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how do get to Forest of Illusion 5?

I beat Forest of Illusion 4 and it took me back to Forest of Illusion 2..what do i do to get to the next level? somebody please help...thanks...

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Distant_Rainbow answered:

Midway through the level you'll see a pipe in mid-air, with a Lakitu throwing Spinies at you from the inside. Reach that pipe with whatever method: fly up, lure a Paratroopa from the right and bounce on his head, etc. Inside is a key and keyhole.

This takes you to a new level. It's not named Forest of Illusion 5, but instead Forest Secret Area. This level involves staying on top of two platforms while they weave through formations of enemies; actually it's a rather easy, straightforward level. Once you clear it a road leading out of the forest appears; follow it to go to the Forest Fortress, which is a slightly tricky level, but which upon completion reveals one of the Star Roads.
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