General Locke's Guide to Final Fantasy II

Table of Contents:
Information About the Moon
Thank-yous, etc.

Welcome to my guide to Final Fantasy II! I'm working on another project 
right now as well, code named "????" Anyway, since Final Fantasy II is 
my favorite RPG of all time, I'm finishing it first. WARNING: This 
walkthrough contains MAJOR spoilers, not just the game, but the story, 

Walkthrough Table of Contents: 
Package time (covers Baron through Mist)
Escaping to Damcyan (covers Kaipo through Damcyan)
Antlion and Hobs (covers the Antlion's nest through Mt. Hobs)
Fabul (covers Fabul :-) )
Paladin becoming (Covers Mysidia through the Serpent Road)
Return to Baron (covers Baron Town and Baron Castle)
Towards Tororia! (covers Tororia through Tower of Zot)
Underground (covers Giott Castle through the Tower of Bab-il)
Aboveground (covers Baron through the Tower of Bab-Il)
Back to the Castle (covers Giott Castle through the Sealed Cave)
What's a Big Whale? (covers Mysidia and the Moon)
Giant of Bab-Il (guess what this covers?)
Moon again!

1.	Package Time
You start out in the airships, flying towards Mysidia. The group called 
the Red Wings talk and get to Mysidia. They send some wizards to Baron 
and their leader, Cecil, gets Mysidia's crystal. You automatically 
fight some monsters and go back to Baron. The captain of the guards, 
Baigen, takes Cecil inside. Cecil questions the king's ways and is told 
to go to Mist and give the people a mysterious package. Kain vouches 
for Cecil and the king sends him with Cecil. Go to bed and watch the 
scene. Kain and Cecil leave. When you leave, go buy some junk and head 
northwest. Take a chocobo if you want, but that's not important. So now 
you're at the Cave of Mist. Go to the exit and fight the monster. Have 
Cecil attack or (in the Japanese version) use Dark Wave. Have Kain 
jump. Do NOT attack when it's mist or it will not only avoid the attack 
but counter! When you beat it keep going. When you get to Mist, the 
package opens and… burns the town? Go up to the girl and she tells you 
that you killed her mom by the way of the summoned monsters. Fight her 
and watch the scene. The girl is okay but Kain has mysteriously 

2.	Escaping to Damcyan
You're in Kaipo now. Go to the inn (automatically) and Cecil fights 
some soldiers from Baron. These guys are easy! Fight the soldiers (not 
the leader) with fight or Dark Wave (Japanese). The leader retreats! 
OK, now you have Rydia on your team. Head to the cave. However, there's 
an old man blocking the way! Now you must go back to Kaipo. Go to the 
northeast building and you find Rosa! She's sick and needs sandruby to 
cure the fever. However, it's in the lair of Antlion. OK, head to the 
cave now! Now the old man lets you through. He says that he needs to 
get to Damcyan fast because his daughter ran away with a bard. He comes 
with you! After a while, you automatically use a tent at the save 
point. Listen to Tellah ramble on about the monster guarding the exit. 
Keep going until you leave the cave. Use a tent and save. Keep going 
until you get to the monster- OCTOMAMM! Defeat him and leave. Right 
before you get to Damcyan, though, those dang Red Wings blow it up, the 
dirty fiends! So… go in! You find Tellah's daughter (Anna!). Then the 
bard comes out. Tellah fights him alone and automatically. This is 
where Tellah's quote "You spoony bard!" is. Anna tells him to stop. She 
says that the bard is really Prince Edward of Damcyan. She shielded 
Edward from the arrows. Now… she dies. (Sympathy here) Tellah goes out 
alone to fight Golbez alone. Golbez is the one controlling the King of 
Baron. He is after the elemental crystals of Mysidia, Damcyan, Fabul 
and Tororia for… a certain reason. (that spoiler is later in the 
walkthrough) Edward comes with you to go to Antlion's nest via 

3.	Antlion and Hobs
OK, where was I? Oh yes, we were heading to Antlion's nest. So you're 
there. Fight through. Grab some treasure, it's kinda useful. Keep going 
until you run into the Antlion. Normally it's tame, but it turned evil 
(my guess it that Golbez did this). Defeat it! Have Cecil dark wave (if 
you're in the Japanese version), Edward use medicine (if you're in the 
Japanese version) or attack and Rydia use Chocobo. If you're in the US 
version, don't attack with Cecil (he counterattacks either version) and 
make Edward hide. Go cure Rosa in Kaipo via hovercraft. Edward fights a 
Water Hag alone. He's easy. Anna's ghost comes in the middle of the 
fight. Now you have ROSA on your team! Head to Hobs via hovercraft (Or, 
shall I say, the ship of a thousand uses. ;-) ). Go through, grabbing 
the treasure. Soon you come across a karate fighter. Watch it attack 
the idiotic enemies. Now the group and the karate fighter fights the 
Mombomb. Do not use magic until it explodes. Now have Rydia cast 
Chocobo, Cecil Dark Wave (it helps), the karate fighter kick, Rosa heal 
and Edward hide. Once you bonk it on the head, the karate man 
introduces himself as Yang. Head toward Fabul.

4.	Fabul
De-equip Rosa and Rydia. Go to the throne room and talk to the king. 
Say 'yes' when he asks you if you will help protect the castle. You go 
and do just that. Rosa and Rydia, however, don't fight with you. You 
fight quite a few battles, but afterwards you retreat to the Crystal 
Room. Kain comes and fights Cecil alone (!!!). You also get a first 
look at Golbez here. After Kain knocks Cecil unconscious he takes the 
crystal and leaves with Golbez. Golbez, before leaving, takes Rosa. Go 
to the inn and talk about how to stop Golbez. They decide that Cid, the 
master engineer, can lend them an airship. Now you go to the regular 
ship. You sail off but run into LEVIATON! He swallows Rydia. Yang jumps 
after him while Edward and Cecil are knocked off board. Cecil wakes up… 

5.	Paladin Becoming
Hooray! There's a town where you can rest! Uh oh… it's Mysidia… you 
remember what you did to their wizards and crystal at the beginning of 
the game? Do NOT talk to ANY wizards until you talk to the elder. Talk 
to him and he says that you need to become a Paladin. He summons two 
wizards to go with you. Once you are at Mt. Ordeals, Palom casts Ice to 
open the gateway. Meanwhile, Golbez summons Milon to make sure Cecil 
never comes back from Mt. Ordeals. So up you go. After a while, you run 
into Tellah! He's still very weak, so walk a while. Porom claims to 
hear a hissing sound, but Palom tells her it's not him. Save at the 
save point, that's important. After a while, you have to fight Milon 
and his fellow idiots! Have Palom cast any double elemental spell, 
Porom cure, Tellah parry and Cecil use Dark Wave or attack Milon. After 
a while you beat him. Head back and cure yourself at the save point. Go 
forward again and… you fight Milon again! Have Tellah cast Fire (or 
Ice, or Bolt), Palom cast Fire 2 (or Ice 2, or Bolt 2), Cecil attack 
and Porom cure. If you want to in either battle, Palom and Porom can 
use their "Twin" command for powerful magic. Then have Tellah cast cure 
spells for the group. After a while you beat him. Go forward and a 
light calls Cecil his son. Cecil becomes a paladin! Wait… not yet… he 
still has to defeat his former self. Parry for three turns and you are 
Cecil the Paladin. Cecil the Dark Knight is dead. Also, Tellah 
remembers all of his original spells, plus Meteo! Of course, Tellah 
does not (and never will) have enough MP for Meteo. Go down the 
mountain and return to Mysidia. You hear the Mysidian legend from the 
elder. It goes something like this…
One to be born
From a dragon
Hoisting the light
And the dark
Arises high up
In the sky to
The still land…
Veiling the moon with
The light of eternity
It brings
Another promise
To mother earth with
A bounty and mercy.
The elder opens the serpent road for you to get to Baron. Finally, 
we're back at Baron!

6.	Return to Baron
OK, you're back, you're ready to storm into the castle, bonking the 
king on the head, and getting the airship. Trouble is, the guards won't 
let you in! Go back to the town and sniff for clues. You find Yang in 
the inn! However, you fight him. Bonk HIM on the head and he gives you 
a key and re-joins you! Use the key to open the weapon/armor shop door. 
Buy junk there and open the watery pass. Go through, getting the junk 
there, and save at the save point. Do NOT use a tent or cabin there. 
After a while you get to Baron Castle. Heal yourself in Cecil's bed. 
Now keep going and Baigen, the captain of the guards and guy at the 
beginning of the game, joins you! HOORAY! Wait a second… we don't have 
any more room! Ah… a monster is somewhere near! Baigen is the monster! 
Bonk him on the head. Have Tellah get a quick Lit 3 in there before he 
casts Wall on himself. Now hit him with Cecil's regular attack. He is 
tough. Beat him and heal yourself at Cecil's bed again. Now go to the 
king's room. He is the second of the four fiends, Kainazzo! He's 
simple. Have Tellah cast Lit-3, the twins twin him, and Cecil attack. 
Yang should as well. Also, so I don't have to tell you over and over, 
ALWAYS CAST BERSERK ON YANG AND CECIL. Now Cid comes in! He joins your 
group and takes you to the airship! Wait… another traitor? No room… 
nah. Instead the twins cast Stone on themselves to keep you from 
getting crushed by the walls. Now you get the airship! Once you set 
sail, Kain says that they'll trade Rosa for the Crystal of Earth in 

7.	Towards Tororia!
Head toward Tororia. It's northwest of Baron. When you land at that 
SMALL space, go into the castle. Talk to the clerics and you find out 
the crystal of earth has been stolen by Dark Elf! Oh my! Talk to the 
sick man in the lower left corner. Hey, it's Edward! So he, too, 
survived. Now take his twin harp. Leave and go north. The monsters here 
are tough, so beware. Once you go the farthest north you can go, go to 
the chocobo forest. You find a BLACK chocobo there! He can only fly to 
forest. Take him to Dark Elf's cave to the northeast! However, you find 
that you can't use metal weapons! Big deal, keep them equipped anyway. 
Once you get to Dark Elf, he kills you. However, Edward plays his Harp 
and Dark Elf loses his control over metal weapons, his weakness! Beat 
him. Have Tellah use a tri-elemental spell and Cid, Yang and Cecil 
attack. Beat him up and leave with the crystal. Take it to the clerics! 
Now Kain takes you to Rosa- sort of. Go through the Tower of Zot, and 
GET THOSE TREASURES. When you get almost to the top, three girls 
attack. Beat the fat one first so nobody can cast Wall and nobody can 
get revived. Their delta attack doesn't hurt but is extremely ANNOYING, 
so bonk the little one second. Then go for the tall, easy, can't-
believe-she-doesn't-play-basketball one. Now GO GET GOLBEZ! He's in the 
next room. He mocks you and Tellah attacks him alone. He casts the tri-
elemental spells, Virus, then METEO! That kills him, but Golbez 
survives. The pressure broke his control over Kain. Now you go save 
Rosa (barely!). Equip Rosa and Kain and LEAVE! NOW! However, you don't 
think you're getting away that easy, are you? Of course not! Vavilis, 
the third fiend, attacks you! Have Rosa cure, Yang, Cid and Cecil 
attack, and Kain jump. When she goes into her spin, have Kain jump 
immediately. You escape and find yourself in Baron! You have the 
enterprise with you again, so don't worry. Now all you have to do is 
find out where to drop Kain's key in. You see, Golbez only gathered 
half of the crystals. The rest are in the underground. You put the key 
in a place and the gate to the underground opens. GO SAVE THOSE 

8.	The Underground
Drop Kain's key in Agart. It is a small village where you can get sneak 
peeks at the moon! Put it in the well and there's an explosion. Go down 
there and you see the Red Wings and some tanks fighting! After that, 
your ship gets sort of ruined, so just go into the castle. You talk 
around and go to the king's room. Talk a bit and Yang hears somebody 
eavesdropping on you! The group tells him it's nothing. The king says 
that two of the four crystals were taken. There's a crystal behind the 
king's throne. Go get it! By the way, Cid left to work on the airship. 
Then you see what Yang heard eavesdropping: Luca's (the king's 
daughter) dolls! You fight them, for they're with Golbez. You win, but 
Golbez comes in! Time to fight! Get Kain into the air immediately, it 
will save him! All of the others get paralyzed and then killed by a 
shadow dragon- except Cecil. He's just paralyzed. Then a familiar voice 
uses a mist dragon to kill the shadow dragon! Rydia? ALL RIGHT! Revive 
the unconscious characters and attack! Kain jumps, Cecil attacks, Rydia 
calls ???, Rosa cures and Yang attacks. Beat him and you've won the 
game! Wait, am I wrong? OF COURSE I AM! He does not… perish! Golbez 
turns into a hand and takes the crystal. Oh no! One crystal left… Talk 
to the king. He tells you to go to the Tower of Bab-Il. While Golbez is 
looking for the last crystal, you guys take the others back! That's his 
plan. It's flawless! Or is it? Go through the Dwarves' base to the 
Tower of Bab-Il. Get to the top, it takes a while. Beat Dr. Lugae and 
Balnab up! Hurry to the locked door with your key. Unlock it! Hurry! 
Yang sacrifices himself to save you. Or… does he? Well, just leave. But 
you can't, cause when you get to the bottom, Golbez nearly kills you! 
However, Cid catches you with his airship! The Red Wings chase you, 
though. Cid closes the hole to the Underground with a bomb… sacrificing 
himself, too! However, you leave to the overworld. 

9.	The Overworld
Go to Baron, like Cid tells you. Talk to his workers and they attach a 
hook to the enterprise (your airship)! Now you can carry the hovercraft 
around! Take it to the Tower of Bab-Il. Go into the cave with the 
hovercraft! So now you're in the cave. Go through. If you haven't 
stocked up on items, do so NOW! So after a while, you run into the 
final of the four fiends Rubicant! A man fights him (he's Edge) and 
loses. So now Edge joins you! Go to the Tower of Bab-il and Edge digs a 
hole in. Fight through for a while until you run into two monsters- 
Edge's parents! Fight them, but they die immediately after a while. 
It's Rubicants' fault. Then Rubicant comes! Do as he says and fight 
with all your might! After you beat him, hurry in the door. However, 
there's a pitfall and you fall to the Underground! Go through. You find 
an airship! Edge calls it "Falcon." Land at the Dwarf Castle. Talk to 
the king…

10.	The Castle
The king gives you Luca's necklace. It can open the Sealed Cave! 
However, the Falcon can't fly over Magma. Talk to Cid in the infirmary. 
He fixes the Falcon to fly over Magma. Now go to the Sealed Cave. Be 
warned, Trap Doors are almost everywhere. Get the last crystal! Leave 
and you fight an Evil Wall. Watch out, when it gets close enough, it 
can immediately kill you! Beat it! Now leave. However, you don't REALLY 
expect us to win right here, do you? Of course not, yes, Kain betrays 
you AGAIN! Now Golbez has all eight crystals… however, Cid attaches a 
drill to the hood of the Falcon! You can go to the Overworld! When you 
do, go to Mysidia… 

11.	What's a Big Whale?
Go to Mysidia. When you do, you go straight to the Tower of Wishes. The 
mages wish for you and the Big Whale comes out of the sea! FINALLY, WE 
CAN GO TO THE MOON! Go there NOW! As soon as you do, find the 
Humingways. One sells junk to you. You can get Cure 2, Ether 1, Ether 
2, ELIXIR, a whistle (which calls the big chocobo) and a few others! 
Spend, spend, SPEND! Now go to the one other cave (besides Bahamut's 
cave, of course!) and go in. Follow the path and get back to the moon's 
surface. Now go to the next cave. Go through and go to the moon's 
surface. Go to the last cave and heal up. There are pots of recovery, 
one healing HP and status and the other healing MP! Go to center room 1 
and a lunarian talks to you. He tells you that Cecil's father is KluYa. 
He built the Big Whale. He also tells of a Lunarian named Zemus, he's 
so EVIL that he controls all evil on the planet.

FuSoYa joins here. Hurry back to the Big Whale. Now is a good time to 
go to Bahamut's Cave on the moon. As soon as you're done leveling up 
(which I advise you to do now), go back to Earth.

12.	Giant of Bab-il
As soon as you get to the earth, more trouble occurs. Immediately the 
Giant of Bab-il comes and starts destroying everything around it. We're 
too late, the giant will annihilate all living on earth… or will it…? 
It's hit with an explosion. Four dwarf tanks come from the south! In 
one is King Giott with Luca and some dwarves! In another is Yang (!!!) 
with a pair of Sylphs and more dwarves! As well, four airships come 
from the east! In one is Palom, Porom (!!!) and the Elder, along with 
mages! In another is Cid, his workers and some Baronians! In another is 
Edward, the clerics and more Baronians! Ah, how nice reunions are… 
however, that is not the smart thing to do when something is blowing 
the universe up! They keep the Giant at bay while Cid comes down to the 
Big Whale! He flies near the Giants' mouth and the fivesome (Cecil, 
Rosa, Rydia, Edge and FuSoYa) jump in! Go through until you get to… the 
four fiends?! Beat 'em, they're simple. Now head forward and you get 
the CPU. Destroy the Lower Orb, the CPU and the Upper Orb, in that 
order. If you kill both the Upper and Lower Orbs before the CPU, the 
CPU casts "Globe99," which kills a party member instantly, and revives 
the orbs! Get out! Once that is done, Golbez comes in. FuSoYa knocks 
some sense into him. He's no longer evil! He finally realizes that 
Cecil… is his brother… Anyway, the two of them (Golbez and FuSoYa) go 
off to settle the mess with Zemus themselves. Then Kain comes in. The 
group leaves the place. ALL RIGHT, ONLY ONE MORE PLACE LEFT!

13.	Moon Again!
The group gets back on the big whale. Now you have Cecil, Kain, Rosa, 
Rydia and Edge. However, Cecil and Edge tell Rydia and Rosa to get off 
the big whale. They do… or do they? Anyway, then they pilot the Big 
Whale to the moon! The threesome leaves, but Rosa and Rydia step out! 
They say they're NOT LEAVING! Oh well, they can come. Go to the Crystal 
Palace again. Head to the room that you didn't go to before. Finally, 
we're almost to the final boss! Go through, getting all chests. There's 
a more detailed ending walkthrough in the part about the core. Good 
luck, and remember, in the words of KluYa, "Justice isn't the only 
right in this world…"

Extra call spells: 
First, get the necklace from King Giott. Now go to the cave northwest 
of the one town in the underground. First thing first, cast float on 
everybody IMMEDIATELY when you go in. Repeat every time you get to a 
new floor until you get to the town of Summoned Monsters. Make SURE 
Rosa's at LEAST to Level 34. Now go to the library and head down. Talk 
to the queen and you fight her. However, she keeps casting Cure 4, Cure 
3 and Life 1 on herself! That doesn't matter, just cast wall (which 
Rosa learns at Level 34.)! Now all her cure spells will go on YOU! 
Fight her and eventually you beat her. 
See above, then…
Talk to the king. Now you fight Leviathan. Watch out, he immediately 
casts Big Wave! Every time he changes form, this is the pattern: 
Form 1: Big Wave
Form 2: Ice 2 
It repeats over and over. After you defeat him, you get the call spell!
See above, then…
Go back to Baron Castle. Talk to the ex-king in the basement (I 
recommend this as soon as you get Lit 3). You fight Odin. Look out, if 
you waste too much time, he INSTANTLY KILLS EVERYBODY! Just have Rydia 
cast Lit 3 over and over, Kain use his Jump move, Cecil attack, Edge 
attack and Rosa cure. Eventually you'll win.
See above, then… 
I recommend this as soon as you get FuSoYa. Go to Bahamuts' cave on the 
moon. Go through and fight Bahamut. IMMEDIATELY cast Wall on everybody 
possible. His own attack will burn him! BE WARNED, IT CAN DO 9999 
POINTS OF DAMAGE! Now you have the ULTIMATE call spell!
Imp, Mage and Bomb: 
Go to a place where you can fight these enemies. Fight them until you 
get the item "Mage," "Imp" or "Bomb." Use the item and Rydia gets the 
call spell!
Go to the Sylphian cave in the underground. Get through, treating it 
like the Cave of Summoned Monsters. Talk to Yang and go to Fabul 
Castle. Talk to Yang's wife and you get the Frying Pan. Use it to clonk 
Yang on the head. You get the call spell of Sylph! Talk to Yang's wife 
and she gives you the Spoon Dagger! Edge can throw it for 9,999 points 
of damage!
Much on Avenger Sword: The Avenger Sword can be used only when you do 
not have a shield equipped. It auto berserks you to do twice as much 
damage. I (Mark Romero) think it's in Sylph Cave or Land of Summoned 

Information about the moon: 
The walkthrough starts here again. Anyway, go through, getting the 
chests along the way. The best stuff is a full set of Crystal armor and 
a full set of Dragoon armor. Otherwise, it's also good. Talk to the 
floating swords. One makes you fight PaleDim. I like to say to myself 
when I fight this battle, "only the legendary heroes can wield this 
sword!" If you win, you get the Murasame sword. Also, on Lunar 
Subterranean B6, there's a hidden path. Take it and talk to another 
sword. You fight Wyvern. It's like a stronger version of Bahamut. Be at 
LEAST to level 50 to win. You get the Crystal Sword, the best sword in 
the game for Cecil! As soon as that's done, go to Lunar Subterranean 
B7. Save your game ASAP. Now go to the next room. Fight the plague. It 
is DEATH ITSELF, BEAT IT ASAP! Its first job is to cast "Count" on all 
the characters at once. Then it does nothing. FIGHT HARD and you'll win 
Kain's best spear the Spear of White! Go to the next room. Fight the 
two D. Lunar Dragons. Beat 'em and you get a pair of Ribbon helmets, 
the best helmets for Rosa and Rydia! Keep going and the REAL Lunar Core 
starts! Beware, here's a list of some of the monsters you fight:
?	Evil Mask
?	Breath
?	Mind
?	Ogopogo
?	Many, MANY Behemoths
?	A few more
Beware. Get all the treasure chests possible. Then get to the core. You 
see Golbez and FuSoYa fight Zemus. They use some magic and then Meteo 
to beat him. Then you get the greatest ending of all time… yeah, right! 
Instead, Zemus turns into Zeromus, which happens to be hatred itself! 
Unlucky us. Both Golbez and FuSoYa cast Meteo, but it's no use! Golbez 
tries to use the crystal, but to not advantage. "You, the man of 
darkness, using it does not have any effect on, me, you fools!" is what 
he says next. Then he kills both. Then he knocks you out, too! Oh no, 
now we don't get the great ending I promised you… OF COURSE WE DO! 
Palom, Porom, Cid, his assistants, Edward, Yang, the clerics and the 
rest of the gang all wish for you. Then everybody's favorite hero, 
Cecil, wakes up with 1 HP left. Palom and Porom come, reviving the 
rest. Yang and Edward come, healing some. Tellah and Cid come, healing 
two others. Golbez and FuSoYa come, healing our hero. You have the 
crystal. Have Cecil use it, transforming Zeromus to a huge beast! DO 
EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO KILL IT! Have Cecil attack, Kain attack or jump 
if he's at full HP, Rosa cure, Rydia call Bahamut, and Edge dart 
everything possible, and if no more can be darted, attack. The end 
comes! Yes, now we get the ending I promised you. Watch it!

Thank-yous, etc.
First, I'd like to thank Wizard201 for his great guide on Final Fantasy 
II. It helped me through the first time. Same with Shadow Fighter's 
I'd like to thank Square and Nintendo for making the great game.
I'd like to thank everybody out there who likes my Final Fantasy III 
Thank you YOSHiX642 for the real spelling of Ogopogo.
Thanks Andy Church for that part of the script (the moon part).
Thanks Mark Romero for the info on the Avenger Sword.
I have yet to find everything in this game, so expect quite a few 
And always remember, "Justice isn't the only right in this world…"
General Locke