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FAQ by GavLuvsGA

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1 The Story
2 Items
3 Baddies
4 The Sign
5 Levels
6 Bosses
7 Chaos Emerald Locations
8 Level Select Cheat


The story is similar, except that Robotnik has captured Sonic's new friend,
Tails and imprisoned him in the Crystal Egg. Sonic has to get all six emeralds
to rescue him!




Pick these up to give you one hit point; getting 100 gives you an extra life,
but your ring meter will return to zero. Unlike Sonic 1, you can pick rings up
again after you've lost them, but be quick!

TV Sets

These may contain:


10 rings!

Running Shoes

Speed you up temporarily


Makes you invincible, but not from falling off the screen or drowning


Gives you an extra life



Unlike most parts of Sonic 1, all baddies come back to life after you've left
an area and returned.

Moto Bug (Underground Zone)

Simply runs back and forth, shouldn't be a problem.

Newtron (Underground Zone, Green Hills Zone)

Appears in the air briefly to spit an energy ball at you.

Spinning Turtle (Sky High Zone, Scrambled Egg Zone)

This will fly at you like a frisbee when you least expect it!

Crabmeat (Aqua Lake Zone, Green Hills Zone, Scrambled Egg Zone)

Watch out for the fireballs this crab fires from its claws.

Lobster (Aqua Lake Zone)

This bad guy will home in on you, so be careful.

Burrowbot (Gimmick Mountain Zone)

Watch out! This bad guy jumps out of the floor at you.

Bouncing Pig (Gimmick Mountain Zone)

They practically stay in the same place. They're easy to kill.

Bomb Bot (Gimmick Mountain Zone, Scrambled Egg Zone)

Watch out! This will explode into shrapnel if you go near it!

Piranha (Crystal Egg Zone)

A few of these can be found floating through the air.



At the end of Acts 1 and 2 of every level, you will come across a sign. When
you pass, it will display one of the following:


Absolutely NOTHING! This one is the most common.


You get ten rings; this will only crop up if you have a ring total divisible by
ten (i.e. 0, 10, 20, etc.) Do NOT exit with 90 rings or your total will go back
to zero and you will not get a ring bonus!


You get an extra life. This only crops up if you lost a life on the previous


You get a continue; extremely rare



Underground Zone

The first level is actually quite tricky; on both stages try and keep to the
top of the level as much as possible; at the bottom you must leap over lava
pits and avoid falling spikes. The boss is pretty tough too (see bosses).

Sky High Zone

This is actually one of the game's hardest zones. To get past act 1, you must
know how to use the hang glider. Run into it at full speed and keep pressing
down/left on the direction pad and, after a lot of practice, you will make it
over the chasm. Act 2 is very nasty too. If you can, take the path through the
clouds and avoid the section where you have to hang glide with spikes on the
floor AND ceiling. The lightning cannot hurt you, though.

Aqua Lake Zone

The main problem here is the water. When inside, keep finding bubbles. If you
don't, a 5 second count down will begin before you drown. Some bubbles simply
give you air, but others will allow you to travel in them, but will burst if
you hit something.
Acts 1 and 3 shouldn't be a problem as you can avoid going in the water by
running at it and holding down, causing Sonic to skim the surface. Of course,
if you're daring you can dive down anyway.
Act 2 is perhaps the hardest level in the game. It is completely underwater and
is full of traps. I have included a guide to the level:
When you start, run along and drop through the false floor. Run left and - as
you enter the tube - hold down and you'll pop out into a shaft full of rings to
land on an invincible below. Use this to your advantage and cross the spikes.
Get air and travel up the shafts using bubbles. Eventually you will reach
another section of tubing. There is an emerald here (see section 7 of this
FAQ). However, you can also skip this section, which is lucky as it leads to a
hard bit. There is a hidden passage in the wall on the right, at the very top,
which takes you right to the end of the level. (Credit to Edmund Rose for
pointing this out).
If you did follow the tubes, jump in a bubble to get up the shaft. The only
problem is that there are spears which fire from the walls at you. Press down
to slow down the bubble when you see one. Also, there are at least three
lobsters in the vicinity. They'll home in on you, so take evasive action. Exit
the shaft to the left, at the top and you're just about at the end. If your
bubble bursts in the narrow shaft you enter, don't panic - it's possible to get
up it by jumping.

Green Hills Zone

For once, this is a very straightforward level. The only problems are all the
I'm not going to give a full walkthrough because it is quite repetitive and
easy to follow.

Gimmick Mountain Zone

This is one of the best levels! It's straightforward again, but you get to use
all sorts of moving platforms; take care in the shafts with the spinning
platforms and spikes on either side and use the moving platforms above to get
to the top. To get a really difficult 1 up on act 1, get to the top of the
shaft and ignore the invincible. Run left and into the cart and wait until you
are jumping the gap that leads to a row of spikes which the cart destroys. Jump
out and you should land on a platform with a life on. Get back to the
invincible and use it. Then run down to the left and jump the gap, and run over
the spikes.

Scrambled Egg Zone

The only problem here is the maze of pipes on this level. You must hold left,
right, up and down to change direction or risk being impaled.
Okay, here's a guide:

Act 1

Run right and jump up the pipe taking a detour to the right, then going up to
collect loads of rings, then go left again. Use the pipe at the end and then
cross over all the gaps to the third pipe. Now is the first difficult one:
Enter the pipe and then use the following combination: First left, then down
(take the next right to get a 1 up) and you should be able to get out safely.
If you make a mistake, you will land on a bed of spikes! Once you have got out
of the pipe, jump left quickly, before the platform falls, and through two
pipes at the end.
Jump onto the platform above and enter a pipe to collect a 1 up, then return
through the pipe. Now, jump onto the moving platform and travel left to the
last pipe and enter it. In the last pipe, use this combination of moves to get
Left, Down, Right. Fortunately, you don't land on spikes if you make a mistake.
At the end is the exit.

Act 2

Pass the platforms with the Bomb Bots on and enter the pipe. At the top, run
down the hill, press down and jump to clear the gap. Enter the pipe and take
the next right, then next left, followed by up. At the top, clear the gap the
way you did before and get a 1 up. Collect all the rings in the pit (roughly
100) and then go left and the extra life will have returned. Drop down for
another 1 up, then get on the moving platform. Make sure you enter the pipe
across or you will not make it. Repeat this with the next moving platform and
you will be at the hardest point in the stage. It floats up to a pipe overhead,
so jump in it and hold left, then down; you will land on the platform again.
Jump off immediately into the pipe and hold left. You will get back to the
platform. Carry on, jumping over the platform that's in your way and then
entering the pipe at the end.

If you have all five emeralds from previous levels, you will now get the sixth
emerald and progress. If not, it is the end of the game, and sadly, Tails is
apparently dead. Sonic is shown running alone and then looking up at a
constellation of Tails.

Crystal Egg Zone

You can only get here if you get all the emeralds. The level is fairly easy,
though and doesn't need much comment. Watch out for the spikes and swinging
balls and you should be okay! On the second level you must make your way

Finally, beat Robotnik to save Tails and get the PROPER ending, in which you
see Sonic and Tails running together.



Be warned: There are NO rings on the boss levels!

Underground Zone: Mad Robotnik and the Claws

Follow the act along and you will reach a pit which you cannot jump over. Jump
down and just as you are about to die a fiery death, Robotnik will save you
(what???) and drop you by a pair of claws. Stand on the slope and be alert -
six ball bearings will bounce down, one at a time. Some will bounce higher than
others. Try and leap over each one and then Robotnik will try to ram you.
Jump over him and he'll collide wit the claws and destroy them. He won't return
until the Crystal Egg Zone (if you make it that far).

Sky High Zone: The Birds!

Jump over the gaps and enter the clouds. Four chicks will appear, so kill them
and another four will follow. You will then drop down to another set of clouds
with four eggs on, which are releasing chicks. Kill them, and destroy the eggs.
When all the eggs are destroyed, mother bird will appear (well, she's a robot
actually) and she's angry. Wait until the bird is about to spit a fireball, and
jump on her head. Be careful or you will rebound into the fireball and die!
Keep hitting the bird until it's destroyed.

Aqua Lake Zone: Performing Seal

The easiest boss in the game! The seal will balance a ball on its nose, so jump
on it and hit the seal. Jump on the seal again and it will balance you on its
nose. If you push right, the seal will move in that direction. It will then
throw you off. Repeat as above.

Green Hills Zone: Sumo Pig

After navigating the spikes using the springs (which is very hard in itself),
you will find a ditch with a sumo wrestler/pig on one side. Stand in the middle
and the pig will curl up into a ball. This is a really tough boss! It will
either roll across (jump), shoot across
horizontally (duck) or jump across, then roll back. As soon as it uncurls, hit
it. And keep avoiding its attacks until it's dead. Be prepared to lose several
lives here.

Gimmick Mountain Zone: Spiked Pig

This is REALLY easy! Jump over its head as it tries to ram you and avoid the
shells that appear from above, and hit the pig while its spikes are temporarily

Scrambled Egg Zone: Silver Sonic

Another easy boss. As well as jumping at you, he will slide at you and try to
grab you. If you hit him when he's curled up, providing you're spin attacking
yourself, you will just bounce off. Hit him when he's standing upright.

Crystal Egg Zone: Robotnik

As soon as you enter the arena, drop into the pipe. Robotnik will send all
sorts of stuff into the arena, followed by a lightning flash. After this, hold
up to exit the pipe and hold up and right to hit the doctor and quickly return
to the pipe. Eventually you'll beat him and he'll run off into a teleporter.
Tails will appear.



Unlike Sonic 1, ALL the emeralds are on act 2 of their level.

Underground Zone

Stay at the top of the level and, at the end, there is a big gap you must jump
over. The emerald is on a hard to reach platform above the exit.

Sky High Zone

I got this hint from The Pieomon:

"It isn't that hard, there's a cloud hidden before the platform that hosts the
emerald that can bounce you up.  It's a small cloud, and If I recall right, has
a bigger "Plus" Like cloud."

I have tried this and it does work. I'll try and explain this a bit more simply
- head right until you reach a long cloud platform (you can either jump or
spring up to it) and find the cloud spring at the right hand end (if you fall
there are some springs below so you can make your way up again). You will
probably take a few tries, but by springing right from here you should find
another cloud spring. Land on this and you should make it to the emerald.

Aqua Lake Zone

In the last tube section, before the really hard bit with the rising bubble and
the creatures that attack you, hold left and you will shoot down another pipe,
leading to the emerald.

To exit, go back down the pipe you went along. If you want to use the shortcut,
hold up. Be quick, though, or you will run out of air; when you shoot out of
the tubes, head left and down to find some bubbles.

Green Hills Zone

About half way through act 2, there is a platform with three springs on, just
left of some spikes. Used the springs to spring as far right as you can and you
should, after some practice, land on some more springs. Hold right again and
you will land on a ledge with the emerald.

Gimmick Mountain Zone

After the first set of conveyor belts, you will go up a hill. Just before the
Burrowbot appears, jump left to find a false wall. Just follow the passage

Scrambled Egg Zone

Beat Silver Sonic. It's the only way :)

N.B. You cannot go Super Sonic on this game; sorry to dissappoint you. I'm sure
most people know this but there are always a few...



It is very easy to get stuck on this game, and, unlike the original, which had
NO cheats, this has a level select! You can now play the Crystal Egg Zone to
your heart's content without having to collect the emeralds.
To do the cheat, hold DOWN/LEFT, and buttons 1 and 2 on the SEGA screen. Press
start to skip the intro. On the title screen, watch Tails. He blinks once, then
twice more, in succession. On the third blink, press start (this will take a
few attempts to get right). Select the level you want by pressing button 2.
This may take several attempts to get just right. This does work; I've tried it
myself. Please do not write to me just to say you can't get it to work;
however, accoring to dktupsk1@nycap.rr.com, there is an easier alternative you
can try:
****Skip the SEGA logo screen when you see the short Movie of tails getting
captured, press and hold lower left+1+2 then while pressing and holding press
and hold Start wait for the Main logo screen (Tails and Sonic) and wait for two
chime (ring collect)
sounds. Realese all the buttons, and press start to enter the Level Select
menu. No need to click start on the third blink, thats just another way, but
this one works ever time:)****

NOTE: Using this cheat to access the Crystal Egg Zone will not get you the
proper ending when you beat Robotnik, as the game will register that you did
not collect the Chaos Emeralds. Although Tails will appear, Sonic will be
unable to save him. Sad, eh? So near, and yet so far.

END OF FAQ. Hope it helped! Please see above for email addresses.