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                   WONDER BOY III - THE DRAGON'S TRAP (SMS)
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    1.....Introduction [01.00]
    2.....Walkthrough [02.00]
            - Prologue [02.01]
            - Quest 1 - Island Hopping [02.02]
            - Quest 2 - Egypt in the Sky [02.03]
            - Quest 3 - Evil Forest [02.04]
            - Side-Quest 1 [02.05]
            - Quest 4 - Volcanic Badlands [02.06]
            - Side-Quest 2 [02.07]
            - Quest 5 - Ocean/Sunken Ship [02.08]
            - Quest 6 - Lion's Den [02.09]
            - Side-Quest 3 [02.10]
            - Quest 7 - Castle in the Sky [02.11]
    3.....Item Listings [03.00]
    4.....Cheats and Codes [04.00]
    5.....Frequently Asked Questions [05.00]
    6.....Credits and Outro [06.00]

 In this update: Corrected some spelling/grammar errors.

      Introduction                                                   01.00

     Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, one of the greatest ever 8-bit games,
and probably my earliest and most delayed guide.  The amount of times I've had
to restart work on this due to shenanigans of some sort isn't even funny (well,
maybe just a little funny).  So, after years of procrastinating, it's finally
finished, and you can finally read it (well, that's the plan).

      Walkthrough                                                    02.00

     A teeny little note about enemy colours.  Unless I really feel the need to
specify what colour an enemy is, I'm not going to.  For the most part, the only
thing that separates red from green or blue is their attack and defence points.
Speed rarely increases from colour-to-colour, and new attacks are a rare thing
at best.  If an enemy gains a new attack or if their speed or attack increases
to a significant degree, I'll tell you.  If I don't tell you, assume nothing
has changed, and stab them in the face as per usual.

      Prologue                                                       02.01

     Wonder Boy starts his adventure all tooled up and ready to fustigate the
resident Dragon (picking up from where Monster Land left off) - and I mean he
really is tooled-up; he has the full quoter of Hearts, the Legendary equipment,
and a life-restoring Medicine for emergencies.  His stats, fact fans, are 255
AP/255 DP/156 CP.  In all fairness, this is just the prologue, and it's pretty
much impossible to die here (even intentionally).

You can only head right, so, y'know.  Deliver swift justice to the Giant Cobras
until you reach the junction, where you should take the upper path - don't, and
you'll be forced to repeat this screen until you do as I say.  The next screen
is relatively calm, what, with only a few Cyclops out to murder you.  When you
reach the junction, drop down the hole - in the room below, quickly drop down
to the left before the Giant Bats have the chance to knock you down the wrong
side (making you repeat the previous screen).

Make your way left (there's a Wondering Born in front of you, which probably,
y'know, needs smiting) into the mechanised corridor (nice interior design).
Keep mercilessly slaughtering your way through the Cyclops until you reach the
door at the end.  Yup, behind that door lies the boss.

/BOSS - MEKA DRAGON\___________________________________________________________

 This is technically the strongest boss in the game, but your equipment and its
 predictable pattern make it a pushover (it'd be a short game if it wasn't).
 MEKA will shuffle backwards and forwards (moving slowly towards your side of
 the screen).  When it gets within range, it'll shoot a stream of fire towards
 the ground - be ready to jump and hit it on the nose as it comes towards you
 (try and stay in the centre of the screen).  If you don't wait for it to come
 to you, it'll likely shuffle away from you then ignite your face.  After each
 hit, it will recoil and shoot its flames in response, so be sure to run and
 jump away from it after every successful hit.

 Each hit will deal 8-12 points of damage.  With the Dragon finally scrapped,
 dance around the Blue Flame that it leaves behind, collecting as much gold as
 you can before it touches Wonder Boy.  Once it does, he will be transformed
 (read: cursed up to his eyeballs) into Lizard-Man (his stats, for the time-
 being, drop to 155 AP/200 DP/100 CP).

 | Lizard-Man can't use a sword or shield conventionally, but he will still  |
 | receive the stat increases brought about by equipping them.  Not having a |
 | shield means he can't passively block any attacks thrown at him, however, |
 | flames will cancel-out any projectiles they hit.  As an added bonus, he's |
 | immune to lava - an ability that has no real use, and becomes obsolete a  |
 | little later on.  Once things return to normal, you'll find that his base |
 | stats are actually non-existent.                                          |

You'll find yourself back outside the boss door - the Cyclops here, once slain,
will yield a Large Heart for your troubles.  Exit this corridor and keep going
until you reach a locked door - the Key can be found inside of the Cyclops that
is standing near said door.  You can only head right, so me telling you to head
in that direction would be kinda redundant.  The blocks that are falling from
the top of the screen are a great big nuisance, but by no means a threat -
speaking of which, the lone Cyclops that lives here is laughably non-dangerous.

At the end of this area, the falling blocks will conveniently form a makeshift
staircase, allowing you to reach the exit.  Once out, simply follow the arrows
and dispatch any Skeltons that block your path.  Once you exit this screen, the
prologue will be over, and you will have made good your escape.

      Quest 1 - Island Hopping                                       02.02

 === Aseldo ===

     The Legendary equipment is no longer in your possession, but fear ye not,
a full set of Ivory equipment has somehow found its way into your inventory.
The Ivory set lowers your stats to a dismal 3 AP, 6 DP, and 3 CP - topping that
off is the fact you're now seven Hearts lighter.  If you're wondering, the door
with the blue window directly in front of you is where you can view the current

The main priority is opening the door to the Aseldo Tower, but before you get
round to that, you really should drop into the basement of said structure.
Along to the right is a chest that contains Heart #1 - the door to the left
will bring you out at the exit.  Back outside, the door on the platform is the
first of many Shops - Shop #1.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Mithril Sword    |   15 |  12 | --- | --- |            ---            |
 | P |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 |   | Mithril Shield   |   32 | --- |  12 | --- |            ---            |
 | 0 |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | 1 | Mithril Armor    |   44 | --- |  12 |  12 |            ---            |
 |   |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: Ideally, you will have found enough gold thus far to buy both  |
 |   | the shield and the armour.  Due to your lack of Charisma Points, the  |
 |   | sword will not yet be available.  However, the armour, will grant you |
 |   | just enough Charisma to make the sword appear for sale.               |

Now for the main event, unlocking that bloody door.  Take the door below the
Shop and drop down into the Waterway, where you should immediately head right
until you reach daylight (hey, that rhymed, kinda).

 === Islands ===

     For future reference, that door in front of you leads back to Aseldo.
If you're travelling by land, the only enemies that will give you trouble are
the Side-Crawlers that occupy some of the platforms on the second screen, and
the Roper that lives at the end of the platform section on the second screen
(before that, it's just Giant Cobras and non-scary land-based Side-Crawlers).
If you should end up going for a swim on the first screen, you'll have to keep
pushing right (fighting off Side-Crawlers and Fire Octopuses) until you reach
the jump blocks that will take you to the surface).

The benefit to dropping straight into the water on the second screen is that
there's a treasure room one screen to the left (4 Coins, 1 Fireball, 1 Tornado,
1 Arrow, 1 Boomerang, 1 Thunder).  To exit the water here, you'll need to once
again head all the way to the right (this time, fighting off the Giant Fish
and Fire Octopuses) to reach the door that will bring you out on dry land.

Regardless of whether you went by land or sea, you'll end up in the same place,
so keep moseying in the preferred direction (past the Side-Crawler and Roper).
Upon the next screen, there lives several Side-Crawlers and a rather obnoxious
Hovering Smog (it appears a little way past the upturned ship).  Providing you
visited the treasure room and got the Arrow, you'll have the chance to make it
much less obnoxious/alive (usually for reasonable reward).  In the building,
you'll find two doors - the unmarked one contains a chest with the Key you
seek, and the one with the blue window is Shop #2.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Goblin Mail      |  180 | --- |  24 |   0 |            ---            |
 | P |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 |   | Master Shield    | 1980 | --- |  85 | --- | 0 DP except Lion-Man      |
 | 0 |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 | 2 | Notes: You may want to consider purchasing the Goblin Mail (it raises |
 |   | your DP to a maximum of 36, but lowers your CP to 0 - its defence is  |
 |   | almost too good to miss at this point).  For the foreseeable future,  |
 |   | the Master Shield isn't available (you couldn't hope to have anywhere |
 |   | near the required Charisma Points to view it at present).  The Master |
 |   | Shield is the best shield available to Lion-Man.                      |

Now, all that remains is to head all the way back to the door at the beginning
of this area (unlike on the way there, you'll need to make full use of the
platforms to get back).  Entering that door signifies the quest is over, punch
the air or something.

      Quest 2 - Egypt in the Sky                                     02.03

 === Aseldo ===

     Unlock the Tower and make your way to the top.  Head out of the door you
find there and jump on over to the platform - I suggest you take the door at
the end of said platform.  You'll be doing this quite a bit, so get used to it.

 === Desert ===

     Change of scenery, eh?  I suggest you make your way left (you could head
right, but you'd only get murdered).  The first two screens are occupied mainly
by Giant Cobras, but there are a couple of Fire Flowers as you near the end of
the second screen (remember, their flames can be cancelled-out with your own).

The next section can play out either above or below ground.  Choosing to travel
above ground will see you having to time your leaps across Fire Ant-Lion pits
(five in total).  As you progress, the Fire Ant-Lions get stronger, going from
red-to-blue.  They all follow the pattern of fireball mid, fireball high - but
as is obvious, the stronger the colour, the faster they'll repeat the pattern.
Between each pit, there are several more Giant Cobras and Fire Flowers (both
high and low-firing varieties).

To get below ground, simply throw down a Tornado to kill off the resident Fire
Ant-Lion, then drop down their hole (that just sounded wrong).  As a bit of a
surprise, you're greeted by an underwater lake - it consists of one screen of
Side-Crawlers and Giant Fish, then another two of Giant Fish.  Spread out over
the first two screens are several jump blocks that will bring you back out at
the surface.  At the end of the third and final screen is a treasure room
(8 Coins, 5 fireballs, 1 Charm Stone, 1 Small Heart, 1 Medicine).  The last
exit on the second screen will bring you out at the end of the Fire Ant-Lion
section, but that's probably obvious.

The last screen before it gets interesting is defended by two Fire Flowers (one
of each type) and two Hovering Smog (they pose little threat here, as they're
flying just low enough for you to reach them with a jump attack).  At the end
of the area, instead of dropping down one of the wells, jump over them and make
your way up the side of the Pyramid.  At the opposite side is a Sphinx - inside
of which is Heart #2 (the Goblin guarding the door is both deadly *and* a very
good source of Treasure Bags).  Clamber back over when you're done and drop
down the largest of the two wells to get inside the Pyramid.

 === Pyramid ===

     As ever seems to be the case, eastward hoe.  The flames from the Fire
Stones aren't too hard to avoid at this stage (ceiling-mounted Fire Stones are
by far the easiest to avoid).  The following screen is as simple as talking the
path around and removing any Faeries that should decide to get in the way (they
constantly respawn).  The Goblin at the top of the screen is quite a pain to
deal with, as you well know (remember, their spears can be blocked low with
your own flames).

The following screen is almost identical to the previous in layout - there are
only Faeries to deal with here and, should it be needed, there is a Hospital
behind the door.  Don't forget the Key in the chest behind the jump block at
the top - the door that it opens can be found one screen up, so get to it.
The Giant Toads and the Fire Stones (ceiling) can be avoided by continuously
moving forward (the Fire Stones will miss, and the Giant Toads will jump over
you as soon as you approach).

The second screen screen is full of crenellations - a couple of which each hold
a Giant Toad (that can be avoided as before).  The Fire Stones, with a small
exception for the pair near the middle of the screen, are no harder to avoid
than before.  Other than the usual suspects, there's a pair of Goblins at the
end of the screen.

The floor of the first half of the third screen is covered in jump blocks.
You need to time your bounces over a Goblin and two floor-mounted Fire Stones -
your reward being the chance to jump over some more Fire Stones on the second
half of the screen.  The order goes floor, ceiling, floor, ceiling (close),
ceiling, double floor, ceiling.

The last screen of the area has wall-mounted Fire Stones spitting their flames
directly at you (duck the flames or block them with your own).  After the first
Fire Stone, you'll encounter another one facing in the opposite direction - you
are also heading towards another Fire Stone, so be wary.  The Will O'Wisps on
this screen are relatively harmless, and are prone to dropping Small Hearts/
Large Hearts when stabbed in the face.

At the end of the area, there is one final Fire Stone mounted on the wall.
If you were to drop down between the crenellations in front of it, you'd fall
through the floor and into the final room.  However, if you time your jump over
the hole, the wall that the Fire Stone rests on is hollow, and will lead to a
treasure room (5 Coins, 1 Treasure Bag, 1 Large Heart, 1 Medicine) - exiting
the room will drop you down the aforementioned hole.  As soon as you drop down,
duck to avoid the oncoming flames, then keep dodging your way either right or
left until you fall down to the bottom of the screen.  Behind that door lies
the boss.

/BOSS - MUMMY DRAGON\__________________________________________________________

 Right from the start, Mummy Dragon will charge towards you - this is the only
 time where it leaves itself open to attack.  While it's charging, you can jump
 and land up to three hits on its nose - after every hit, it will gain height.
 If you managed to land at least two hits, you'll be able to duck under it as
 it approaches.  When it gets to the left of the screen, it'll hover and spray
 acid over the area directly in front of it - as long as you're under old ugly
 at the time, you'll be safe.

 It will then fly back to the right of the screen, and then back round to the
 left (stopping to spray acid) - again, underneath it is the safest place to
 be.  After it has done that, it'll return to the right and repeat the pattern.
 Each hit (with the Mithril Sword) will deal 2-8 points of damage.  This time,
 touching the Blue Flame this time will transform Wonder Boy into Mouse-Man.

 | Mouse blocks are the chequered blocks that conveniently line the interior |
 | of the Pyramid.  To cling to such a block, jump while pushing towards it. |
 | You'll know you're attached once you see Mouse-Man's legs move regardless |
 | of whether or not he's standing still.  Mouse-Man's base stats are a nice |
 | 60 AP/20 DP/40 CP.                                                        |

You'll find yourself rather unceremoniously dumped outside of the antechamber.
Start making your way back down the Pyramid (take another Key from the chest -
spares are fun) - when you get to the screen with the Goblin (second screen
down), use Mouse-Man's ability to cling to the mouse blocks and run all the way
round to the door in the lower right corner.  Inside that room are two doors
and a chest (8 Treasure Bags, 4 Charms Stones, 1 Large Heart).  The door with
the blue window is, as you've already guessed, Shop #3.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Dancing Shield   |  430 | --- |  45 | --- | 0 DP except Mouse-Man     |
 | P |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: With the money from the chest, you'll easily be able to afford |
 | 0 | it (if it's not available, switch armour to something more dashing).  |
 | 3 | The Dancing Shield will boost your Defence Points to 77 (or 89 with   |
 |   | Goblin Mail).  The Dancing Shield is Mouse-Man's best shield.         |

The unmarked door opens into a Return Room that, of course, will take you back
to Aseldo immediately (because walking was overrated to begin with).  With some
small energy expenditure, that's another quest you've completed.

      Quest 3 - Evil Forest                                          02.04

 === Aseldo ===

     Here's a little something-something for you - you can now reach Shop #4
by climbing to the top the Tower and clinging to the wall.  All the items are
currently unavailable, and will be for quite some time.  In fact, other than
for the sake of completion, you'll probably skip over this Shop completely.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Crystal Sword    | 2980 | 100 | --- | --- |            ---            |
 | P |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 |   | Crystal Mail     | 3210 | --- |  75 |  75 |            ---            |
 | 0 |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | 4 | Crystal Shield   | 3140 | --- |  75 | --- |            ---            |
 |   |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: None.                                                          |
 |   |                                                                       |

Make your way to the far left and climb over the mouse blocks (the door you
pass on the way happens to be a Hospital, should you ever need it).  As usual,
the door with the blue window is a Shop - Shop #5, rejoice.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Knight Shield    | 1140 | --- |  50 | --- |            ---            |
 | P |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 |   | Prince Armor     | 1600 | --- |  53 |  99 | Small Heart drop-rate up  |
 | 0 |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 | 5 | Notes: As is the current trend, the items in this Shop are incredibly |
 |   | expensive and totally unavailable to purchase.  Unlike Shop #4, there |
 |   | is some good stuff here - the Prince Armor especially.  The Knight    |
 |   | Shield is an odd little thing, with it offering Hawk-Man 40 DP more   |
 |   | than is listed, but offering 20 DP less for Mouse-Man and Piranha-Man |
 |   | and 10 DP less to Lion-Man.                                           |

That little arrow points to where I want you to go - obey the arrow.  Over the
next couple of screens, you'll be playing a mental game of kiss-chase with some
Hovering Smog.  A little way into the first screen, one appears well out of
normal attack range and starts chasing you.  You, being quite small and mousey,
must outrun the thing while exhibiting due care when leaping over the Fuzzballs
that litter the ground.

The second screen is more of the same, the exception being that it's now a blue
Hovering Smog that's looking to smoke you.  The flames dropped by this one will
start chasing you at high speed the very moment they hit the ground - whenever
a flame starts to get too close for comfort, turn your shield towards it.

The next screen has you facing probably the easiest maze in all the history of
mazes.  The middle path of the maze is the one that will see you leave this
screen, however, if you climb to the top of the maze and jump off the screen to
the left, you'll be taken to a treasure room (1 Coin, 7 Treasure Bags, 3 Small
Hearts).  The exit to said room drops you back at the start of the maze, but
you already know how to exit this screen, so, y'know.

 === Evil Forest ===

     As is practice, the door with the blue window is a Shop - Shop #6, if you
haven't been counting along (and shame on you if you haven't).

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Shogun Blade     |  225 |  35 | --- | --- |            ---            |
 | P |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 |   | Shogun Shield    |  460 | --- |  35 | --- |            ---            |
 | 0 |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | 6 | Shogun Lamellar  |  500 | --- |  35 |  35 |            ---            |
 |   |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: The only item available will be the Shogun Lamellar, but once  |
 |   | equipped, you'll have enough CP to view the rest.  At this point, the |
 |   | Shogun Shield isn't at all beneficial, so I can't recommend it.       |
 |   |                                                                       |
 |   | The Shogun Blade will raise your Attack Points to 95, and the Shogun  |
 |   | Lamellar will raise your DP to an even 100.  If you can't afford them |
 |   | straight away, travel between this screen and the last one, killing   |
 |   | the Spark closest to you until you have enough gold (yes, important). |

If there's something that you'll learn from the next few screens, it will be
that the Boomerang is your friend - your best friend (hug it).  Make your way
left, jumping over any Fuzzballs that block the way - the Giant Toads in this
area can be avoided/ignored exactly as before.  If you're too lazy to jump over
the Fuzzballs, you can quickly destroy them using a combination of sword and
Boomerang.  At the end of the screen, for your enjoyment, is a lone Skelton.

The Giant Bats on the second screen are as easy as anything to kill, just so
long as you let them swoop into your sword (you'll likely miss if you jump at
them).  Joining them for the party are some more Skeltons (one at the start
of the screen, two towards the middle, and one at the end), and two Ropers
(also towards the end).

The third screen consists of four mouse block poles, up those poles run three
Sparks.  You can either climb the poles and avoid the Sparks, or you can pick
them off (at your leisure) with the Boomerang.  Following that is a lonely
Skelton and another set of poles (identical to the previous set) that have
green Sparks travelling up them as opposed to red ones.  The screen ends with
two more Skeltons (as is routine).

Screen number four is the last you'll see of those annoying poles, I promise.
The first set contains no Sparks this time, rather, it has a Roper between the
third and fourth pole (if you're having trouble getting past it, pick it off
with a Boomerang or a Fireball).  The next set is identical to those on the
previous screen, and link directly to another identical set.  As you may have
guessed, that set connects to yet another set (this time with a Roper between
the two).  The two Sparks are affixed to the top of the central poles, and must
be killed by climbing up and hitting them from below.  The screen ends with yet
another Skelton and a Roper making your acquaintance.

The Skeltons return in force on the final screen - all Skeltons here will
respawn, and are comprised of two parts (Skull and Wondering Born) that move
and attack independently.  The Will O'Wisp at the end of the area holds a Key
(you should already have one from earlier, but it's always nice to know).

Drop down the hole and into the water-filled room (avoid the Sparks if you can,
kill 'em if you must) - the door leads to a room with two doors and a chest
(inside of which is Heart #3).  The unmarked door leads to a Return Room (which
obviously isn't needed right now), and the door with the blue window is, of
course, a Shop - Shop #7.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Medicine         | VARI | --- | --- | --- | Revives you when dead     |
 | P |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: This is the only place where you can purchase Medicine from.   |
 | 0 | Believe me, this place will come in handy later.  Now, not so much.   |
 | 7 | It may seem quite expensive, but it's worth every penny.  The price   |
 |   | is dependent on how many heart containers you have, with the maximum  |
 |   | price capping out at a hefty 3200 gold.                               |

Exit and climb back to the surface.  Right at the very top of the screen is the
Dragon's castle.  You can reach the door by climbing as far as you can and then
jumping down (keeping towards the middle of the screen, of course).

 === Dragon Zombie's Castle ===

     Something important to remember about this dungeon is that 99% of it is
identical - once you've seen the layout of one screen, you've seen the layout
of them all.  Of course, the enemies change from screen-to-screen, but even
with that, there are still some completely identical screens.

Drop straight down the hole in front of you and follow the corridor around -
the Will O'Wisps here are best killed while hanging from the ceiling (there's
also a couple of Cyclops, but they're unimportant).  The door at the end leads
to a treasure room (2 Small Hearts, 4 Tornadoes, 1 Medicine).

Return to the starting point and make your way left.  The best place that you
could possibly be on this screen is on the ceiling, as there are more Will
O'Wisps to contend with and a fair share of Fire Stones that are best avoided
that way.  Screen two sees a new addition to the enemy forces, the Air Giant,
make its début.  As you walk along, they'll drop from the top of the screen.
Usually, they'll drop and hover close to the top, but on occasion, they'll drop
right to the bottom of the screen and attempt to hit you.

Sparks and Faeries inhabit the next screen - as long as you stay on the ground,
you'll miss every Spark with the exception of the last one at the top of the
screen.  The Faeries, as before, will constantly respawn (they're also a good
source of gold and items).

Moving onto screen four, and Will O'Wisps and Wondering Born are the order of
the day.  The Wisps are easier to kill from the ceiling, but the Wandering
Bones are easier to kill from the ground.  For the most part, from the ceiling,
you should be able to run past the Wondering Born before they have the chance
to jump and knock you down (Wondering Born will respawn).

The final identikit screen for this section rather pathetically throws some
Fuzzballs into the mix, but even they, too, can be avoided simply by walking on
the ceiling.  There's a lone Cyclops at the top of the screen, but it's still a
bit lame.  Enjoy the next two screens while they last, because as soon as they
end, it's back to seeing the same screen for the duration of this dungeon.

As soon as you enter the next screen, make a jump to the opposite wall to avoid
the oncoming Sparks.  Throw yourself down the shaft (listen to that funky music
change) - the very long shaft.  When you reach the bottom, welcome back to the
land of uniformity - population: You.

The Fire Stones on the next screen are avoided just like every other one that
came before them.  You don't need me to tell you what you should be doing here.
Following on from the Fire Stones is another screen of Air Giants.  I'll admit
that they're slightly different from the previous set, but only because they're
green.  They do seem more inclined to swoop straight down to the bottom of the
screen than the red ones, mind you.

From Air Giants to more shenanigans with Fire Stones.  There are also a few
Sparks hanging around this time (on the ceiling, of course), but they don't
actually make things any harder than before.  The next screen sees the return
of the Will O'Wisp and Wondering Born tag team.  And yes, they're both dealt
with exactly the same as before.

One more screen of Fire Stones and you'll arrive at the door to the boss room.
Honestly, after seeing the same corridors for the last ten or so minutes, I
think that I might just make you wait outside while I have a little 'word' with
the Dragon about his interior design.

/BOSS - DRAGON ZOMBIE\_________________________________________________________

 The Dragon Zombie initially starts off buried underground with only its horns
 and wings visible.  While it's underground, there isn't anything you can do to
 damage it.  While submerged, Dragon Zombie will slide across the screen - it
 will slide backwards and forwards up to four times before showing itself (99%
 of the time, when it re-emerges, it'll do so on the right side of the screen).
 If you don't take the opportunity to hit it, it'll most likely juggle you with
 its breath attack (it can only be avoided by staying below its head and moving
 along with it when it shuffles towards you).

 Each hit with the Shogun Blade will deal 3-8 points of damage.  When Wonder
 Boy makes contact with the Blue Flame this time, he will be transformed into
 Piranha-Man (yeah, it's back to being green and scaly).

 | By pressing the jump button repeatedly when underwater, you can swim like |
 | a fish, funnily enough.  Piranha-Man's base starts are 50 AP/40 DP/10 CP. |

 === Evil Forest ===

     Mercifully, you'll find yourself standing outside the castle.  Drop down
into the water-filled room and make your way to the Return Room that I pointed
out a little earlier.  Strike up the band, this quest is over.

      Side-Quest 1                                                   02.05

 === Aseldo ===

     Being a side-quest, it isn't too taxing.  In fact, your first side-quest
is nothing more than a glorified Shopping trip.  Not to say that it's not
rewarding, it's just not very exciting.  Enter the Waterway and swim along
until you come to the previously unreachable exit at the top of the screen -
guess where I want you to go.  The door behind the gold blocks is Shop #8.
For the time-being, though, you can't get to it.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Lucky Sword      |  310 |  40 | --- | --- | Gold received up          |
 | P |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 |   | Samurai Armor    | 1000 | --- |  47 |  47 |            ---            |
 | 0 |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 | 8 | Notes: When the chance arises, I suggest that you purchase both items |
 |   | post-haste.  The Samurai Armor is some of the strongest you will see  |
 |   | for a while (and grants enough CP to view the Lucky Sword), while the |
 |   | Lucky Sword will pay for itself several times over before you're done |
 |   | with it (due to its ability to increase your loot).  On top of that,  |
 |   | it's actually 5 AP stronger than the Shogun Blade.                    |

May as well keep heading right, eh?  Inside of the small building is a treasure
chest (6 Treasure Bags, 2 Charm Stones, 1 Thunder).  Now that you've robbed the
place and thwarted your rival (the evil treasure chest), keep going right and
drop down the very large gap.

 === Islands ===

     Throw yourself into the water and head left to reach Shop #11.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Aqua Shield      |  430 | --- |  45 | --- | 0 DP except Piranha-Man   |
 | P |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: The Aqua Shield is the best shield available to Piranha-Man.   |
 | 1 |                                                                       |
 | 1 |                                                                       |

      Quest 4 - Volcanic Badlands                                    02.06

 === Volcanic Badlands ===

     We're going back to the Desert - but this time, we'll be heading right.
Doing which will almost immediately see you confronted by a Hovering Smog - the
screen is small and the only other enemies are Giant Cobras.  The next screen
is where it all gets interesting - welcome to the Volcanic Badlands.  The Giant
Toads in this area behave slightly differently than the ones that you have come
across previously - as you approach, they'll jump into action much earlier,
meaning that they'll quite easily hit you if you're expecting to run under them
(they have a tendency to double-back and try again if you leave them alive).

At the end of the screen are two green Cyclops, and wow, they're mean.  Even at
this stage, they can quite easily remove a full Heart-and-a-bit just by making
contact with you - and once they get over the initial shock of being stabbed in
the face, they'll throw a pair boulders at you (granted, they can be blocked).
As long as you're quick to follow up the initial attack, they'll still die
quite easily.

Screen two sees the unwelcome addition of lava (falling into the lava will deal
half-a-Heart of damage every two seconds), and the return of the Air Giants
(green Air Giants will throw boulders).  The real pain begins when you have to
make your way over the lava by navigating some very small platforms - between
each platform, another Air Giant will descend and make an attempt to knock you
into the lava.

At the end of the third platform, there'll be another one, hurray.  The rest of
this screen consists of another such section, preceded and followed by some
Fire Flowers (because Piranha-Man lacks knees, he's allowed to block both high
and low attacks from Fire Flowers).

In essence, the next screen is more of the same, but it's one big sequence of
jumps before you reach safety (twelve jumps in total).  There's still a liberal
sprinkling of Air Giants (the aforementioned boulder-chuckers), along with an
unhealthy dose of Fire Ant-Lions.  Now, I'll tell you something cool about this
screen - the Fire Ant-Lions all have a high chance of dropping Medicine when
killed.  They also have a low chance of dropping Dragon Mail - Dragon Mail can
be purchased on the very next screen, and will protect against lava.  If you do
this screen until you nab yourself the Dragon Mail, you'll make the next screen
much easier (and save yourself some money).

More platforming antics for screen four, but not an Air Giant anywhere to be
seen.  There are some Fire Flowers, though, and they're ready to knock you into
the lava.  At the beginning of the screen and towards the end of the first lava
section, you'll find a new enemy in the Master Skelton - a stronger, much more
annoying version of the tried-and-tested Wondering Born.

If you bothered to find the Dragon Mail, just hop into the lava and make your
way towards the door - behind said door lies some small respite.  You'll find 6
Treasure Bags and 2 Thunder inside the chest, and a welcomed Hospital behind
the unmarked door.  As ever, the door with the blue window is a Shop - Shop #9.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Dragon Mail      |  300 | --- |  30 |  0  | Immunity to lava          |
 | P |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: Dragon Mail provides 5 less defence than the Shogun Lamellar.  |
 | 0 | If you're wondering, it is totally vital to your success.  If you put |
 | 9 | the effort in on the previous screen, you'll already have it.         |

Two Master Skeltons and a Fire Flower bring this screen to an end.  The Master
Skelton on the next screen is a little different than before - like some of
the Skeltons that came before it, it is comprised of a (Master) Skull and a
Wondering Born (the Master Skull shoots out balls of flame in a burst pattern).
And that's all this screen consists of, one big lava-filled walk with added

The final screen sees the reappearance of the Goblins and Fire Stones (and yes,
the Goblins are green, Spider-Man will be pleased) - there are only three Fire
Stones, but they're unimportant in the grand scheme of things (Goblins still
pack quite a wallop, though).  At the end of this screen is the Volcanic Tower
- inside lies an item vital to your success.

 === Volcanic Castle ===

     Swim to the door and step inside, then take the door in the middle of the
following room.  What lies behind it is the first of many Transformation Rooms.
This will let you change into any of your previous incarnations - this time I
want you to transform into Mouse-Man (touching the platform will activate it,
so jumping up and down on it will work fine).  Continue through the door to the
right and use the mouse blocks to reach the top of the Tower.  The chest at the
top contains the Thunder Saber - this sword (without needing to equip it and
its 0 AP) will allow you to shatter any gold blocks that you hit.  The case in
point being that you need to break the wall to continue.

Return to the Transformation Room and become fish-face once more.  The Return
Room can be found behind the door arched in gold blocks (make sure to break all
the blocks, as they'll yield gold, a few items, and a couple of Charm Stones).
I'd say returning to the Aseldo will see this quest finished.

It may be in your interest to note that, with the Thunder Saber, Shop #8 is now
accessible (and should definitely be visited).  By breaking the gold block to
the left of the door in the room that leads to the Waterway, you'll also gain
access to a Transformation Room.

      Side-Quest 2                                                   02.07

     If you fancy walking like an Egyptian once more, there are a lot of nice
rewards to be had by returning to the Sphinx behind the Pyramid.  By breaking
the walls of the room, you'll find a secret chamber containing eight Treasure
Chests.  You'll only be able to open one chest per visit to the room (the room
is filled with invisible doors, if you're wondering how to get out).  The idea
is to open a chest and then jump over it on the following visit (because, as
you know, you can still open empty chests, and that'll count against you here).

     Chest #1: 8 Coins
     Chest #2: 8 Treasure Bags
     Chest #3: 8 Fireballs
     Chest #4: 8 Tornadoes
     Chest #5: 8 Arrows
     Chest #6: 8 Boomerangs
     Chest #7: 8 Thunder
     Chest #8: 7 Charm Stones, 1 Medicine

The problem is that there is no shortcut back to Aseldo.  If you want all that
stuff, then you're gonna have to be prepared to walk home with it (and I'm not
going to help you carry it).

      Quest 5 - Ocean/Sunken Ship                                    02.08

 === Islands ===

     Drop into the water, swim all the way right, and break the golden blocks
that prevent your access to pastures new.  The Fire Octopuses and Ropers really
shouldn't pose a problem on the next screen, nor should the moving blocks (they
move from floor-to-ceiling very slowly - easy to swim under).  When you emerge
on the third screen, you're given the choice of heading either left or right -
right is how you make progress, but left is a Hospital (should you need it).

To the right, you'll find some more Giant Fish and a couple of Ropers for good
measure.  You'll also find the entrance to Captain Dragon's dungeon high up on
the side of the ship.  If you continue right and down the well, then follow the
path around (past the floating blocks and some more Giant Fish), the chest in
the room at the end will reward you with Heart #4.

 === Sunken Ship ===

     Inside the dungeon, labour your way left - just so you know, this is the
first time you'll encounter Shadow-Men.  They appear from out of the ground -
depending on their colour, attack in various patterns.  The ones on this screen
are red in colour, so they do nothing more than intermittently pop out of the
ground in the same spot.

The second screen is rife with green Shadow-Men - they're much the same as the
red ones (with the added durability that you'd expect from a green enemy), but
they shoot fireballs at you.  They appear mostly in pairs here - one appears
from the front and is joined by his friend appearing behind you.  If you have a
couple of Boomerangs, they'll work well for stunning them until you can get
around to finishing them.  Towards the end, you'll have to deal with a set of
floating blocks, but they're nothing to worry about.

Screen three sees Shadow-Men and Cyclops in tandem.  The path is straight and
the Shadow-Men are mercifully few.  The next screen, however, keeps the Shadow-
Man theme, but introduces Fire Stones and barrels.  Yes, barrels; they get in
the way and they're annoying.  The Shadow-Men will ambush your lights out when
you approach the Fire Stones.  One moving block at the end to avoid (along with
another cunning Shadow-Man), and then freedom.

Screen five keeps the barrel theme alive and perches Fire Octopuses on them for
good measure (the third one along yields an Large Heart).  It also keeps the
Shadow-Men, who mostly elect to stay between the gaps the multitude of barrels
create, only daring to appear once you're past them (usually with a barrel
between the pair of you).

The next screen has more barrels, some Cyclops, and the introduction of blue
Shadow-Men (who are much faster with their coming-and-going).  It gets trickier
towards the end (when Shadow-Men start appearing on barrels, Cyclops start to
appear in pairs, and the space between barrels gets much less).  On the bright
side, one of the Shadow-Men towards the end usually drops Medicine.  That door
can only mean one thing - time for a boss battle, suckers!

/BOSS - CAPTAIN DRAGON\________________________________________________________

 As soon as the fight begins, it'll jump straight up and fire a stream of hooks
 towards the ground.  The hooks bounce in an arc from their point of impact.
 If the first thing you do is walk a little way forward, they'll miss you, or
 at the very least, you'll block them.

 It'll then jump over you and repeat the pattern.  If it can't jump over you,
 it'll double-back on itself and give you some breathing room (sometimes it'll
 jump away from you twice).  If you run under it when it fires its hooks, you
 can strike it when it lands.  After each hit, it'll jump over you again - if
 you get your distancing right, you can lock it into a cycle jumping backwards
 and forwards between two points without attacking.  Each hit with the Lucky
 Sword will deal 8-12 points of damage to the Dragon.  As always, the Blue
 Flame will turn you into something or other - in this case, Lion-Man.

 | When Lion-Man swings his sword, he'll do so in an arc.  This arc lets him |
 | hit things both above and below.  Lion-Man is the strongest form that can |
 | be taken.  Lion-Man's base stats are 90 AP/50 DP/50 CP.                   |

 === Islands ===

     As you'd expect after a boss battle, you will be dumped unceremoniously
outside.  You should recognise where you are now - back up top, at the bottom
of the Sunken Ship.  Head right and into the building.  The Master Shield from
Shop #2 should now be available.  Equipping it will take your defence from a
poultry 97 DP up to a whopping 182.  Break the golden block above you to reveal
a [?] that in turn reveals a quick way back to the village.

      Quest #6 - Lion's Den                                          02.09

 === Aseldo ===

     Take note of the gold block bridge to the left of the Tower - Lion-Man can
destroy it.  Do so and drop into the water - in this corridor is another gold
block bridge for you to smash.  Again, do so and drop down.  To the left of the
area is the exit, and to the right (behind more gold blocks) is a chest with
Heart #5.  The exit brings you out in the corridor above.  If you feel the need
to return to the surface, you'll need to drop down the second well and take the
door.  Curious about that gold block?  It has a [?] that opens up Shop #10.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Muramasa Blade   |  800 | 110 | --- | --- | 58 AP except Lion-Man     |
 | P |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: This is the best sword in the game for Lion-Man.  However, as  |
 | 1 | stands, you may not have enough CP to view the sword yet.  That means |
 | 0 | you'll need to return to Shop #5 for the Prince Armor.  Prince Armor  |
 |   | is great at boosting CP.  Of course, you'll have to become Mouse-Man  |
 |   | again to be able to reach said Shop.                                  |

As great as Lion-Man is, the next bit can't be done without the help of Mouse-
Man, so go get changed and come back here.  Don't worry, you can still break
the bridge by clinging to the mouse blocks next to it.  Back?  Okay, drop down
the first well, you'll hit some jump blocks and be shot back out - this allows
you to reach the mouse blocks on the ceiling.

This allows you to reach the last well to the left.  Drop down it and take the
door, you'll be brought out in a little maze.  Cling to the mouse blocks and
make your way around, smashing the gold blocks that stand between you and the
thing I haven't told you about yet.  The lone gold block all the way at the end
holds a [?] that opens a puzzle room.

Grab the Magic Saber from the chest and equip it.  Striking any one of those
tiles in the background with the Magical Saber will cause them to become gold
blocks.  Use the Saber to create a path to the door above the chest.  If you
get stuck, remember to un-equip the Magical Saber so you can break the blocks.
The door in question leads back to the Aseldo.

 === Lion's Den ===

     Return to the tunnels under Aseldo as Lion-Man, and this time, drop into
the third well.  The first screen is a simple warm-up, the Giant Bats will fall
to the arc of your sword, so too will the Giant Cobras near the end.  The path
now splits - the top path being occupied by more Giant Bats, and the bottom
path being a complete dead-end.  Any guesses over what path to take?  At the
next split, choose the bottom path to continue (the Shadow-Man on the top path
tends to hold a Large Heart).

On the third screen, the top path once again holds no interest, so slaughter
your way past the Faeries and carefully make your way over the platforms above
the lava.  The Master Skelton at the end of this screen can sometimes prove a
pain, but not as much as previous ones.  On the next screen, the lower path has
a hidden door that leads to a Hospital.  Up next are a three nasty sections
above lava.  If you're worried about falling, cooking, and ending up dead,
equip the Dragon Mail for this bit.

The Giant Bats will knock you into the lava in a moment's notice - be careful.
A Shadow-Man occupies a platform in the middle of the second section, and to be
honest, he's a bit of a nightmare (he shoots his fireballs too low to block) -
be good with your jumping, or just toss a couple of Boomerangs at it.

The next bit is harder still - not only is there a Shadow-Man dwelling in the
middle platform, but the moment you reach it, another appears on the platform
behind you, and another in front of you (Boomerangs are nice).  And be sure to
watch for the little bugger that pops up behind you as you're about to leave
the screen.  The next screen is a nice stroll through the flowers.  Flowers of
death.  As you get higher up the steps, you'll be accosted by a Hovering Smog -
same for the next set.  Not too hard, considering they're within your range.
When the path splits, take the top route.  I know it has a Hovering Smog and a
few Fire Flowers, but the hidden door on the next screen contains Shop #12.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Tasmanian Sword  | 1480 |  74 | --- | --- | Transform anywhere        |
 | P |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: With the sword equipped, press and hold the jump button on the |
 | 1 | second controller.  Now, jump and attack the air while still holding  |
 | 2 | the jump button on the second controller.  Release the button and you |
 |   | will transform.                                                       |

Of course, the bottom path is the path you need to take to continue (watch out
for the Shadow-Man).  At the top of the next set of stair-like blocks is a
hidden door (two blocks left from the top).  Taking the door will see you end
up in the hollow area below you.  Head left and you'll find another hidden
door, this time leading to a treasure room (11 Treasure Bags, 1 Medicine).

Exit out the way you came and keep moseying along in the direction you were
headed - take the top path when it presents itself (the Fire Flowers here have
a very small chance of dropping Hades Armor when killed).  If you need some
Hearts sharpish, the blue Cyclops on the bottom path can provide you with a
Large Heart (but can quite easily do you great harm).  Now, just hop over to
the Pagoda entrance and slay the Cyclops standing in your way.

 === Daimyo's Pagoda ===

     Say hello to the Deadly Ninja - they attack by throwing shurikens and then
flipping over and landing behind you.  Simple enough; just block their attack
and stand underneath them as they're about to land - the arc of Lion-Man's
sword will do the rest.  Well, that's the entirety of this introductory screen.

Now you need to introduce yourself to the green version of said Deadly Ninja.
They act the same, fill your forehead with shurikens the same, and die just the
same - except that on this occasion, they've bonded with their fellow Ninja and
will attack in pairs.  Amongst the ninja-esque chaos lies some Fuzzballs - they
can prove quite irritating by stopping you getting good footing against the
Ninja, so they need removing rather than avoiding.

The last screen before you enter the dungeon proper houses only Deadly Samurai.
Fortunately, they're red and stupid.  Their only form of attack is to bump into
you, apologise for being so dumb, then back-step (only to continue forward).
Moving on now to green Deadly Samurai and Giant Bats.  Yeah, exciting, I know.
The green Deadly Samurai, unlike their red cousins, are able to punish you from
a back-step with a high fireball.  It might be worth pointing out that Samurai
will not attempt to avoid special items.  Did I mention that the corridors in
this place are pretty generic?  Well, they are.

The next corridor has more green Deadly Samurai and Deadly Ninja.  The Ninja
are particularly troublesome here, as a few of them start half-way up a wall,
meaning that their shurikens will hit just above your shield - so be ready to
jump.  Up next, just the one blue Deadly Samurai.  He's much, much faster than
his cousins and fires a triple fireball from the back-step.  Other than him,
there are a few moving blocks -- like those found in the Sunken Ship -- if he
back-steps into them, you'll never catch him.  Fortunately, when he does that,
he has a tendency to disappear altogether.

The next screen contains a couple of (blue) Deadly Samurai and (green) Deadly
Ninja.  Other than that, same as above, really.  The following screen expands
on that with three (blue) Deadly Ninja, but no Deadly Samurai.  Continuing the
trend, blue enemies are much faster - the Deadly Ninja also receive a massive
boost in their ability to jump, often seeing them flip a full screen's width to
land behind you.  Following that, the Deadly Duo meet half-way.  There are two
(blue) Deadly Ninja and two (blue) Deadly Samurai.  Boomerangs are still your

Nothing here enemy-wise on this screen.  See the door?  That leads to the boss.
But you want something more?  Walk past the door and stand between the funny-
looking panelling on the wall.  Right there is a secret door.  The chest inside
that room contains a Large Heart and 1 Medicine.  Groovy, now you can battle
with the boss.

/BOSS - DAIMYO DRAGON\_________________________________________________________

 It will attack by either slashing at you with its sword (if you approach it
 while its sword is down), or by raising its sword high into the air and firing
 a spread of fireballs through the air (it does this as you first enter), each
 landing only a small distance apart - you can either find a safe spot as they
 spread out, or you can just block them.

 Until it lifts its sword into the air, you cannot land an attack.  However, it
 frequently does this, giving you a free hit - once you do so, you'll halt the
 attack.  Each hit with the Muramasa Blade will deal 20-24 points of damage.
 This is the last time you'll see your best friend, the Blue Flame of doom, but
 worry ye not, it has one final gift for you - wings.  Touching it this time
 will see you transformed into Hawk-Man.

 | By tapping the jump button, you can make Hawk-Man fly.  The more you tap  |
 | the button, the higher he'll fly.  If you press down while flying, you'll |
 | descend much quicker.  Hawk-Man happens to be incredibly weak to water -  |
 | just think of it as blue lava and stay clear.  Hawk-Man's base stats are  |
 | a rather disappointing 30 AP/10 DP/20 CP.                                 |

 === Lion's Den ===

     You'll find yourself back outside of the Pagoda - instead of heading back
the way you came, fly straight up and enter the door.  Inside the chest, you'll
find 11 Treasure Bags, 2 Boomerangs, and a Large Heart.  Ideally, you'll have
2000 gold in your coffers, as behind that door lies the secret to immortality.
The other door will take your back to the Aseldo, which is much less exciting.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Hades Armor      | 2000 | --- |  63 |  0  | One-time Medicine effect  |
 | P |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: Hades Armor will return you to life after you die.  Here's the |
 | 1 | thing - it's glitched to hell.  It should be a single-use item, but   |
 | 3 | it's not.  If you don't go to the armour screen after the first time  |
 |   | you die, the game will still think it's equipped.  Once you have the  |
 |   | Legendary Armor, after the first time you die, you'll auto-equip it   |
 |   | *and* keep the effect of the Hades Armor.                             |

      Side-Quest #3                                                  02.10

     Everything major that needed to be done has been done.  Of course, the
final dungeon still remains, but there are still many hidden things to make the
most of.  Think of it as a little holiday before you return to your job of
murdering winged reptiles.

 1. Shop #14 can be reached by flying out of Aseldo to the east.  You'll see
    the tell-tale blue-windowed door between two sets of unbreakable blocks.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Heavenly Shield  | 3980 | --- | 110 | --- | 0 DP except Hawk-Man      |
 | P |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 |   | Key              |  250 | --- | --- | --- |            ---            |
 | 1 |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 | 4 | The Heavenly Shield is the finest Hawk-Man can wield.                 |
 |   |                                                                       |

 2. Fly all the way out of the east side of Aseldo and down to the Islands.
    Enter the Waterway from that side (to avoid Hawk-Man's terrible, terrible
    weakness of water) and fly up the hole in the ceiling.  Inside the chest is
    the Heart #6.

 3. As Hawk-Man, you can now fly over to MEKA Dragon's Castle.  The castle is,
    of course, totally wrecked - but it's also where the Legendary set of
    equipment lies.  All the way to the right, inside the well, is Shop #15.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Legendary Shield | 5440 | --- | 100 | --- |            ---            |
 | P |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: None.                                                          |
 | 1 |                                                                       |
 | 5 |                                                                       |

    To get back into the castle, you will need a Key (of which you should have
    one spare already).  For the Legendary Sword, head all the way back down to
    the boss chamber (be wary of the Air Giants, Cyclops, and Goblins that roam
    the corridors) - inside will be a chest containing the sword.  Equip it now
    and watch your attack shoot to 185.  Now, head out of the room and then go
    back in - the chest now contains 39 Treasure Bags and 1 Large Heart, and
    will do so each and every time you revisit it after entering a password.

    Retrace your steps, y'know, like you're escaping all over again, and enter
    the room with the falling blocks (the Key is inside the Cyclops near the
    door).  The lone Cyclops on the first screen holds the Legendary Armor
    (which will now give you 110 DP without the Heavenly Shield, and 220 DP
    with it).

 4. In the Pyramid, at the point where you would normally drop down to reach
    the boss door, fly straight up to reach another hidden room.  Inside, the
    chest holds 4 Treasure Bags, 1 Boomerang, 1 Thunder, 2 Medicine.  You can
    exit the area like last time, take the boss door (no boss, obviously).

 5. There exist two secret shops, inside of which you can purchase items, Shops
    #16 and #17.  Enter the Tower and drop down as per usual.  See the door?
    Yeah, well, the entrance to Shop #16 is directly above that door.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Fireball         |   40 | --- | --- | --- |            ---            |
 | P |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 |   | Tornado          |  160 | --- | --- | --- |            ---            |
 | 1 |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | 6 | Arrow            |  360 | --- | --- | --- |            ---            |
 |   |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 |   | Boomerang        |  640 | --- | --- | --- |            ---            |
 |   |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 |   | Notes: Hawk-Man can't make Arrows and Boomerangs appear for sale -    |
 |   | only Lion-Man can do that.                                            |

    Shop #17 is found directly below the door leading to Egypt in the Sky.
    A bit obvious, but only Hawk-Man can reach it.

 | S |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |          ABILITY          |
 | H |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 | O | Thunder          | 1000 | --- | --- | --- |            ---            |
 | P |------------------|------|-----|-----|-----|---------------------------|
 |   | Charm Stone      |  100 | --- | --- | --- |            ---            |
 | 1 |-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
 | 7 | Notes: None.                                                          |
 |   |                                                                       |

 6. Having 99 Charm Stones unlocks a boss select.  You can now access every
    boss in the game (sans MEKA) via hidden doors in Aseldo.  If you defeat a
    boss in this way, you will once again become the associated character, and
    the Transformation Room will be reset.

     * Mummy Dragon: In the Waterway, to the left of the door.

     * Dragon Zombie: In the Tower, in the middle of the second floor.

     * Captain Dragon: In the Tower, to the left of the door.

     * Daimyo Dragon: In the Tower basement, to the left of the door.

     * Vampier Dragon: At the top of the Tower, under the arrow to the right.

      Quest #7 - Castle in the Sky                                   02.11

 === Aseldo ===

     If you fly along the top of the screen from the left of the Tower, you'll
bump into a door surrounded by gold blocks.  Break these blocks and take the
door, providing, of course, you have a Key somewhere about your person (and you
should).  If you don't, Shop #14 isn't too far away.  Inside, there's, well,
nothing.  Equip the Magical Saber and use it to turn the symbol in the middle
of the room into something more useful.  When broken, the block reveals a [?]
that opens the door to the final dungeon.

 === Castle in the Sky ===

     There's nothing to do here other than head right and enter the dungeon
proper.  This bit is really easy, your wings making flying past the Fire Stones
a breeze.  The door you come to happens to be a Hospital, which is quite nice
if you decided to come here half dead.  Above it, as you can see, there's a
hole - that's where you need to go, being careful of the pair of Fire Stones
guarding it, of course.  Up here, you'll be forced into a confrontation with a
pair of Sparks before you can reach the exit to the screen - nothing serious.

This next screen may look like it has no way out, but the wall below the second
Fire Stone can be walked through, which is nice.  Again with the Fire Stones.
After the second floor-mounted Fire Stone, you might just get shot in the face
when you approach the door ahead.  That'd be the pair of Fire Stones sitting
just off the screen.

The door in question leads to a Transformation Room.  Inside, you'll need to
turn yourself into Mouse-Man.  If you had the Heavenly Shield equipped as Hawk-
Man, remember to change it to something else, as it grants no defence to anyone
other than him (leading you to a very early death).

Use the mouse blocks to head inside of the wall - here, you will have to deal
with a mini-maze.  Climb the top set of mouse blocks and jump to the right once
you reach the top.  Head right and you'll drop down - if you jump up to the
right and continue, you'll make it out of the other side.  Out the other side,
you'll land right in front of a Fire Stone, and will have to avoid its flames
while you leap the other two that stand between you and the next screen.

Up next, there's an abundance of Side-Crawlers, accompanied by a Hovering Smog.
It's a straight run, but when you get to the end, you'll find yourself trapped
and at the mercy of the Smog. Of course, you need to pass through one of those
blocks, but which one?  The bottom row of the second step, actually.  The Smog
can't follow you through the wall, so rejoice and drop down to the next screen.

Don't worry, you don't need to make your way up those steps, facing the wrath
of the Fire Stones - simply walk through the bottom row of the first step to
reach the other side.  Behind the door down on the next screen is a chest with
Heart #7.  There's also a Cyclops waiting for you outside, but no-one sent him
the memo saying he should have been blue.

Nowhere to go now but left, past two very nasty Hovering Smog.  At the end, you
are supposed to break the gold block to reveal a jump block, then bounce up and
through the top part of the wall.  If you don't do something about the Smog,
they'll never let you do that, and you'll likely die.  Once through, make your
way round and drop down the hole.

The following screen, well, you've seen it before.  The Fire Stones are mounted
on the ceiling this time, but the sneaky shortcut through the bottom step is
still there.  Clearly, you need to take said shortcut and drop down to the next
screen.  As a change of scenery, you drop down into a room full of water that's
occupied by a very lonely Giant Fish.  The first door is a Transformation Room
- as you've already guessed, you'll need to become Piranha-Man to reach the
other door.

The next room sees a trio of Giant Fish bar your exit.  Once you've taken that
door, you'll be back on dry land again.  Here, we have one rather long screen
that sees you doing battle with Deadly Ninja in amongst some equally unfriendly
Ropers.  If you have any special items that you could use to make things a bit
easier, then now is the time to use them.  If you haven't, progress slowly,
leaving no Roper alive, and triggering only one Ninja at a time.

This next bit is rather horrid, seeing you face off against both Deadly Samurai
and Shadow-Men.  The Samurai, as ever, are fond of running from you.  If they
turn tail and run, just let them, they're likely to vanish once they leave the
screen, so one less worry for you.  The door at the end of this section is a
Transformation Room.  To get past the gold blocks ahead, you'll need the tricky
sword skills of Lion-Man.

The moment you drop down to the next screen, you'll be immediately boxed-in by
a pair of Air Giants.  With your massive attack, though, you should be able to
easily shred them with a single blow apiece.  The rest of the screen, as you
can see, is about as threatening as a bake sale - just climb the stairs and
smite some Sparks before dropping down to pastures new.

The middle of the platform you land on conceals a sneaky Shadow-Man.  It's the
only one around here, so don't panic.  Simply make your way round to the exit,
the Fire Stones can't bother you.  The following set on the screen below may
very well bother you.  If you have an item or two to spare, you can take out
the Fuzzball and bypass the two Fire Stones along the bottom by walking off
your platform.

If you don't have anything to spare, then you'll need to drop down to the right
and attempt to jump over them.  This attempt will nearly always end with you
getting hit, so cut to the quick and bump into them, using the invincibility
time to make your way past them.

Dropping down sees you land in a room so dark, you're likely to be eaten by a
Grue.  A trio of Goblins and a pair of Shadow-Men live here.  Don't bother with
pleasantries, just run, hacking at the Goblins and only turning round to block
fireballs once they're too close for comfort.  Sticking with the theme of trios
trying to kill you, you have a trio of Deadly Ninja up next.

To make matters considerably worse, you've got to fight them in amongst Fire
Stones.  After the second Fire Stone, you're likely to catch a shuriken in the
eye as a Ninja arrives on the scene.  After the third Fire Stone, they'll start
facing towards you, oh, and another shuriken is delivered first-class into your
eye as another Ninja arrives.  The third and final Ninja is waiting a little up
from that.  The door at the end brings you out into another equally dark room.

This screen is a sort of maze in the dark.  It's not overly complicated, though
- just throw down a Tornado to the right to destroy the Fuzzball, cut a right
and drop down, followed by a left to find the exit.  If you're somehow still a
little unsure, a Thunder can light up the whole screen, revealing your path.
That little tip is also quite useful on the next screen, not like things aren't
already obvious.  Keep heading up and left until you drop down, then head right
to exit the screen.  Even the Shadow-Man isn't really a threat here.

Finally, out of the dark and into a light-filled dead-end.  Head right and you
will fall through a gap in the floor - it's not an especially impressive gap,
but it conceals the door to the final Transformation Room.  Turn into Hawk-Man,
then make your merry way up and right.  Only a couple more screens to go before
you reach the boss door.  The first screen isn't too hard, thankfully.  A lone
Goblin occupies the middle platform, and an equally lone Fire Stone guards the
exit.  Simply fly up to the left and make your break past the Fire Stone when
the time is right - the Goblin shouldn't even come into it.

The second screen is no harder, just take the steps down so you'll have less of
a distance to fly to reach the exit, then wait for your break to soar past the
Fire Stone.  The other Fire Stones here aren't a bother at all.  Look, it's the
final screen!  Head around the path and walk through the wall at the top, then
continue straight ahead.  The boss door is within your reach - can't miss it.

/BOSS - VAMPIER DRAGON\________________________________________________________

 Vampier Dragon flies onto the screen from the left, then across the top and
 down the right side.  If you wait over to the right, you'll be able to jump
 and hit the head in its stomach as it comes down.  It'll now disappear from
 screen for a second, then fly across from the right at around head height -
 don't worry, though, it can't hit you.  The rest of the fight, for your own
 safety, should be conducted from the top-left corner.  Don't fly too close to
 the top, mind, you, but hover a little way below the silver line.

 From here, there's very little that Vampier Dragon can do that you can't see
 coming.  If you make full use of quick descend, you should be able to avoid
 everything.  If you see Vampier Dragon coming down from the top of the screen
 close to you, you can either attempt to hit it before it spits a fireball, or
 you can quick descend and wait for it to move away.

 It doesn't matter if you are rocking the best defence available, it'll still
 do silly damage if it hits you.  You won't be dishing out anywhere near the
 same kind of damage, only a meagre 4-8 points, so playing hard to get is the
 best strategy.  If you go into the fight with an item you can easily hit it
 with (such as a Fireball or Thunder), it'll help you out when things get a
 little too close - just smack it with one and it'll change direction.

      Item Listings                                                  03.00

   |       ITEM       | COST | AP* | DP* | CP* |           FOUND           |
   | Legendary Sword  | ---- | 155 | --- | --- | MEKA's Castle, boss room  |
   | Legendary Shield | 5440 | --- | 100 | --- | MEKA's Castle, Shop #15   |
   | Legendary Armor  | ---- | --- | 100 | 100 | MEKA's Castle, block room |
   | Ivory Sword      | ---- |  3  | --- | --- | Finish Prologue           |
   | Ivory Shield     | ---- | --- |  3  | --- | Finish Prologue           |
   | Ivory Armor      | ---- | --- |  3  |  3  | Finish Prologue           |
   | Mithril Sword    |   15 |  12 | --- | --- | Aseldo, Shop #1           |
   | Mithril Shield   |   32 | --- |  12 | --- | Aseldo, Shop #1           |
   | Mithril Armor    |   44 | --- |  12 |  12 | Aseldo, Shop #1           |
   | Shogun Blade     |  225 |  35 | --- | --- | Evil Forest, Shop #6      |
   | Shogun Shield    |  460 | --- |  35 | --- | Evil Forest, Shop #6      |
   | Shogun Lamellar  |  500 | --- |  35 |  35 | Evil Forest, Shop #6      |
   | Crystal Sword    | 2980 | 100 | --- | --- | Aseldo, Shop #4           |
   | Crystal Mail     | 3210 | --- |  75 |  75 | Aseldo, Shop #4           |
   | Crystal Shield   | 3140 | --- |  75 | --- | Aseldo, Shop #4           |
   | Thunder Saber    | ---- |  0  | --- | --- | Volcanic Tower            |
   | Magical Saber    | ---- |  0  | --- | --- | Below Aseldo              |
   | Lucky Sword      |  310 |  40 | --- | --- | Aseldo, Shop #8           |
   | Muramasa Blade   |  800 |  58 | --- | --- | Below Aseldo, Shop #10    |
   | Tasmanian Sword  | 1480 |  74 | --- | --- | Lion's Den, Shop #12      |
   | Knight Shield    | 1140 | --- |  50 | --- | Aseldo, Shop #5           |
   | Dancing Shield   |  430 | --- |  45 | --- | Pyramid, Shop #3          |
   | Aqua Shield      |  430 | --- |  45 | --- | Islands, Shop #11         |
   | Master Shield    | 1980 | --- |  85 | --- | Islands, Shop #2          |
   | Heavenly Shield  | 3980 | --- | 110 | --- | Aseldo, Shop #14          |
   | Goblin Mail      |  180 | --- |  24 |  0  | Islands, Shop #2          |
   | Samurai Armor    | 1000 | --- |  47 |  47 | Aseldo, Shop #8           |
   | Dragon Mail      |  300 | --- |  30 |  0  | V. Badlands, Shop #9      |
   | Prince Armor     | 1600 | --- |  56 |  99 | Aseldo, Shop #5           |
   | Hades Armor      | 2000 | --- |  63 |  0  | Lion's Den, Shop #13      |
   | Medicine         |  291 | --- | --- | --- | Evil Forest, Shop #7      |
   | Key              |  250 | --- | --- | --- | Aseldo, Shop #14          |
   | Fireball         |   40 | --- | --- | --- | Aseldo, Shop #16          |
   | Tornado          |  160 | --- | --- | --- | Aseldo, Shop #16          |
   | Arrow            |  360 | --- | --- | --- | Aseldo, Shop #16          |
   | Boomerang        |  640 | --- | --- | --- | Aseldo, Shop #16          |
   | Thunder          | 1000 | --- | --- | --- | Aseldo, Shop #17          |
   | Charm Stone      |  100 | --- | --- | --- | Aseldo, Shop #17          |
   | Heart #1         | ---- | --- | --- | --- | Aseldo Tower              |
   | Heart #2         | ---- | --- | --- | --- | Egypt in the Sky, Sphinx  |
   | Heart #3         | ---- | --- | --- | --- | Evil Forest, near Shop #7 |
   | Heart #4         | ---- | --- | --- | --- | Islands, right of dungeon |
   | Heart #5         | ---- | --- | --- | --- | Below Aseldo              |
   | Heart #6         | ---- | --- | --- | --- | Aseldo, Waterway          |
   | Heart #7         | ---- | --- | --- | --- | Castle in the Sky         |

      Cheats and Codes                                               04.00

 === Hu-Man Code ===

     Enter WE5T 0NE 0000 000 as a password to start the game in Aseldo as Hu-
Man.  Along with that, you'll have 99 Charms Stones, all equipment, and more
money than you could ever hope to spend.  Hu-Man is awesome in the respect that
he can use items infinitely and has stats that max at 255 with the Legendary
equipment, but he's more than lame in the respect that he has no versatility.

 === Create Gold Blocks ===

     If you equip the Magical Saber, Goblin Mail, Knight Shield, and Fireball,
you'll create gold blocks whenever you attack an empty space.  Blocks created
underwater in Aseldo cannot be destroyed, so don't get carried away down there.
Other than being able to sequence break your return to MEKA Dragon's castle and
making tricky jumps a little bit easier, it doesn't really have a use.

      Frequently Asked Questions                                     05.00

 === General Questions ===

 Q: What's the difference between this and Dragon's Curse?

 A: Other than Lion-Man being Tiger-Man, and the Hades Armor working as it was
    intended, nothing other than slightly different sprite colours and better

 Q: What happens if you die during the Prologue?

 A: You die.  Nothing special, no skipping straight to Aseldo as Hu-Man, just
    you being dead and having to do the whole Prologue again.

 Q: Are there any other passwords that form words or sentences?

 A: Well, you have OPEN THE GREN DOR, which doesn't do a great deal other than
    start you at Hawk-Man's part of the game with a modest selection of stuff.
    Now, YOUR GOT FOUR EYE is much more interesting, as it starts you off in
    Aseldo with Hu-Man, but with only five Hearts and an incomplete equipment
    list.  This hints at either a way to transform back into Hu-Man, or at a
    way to play as Hu-Man past the Prologue without a code.  Despite the effect
    being pretty lame (start as Piranha-Man with a few bits of and pieces and a
    fully unlocked Transformation Room), PLAY THE 0NGA KUN is quite amusing.

 Q: How is the cost of the Hospital calculated?

 A: The cost of the Hospital is dependent on the character and the amount of
    heart containers you have.  Progression of cost is simple enough; your
    second heart container adds an additional 15 gold to the base cost for a
    character, your third adds 25, and so on.  The exception to the rule is
    Piranha-Man, who only has an increase of 5 until the fifth heart container,
    where the price will shoot up by 105 to bring it into line with the rest of
    the characters.

 === Questions About Weapons ===

 Q: Both the Thunder Saber and the Magical Saber are listed as having 0 AP, but
    only the Thunder Saber gives me 0 AP when I equip it.  Why?

 A: They both have 0 AP, but the Magical Saber won't interfere with your base
    stats.  The AP of the Magical Saber will be whatever the base AP for your
    character is (e.g. equipping it to Hawk-Man would give you 30 AP), but the
    Thunder Saber actually lowers your AP to 0.  Not like it matters, because
    you only need to equip the Magical Saber twice, and there's no need to even
    equip the Thunder Saber in the first place.

 Q: I heard that when Lion-Man equips either the Muramasa Blade or the Shogun
    Blade, he'll actually take more damage from enemies.  Is this true?

 A: From what I've tested, it doesn't seem to be true at all.  With or without
    either sword equipped, it still took the same amount of hits to deplete one
    full Heart.

 === Questions About This Guide ===

 Q: Can I use your guide on my site?

 A: As of this moment, no you cannot host my guide.  Why?  Because I believe
    that the number of sites that I'm allowing to host this guide is enough,
    enough to keep track of and enough to provide adequate distribution to you,
    the wonderful FAQ-reading public.

 Q: I have this guide, would it be okay if I used a part of yours?

 A: *Chokes* part of mine?  What would be the point of that?  You can use my
    guide as reference for all the things that I can't own (i.e. facts), but
    you can't go lifting entire paragraphs, even if you credit me for it.
    Just read the copyright notice at the top of this guide, and then think
    twice before 'borrowing' anything from me.

 Q: If I've found something that you were too stupid to include, or something
    that you've missed, what should I do?

 A: You could take it, turn it sideways and shove it... *ahem* just drop me
    a line and tell me in exact detail as to what it was that I screwed up on
    or missed out.  If you can help me to make this guide more accurate, you'll
    win a cookie, a kudos cookie (great on calories, lousy on taste).

      Credits and Outro                                              06.00

     Well, here I am, and here you are.  He we are.  Actually, I'm debating if
anyone ever reads this bit.  Oh, of course they do.  This is the best part, and
I say that with just a hint of irony.  You've been a wonderful, disturbingly
quiet, brilliantly dazzling audience, and we've just saved the world before
teatime.  As ever, I must vanish into the night, so be excellent to each other
in my absence.

 === Special Mentions and Thanks ===

  Scott Partridge: For his question-full email that made my poor brain think of
    numbers.  Those numbers being specifically related to the cost of the
    Hospital [5. Frequently Asked Questions].  And here's the topic where I got
    the numbers to make my pathetically simplified explanation with
    [http://www.smspower.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=76608#76608].  He also sent
    corrections for a few shop prices and stats.

  The layout of this guide is based upon the layout used by Dalez in his Breath
    of Fire IV guide [http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/2741.html].

     If for some strange reason, you would actually like to thank me, feel free
to pay me a visit and leave a comment [http://mikepenance.tumblr.com] and
pledge to serve as my vassal - too far?  Well, just sign it and leave out the
"serving me for all eternity" bit (if you like).

No, Mr. President, they have no idea of my true identity.  Yes, Mr. President,
it all went according to plan.  Shall I continue with the second phase of the
operation?  Yes, sir, understood.

     Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (C) 1989 SEGA Enterprises Ltd.
          Wonder Boy III - FAQ/Walkthrough (C) 2014 Mike Penance