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Beating the Doughnut Ghost House the secret way?

In Super Mario World for Super Nintendo

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Distant_Rainbow answered:

Enter the Ghost House with a Cape.

Immediately upon starting the level, run right, then back left, and fly up to the left corner of the screen, above the mass of Boos. You'll see a lot of wooden blocks making up a floor; run right along it. Eventually you'll drop down to a floor which has four blocks, each containing a 1-Up Mushroom. Collect these(while being careful not to get smothered to death by the many Boos here), then go through the door on the right. You'll see a Goal Post; that's the secret exit.

Now enjoy your newly uncovered Top Secret Area.
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GeorgeFrommel answered:

Start with a cape. Run to the right until the end of the first platform. Then run back and at the point where you started you jump in the air. With the cape you can jump higher, so you will be able to jump on the high platform that you first couldn't see. Run to the right until you reach the end and jump down. Now you see 4 blocks. Go through the door and jump through the goal!
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