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Asked: 4 years ago

Where i can find the Adamant?

Well, theres a blacksmith in the Underground World that says:

Additional details - 4 years ago

"Ill never forge a sword anymore, I cant even find the legendary orb Adamant..."

We can find such thing?

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From: Deathlike2 4 years ago

First, you must find the Land of Summoned Monsters in the Underground. The entrance is at a cave at an island in the middle of the lava or west of the back entrance of the Dwarf Castle. Once you enter the town area, there is a stairwell/warp is in front of a passage to a lone treasure chest. That chest contains the Rat Tail.

Bring that tail back to the main world, to a cave that's next to Silvera (this town is south of Fabul or NE of Mysidia. You will need the Enterprise and the Hovercraft for this. Trade the Rat Tail you got with the guy there and you'll get the Adamant Ore. Bring the Ore to the blacksmith you referred to.

MAKE SURE you obtain the Big Whale first by visiting Mysidia. Then you can immediately get the Excalibur directly after giving him the ore. He will be on the first floor and give you the Excalibur.

This entire series of events assumes you have gotten back to the main world with the Falcon and the drill.

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