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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat Bowser?

When is was eleven years old in our country,the philippines,my sister and i were playing this game (Part of super mario all stars plus super mario world that came with our super NES My parents bought for me When they return from this country Back in 1995) i`ve noticed that despite mario`s regular form is vulnerable to getting hit that resulted in losing their lives,it was impossible to come up with this strategy!

Accepted Answer

From: HylianHeroLink 5 years ago

To beat Bowser, wait for him to toss out two Mecha-Koopas from his Koopa Clown Car regardless of which of the three stages of the battle you're on. Once that happens, stomp on one and try to throw it in the air so it hits Bowser's head. On the first and second stages, he goes offscreen after two hits and fireballs fall from the top of the screen, then Bowser's ride comes back and the Princess will throw a Super Mushroom before the battle resumes. On the third stage, Bowser is defeated after taking two more hits and drops Princess Toadstool before being sent flying. Figure out Bowser's attack patterns so you can avoid getting hit and implement my strategy after he throws the Mecha-Koopas into the fray. Hope this helps.

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