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Here is my smw.guide:

This guide is a compilation I organized from the r.g.v faq, the snes
cheats list (maintained by ) all the relevant usenet articles in r.g.v and
r.g.v.n while I was working on SMW, and some personal observations from
my brother and myself.  A quick grep of the headers of the raw data
reveals the following sources for credit:

From: tzs@stein2.u.washington.edu (Tim Smith)
From: rhballan@eos.ncsu.edu (ROBERT HAMI BALLANTINE)
From: jla7625@rigel.tamu.edu (ASCHBERGER, JASON LLOYD)
From: ski@msbcs.enet.dec.com (John Szczypinski)
From: deloura@noaapmel.gov (Robert DeLoura)

Spots that start with a < or > are mostly from the SNES cheats list,
ones with an * are my own personal observations that I haven't ever
seen mentioned on the net.  Personal observations and notes from the
above netters are also incorporated where they seem most appropriate.


                        SUPER MARIO WORLD GUIDE


    1 - General Tips
    2 - Stage specific tips
    A - list of stages/exits
    B - map of stages


> Remember that pressing START followed by SELECT will drop you back to
  the map screen, if you've completed the level before.  Handy for collecting
  a needed powerup near the start of a nearby level.

> Berries for Yoshi - 10 Red Berries will cause an egg to hatch into a
  Super Mushroom.  2 Pink Berries will cause an egg to hatch into coins.
  3 Green Berries will add 20 seconds to the timer.

> Yoshi and Shells - If Yoshi spits out a Blue or Green Shell before
  swallowing it, it can be reused.

* Some times you want to fly, but have no room to get going.  If you
  hold the Y button down and keep changing directions, mario's arms
  will eventually lift up.  Now you can fly.  This allows you to fly
  in lots of places, but in really small spots it doesn't help (like
  at the begining of TUBULAR).

> Yoshi and P-Switches - After stomping a P-Switch, use Yoshi to pick it
  up.  When Yoshi spits it back out, it will again be reusable.

> Mario can take a direct hit from any creature if riding Yoshi.

> Mario can hold 2 items at once by stacking one on the other then
  picking up both.

> Magic Number 1-Up - If the tens digit of the star bonus achieved by
  breaking the goal post tape matches both the ones and the tens digit
  of the time remaining on the timer, you will earn a 1-Up.  (seems like
  a lot more trouble than it's worth)

> 1-Up Blocks - In the five tiered 1-Up chambers, Mario can collect all 5
  1-Ups if he uses his cape.  Spin jump and hit the lower corner of each
  block with the cape.  The first two block in each row yield coins, the
  third will yield a 1-Up.

> Get Back Into Castles - To reenter castles once you have destroyed them,
  press the 'L' and 'R' buttons at the same time while standing on
  the site of the castle.

> Just what is the utility of a Firey Mario in SMW? - 3 of the
  Koopalings can be beaten by fireballs.  Hit Morton, Ludwig, or Roy 12
  times w/ fireballs and they are history.  This is particularly useful
  against Morton and Roy who move pretty fast once you get them upset.

> Bonus Items - At the end of every world, carry a turtle shell, P-block,
  or an enemy through the high bar.  It will turn into a power-up item
  that you can use in the next world.

> Power-Ups Between Stages - Carry a P-Switch or a Koopa Shell through an
  exit gate and the power-up item in the reserve box will transform as

     Mario            Item In Reserve Box          Transforms To
     -------------    -------------------------    ---------------------
     Small            Empty                        Super 'Shroom
                      Super 'Shroom                1-Up
                       Fire Flower                  Super 'Shroom
                      Cape Feather                 Super 'Shroom

     Super            Empty                        Super 'Shroom
                      Super 'Shroom                1-Up
                      Fire Flower                  Super 'Shroom
                      Cape Feather                 Super 'Shroom

     Fiery            Empty                        Fire Flower
                      Super 'Shroom                Fire Flower
                      Fire Flower                  1-Up
                      Cape Feather                 Fire Flower

     Caped            Empty                        Cape Feather
                      Super 'Shroom                Cape Feather
                      Fire Flower                  Cape Feather
                      Cape Feather                 1-Up


> Yoshi's Island 2

   1-Ups: For someone who hasn't advanced far in SMW, the easiest source of
   one-ups is Yoshi's Island 2.  Enter with Yoshi, then bumping the block
   that normally gives Yoshi gives a one-up.  Use START and SELECT to jump
   out of the course and repeat as often as desired.  It is a little
   faster if Mario is caped and you enter at the middle of Yoshi's Island
   2.  Then one can get a life every 10 seconds or so with no skill
   required.  I generally run it up to the maximum of 99 lives in order to
   pay for the increasingly long trip back to Yoshi's Island.

> Donut island 2

  Secret Exit:  Try jumping up every green pipe until you
  succeed.  Now, do not exit this room to the a normal looking goal
  (it is not considered the second exit).  There are about 4 yellow
  blocks leading to the top of the screen, fly up and the the hightest
  one with your head and vine will go up from it.  No jump up the series
  of yellow blocks and climb the vine.  The key and hole is to the 

> Donut Ghost House

  Secret Exit:  Get a cape.  Enter the first ghost house and walk to
  the right until the first hole in the floor.  Hold the Y button to spin.
  Run to the left until able to fly, jump and fly up the left hand wall 
  until you can land on a ledge to your right.  Run all the way across 
  the house, off the ledge, down the left side, hit each block for a
  1-up mushroom (there are four, and exit out the door at the end.

> Donut Secret Ghost House

  Secret exit:

  >I found the second blue door (above the first one, you
  >get there by flying and jump on the blue 'P' thing to make it appear,
  >but once inside there doesn't seem to be an exit).

  There's also a vine in one of the blocks.  You can use this to climb there
  if you don't happen to have a cape feather.  Once you get inside the closed
  room, kill the boss by throwing a purple block into him (three times),
  and you will exit.

> Top Secret Area

  Description - an area where you can fully power
  up, get a Yoshi, and reenter for as many 1-UPs as you want (1 at a time).

> Vanilla Dome 2

  Secret exit:

  When you get to the area where you can decide to finish the level using
  the high road or the low road, use the high road.  Instead of going right,
  jump across to the left.  Push the P-block until it is not on any blocks,
  and then jump on it.  Now go left and knock out all the coins (do not
  go over the edge).  When the P stops you must now jump across to the
  second drop off (you will be back towards the begining), and go down.
  The key and key hole is some where down there.

> Vanilla Secret 1
  Secret Exit:

  when you are at the spring board, fly left.  There is a pipe in the
  upper left hand corner by the left wall and ceiling.

> Vanilla secret 3

  1-Ups:  You get 40-50 lives, a power-up,
  and a Yoshi all at once.  I kinda like it, and you are welcome to add
  it to the list if you don't have it already.
  In Vanilla Secret 3, go to the midway tape.  Break the tape and leave
  the world.  Go back in the world, starting at midway.  Go right, until
  you come to a pipe.  In a music box above the pipe is a power-up.
  Continue right, avoiding paratroopers and spiked guys, over the
  chasm, and to the row of blocks above a field of spiked turtles.
  Hit the bottom of the SECOND block in that row.  It is over the spiked
  turtles, but with minimal practice you can hit it easily.  In the
  SECOND block is a P-Block.  DON'T JUMP ON IT!  Grab it, and take it with
  you.  While carrying the P-Block, return back to your left, over the
  chasm, past the pipe you saw before, and past the midway tape.  Continue
  until you get BETWEEN 2 pipes on the same screen.  Each pipe has a
  villian jumping out of it, and there is a chasm just to the left of
  the left pipe.  Set the P-Block down here.
  Jump on the P-Block, jump over the chasm on the left, and run as far
  and as fast as you can left.  Each turtle/villian has turned into a
  coin, and after ~5 of them they are all 3-ups.  Tons of 'em.
  The P-Block power will run out about the time you get back to the Yoshi
  block.  Get Yoshi, and leave the world.  ***NOTE: Don't leave the world
  until the game has finished couting up your lives!!!!  You get so many
  you have to wait till it counts em all.  Voila!  Many lives and a Yoshi.

> Vanilla Secret Fortress

  1-Ups: Just before entering the last area of Vanilla Secret Fortress (to face
  Reznor), you can earn many 1-Ups by repeatedly stomping the Bony Beetles
  at the Red Door (don't touch the ground - tread water).  At first this
  will just earn points, but the points increase and eventually become
  1-Ups.  This basic technique applies most places where an enemy can be
  continually stomped w/o touching the ground.

< In Butter Bridge 1

  If you jump straight up while on the sinking mushrooms,
  they will rise while you are in the air.  This effectively keeps them
  from sinking off the screen.

< In Butter Bridge 2, there is one green pipe with a small log platform
  on both sides (this is about 2/3 of the way through, also it's the
  pipe you come back up through if you go down the second purple pipe
  to ride the rope).  If you have a cape (there is a feather in the
  green "!" block right after the middle goal), get on the right log
  platform trapping the koopa between you and the green pipe.  Now, you
  can use the cape spin trick to continuously knock the koopa shell
  against the pipe to collect unlimited 1-Ups until the clock runs out.

> Cheese Bridge

  Where is the second exit?

  After the first exit.  You can get there two ways.

  1) become a very skilled flyer.  Fly past the saws in the second half,
     as soon as you are above the last platform before the goal, drop
     below the goal's platform level.  Just when you get below the goals
     platform level lift again and keep flying under the goal.  If you
     can, fly higher until you are on the platform, otherwise, just 
     fly until you past the second goal.  (this is very difficult,
     it took me 30 lives to get it right).

  2) get a yoshi and bounce off the saws in the second half until you
     are on the last platform before the first goal.  Now jump yoshi
     off the platform, but DO NOT LAND on the goal platform, fall short.
     Keep pushing right until the last moment yoshi goes off the bottom
     of the screen, now spin jump off yoshi.  You should be on the platform
     past the first goal.

> Forest of Illusion 1

  Secret exit:  It is somewhere under the platform with the centipeedes.
  after you go off the platform, get a balloon (from where?), and float
  left back under the paltform (I think).  The balloon may be before
  the platform, in which case you float under the platform.

  1-Ups: Go to the first world in the forest (the one next to the  Ghost
  House). Play through that World and touch the midway goal (the small goal
  post, ya know what I mean, right?). Then exit the world (start to pause,
  select to bail).
  Now go back into the world. You'll start at the midway post. Run to the
  right and you'll find a block that alternates between the different pow up-s
  in the game. Hit the block when it's a feather and you'll catch the invinc
  star. Now run to the right and hit every monster along the way. Soon, you'll
  start to earn 1-Ups and 2-Ups (from the centipede-like creatures). You should
  be able to get 15 lives or more before the star fizzes out.

> Forest of Illusion 2

  Secret exit:  Just before the normal exit, swim left and down, it
  doesn't look like you can go through at first, but you can.

> Forest of Illusion 3

  Secret exit:  Go to the end, but do not break the goal.  Go left, and
  go down the first or second Green pipe.

> Forest of Illusion 4

  Secret Exit:  Just past the middway gate, there is a koopa in a purple
  pipe throwing spiked turtles.  Get a cape, jump and spin by the pipe
  to kill the koopa, and then go down the pipe.

  1-Ups: Where there is a koopa "fishing" with a green mushroom. Ignore him.
  Get a shell and run to where you find the first pipe. There is a monster
  that comes out of the pipe and throws creatures at you. There is a depression
  in front of the pipe. Take the shell and throw it at the pipe, it will start
  to bounce back and forth. Everytime the guy in the pipe throws a creature
  the bouncing shell will kill it. Further, you can now "take the bait" from
  the guy in the cloud. He will also throw more creatures giving you more guys.
  It is possible to get 40-70 guys (depending on how good you are at getting
  the guy in the cloud to constantly throw in the depression) in one play of
  the scene.

> In Chocolate Island 1 there is a 3-Up Moon just beyond the midway
  gate, but to get it you must pickup and carry the springboard which is
  left of the midway gate (means you cannot reach the tape to break it).
  Carry the springboard to the level area left of the big crescent-shaped
  section.  If you jump as high as possible and then go right while in 
  the air, you can land on a set of clouds where the moon is.

  If you don't use the angled green pipe to launch Mario forward in
  Chocolate Island 1, then you will not get a midway gate.

> On Chocolate Island 2 - the first red dot after the Ghost House

   >where is the second exit? (The one where they talk about the amount of
   >coins and time left changing the outcome).

   Go fast.  If you get to the place where you would normally reach the
   section with the regular exit, but have 250 or more (or maybe more than
   250...I don't know if this is a "greater than" or a "greater than or
   equal" test), you'll get access to the second exit.

< Chocolate Island 4 

  1-Ups:  You must have a
  cape.  Get the first P-block and go down the grey tube.  Once in the
  tube, grab the second P-block and jump off the edge.  Hug the right
  wall until you see the seventh opening in the wall that is filled with
  1-UP mushrooms.  Float into the passage and grab the 1-UPs.  When you
  come out of the tube, go back to the left and repeat as many times as

> Sunken Ghost Ship

  There's a place where you can get unlimited lives
  (well, I guess up to 100, I never actually saw how far I could go) in the
  Sunken Ghost ship. Just before you enter the pipe to go the second portion
  of the ship, go to the left and up. There will be two bullet things that
  will keep shooting and they will hit your feet. First, you get 200, 400,
  800, ...., up to 8000, then you get 1-ups for every hit. So, I just sit
  there for a minute and rack up lives.

> Valley of Bowser 2 (i think - the one before castle 7).

   >Can't find the second exit here either...

   After the place where you go up and down and up and down and get squashed,
   there's a place where you can jump up and go off the top of the screen.
   Jump to the left there, and you end up on a ledge that is off the top of
   the screen.  Walk or run (or fly, I suppose) to the left for a while, and
   you will fall down into a room with a key and keyhole.

> Valley Ghost House 

   >I can see the key and hole when flying up in a 
   >certain room but the entrance is too small for me to get in since flying
   >Mario is big).

   Ride the coin/block snake.  A lot of people don't know what this is, so
   I'll elaborate.  You know those blocks that when you hit them yield a
   line of coins?  What many people overlook is that you can control the
   direction the line forms in with the control pad.  Most (all?) of these
   coin lines are like this.

   The way to ride one is to hit the block, so the coins start coming out,
   then stomp on a switch block to turn the coins solid, and then hop onto
   the now solid coin snake.   The snake keeps growing, although as long as
   the switch block effect is still going, it grows by adding solid blocks.

   In the Valley Ghost House, do this, and use the control pad to make the
   block snake go up to the key in a stair step pattern so you can ascend it.

>Valley of Bowser 4 (the one where to football players throw rocks).

   >At the end of this one, you can see the key and hole, but the key is
   >surrounded by solid rock - how do you get it?

   Yoshi can reach it for you.  He's not bothered by solid rock.

>> Bowser

   > OK, I'm in the Browser castle.  I can't seem to kill the boss.  The
   > boss sits on that floating thing and never seems to get harmed, whether
   > I spin him with the cape or shoot him.  Also, where exactly is the
   > secret area in Chocolate Island 2?  There doesn't seem to be any place
   > on top of all the areas in CI 2.

   You have to throw the little wind-up toys at him.

   I assume you're talking about Bowser in his Clown Copter(tm).  If you
   notice, he throws out two MechaKoopas every so often.  Stomp on them
   and throw them so that they arc over and hit him on the head.  You know
   that you hit him when he goes  all loopy.  It takes 2-3 hits to send
   him away.  Watch out for the fire that  falls from the sky.  The
   princess will shout help and throw you a mushroom. Repeat the process
   until the third time.  Watch out though since he gets tougher with each
   defeat.  The first time he returns, he will occasionally flip over and
   drop a bowling ball in your direction.  Use the spinning jump to avoid 
   taking damage.  The second time he returns, he will start hopping
   around in his Clown Copter(tm).  Watch out for the fan blade.  He still
   uses the bowling ball attack so stay on your toes.

> Tubular (in special world)

   >I've tried everything, but I can't seem to get past Tubular of Super Mario
   >World.  To refresh your memories, it's the level where there are several

   Take the P balloon from the first ? block.  Float past the next
   ? block (this one right above a dragon coin), past the next ?
   block (which has a Chargin' Chuck throwing baseballs) and wait
   above the next ? block until your P balloon runs out.

   The ? block you are now on contains another P ballon.  Hit the R
   button to get a look at what you now face -- a line of Koopas.
   Become one with their rhythm, grasshopper, and take the P balloon
   and float past them.  You'll then have to get past a couple of
   lava plants.

   Eventually, you'll come to a ? block with a Chargin' Chuck on top
   throwing footballs.  There will be another one of these to your
   right.  Hover above the first until your P balloon runs out, knock
   him off of his block, and land on it.

   Now you've got to deal with the C.C. above you to the right who is
   throwing footballs right where you need to be to grab the P balloon
   that is in the block you are standing on.  Press the L button (twice
   if you are still scrolled from the R press I recommended a while back).
   With the C.C. off the screen, he will stop throwing footballs.  You
   can now take the P balloon and float on.  You might want to use R to
   get the screen scrolled back, so you can see what's coming up (a couple
   more lava plants to dodge).  You will then easily reach the goal.

   There are probably other ways to get through here.  In particular, I've
   come real close a couple of times with a Yoshi, bouncing off of various
   things.  I've often reached the line of Koopas that way.  If the Yoshi
   were a blue Yoshi, it would probably be possible to grab one of the
   Koopas and just fly with Yoshi the rest of the way.
< AWESOME (in special world)

   Here's how to beat AWESOME without having to worry with jumping on koopas
   and bullets and all those nasty things at the end:
   1. The goal is to cross the whole section at the end (where all the fish,
   bullets, etc start coming at you like crazy) using a flying blue yoshi.

   2. You may get blue yoshis very easily down on starworld 2 or 3 (the one under
   water where the egg hatches -- small blue yoshi will eat a power star and
   immediately turn into big blue yoshi.  At this point, press pause-select
   to get out.

   3. The hardest part is probably getting blue yoshi in AWESOME over to
   the last pipe before the nasty section.  Once you get him there, try to
   eat one of the turtle shells and/or turtles.  BUT HERE IS THE TRICK: 
   You will never make it over the gorge to the end by flying at normal
   speed.  You have to fly fast just as you would run fast by holding the
   Y button down, while flapping "your wings" with the B button.  But
   watch out, if you press the Y-button AFTER you eat a shell, yoshi will
   spit it out.  You must press Y before eating the shell, and never let
   up again until you get to the end.  Flap like crazy and you will make
   it over the gorge.

> Special world 5 (groovy?)

  In regards to extra lives, I found the best way is using (as someone
  else mentioned) the star.  I use the 5th special world (I'm pretty sure
  it's the 5th), I'm not sure what it's name is, but I can tell you that it
  is the one on ice, with lots of Rex's.  What you want to do is go until
  you get to the platform that has 5 coins and a ?-box above it.  You must
  carry the Power button with you to this point.  Hit the P, and get the star
  from the ?-box.
  Then jump up and down and touch all the cheep-cheep's that are flying back
  and forth.  When the P-power ends, and you fall (because the ledge turns
  back into coins) run to the left and kill everybody in your path.  I can
  consistently get 17-20 lives from using this method.

< Funky (in the Special World)

   Ah, this was truly a nasty level. Get equipped with a Yoshi and a Cape from
   the level two spaces to the right. Then, at the very beginning, run to one
   block before you meet the first wiggly, then fly with Yoshi. When it looks
   like you're coming down, DON'T let go of any buttons. You will
   automatically get kicked further by the bullets firing off the canons. Keep
   this up till you reach the springboard next to two pipes.

   Then, the procedure I followed to carry the springboard to the next pipe
   was to first swallow the wiggly in the next area, pick up the springboard,
   run with it, jump, etc....

   This level gets my vote for MOST ANNOYING. Especially when that idiotic
   Yoshi runs away so many times. Talk about loyalty!

Apendix A - list of stages and exits

> All Stages, All Exits (Yes, Virginia, there are 96)
  (NOTE: exits marked with '*' do NOT contribute to the *96 total)

  Stage                    Exit 1                  Exit 2
  ----------------------   ---------------------   -------------------------
  Yoshi's House            *Yoshi's Island 1       *Yoshi's Island 2
  Yoshi's Island 1         Yellow Switch Palace
  Yoshi's Island 2         Yoshi's Island 3
  Yoshi's Island 3         Yoshi's Island 4
  Yoshi's Island 4         Iggy's Castle
  Yellow Switch Palace     Yellow Switch Palace
  Iggy's Castle            Donut Plains 1
  Donut Plains 1           Donut Plains 2          Donut Secret 1
  Donut Plains 2           Donut Ghost House       Green Switch Palace
  Green Switch Palace      Green Switch Palace
  Donut Ghost House        Donut Plains 3          Top Secret Area
  Top Secret Area
  Donut Plains 3           Donut Plains 4
  Donut Plains 4           Morton's Castle
  Donut Secret 1           Donut Ghost House       Donut Secret House
  Donut Secret House       Donut Secret 2          Star Road 1
  Donut Secret 2           Donut Plains 3
  Morton's Castle          Vanilla Dome 1
  Vanilla Dome1            Vanilla Dome 2          Vanilla Secret 1
  Vanilla Dome 2           Vanilla Ghost House     Red Switch Palace
  Red Switch Palace        Red Switch Palace
  Vanilla Ghost House      Vanilla Dome 3
  Vanilla Dome 3           Vanilla Dome 4
  Vanilla Dome 4           Lemmy's Castle
  Lemmy's Castle           Cheese Bridge Area
  Vanilla Secret 1         Vanilla Secret 2        Star Road 2
  Vanilla Secret 2         Vanilla Secret 3
  Vanilla Secret 3         Vanilla Fortress
  Vanilla Fortress         Butter Bridge 1
  Cheese Bridge Area       Cookie Mountain         Soda Lake
  Soda Lake                Star Road 3
  Cookie Mountain          Ludwig's Castle
  Butter Bridge 1          Butter Bridge 2
  Butter Bridge 2          Ludwig's Castle
  Ludwig's Castle          Forest of Illusion 1
  Forest of Illusion 1     Forest of Illusion 2    Forest Ghost House
  Forest of Illusion 2     Forest of Illusion 3    Blue Switch Palace
  Blue Switch Palace       Blue Switch Palace
  Forest of Illusion 3     Forest Ghost House      Roy's Castle
  Forest Ghost House       Forest of Illusion 4    Forest of Illusion 1
  Forest of Illusion 4     Forest of Illusion 2    Forest Secret Area
  Forest Secret Area       Forest Fortress
  Forest Fortress          Star Road 4
  Roy's Castle             Chocolate Island 1
  Chocolate Island 1       Choco-Ghost House
  Choco-Ghost House        Chocolate Island 2
  Chocolate Island 2       Chocolate Island 3      Chocolate Secret (FAST)
  Chocolate Island 3       Chocolate Island 3      Chocolate Fortress (ALT)
  Chocolate Fortress       Chocolate Island 4
  Chocolate Island 4       Chocolate Island 5
  Chocolate Island 5       Wendy's Castle
  Chocolate Secret         Wendy's Castle
  Wendy's Castle           Sunken Ghost Ship
  Sunken Ghost Ship        Valley of Bowser 1
  Valley of Bowser 1       Valley of Bowser 2
  Valley of Bowser 2       Valley Ghost House      Valley Fortress
  Valley Ghost House       Valley of Bowser 3      Larry's Castle
  Valley of Bowser 3       Valley of Bowser 4
  Valley of Bowser 4       Larry's Castle          Star Road 5 & Front Door
  Valley Fortress          Back Door
  Larry's Castle           Front Door
  Back Door                *END 
  Front Door               *END
  Star World 1             Star Road 1             Star Road 2
  Star World 2             Star Road 2             Star Road 3
  Star World 3             Star Road 3             Star Road 4
  Star World 4             Star Road 4             Star Road 5
  Star World 5             Star Road 1             Star Road 6
  Gnarly                   Tubular
  Tubular                  Way Cool
  Way Cool                 Awesome
  Awesome                  Groovy
  Groovy                   Mondo
  Mondo                    Outrageous
  Outrageous               Funky
  Funky                    Star Road 7 (Yoshi's House)

Apendix B - Map

> Super Mario World Map
         **********                                             |    |
         *MAIN MAP*                               .---34---33   |    |
         **********                               |    |    `---'    |
                                                  P4   |             | 
                                                       |             |
                                                      35             |
                          P3      23------.            |             |
                           |       |      |            |             |
                      *---20      21--.   24       *  .'             |
                           |       |  |   |        |  |              |
                           `---18--'  22  25       `--'              |
                                |         |                          |
                                |         26                         |
                                |         |                          |
                                |         P4                         |
                                |                            .--38---37---.
           14                   |                            |   |        |
            |                   |                           41---+-------39--40
        .--13--------15---.     |                            |   |        |
        |   |        |    |     |                           42   `---43---'
        |   |        |    16---17                            |        |
   12---9   10--.    `-P2                           *---45---'    46--' 
        |   |   |                                                  |
        |   |   |                                                  |
        `---8   11--P1                 To Valley Of    P5          |
            |   |                       Bowser Map      \  48-----47
            |   *                           |            \  |
            |                               |             \ |
            7-.                   P6  .----56              \|
              |                    |  |             .--.    +
     1        6                    |  |             |  |    |\
     |        |                    `--55       51---+--50--49 \  
     |      5-'                       |        |    |  |    |  |
     |      |                         53-------52   `--'    `--'

     **********************                         ************
     *VALLEY OF BOWSER MAP*                         *STAR WORLD*
     **********************                         ************

  19----P2                                               *
  |                                                     / \
  P1                                                   /   \
      *----58   59                              *-----54   57-----*
      |    |    |                                \               /
      60---61   62                                \__36  *   68_/
      |    |    |                                    /   |    \
      63---64---65---66---To Main Map               /    67    \
                                                   /    /  \    \
                                                  *----'    `----*

   1- Yellow Switch Palace   31- Butter Bridge 2         61- #7 Larry's Castle
   2- Yoshi's Island 1       32- #4 Ludwig's Castle      62- Valley Fortress
   3- Yoshi's House          33- Cookie Mountain         63- Valley Of Bowser 3
   4- Yoshi's Island 2       34- Cheese Bridge           64- Valley Ghost House
   5- Yoshi's Island 3       35- Soda Lake               65- Valley Of Bowser 2
   6- Yoshi's Island 4       36- Star World 1            66- Valley Of Bowser 1
   7- #1 Iggy's Castle       37- Forest Of Illusion 1    67- Star World 5
   8- Donut Plains 1         38- Forest Ghost House      68- Star World 4
   9- Donut Plains 2         39- Forest Of Illusion 2    69- Gnarly
  10- Donut Secret 1         40- Blue Switch Palace      70- Tubular
  11- Donut Secret House     41- Forest Of Illusion 4    71- Way Cool
  12- Green Switch Palace    42- Forest Secret Area      72- Awesome
  13- Donut Ghost House      43- Forest Of Illusion 3    73- Groovy
  14- Top Secret             44- Chocolate Secret        74- Mondo
  15- Donut Plains 3         45- Forest Fortress         75- Outrageous
  16- Donut Plains 4         46- #5 Roy's Castle         76- Funky
  17- #2 Morton's Castle     47- Chocolate Island 1      * - Star Road
  18- Vanilla Dome 1         48- Chocolate Ghost House   P1..6- Pipes
  19- Donut Secret 2         49- Chocolate Island 2
  20- Vanilla Secret 1       50- Chocolate Island 3
  21- Vanilla Dome 2         51- Chocolate Fortress
  22- Red Switch Palace      52- Chocolate Island 4
  23- Vanilla Ghost House    53- Chocolate Island 5
  24- Vanilla Dome 3         54- Star World 2
  25- Vanilla Dome 4         55- #6 Wendy's Castle
  26- #3 Lemmy's Castle      56- Sunken Ghost Ship
  27- Vanilla Secret 2       57- Star World 3
  28- Vanilla Secret 3       58- Front Door
  29- Vanilla Fortress       59- Back Door
  30- Butter Bridge 1        60- Valley Of Bowser 4

John A. Eccles