back up.
    +Win via TKO : If you knock your opponent down 3 times in 1 round,
                   you will be declared the winner via TKO (Technical
                   Knock Out). The 3rd time that he goes down, the
                   referee won't even bother counting. The same applies
                   for you, if you get knocked down 3 times in one 
    When you win, you will advance to the next training session, which is
    followed by the next fight.
    When you lose, you will be asked whether you want to end the game, or
    if you would like a rematch. You can only have a rematch once during
    the entire game.
                           +-=*#- 6. Walkthrough -#*=-+
    6.1 First Training
    Type of training : Vertical Sandbag
    Time : 45 seconds
    Needed to Qualify : 60 hits
    Qualification Bonus : Increases punching power and timing.
    Needed to Over-qualify : 85 hits
    Over-Qualification Bonus : Faster movement and punching.
    This round is pretty simple. Just keep on hitting Button 1 and Button
    2 as fast as you can. You should be able to get 60 easily.
    To Over-Qualify, you will really need to work that controller. It can 
    be really hard to get 85 hits, but if you put in an effort, you should
    just be able to make it. I personally have never achieved more than 86.
    6.2 First Fight
    Apollo isn't too hard, unless you skipped the training or failed to
    qualify, which is highly unlikely. If you over-qualified, then this
    should be a breeze.
    He doesn't have any real weakness, but he also doesn't have any real
    strengths. He fights with a mixture of Upper and Lower attacks, but
    tends to hit the Upper attacks more frequently.
    The best tactic to use, is right from the start, come out all fists
    a blazing. Advance immediatly and start getting in those Upper Combos.
    He backs aways quite a bit, but don't be fooled. He usually takes a 
    step back and then comes forward again and catches you. When he does
    this, you can hit a few jabs in the air, and he sometimes steps back
    right as you let fly with the Straight-Hand punch. He's a sucker for
    Don't worry about defending, he rarely finishes his jabs, and you
    should be able to interrupt his combos, as Rocky has superior speed.
    The only time that he could be a danger, is if he gets you onto the
    ropes, but even then, by using blocks, you should be able to get back
    at him without too much diffculty.
    Force him back onto his ropes, and just keep advancing whilst hitting
    Upper Combos. When you get close enough, you should automatically 
    begin hitting the UpperCuts. After 2 or 3 of these, he usually falls
    without getting back up.
    6.3 Second Training
    Type of training : Speed Bag
    Time : 45 seconds
    Needed to Qualify : 02/hits per second
    Qualification Bonus : Increases punching speed, power and consistency.
    Needed to Over-qualify : 07/hits per second
    Over-Qualification Bonus : Much more powerful punches.
    The 02 hits per second is really easy to get, and you should manage 04
    or 03 without too much trouble. Just press Button 1 and Button 2 
    rapidly again.
    Over-Qualifying in this round is near to impossible. I recommend 
    playing with a controller that has autofire, and then hold in Button
    2, and you should make it to at least 08 hits per second.
    If you don't have rapid fire, then you will really need to be quick.
    Focus on Button 2 and after some practise you should be able to pull
    6.4 Second Fight
    Aaah, Mr T. I really do pity the fool who comes up against this 
    monster without Over-Qualifying in the Second Training round that
    takes place before this fight.
    Lang is really quick, and he hits hard. Right from the bat, he is
    going to rush forward and immediatly start going for the big hits
    at the end of the jabs. He also alternates a fair amount between
    Upper and Lower hitting, and he can be quite hard to read. You
    must note that if he gets you onto the ropes, you will probably
    get knocked down. Just don't let it happen 3 times during a round.
    You will need to Over-Qualify for the extra speed that you get,
    because he is usually quick enough to interrupt your combo before
    you get the final hard hit in. This means that you cannot push 
    him back, and that he will most probably get you into the ropes.
    So try your best to over-qualify
    Despite him seeming invincible, he has 2 weaknesses, but they are
    quite difficult to exploit. The first one would be his
    susceptibility to Lower attacks. Attacking him in the face will
    only work when he is on the ropes and you hit the UpperCut combo.
    To get him there you must use the Lower Combo that is followed by
    the Hook to the stomach. This knocks him back a fair amount, and
    lets you take advantage.
    The second weakness would be his lack of blocking. He likes to hit
    and hit hard. He does this, but seem slike he has forgotten about
    defense. This means, that if you can get a hit in, you have about
    a 90% chance that he won't block it.
    This is a fight where the best Defense turns out to be an Offense.
    You will need to come out at the start and just charge him down. 
    Hopefully you will have Over-Qualified and you will have to speed
    to complete your combos. So go for the Lower Combo, and get him 
    into the ropes, where he turns in a Teddy Bear. Hit him with 2
    UpperCut Combos and he will fall.
    6.5 Final Training
    Type of training : Boxing mits with trainer
    Time : 45 seconds
    Needed to Qualify : 60 hits
    Qualification Bonus : Increases punching accuracy.
    Needed to Over-qualify : 80 hits
    Over-Qualification Bonus : Amount of jabs need for combo decreased to 2.
    This training requires a lot more skill than the previous ones, because
    now you will have to press the direction in which the mit is being held
    by your trainer, along with Button 2.
    It might take you a few attempts to make it past qualifying, and you 
    will really need to get into a rythm to Over-Qualify. Just keep on 
    going and you will get into it. Timing is pretty important.
    6.6 Final Fight
    This huge Russian is the last opponent that you will have to face, and
    he is quite hard to beat. Over-Qualifying is a must if you want to have
    a chance at defeating him.
    Drago is a good all round boxer. He hits hard, and he is good at 
    defending attacks as well. He ducks under your hard hits quite a lot, 
    and counters really quickly and effectively. He back and forth in the
    ring waiting for an opening, so don't hit in the air. If you come out
    charging him from the start as you did with Lang, he will back off, and
    then counter attack. He hits the Upper and Lower shots equally well, and
    defends both areas just as effectively. If he starts hitting combos, he
    will not stop until you are down. If he knocks you back into the ropes
    then you will go down without a doubt.
    He doesn't really have a weakness, but if there was anything, I would 
    have to say that it was his speed. He isn't slow, but he isn't quick
    enough to interrupt all of your combos. He should be able get a few 
    hard hits in at the end of your combos, but he does tend to duck under
    them quite a lot. 
    The best way to face him, would be to wait for him to make the first
    move, he won't come out at you from the start, so take a step forward
    and maybe jab once in the air to lure him out. As soon as he comes take
    a defensive stance, and try to block his jab. Then counter attack quickly.
    But he doesn't fall for this all the time, and he is quite good at
    defending your attacks as well. But you should be able to get a combo or
    two in. If you Over-qualified, the hard hits will come quicker and you
    will be able to hit him a lot more than the regular combos will let you.
    Another way to defeat him would be to let him hit the 3 jabs, and then
    block underneath the hard punch. Then hit back immediatly with a counter.
    Once again, he is good at blocking, and over-qualification will enhance
    your chances to get a hard hit of your own in.
    Getting him into the ropes is not a surefire way to win, as he has come
    out of there against me before. But it sure is a lot easier to face him
    when he's cornered than out in the middle of the ring, and you will get
    more shots in. Another thing about him is that it takes a lot to bring
    him down. You will need about 3 good connecting UpperCut combos to get
    him to fall.
    Good Luck.
    If you beat him, then congratulations, you've completed the game. Feel
    proud. This is a very tough game to complete.
                           +-=*#- 7. Multiplayer -#*=-+
    The multiplayer on this game is rather fun, if a little short lived.
    To start a new multiplayer game, press a Button on Controller 2. You 
    should thenbe taken to the character select screen. Unfortuanatly,
    Player 1 cannot change his character and must use Rocky, which can be
    a little unfair, as Lang and Drago are a little better than him.
    Select a character for Player 2 with Controller 2, by scrolling through
    the available fighters. Select the one you want to play as by pressing
    any Button.
    You will then be taken to the fight. The same rules and controls apply
    to the Multiplayer game as they do to the Single Player game.
    Beating a friend into a bloody pulp can be really satisfying, but the
    loser tends to get annoyed very quickly.
                           +-=*#- 8. Codes -#*=-+
    *These Codes were taken from Game Winners (http://www.gamewinners.com).
    These are Pro Action Replay codes, you will need to have a Pro Action
    Replay cartidge to enter them.
    To get 62 Hits in the Training section
    To get infinite Health
    To begin in round 15
                           +-=*#- 9. Sources -#*=-+
    + A lot of information was taken from game manual.
    + Codes were taken from Game Winners.
                           +-=*#- 10. Thanks -#*=-+
    + First of all I would really like to thank CJayC from GameFAQs for
      making such a great site. I know that everyone thanks him in these
      FAQs, and that he would never be able to read all of them, but he
      really is deserving of the praise that he gets. I've been following
      and using the site for since about 1998. And he is the reason that
      I have written this FAQ. So hats off to Ceej.
    + The almighty SEGA for producing the highly underrated Master
      System, which brought me into the gaming world. Because of the
      Master System, SEGA will always have a place in my heart, and I'm
      glad, because they produce topnotch games.
    The End.

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