FAQ/Walkthrough by PickHut

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Vigilante FAQ/Walkthrough for the Sega Master System
Written by: PickMeUp
Version: 1.1 - 1/26/04
E-Mail: PickHuttt at aol dot com

Table of Contents

I.    Introduction
II.   Story
III.  Controls
IV.   Weapon List/Enemy List/Enemy Hits
       -Weapon List-
       -Enemy List-
       -Enemy Hits-
V.    Walkthrough
       -Tips For Fighting The Enemy-
       -Stage 1-
       -Stage 2-
       -Stage 3-
       -Stage 4-
       -Stage 5-
VI.   Ending
VIII. Version History
IX.   Legal Section
X.    Credits/Thanks/Other Stuff

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I. Introduction

Hello and welcome to my first FAQ/Walkthrough, since there were no faqs up for
Vigilante I've decided to do one for this game. The other reason I decided to
do one for this game is because it can get really frustrating at times and I
thought it would be nice to have a FAQ/Walkthrough for those having a rough
time. I'll try my best in writing this document so hopefully you'll find what
you need. Enjoy!

II. Story

The city's most feared gang, The Rogues, have stayed on their own turf, until
now. They've decided to go after your own turf and have kidnapped your
girlfriend Maria. Now it is up to you, the Vigilante, master of the art of
Kung-fu, to fight your way through to the gang's headquarters, save Maria and
save the city from The Rogues.

III. Controls

LEFT  - Moves player to the left.
RIGHT - Moves player to the right.
UP    - Punch in the air after performing the jump.
DOWN  - Crouch, kick in the air after performing the jump, picks up nunchucks.
BUTTON 1 - Starts game at title screen, punch, attack with nunchucks.
BUTTON 2 - Starts game at title screen, kick.
BUTTON 1 & 2 - Pressing both makes you jump.

IV. Weapon List/Enemy List/Enemy Hits

-Weapon List-

 These are the only weapons you can obtain in the game, they appear in certain 
 parts of every stage. The nunchucks are more powerful then your punches and 
 kicks and are VERY helpful when fighting bossess, so make sure you have them 
 when you take them on. You can lose them if you get hit a couple of times so 
 be careful.

-Enemy List-

 Of all of the enemies in the game, these are the most annoying. They're also
 the ones that appear the most in every stage, they run right up and stick to
 you (they're actually choking you), literally sucking the life out of you. To
 get them off repeatedly hit LEFT and RIGHT on the control pad until they fall
 off. If you aren't using the nunchucks then I recommend using your punches,
 the timing with the kicks are difficult.

 These thugs feel like the middle of the road type, since they are slightly
 stronger then the Chokeholds but weaker (in most stages) then the rest of the
 other enemies. Unlike the Chokeholds, they don't just run up and choke you to
 death. Instead, just right when they come up to you, they stop for a second,
 THEN run up to you and attack with their fists. You can use punches on them,
 he won't attack as long as you keep at it until he's knocked out, but I don't
 recommend it if your being surrounded on both sides. If that's the case, then
 use your kicks instead, it'll push them back for a second, giving you a chance
 to take care of the other thug.
 While they are all different looking and use different weapons, they all fight
 the same way. They use the same method of attacking as the Mo-punks, so use
 the same methods in taking them out like the Mo-punks. Except this time they
 take more then one hit with the nunchucks to take out, so when you hit them
 once they get pushed back just like the kicks, so keep that in mind.

 Unlike all of the of the above enemies, this thug doesn't walk right up to you,
 instead he keeps his distance while shooting at you. As soon as they appear
 on screen, crouch, because they'll start shooting immediately. Work your way
 up to him while crouching to avoid gunfire, he won't attack any other way so
 don't worry about that. If there's any other enemies on screen, get rid of
 them first, they'll just make the situation much more difficult. There's only
 a couple of instances where you'll find him on the ground shooting at you but
 I'll explain those parts in the walkthrough.

 These thugs on bikes only appear at the beginning of stage 3, there's really 
 no use in fighting them since you'll always get hurt in the process. It's best 
 just to avoid them overall, I'll explain this more in the walkthrough.

-Enemy Hits- 

(a.k.a. hits needed to take the enemy out)

-Stage 1
 Chokehold    - Punches and kicks (p/k): One    Nunchucks: One
 Mo-Punk      - p/k: Two      Nunchucks: One
 Dirty Jack   - p/k: Three    Nunchucks: Two
 Club Thug    - p/k: Three    Nunchucks: Two
 Wild Wacko   - p/k: Three    Nunchucks: Two
 Hitman Harry - p/k: Three    Nunchucks: Two

-Stage 2

 Chokehold  - p/k: One     Nunchucks: One
 Club Thug  - p/k: Three   Nunchucks: Two
 Wild Wacko - p/k: Four    Nunchucks: Two

-Stage 3

 Chokehold    - p/k: One     Nunchucks: One
 Mo-Punk      - p/k: Four    Nunchucks: Two
 Dirty Jack   - p/k: Four    Nunchucks: Two
 Club Thug    - p/k: Four    Nunchucks: Two
 Hitman Harry - p/k: Four    Nunchucks: Two
 Rouge Rider  - p/k: One     Nunchucks: One

-Stage 4

 Chokehold    - p/k: One      Nunchucks: One
 Mo-Punk      - p/k: Four     Nunchucks: Two
 Dirty Jack   - p/k: Three    Nunchucks: Two
 Club Thug    - p/k: Four     Nunchucks: Two
 Wild Wacko   - p/k: Five     Nunchucks: Three
 Hitman Harry - p/k: Four     Nunchucks: Two

-Stage 5

 Chokehold    - p/k: One     Nunchucks: One
 Mo-Punk      - p/k: Four    Nunchucks: Two
 Dirty Jack   - p/k: Four    Nunchucks: Two
 Club Thug    - p/k: Five    Nunchucks: Three
 Wild Wacko   - p/k: Five    Nunchucks: Three
 Hitman Harry - p/k: Five    Nunchucks: Three

V. Walkthrough

-Tips For Fighting The Enemy-

-Do NOT neglect the nunchucks. They will make fighting the enemy much more
 easy. Also, don't worry if you lose the nunchucks early on in certain stages,
 they'll appear again later on.
-When you're surrounded by both sides, fight the one that charges at you first,
 and kick the other when they charge you, remember, they get pushed back for a
 second giving you some time to defeat the other thug. If one of the thugs is
 a Chokehold, ALWAYS take him out first. It also helps sometimes to crouch when
 you are surrounded since some enemies can't hit you from down there.
-Never stay in one place for long, when there are no enemies in your way
 always keep moving forward, this will make the stage much easier since you
 won't have to deal with that much thugs to fight. NEVER backtrack, this will
 just make enemies that you've already defeated reappear again and sometimes
 tougher enemies appear in their place.

-Stage 1-

As soon as the stage starts you'll immediately be attacked by Chokeholds. Move 
foward a little bit and you'll see some nunchucks on the ground, pick them up 
and continue moving foward. There are a total of 3 nunchcuks in this stage, so 
if you lose the ones you picked early on then you still have a chance to pick 
one up again later in the stage. When you approach the second open door, be
careful, Chokeholds will be coming out every few seconds so you want to watch
out when you walk pass it since one will usually come out and grab you. When
the third open door appears on screen, get ready to crouch because a Hitman
Harry will pop out and start shooting at you right away. After you take him
out, continue moving to the right and you'll come to the first boss of the

-Stage 1 Boss: Harly Hog-
When you approach Harly Hog there will be a Club Thug standing in front of him,
he's a bit stronger then the other Club Thugs in the stage so you need to
punch/kick him 5 times or hit him with the nunchucks 3 times to take him out.
Now when you're fighting Harly Hog without the nunchucks, get as close to him
as possible, then crouch down and keeping hitting the punch button repeatedly.
He should be stuck in place, allowing you to drain his life gauge away. There
is a chance that he might actually kick you, but depending on how close you are
to him (don't get TOO close, just close enough that you can hit him) then this
should rarely happen. 

If you're fighting him with the nunchucks, then crouch down and wait for him to
come running to you. The next part is tricky because the timing has to be 
right, when he comes up to you, hit him with the nunchucks right before kicks 
you, if you did it right then he should get bounced back. Keep doing this
method over and over again until he's defeated, it's a little slower then the
punching method but it's still good. After he's defeated, walk a little bit to
the right to complete the stage.

-Stage 2-

In this stage the nunchucks only appear once later on, so for most of the first
half you have to fight the enemies with you punches/kicks. Despite that, this
is actually a pretty easy stage. Only three types of thugs appear here,
Chokeholds, Club Thugs and Wild Wackos, the Wild Wackos being the ones that
rarely appear. Most of the time you'll spot the Club Thugs standing on top of
vans or cars, they jump off and attack when you get near so make sure you get
rid of any other thugs on screen before you take them on. When the Wild Wackos
appear, they usually come from the left so if you see them coming and don't
want to fight them then keep walking to the right if there's no one in your
way, they should eventually disappear from the screen. When you finally pick up
the nunchucks the stage should become REALLY easy from then on and you should
still have them with you when you get to the boss.

-Stage 2 Boss: Mad Dog-
When you come to the boss you'll see him standing on a van, keep walking
towards the van without stopping, he'll eventually jump off and you should have
just avoided his jumpkick if you kept walking. If you're only fighting with
punches/kicks then get close enough to him so that your punches would hit the
tip of his hand, if you get to close then he'll flip back. This is actually
quite easy but what's making it a little difficult is that Mad Dog is always
stepping back, meaning you have to reposition yourself every time you hit him.

With the nunchucks this fight is a cakewalk, again get close enough so that
your nunchucks would hit his hand (not the tip like last time). What makes this
easier then the punching method is that you can get in multiple hits before
repositioning yourself and you don't have to get that close since the nunchucks
has a longer reach then your punches. After defeating Mad Dog, walk over to the
van to the right to finish the stage.

-Stage 3-

As soon as the stage starts, a Rouge Rider will charge at you right away. Don't
try to fight him, instead jump other the bike, if you jumped too late then
there's a chance that you'll get hurt by it's smoke. He'll turn around and
charge at you and do it again a couple of times until he disappears, you should
encounter at least 3 or 4 Rouge Riders until you go on to fight the normal
thugs. If you were quick enough then you were able to pick up the nunchucks
that appeared shortly after the first Rouge Rider, but chances are they were
knocked out from you when getting hurt from the smoke that came from the bikes.
There's a total of 3 nunchucks in the game so doin't worry if you lose them
early on.

The enemies in this stage have gotten stronger, they need more hits to take out 
then previous stages so you might want to pick up some nunchucks as soon as you
can. There are two Hitmen Harrys in this stage, when they first appear on
screen they'll be lying on the ground and will shoot right away. As soon as
they appear, immediately jump to avoid the bullet coming at you, after that
they'll stand up and attack you normally. The first Hitman Harry appears at the
end of the first arc of the bridge, the second will appear right after the
beginning of the second arc, there will be times that he won't appear at all.
After you take out the second Hitman Harry, you'll face the boss shortly after.

-Stage 3 Boss: Macehead the Horrible-
When you see Macehead appear you'll see him swinging a mace, when it's comes
around to swinging in your direction, walk right up to Macehead and crouch. If
you're fighting with your punches/kickes then repeatedly hit the punch button,
after 3 or 4 hits he'll kick you and step back. Wait for him to come running
back to you, when he gets close enough repeat the same method over and over
again until he's defeated. This will only work if you have plenty of health
left, if you have a little bit left then you'll most likely die.

If you're using nunchucks then you can use the same method that you used
against Harly Hog. Crouch down close enough to him then hit him with the
nunchucks, he'll bounce back and charge you. Hit him again just right before
he's about to kick you. Remember, the timing has to be right, don't hit him too
early or too late or he'll kick you. After you defeat the boss you'll most
likely have to fight a couple of Chokeholds, continue a little bit to the right
to complete the stage.

-Stage 4-

In this stage the nunchucks appear only once right towards the end so you have
to rely on your punches and kicks for most of the stage. At the beginning
be confronted by Club Thugs and Chokeholds, most of the Club Thugs will come
down from the sky and the Chokeholds will mostly be coming out of open doors.
They won't come out at the first open door you see but every open door after
that they will, there are times when two Chokeholds will come out at a time so
watch out for that. Later on in the stage is when most of the other types of
enemies appear, once you get the nunchucks the stage will become a little
easier, but by then the stage is about already over. A lying Hitman Harry will
appear towards the end right after the 5th open door so get ready to jump when
he appears. After you take him out walk a little bit to the right to confront
the boss.

-Stage 4 Boss: Iron Brian-
When you see the boss he'll be standing on a higher plaform then you, keep
walking forward to avoid his dynamite (the manual says heavy iron balls but
they look more like sticks of dynamite) and don't stop until your standing in
the lower left position of where he's standing. Use jump kicks to hurt him and
he should fall off the platform after the 3rd hit. He may have a different
name, but he is basically the same as the 3rd stage boss so you can use those
same fighting methods for him too. The only difference I can tell is that this
boss seems to be slightly faster. After you defeat Iron Brian you'll probably
fight a Chokehold or two and maybe a falling Club Thug, after that walk to the
right towards the elevator to complete the stage.

-Stage 5-

As soon as the stage starts move to the right and pick up the nunchucks, when
you do, a Chokehold will climb up from where you picked it up from. Back up a
bit so you won't he won't grab you. There's a total of 3 nunchucks in the
stage making this final stage quite easy, all you have to do is constantly be
moving forward. Early on in the stage most of the Chokeholds will be climbing
up to the platform your standing on, if they do this in front of you, back off
a bit so you won't get choked and take them out. During the later part of the
stage the Chokeholds will be charging at you like they normally do. When you
get to the 4th "Jazz" billboard a Hitman Harry will appear so get ready to
crouch at the point. Later on in the stage some Club Thugs will jump down from
beams, make sure to take out other enemies on screen before you fight them.
When you see a gap in the ground make sure you jump over it and the boss will
be waiting for you on the other side.

-Stage 5 Boss: Giant Defiant-
If you're fighting the final boss with only your punchs and kicks then this
fight is going to be a struggle, just be sure you have a lot of health left or
you'll most likely die. Jump towards the boss, then crouch and repeatedly hit
the punch button. You should be able to hit him 3 times before he kicks you,
when he does kick you jump away and do the method all over again. Sometimes
you won't make it away without getting hurt though, there are times when he
might grab you as you jump away and throw you or he might punch or kick you.

Fighting him with the nunchucks is very easy, it's the same method you used
when you fought the 1st, 3rd and 4th stage bossess. Crouch down and wait for
the boss to come running to you. Hit him with the nunchucks just right when
he's about to kick you, if you did it right then he should bounce back. Repeat
this method over and over until you beat him. After he's defeated, walk over to
the lever to the right to complete the stage and beat the game.

VI. Ending

After you defeated the last boss and walk over to the lever and push it, Maria
will be lowered down from where she was hanging and tied up. The Vigilante will
then pick her up and the background will go black and the following message
will appear:

                              WAY TO GO DUDE!!
                              YOU SAVED MARIA!
                              YOU PREVAILED...
                        AND THE ROGUES BIT THE DUST!
                             THE VIGILANTE RULES
                                THE CITY !!!

The game will stick to this screen for approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds
until it returns to the title screen.


Q. How many times can you continue?
A. As many times as you want, you have infinite continues.

Q. Are there any other items besides the nunchucks that you can pick up in the
A. Nope, only the nunchucks.

Q. What do you think about this game?
A. I have a (mehish) review up for this game on GameFAQs, so you can check out
   what I think about it in the review section for this game.

VIII. Version History

Version 1.0 - Started FAQ/Walkthrough on January 15, 2004. Finished Version 1.0
              on January 23, 2004. Finished sections I-X, may need some
              tweaking in the future. Submitted to GameFAQs on January 23, 

Version 1.1 - Fixed a couple of errors in the Table of Contents section, the
              heading for the IV. section and a couple of other tiny mistakes.
              Submitted Version 1.1 to GameFAQs on January 26, 2004.

IX. Legal Section

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

This document should only appear on GameFAQs, if you find this FAQ on another
website, please e-mail me about this.

This document is Copyright 2004 Wendell Baugher.

Vigilante and it's characters are copyrights and trademarks of Irem Corp.

X. Credits/Thanks/Other Stuff

-Thanks to CjayC for hosting this document on his site.
-Thanks to the game and the instruction manual, if it wasn't for these then
 this faq/walkthrough wouldn't have been created in the first place.
-Thanks to The Sega Notebook....um...yeah....google it and you'll know what I
-If you think anything is missing in this document then please e-mail about it
 with the heading "Vigilante F/W contribution". I'll give you credit of course,
 if you don't want your name mentioned then I'll just put "anonymous
 contributor" in place of your name.
-If you're gonna e-mail me any comments (good or bad) or questions about this
 document then have the heading be "Vigilante FAQ C/Q".
-If you want to see screenshots of this game or the ending then check out The
 Video Game Museum at www.vgmuseum.com.